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Resonance FM: The Harmon e. Phraisyar Show

  1. Harmon e. Phraisyar: From Spools Beyond 2006/10/27
    It’s the time of year for spooks, spectres and things that go “ecky ecky ecky” in the night so in this supernatural episode, Dr. Buckhart Strangle invites you to ponder the existence of ghosts. Reporting from glamourous Brixton, Ron Breful presents dictaphone recordings of empty rooms where aural manifestations are said to have taken place. [...]
  2. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Have You Felt Horn? 2006/09/25
    Meet Ottakar and his girlfriend Walushka. Ottakar would like to tell you about the fun times he and Walushka have in London’s happening art scene, except he can’t, because he doesn’t enjoy any of it. Not for Ottakar modern art exhibitions of piles of felt, or the radio programme where “the lady with the baby [...]
  3. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Grim Sleepers 2006/09/06
    Harmon meets Hitchcock this time. A Resonance Radio Trainee Engineer is besieged by repeated telephone calls from a dark and sinister character who demands to hear something called “Grim Sleepers”.
  4. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Arse Transplant 2006/08/30
    Our protagonist, convinced that he has a “prune-bum” by a fortune teller in a toilet, decides to take cosmetic treatment and goes to his Eastern European GP for a prescription. Harmon’s fortunes take a turn for the worse when he ends up in hospital, having injected his wrinkly buttocks with enough dioxin to kill a [...]
  5. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Can-D 2006/08/23
    These are troubling times and Can-D is waiting for your thoughts. Is war the answer? Is there, in fact, an answer? What’s the question? Plundering broadcasts from recent and not-so-recent times, The Harmon e. Phraisyar Show struggles to find a meaningful or progressive discourse, gets confused and drifts off into space for a moody thirty [...]
  6. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Go Tell The Masters 2006/08/15
    “The human race is not much more than a bunch of lying, two-faced schnooks,” argues an unidentified voice in a heartfelt polemic on the regulations and bureaucratic chaos of modern Britain. This is surrounded by a medley of loops and collages. Want to know the correct way to handle your copy of Blunkett’s Book of [...]
  7. Harmon e. Phraisyar: A Whiplashin’ Myth 2006/08/09
    This satirical edition takes a second swipe at “Kaffy”, previous winner of Awards For Idiots, portraying her as the host of a self-promoting infomercial. “Kaffy” tells the listeners what to do with their violins and invites some decidedly biased journalists to review her improvisation CDs, or, in her words, her “product”. And speaking of product, [...]
  8. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Bad Poims 2006/08/02
    In this most excellent edition, tune in with Harmon to cable TV’s top poetry quiz, Bad Poims. Hosted by Mrs. Fokkerwolf’s new lodger, Malibu Stalk (don’t call him Chicken Legs), Bad Poims is a contest to find the world’s worst poem. The losers are dropped into raw sewage.
  9. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Mono 2006/07/26
    Space is filled with a myriad monos. Listeners are instructed to tamper with the cabling on their precious stereo systems to best enjoy this episode of the Harmon e. Phraisyar show, in which visiting lecturer Dr. Max Doubt delivers a passionate address on the superiority of monaural(or “moan-oh”) sound. Accompanying Dr. Doubt’s speech and coming [...]
  10. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Grungy Media 2006/07/19
    No sooner has Harmon begun his show, than he finds himself furry-handcuffed to the furniture by the smelly cohorts of Grungy Media, interventionist activists without a clue. They’ve invaded the studio and proceed to attempt a live coup of Resonance Radio. What are their demands? Do they have any? Will they stop fighting with each [...]
  11. Harmon e. Phraisyar: The Digital Age 2006/07/12
    Educational programming for the attention-deficient. The esteemed Professor L. Ron Breful explores the facets of digital technology for your edification. L. Ron’s discourse is aided by his talking computer and frequently interrupted by his teenage daughter, Margaret. Musical distractions are provided by L. Ron himself and a whole lotta tourists watching girls bang a gong.
  12. Harmon e. Phraisyar: 2 Lame 2 Laborious 2006/06/28
    Harmon awakes in the Global Village once more, where information, information, information is required. 307 is holding a modern art contest and villagers who fail to exhibit face, naturally, a terrible fate. Time for Mr. e. to vegetate in front of television for inspiration. Later, at the opening, Harmon meets his fellow exhibitors: a shelf-stacking [...]
  13. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Holiday ’68 2006/06/21
    Harmon’s benevolent captors insist that his mind-balance will be improved if he takes a holiday. But where to go, when everywhere in the Global Village is the same? Well, for a start, there’s Loser’s Glitch, a town populated with bloodthirsty improvising musicians and policed by cranky ex-EastEnder Ms. T. Outhwaite. Now, that sounds like a [...]
  14. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Great Land And Sea Battles 2006/06/14
    More haphazard adventuring with the fleecy-testicled DJ. This time around, Harmon appears to have died and become reincarnated on a gas-powered parallel earth where he’s wanted for crimes committed by his alternate self. His sinister new landlady, Mrs. Bassetthorn briefs Mr. e on the method of his escape: he’s to do away with a professor [...]
  15. Harmon e. Phraisyar: Dictator Creator 2006/05/31
    Socio-political commentary in this edition, in which we find Harmon in the Global Village, playing with the Resonance Radio computer. Dictator Creator is a “sim game” in which you can build your own despot. Sound like fun? Then why not join Harmon in sampling the results? We hear from a ghostly voice emitting unintelligible, half-composed [...]
  16. Harmon e. Phraisyar: If You can, Dig It 2006/05/22
    For various hellishly complex reasons, Harmon is obliged to murder and impersonate a famous female archaeologist. Will our hero accomplish the deed in time to catch to the next flight to Iraq from Croydon Rocket-Port? Warning: This episode features sinister nocturnal activities and bogus archaeology.
  17. Harmon e. Phraysier: Universal Signifier Sucks! 2006/05/18
    Harman e Phrayser has just entered a time portal disguised as the notorious female archaeologist, Professor Bronte Twiblett-Jones. Now he’s popped out the other end “like toothpaste from a tube”… but which of the multitude of infinite paralell universes has he ended up in? This question and many others will be answered in this week’s [...]
  18. Harmon e. Phraysier: Camp Fires 2006/04/21
    Harmon e. Phrayser is still trapped in the Global Village, a place where all the the bad DJs get sent as a kind of punishment (or something like that). Concerned by Harmon’s inability to organise an escape plot, Harmon is forced to attend iprov / storytelling evening, in which the residents exchange strange stories around [...]
  19. Harmon e. Phraysier: Bag Dad’s Army 2006/04/21
    More wartime antics from Harmon e. Phraysier; A stirring address to the People of Iraq from their great leader, and a salute to one of the greatest armed forces of our age.
  20. Harmon e. Phraysier: And on the Eighth Day… 2006/02/16
    Harmon and Mrs Fokkerwolf find themselves in a vast, eternal changeless void. Given the opportunity to play God, they start to create, starting with… “Let there be light!”
  21. Harmon e. Phraysier: Bush-ido 2006/01/06
    Natalie Imbruglia reports on a new miltaristic cult dedicated to a famous POTUS. This episode begins with a scathing criticism of the Harmon e Phrasier show.
  22. Harmon e. Phraysier: The United Colours of Bilge 2005/12/24
    A glorious sunny day in the Global Village, Harmon decides to stay in and watch daytime TV. This episode features cut-ups from Trisha and the Tellytubbies.
  23. Promo: The Exciting Hellebore Shew 2005/12/20
    A Promo for Dan Wilson’s first series for Resonance FM: The Exciting Hellebore Shew. To subscribe to this series, visit the Hellebore Archive or pick up the highlights from the Resonance FM podcast collection.
  24. Promo: Epistaxis Time 2005/12/20
    A promo for Epistaxis Time. If you would like to subscribe to Epistaxis Time, head over to http://epistaxis.aa.stodge.org (for the complete archive and RSS feed), or the Resonance web-site for highlights.
  25. Harmon e. Phraysier: To Live and Die in the Global Village 2005/12/18
    Harmon is abducted from his flat in Wood Green, and taken to a place called “The Global Village”, a prison from which nobody has ever escaped.
Resonance FM: The Harmon e. Phraisyar Show

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