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AmateurLogic.TV (Video)

  1. Ham College episode 242016/12/24
    Antennas and more questions from the Technician pool.
  2. AmateurLogic 98: Christmas 20162016/12/11
    Our 2016 Holiday Spectacular.
    Peter has tips for taking tests. Emile makes a HF J-Pole antenna. Tommy revives a laptop with ShackBox. George has suggestions on Gifts for Ham Buddies. We sample New Orleans CheeWees. Our Canadian correspondent Mike, VE3MIC is back with some Kristmas Karaoke. Plus we give away prizes and more.

    It’s an extra long 2:06:30 of seasonal fun.
  3. Ham College episode 232016/11/28
    Decibels, Metric Conversions and more questions from the Technician pool.
  4. AmateurLogic 97: Variety Show2016/11/14
    Tommy shows us the Android SDR, Peter makes an Auto-Pi, Emile continues his COMM TCPIP Remote, George talks about RG-142 and correct Connector Installation.
  5. Ham College episode 222016/10/30
    In this episode we cover more circuits and schematic symbols..
  6. Ham College episode 222016/10/30
    In this episode we cover more circuits and schematic symbols..
  7. AmateurLogic 96: Our 11th Anniversary2016/10/17
    It’s our 11th Anniversary and we give away the Icom IC-7300 with accessories from MFJ to one lucky ham.
    Peters got tips before you buy an Antique Radio. Emile continues his cheap network experiments. Tommy joins the DStar QSO Party. George builds the Arduino Pushbutton Radio.
  8. Ham College episode 212016/09/28
    In this episode we conclude discussing Noise and Interference, and begin covering Schematics.
  9. AmateurLogic 95: What Goes Up2016/09/12
    It’s out of this world. In this episode D-Star hotspots just got easier to use. Tommy shows us the DVMega Blue Stack. George Interviews Bill Brown, WB8ELK in Huntsville and learns about his Pico Balloon experiments. Emile brings to light a possible Commspiracy.
    Details of our 11th Anniversary Icom IC-7300 giveaway and more.
  10. Ham College episode 202016/08/29
    Noise and Interference part 1.

  11. AmateurLogic 94: Plain Brown Wrapper2016/08/15
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  12. Ham College episode 192016/08/11
    More about Multi-mode transceivers and a few demonstrations.

  13. AmateurLogic 93: There’s RF in Those Woods2016/07/12
    ALTV’s 2016 Field Day excursion. The crew takes to the woods for this annual event. The fun ensues.

  14. Ham College episode 182016/07/02
    All about Multi-mode transceivers and the benefits of certain modes. More related questions from the amateur radio technician exam pool.

  15. AmateurLogic 92: Hamvention 2016 – Part 22016/06/18
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  16. AmateurLogic 91: Hamvention 2016 – Part 12016/06/04
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  17. Ham College episode 172016/05/29
    Part two of our look at the Digital Modes. VOIP. Ohm’s Law questions.

  18. AmateurLogic 90: Everybody’s Talking About Antennas2016/05/14
    Tommy’s Antenna Hanging. Emile’s Wet Noodle. Peter has a free antenna reference. George builds the Hula Loop. Plus viewer email and more.

  19. Ham College episode 162016/05/01
    Part one of our look at the Digital Modes.

  20. AmateurLogic 89: Wires, Wireless & Pi Smack Down2016/04/16
    George shows us how to make a ‘Lineman’s Splice’. Emile introduces us to his Ubiquiti Wireless Point-to-Point bridge. Tommy benchmarks the various models of the Raspberry Pi with some interesting results. And Peter presents the Raspberry Pi 4???

  21. Ham College episode 152016/03/27
    Satellite communications.

  22. AmateurLogic 88: March Madness2016/03/13
    Tommy brings up a 3D Printer Primer, Emile introduces Repo Claus, Peter talks about Raspberry Pi SD card corruption, and George shows another easy way to use copper clad PC boards with solder islands.

  23. Ham College episode 142016/02/29
    Radio wave propagation.

  24. AmateurLogic 87: FLDigi Mac2016/02/15
    Tommy explores FLDigi with his Icom IC-7100 and Mac computer. Peter’s Introduction to Satellite TV Pt 2. Emile visits Hammond Hamfest and Crossband repeats. Plus lot of fun and a few headaches.

  25. Ham College episode 132016/01/27
    The history of SOS, questions on Emergency and nets. Transistors.

  26. AmateurLogic 86: We’re Back2016/01/11
    Peter introduces Satellite TV. Tommy explores FLRig with his Icom IC-7100 and Mac computer. Emile makes a cheap APRS Tracker. George visits a transmitter site in the wilderness and more.

  27. Ham College episode 122016/01/01
    All about repeaters. More questions and answers from the Technician class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.

  28. AmateurLogic 85: 2015 Christmas Extravaganza2015/12/14
    The 2015 AmateurLogic Christmas Extravaganza. Peter troubleshoots his Ugly Balun. Tommy shows us a cheap, small, efficient voltage regulator. Emile demonstrates the Cheap Spectrum Analyzer. Mike, VE3MIC joins us to introduce some new ALTV products just in time for the holidays.

  29. Ham College episode 112015/11/28
    Tommy and George discuss ‘Your First Radio’. More questions and answers from the Technician class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.

  30. AmateurLogic 84: Windows Pi2015/11/14
    George demonstrates Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi. Tommy talks about DHAP RF Commander. Peter builds the Pixie kit and has a few highlights from the DATV QSO Party. Plus the ‘Cheap Old Man’ is back! Emile gives us a shack update and shows how to time sync your computer over the air with WWVB.

  31. Ham College episode 102015/10/31
    In episode 10 we talk about Joseph Henry and discuss inductors. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.

  32. AmateurLogic 83: Our 10th Anniversary2015/10/12
    ALTV’s 10 Anniversary Special! We relive some of the highlights of the past decade of AmateurLogic.

  33. Ham College episode 92015/09/27
    Ham College episode 9 is now available for download.

    In episode 9 we discuss the different types of resistors and potentiometers. Deciphering the resistor color code. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.

  34. AmateurLogic 82: More to Come2015/09/14
    More fun from the Huntsville Hamfest with the whole crew! Details about the 10th Anniversary Contest. And your viewer emails.

  35. Ham College episode 82015/08/30
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  36. AmateurLogic 81: Huntsville with Peter2015/08/20
    George and Tommy finally meet Peter in person at Huntsville Hamfest!

  37. Ham College episode 72015/07/26
    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.

    In episode 7 we talk about and demonstrate Radio Waves. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.

  38. AmateurLogic 80: A Country Field Day2015/07/13
    George, Tommy and Wayne head back to the country for Field Day. We tried a few new things this year that worked out pretty well. Plus your viewer emails and more.

  39. Ham College episode 62015/06/28
    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.

    In episode 6 we talk about and demonstrate diodes. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.

  40. AmateurLogic 79: Attack of the Scope Squid2015/06/13
    Tommy puts the DHAP MiniMega together. Peter visits Adelaide. George builds the Scope Squid Plus your viewer emails and more.

  41. Ham College episode 52015/05/31
    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.

    In episode 5 we talk about Current. What it is, who named it, how to and how not to measure it. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.

  42. AmateurLogic 78: Live from Dayton Hamvention 20152015/05/19
    Join George, Tommy, Ray and a host of special guests at Dayton Hamvention 2015. Shot in front of a live audience at the Icom booth.

  43. Ham College episode 42015/04/28
    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.

    In episode 4 we talk about batteries, experiment with lemons, copper, and zinc plus more questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.

  44. AmateurLogic 77: SkyPi, ThumbDV, Grid Square GPS2015/04/11
    George builds the SkyPi-40 QRP transmitter for RaspberryPi and sets a distance record. Tommy installs the new ThumbDV D-Star dongle. Peter creates the VK3PB Sota Box, a Grid Square GPS unit. Plus your viewer emails and more.

  45. Ham College episode 32015/03/29
    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.

    In episode 3 we talk about voltage, demonstrate using voltmeters and cover 14 more questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.

  46. AmateurLogic 76: Shutdown Pi, ISS SSTV, Modulation on a Scope2015/03/11
    A simple shutdown switch avoids trashing your Raspberry Pi’s operating system. SSTV from the ISS with Peter. George visits the Orange Texas Hamfest. Modulation on a Scope, viewer emails and more.

  47. Ham College episode 22015/01/31
    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.

    In episode 2 we've got early Radio Receiver History, a Crystal Radio Demonstration, 12 more questions and answers from the Technical class question pool, and more.

  48. AmateurLogic 75: DV3000 Raspberry Hot Spot2015/02/15
    Building the Northwest Digital Radio DV3000 D-Star Hot Spot. A new device with new capabilities. Tommy and George’s Radio Shack bargain shopping. Capital City Hamfest Go Kit competition, JLO and Don Wilbanks. Peter installs Cinnamon Linux.

    1:15:05 of ALTV Fun
  49. Ham College episode 12015/01/31
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  50. AmateurLogic 74: Happy New Year2015/01/11
    Tommy Presents the IRCDDB Remote App to make D-Star easier, Shortwave Radio Shootout with Peter, George shops for Cool Stuff, and Chat Room fun.

    The first episode of a great 2015.

  51. AmateurLogic 73: A Hamtastic Christmas2014/12/14
    Peter talks about Propagation, Tommy shows us Arne’s IC-7100 with Remote Rig, George presents the CheapoDuino Finale. Plus our exciting holiday present to you, The AmateurLogic Christmas Album Collection with Mike Morneau, VE3MIC.

    This is an excellent way to end the year. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

  52. Ham College 'The Pilot' Episode2014/11/27
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  53. AmateurLogic 72: TNC Pi, Wattmeters & Python2014/11/12
    Tommy makes a TNC Pi APRS Igate. George talks about RF Wattmeters. Peter’s introduction to Python programming.

  54. Bonus Episode: Pacificon 20142014/11/02
    George visits with friends at Pacificon 2014. You’ll enjoy these interesting topics and interviews.

  55. AmateurLogic 71: Our 9th Anniversary 2014/10/15
    It’s ALTV’s 9th Anniversary. We give away the IC-7100 complete mobile outfit.

    Tommy talks about Dynamic DNS and when to use it.

    Peter prepares for his balloon flight.

    George presents his CheapoDuino scaled down Arduino Uno clone.

    Plus what we’ve been up to…
  56. Bonus Episode: George’s Visit to the Land of Radios2014/09/26
    George visits with the Crew at Icom America for a fascinating tour of their new facilities. Up close interviews with different departments. Find out how they do what they do.

  57. AmateurLogic 70: Arduino Antenna Switcher2014/09/10
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  58. Bonus Episode: Huntsville 20142014/08/25
    George and Wayne make their yearly pilgrimage to the Huntsville Hamfest. We visited with some old friends to find out what they’ve been up to and got some great stories you’ll enjoy.

    1:11:47 Southern Amateur Fun
  59. AmateurLogic 69: DV Mega Load2014/08/14
    In this episode Peter demonstrates a new microcontrolled component test. George talks all about Dummy Loads. Tommy shows us the new DV Mega Raspberry Pi D-Star Hotspot. And a visit to the K7LWH D-Star Repeater site in Bellevue Washington.

    We also announce our 9th Anniversary Sweepstakes where some ham is going to win the Ultimate Mobile Station.

    1:20:46 of premium Ham Radio content
  60. AmateurLogic 68: Field Day 20142014/07/14
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  61. AmateurLogic 67: Dayton Hamvention 20142014/06/12
    Join George and Tommy as they visit the Mother of all Hamfests, Dayton Hamvention. We met many old and new friends. Plus lots of information on all the new digital products on the horizon.

    1:27:56 in the magical world of Hamvention.
  62. AmateurLogic 66: Better Living Through Chemistry2014/05/11
    George shows us chemicals you need for your workbench. Peter talks about DATV-Express, digital amateur television. Tommy repairs an Arduino and makes an IP address IDer for his Raspberry Pi D-Star HotSpot. Plus a lot more.

    1:04:43 Good times.
  63. GigaParts Ham Radio Day Special2014/04/28
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  64. AmateurLogic.TV 65: True Grits!2014/04/14
    Special guest Randy Hall, K7AGE joins us for a chat and good times. Tommy sets up his solar powered portable rig,

    George talks about DX Clusters, and Peter builds a metal detector. Plus the boys from Mississippi exact some revenge

    for the Vegemite incident with Grits. Did it work?

    1:26:54 Ham Radio fun and a little nonsense.
  65. AmateurLogic 64: Vegemite or Die!2014/03/11
    Peter sends Tommy and George some Australian treats. See how they react to Vegemite.

    George has an introduction into cheaply receiving and decoding digital signals.

    Peter brings us the Making of AmateurLogic Downunder.

    Tommy builds an Arduino Heads-Up display for use with rigs that have Cat ports and more.

    1:16:45 recorded live before an Internet audience.
  66. AmateurLogic 63: All About Radio2014/02/12
    Tommy and George visit the Jackson Amateur Radio Club’s 2014 Capital City Hamfest and bring back some unique stories. A special appearance by the guys from Ham Dynasty. Peter talks All About Radio. Tommy shows us simple tips to Secure Your Pi. And George brings us some Soldering Tip Tips.

    1:04:52 of ALTV with the usual suspects.
  67. AmateurLogic.TV 62: It’s Alive!2014/01/13
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  68. AmateurLogic.TV 61: Echolink Pi and TVduino2013/12/15
    It’s the AmateurLogic Christmas Spectacular. Join the crew and special guest for a festive holiday event.

    Peter hacks his Degen SW Receiver. Tommy puts the Arduino on TV. George trudges on in his effort to use the Raspberry Pi as an Echolink node. And a hilarious look at the 2013 ALTV Holiday Gift Guide.

    A 1:13:08 AmateurLogic celebration of the season and other good stuff.
  69. AmateurLogic 60: FreeDV, JT65 & Pi2013/11/14
    George looks at FreeDV, Digital Voice for HF. Peter operates JT65 for weak-signal communications. Tommy builds a Raspberry Pi file server. And a Major Award, the ALTV 8th Anniversary Giveaway… We give away the ultimate mobile setup from Icom, GigaParts, Diamond and MFJ to one very lucky viewer.

    1:13 of AmateurLogic Goodness
  70. AmateurLogic.TV 59:Eigth Anniversary Extravaganza2013/10/14
    Our 8th Anniversary Extravaganza. You don’t want to miss a minute of this action packed episode!

    Peter declares war, Tommy reviews the Icom ID-51A, George shows how and why to use a Megger, we model the new AmateurLogic T-shirts, a Google + Hangout with show friends, info on the 8th Anniversary Giveaway, and more.

    1:12:24 of AmateurLogic Celebration
  71. AmateurLogic.TV 58: 2013 Huntsville Hamfest2013/09/13
    George, Tommy and Wayne’s adventure at the Huntsville Hamfest. We had a great time

    visiting with old and new friends and seeing new products. Peter has some footage

    from the 2013 DATV QSO Party. An update on our 8th Anniversary Contest and more.

    1:08:39 of Amateur Radio Entertainment
  72. IC-7000 vs IC-7100 Special2013/09/04
    A no holds barred, cage match between the Icom IC-7000 vs the IC-7100. See how these two great mobile HF/VHF/UHF

    radios stack up beside each other in an unscripted competition. Who will win, Team Tommy or Team George?

    31:26 radio competition
  73. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 572013/08/13
    Peter experiments with APRS. George repairs a Kenwood TS-2000 with a very noisy receiver. Tommy cooks up some DVAP Pi (a portable DVAP Hot Spot). Plus viewer mail, comments and talk of another contest featuring the new Icom IC-7100.

    1:09:59 with something for everyone.
  74. Voice of America Museum Special2013/07/14
    Tommy and George visit the National Voice of America Museum for a first class tour. Learn about the history of VOA, why and how it got started. What type of antenna switching was required for a world class shortwave station. Transmitter, tubes, audio routing, network feeds and much more.

    45:08 Worldwide shortwave adventure.
  75. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 562013/07/14
    George visits the NASA Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club and Clear Lake Texas ARC for field day. Tommy drops by the JARC. Peter searches for comets. And Tommy shows us how to set up a DVAP for D-Star.

    Viewer mail, comments, a little comedy, and a special show announcement.

    1:02:44 Out of this world adventure.
  76. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 552013/06/12
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  77. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 542013/05/12
    We explore three different Remote Control options to control a station from anywhere in the world. George and Tommy prepare for Dayton Hamvention. And some really funny stuff…

    1:10:00 of interesting and entertaining ALTV.
  78. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 532013/04/11
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  79. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 522013/03/27
    George visited GigaParts in Huntsville Alabama for Ham Radio Day on March 16th. We take a look at the store and visit with

    some of the manufacturers reps to find out what’s new. It was a great event at a great ‘Candy Store’.

    38:45 of extra ALTV fun!
  80. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 512013/03/14
    Tommy simplifies D-Star Callsign Routing. Peter visits the Wyong Field Day (Hamfest). Emile has some cheap analog and digital SSTV solutions. And

    George builds the Arduinolator (Arduino Square Wave Oscillator) and shows just how easy and fun it can be to experiment with microcontrollers.

    1:00:54 of ALTV fun!
  81. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 502013/02/14
    Peter builds the NS-40 40-Meter QRP Transmitter Kit. George and Tommy visit friends and find new toys at the 2013 Capital City Hamfest. Emile talks about Ham Radio Deluxe and Automating routine tasks. We run into someone you may remember and much more.

    1:09:00 of the usual suspects.
  82. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 492013/01/14
    George builds a highly efficient 7-40 volt Raspberry Pi power regulator. Tommy constructs a Tape Measure Yagi antenna. Peter’s UG-802 Android Dongle. Emile’s Baofeng UV-5RC. Icom’s new IC-7100, ID-51A radios, and more.

    1:02:50 of AmateurLogic entertainment.
  83. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 482012/12/15
    George shows us how to setup an HF Radio Station. Tommy builds a Foxhunt beacon with the Arduino. Peter has a Raspberry Pi present for you. Emile talks about hi tech cheap stuff.

    We give away the Complete HF Station featuring great gear from Icom, MFJ, Wireman & Heil Sound.

    Santa Tracking, The end of the world and more…

    59:51 of holiday entertainment.
  84. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 472012/11/15
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  85. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 462012/10/27
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  86. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 452012/10/15
    AmateurLogic.TV is celebrating our 7th Anniversary. Join us for highlights and the backstory on some of our favorite scenes. We found you can’t fit 7 years into a 1 hour show, so this is part 1. Part 2 is later this month.

    To our loyal viewers, here is a chance to win a FREE complete HF Amateur Radio Station. Watch the show for complete details.

    50:01 of AmateurLogic history.
  87. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 442012/09/28
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  88. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 432012/09/14
    Jim is back at it with the torch constructing an 80 Meter Loop.

    George creates a Homemade Raspberry Pi Tower Case.

    Tommy reviews the Icom IC-2820 full featured D-Star mobile rig and much more…

    01:05:50 of AmateurLogic fun
  89. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 422012/08/15
    DVAP and 10 Minute Raspberry Pi Recipe.

    Tommy demos the D-Star DVAP, George’s Raspberry Pi setup

    instructions, Peter and the XMBC Remote, and Emile from the

    Cheap Old Man Minute.

    59:01 of AmateurLogic fun
  90. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 412012/07/21
    Live From The Man Cave (George’s new studio).

    Field Day 2012 with the Jackson Amateur Radio Club, New Studio Tour, N4PY Software review, Raspberry Pi Media Player and more…

    01:03 of fun from the new studio.
  91. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 402012/06/14
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  92. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 392012/05/14
    Recorded live at National Association of Broadcasters NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas. Join co-hosts George Thomas, W5JDX and Randy Hall, K7AGE for a Vegas Vacation at NAB 2012.

    Ham Radio Operator’s Reception, ARRL Booth Visit, Julian Frost, N3JF Interview, AES Las Vegas Store Tour and much more.

    51:22 of George and Randy’s Excellent Adventure in Las Vegas.
  93. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 382012/04/13
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  94. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 372012/03/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  95. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 362012/02/06
    We visit the Capital City Hamfest in Jackson, MS and talk with Tom Samacicio KB4HQA of HQARadio.com, Don Wilbanks AE5DW of Amateur Radio Newsline, and Ward Silver N0AX of the ARRL. Peter drops in on the Melborne Mini Maker Faire for some fun.

    1:02:29 of Hamfest FunÖ
  96. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 352011/12/24
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  97. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 342011/11/18
    Peter builds a one tube regenerative receiver. Tommy talks about starter radios and gear. Jim plays with stepper motors. George interviews Gordon West, WB6NOA. And Gary Pearce, KN4AQ tours the National Electronics Museum.

  98. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 332011/09/23
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  99. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 322011/08/10
    Titans In Space. We visit the Olde Town Middle School near space balloon launch and track it from the shack using several analog and digital modes. Peter finds use for his chinese tablet as a teleprompter. And your viewer email and comments.

    Itís 1:03:31 of AmateurLogic excitement.
  100. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 312011/06/29
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  101. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 302011/02/22
    We visit the 2011 Capital City Hamfest in Jackson, MS. We talked with old and new friends and got a look at the new Omega-Tec low profile antennas. Plus your viewer email and facebook post.

    31.57 of Hamfest fun.
  102. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 292011/01/26
    In this long awaited episode we show you how to add an IF Output to the Kenwood TS-2000 for use with a SDR. Peter demonstrates his Puxing 777 Handi Talkie. And Tommy shows us some Online Receivers. Plus your viewer email and facebook post.

    45:58 of Ham Radio fun.
  103. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 282010/05/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  104. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 272010/02/22
    Info (Show/Hide)
  105. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 262010/02/02
    Kenwood TS-2000 as an SDR - In this first episode of the year, George shows us how to use the Kenwood TS-2000 as a Software Defined Radio with Winrad. Peter experiments with the WSPR Weak Signal mode. And Tommy teaches us how to easily create Time Lapse Videos. Plus plenty of viewer email. Its 44:04 of AmateurLogic fun.
  106. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 252009/12/13
    Peterís Excellent Space Adventure ñ Peter accepts a challenge from the UK, builds a packet station, and contacts the ISS. Tommy explores EchoMac, EchoLink for the Macintosh. George shows a better way to install PL-259 connectors and then tests the cable for faults and length with the MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer. And as always, your viewer email and holiday greetings. 58:16
  107. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 242009/07/01
    Spend the day with Jackson Amateur Radio Club and see how they approached Field Day 2009 in the heat of Summer. Meanwhile itís Winter for Peter in Australia with a very interesting demonstration of early Mechanical Television. Plus viewer email and lots of fun. 52:13
  108. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 232009/02/11
    Back from a long summer vacation, George and Tommy visit the Capitol City Hamfest and run into an old friend. Peter shows us how to create a warm spot. Plus plenty of Amateur Radio news and Viewer email.

    48:54 of AmateurLogic goodness.
  109. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 222008/10/04
    Episode 22 features part two of a tour of the Australian Armyís Signals Museum. Vintage communications equipment from WW1 - the Vietnam era. Plus the answer to the question posed in part one concerning to use of the odd cw device with two keys. 17 minutes of old radios and war stories.
  110. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 212008/06/29
    Info (Show/Hide)
  111. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 202008/04/30
  112. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 192008/02/10
  113. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 182007/12/16
  114. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 172007/11/20
  115. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 162007/10/12
  116. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 152007/09/03
  117. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 142007/07/21
  118. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 132007/06/07
  119. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 122007/01/12
  120. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 112006/12/09
  121. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 102006/10/31
  122. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 92006/10/06
  123. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 82006/09/01
  124. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 72006/05/04
  125. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 62006/03/31
  126. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 52006/02/28
  127. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 42006/01/23
  128. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 32005/12/20
  129. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 22005/11/17
  130. AmateurLogic.TV Episode 12005/10/12
A monthly podcast covering Ham Radio equipment, events and personalities.

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