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Samuel's Persiflage

  1. Samuel's Persiflage #17 - Paul Dix2011/03/08
    Samuel chats with Paul Dix, the longest serving breakfast host at a single radio station in Australia, about his memories and thoughts of his 49 years in Deniliquin and even longer in the radio industry.
  2. Samuel's Persiflage #152007/07/04
    John Laws is retiring, and Samuel chats with his former executive producer Stuart Bocking about it. Plus full details of the upcoming Skypecast episode, why can't Australia Post deliver Express Post on time? A song, and more.
  3. Samuel's Persiflage #142007/05/23
    Samuel's editorial takes a shot at the telemarketers. De facto US correspondent Bill Grady and Samuel discuss the Virginia Tech shootings, how the media affects peoples perceptions, security for world leaders, the world of advertising, and the new feature involving listeners.
  4. Samuel's Persiflage #132007/04/22
    The Frankster Archives Library, the mystery of Frog from Songland Records and more. Full details at http://samuelgordonstewart.com/2007/04/samuels-persiflage-13
  5. The Best of Samuel's Persiflage 2005/2006 - Samuel's Persiflage #122007/01/31
    It's the best of Samuel's Persiflage from 2005/2006, featuring highlights of interviews, feedback, and plenty more. Full details at http://samuelgordonstewart.com/2007/01/the-best-of-samuels-persiflage-20052006-samuels-persiflage-12
  6. Samuel's Persiflage #112006/12/22
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  7. Samuel's Persiflage #102006/11/26
    It's the 75th birthday of Canberra's oldest radio station, 1053 2CA. Samuel chats with Paul Blunt, breakfast co-host on 2CA about the birthday, Radio Historian Wayne Mac comes back to Samuel's Persiflage, and much more. Full details at http://samuelgordonstewart.com/2006/11/samuels-persiflage-10
  8. Samuel's Persiflage #92006/10/26
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  9. Samuel's Persiflage #82006/09/30
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  10. Samuel's Persiflage #72006/08/23
    Samuel interviews Mike Hettinger and Alison Zanetti, two people affected by the ACT government's decision to close 39 schools, including Dickson College, in Canberra. Samuel also plays some highlights of his recent interview with Bill Grady from the You Are The Guest podcast, and talks about temperatures being subjective, and Canberra gardening icon David Young's retirement.
  11. Samuel's Persiflage #62006/07/23
    Samuel then chats with Pia Waugh, one of the organisers of Linux.Conf.Au 2007, Australia's premier technical Linux conference. Samuel also exposes some telephone hoaxes. There is plenty of listener feedback to get through, a persiflage puzzle with a cryptic clue, a thought for the month and plenty more.
  12. Samuel's Persiflage #52006/05/16
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  13. Samuel's Persiflage #42006/04/13
    Samuel chats with John Kerr about Pirate Radio in the UK, Sylvia Gordon-Stewart about her life, and introduces a new feature...The Persiflage Puzzle. Samuel also includes the regular feedback and odd news.
  14. Samuel's Persiflage #32006/02/19
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  15. Samuel's Persiflage #22006/01/19
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  16. Samuel's Persiflage #12005/12/30
    Samuel explains why the podcast is called Samuel's Persiflage, chats with Dave Smith from the Plain English Campaign and Gary Floyd, a teacher/librarian who was once a radio DJ, and lots more.
Samuel's Persiflage
Samuel's Persiflage is an interview and chat based podcast from Canberra, Australia, talking about various topics and issues. Hosted by Samuel Gordon-Stewart, Samuel's Persiflage is an interesting podcast in a talk radio style format.

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