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The Film Duo

  1. Film Duo - Episode 011 - Interview with Local Filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren2006/04/10
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  2. Film Duo - Episode 010 - Wrap Party for Catalyst2006/04/02
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  3. Subscribe to the Film Duo Podcast with an RSS Feed Reader2006/03/21
    We have been listed on Podcast Alley since the beginning, but we just recently realized that this site did not specifically say how to subscribe with a RSS Reader, such as iPodder. So, here is the RSS feed you will need to subscribe: XML

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  4. Film Duo - Episode 009 - On Location with Catalyst - Part 22006/03/20
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  5. Film Duo - Episode 008 - Interview with Catalyst Lead2006/03/02
    The Film Duo left and right hemispheres talk to a special guest - Anthony Adams - who plays the lead role in Catalyst. Anthony, schooled in theatre acting, talks about his experiences with film, being on location and the entire indie experience. Here Anthony's reaction to the news "Catalyst just ... turned tragic." The Film Duo - Episode 008
  6. Film Duo - Episode 007 - On Location with Catalyst2006/02/20
    The left and right brains go on location with the filming of Catalyst - a romantic comedy ... turned tragic. Our hosts take us through the trials and tribulations of indie filmmaking at it's best - and it's most raw - when they find out a last minute change to the cast...changes the entire script and production schedule. The Film Duo - Episode 007
  7. Film Duo - Episode 006 - Talk with the Director of Tontine2006/02/12
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  8. Film Duo - Episode 005 - On Location with Tontine2006/02/05
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  9. Film Duo - Episode 004 - Film Planning2006/01/30
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  10. Film Duo - Episode 003 - Introducing Catalyst2006/01/30
    This week the Film Duo introduce their feature film work "Catalyst" - a romantic comedy currently in production. Tony Patterson, the right-brain, talks about the films origins and how the concept has progressed over the past twenty years into an independent film. The Duo talk about some of the challenges of getting an indie film off the ground. The Film Duo - Episode 003
  11. Film Duo - Episode 002b - The 2005 48 Hour Film Project - Part 2 of 22006/01/18
    Right-brain Tony and Left-brain Ken continue sharing their experiences with the Greensboro, NC 48 Hour Film Project competition. This is the second half of the two-part episode that picks up right were we left off from part one - discusses how the Film Duo edit the film, lessons learned, getting the final product to the contest and the winners. Listen to The Film Duo - Episode 002b
  12. Film Duo - Episode 002a - The 2005 48 Hour Film Project - Part 1 of 22006/01/16
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  13. Film Duo - Episode 001 - Introductions2006/01/02
    January 1, 2006
    Tony and Ken introduce themselves and the Film Duo podcast by talking about show topics, format and where the show will go. We touch on how we met, filmmaking in North Carolina, the 48 Hour Film Project and some of the education and experiences we have already gained.

    Listen to The Film Duo - Episode 001
  14. Welcome2006/01/01
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The Film Duo
The journey of two independent filmmakers.

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