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Unity Church of Hawaii

  1. The Bhagavad Gita2012/07/15
    Sky examines the Hindu sacred text and the universal spiritual principles it embraces, and offers a perspective on what scripture is...and what it isn't.
  2. The Yin and Yang of Attachment2012/07/08
    Part of liberation is freeing ourselves from attachment--but that doesn't mean detaching from life. Sky helps us understand non-attachment, how we can apply it, and when to apply it.
  3. Liberty or Bondage2012/07/01
    Halfway through our declared Year of Liberation, and for this Independence Day week, Sky explores how we can find freedom to express our true Divine nature.
  4. Ka hauli o ka mea hewa`ole, he nalowale koke2012/06/24
    A traditional Hawaiian saying which helps define us in a way that differs from traditional Christianity--but that Rev. Sky St. John says identifies our true Divine nature.
  5. Making Peace with Your Past2012/06/17
    Sky offers guidance on moving beyond the issues of our past so we can live in the power of the NOW moment. Our past, he reminds us, is not our potential.
  6. Don't Just Do Something--Stand There!2012/06/10
    Licensed Unity Teacher Margie Hyatt offers the antidote to the overwhelming pace of life we often face--stop, breathe, and connect with Spirit.
  7. Coming Home2012/06/03
    Sky and Michael Gangitano revive their presentation in story and song of the lessons of the Prodigal--and how we each can come home to Spirit.
  8. Ka`apa ka manu hulu `ole2012/05/27
    For Aloha Sunday, Rev. Mindy Tucker examines the underlying meaning of this Hawaiian saying--the lesson of how we change our lives for the better.
  9. Cowboy Sunday2012/05/20
    Spiritual lessons from the Old West and its cowboys--and why, Rev. Sky St. John explains, they're important to us now.
  10. Creation Choices2012/05/13
    It's Mother's Day, and Rev. Sky St. John honors those maternal qualities of creativity that each of us share, no matter whether we're a mother or a female.
  11. It Can't Be Perfect!2012/05/06
    Jesus said, "be ye perfect," but Rev. Sky St. John examines the big lie behind perfection--and how we can overcome it.
  12. E malama i ka iki kanaka2012/04/29
    "Pay attention to the insignificant and the great man. That is the duty of us gods." Rev. Sky explains how this saying can help us show up as our higher selves in life.
  13. Home, Sweet Home2012/04/22
    It's Earth Day, and Rev. Sky St. John looks at our oneness with the planet, and how we can achieve Spiritual Sustainability.
  14. Do Greater Things2012/04/15
    Transcending our perceived limitations to fulfill our divine vision--Rev. Mindy Tucker guides us toward authentic action toward achieving our potential.
  15. Life After Life2012/04/08
    Rev. Sky St. John offers the second, less-told half of the Easter story--the one that deals with each of us. With music from the Unity Choir, Jeff Schmidt, Tricia Marciel, and Phil Strauss.
  16. This Isn't It!2012/04/01
    There are ironic twists in the story of Palm Sunday. Rev. Sky St. John explores them and what they reveal about how we can best face our big challenges with strength, faith, and self-knowledge.
  17. `A`ohe `ulu e loa`a i ka pokole o ka lou2012/03/25
    A traditional Hawaiian saying that Rev. Sky St. John interprets to talk about faith: how we can strengthen and expand it, and use it to express our Divine nature.
  18. The Secret of Permanent Prosperity2012/03/18
    Unity's leading voice of prosperity, Rev. Edwene Gaines, outlines in her own unmistakable style the basic spiritual principles that lead to a life of abundance and joy.
  19. Knowing How To See2012/03/11
    Looking at our life through the eyes of faith, says Ministerial Intern Margie Hyatt, gives us the power to see beyond circumstances to our Divine nature.
  20. God DOESN'T Fulfill Our Needs!?2012/03/04
    Facing challenge, we pray to God for help--but as Rev. Sky St. John explains, God is already doing what God does, and it's our concept of God that may need changing.
  21. `A `ohe hana i nele i ka uku2012/02/26
    "No deed lacks a reward." It's karma, cause and effect, and it's a spiritual truth with roots deep in our past. Rev. Sky St. John shows us how to heal the past and celebrate the "now" in our lives.
  22. Our Year of Emergence2012/02/19
    A look back at 2011, which we declared a Year of Emergence. Rev. Sky St. John looks at our creative process: what we sustained and what we created.
  23. How Love Works2012/02/12
    Love is the topic, and as Rev. Sky St. John explains, from a Unity perspective it goes far beyond our traditional concept of it as a feeling or emotion. It's the power to change lives and change our world.
  24. The Game of Life2012/02/05
    On this Super Bowl Sunday, Rev. Sky St. John heeds the advice that every successful team needs a good coach, and guides us toward finding the ultimate coach for our successful lives.
  25. Ahuwale ka nane huna2012/01/29
    "That which was a secret is no longer hidden." Rev. Sky St. John uncovers the spiritual key to this saying: look beneath, behind, and beyond for true meaning and significance.
  26. Year of the Dragon2012/01/22
    It's the Chinese New Year, and Rev. Sky St. John invites us to accept the support of four billion people in declaring our spiritual rebirth in this Year of the Dragon.
  27. At The Daybreak of Freedom2012/01/15
    In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Licensed Unity Teacher Margie Hyatt looks at diversity, our commitment to it, and what's at the root of it.
  28. A Year of Liberation2012/01/08
    Proclaiming 2012 as a Year of Liberation, Rev. Sky St. John looks at spiritual freedom, what it means, and how we can put it into practice.
  29. A Clean Slate2012/01/01
    Starting a new year with a commitment to Spirit begins with listening to Spirit's guidance. Ministerial Intern Gary Canier guides us through this important process.
  30. A Hawaiian Christmas2011/12/25
    It's Aloha Sunday and it's Christmas--so Rev. Sky St. John looks at what Christmas in Hawaii means and how we celebrate.
  31. The Innkeeper2011/12/18
    The inkeeper who told Mary and Joseph there was no room at the inn stands for much of what we face on our spiritual path. Rev. Sky St. John offers three steps to make room for the divine in our lives this Christmas.
  32. Gracious Giving2011/12/11
    In this season of giving, Rev. Sky St. John looks at the true gift for both giver and receiver--deepening our connection to each other and to God.
  33. Secrets from Santa2011/12/04
    In his baggy red suit and flowing white beard, Santa Claus (aka Rev. Sky St. John) explains the metaphysics of Old St. Nick's centuries of wisdom.
  34. Pupukahi i holomua Pupukahi i holomua2011/11/27
    Rev. Mindy Tucker looks at deepening our connection with spirit, reflected in this Hawaiian proverb, "unite in order to progress".
  35. Grateful Practice2011/11/20
    Gratitude as a spiritual practice isn't just for Thanksgiving. Rev. Sky St. John explains why being grateful expands the good in our lives.
  36. Oh, The Places Your Ego Will Go2011/11/13
    With apologies to Dr. Suess. Rev. Sky St. John offers a simple recipe for growing through the limits of our human ego into acting from Spirit.
  37. If Not For You2011/11/06
    Honoring "service" for Veterans' Day, Rev. Sky St. John looks at the spiritual importance of going beyond self in service to others.
  38. He pukoa kani aina2011/10/30
    A Hawaiian saying that, as Rev. Sky St. John explains, guides us in our spiritual growth and maturity. Sky explains how, and what we do to put the lesson into practice.
  39. Faith in Purpose2011/10/23
    Concluding our Living in Faith series, Rev. Sky St. John looks at our life's purpose--and putting faith to work in achieving it.
  40. Faith in Prosperity2011/10/16
    Part 3 in our series on Faith. Rev. Sky St. John and Florence Monzon reveal a key principle in applying our faith to our prosperity.
  41. Faith in Health and Healing2011/10/09
    Part Two of our Fall series on faith: Rev. Sky St. John looks at the perceiving power of faith for our health, and Margie Hyatt, LUT, offers action to put faith to work for our healing.
  42. Faith in Relationships2011/10/02
    Part 1 of the Living in Faith series--Sky explains the power of faith, Nickie Golden looks at how faith works in our relationships, and Rev. Mindy Tucker guides us to putting faith to work.
  43. Ka manu kahea i ka wa`a e holo2011/09/25
    From the Hawaiian saying, "the bird that calls to the canoe to sail." Rev. Sky St. John asks what is calling to us? What are we listening to? And what does that mean for our lives?
  44. Oh My GODness2011/09/18
    Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett explores a truth held in all major religions, but that spiritual students have avoided for centuries--that you are Divine!
  45. God in Crisis2011/09/11
    On the anniversary of the 9-11-01 tragedy, Rev. Sky St. John explores how we can manage to see the presence of God in the midst of crisis--and how we connect with God's presence through love.
  46. ACT in Faith2011/09/04
    Putting faith in action in three easy steps. Licensed Unity Teacher Florence Monzon explains how we can (A)llow God to help us, (C)hoose to see the good, and (T)hank God for all we encounter.
  47. `Ulili alualu hu`a kai2011/08/28
    The meaning of "wandering sea tattler that chases after sea foam" guides us away from being preoccupied with the inconsequential. Rev. Sky St. John shows us how not to sweat the small stuff.
  48. The Three Fs of Forgiveness2011/08/21
    Forgiveness is key to living a life filled with joy, love, and peace. Rev. Mindy Tucker guides us in learning to forgive, overcoming the roadblocks of resentment, and finding the freedom in forgiveness.
  49. The Spirit of Santiago2011/08/14
    Sky reports on his trip to help develop Unity in Santiago, Chile--on the spirit that brings Unity there, and how we can nurture that same spirit in our own life.
  50. Thriving in a World of Change2011/08/07
    Change is inevitable--so how do we embrace it, thrive with it, and benefit from it? Rev. Sky St. John offers three basics to help us deal with a changing world.
  51. E ho`i ka wa`a2011/07/31
    A Hawaiian saying about decision-making. What we can do, Rev. Sky St. John explains, when we ask for God's guidance--but we don't seem to receive it.
  52. The Beauty of You2011/07/24
    The key to transformation is moving from our heads to our hearts. Rev. Mindy Tucker guides us on this challenging journey.
  53. Moons in the Pond2011/07/17
    A Persian proverb inspires Rev. Sky St. John to examine where we place our spiritual gaze--and how we can set our sight where it needs to be for our lives.
  54. Lights Along the Path2011/07/10
    Reviewing what Unity believes in through the words of notable thinkers from outside the Unity movement.
  55. The Pursuit of Happiness2011/07/03
    America's founding fathers declared our right to the pursuit of happiness. But what, asks Rev. Sky St. John, exactly are we pursuing? And will it really makes us happy?
  56. E ho `a `o no i pau kuhihewa2011/06/26
    "Try it--and rid yourself of illusions." From this traditional Hawaiian saying, Rev. Sky St. John explains how we can delve into the deeper reality of our life as a spiritual being.
  57. There's Something About Fathers2011/06/19
    Rev. Mindy Tucker reflects on the masculine representation of God as Wisdom--unlimited, and a key part of our nature and our potential.
  58. The Unarguable Truth2011/06/12
    Guest speaker and co-founder of The Hendricks Institute, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, explains how "truth" increases the flow and abundance we can enjoy in our lives.
  59. Lesson from the Tao2011/06/05
    Facing what we fear, being flexible, embracing change--Rev. Sky St. John looks at lessons we can learn from the Tao Te Ching.
  60. He pa`akai auane`i ke kanaka o hehe`e2011/05/29
    "Man isn't salt that melts." Ministerial Intern Geo Downer looks at the metaphysical meaning of this traditional Hawaiian saying. It's a statement of our value, our resilience, and our strength as we grow spiritually.
  61. The Power of Collective Consciousness2011/03/13
    Natural disaster, political upheaval, financial crisis--how we react is our choice. Rev. Sky St. John looks at how one by one, we can find our power in unity and in consciousness.
  62. Where We Are2011/02/20
    Last year, we declared 2010 as a Year of Compassion. On the morning of our annual meeting, Rev. Sky St. John has the surprising news of what we accomplished as a spiritual community of compassion.
  63. A Year of Emergence2011/01/02
    Our intention for 2011 is for it to be a year of emergence, of stepping into the new. Rev. Sky St. John explains what we can expect, and how we can support ourselves and each other in a coming forth into a higher good.
  64. Ua ola loko i ke aloha2010/08/29
    "Love Gives Life Within." We know love is powerful, but where do we direct that power, and how do we achieve love. The answer, as Rev. Sky St. John explains, comes in oneness.
  65. A Time of Leaving2010/08/29
    Rev. Sky St. John honors and commemorates a series of individuals who recently have made their transition.
  66. One Presence and One Power2010/08/15
    It's an oft-repeated phrase in Unity, and it's a universal spiritual truth. Rev. Sky St. John examines its meaning and the role it can play in our life.
  67. Disco Sunday2010/06/20
    The spiritual lessons of...disco? Rev. Sky St. John says there are many, and he shares them in his own, unique manner. With music from Lydia Pusateri, backed by Tricia Marciel and Zamar.
  68. When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayers2010/05/09
    A challenge to traditional beliefs about prayer; Rev. Sky St. John re-examines what prayer is, what we expect from it, and how we approach it. What he finds is startling and thought-provoking!
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