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  1. Best of GenderTalk #577: The Old Women's Project & Chris Abani2008/04/03
    Jennifer Abod , award winning feminist media producer, on her latest video production, "Look Us In The Eye: The Old Women's Project"
    Chris Abani , award winning author, professor and poet who was imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death for his writing, on his poetry and writing
  2. Best of GenderTalk #100: Gabrielle Pickett & Community Response2008/02/25
    Gabrielle Pickett , transsexual twin sister of murdered TS Chanelle Pickett, comments on the 'not guilty' murder verdict
    Rob Johnson , of the Fenway Community Health Center's Violence Recovery Program, on the verdict
    To view a more detailed program description, please visit www.gendertalk.com/radio/programs/100/gt100.shtml
    More information about Chanelle Pickett
  3. Best of GenderTalk #576: Trans Teacher & Studying Trans Identity2008/01/01
    Mekah (aka RandeyMichelle) Gordon , a trans woman who transitioned on the job as a teacher in New York, and now does activism in New Mexico
    Brett Genny Beemyn , director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, on a new - and large - new study of trans identity
  4. Best of GenderTalk #575: Jane Caputi & Trans Kids 2007/11/16
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  5. Best of GenderTalk #574: Trans Panic & Death of Stealth 2007/10/10
    Victoria Steinberg , law clerk and legal activist, on the 'trans panic' defense and strategies for eliminating it
    Mara Keisling , director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the demise of the 'stealth' option for transgenders
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