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Film Riot (Quicktime Large) (Best Produced)

  1. Crazy Visuals with DIY Lens Filters2017/03/24

    Today we experiment with lens filters to get trippy in camera effects!
  2. Mondays: Mistakes Film Critics Make & Finding a Balance With Your Projects2017/03/21

    Ryan talks mistakes critics and audience members make, advice for aspiring DP's, and finding balance with your projects!
  3. Meaning Behind Camera Movement2017/03/21

    We dive into the meaning behind camera movement!
  4. Tuesday: Structuring Short Films & Is Photography Helpful For Filmmakers2017/03/14

    Ryan talks photography, collaborating and structuring your short films!
  5. iPad Apps For Filmmaking & A Multi Color Light2017/03/11

    We look at a multi color light and iPad Apps for filmmaking!
  6. Tuesdays: New Monday Challenge & Film Festivals Vs Releasing Online2017/03/08

    Ryan talks film festivals, directing for the first time and the new Monday Challenge!
  7. The Vanishing Man Effect2017/03/07

    We look at how to make someone disappear!
  8. The Process of Creating 80s Music2017/03/07

    We look at the creation process of our new 80s Synth pack!
  9. Crazy Zoom Lens and Shot Lister on Mac2017/02/27

    We look at Fujinon's new Zoom Lens and Shot lister on Mac!
  10. Mondays: Being Self Critical & Dealing with Negativity2017/02/22

    Ryan talks being self critical, his favorite cameras and dealing with negativity!
  11. Mondays: Do You Need Film School?2017/02/16

    Ryan talks cameras, turning down projects and film school!
  12. 5 Simple Filmmaking Tricks2017/02/16

    Easy transitions and effects, fake sweat, making rooms bigger and more.
  13. The Difference Between Dolly & Zoom Shots2017/02/13

    What is the visual and emotional difference between a zoom and a dolly shot?
  14. Mondays: Are Storyboards Necessary & Dealing With Auditions2017/02/09

    Ryan talks Storyboards, Auditions, cameras and developing your stories!
  15. 3 Easy Hidden Effects2017/02/07

    Reconstruct a shot, move a slide and selective color correction.
  16. Mondays: Color Grading VFX & What is a Directors Job?2017/02/01

    Ryan talks shooting with no camera movement, color grading VFX and what a director does for a film!
  17. Basic Lighting Techniques2017/01/31

    We break down some lighting terms and show how to get cinematic looks with very little light!
  18. Compose Music Inside of Premiere2017/01/31

    We take a look at Filmstro's new Adobe Premiere Panel!
  19. Our Favorite Cameras We Used in 20162017/01/24

    Ryan talks his favorite cameras he used last year!
  20. Mondays: Are Cameras Taking the Place of DP's & Hating Your Own Work2017/01/20

    Ryan talks the importance of DP's, being an "Everything Man", and hating your own work!
  21. Best Films of 20162017/01/20

    We look back at our favorite films from 2016!
  22. Gear Heads: Shuttle Dolly2017/01/19

    Today we dive into the Kessler Shuttle Dolly!
  23. Put an X-Wing In Your Film2017/01/19

    Learn how to put an X-Wing into your film!
  24. Mondays: Should You Use Auto Focus & Camera Vs Lens2017/01/19

    Ryan talks auto focus and camera vs lens - which is more important?
  25. 10 Best Moments of 20162017/01/19

    Today we show off your top 10 favorite moments from 2016!
Film Riot
Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you've never seen.

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