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Scam School (Quicktime Large) (Best Video)

  1. The Ring That Cannot Be Contained 2016/06/23

    Brian's ring gets put under Diamond Jim's spell of unconditional evasion.
  2. Can You Solve The Horse Paradox Before Us? 2016/06/16

    I say neigh!
  3. The King of Candy 2016/06/09

    Only from the candy cup does one king of candy color every couple candies.
  4. YouTube Video Proves Mind Control Exists 2016/06/02

    Mind control is a flat circle
  5. The Deck of Misplaced Cards 2016/05/26

    Put a seven on the bottom, it'll come out of the top. Put it on top, it'll come out of the middle?
  6. Dr. Daley's Last Trick 2016/05/19

    You'll always shock them with this!
  7. Dead Drunk: Puzzled Pint Challenge #3 2016/05/12

    Puzzled Pint is back with our toughest challenge yet!
  8. How to Stab Your Friend... 's Chosen Card 2016/05/05

    Stab! Stabbity stab!
  9. Predict Randomly Chosen Cards over the Phone! 2016/04/28

    A deck is shuffled, cut, and a card is pulled at random. Brian calls up a friend, but can he guess the card?
  10. The Five Finger Levitation 2016/04/21

    For external use only.
  11. Helios and Hubris: Puzzled Pint Challenge #2 2016/04/14

    The Puzzled Pint is BACK! Can you solve this puzzle, or will you fly too close to the sun and meet a most tragic fate?
  12. YOU vs. BRIAN: Puzzled Pint Challenge #1 2016/04/07

    This gauntlet is anything but pint-sized!
  13. Defying Gravity with Domino Towers 2016/03/31

    Brian was sent a domino stacking technique from the far-flung past of 1905!
  14. Are You A Bottle Swap Master? 2016/03/24

    Be careful, the bottle black belt has sharp edges.
  15. Matchstick Mania 2016/03/17

    Brian brings three deceptive match puzzles to the table, can you triumph?
  16. Beer Bottle Firestarter! 2016/03/10

    You ever get twisted?
  17. Tribal Tribulations: Three Riddles to Treasure 2016/03/03

    Tribal King knows no mercy. Do you have what it takes to save your life and collect all the treasures?
  18. Only Geniuses Can Tell These Gods Apart 2016/02/25

    Is that logic in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  19. Snapping Wrenches in Half and Invulnerable Handshakes 2016/02/18

    Dennis Rogers is back! He reveals how to cut corners on snapping a wrench in half, and the secret to uncrushable handshakes.
  20. The Frozen Arm Challenge 2016/02/11

    The scam doesn't bother you anyway
  21. The Most Powerful Number Puzzle 2016/02/04

    Allison returns to reprise her role as a most formidable guest, but Brian has the ultimate caret on a stick.
  22. Secrets of REAL HYPNOSIS at the bar! (pt 2) 2016/01/28

    Chris Jones is back to teach the fundamentals of hypnosis!
  23. Under the Influence of Suggestion Pt. 1 2016/01/21

    Brian is joined by Chris Jones (America's Got Talent) and they discuss and demonstrate hypnosis.
  24. The Boomerang Card! 2016/01/14

    Crikey! Didgeridoo sold separately.
  25. Fill in the Blanks: A Number Puzzle 2016/01/07

    Brian sets up a math puzzle with variables and demonstrates an important lesson when things don't go as planned.
Scam School
If Harvard offered a PhD in deceit, this would be it. Award-winning magician Brian Brushwood takes viewers on an inside tour of bar tricks, street cons and scams. If you watch carefully, you'll never have to pay for a drink again!

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