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TEDTalks (video)

  1. Why it's worth listening to people you disagree with | Zachary R. Wood2018/04/19
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  2. The "dead zone" of the Gulf of Mexico | Nancy Rabalais2018/04/18
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  3. The harm reduction model of drug addiction treatment | Mark Tyndall2018/04/18
    Why do we still think that drug use is a law-enforcement issue? Making drugs illegal does nothing to stop people from using them, says public health expert Mark Tyndall. So, what might work? Tyndall shares community-based research that shows how harm-reduction strategies, like safe-injection sites, are working to address the drug overdose crisis.
  4. A printable, flexible, organic solar cell | Hannah Bürckstümmer2018/04/17
    Unlike the solar cells you're used to seeing, organic photovoltaics are made of compounds that are dissolved in ink and can be printed and molded using simple techniques. The result is a low-weight, flexible, semi-transparent film that turns the energy of the sun into electricity. Hannah Bürckstümmer shows us how they're made -- and how they could change the way we power the world.
  5. What's missing in the global debate over refugees | Yasin Kakande2018/04/16
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  6. What if we ended the injustice of bail? | Robin Steinberg2018/04/13
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  7. How we need to remake the internet | Jaron Lanier2018/04/12
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  8. How the arts help homeless youth heal and build | Malika Whitley2018/04/11
    Malika Whitley is the founder of ChopArt, an organization for homeless teens focused on mentorship, dignity and opportunity through the arts. In this moving, personal talk, she shares her story of homelessness and finding her voice through arts -- and her mission to provide a creative outlet for others who have been pushed to the margins of society.
  9. How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky2018/04/11
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  10. How a team of chefs fed Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria | José Andrés2018/04/10
    After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, chef José Andrés traveled to the devastated island with a simple idea: to feed the hungry. Millions of meals served later, Andrés shares the remarkable story of creating the world's biggest restaurant -- and the awesome power of letting people in need know that somebody cares about them.
  11. The Standing Rock resistance and our fight for indigenous rights | Tara Houska2018/04/09
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  12. How I use the drum to tell my story | Kasiva Mutua2018/04/06
    In this talk-performance hybrid, drummer, percussionist and TED Fellow Kasiva Mutua shares how she's breaking the taboo against female drummers in Kenya -- and her mission to teach the significance and importance of the drum to young boys, women and girls. "Women can be custodians of culture, too," Mutua says.
  13. Should we create a solar shade to cool the earth? | Danny Hillis2018/04/05
    In this perspective-shifting talk, Danny Hillis prompts us to approach global issues like climate change with creative scientific solutions. Taking a stand for solar geoengineering, he looks at controversial solutions with open-minded curiosity.
  14. To eliminate waste, we need to rediscover thrift | Andrew Dent2018/04/04
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  15. My $500 house in Detroit -- and the neighbors who helped me rebuild it | Drew Philp2018/04/03
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  16. Math can help uncover cancer's secrets | Irina Kareva2018/04/03
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  17. The 3,000-year history of the hoodie | Paola Antonelli2018/04/02
    The hoodie is a lot more than just a comfy sweatshirt. Design curator Paola Antonelli takes us through its history.
  18. Why the pencil is perfect | Caroline Weaver2018/04/02
    Why are pencils shaped like hexagons, and how did they get their iconic yellow color? Pencil shop owner Caroline Weaver takes us inside the fascinating history of the pencil.
  19. How the progress bar keeps you sane | Daniel Engber2018/04/02
    The progress bar makes waiting more exciting... and mitigates our fear of death. Journalist Daniel Engber explores how it came into existence.
  20. How the jump rope got its rhythm | Kyra Gaunt2018/04/02
    "Down down, baby, down down the roller coaster..." Hip-hop owes a lot of the queens of double dutch. Ethnomusicologist Kyra Gaunt takes us on a tour of the fascinating history of the jump rope.
  21. How the button changed fashion | Isaac Mizrahi2018/04/02
    How the simple button changed the world, according to fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi.
  22. The hidden ways stairs shape your life | David Rockwell2018/04/02
    Stairs don't just get you from point A to point B. Architect David Rockwell explains how they shape your movement -- and your feelings.
  23. How the hyperlink changed everything | Margaret Gould Stewart2018/04/02
    The hyperlink is the LEGO block of the internet. Here's the bizarre history of how it came to be, as told by user experience master Margaret Gould Stewart.
  24. How we can teach computers to make sense of our emotions | Raphael Arar2018/04/02
    How can we make AI that people actually want to interact with? Raphael Arar suggests we start by making art. He shares interactive projects that help AI explore complex ideas like nostalgia, intuition and conversation -- all working towards the goal of making our future technology just as much human as it is artificial.
  25. Our fight for disability rights -- and why we're not done yet | Judith Heumann2018/03/30
    Four decades ago, Judith Heumann helped to lead a groundbreaking protest called the Section 504 sit-in -- in which disabled-rights activists occupied a federal building for almost a month, demanding greater accessibility for all. In this personal, inspiring talk, Heumann tells the stories behind the protest -- and reminds us that, 40 years on, there's still work left to do.
  26. Why I choose humanism over faith | Leo Igwe2018/03/29
    As a humanist, Leo Igwe doesn't believe in divine intervention -- but he does believe in the power of human beings to alleviate suffering, cure disease, preserve the planet and turn situations of poverty into prosperity. In this bold talk, Igwe shares how humanism can free Africans from damaging superstitions and give them the power to rebuild the continent.
  27. The role of faith and belief in modern Africa | Ndidi Nwuneli2018/03/29
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  28. My descent into America's neo-Nazi movement -- and how I got out | Christian Picciolini2018/03/28
    At 14, Christian Picciolini went from naïve teenager to white supremacist -- and soon, the leader of the first neo-Nazi skinhead gang in the United States. How was he radicalized, and how did he ultimately get out of the movement? In this courageous talk, Picciolini shares the surprising and counterintuitive solution to hate in all forms.
  29. Academic research is publicly funded -- why isn't it publicly available? | Erica Stone2018/03/28
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  30. How fungi recognize (and infect) plants | Mennat El Ghalid2018/03/27
    Each year, the world loses enough food to feed half a billion people to fungi, the most destructive pathogens of plants. Mycologist and TED Fellow Mennat El Ghalid explains how a breakthrough in our understanding of the molecular signals fungi use to attack plants could disrupt this interaction -- and save our crops.
  31. How quantum physics can make encryption stronger | Vikram Sharma2018/03/27
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  32. What if we paid doctors to keep people healthy? | Matthias Müllenbeck2018/03/26
    What if we incentivized doctors to keep us healthy instead of paying them only when we're already sick? Matthias Müllenbeck explains how this radical shift from a sick care system to a true health care system could save us from unnecessary costs and risky procedures -- and keep us healthier for longer.
  33. How to tame your wandering mind | Amishi Jha2018/03/23
    Amishi Jha studies how we pay attention: the process by which our brain decides what's important out of the constant stream of information it receives. Both external distractions (like stress) and internal ones (like mind-wandering) diminish our attention's power, Jha says -- but some simple techniques can boost it. "Pay attention to your attention," Jha says.
  34. The rhythm of Afrobeat | Sauti Sol2018/03/23
    From Beyoncé to Drake and beyond, the world is rocking to the rhythm of Afrobeat. Feel the music as Kenyan afro-pop superstars Sauti Sol take the TED stage to perform three songs: "Live and Die in Afrika," "Sura Yako" and "Kuliko Jana."
  35. The human stories behind mass incarceration | Eve Abrams2018/03/22
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  36. Need a new idea? Start at the edge of what is known | Vittorio Loreto2018/03/22
    "Where do great ideas come from?" Starting with this question in mind, Vittorio Loreto takes us on a journey to explore a possible mathematical scheme that explains the birth of the new. Learn more about the "adjacent possible" -- the crossroads of what's actual and what's possible -- and how studying the math that drives it could explain how we create new ideas.
  37. The genius of the London Tube Map | Michael Bierut2018/03/21
    Design legend Michael Bierut tells the story of the accidental success of one of the most famous maps in the world -- the London Tube Map.
  38. For survivors of Ebola, the crisis isn't over | Soka Moses2018/03/21
    In 2014, as a newly trained physician, Soka Moses took on one of the toughest jobs in the world: treating highly contagious patients at the height of Liberia's Ebola outbreak. In this intense, emotional talk, he details what he saw on the frontlines of the crisis -- and reveals the challenges and stigma that thousands of survivors still face.
  39. A rite of passage for late life | Bob Stein2018/03/20
    We use rituals to mark the early stages of our lives, like birthdays and graduations -- but what about our later years? In this meditative talk about looking both backward and forward, Bob Stein proposes a new tradition of giving away your things (and sharing the stories behind them) as you get older, to reflect on your life so far and open the door to whatever comes next.
  40. What if gentrification was about healing communities instead of displacing them? | Liz Ogbu2018/03/20
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  41. How I use art to bridge misunderstanding | Adong Judith2018/03/19
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  42. Can I have your brain? The quest for truth on concussions and CTE | Chris Nowinski2018/03/19
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  43. What we can do about the culture of hate | Sally Kohn2018/03/16
    We're all against hate, right? We agree it's a problem -- their problem, not our problem, that is. But as Sally Kohn discovered, we all hate -- some of us in subtle ways, others in obvious ones. As she confronts a hard story from her own life, she shares ideas on how we can recognize, challenge and heal from hatred in our institutions and in ourselves.
  44. "my mama" / "BLACK BANANA" | Rei2018/03/16
    Singer-songwriter Rei brings her mix of indie rock and blues to the TED stage in a performance of two songs, "my mama" and "BLACK BANANA."
  45. Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek2018/03/15
    The arts bring meaning to our lives and spirit to our culture -- so why do we expect artists to struggle to make a living? Hadi Eldebek is working to create a society where artists are valued through an online platform that matches artists with grants and funding opportunities -- so they can focus on their craft instead of their side hustle.
  46. The Great Migration and the power of a single decision | Isabel Wilkerson2018/03/15
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  47. 3 myths about the future of work (and why they're not true) | Daniel Susskind2018/03/14
    "Will machines replace humans?" This question is on the mind of anyone with a job to lose. Daniel Susskind confronts this question and three misconceptions we have about our automated future, suggesting we ask something else: How will we distribute wealth in a world when there will be less -- or even no -- work?
  48. How to inspire every child to be a lifelong reader | Alvin Irby2018/03/13
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  49. What a world without prisons could look like | Deanna Van Buren2018/03/13
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  50. The radical beauty of Africa, in portraits | Iké Udé2018/03/12
    Throughout his colorful career and bodies of work, Iké Udé has found creative ways to reject the negative portrayal of Africans rampant in Western media. In this tour of his work, he shares evocative portraits that blend clothing, props and poses from many cultures at once into sharp takes on the varied, complex beauty of Africa.
  51. The best way to help is often just to listen | Sophie Andrews2018/03/09
    A 24-hour helpline in the UK known as Samaritans helped Sophie Andrews become a survivor of abuse rather than a victim. Now she's paying the favor back as the founder of The Silver Line, a helpline that supports lonely and isolated older people. In a powerful, personal talk, she shares why the simple act of listening (instead of giving advice) is often the best way to help someone in need.
  52. To solve the world's biggest problems, invest in women and girls | Musimbi Kanyoro2018/03/08
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  53. The wonderful world of life in a drop of water | Simone Bianco and Tom Zimmerman2018/03/07
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  54. How shocking events can spark positive change | Naomi Klein2018/03/07
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  55. How fashion helps us express who we are -- and what we stand for | Kaustav Dey2018/03/06
    No one thinks twice about a woman wearing blue jeans in New York City -- but when Nobel laureate Malala wears them, it's a political act. Around the globe, individuality can be a crime, and clothing can be a form of protest. In a talk about the power of what we wear, Kaustav Dey examines how fashion gives us a nonverbal language of dissent and encourages us to embrace our authentic selves.
  56. Do you really know why you do what you do? | Petter Johansson2018/03/06
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  57. What soccer can teach us about freedom | Marc Bamuthi Joseph2018/03/05
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  58. What I learned when I conquered the world's toughest triathlon | Minda Dentler2018/03/05
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  59. How to connect with depressed friends | Bill Bernat2018/03/02
    Want to connect with a depressed friend but not sure how to relate to them? Comedian and storyteller Bill Bernat has a few suggestions. Learn some dos and don'ts for talking to people living with depression -- and handle your next conversation with grace and maybe a bit of humor.
  60. How we became sisters | Felice Belle and Jennifer Murphy2018/03/02
    Poets Felice Belle and Jennifer Murphy perform excerpts from their play "Other Women," which is created and directed by Monica L. Williams. In a captivating journey, they weave together stories full of laughter, loyalty, tragedy and heartbreak, recalling the moments that made them sisters.
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