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TEDTalks (video)

  1. The most detailed map of galaxies, black holes and stars ever made | Juna Kollmeier2019/06/07
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  2. An ingenious proposal for scaling up marine protection | Mark Tercek2019/06/07
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  3. The healing power of reading | Michelle Kuo2019/06/06
    Reading and writing can be acts of courage that bring us closer to others and ourselves. Author Michelle Kuo shares how teaching reading skills to her students in the Mississippi Delta revealed the bridging power of the written word -- as well as the limitations of its power.
  4. The lies our culture tells us about what matters -- and a better way to live | David Brooks2019/06/05
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  5. "Everything happens for a reason" -- and other lies I've loved | Kate Bowler2019/06/04
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  6. Floating cities, the LEGO House and other architectural forms of the future | Bjarke Ingels2019/06/03
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  7. The amazing brains and morphing skin of octopuses and other cephalopods | Roger Hanlon2019/05/31
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  8. The story we tell about millennials -- and who we leave out | Reniqua Allen2019/05/30
    Millennials are now the largest, most diverse adult population in the US -- but far too often, they're reduced to the worn-out stereotype of lazy, entitled avocado toast lovers, says author Reniqua Allen. In this revealing talk, she shares overlooked stories of millennials of color, offering a broader, more nuanced view of the generation. "Millennials are not a monolith," she says.
  9. What it takes to launch a telescope | Erika Hamden2019/05/30
    TED Fellow and astronomer Erika Hamden leads the team building FIREBall, a telescope that hangs from a giant balloon at the very edge of space and looks for clues about how stars are created. She takes us inside the roller-coaster, decade-long journey to get the telescope from an idea into orbit -- and shows how failure is inevitable when you're pushing the limits of knowledge.
  10. How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston2019/05/29
    Baratunde Thurston explores the phenomenon of white Americans calling the police on black Americans who have committed the crimes of ... eating, walking or generally "living while black." In this profound, thought-provoking and often hilarious talk, he reveals the power of language to change stories of trauma into stories of healing -- while challenging us all to level up.
  11. These bacteria eat plastic | Morgan Vague2019/05/28
    Humans produce 300 million tons of new plastic each year -- yet, despite our best efforts, less than 10 percent of it ends up being recycled. Is there a better way to deal with all this waste? Morgan Vague describes her research with microbiologist Jay Mellies on bacteria that have evolved the unexpected ability to eat plastic -- and how they could help us solve our growing pollution problem.
  12. What prosecutors and incarcerated people can learn from each other | Jarrell Daniels2019/05/24
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  13. My identity is a superpower -- not an obstacle | America Ferrera2019/05/23
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  14. The anti-CEO playbook | Hamdi Ulukaya2019/05/22
    Profit, money, shareholders: these are the priorities of most companies today. But at what cost? In an appeal to corporate leaders worldwide, Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya calls for an end to the business playbook of the past -- and shares his vision for a new, "anti-CEO playbook" that prioritizes people over profits. "This is the difference between profit and true wealth," he says.
  15. The next global agricultural revolution | Bruce Friedrich2019/05/21
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  16. Sloths! The strange life of the world's slowest mammal | Lucy Cooke2019/05/21
    Sloths have been on this planet for more than 40 million years. What's the secret to their success? In a hilarious talk, zoologist Lucy Cooke takes us inside the strange life of the world's slowest mammal and shows what we can learn from their ingenious adaptations.
  17. How to build your confidence -- and spark it in others | Brittany Packnett2019/05/20
    "Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows," says educator and activist Brittany Packnett. In an inspiring talk, she shares three ways to crack the code of confidence -- and her dream for a world where revolutionary confidence helps turn our most ambitious dreams into reality.
  18. The difference between healthy and unhealthy love | Katie Hood2019/05/17
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  19. How AI could become an extension of your mind | Arnav Kapur2019/05/16
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  20. What you should know about vaping and e-cigarettes | Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin2019/05/15
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  21. Could a tattoo help you stay healthy? | Carson Bruns2019/05/14
    Can we make tattoos both beautiful and functional? Nanotechnologist Carson Bruns shares his work creating high-tech tattoos that react to their environment -- like color-changing ink that can tell you when you're getting a sunburn -- and shows exciting ways they can deliver real-time information about our health.
  22. Digital humans that look just like us | Doug Roble2019/05/13
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  23. Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker2019/05/10
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  24. How your brain's executive function works -- and how to improve it | Sabine Doebel2019/05/09
    You use your brain's executive function every day -- it's how you do things like pay attention, plan ahead and control impulses. Can you improve it to change for the better? With highlights from her research on child development, cognitive scientist Sabine Doebel explores the factors that affect executive function -- and how you can use it to break bad habits and achieve your goals.
  25. The case for having kids | Wajahat Ali2019/05/09
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  26. The crisis of leadership -- and a new way forward | Halla Tómasdóttir and Bryn Freedman2019/05/08
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  27. How to revive your belief in democracy | Eric Liu2019/05/07
    Civic evangelist Eric Liu shares a powerful way to rekindle the spirit of citizenship and the belief that democracy still works. Join him for a trip to "Civic Saturday" and learn more about how making civic engagement a weekly habit can help build communities based on shared values and a path to belonging.
  28. Everything around you can become a computer | Ivan Poupyrev2019/05/06
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  29. Mind-blowing stage sculptures that fuse music and technology | Es Devlin2019/05/03
    It starts with a sketch. Then it evolves into a larger-than-life visual masterpiece, a celebration of human connection. Follow along as legendary artist and designer Es Devlin takes us on a visual tour of her work -- including iconic stage sculptures she's created for Beyoncé, Adele, Kanye West, U2 and more -- and previews her design for the upcoming World Expo 2020 in Dubai.
  30. How supercharged plants could slow climate change | Joanne Chory2019/05/02
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  31. Why we ignore obvious problems -- and how to act on them | Michele Wucker2019/05/01
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  32. How to recover from activism burnout | Yana Buhrer Tavanier2019/04/30
    When you're feeling burned out as an activist, what's the best way to bounce back? TED Senior Fellow Yana Buhrer Tavanier explores the power of "playtivism" -- the incorporation of play and creativity into movements for social change. See how this versatile approach can spark new ideas, propel action and melt fear.
  33. Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. | Hannah Gadsby2019/04/29
    Hannah Gadsby's groundbreaking special "Nanette" broke comedy. In a talk about truth and purpose, she shares three ideas and three contradictions. Or not.
  34. Helping others makes us happier -- but it matters how we do it | Elizabeth Dunn2019/04/26
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  35. The surprising connection between brain injuries and crime | Kim Gorgens2019/04/25
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  36. How generational stereotypes hold us back at work | Leah Georges2019/04/24
    The Silent Generation, baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, Gen Z -- we're all in the workforce together. How are our assumptions about each other holding us back from working and communicating better? Social psychologist Leah Georges shows how we're more similar than different and offers helpful tactics for navigating the multigenerational workplace.
  37. Can we cure genetic diseases by rewriting DNA? | David R. Liu2019/04/23
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  38. A personal air-quality tracker that lets you know what you're breathing | Romain Lacombe2019/04/22
    How often do you think about the air you're breathing? Probably not enough, says entrepreneur and TED Fellow Romain Lacombe. He introduces Flow: a personal air-quality tracker that fits in your hand and monitors pollution levels in real time. See how this device could help you track and understand pollution street by street, hour by hour -- and empower you to take action to improve your health.
  39. How hip-hop helps us understand science | Danielle N. Lee2019/04/19
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  40. Inside the black hole image that made history | Sheperd Doeleman2019/04/18
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  41. How Twitter needs to change | Jack Dorsey2019/04/17
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  42. Facebook's role in Brexit -- and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr2019/04/16
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  43. The artificial muscles that will power robots of the future | Christoph Keplinger2019/04/16
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  44. Empower a girl, transform a community | Kakenya Ntaiya2019/04/15
    Kakenya Ntaiya turned her dream of getting an education into a movement to empower vulnerable girls and bring an end to harmful traditional practices in Kenya. Meet two students at the Kakenya Center for Excellence, a school where girls can live and study safely -- and uplift their community along the way. "When you empower a girl, you transform a community," Ntaiya says.
  45. 3 lessons on starting a movement from a self-defense trailblazer | Rana Abdelhamid2019/04/12
    At 16, Rana Abdelhamid started teaching self-defense to women and girls in her neighborhood. Almost 10 years later, these community classes have grown into Malikah: a global grassroots network creating safety, power and solidarity for all women. How did she do it? Abdelhamid shares three ingredients for building a movement from the ground up.
  46. How risk-taking changes a teenager's brain | Kashfia Rahman2019/04/11
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  47. Wearable tech that helps you navigate by touch | Keith Kirkland2019/04/10
    Keith Kirkland is developing wearable tech that communicates information using only the sense of touch. He's trying to figure out: What gestures and vibration patterns could intuitively communicate ideas like "stop" or "go"? Check out his team's first product, a navigation device for the blind and visually impaired, and learn more about the entirely new "haptic language" he's creating to power it.
  48. We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it | Nora McInerny2019/04/09
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  49. How to lead a conversation between people who disagree | Eve Pearlman2019/04/08
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  50. An AI smartwatch that detects seizures | Rosalind Picard2019/04/05
    Every year worldwide, more than 50,000 otherwise healthy people with epilepsy suddenly die -- a condition known as SUDEP. These deaths may be largely preventable, says AI researcher Rosalind Picard. Learn how Picard helped develop a cutting-edge smartwatch that can detect epileptic seizures as they occur and alert nearby loved ones in time to help.
  51. What refugees need to start new lives | Muhammed Idris2019/04/04
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  52. Public art that turns cities into playgrounds of the imagination | Helen Marriage2019/04/03
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  53. How does income affect childhood brain development? | Kimberly Noble2019/04/02
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  54. How centuries of sci-fi sparked spaceflight | Alexander MacDonald2019/04/01
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  55. Can we regenerate heart muscle with stem cells? | Chuck Murry2019/03/29
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  56. "East Virginia" / "John Brown's Dream" | Nora Brown2019/03/29
    In a mesmerizing set, musician Nora Brown breathes new life into two old-time banjo tunes: "East Virginia" and "John Brown's Dream." An evocative performance paired with a quick history of the banjo's evolution.
  57. A short history of trans people's long fight for equality | Samy Nour Younes2019/03/28
    Transgender activist and TED Resident Samy Nour Younes shares the remarkable, centuries-old history of the trans community, filled with courageous stories, inspiring triumphs -- and a fight for civil rights that's been raging for a long time. "Imagine how the conversation would shift if we acknowledge just how long trans people have been demanding equality," he says.
  58. To detect diseases earlier, let's speak bacteria's secret language | Fatima AlZahra'a Alatraktchi2019/03/27
    Bacteria "talk" to each other, sending chemical information to coordinate attacks. What if we could listen to what they were saying? Nanophysicist Fatima AlZahra'a Alatraktchi invented a tool to spy on bacterial chatter and translate their secret communication into human language. Her work could pave the way for early diagnosis of disease -- before we even get sick.
  59. A new class of drug that could prevent depression and PTSD | Rebecca Brachman2019/03/26
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  60. What it's like to have Tourette's -- and how music gives me back control | Esha Alwani2019/03/25
    Esha Alwani began writing songs when she was six years old, shortly after being diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. And she noticed something amazing: whenever she played music, her involuntary tics suddenly went away. Listen along as Alwani explores the power of music and delights the audience with an ethereal performance of her piano ballad "I'm Not Loving You (My Mask)."
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