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TEDTalks (video)

  1. Why can't we talk about periods? | Jen Gunter2020/01/17
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  2. A path to security for the world's deadliest countries | Rachel Kleinfeld2020/01/16
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  3. Why are drug prices so high? Investigating the outdated US patent system | Priti Krishtel2020/01/16
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  4. How supply chain transparency can help the planet | Markus Mutz2020/01/15
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  5. How guest worker visas could transform the US immigration system | David J. Bier2020/01/14
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  6. The perks of being a pirate | Tom Nash2020/01/14
    In this deeply charming and humorous talk, DJ and self-professed pirate Tom Nash meditates on how facing adversity due to disability invited patience, ambition and pragmatism into his life in enlightening, unexpected ways. "We all have unique weaknesses," he says. "If we're honest about what they are, we can learn how to best take advantage of them."
  7. Why "biofabrication" is the next industrial revolution | Suzanne Lee2020/01/13
    What if we could "grow" clothes from microbes, furniture from living organisms and buildings with exteriors like tree bark? TED Fellow Suzanne Lee shares exciting developments from the field of biofabrication and shows how it could help us replace major sources of waste, like plastic and cement, with sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.
  8. A swarm of mini drones makes ... magic! | Marco Tempest2020/01/10
    Leading a swarm of small, buzzing flying machines, techno-magician Marco Tempest orchestrates a "cyber illusion" that will have you asking yourself: Was that science or magic?
  9. Climate change will displace millions. Here's how we prepare | Colette Pichon Battle2020/01/10
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  10. What a digital government looks like | Anna Piperal2020/01/09
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  11. The secret weapon that let dinosaurs take over the planet | Emma Schachner2020/01/08
    We've all heard the theories on why the dinosaurs died -- but how did they come to dominate the earth for so long in the first place? (Hint: it has nothing to do with their size, speed, spikes or fantastic feathers.) Travel back in time to 200 million years before their extinction with paleontologist Emma Schachner for a breath of fresh air on dinosaur history.
  12. The urgent case for antibiotic-free animals | Leon Marchal2020/01/07
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  13. The search for dark matter -- and what we've found so far | Risa Wechsler2020/01/06
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  14. The past, present and future of nicotine addiction | Mitch Zeller2020/01/03
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  15. The "opportunity gap" in US public education -- and how to close it | Anindya Kundu2020/01/03
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  16. To challenge the status quo, find a "co-conspirator" | Ipsita Dasgupta2020/01/02
    In a complex and changing world, how can we make sure unconventional people and their ideas thrive? Business executive Ipsita Dasgupta introduces the concept of "co-conspirators" -- people willing to bend or break the rules to challenge the status quo -- and shows how they can help create new ways of thinking, acting and being.
  17. Dangerous times call for dangerous women | Pat Mitchell2020/01/02
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  18. The beautiful balance between courage and fear | Cara E. Yar Khan2019/12/23
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  19. Why winning doesn't always equal success | Valorie Kondos Field2019/12/20
    Valorie Kondos Field knows a lot about winning. As the longtime coach of the UCLA women's gymnastics team, she won championship after championship and has been widely acclaimed for her leadership. In this inspiring, brutally honest and, at times, gut-wrenching talk, she shares the secret to her success. Hint: it has nothing to do with "winning."
  20. How to turn off work thoughts during your free time | Guy Winch2019/12/19
    Feeling burned out? You may be spending too much time ruminating about your job, says psychologist Guy Winch. Learn how to stop worrying about tomorrow's tasks or stewing over office tensions with three simple techniques aimed at helping you truly relax and recharge after work.
  21. How civilization could destroy itself -- and 4 ways we could prevent it | Nick Bostrom2019/12/19
    Humanity is on its way to creating a "black ball": a technological breakthrough that could destroy us all, says philosopher Nick Bostrom. In this incisive, surprisingly light-hearted conversation with Head of TED Chris Anderson, Bostrom outlines the vulnerabilities we could face if (or when) our inventions spiral beyond our control -- and explores how we can prevent our future demise.
  22. What we're getting wrong in the fight to end hunger | Jasmine Crowe2019/12/18
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  23. How we can protect truth in the age of misinformation | Sinan Aral2019/12/17
    Fake news can sway elections, tank economies and sow discord in everyday life. Data scientist Sinan Aral demystifies how and why it spreads so quickly -- citing one of the largest studies on misinformation -- and identifies five strategies to help us unweave the tangled web between true and false.
  24. Your body was forged in the spectacular death of stars | Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz2019/12/17
    We are all connected by the spectacular birth, death and rebirth of stars, says astrophysicist Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz. Journey through the cosmic history of the universe as Ramirez-Ruiz explains how supernovas forged the elements of life to create everything from the air you breathe to the very atoms that make you.
  25. How the gut microbes you're born with affect your lifelong health | Henna-Maria Uusitupa2019/12/16
    Your lifelong health may have been decided the day you were born, says microbiome researcher Henna-Maria Uusitupa. In this fascinating talk, she shows how the gut microbes you acquire during birth and as an infant impact your health into adulthood -- and discusses new microbiome research that could help tackle problems like obesity and diabetes.
  26. Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans | Kelsey Leonard2019/12/13
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  27. To help solve global problems, look to developing countries | Bright Simons2019/12/12
    To address the problem of counterfeit goods, African entrepreneurs like Bright Simons have come up with innovative and effective ways to confirm products are genuine. Now he asks: Why aren't these solutions everywhere? From password-protected medicines to digitally certified crops, Simons demonstrates the power of local ideas -- and calls on the rest of the world to listen up.
  28. A guide to collaborative leadership | Lorna Davis2019/12/12
    What's the difference between heroes and leaders? In this insightful talk, Lorna Davis explains how our idolization of heroes is holding us back from solving big problems -- and shows why we need "radical interdependence" to make real change happen.
  29. What is economic value, and who creates it? | Mariana Mazzucato2019/12/11
    Where does wealth come from, who creates it and what destroys it? In this deep dive into global economics, Mariana Mazzucato explains how we lost sight of what value means and why we need to rethink our current financial systems -- so capitalism can be steered toward a bold, innovative and sustainable future that works for all of us.
  30. The paradox of efficiency | Edward Tenner2019/12/10
    Is our obsession with efficiency actually making us less efficient? In this revelatory talk, writer and historian Edward Tenner discusses the promises and dangers of our drive to get things done as quickly as possible -- and suggests seven ways we can use "inspired inefficiency" to be more productive.
  31. Why I protest for climate justice | Jane Fonda2019/12/10
    At age 81, actor and activist Jane Fonda is putting herself on the line for the planet -- literally. In a video interview with TEDWomen curator Pat Mitchell, Fonda speaks about getting arrested multiple times during Fire Drill Fridays, the weekly climate demonstrations she leads in Washington, DC -- and discusses why civil disobedience is becoming a new normal in the age of climate change.
  32. The unforeseen consequences of a fast-paced world | Kathryn Bouskill2019/12/09
    Why does modern technology promise efficiency, but leave us constantly feeling pressed for time? Anthropologist Kathryn Bouskill explores the paradoxes of living in a fast-paced society and explains why we need to reconsider the importance of slowing down in a world that demands go, go, go.
  33. The profound power of an authentic apology | Eve Ensler2019/12/06
    Genuine apology goes beyond remorse, says legendary playwright Eve Ensler. In this frank, wrenching talk, she shares how she transformed her own experience of abuse into wisdom on what wrongdoers can do and say to truly repent -- and offers a four-step roadmap to help begin the process. (This talk contains mature content.)
  34. A video game that helps us understand loneliness | Cornelia Geppert2019/12/05
    Step into artist Cornelia Geppert's visually stunning video game "Sea of Solitude," which explores how battling the "monsters" of loneliness and self-doubt can help us better grapple with the complexity and struggles of mental health.
  35. The problem of light pollution -- and 5 ridiculously easy ways to fix it | Kelsey Johnson2019/12/04
    Ever gaze up at the starry night sky? This stunning view is at risk of disappearing -- unless we act now, says astrophysicist Kelsey Johnson. In this fascinating, unexpectedly funny talk, she explains how light pollution affects almost every species on earth (including us) and shares five "stupidly simple" things you can do to help solve the problem.
  36. 3 ways to be a more effective fundraiser | Kara Logan Berlin2019/12/03
    How do you raise money to get an idea off the ground, support a community, or help change the world? Take a crash course on the secret art of successful fundraising with development strategist Kara Logan Berlin as she shows how you can learn to ask for the resources you need -- and get them, too.
  37. How I'm using biological data to tell better stories -- and spark social change | Heidi Boisvert2019/12/02
    What kinds of stories move us to act? To answer this question, creative technologist Heidi Boisvert is measuring how people's brains and bodies unconsciously respond to different media. She shows how she's using this data to determine the specific narrative ingredients that inspire empathy and justice -- and spark large-scale social change.
  38. How I use art to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans | Alejandro Durán2019/12/02
    Alejandro Durán uses art to spotlight the ongoing destruction of our oceans' ecosystems. In this breathtaking talk, he shows how he meticulously organizes and reuses plastic waste from around the world that washes up on the Caribbean coast of Mexico -- everything from water bottles to prosthetic legs -- to create vivid, environmental artworks that may leave you mesmerized and shocked.
  39. The incredible chemistry powering your smartphone | Cathy Mulzer2019/11/27
    Ever wondered how your smartphone works? Take a journey down to the atomic level with scientist Cathy Mulzer, who reveals how almost every component of our high-powered devices exists thanks to chemists -- and not the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that come to most people's minds. As she puts it: "Chemistry is the hero of electronic communications."
  40. How you can use impostor syndrome to your benefit | Mike Cannon-Brookes2019/11/26
    Have you ever doubted your abilities, feared you were going to be discovered as a "fraud"? That's called "impostor syndrome," and you're definitely not alone in feeling it, says entrepreneur and CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes. In this funny, relatable talk, he shares how his own experiences of impostor syndrome helped pave the way to his success -- and shows how you can use it to your advantage, too.
  41. 7 beliefs that can silence women -- and how to unlearn them | Deepa Narayan2019/11/25
    In India (and many other countries), girls and women still find themselves silenced by traditional rules of politeness and restraint, says social scientist Deepa Narayan. In this frank talk, she identifies seven deeply entrenched norms that reinforce inequality -- and calls on men to help usher in change.
  42. Why I draw with robots | Sougwen Chung2019/11/25
    What happens when humans and robots make art together? In this awe-inspiring talk, artist Sougwen Chung shows how she "taught" her artistic style to a machine -- and shares the results of their collaboration after making an unexpected discovery: robots make mistakes, too. "Part of the beauty of human and machine systems is their inherent, shared fallibility," she says.
  43. The search for our solar system's ninth planet | Mike Brown2019/11/22
    Could the strange orbits of small, distant objects in our solar system lead us to a big discovery? Planetary astronomer Mike Brown proposes the existence of a new, giant planet lurking in the far reaches of our solar system -- and shows us how traces of its presence might already be staring us in the face.
  44. How to save a language from extinction | Daniel Bögre Udell2019/11/21
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  45. A creative solution for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan | LaToya Ruby Frazier2019/11/20
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  46. 3 questions we should ask about nuclear weapons | Emma Belcher2019/11/19
    There are more than 10,000 nuclear weapons in existence today, each one capable of causing immense destruction. Why don't we talk about this threat as much as some other major issues? In this practical talk, nuclear security expert Emma Belcher shares three questions you can ask your elected officials to gain a better understanding of nuclear weapons and the measures we need to stay safe.
  47. Why it's so hard to make healthy decisions | David Asch2019/11/19
    Why do we make poor decisions that we know are bad for our health? In this frank, funny talk, behavioral economist and health policy expert David Asch explains why our behavior is often irrational -- in highly predictable ways -- and shows how we can harness this irrationality to make better decisions and improve our health care system overall.
  48. 5 steps for clean air in India | Arunabha Ghosh2019/11/18
    India's big cities have some of the worst air quality in the world. How can we fix this public health crisis? In an actionable talk, social entrepreneur Arunabha Ghosh lays out a five-step plan to put India on the path to cleaner, safer air -- and shows how every citizen can play an active role in getting there.
  49. How to change your behavior for the better | Dan Ariely2019/11/18
    What's the best way to get people to change their behavior? In this funny, information-packed talk, psychologist Dan Ariely explores why we make bad decisions even when we know we shouldn't -- and discusses a couple tricks that could get us to do the right thing (even if it's for the wrong reason).
  50. Why gender-based marketing is bad for business | Gaby Barrios2019/11/15
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  51. What's really happening at the US-Mexico border -- and how we can do better | Erika Pinheiro2019/11/14
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  52. How can we support the emotional well-being of teachers? | Sydney Jensen2019/11/13
    Teachers emotionally support our kids -- but who's supporting our teachers? In this eye-opening talk, educator Sydney Jensen explores how teachers are at risk of "secondary trauma" -- the idea that they absorb the emotional weight of their students' experiences -- and shows how schools can get creative in supporting everyone's mental health and wellness.
  53. What it's like to live on the International Space Station | Cady Coleman2019/11/13
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  54. In the war for information, will quantum computers defeat cryptographers? | Craig Costello2019/11/12
    In this glimpse into our technological future, cryptographer Craig Costello discusses the world-altering potential of quantum computers, which could shatter the limits set by today's machines -- and give code breakers a master key to the digital world. See how Costello and his fellow cryptographers are racing to reinvent encryption and secure the internet.
  55. Small rockets are the next space revolution | Peter Beck2019/11/12
    We're in the dawn of a new space revolution, says engineer Peter Beck: the revolution of the small. In a talk packed with insights into the state of the space industry, Beck shares his work building rockets capable of delivering small payloads to space rapidly and reliably -- helping us search for extraterrestrial life, learn more about the solar system and create a global internet network.
  56. How India's local recyclers could solve plastic pollution | Mani Vajipey2019/11/11
    India has one of the world's highest rates of plastic recycling, thanks largely to an extensive network of informal recyclers known as "kabadiwalas." Entrepreneur Mani Vajipey discusses his work to organize their massive efforts into a collection system that could put India on the path to ending plastic pollution -- and show the rest of the world how to do it, too.
  57. Hope and justice for women who've survived ISIS | Rabiaa El Garani2019/11/11
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  58. A historical musical that examines black identity in the 1901 World's Fair | Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin2019/11/08
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  59. Urban architecture inspired by mountains, clouds and volcanoes | Ma Yansong2019/11/07
    Taking inspiration from nature, architect Ma Yansong designs breathtaking buildings that break free from the boxy symmetry of so many modern cities. His exuberant and graceful work -- from a pair of curvy skyscrapers that "dance" with each other to an opera house that looks like a snow-capped mountain -- shows us the beauty of architecture that defies norms.
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