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TEDTalks (video)

  1. Cryptographers, quantum computers and the war for information | Craig Costello2019/11/12
    In this glimpse into our technological future, cryptographer Craig Costello discusses the world-altering potential of quantum computers, which could shatter the limits set by today's machines -- and give code breakers a master key to the digital world. See how Costello and his fellow cryptographers are racing to reinvent encryption and secure the internet.
  2. Small rockets are the next space revolution | Peter Beck2019/11/12
    We're in the dawn of a new space revolution, says engineer Peter Beck: the revolution of the small. In a talk packed with insights into the state of the space industry, Beck shares his work building rockets capable of delivering small payloads to space rapidly and reliably -- helping us search for extraterrestrial life, learn more about the solar system and create a global internet network.
  3. How India's local recyclers could solve plastic pollution | Mani Vajipey2019/11/11
    India has one of the world's highest rates of plastic recycling, thanks largely to an extensive network of informal recyclers known as "kabadiwalas." Entrepreneur Mani Vajipey discusses his work to organize their massive efforts into a collection system that could put India on the path to ending plastic pollution -- and show the rest of the world how to do it, too.
  4. Hope and justice for women who've survived ISIS | Rabiaa El Garani2019/11/11
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  5. A historical musical that examines black identity in the 1901 World's Fair | Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin2019/11/08
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  6. Urban architecture inspired by mountains, clouds and volcanoes | Ma Yansong2019/11/07
    Taking inspiration from nature, architect Ma Yansong designs breathtaking buildings that break free from the boxy symmetry of so many modern cities. His exuberant and graceful work -- from a pair of curvy skyscrapers that "dance" with each other to an opera house that looks like a snow-capped mountain -- shows us the beauty of architecture that defies norms.
  7. What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | Eli Pariser2019/11/07
    Social media has become our new home. Can we build it better? Taking design cues from urban planners and social scientists, technologist Eli Pariser shows how the problems we're encountering on digital platforms aren't all that new -- and shares how, by following the model of thriving towns and cities, we can create trustworthy online communities.
  8. Our immigration conversation is broken -- here's how to have a better one | Paul A. Kramer2019/11/06
    How did the US immigration debate get to be so divisive? In this informative talk, historian and writer Paul A. Kramer shows how an "insider vs. outsider" framing has come to dominate the way people in the US talk about immigration -- and suggests a set of new questions that could reshape the conversation around whose life, rights and thriving matters.
  9. What happens to people in solitary confinement | Laura Rovner2019/11/05
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  10. The Amazon belongs to humanity -- let's protect it together | Tashka and Laura Yawanawá2019/11/05
    Tashka and Laura Yawanawá lead the Yawanawá people in Acre, Brazil -- a tribe that stewards almost 500,000 acres of Amazon rainforest. As footage of the Amazon burning shocks the world's consciousness, Tashka and Laura call for us to transform this moment into an opportunity to support indigenous people who have the experience, knowledge and tools needed to protect the land.
  11. What open water swimming taught me about resilience | Bhakti Sharma2019/11/04
    Dive into the deep with open water swimmer Bhakti Sharma, as she shares what she learned about resilience during her personal journey from the scorching heat of Rajasthan, India to the bone-chilling waters of her record-breaking swim in Antarctica and her courageous crossing of the English Channel. "In the middle of the ocean, there is nowhere to hide," Sharma says.
  12. The business case for working with your toughest critics | Bob Langert2019/11/04
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  13. The next software revolution: programming biological cells | Sara-Jane Dunn2019/11/01
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  14. How changing your story can change your life | Lori Gottlieb2019/11/01
    Stories help you make sense of your life -- but when these narratives are incomplete or misleading, they can keep you stuck instead of providing clarity. In an actionable talk, psychotherapist and advice columnist Lori Gottlieb shows how to break free from the stories you've been telling yourself by becoming your own editor and rewriting your narrative from a different point of view.
  15. What vaccinating vampire bats can teach us about pandemics | Daniel Streicker2019/10/31
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  16. What productive conflict can offer a workplace | Jess Kutch2019/10/30
    Got an idea to make your workplace better? Labor organizer and TED Fellow Jess Kutch can show you how to put it into action. In this quick talk, she explains how "productive conflict" -- when people organize to challenge and change their work lives for the better -- can be beneficial for employees and employers alike.
  17. Lessons from fungi on markets and economics | Toby Kiers2019/10/30
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  18. The price of a "clean" internet | Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck2019/10/29
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  19. The medical potential of AI and metabolites | Leila Pirhaji2019/10/29
    Many diseases are driven by metabolites -- small molecules in your body like fat, glucose and cholesterol -- but we don't know exactly what they are or how they work. Biotech entrepreneur and TED Fellow Leila Pirhaji shares her plan to build an AI-based network to characterize metabolite patterns, better understand how disease develops -- and discover more effective treatments.
  20. How to bring affordable, sustainable electricity to Africa | Rose M. Mutiso2019/10/28
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  21. How we experience awe -- and why it matters | Beau Lotto and Cirque du Soleil2019/10/25
    Neuroscientist Beau Lotto conducted an ambitious study with Cirque du Soleil on the emotion of awe and its psychological and behavioral benefits. In this talk and live performance, he shares some of their findings -- and stands back as Cirque du Soleil dancers create their own awe-inducing spectacle.
  22. How you can help transform the internet into a place of trust | Claire Wardle2019/10/24
    How can we stop the spread of misleading, sometimes dangerous content while maintaining an internet with freedom of expression at its core? Misinformation expert Claire Wardle explores the new challenges of our polluted online environment and maps out a plan to transform the internet into a place of trust -- with the help everyday users. "Together, let's rebuild our information commons," she says.
  23. The link between fishing cats and mangrove forest conservation | Ashwin Naidu2019/10/24
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  24. The pride and power of representation in film | Jon M. Chu2019/10/23
    On the heels of the breakout success of his film "Crazy Rich Asians," director Jon M. Chu reflects on what drives him to create -- and makes a resounding case for the power of connection and on-screen representation.
  25. How motivation can fix public systems | Abhishek Gopalka2019/10/23
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  26. The danger of AI is weirder than you think | Janelle Shane2019/10/22
    The danger of artificial intelligence isn't that it's going to rebel against us, but that it's going to do exactly what we ask it to do, says AI researcher Janelle Shane. Sharing the weird, sometimes alarming antics of AI algorithms as they try to solve human problems -- like creating new ice cream flavors or recognizing cars on the road -- Shane shows why AI doesn't yet measure up to real brains.
  27. Fashion that celebrates all body types -- boldly and unapologetically | Becca McCharen-Tran2019/10/22
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  28. How we're using dogs to sniff out malaria | James Logan2019/10/21
    What if we could diagnose some of the world's deadliest diseases by the smells our bodies give off? In a fascinating talk and live demo, biologist James Logan introduces Freya, a malaria-sniffing dog, to show how we can harness the awesome powers of animal scent to detect chemical signatures associated with infection -- and change the way we diagnose disease.
  29. How nanoparticles could change the way we treat cancer | Joy Wolfram2019/10/18
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  30. A love story for the coral reef crisis | Ayana Elizabeth Johnson2019/10/18
    Over the course of hundreds of scuba dives, marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson fell in love -- with a fish. In this ode to parrotfish, she shares five reasons why these creatures are simply amazing (from their ability to poop white sand to make colorful "wardrobe changes") and shows what's at stake -- for us and them -- as climate change threatens the future of coral reefs.
  31. How a handful of fishing villages sparked a marine conservation revolution | Alasdair Harris2019/10/17
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  32. A circular economy for salt that keeps rivers clean | Tina Arrowood2019/10/16
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  33. The psychological impact of child separation at the US-Mexico border | Luis H. Zayas2019/10/15
    How does psychological trauma affect children's developing brains? In this powerful talk, social worker Luis H. Zayas discusses his work with refugees and asylum-seeking families at the US-Mexico border. What emerges is a stunning analysis of the long-term impact of the US's controversial detention and child separation policies -- and practical steps for how the country can do better.
  34. An app that helps incarcerated people stay connected to their families | Marcus Bullock2019/10/15
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  35. How we can eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet | Julie Cordua2019/10/15
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  36. After billions of years of monotony, the universe is waking up | David Deutsch2019/10/14
    Theoretical physicist David Deutsch delivers a mind-bending meditation on the "great monotony" -- the idea that nothing novel has appeared in the universe for billions of years -- and shows how humanity's capacity to create explanatory knowledge could be the thing that bucks this trend. "Humans are not playthings of cosmic forces," he says. "We are users of cosmic forces."
  37. Revelations from a lifetime of dance | Judith Jamison and members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater2019/10/11
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  38. What Bruce Lee can teach us about living fully | Shannon Lee2019/10/10
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  39. How we're using DNA tech to help farmers fight crop diseases | Laura Boykin2019/10/10
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  40. A personal plea for humanity at the US-Mexico border | Juan Enriquez2019/10/09
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  41. A radical plan to end plastic waste | Andrew Forrest2019/10/08
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  42. How we're helping local reporters turn important stories into national news | Gangadhar Patil2019/10/08
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  43. The transformative power of video games | Herman Narula2019/10/08
    A full third of the world's population -- 2.6 billion people -- play video games, plugging into massive networks of interaction that have opened up opportunities well beyond entertainment. In a talk about the future of the medium, entrepreneur Herman Narula makes the case for a new understanding of gaming -- one that includes the power to create new worlds, connect people and shape the economy.
  44. This ancient rock is changing our theory on the origin of life | Tara Djokic2019/10/07
    Exactly when and where did life on Earth begin? Scientists have long thought that it emerged three billion years ago in the ocean -- until astrobiologist Tara Djokic and her team made an unexpected discovery in the western Australian desert. Learn how an ancient rock found near a hot volcanic pool is shifting our understanding of the origin-of-life puzzle.
  45. Reducing corruption takes a specific kind of investment | Efosa Ojomo2019/10/04
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  46. Why language is humanity's greatest invention | David Peterson2019/10/03
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  47. What happens in your brain when you taste food | Camilla Arndal Andersen2019/10/03
    With fascinating research and hilarious anecdotes, neuroscientist Camilla Arndal Andersen takes us into the lab where she studies people's sense of taste via brain scans. She reveals surprising insights about the way our brains subconsciously experience food -- and shows how this data could help us eat healthier without sacrificing taste.
  48. What the US health care system assumes about you | Mitchell Katz2019/10/02
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  49. How community-led conservation can save wildlife | Moreangels Mbizah2019/10/01
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  50. Why you should shop at your local farmers market | Mohammad Modarres2019/10/01
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  51. How we experience time and memory through art | Sarah Sze2019/09/30
    Artist Sarah Sze takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey through her work: immersive installations as tall as buildings, splashed across walls, orbiting through galleries -- blurring the lines between time, memory and space. Explore how we give meaning to objects in this beautiful tour of Sze's experiential, multimedia art.
  52. Creativity builds nations | Muthoni Drummer Queen2019/09/27
    In a hopeful talk followed by an empowering performance, musician and TED Fellow Muthoni Drummer Queen shares how industries like music, film and fashion provide a platform for Africans to broadcast their rich and diverse talents -- and explains how the shared experience of creativity can replace attitudes of exclusionism and othering with acceptance and self-love.
  53. How one tree grows 40 different kinds of fruit | Sam Van Aken2019/09/27
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  54. A wall won't solve America's border problems | Will Hurd2019/09/26
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  55. How we're building the world's largest family tree | Yaniv Erlich2019/09/25
    Computational geneticist Yaniv Erlich helped build the world's largest family tree -- comprising 13 million people and going back more than 500 years. He shares fascinating patterns that emerged from the work -- about our love lives, our health, even decades-old criminal cases -- and shows how crowdsourced genealogy databases can shed light not only on the past but also on the future.
  56. How couples can sustain a strong sexual connection for a lifetime | Emily Nagoski2019/09/24
    As a sex educator, Emily Nagoski is often asked: How do couples sustain a strong sexual connection over the long term? In this funny, insightful talk, she shares her answer -- drawing on (somewhat surprising) research to reveal why some couples stop having sex while others keep up a connection for a lifetime.
  57. Can seaweed help curb global warming? | Tim Flannery2019/09/23
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  58. A bold plan to empower 1.6 million out-of-school girls in India | Safeena Husain2019/09/23
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  59. We need to track the world's water like we track the weather | Sonaar Luthra2019/09/20
    We need a global weather service for water, says entrepreneur and TED Fellow Sonaar Luthra. In a talk about environmental accountability, Luthra shows how we could forecast water shortages and risks with a global data collection effort -- just like we monitor the movement of storms -- and better listen to what the earth is telling us.
  60. 4 questions you should always ask your doctor | Christer Mjåset2019/09/19
    "Doctor, is this really necessary?" Backed by startling statistics about overtreatment, neurosurgeon Christer Mjåset explains the power of this and other simple questions in the context of medical treatment and surgery -- and shares how patients can better work with doctors to get the care they need.
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