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TEDTalks (video)

  1. Could fungi actually be the key to humanity's survival? | David Andrew Quist2023/02/03
    After a billion years of evolution, fungi are masters of invention and resilience. What wisdom can we draw from their long, remarkable existence? Mycologist David Andrew Quist explores how fungi's innate biointelligence, penchant for collaboration and incredible regeneration abilities can show us new ways to think about complex problems -- and may hold the secret to humanity's survival on Earth.
  2. The secret to making new friends as an adult | Marisa G. Franco2023/02/02
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  3. How Black queer culture shaped history | Channing Gerard Joseph2023/02/01
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  4. The fairy tales of the fossil fuel industry -- and a better climate story | Luisa Neubauer2023/01/31
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  5. How to participate in your own legal defense | Lam Ho2023/01/30
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  6. 5 values for repairing the harms of colonialism | Jing Corpuz2023/01/27
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  7. The ecstasy of Eskista, an ancient Ethiopian dance | Melaku Belay2023/01/26
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  8. Hidden connections that transcend borders and defy stereotypes | Aparna Bharadwaj2023/01/25
    Global consumer strategist Aparna Bharadwaj shares a fascinating glimpse at under-the-radar affinities that transcend cultures and borders -- from the way people snack in China and Saudi Arabia to how people shop for clothes in the US and Russia. "There are patterns where you least expect them," she says -- and paying attention to them just might bring the world a little bit closer.
  9. 7 new species of robot that jump, dance — and walk on water | Dennis Hong2023/01/24
    More than a decade ago, roboticist Dennis Hong debuted a new generation of cutting-edge robots. Now he's back to reveal how his lab at UCLA has eclipsed its own achievements with a fleet of wildly advanced and delightful humanoid robots. Part demo, part time capsule, part glance into the future, Hong brings you into the excitement and potential of the next evolution in robotics engineering.
  10. The one question every aspiring leader needs to ask | Constance Hockaday2023/01/23
    What does inclusive leadership look like? Artist and TED Fellow Constance Hockaday shares how the captain of a trans-Atlantic community raft taught her how to voice her hopes and desires, inspiring a vision of possibility for the future. Hockaday calls for mentors everywhere to step up and invites aspiring leaders to answer one crucial question in order to unlock their agency and power.
  11. A socialist perspective on the pursuit of happiness | Aaron Bastani2023/01/20
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  12. Where does your sense of self come from? A scientific look | Anil Ananthaswamy2023/01/19
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  13. Can we feed ourselves without devouring the planet? | George Monbiot2023/01/18
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  14. How to recognize privilege – and uplift those without it | Mariam Veiszadeh2023/01/17
    Depending on your lot in life, you may see the status quo as a result of unearned privilege or a simple reflection of merit. Backed by statistics and personal stories, lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh offers a much-needed perspective check on the quasi-equality touted in business today, calling for real change in workplace diversity and inclusion that routs out biases rather than replicating them.
  15. How bad data traps people in the US justice system | Clementine Jacoby2023/01/13
    Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are "stuck" in the US criminal justice system. They've completed all of their requirements for release, but nobody knows it because the system is run on old databases that don't talk to each other. TED Fellow Clementine Jacoby describes how we can fix it -- bringing thousands of people home, reducing costs and improving public safety along the way.
  16. The sustainable brilliance of Indigenous design | Manu Peni2023/01/12
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  17. Why nurses are key to medical innovation | Ben Gran2023/01/11
    Nurses represent the front line of health care -- from first breaths to last moments, and everything in between. But there's a vital place nurses are missing in action, says Ben Gran. He makes a compelling case for integrating their invaluable insights and experience into health tech innovation to help make care (and the process of providing it) better for generations to come.
  18. The secret to a happy life -- lessons from 8 decades of research | Robert Waldinger2023/01/10
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  19. What the discovery of exoplanets reveals about the universe | Jessie Christiansen2023/01/09
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  20. How to harness the ancient partnership between forests and fungi | Colin Averill2023/01/06
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  21. The habit that could improve your career | Paul Catchlove2023/01/05
    Paul Catchlove believes strongly in the power of reflection. Through every career he's held -- from priest to opera singer to senior management consultant -- he's benefitted from a habit of considering and analyzing his goals, needs and performance. Learn more about how a regular practice of reflection can improve your decision-making, career and relationships.
  22. How to do laundry when you're depressed | KC Davis2023/01/04
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  23. How to design climate-resilient buildings | Alyssa-Amor Gibbons2023/01/03
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  24. Africa's path to clean mobility -- driven by motorcycles | Adetayo Bamiduro2022/12/22
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  25. The internet's accessibility problem -- and how to fix it | Clive Loseby2022/12/21
    The internet provides access to knowledge for billions across the world, but how accessible is it really? Website accessibility advocate Clive Loseby sheds light on why many parts of the web are closed off to those with disabilities -- and lays out some steps to make being online better for everyone.
  26. The board game getting kids excited about school | Joel Baraka2022/12/20
    Going to school in a refugee camp can be complicated: students encounter crowded classrooms, rigid curricula and limited access to teachers. Joel Baraka, who grew up in the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda, is determined to change that for the better. He shows how educational board games can be a fun and effective way to improve access to learning and help kids thrive in and out of school.
  27. Are insect brains the secret to great AI? | Frances S. Chance2022/12/19
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  28. How millennials and Gen Z can invest in a better future | Miguel Goncalves2022/12/16
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  29. How play helps a kid's brain grow | Jesse Ilhardt2022/12/15
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  30. A creative approach to community climate action | Xavier Cortada2022/12/15
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  31. 5 hiring tips every company (and job seeker) should know | Nithya Vaduganathan2022/12/14
    To keep up with a rapidly evolving job market, hiring practices need to change, too. In this practical talk, talent strategy expert Nithya Vaduganathan shares five crucial tips every hiring manager (and job seeker) should know in order to cultivate an inclusive work culture, inspire productivity and unleash talent hiding in plain sight.
  32. Can the metaverse bring us closer to wildlife? | Gautam Shah2022/12/13
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  33. The billion-dollar pollution solution humanity needs right now | Stacy Kauk2022/12/12
    Could the same mechanism used to accelerate vaccine development work for spurring solutions to the climate crisis? Sustainability innovator Stacy Kauk introduces the billion-dollar fund to supercharge the carbon removal market, which would help build a new industry aimed at drawing down carbon pollution from the air and storing it safely.
  34. Are video calls the best we can do in the age of the metaverse? | Josephine Eyre2022/12/09
    Remote work, while redefining the workplace landscape, seems stuck behind endless video conference calls that hinder free-flowing conversation and collaboration. In the 21st century, is that really the best we can do? Digital anthropologist Josephine Eyre makes the case for embracing the metaverse as an immersive meeting place that could help reignite creativity and communication.
  35. How great leaders take on uncertainty | Anjali Sud and Stephanie Mehta2022/12/08
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  36. How Indigenous guardians protect the planet and humanity | Valérie Courtois2022/12/07
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  37. How to tap into your awareness -- and why meditation is easier than you think | Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche2022/12/06
    Meditation asks you to slip into a state of serene presence. But why does something that sounds effortless often feel so difficult? In this lighthearted invitation, spiritual leader Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche shares three steps to help you accept the ebb and flow of your emotions and learn to meditate anytime, anywhere.
  38. Demystifying the wild world of crypto | Laura Shin2022/12/05
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  39. How can we escape soaring energy bills? Stop using fossil fuels | Tessa Khan2022/12/05
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  40. A disability-inclusive future of work | Ryan Gersava2022/12/02
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  41. How to tackle the stigma of living with HIV | Gareth Thomas2022/12/01
    After his HIV diagnosis, former pro rugby player Gareth Thomas set out on a mission to tackle the stigma and shame that prevent people from getting the testing and care they need. In this empowering talk, Thomas shares his mission to demystify and redefine what it means to live with HIV -- and shares how each of us can normalize conversations around all vilified conditions.
  42. Why you feel anxious socializing (and what to do about it) | Fallon Goodman2022/11/30
    In crowds, at parties, meetings, get-togethers with friends, everyday interactions: social anxiety can show up as an unwelcome guest at any time. But why? Psychologist Fallon Goodman digs into the source of social anxiety, setting the record straight about this common condition with practical solutions to help you feel the most authentically "you" while out and about.
  43. Why joy is a state of mind | Angélique Kidjo and Femi Oke2022/11/28
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  44. The fight for freedom in Iran and Ukraine | Christiane Amanpour2022/11/28
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  45. Whose land are you on? What to know about the Indigenous Land Back movement | Lindsey Schneider2022/11/23
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  46. How vaccines are developed -- and why they're safe | Jen Gunter2022/11/23
    Bringing transparency to how a vaccine becomes a vaccine, Dr. Jen Gunter breaks down research, development and testing that makes these life-saving therapeutics safe -- long before they reach your local pharmacy. For more on how your body works, tune in weekly to her podcast Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter, from the TED Audio Collective.
  47. 3 steps to build peace and create meaningful change | Georgette Bennett2022/11/22
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  48. AI-generated creatures that stretch the boundaries of imagination | Sofia Crespo2022/11/21
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  49. What a living whale is worth -- and why the economy should protect nature | Ralph Chami2022/11/18
    How much is one living blue whale worth in the fight against climate change? A lot more than you may think, says financial economist Ralph Chami. He explains the value of bringing the language of dollars and cents to conservation -- and offers his vision of a new economy that would profit off regenerating nature, not extracting from it.
  50. Why people love watching sports | Kate Fagan2022/11/17
    Sure, sports are about athleticism -- but what actually keeps fans invested? Journalist Kate Fagan takes a fascinating deep-dive into lesser-known moments in women's sports history and its media coverage, revealing why stakes and storylines are at the heart of what makes sports riveting.
  51. The danger and devotion of fighting for women in Afghanistan | Tamana Ayazi and Kat Craig2022/11/17
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  52. How to find your voice for climate action | Fehinti Balogun2022/11/16
    Actor and activist Fehinti Balogun pieces together multiple complex issues -- climate change, colonialism, systemic racism -- in a talk that's part spoken-word poem, part diagnosis of entrenched global problems. Seeing the connections is a way to unlock collective solutions, he says -- and you have the power to reimagine what you think is possible.
  53. 5 things you should know about back pain | Jen Gunter2022/11/16
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  54. Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy | Gitte Frederiksen2022/11/15
    What if leadership at work wasn't for a select few, but rather shared among many? Management consultant Gitte Frederiksen gives us the recipe for "distributed leadership" -- dynamic, multidimensional networks of leaders that tap into everyone's knowledge and creativity -- and shows how it allows teams to do more and do it better.
  55. The wheat field that could change the world | Guntur V. Subbarao2022/11/14
    Crop physiologist Guntur V. Subbarao and his team have developed an antibiotic-infused strain of wheat that naturally combats harmful, fertilizer-eating bacteria -- a "monster" contributor to climate change. Learn more about how this breakthrough could once again revolutionize agriculture, increasing crop yields and protecting our planet at the same time.
  56. A colorful case for outside-the-box thinking on identity | Olivia Vinckier2022/11/11
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  57. The global opportunity to accelerate Africa's sustainable future | Vanessa Nakate and Mary Robinson2022/11/10
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  58. How global virtual communities can help kids achieve their dreams | Matthew Garcia2022/11/09
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  59. The truth about yeast in your body | Jen Gunter2022/11/09
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  60. The future of machines that move like animals | Robert Katzschmann2022/11/08
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