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TEDTalks (video)

  1. Your right to mental privacy in the age of brain-sensing tech | Nita Farahany2023/05/30
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  2. The dinosaur detectives of real-life Jurassic parks | Martin Lockley2023/05/26
    Dinosaur tracks can teach us more about the day-to-day behavior of creatures like T. rex or the Stegosaurus than their skeletons ever could, says paleontologist Martin Lockley. From a "dinosaur's lover's lane" in Colorado to the rocky shores of South Korea, Lockley explores what we can learn from the traces of some of the most impressive creatures ever to walk the Earth.
  3. Are life-saving medicines hiding in the world's coldest places? | Normand Voyer2023/05/25
    Could the next wonder drug be somewhere in Canada's snowy north? Take a trip to this beautiful, frigid landscape as chemist Normand Voyer explores the mysterious molecular treasures found in plants thriving in the cold. These scarcely investigated organisms could hold immense medical promise, he says – so long as we work quickly enough to discover them.
  4. A foster care system where every child has a loving home | Sixto Cancel2023/05/24
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  5. Is someone you love suffering in silence? Here's what to do | Gus Worland2023/05/23
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  6. The timeless, ancient language of art | Wangechi Mutu2023/05/22
    Using found materials and mesmerizing structures that unearth deep-rooted emotions, Wangechi Mutu's visual creations celebrate our collective history and explore how art communicates into the future. From ancient rock carvings in the Sahel to her own chimeric abstractions, she shares her journey of self-discovery and reminds us all that we already speak the most ancient language of all.
  7. The incredible creativity of deepfakes -- and the worrying future of AI | Tom Graham2023/05/19
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  8. What makes a "good college" -- and why it matters | Cecilia M. Orphan2023/05/18
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  9. Lessons from losing my mind | Andy Dunn2023/05/17
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  10. 3 ways your money can fight climate change | Veronica Chau2023/05/16
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  11. What the world can learn from China's innovation playbook | Keyu Jin2023/05/15
    In the last few decades, China has gone from technological scarcity to abundance. What sparked this shift? Economist Keyu Jin explores how China has fostered a model of innovation unlike any other and shows why understanding its competitive, collaborative approach could benefit the world -- and perhaps demystify some contradictions.
  12. The urgent risks of runaway AI -- and what to do about them | Gary Marcus2023/05/12
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  13. Does working hard really make you a good person? | Azim Shariff2023/05/11
    Around the world, people who work hard are often seen as morally good -- even if they produce little to no results. Social psychologist Azim Shariff analyzes the roots of this belief and suggests a shift towards a more meaningful way to think about effort, rather than admiring work for work's sake.
  14. How "second chance" laws could transform the US justice system | Sheena Meade2023/05/10
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  15. The disappearing computer -- and a world where you can take AI everywhere | Imran Chaudhri2023/05/09
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  16. 4 ways to have healthy conversations about race | Afrika Afeni Mills2023/05/08
    Learning how to have productive conversations about race is a necessary part of the human experience. Educator Afrika Afeni Mills says the best place to start is in the classroom -- because the earlier these skills are taught, the fewer biases there are to unlearn. She shares four actionable lessons to help people overcome their fear and take on these conversations at any age.
  17. "Woman, Life, Freedom" in Iran -- and what it means for the rest of the world | Golshifteh Farahani2023/05/05
    In this poetic and moving reflection, actor, musician and activist Golshifteh Farahani honors those who have fought for "Woman, Life, Freedom" following Mahsa Amini's death at the hands of Iran's religious morality police. Calling upon our shared humanity, she urges everyone to take a stand against violence inflicted on innocent people around the world.
  18. How poetry unlocked my superpowers | Keenan Scott II2023/05/04
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  19. 3 money lessons from infamous scam artists | J Mase III2023/05/03
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  20. How AI could save (not destroy) education | Sal Khan2023/05/01
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  21. Why AI is incredibly smart and shockingly stupid | Yejin Choi2023/04/28
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  22. Pussy Riot's powerful message to Vladimir Putin | Nadya Tolokonnikova2023/04/26
    Nadya Tolokonnikova, founding member of the anti-Putin resistance group Pussy Riot, was named a top enemy of Russia for speaking out against Vladimir Putin's dictatorship throughout the last decade. In this inspiring talk, she tells the story of her ongoing fight for freedom, sharing what motivates her resistance and delivering a powerful message to Putin himself.
  23. The story that shapes your relationship with nature | Damon Gameau2023/04/25
    Are we separate and superior to nature? This question has been a driving force behind humanity's industrialization and economic progress for centuries -- but it's brought us to the brink of an ecological crisis, says filmmaker Damon Gameau. In an impassioned talk, he calls for a new story that recognizes our interconnectedness with nature and moves towards a thriving, regenerative future.
  24. How modern audiences can talk about aging art | Margaret Hall2023/04/24
    Some works of art stand the test of time; others don't age as well. Using American musical theater as her case study, theater historian Margaret Hall shares a framework of five categories to talk about how art does (and doesn't) remain useful across generations -- encouraging us to address the "growing pains" that all art faces as time and culture moves on.
  25. TikTok's CEO on its future -- and what makes its algorithm different | Shou Chew2023/04/21
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  26. How to feng shui your fridge -- and other happy climate hacks | Jiaying Zhao2023/04/21
    Is it possible for taking action on climate change to make you feel happy? Behavioral scientist Jiaying Zhao believes that's the only way we'll create lasting, sustainable change. From treat meals to feng shui fridges, she offers eight life hacks to lower your carbon emissions while increasing your joy and fulfillment.
  27. The inside story of ChatGPT's astonishing potential | Greg Brockman2023/04/20
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  28. How to help employees with disabilities thrive | Tiffany Yu2023/04/19
    What can we do to make workplaces more welcoming to people living with disabilities? Representation advocate Tiffany Yu shares three ways that employers can change and tap into every worker's skills and gifts.
  29. Mangroves, storm walls and other ways to protect coasts from climate change | Dave Sivaprasad2023/04/18
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  30. Why your life needs novelty, no matter your age | Kenneth Chabert2023/04/17
    To truly savor life, pursue "powerful first experiences," says storyteller and nonprofit founder Kenneth Chabert. Learn more about how to create these meaningful moments, where mundane routine is broken by novel experiences in small but significant ways -- no matter how old you are.
  31. The dazzling diversity of African dance -- in 14 moves | Chinyanta Kabaso2023/04/13
    If African culture were a tree, then dance would be its flowers, says choreographer and TED Idea Search winner Chinyanta Kabaso. In a captivating display of both traditional and modern dances, she showcases the beauty of these movements and explains how they reveal the history of migration and shared cultural connections of different ethnic groups across the continent.
  32. 4 ways to make hybrid work better for everyone | Tsedal Neeley2023/04/12
    How can we rethink hybrid work so it brings out the best in both in-person and distributed employees? Leadership expert Tsedal Neeley shares the changes that we need to make in order to create workplaces that actually work -- no matter where you're located.
  33. What to do when there's a polar bear in your backyard | Alysa McCall2023/04/11
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  34. Are you an ethical true crime fan? 4 questions to ask | Lindsey A. Sherrill2023/04/10
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  35. The rise of the "trauma essay" in college applications | Tina Yong2023/04/07
    As if college applications aren't stressful enough, disadvantaged youth are often encouraged to write about their darkest traumas in their admissions essays, creating a marketable story of resilience that turns "pain into progress," says politics student Tina Yong. She brings this harrowing norm to light, exploring its harms and offering a more equitable process for colleges everywhere.
  36. What will the dream car of the future be like? | Alex Koster2023/04/06
    Fasten your seat belt as software engineer Alex Koster takes us on a journey in what he calls the "software dream car" of the future. He breaks down how massive technological shifts are transforming the automotive industry and paints a vivid picture of where cars are headed -- from AI drivers to interiors and exteriors shaped by augmented and virtual reality.
  37. 5 steps to building a personal brand you feel good about | Marcos Salazar2023/04/05
    Whether you realize it or not, you have a personal brand, says social entrepreneur Marcos Salazar -- and you have the power to shape what it is. Here's how you can create a brand that captures who you are, who you'd like to be and how you want to make an impact on the world.
  38. A faster way to get to a clean energy future | Ramez Naam2023/04/04
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  39. Why autism is often missed in women and girls | Kate Kahle2023/03/31
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  40. Does AI actually understand us? | Alona Fyshe2023/03/30
    Is AI as smart as it seems? Exploring the "brain" behind machine learning, neural networker Alona Fyshe delves into the language processing abilities of talkative tech (like the groundbreaking chatbot and internet obsession ChatGPT) and explains how different it is from your own brain -- even though it can sound convincingly human.
  41. The unexpected key to boosting your productivity | Dan Shipper2023/03/29
    Ever wished you could stop procrastinating and just be as efficient as a machine? Since you're a human, that's not going to happen -- but that's OK, says entrepreneur Dan Shipper. Here's how you can use awareness, observation and experimentation to clear your own way to getting more done.
  42. How do we get the world off fossil fuels quickly and fairly? | TED Countdown2023/03/27
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  43. Why all dogs are good dogs | Alexandra Horowitz2023/03/24
    Canine cognition expert Alexandra Horowitz offers a peek inside the mind of your dog, sharing solutions to common "misbehaviors" that are often simply the result of a pup's attempt to communicate in a world that's very different from their own. Hear about the evolution and psychology behind your dog's actions -- and how to give them a happier, healthier life.
  44. How to keep your hometown from becoming a ghost town | John Paget2023/03/23
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  45. How to calm your anxiety, from a neuroscientist | Wendy Suzuki2023/03/22
    What if you could transform your anxiety into something you can actually use during your work day? Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki shares two evidence-based activities -- breathing and movement -- that can soothe your nervous system and fuel creativity and connection.
  46. What happens to gas stations when the world goes electric? | Emily Grubert2023/03/21
    When the world goes fully electric, what happens to the cars, tools and livelihoods that rely on fossil fuels? Civil engineer and environmental sociologist Emily Grubert visualizes what a clean energy future will look like, outlining the considerations everyone needs to undertake now as the critical, decades-long transition begins.
  47. 3 skills every middle school boy needs | Jerome Hunter2023/03/17
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  48. The surprising psychology behind your urge to break the rules | Paul Bloom2023/03/16
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  49. Your 3-step guide to setting better boundaries at work | Nedra Glover Tawwab2023/03/15
    Know you should establish clear limits at work but not sure how to do it? Here are a few strategies from relationship therapist and author Nedra Glover Tawwab that can help you feel more empowered and less overwhelmed, both on and off the job.
  50. Who owns the internet of the future? | Ordinary Things2023/03/14
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  51. 3 elements of true fun -- and how to have more of it | Catherine Price2023/03/13
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  52. Gourmet food for the final frontier | Phnam Bagley2023/03/10
    What does an in-flight meal look like when you're traveling to Mars? Designer Phnam Bagley envisions a future where astronauts have nourishing, flavorful food reminiscent of home -- a giant leap from their current staple of "goop-in-a-bag." Learn more about her team's gourmet creations for galactic travel and how these innovations can improve life here on Earth.
  53. How video games can level up the way you learn | Kris Alexander2023/03/09
    Video games naturally tap into the way we learn: they focus our attention and track our progress as we head toward a clear goal. Kris Alexander, a professor of video game design and passionate gamer himself, thinks the same elements should be used in traditional education to cater to different learning styles and engage students across the world, both in-person and online.
  54. How to be a team player -- without burning out | Rob Cross2023/03/08
    Collaboration in the workplace is more important than ever -- but it's making us less productive in some ways. Here's what collaboration pioneer Rob Cross says is driving us to take on way too much -- and how we can reclaim our time and our peace of mind.
  55. The clean energy hub of the future | Rebekah Shirley2023/03/07
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  56. The fantastically weird world of photosynthetic sea slugs | Michael Middlebrooks2023/03/06
    Meet the fantastically colorful and astonishingly adaptable sea slugs that found a way to photosynthesize (or create energy from sunlight) like plants. Diving deep into these often overlooked creatures, invertebrate zoologist Michael Middlebrooks introduces the solar-powered slugs that lost their shells -- but gained the ability to directly harness the power of the sun.
  57. How one small idea led to $1 million of paid water bills | Tiffani Ashley Bell2023/03/03
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  58. How to quit your job -- without ruining your career | Gala Jackson2023/03/01
    Stuck in an unfulfilling or stagnant job? To achieve a smooth departure without burning bridges, try this three-step exit strategy from career coach Gala Jackson. She'll help you move on to your next position with courage, confidence and clarity.
  59. The fascinating physics of insect pee | Saad Bhamla2023/02/28
    Scientist Saad Bhamla is on a mission to answer a question most people don't think to ask: How do insects pee? Taking inspiration from the incredible "butt flickers" of the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Bhamla presents a fascinating study of the physics behind how bugs take care of business and invites us to be more curious about the seemingly mundane.
  60. Ancient Pompeii's hidden messages, preserved in graffiti | Jacqueline DiBiasie-Sammons2023/02/27
    Take a graffiti tour through ancient Pompeii with Roman archaeologist Jacqueline DiBiasie-Sammons and discover what 2,000-year-old scribblings from antiquity can teach us about life in modern times. A fascinating reminder of what we leave behind for future generations.
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