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TEDTalks (video)

  1. 7 common questions about workplace romance | Amy Nicole Baker2019/02/05
    Should you date your coworker? Should workplace couples keep their relationships secret? And why are coworkers so often attracted to each other? Organizational psychologist Amy Nicole Baker shares the real answers to commonly asked questions about romance at the office.
  2. 8 lessons on building a company people enjoy working for | Patty McCord2019/02/05
    Most companies operate on a set of policies: mandated vacation days, travel guidelines, standard work hours, annual goals. But what happens when a company looks less to control and more to trust? Patty McCord, the iconic former chief talent officer at Netflix, shares the key insights that led her to toss the handbook out the window.
  3. This is the side hustle revolution | Nicaila Matthews Okome2019/02/05
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  4. How to make applying for jobs less painful | Priyanka Jain2019/02/05
    Finding a job used to start with submitting your résumé to a million listings and never hearing back from most of them. But more and more companies are using tech-forward methods to identify candidates. If AI is the future of hiring, what does that mean for you? Technologist Priyanka Jain gives a look at this new hiring landscape.
  5. Why working from home is good for business | Matt Mullenweg2019/02/05
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  6. 3 psychological tricks to help you save money | Wendy De La Rosa2019/02/05
    We all want to save more money -- but overall, people today are doing less and less of it. Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa studies how everyday people make decisions to improve their financial well-being. What she's found can help you painlessly make the commitment to save more and spend less.
  7. This is what makes employees happy at work | Michael C. Bush2019/02/05
    There are three billion working people on this planet, and only 40 percent of them report being happy at work. Michael C. Bush shares his insights into what makes workers unhappy -- and how companies can benefit their bottom lines by fostering satisfaction.
  8. Why you should bring your whole self to work | Dan Clay2019/02/05
    Dan Clay was worried about being dismissed as "too gay" at work, so he dialed down his personality. But then his alter ego, Carrie Dragshaw, went viral online. Here's what happened next.
  9. The uncomplicated truth about women's sexuality | Sarah Barmak2019/02/05
    Is women's sexuality actually more complicated than men's? The answer is no, says author Sarah Barmak. In an eye-opening talk, she shows how a flawed understanding of the female body has shaped our culture for centuries, debunking some age-old myths and offering a richer definition of pleasure that gets closer to the (actual) truth about women's sexuality.
  10. How do we learn to work with intelligent machines? | Matt Beane2019/02/04
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  11. How we can start to heal the pain of racial division | Ruby Sales2019/02/01
    "Where does it hurt?" It's a question that activist and educator Ruby Sales has traveled the US asking, looking deeply at the country's legacy of racism and searching for sources of healing. In this moving talk, she shares what she's learned, reflecting on her time as a freedom fighter in the civil rights movement and offering new thinking on pathways to racial justice.
  12. An astronaut's story of curiosity, perspective and change | Leland Melvin2019/01/31
    What job is best for a young man who's been a tennis ace, a cross-country traveler, a chemistry nerd and an NFL draftee? How about ... astronaut? Leland Melvin tells the story of the challenges he's accepted and the opportunities he's seized -- and how they led him to the International Space Station and a whole new perspective of life on earth. (Contains mature content)
  13. The way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn2019/01/31
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  14. The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg2019/01/30
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  15. Reflections from a lifetime fighting to end child poverty | Marian Wright Edelman2019/01/30
    What does it take to build a national movement? In a captivating conversation with TEDWomen curator Pat Mitchell, Marian Wright Edelman reflects on her path to founding the Children's Defense Fund in 1973 -- from the early influence of growing up in the segregated American South to her activism with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- and shares how growing older has only made her more radical.
  16. Can we solve global warming? Lessons from how we protected the ozone layer | Sean Davis2019/01/29
    The Montreal Protocol proved that the world could come together and take action on climate change. Thirty years after the world's most successful environmental treaty was signed, atmospheric scientist Sean Davis examines the world we avoided when we banned chlorofluorocarbons -- and shares lessons we can carry forward to address the climate crisis in our time.
  17. The power of women's anger | Soraya Chemaly2019/01/28
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  18. A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity | Tim Harford2019/01/25
    What can we learn from the world's most enduringly creative people? They "slow-motion multitask," actively juggling multiple projects and moving between topics as the mood strikes -- without feeling hurried. Author Tim Harford shares how innovators like Einstein, Darwin, Twyla Tharp and Michael Crichton found their inspiration and productivity through cross-training their minds.
  19. "Autopilote" / "Pumper" | Mai Lan2019/01/25
    Singing in French and English, Mai Lan brings her cool charisma to the TED stage in a performance of her songs "Autopilote" and "Pumper."
  20. Stunning buildings made from raw, imperfect materials | Débora Mesa Molina2019/01/24
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  21. What sticky sea creatures can teach us about making glue | Jonathan Wilker2019/01/24
    What if we could harness the sticking powers of sea creatures like mussels, oysters and barnacles, which refuse to budge even on wet, stormy coastlines? Dive into the wonderful world of animals that make their own glue and cement with scientist Jonathan Wilker -- and preview some of the amazing things we can learn from how they do it.
  22. What's needed to bring the US voting system into the 21st century | Tiana Epps-Johnson2019/01/23
    The American election system is complicated, to say the least -- but voting is one of the most tangible ways that each of us can shape our communities. How can we make the system more modern, inclusive and secure? Civic engagement champion Tiana Epps-Johnson shares what's needed to bring voting in the US into the 21st century -- and to get every person to the polls.
  23. How to transform sinking cities into landscapes that fight floods | Kotchakorn Voraakhom2019/01/22
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  24. The political progress women have made -- and what's next | Cecile Richards2019/01/18
    Women have made enormous progress over the last century -- challenging the status quo, busting old taboos and changing business from the inside out. But when it comes to political representation, there's still a long way to go, says activist Cecile Richards. In this visionary talk, Richards calls for a global political revolution for women's equality and offers her ideas for how we can build it.
  25. How music crosses cultures and empowers communities | LADAMA2019/01/18
    Singing in Spanish, Portuguese and English, LADAMA brings a vibrant, energizing and utterly danceable musical set to the TED stage. In between performances of their songs "Night Traveler" and "Porro Maracatu," they discuss how cross-cultural musical collaboration can empower communities.
  26. A life-saving device that detects silent heart attacks | Akash Manoj2019/01/17
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  27. Embrace your raw, strange magic | Casey Gerald2019/01/17
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  28. How empowering women and girls can help stop global warming | Katharine Wilkinson2019/01/16
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  29. Why black girls are targeted for punishment at school -- and how to change that | Monique W. Morris2019/01/15
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  30. 3 ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce | George Blair-West2019/01/14
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  31. A mother and son's photographic journey through dementia | Tony Luciani2019/01/14
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  32. Quantum computing explained in 10 minutes | Shohini Ghose2019/01/11
    A quantum computer isn't just a more powerful version of the computers we use today; it's something else entirely, based on emerging scientific understanding -- and more than a bit of uncertainty. Enter the quantum wonderland with TED Fellow Shohini Ghose and learn how this technology holds the potential to transform medicine, create unbreakable encryption and even teleport information.
  33. The biology of gender, from DNA to the brain | Karissa Sanbonmatsu2019/01/10
    How exactly does gender work? It's not just about our chromosomes, says biologist Karissa Sanbonmatsu. In a visionary talk, she shares new discoveries from epigenetics, the emerging study of how DNA activity can permanently change based on social factors like trauma or diet. Learn how life experiences shape the way genes are expressed -- and what that means for our understanding of gender.
  34. What should electric cars sound like? | Renzo Vitale2019/01/09
    Electric cars are extremely quiet, offering some welcome silence in our cities. But they also bring new dangers, since they can easily sneak up on unsuspecting pedestrians. What kind of sounds should they make to keep people safe? Get a preview of what the future may sound like as acoustic engineer and musician Renzo Vitale shows how he's composing a voice for electric cars.
  35. How India's smartphone revolution is creating a new generation of readers and writers | Chiki Sarkar2019/01/08
    India has the second largest population of any country in the world -- yet it has only 50 decent bookstores, says publisher Chiki Sarkar. So she asked herself: How do we get more people reading books? Find out how Sarkar is tapping into India's smartphone revolution to create a new generation of readers and writers in this fun talk about a fresh kind of storytelling.
  36. What are you willing to give up to change the way we work? | Martin Danoesastro2019/01/08
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  37. The story of a parent's transition and a son's redemption | Paula Stone Williams and Jonathan Williams2019/01/07
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  38. The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová2019/01/04
    Want to learn a new language but feel daunted or unsure where to begin? You don't need some special talent or a "language gene," says Lýdia Machová. In an upbeat, inspiring talk, she reveals the secrets of polyglots (people who speak multiple languages) and shares four principles to help unlock your own hidden language talent -- and have fun while doing it.
  39. How to break bad management habits before they reach the next generation of leaders | Elizabeth Lyle2019/01/03
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  40. In the opioid crisis, here's what it takes to save a life | Jan Rader2019/01/02
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  41. Museums should honor the everyday, not just the extraordinary | Ariana Curtis2018/12/21
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  42. The real reason female entrepreneurs get less funding | Dana Kanze2018/12/20
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  43. The joyful, perplexing world of puzzle hunts | Alex Rosenthal2018/12/19
    Welcome to the strange, deviously difficult and incredibly joyful world of puzzle hunts. Follow along as Alex Rosenthal lifts the veil on one of the world's most complex puzzle hunts, the MIT Mystery Hunt -- and reveals how puzzles can be found in the most unexpected places. (Hint: see if you can spot the puzzle hidden in this TED Talk.)
  44. How "baby bonds" could help close the wealth gap | Darrick Hamilton2018/12/18
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  45. How I unlearned dangerous lessons about masculinity | Eldra Jackson2018/12/18
    In a powerful talk, educator Eldra Jackson III shares how he unlearned dangerous lessons about masculinity through Inside Circle, an organization that leads group therapy for incarcerated men. Now he's helping others heal by creating a new image of what it means to be a whole, healthy man. "The challenge is to eradicate this cycle of emotional illiteracy and groupthink," he says.
  46. The fascinating science of bubbles, from soap to champagne | Li Wei Tan2018/12/17
    In this whimsical talk and live demo, scientist Li Wei Tan shares the secrets of bubbles -- from their relentless pursuit of geometric perfection to their applications in medicine and shipping, where designers are creating more efficient vessels by mimicking the bubbles created by swimming penguins. Learn more about these mathematical marvels and tap into the magic hidden in the everyday world.
  47. The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it | Katharine Hayhoe2018/12/14
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  48. "Top Knot Turn Up" / "Bad Habits" | Madame Gandhi and Amber Galloway-Gallego2018/12/14
    "Music is so much more than sound simply traveling through the ear," says sign language interpreter Amber Galloway-Gallego. In a spirited performance, musician and activist Madame Gandhi plays two songs -- "Top Knot Turn Up" and "Bad Habits" -- while Galloway-Gallego provides an animated sign language interpretation.
  49. How to be "Team Human" in the digital future | Douglas Rushkoff2018/12/13
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  50. How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work | Carla Harris2018/12/13
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  51. Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague | Nadjia Yousif2018/12/12
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  52. 3 kinds of bias that shape your worldview | J. Marshall Shepherd2018/12/11
    What shapes our perceptions (and misperceptions) about science? In an eye-opening talk, meteorologist J. Marshall Shepherd explains how confirmation bias, the Dunning-Kruger effect and cognitive dissonance impact what we think we know -- and shares ideas for how we can replace them with something much more powerful: knowledge.
  53. How storytelling helps parents in prison stay connected to their kids | Alan Crickmore2018/12/10
    When a parent is sent to prison, the unintended victims of their crimes are their own children -- without stability and support, kids are at higher risk for mental health and development issues. In a heartfelt talk, Alan Crickmore explains how the charity Storybook Dads is keeping families connected through the simple act of storytelling.
  54. The work that makes all other work possible | Ai-jen Poo2018/12/07
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  55. A lesson on looking | Amy Herman2018/12/06
    Are you looking closely? Visual educator Amy Herman explains how to use art to enhance your powers of perception and find connections where they may not be apparent. Learn the techniques Herman uses to train Navy SEALs, doctors and crime scene investigators to convert observable details into actionable knowledge with this insightful talk.
  56. How to motivate people to do good for others | Erez Yoeli2018/12/05
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  57. 3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do | Stacey Abrams2018/12/04
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  58. Confessions of a recovering micromanager | Chieh Huang2018/12/03
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  59. Me Too is a movement, not a moment | Tarana Burke2018/11/30
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  60. The story of Marvel's first queer Latina superhero | Gabby Rivera2018/11/29
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