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Autoline Daily - Video (Business)

  1. AD #2558 - New Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Why Bosch Isn’t Splitting Its Business, GM Invests Millions To Build EVs And AVs2019/03/22
    - GM Investing $300 Million To Build EVs And AVs
    - Ford Management Shakeup
    - Why Bosch Isn’t Splitting Its Business
    - Vietnam Accused of Backing Hackers
    - Porsche Reveals New Cayenne Coupe
    - Car Plunge Contest Update
    - Chevy Unveils New Onix Sedan
  2. AD #2557 - Ford Invests In EVs and AVs, 2019 Chevy Blazer Impressions, Magna Prototype Has 10 Drivetrain Combos2019/03/21
    - Ford Invests in EVs and AVs
    - Volvo Expects EV Margins to Match Traditional Vehicles by 2025
    - Volvo Goes After Distracted and Drunk Drivers
    - IIHS Says Pickups Need Better Passenger Protection
    - Our 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Impressions
    - Magna Prototype Features 10 Powertrain Combinations
  3. AD #2556 - Mercedes Unveils GLC Coupe, BMW Reveals Cost Cutting Plan, Medium-Duty Truck Sales Dip in February2019/03/20
    - BMW Reveals 2018 Earnings and Cost Cutting Plan
    - Ghosn’s Trial to Begin in September
    - Toyota and Suzuki Share Partnership Details
    - Medium-Duty Truck Sales Dip in February
    - Mercedes Unveils GLC Coupe
    - BMW Teases 2 Series Gran Coupe
    - Kia Adds New CUV To Ceed Family
    - New Chevy Onix To Debut in China
  4. AD #2555 - Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs, Tesla Cancels Mid Range Model 3, Maybach SUV Headed for Production2019/03/19
    - Former UAW Official Charged in FCA Scandal
    - Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs
    - Skoda’s Clever Washer Reservoir Cap
    - Battle Brewing Between Elon Musk and SEC
    - Tesla Cancels Mid-Range Model 3
    - Pickup Truck Teaser from Tesla
    - Karma Teases New Revero
    - Fisker Shows Off Affordable Electric SUV
    - Mercedes To Build Maybach SUV In the U.S.
  5. AD #2554 - Cadillac Reveals the CT5, Trump Attacks GM Over Plant Closing, BMW To Supply INEOS With Engines2019/03/18
    - NHTSA Wants Public Input on GM’s AV Plans
    - Trump Attacks GM Over Plant Closing
    - Ford to Lay Off Thousands of Workers in Germany
    - BMW To Supply INEOS With Engines
    - Cadillac Reveals the CT5
    - Weekend Race Results
    - The End of The Road for The I.C.E.?
  6. AD #2553 - Tesla Introduces the Model Y, RNG Could Save The Piston Engine, New Lime Green Ford Mustang2019/03/15
    - Tesla Introduces the Model Y
    - Toyota Invests More in The U.S.
    - BMW and Daimler Could Partner on EVs Too
    - VW Faces More Diesel Punishment
    - RNG Could Save The Piston Engine
    - Mahindra Wants to Sell Pass. Van in U.S.
    - Ford Vans Get More Sporty
    - New Lime Green Ford Mustang
  7. AD #2552 - Tariff Battle Brewing, Ford F-150 Could Get IRS, Nissan and Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership2019/03/14
    - Battle Over Tariffs Brewing
    - VW Taking Deposits for 1st I.D. Electric
    - FCA Recalls Vehicles for Emission Issue
    - Palladium Prices Could Skyrocket
    - People Still Afraid of Autonomous Vehicles
    - Ranking the Leaders in Autonomy
    - Ford F-150 Could Get IRS
    - Nissan and Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership
  8. AD #2551 - VW Expands EV Plans, EPA Proposes Year-Round E-15 Sales, Infiniti Pulls Out of Western Europe2019/03/13
    - EPA Proposes Year-Round E-15 Sales
    - VW Expands EV Plans
    - Autoline Takes the Ice Plunge Challenge
    - Hyundai Sonata Rides on New Platform
    - Infiniti Pulls Out of Western Europe
    - GM’s Cruise Doubles Workforce
    - GM Donates 1st AV Bolt to Henry Ford Museum
  9. AD #2550 - White House Goes After EV Credits Again, Electric Semis Will Work Just Fine, Audi Station Wagons Coming to U.S.?2019/03/12
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  10. AD #2549 - Magna’s Integrated eDrive System, Tesla Raises the Price of Its Cars, WLTP Costly for Volkswagen2019/03/11
    - WLTP Costly for Volkswagen
    - Tesla Raises the Price of Its Cars
    - Weekend Race Results
    - GM Refiles Zora Trademark
    - Why GM Is Now Making Mid-Engine Corvette a Reality
    - Production in North America Expected to Increase
    - Magna’s Integrated eDrive System
  11. AD #2548 - Tesla Opens 1st V3 Supercharger, Clash Over Fuel Economy, Why Carmakers Are Leaving Auto Shows2019/03/08
    - OEMs and Environmentalists Clash Over Fuel Economy
    - Clever Solution for More Charging Stations
    - Tesla Opens 1st V3 Supercharger
    - Electronic Parking Brakes Grow in Popularity
    - Protecting Passengers in Autonomous Vehicles
    - Why Automakers Are Abandoning Auto Shows
  12. AD #2547 - Tariffs Could Keep Polestar Out of the U.S., Why the Japanese Are Leaving the UK, New Hyundai Sonata Revealed2019/03/07
    - Tariffs Could Keep Polestar Out of the U.S.
    - EPA Releases 2017 Fleet Fuel Economy
    - Why the Japanese Automakers Are Leaving the UK
    - Plug-In Trucks Can Have a Big Impact
    - Rolls Royce Can't Build SUVs Fast Enough
    - New Mazda CX-30 Fits Between CX-3 and CX-5
    - New Hyundai Sonata Revealed
  13. AD #2546 - Audi Unveils Q4 E-Tron, Trump Puts Pressure on Automakers, Goodyear’s Wild Tire Concept2019/03/06
    - Trump Puts Pressure on Automakers
    - Carlos Ghosn Set Free on Bail
    - Uber Not Criminally Liable in Fatal Accident
    - Volvo Buses Tests 1st Autonomous, Electric Bus
    - Ford Updates Commercial Truck Lineup
    - Audi Unveils Q4 E-Tron Concept
    - Mitsubishi Shows Off SUV Concept
    - Goodyear’s Wild Tire for Autonomous Flying Cars
  14. AD #2545 - Carlos Ghosn Release Appealed, Hyundai Group to Offer Digital Keys, The Hottest Reveals from Geneva2019/03/05
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  15. AD #2544 - EVs Not Easier to Build Than ICE Vehicles, U.S. Car Sales Dip in February, Volvo To Limit Car Speeds2019/03/04
    - U.S. Car Sales Dip in February
    - Volvo To Limit Car Speeds
    - Car Finance Costs Skyrocket in UK
    - EVs Not Easier to Build Than ICE Vehicles
    - Tesla to Debut New Supercharger, Model Y Soon
    - Ford Ends Taurus Production...Again
    - Edsel Ford’s Importance to Company’s Success
  16. AD #2543 - New SEAT EV Looks a Lot Like a Tesla, GM Management Shakeup, Ferrari Takes Wraps Off the F8 Tributo2019/03/01
    - Tesla Plans to Close Most Stores
    - GM Management Shakeup
    - Toyota Teams Up to Create HD Maps
    - FedEx To Test Autonomous Delivery Robots
    - New SEAT EV Looks a Lot Like a Tesla
    - Porsche Clarifies Macan’s Future
    - Ferrari Takes Wraps Off the F8 Tributo
  17. AD #2542 - BMW and Daimler to Develop AV Tech., Ford Offers 5.0L Supercharger Kit, Lamborghini Chops Top on Huracan2019/02/28
    - BMW and Daimler to Jointly Develop AV Tech.
    - Apple Trims Staff for Self-Driving Program
    - Hyundai Will Spend Billion on New Tech.
    - Ford Offers 5.0L Supercharger Kit
    - How Mahindra Partnership Helps Ford
    - Mercedes Refreshes the GLC
    - Lamborghini Chops the Top Off the Huracan
  18. AD #2541 - Polestar 2 To Take on Tesla Model 3, GM Sued By UAW, FCA Expands Jeep and Ram Production2019/02/27
    - FCA Expands Jeep and Ram Production
    - GM Sued By UAW
    - VW Creates Jetta Brand in China
    - Nissan Teases IMQ Concept
    - Honda Reveals E Prototype
    - Polestar 2 To Take on Tesla Model 3
    - Jaguar Unveils New XE
    - New Mercedes GLE Gets AMG Treatment
  19. AD #2540 - Peugeot Coming Back to the U.S., Porsche Macan Going Electric, New Kia Soul Updates and Impressions2019/02/26
    - Hyundai Paves Way for New Leader
    - Peugeot Coming Back to the U.S.
    - SEC Goes After Elon Musk Again
    - Next-Gen Porsche Macan Going Electric
    - Volkswagen Creates New Software Division
    - New Kia Soul Updates and Impressions
  20. AD #2539 - Peugeot Shows Off New 208, BMW Makes Vehicle Interaction Easier, Lexus Hits Big Milestone2019/02/25
    - BMW And Daimler Partner on Mobility
    - GM to Continue Making Impala and CT6
    - Lexus Hits Big Milestone
    - Peugeot Shows Off New 208
    - BMW Makes Vehicle Interaction Easier
    - How to Make an Electric Hot Rod
  21. AD #2538 – Whistleblowers Speak Up at Ford, Trump Breaks Off Talks w/ CARB, New Porsche 911′s Active Aerodynamics2019/02/22
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  22. AD #2537 – Alfa Says It Is Making New Models, Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise, IndyCar to Try New Driver Safety Device2019/02/21
    - Alfa Romeo Disputes That It’s Not Making New Models
    - IIHS Ranks AEB in Compact CUVs
    - Pedestrian Fatalities Are on the Rise
    - BMW to Open R and D Office in Tel Aviv
    - Ford Considers Trimming Russian Operations
    - Audi Making Cuts in Europe
    - HondaJet Sales Blast Off
    - IndyCar Implementing New Driver Safety Measure
  23. AD #2536 – Alfa Pumps the Brakes on New Models, Toyota Dropping the Prius c, Ford Gets Out of Heavy Trucks in Brazil2019/02/20
    - Alfa Romeo Pumps the Brakes on New Models
    - BMW to Axe 6 Series Gran Turismo
    - Toyota to Part Ways with Prius c
    - Civic Hatchback Production Could Come to U.S.
    - Citroen Ami One Concept
    - Ford Drops Heavy Truck Making in Brazil
    - Skoda VISION iV Concept
    - Mercedes to Reveal EQV in Geneva
    - Aston Martin Confirms New Hypercar
  24. AD #2535 - New Ford Focus ST Details, Brexit Could Devastate British Industry, Tariffs Would Increase U.S. Built Vehicles2019/02/19
    - China Sales Down, Despite Heavy Discounts
    - Ford Hires New Chief Lobbyist
    - Europe to Regulate Heavy Truck Emissions
    - New Ford Focus ST Details
    - Bet on the Icy Demise of a Saturn
    - BMW 3 Series PHEV Range Increases 50%
    - Brexit Could Devastate British Industry
    - Tariffs Would Increase U.S. Built Vehicles...
  25. AD #2534 - GMC Refreshes the Acadia, Dealers Blast Trump Over Tariffs, Toyota Reveals New Hiace Van2019/02/18
    - Rivian Gets $700 Million In Investments
    - Why GM/Rivian Partnership Makes Sense
    - Toyota Reveals New Hiace Van
    - Buick Drops the Cascada
    - GMC Refreshes the Acadia
    - GM Offers Canadian Workers Benefits
    - Dealers Blast Trump Over Tariffs
    - How Cadillac XT6 Differs from GM’s Other CUVs
  26. AD #2533 - Fastest Production EV Hypercar, Tesla Introduces New Features, Audi Teases Q4 E-Tron Concept2019/02/15
    - OEMs Exempted from Steel Tariffs
    - Electric Kia Soul Range Revealed
    - Fastest Production EV Hypercar
    - GM Names eBike Brand
    - Tenneco Splits in Two
    - Audi Teases Q4 E-Tron Concept
    - Tesla Introduces New Features
    - Auto Industry Struggling to Fill Jobs
  27. AD #2532 - GM's Board Transformation, Big Truck Sales Keep Climbing, Cruise Shows Impressive AV Capabilities2019/02/14
    - Board of Directors Transforming at GM
    - Busch Beer Turns NASCAR Into Beer Cans
    - Nissan Invests in New Plant in Africa
    - January Big Truck Sales
    - New Silk Road Could Slash Shipping Time
    - Cruise Automation Shows Impressive AV Capabilities
  28. AD #2531 - GM and Amazon Could Invest in Rivian, Most Congested Cities, Ford May Move Production Out of Britain2019/02/13
    - GM and Amazon Could Invest in Rivian
    - Tesla Contests Autopilot Report
    - Honda Urban EV Prototype
    - Honda Shows Off Small EV Ute
    - Ford’s Lane Keeping Bed
    - Most Congested City in U.S. and World
    - Ford Preparing to Move Production Out of Britain
  29. AD #2530 - Dealers Against Import Tariffs, Could Corolla Hybrid Make Prius Obsolete? 3 Groups Control Russian Car Market2019/02/12
    - Why Dealers Are Against Import Tariffs
    - Toyota Corolla Hybrid Fuel Economy
    - Alpina Gets Its Hands on New 7 Series
    - TRD Reveals Toyota Supra Concept
    - White Tires Look Wild on Lexus UX
    - OEMs Turn Focus to ADAS Technology
    - Russian Car Sales Up Slightly
  30. AD #2529 - FCA Ok with Gladiator Stealing Wrangler Sales, Jaguar Land Rover in Trouble, Recycling EV Batteries2019/02/11
    - Jaguar Land Rover in Trouble
    - Nikola Motors to Offer Electric Semis
    - Takata Airbag Recall Expands
    - Jeep Testing Grand Commander in Michigan
    - FCA Ok with Gladiator Stealing Wrangler Sales
    - Ford Adds More Protection to Police Interceptor
    - Recycling EV Batteries
  31. AD #2528 - VW Adds More Power to The Jetta, VW Willing to Share EV Platform, Winter Weather Kills EV Range2019/02/08
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  32. AD #2527 - New Tacoma Looks Like Old One, E-Scooter Injuries on The Rise, Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price2019/02/07
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  33. AD #2526 – Chevy Reveals Heavy-Duty Silverado, Pickup Truck War Heating Up, Is This Rivian’s Design Inspiration?2019/02/06
    - GM Posts Mixed 2018 Earnings
    - Pickup War Heating Up
    - Toyota and Nissan Get Left Behind in Pickup War
    - Chevy Reveals Heavy-Duty Silverado
    - Are Passenger Car Sales Finally Bottoming Out?
    - Renault-Nissan and Waymo Partner on AVs
    - Brose Power Liftgate
    - Is This Rivian’s Design Inspiration?
  34. AD #2525 – Ford Reveals New Super Duty, Car Brands That Are on Life Support, Trump Could Go After GM Tonight2019/02/05
    - Trump Could Go After GM Tonight
    - Geely Steals Jaguar Designer
    - Honda Goes for The Gold
    - Electrify America Turns to Tesla
    - Tesla Buys Battery Tech Company
    - Car Brands That Are on Life Support
    - Kei Car Sales Jump in Japan
    - Ford Reveals New Super Duty
  35. AD #2524 - Ford Updates Focus to Fit Large Dog Crates, U.S. Sales Down in January, Ed Welburn’s Design Regret2019/02/04
    - U.S. Car Sales Down in January
    - Tough Month for Luxury Brands
    - Employee Ideas Saved Audi Millions In 2018
    - Ford Redesigns Focus to Fit Largest Dog Crate
    - Nissan Won’t Build New SUV In Britain
    - Ed Welburn’s Biggest Design Regret
  36. AD #2523 - New Ranger Exceeds Ford’s Expectations, FCA Won’t Air Ads During Super Bowl, Honda’s Profit Plunges2019/02/01
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  37. AD #2522 - Tesla Reports Decent Q4 Earnings, The Dune Buggy is Back and It's Electric, Global Sales Dip Slightly in 20182019/01/31
    - Tesla's Q4 Earnings Decent, But Below Expectations
    - EV Chargers Push Out Traditional Parts at VW Plant
    - VW Teases Electric Dune Buggy Concept
    - Toy Car Carrier for Your Toy Cars
    - Global Car Sales Dip Slightly in 2018
    - PSA Increases Engine Production for Opel/Vauxhall
    - Mazda Takes Ford's Stake in Chinese Engine JV
    - Harley-Davidson Continues to Struggle
  38. AD #2521 - Ford Uses VR In Design Process, VW #1 Automaker in The World, F and I Sales Up Last Year2019/01/30
    - VW #1 Automaker in The World
    - Julia Steyn Leaves GM
    - Upcoming Auto Show Teases
    - Breaking Down Bosch
    - F and I Sales Up Last Year
    - Ford Makes Largest 3D Printed Metal Part
    - Ford Uses VR In Design Process
  39. AD #2520 - Inventory Levels Piling Up in China, Zotye Locks Up U.S. Dealers, EU Push for EVs Could Hurt Industry2019/01/29
    - Inventory Levels Piling Up in China
    - Byton Hides Its Autonomous Sensors
    - Volvo to Test Hands-Free Driving in Sweden
    - Top F1 Drivers Paid Handsomely
    - China's Zotye Motors Locks Up U.S. Dealers
    - Stare at Your Phone, Win a Volvo
    - Porsche Provides Taycan Owners 3-Years of Charging
    - EU Push for EVs Could Hurt Auto Industry
  40. AD #2519 - Peugeot Shows Off Retro Cars, $5,000 Chinese EV Pickup Heading to U.S., Will Ford Electrify the Mustang?2019/01/28
    - Macron Weighs in On Ghosn Situation
    - Electrify America Shuts Down High-Powered Chargers
    - 24 Hours of Daytona Results
    - Peugeot Shows Off Retro EV
    - $5,000 Chinese Electric Pickup Heading to U.S.
    - Hyundai Kona Electric Pricing Revealed
    - Will Ford Electrify the Mustang?
  41. AD #2518 - Boeing Tests Autonomous Passenger Drone, Nissan CEO To Step Down, Top Automakers in Mexico2019/01/25
    - Nissan CEO Saikawa To Step Down
    - VW Wants to Reduce Parts Made In-House
    - Amazon Tests Autonomous Delivery
    - Top Automakers in Mexico
    - CA Police Department to Test Tesla Model S
    - Toyota Won’t Make 2019 Yaris Hatchback
    - Leave A Message on A Car with Augmented Reality
    - Boeing Tests Autonomous Passenger Drone
  42. AD #2517 - Ghosn Resigns from Renault, Lights Could Help Build Trust w/ AVs, Ford's 4th Quarter Disappointing2019/01/24
    - Carlos Ghosn Resigns from Renault
    - Bugatti Says "No" to SUVs
    - Lights Could Help Build Trust with AVs
    - McLaren Gives Vision of F1 in the Future
    - Mazda3 Pricing Goes Up
    - Ford Reveals Aviator Pricing
    - Ford's 4th Quarter Results Disappoint
  43. AD #2516 - GMC Unveils New Sierra HD, 2018 European Electrified Sales, Subaru Halts Production in Japan2019/01/23
    - GMC Unveils New Sierra HD
    - 2018 European Electrified Sales
    - New Porsche 911 Can Detect Wet Roads
    - Opel Zafira Switches to PSA Platform
    - Protecting the Mustang Shelby GT500’s Wheels
    - Waymo Picks Michigan To Build AVs
    - Subaru Halts Production in Japan
  44. AD #2515 - Europe Approves Tesla Model 3, Geely Reveals Volvo-Based CUV, Aluminum Ford F-150 is Paying Off2019/01/22
    - Ghosn Bail Request Rejected Again
    - Europe Approves Tesla Model 3
    - Geely Reveals CUV Based on Volvo Architecture
    - The Many Uses of Dimmable Glass Tech.
    - VW Starts Sales of Performance GTI TCR
    - Karma Automotive Partners with Pininfarina
    - Aluminum Ford F-150 is Paying Off
    - Details of Ford and VW Alliance
  45. AD #2514 - Chevy Creates Silverado Made from LEGOs, Challenger to Get Electric Motor, More Renault-Nissan Drama2019/01/21
    - More Renault-Nissan Drama
    - Toyota and Panasonic To Form Battery JV
    - VW Chairman Says EVs Could Become Unaffordable
    - Hyundai’s Multi-Collision Airbag System
    - Dodge Challenger to Get Electric Motor
    - 2018 India Car Sales
    - Chevy Creates Silverado Made from LEGOs
  46. AD #2513 - Nissan Equips Altima With Snow Tracks, Hyundai Updates the IONIQ, Tesla Slashes Workforce2019/01/18
    - Tesla Slashes Workforce
    - Nissan Cuts Jobs in Mississippi
    - Hyundai Updates the IONIQ
    - Ford Creates Camper Version of The Transit
    - Nissan Reveals NV300 Concept
    - Nissan Equips Altima With Snow Tracks
    - Wards 10 Best Engines
  47. AD #2512 - Jeep Testing Subscription Services, Ford's 3D Printed Production Parts, Lotus to Start Making SUVs2019/01/17
    - Jeep Testing Subscription Services
    - Ford Puts 3D Printed Parts Into Production
    - Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Update
    - Mercedes A-Class Pricing
    - Charge As Fast As Filling a Gas Tank
    - Lotus to Start Making SUVs
    - Ford Explorer's Slick Digital Display
  48. AD #2511 - BMW Unveils New 7 Series, VW And Ford Announce Alliance, EyesOn Design Award Winners Revealed2019/01/16
    - VW And Ford Announce Alliance
    - Carlos Ghosn Denied Bail...Again
    - EyesOn Design Award Winners Revealed
    - BMW Unveils New 7 Series
    - Big Trucks Post Big Gains
  49. AD #2510 - Lexus Reveals LC Coupe Concept, Bell Nexus the Hit of CES, Cadillac To Become GM’s Tesla Fighter2019/01/11
    - Tesla in The Headlines
    - Bell Nexus the Hit of CES
    - Ford Shuts Down Chariot
    - Cadillac To Become GM’s Tesla Fighter
    - Lexus Reveals LC Convertible Concept
    - NACTOY Winner Predictions
  50. AD #2509 - Ford Reveals All-New Explorer, Valeo Makes Trailers Disappear, FCA to Pay Big Diesel Fine2019/01/10
    - Ford Reveals the All-New 2020 Explorer
    - Ford and VW to Announces Alliance in Detroit
    - Ford to Make Big Cuts in Europe
    - JLR Slashing Jobs in the UK
    - Valeo Makes Trailers Disappear
    - Hyundai Improves Driving for Hearing Impaired
    - FCA to Pay About $650 Million in Diesel Fines
  51. AD #2508 - Mercedes Unveils New CLA, Ghosn Denied Detention Appeal, China Sales Fall For 1st Time In 20 Years2019/01/09
    - Ghosn Denied Detention Appeal
    - Nissan Reveals Extended Range Leaf
    - Mercedes Unveils New CLA
    - Toyota Partners with Kenworth
    - China Car Sales Fall For 1st Time In 20 Years
    - FCA Nears Settlement with Justice Department
  52. AD #2507 - Tesla Props Up EV Segment, Daimler Frowns on Platooning, Ford Takes Different Path to Connectivity2019/01/08
    - Head of Infiniti Leaves the Company
    - Daimler Introduces 1st Autonomous Semi
    - Daimler Invests in Level 4 Big Trucks
    - Hyundai's Modular, Walking Concept
    - Audi Ties VR to Vehicle Movements
    - Tesla Props Up EV Segment
    - Harley Announces Price of LiveWire
    - Toyota to Connect Vehicles in U.S.
    - Ford Takes Different Path to Connectivity
  53. AD #2506 - Nissan’s Jose Munoz Takes Leave of Absence, Tesla Breaks Ground in China, Infiniti Teases New Electric SUV2019/01/07
    - Tesla Breaks Ground in China
    - Autopilot Racks Up a Billion Miles Driven
    - EV Mileage Based Fee Proposed
    - Ford Reveals Police Version of The Explorer
    - Infiniti Teases New Electric SUV
    - Nissan’s Jose Munoz Takes Leave of Absence
    - Solid State Batteries a Long Way Off
    - Italdesign Creates Autonomous Wheelchair
    - Munro Compares Model 3 To Bolt and i3
  54. AD #2505 - BMW 8 Series Night Sky Edition, 2018 U.S. Car Sales End on A High Note, Mark Reuss Named President of GM2019/01/04
    - Mark Reuss Named President of GM
    - Toyota Reveals Next-Gen Autonomous Car
    - Toyota Gives Government Workers a Break
    - Nissan Tests Sun Damage in The Lab
    - BMW 8 Series Night Sky Edition
    - 2018 U.S. Car Sales End on A High Note
  55. AD #2504 - Tokyo Extends Ghosn's Jail Stay, Tesla Cuts Prices in U.S., AVs Could Help Large Scale EV Charging2019/01/03
    - Russia Charges American with Espionage
    - Carlos Ghosn's Jail Time Extended
    - Tesla Cuts Prices, Stock Drops
    - AVs Could Help Large Scale EV Charging
    - Hyundai to Show Vehicle That Can Walk
    - Happy B-Day Michael Schumacher!
    - Lego is Going to Hell
  56. AD #2503 - Daimler Delivers 1st Electric Trucks to U.S., Ghosn Back Behind Bars, New Engine Breakthrough2018/12/21
    - Ghosn Back Behind Bars
    - Musk Hints He Could Buy GM Plant
    - New Engine Breakthrough
    - Daimler Delivers 1st Electric Trucks to U.S.
    - Toyota and PSA Partner on Commercial Vans
    - Why Lincoln Is Avoiding Hybrid Badges
  57. AD #2502 - Congress Won't Extend EV Credit, Carlos Ghosn Might Make Bail, European Industry Entering a Crisis2018/12/20
    - Congress Won't Extend EV Tax Credit
    - Carlos Ghosn Could Be Out of Jail Soon
    - Nissan Arrests a "Power Grab"
    - More Signs of an Industry Slowdown
    - Toyota Resorts to Peer Pressure for Airbag Recall
    - BMW/Daimler Tie Up Could Go Deeper
    - Kia Wants to R.E.A.D. Your Emotions
  58. AD #2501 – Why We Shouldn’t Subsidize Cars for The Rich, Hyundai Axes Santa Fe Diesel, Musk Unveils 1st Tunnel2018/12/19
    - Musk Unveils 1st Tunnel
    - Tata 1st Indian Company to Earn 5-Star Rating
    - Hyundai Axes Santa Fe Diesel
    - How to Avoid Trump’s Import Tariffs
    - Testing Tires with Autonomous Vehicles
    - Look for Discounts on These Vehicles
    - Why We Shouldn’t Subsidize Cars for The Rich
  59. AD #2500 - Volvo Announces Electric Semi for U.S., Kroger Delivers Groceries in AV Pods, Ford Ranger Impressions2018/12/18
    - Another Good Month for Big Trucks
    - Volvo Announces Electric Semi for U.S.
    - Toyota Creates Maintenance Service for Mobility Companies
    - Kroger Delivers Groceries in Autonomous Pods
    - NIO Unveils New Electric Vehicle
    - Mercedes Reveals Pricing for AMG GT 4-Door
    - Ford Ranger Impressions
  60. AD #2499 – Lincoln Creates Continental with Suicide Doors, Porsche 911 Hybrid Details, JLR To Cut Thousands of Jobs2018/12/17
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  61. AD #2498 – Honda Develops Autonomous ATV, NADA Predicts Sales Drop, Five Different Types of Hybrids2018/12/14
    - NADA Predicts Sales Drop
    - Car Dealers Mad at Car Companies
    - Trump Wrong About GM EV Effort
    - Honda Develops Autonomous ATV
    - Five Different Types of Hybrids
    - Care by Volvo More Popular Than Expected
  62. AD #2497 – Germany’s Ultra-Fast EV Charger, UAW Faces More Corruption Charges, People Prefer EVs Over PHEVs2018/12/13
    - UAW Faces More Corruption Charges
    - Hyundai Sweeps Out Top Officers
    - Germany’s Ultra-Fast EV Charger
    - People Prefer EVs Over PHEVs
    - GM and Enterprise Really Get Connected
  63. AD #2496 – U.S. Vs. Global Ranger, Hyundai Names Non-Korean Head Of R and D, Tesla’s Hold Their Value Better2018/12/12
    - Hyundai Names Non-Korean Head Of R and D
    - Tesla’s Hold Their Value Better
    - New Vehicle Payments Hit All-Time High
    - Future Interior Technology
    - China to Reduce Tariffs on U.S. Built Vehicles
    - U.S. Ranger Different Than Global Version
    - Millennials to Carry on Classic Car Tradition
  64. AD #2495 – AAA Urges Drivers to Check Headlights, Ranger MPG Numbers, Dealers Less Optimistic About Car Market2018/12/11
    - Hyundai Reveals Fuel Cell Roadmap
    - AAA Urges Drivers to Check Headlights
    - Magna Unveils Flexible Seating System
    - Ford Ranger Fuel Economy Numbers Announced
    - Ford Appoints New VP
    - Dealers Less Optimistic About Car Market
  65. AD #2494 – Nissan and Ghosn Indicted in Japan, China Sales Continue to Plunge, VW Going Retro with Electrics2018/12/10
    - Nissan and Carlos Ghosn Indicted
    - China Sales Down in November
    - BMW and Daimler to Form Mobility JV
    - VW Going Retro with Its Electrics
    - BorgWarner Helps Automakers to Hybridize
    - Why a Traditional Gearhead Wanted an EV
  66. AD #2493 – FCA Retools Engine Plant for Jeeps, Mid-Size Pickup Segment Soars, How the Jeep Gladiator Got Its Name2018/12/07
    - FCA to Retool Engine Plant for Jeeps
    - Mid-Size Pickup Sales Through November
    - Euro NCAP Rates Two FCA Vehicles Poorly
    - Chevy Shows Less-Bold High Country HD
    - Rinspeed Details New microSNAP Vehicle
    - How the Jeep Gladiator Got Its Name
  67. AD #2492 – Are Trump’s Tariffs Working? Germany to Electrify the Autobahn, Toyota Wants Dealers Involved in Mobility Services2018/12/06
    - VW Could Tap Into Ford’s U.S. Plants
    - Did Trump Get Confirmation Tariffs Are Working?
    - VW to Cut More Costs for EVs and AVs
    - Germany to Electrify the Autobahn
    - Lincoln Cuts Cost and Weight with Tree Fiber
    - Waymo Launches Service for Paying Customers
    - Toyota to Involve Dealers in Mobility Services
  68. AD #2491 – Chevy Introduces Silverado HD, VW Won’t Develop ICEs After 2026, FCA Sales Surprises in November2018/12/05
    - VW Won’t Develop ICEs After 2026
    - VW May Build Cars at Ford Plants
    - Chevy Introduces Silverado HD
    - Alonso To Use Chevy Power at Indy 500
    - FCA Sales Surprises in November
  69. AD #2490 – Japan Files More Charges Against Ghosn, Ford Layoffs Could Dwarf GM, Sales Down But Still Strong2018/12/04
    - Japan to File More Charges Against Ghosn
    - Admin. Wants to End All EV Subsidies
    - Integrating Sensors Can Reduce Repair Costs
    - Ford Layoffs Could Dwarf GM
    - Nov. Sales Down, But Still Strong
  70. AD #2489 – Tesla Hits Model 3 Milestone, Global Car Sales Tumble in October, Gladiator Vs. Wrangler Differences2018/12/03
    - Tesla Hits Model 3 Milestone
    - Alfa to Get SUV Based on Jeep Compass
    - Global Car Sales Tumble in October
    - U.S. and China Agree to Trade Truce
    - Gladiator Vs. Wrangler Differences
  71. AD #2488 – New LEAF NISMO Race Car, Ammann Named CEO of Cruise, How Will You Spend Your Time in An AV?2018/11/30
    - Toyota and PSA Expand Partnership
    - Fiat Makes Big Investment in Italy
    - Dan Ammann Named CEO of Cruise
    - How Will You Spend Your Time in An Autonomous Vehicle?
    - Next-Gen Mustang and Continental Update
    - Nissan Reveals New LEAF NISMO Race Car
  72. AD #2487 – NACTOY Finalists Revealed, Audi Shows Working Drone Prototype, Jeep Gladiator Pickup Storms Into LA2018/11/29
    - NACTOY Finalists
    - Audi’s Drone Prototype
    - Audi e-tron GT Electric Sports Car
    - All-New Kia Soul
    - Hyundai Palisade Mid-Size SUV
    - Updated Mercedes AMG GT with New Model
    - Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck
  73. AD #2486 – Porsche 911 Gets More Sporty, Honda Revives the Passport, Lincoln Takes the Wraps Off the Aviator2018/11/28
    - Porsche 911 Gets More Sporty
    - Honda Revives the Passport
    - Rivian Reveals Electric SUV
    - Mazda3 Features More Upscale Styling
    - Lincoln Takes the Wraps Off the Aviator
    - Toyota Prius Now Available with AWD
    - Corolla Hybrid Makes U.S. Debut
    - Bosch Brings Automated Driving Closer to Reality
  74. AD #2485 – GM’s Massive Restructuring Plan, Rivian Reveals Its First EV, Mercedes Adds Human Element to Autonomy2018/11/27
    - GM’s Massive Restructuring Plans
    - GM’s Powerful Bargaining Chip
    - FCA Considers Selling Robotics Unit
    - Fiat 500X Gets a Facelift
    - Rivian Reveals Its First EV
    - Autonomous Volvo’s Mine Limestone
    - Mercedes Adds Human Element to Autonomy
  75. AD #2484 – General Motors Closes Oshawa Plant in Canada, Top OEMs by Production, More Kia Soul Details2018/11/26
    - Mitsubishi Ousts Ghosn
    - GM Closes Oshawa Plant in Canada
    - Ford’s “Sleep Suit” Mimics Drowsy Driving
    - More Kia Soul Details
    - Hamilton Wins Last F1 Race In 2018
    - Top OEMs by Production
  76. AD #2483 – Ford Unveils New Focus Active in Europe, OPEC’s Worst Nightmare, Top 5 Global Platforms In 20252018/11/21
    - OPEC’s Worst Nightmare
    - Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in Trouble
    - German CEOs To Meet with Trump
    - Top 5 Global Platforms In 2025
    - Ford Unveils New Focus Active in Europe
    - Importance of Leak Detection
    - You Said It!
  77. AD #2482 – Nissan NP300 Fails Crash Test, Cost of Making an Electric Powertrain, BMW Improves Manufacturing with VR2018/11/20
    - Nissan NP300 Pickup Earns Zero Stars
    - Wheels Falling Off at Maserati
    - Cost of an Electric Powertrain
    - All-New Toyota RAV4
    - BMW Improves Manufacturing with VR
    - Why Nissan’s Sticking with Passenger Cars
  78. AD #2481 – Ghosn’s Arrest Is Highly Suspicious, Logano Wins 1st NASCAR Title, Wrangler “Death Wobble” Investigated2018/11/19
    - Ghosn Is Goin’
    - NHTSA Investigates Jeep Wrangler “Death Wobble”
    - Logano Wins First NASCAR Championship
    - Mystery Car on Instagram Revealed
    - Peugeot Offers Extended 508 In China
    - BorgWarner Creates Integrated EV Powertrain
    - Ghosn’s Arrest Is Highly Suspicious
  79. AD #2480 – Toyota Reveals New Corolla Sedan, Top Vehicle Platforms In 2018, Jaguar’s Diesel Problem2018/11/16
    - Top Vehicle Platforms In 2018
    - Jaguar’s Diesel Problem
    - Commercial Vehicles Powered by Supercapacitors
    - Toyota Reveals New Corolla Sedan
    - Toyota Cuts Camry Production
    - Chevy Unveils New Models in China
    - Schaeffler In Transition
  80. AD #2479 – Ford Bronco and Jeep Pickup Pics Leaked, DSRC Vs. 5G LTE, Great Car Audio Takes Time2018/11/15
    - 3D Printing Assembly Tools
    - Ford Bronco Pics Buck Out
    - Jeep Pickup Leaked
    - Kia Teases All-New Soul
    - DSRC VS. 5G LTE
    - Names of Automated Driving Systems Confusing
    - Great Audio Takes Time
  81. AD #2478 – Aston Shows Off 1st SUV, BMW Ramps Up Use Of 3D Printed Parts, EPA Plans New NOx Rules for Big Trucks2018/11/14
    - EPA Plans New NOx Rules for Big Trucks
    - CA Offers Counter Proposal to EPA
    - China’s Zotye Plans to Sell SUVs In U.S.
    - Aston Martin Shows Off Its First SUV
    - Chevy Offers Race Parts for Colorado ZR2
    - Ford and Walmart Test Autonomous Delivery
    - BMW Ramps Up Use Of 3D Printed Parts
  82. AD #2477 – Waymo Set for Public Launch, GM’s Maven Expands Outside GM, Which Brands Hold Value Best?2018/11/13
    - Waymo Nearly Ready for Public Launch
    - GM’s Maven Expands Outside the Company
    - ALG Hands Out Annual Pre-Owned Value Awards
    - Big Truck Sales Keep Going Up
    - Jaguar Celebrates with Rally F-TYPE
    - Most Powerful Non-M 3 Series Ever
    - ZF Tests Drone Package Delivery
  83. AD #2476 – ACC Grows in Popularity, Hyundai’s Steel Advantage, Ethics of Programming an Autonomous Car2018/11/12
    - Tesla Raises Base Price of Model S and X
    - GM Expands Marketplace Service
    - Weekend Racing Results
    - ACC Grows in Popularity
    - Ethics of Programming an Autonomous Car
    - Isuzu Still Alive in The U.S.
    - Hyundai’s Steel Advantage
  84. AD #2475 – BMW Shares M8 Details, Volkswagen Plans Low Cost EV, Is It Time to Drop the F in FCA?2018/11/09
    - Is It Time to Drop the F in FCA?
    - VW Plans Low Cost EV
    - BMW Shares Some M8 Details
    - Daimler and Bosch Launch Ride Hailing Service in CA
    - You Said It!
  85. AD #2474 – Tesla Names New Chairman, Toyota Turns to Hydrogen for Plants, FCA Gains Most Market Share in U.S.2018/11/08
    - China Could Snap Growth Streak
    - Tesla Names New Chairman
    - Ford and GM Invest in eMobility
    - Plastic Nut Wins Automotive Award
    - Toyota Turns to Hydrogen for Plants
    - Biggest Market Share Gainers in U.S.
  86. AD #2473 – VW Reveals New Pickup, BMW and Daimler Post Big Profit Drops, GM to Continue Producing Outgoing Trucks2018/11/07
    - VW Reveals New Compact Pickup
    - Nissan Unveils Frontier Rescue Truck
    - GM to Continue Producing Outgoing Pickups
    - BMW and Daimler Post Big Profit Drops
    - Rolls-Royce Sales Up Thanks to New Phantom
    - Harley Shows Off Production Version of LiveWire
    - PSA Using Chevy’s In Car Sharing Service
  87. AD #2472 – Nikola Develops European Semi, Ferrari’s Earnings Don’t Look Good, Hyundai Has Big Problems in China2018/11/06
    - Ducati Introduces eAssist Mountain Bike
    - Nikola Develops Fuel Cell Semi for Europe
    - Automakers to Sell Same Chinese Model
    - Ferrari’s Earnings Don’t Look Good
    - Hyundai Has Big Problems in China
    - Brazil Market Clawing Its Way Back
  88. AD #2471 – Audi Pioneers New Paint Process, Car Brands with Highest Loyalty, Cadillac Cancels Subscription Service2018/11/05
    - Lincoln Partners with Orchestra to Create Chimes
    - Cadillac Cancels Subscription Service
    - Harvick Wins at Texas
    - Audi Pioneers New Paint Process
    - Car Brands with Highest Loyalty
    - Land Rover Sales Soar While Jaguar Slumps
    - GM’s Pickup Weight Saving Strategy
  89. AD #2470 – Nissan Altima Body Panel Gap Explained, Car Sales Defy Experts, BMW Reveals 8 Series Convertible2018/11/02
    - Car Sales Defy Experts
    - Drop in Passenger Car Sales Slows
    - Tesla Props Up EV Segment
    - Nissan Altima Body Panel Gap Explained
    - Tesla Auto-Park Update Coming Soon
    - VW Teases New Pickup
    - BMW Reveals 8 Series Convertible
    - Car Dealers Oppose Import Tariffs
  90. AD #2469 – Another Bad Look for UAW, Hub Motors Headed for Production, Ford and GM Lost Millions on Mobility2018/11/01
    - UAW Uses Non-Union Labor to Build Former President’s House
    - Supplier Linamar Partners with Protean Electric
    - FCA Reports Good Q3 Earnings
    - Hyundai Announces New Design Leader
    - Ford and VW Talk AVs and EVs
    - Continental Works to Alleviate Traffic Jams
    - Ford and GM Lost Millions on Mobility Services
  91. AD #2468 – Honda’s Wild SEMA Concept, GM Earnings Soar Despite Sales Drop, Faraday Future in Trouble2018/10/31
    - GM Earnings Soar Despite Sales Drop
    - Faraday Future in Trouble
    - Faurecia Buys Clarion
    - Hyundai And Kia To Offer Solar Panels on Cars
    - New Manufacturing Process from Ford
    - FCA Reveals 1,000 Horsepower Crate Engine
    - Honda’s Rugged Open Air Vehicle
  92. AD #2467 – Tesla Rules EV Efficiency, Chevy Electrifies COPO Camaro, GM Wants Fuel Rules Set to Historic Rates2018/10/30
    - VW Reports Q3 Earnings, Looks More Healthy
    - GM Wants Economy Rules Set to Historic Rates
    - Lexus Creates Expensive Wine Cooler
    - Custom VW Jettas
    - Nissan 370Z Project Clubsport 23
    - Acura RDX Gets Graham Rahal Touch
    - GM Electrifies the COPO Camaro
    - Tesla Model X Zaps Jaguar I-PACE in Efficiency
  93. AD #2466 – Hyundai Veloster N Details, NHTSA Scolds Mercedes Over Recalls, Lewis Hamilton Wins 5th F1 Title2018/10/29
    - NHTSA Scolds Mercedes Over Recalls
    - Who Will Hit EV Credit Limit Next?
    - Hamilton Wins 5th F1 Title
    - Hyundai Veloster N Details
    - OEMs With Highest ADAS Penetration
    - How Much Do Uber Drivers Earn?
    - JLR Manufacturing Plan Pays Off
  94. AD #2465 – GM Calls for National ZEV Program, Tesla to Intro Neural Networks, Would You Lease A Used Car?2018/10/26
    - GM Calls for National ZEV Program
    - Ford and VW Deep in Collaboration Talks
    - U.S. Market Defies the Experts
    - Hyundai’s Amazingly Affordable Santro
    - Tesla to Intro Neural Networks
    - Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot
    - Would You Lease A Used Car?
  95. AD #2464 – ADAS Drives Up Repair Costs, OTA Needed to Boost EV Sales, Tesla Pops the Champagne Corks2018/10/25
    - Tesla Pops the Champagne Corks
    - Ford Profit Plummets
    - Tesla Stock Up, Ford Down
    - Consumer Reports Drops Tesla Recommendation
    - ADAS Drives Up Repair Costs
    - OTA Needed to Boost EV Sales
    - Gestamp Opens Factory in Japan
  96. AD #2463 – Continental Develops Biometric Technology, Why Long Range EVs Are Less Efficient, UK Bans “Reckless” Car Ads2018/10/24
    - Ford Revamps China Operations
    - UK Bans “Reckless” Car Ads
    - Tesla to Announce Earnings
    - Continental Develops Biometric Technology
    - Navya Opens Assembly Plant in U.S.
    - Renault Moves Twizy Production to South Korea
    - Why Long Range EVs Are Less Efficient
  97. AD #2462 – Grand Cherokee Replacement Date, Most and Least Efficient EV Models, Nissan Shows Off New Maxima2018/10/23
    - Ford Celebrates the Return of The Ranger
    - Ford Criticizes Trump’s Tariffs
    - Cherokee And Grand Cherokee Replacement Dates
    - Nissan Shows Off New Maxima
    - Dyson Picks Singapore For EV Production
    - Most and Least Efficient EV Models
    - Silverado’s New Braking Technology
    - Volkswagen XL1 Up for Auction
  98. AD #2461 – Hyundai-Kia Test Exoskeletons, FCA Gets $7 Billion Payoff, Engine Displacement Continues to Shrink2018/10/22
    - Musk Hypes the Hyperloop
    - Engine Displacement Continues to Shrink
    - Gearheads Talk Flatheads
    - Raikkonen Ends F1 Drought
    - Chase Wins One in The Chase
    - Hyundai-Kia Test Exoskeletons
    - FCA Gets $7 Billion Payoff
    - North American Production Grows
  99. AD #2460 – Ford Tries to Calm Dealer Fears, Hatchbacks Making a Comeback, Mid-Range Model 3 Orders Open2018/10/19
    - Ford Tries to Calm Dealer Fears
    - Ford Launches New Ad Campaign
    - First Look at Shelby GT500
    - Ford GT Gets an Extension
    - Wall Street Yawns at Ford Announcements
    - Hatchbacks Making a Comeback
    - Tesla Taking Orders for Mid-Range Model 3
    - Continental Develops New Wheel Concept
    - FCA’s eTorque System Fuel Savings
  100. AD #2459 – Auto Industry Headed for Downturn? More Porsche Taycan Details, Honda Adds Performance to Its Jet2018/10/18
    - Merrill Lynch Predicts Global Auto Downturn
    - Did Chevy Chicken Out of Texas Truck Rodeo?
    - Ford and Mahindra to Develop Engines and Telematics
    - More Details on Porsche’s First EV
    - Google Maps Now Shows EV Charging Stations
    - Honda Adds Performance Package to Its Jet
  101. AD #2458 – Tesla’s China Disadvantage, 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Updates, BMW Begins Shipping X72018/10/17
    - Senator Proposes to Eliminate EV Credit Cap
    - Tesla’s China Disadvantage
    - BMW Begins Shipping X7
    - Head-Up Display with Augmented Reality
    - Audi Tests AI for Quality Inspections
    - 2019 Chevy Camaro Updates
    - Skoda Introduces New SUV In China
  102. AD #2457 – German Industry in Trouble? SKODA Readies All-New Hatchback, Honda Improves Intersection Safety2018/10/16
    - Germany Could Lose Elite Status
    - Audi Slapped with Large Diesel Fine
    - Ford Gains Market Share in Europe
    - Ford Introduces New SUV for China
    - SKODA Names All-New European Hatchback
    - China’s NIO Exceeds Expectations
    - Short Sellers Go After Aston Martin
    - Merrill Lynch Bets on Ferrari
    - Honda Tests V2X in Ohio
  103. AD #2456 – Waymo Logs 10 Million Miles, Ford Fusions Dominate Talladega, A 1,000 Mile Per Hour Car!?2018/10/15
    - Waze Expands Carpool Service
    - Waymo Logs 10 Million Miles
    - A 1,000 Mile Per Hour Car!?
    - Ford Fusions Dominate Talladega
    - Epic Battle at IMSA Race
    - Torrance Wins 4th NHRA Race in A Row
    - Ford Edge ST Fuel Economy Story
  104. AD #2455 – Volvo S60/V60 Impressions, NHTSA OKs Adaptive Beam Headlights, Rinspeed Shows Off microSNAP2018/10/12
    - NHTSA OKs Adaptive Beam Headlights
    - Full Tesla EV Credit Still Available…For Now
    - Volvo S60/V60 Impressions
    - Rinspeed Shows Off microSNAP
    - GM Using 3D Printers on Factory Floor
  105. AD #2454 – Tesla Scolded Over Safety Claims, 4-Cylinder Silverado Details, BMW Takes Controlling Stake in China JV2018/10/11
    - VW Makes Management Changes
    - NHTSA Scolds Tesla Over Safety Claims
    - All-New 4-Cylinder Silverado Details
    - Jaguar I-PACE Sounds Like It’s from Space
    - BMW Takes Controlling Stake in China JV
    - Ford’s Intersection Priority Management
  106. AD #2453 – Ford to Use Parts Made Out of Graphene, NHTSA Considers AV Pilot Program, New Mercedes S-Class Plug-In2018/10/10
    - NHTSA Considers AV Pilot Program
    - GM Harnesses Wind Power at Several Plants
    - New Mercedes S-Class Plug-In
    - Ford to Start Using Parts Made Out of Graphene
    - Bosch Launches Electric Van Sharing Service
    - Ford Develops Electric Vans for DHL
  107. AD #2452 – BMW Says Batteries Will Always Be Expensive, Jeep to Make 1st PHEV, Fiat 124 Has Highest Inventory2018/10/09
    - BMW Says Batteries Will Always Be Expensive
    - Luxury Brands Struggling in China
    - Ford Revamps Its Advertising
    - Jeep to Make Renegade PHEV
    - Even Bugatti is Considering an SUV
    - Toyota Helps Promote Wheelchair Moto Cross
    - Trump to Give Thumbs Up to E-15
    - Fiat 124 Spider Has Highest Inventory
  108. AD #2451 – Model 3 the Safest Car Ever? Ford Likely to Layoff Workers, Mercedes Makes Big Battery Investment2018/10/08
    - Tesla Tops NHTSA Safety List
    - Ford Reorganization Likely to Lead to Layoffs
    - Mercedes Makes Big Battery Investment
    - Formula 1 Racing Results
    - NASCAR Racing Results
    - NHRA Top Fuel Racing Results
    - Income Breakdown of New Car Buyers
    - The Kind of Women Who Drive Muscle Cars
  109. AD #2450 – Chevy Bolt EV Sales Plunge, Autonomy’s Impact on Automakers, Chinese Market Slowing Down2018/10/05
    - Chevy Bolt EV Sales Plunge
    - Car Sales Stall in Europe
    - Chinese Market Slowing Down
    - Honda Backs Out of Deal with Waymo
    - Valeo’s Clever Camera Lens Cleaner
    - GM #1 Company in Gender Equality
    - Autonomy’s Impact on Automakers
  110. AD #2449 – Super Cruise Tops Autopilot in CR Test, Honda Invests in Cruise, Most Popular Car Brands in Songs2018/10/04
    - Honda Invests in Cruise Automation
    - Super Cruise Tops Autopilot in CR Test
    - AM General Reportedly for Sale
    - California’s ‘Electric For All’ Campaign
    - NASCAR’s Roval a Ratings Hit
    - Most Popular Car Brands in Songs
  111. AD #2448 – Corvette Grand Sport Impressions, VW Parts Ways with Audi’s CEO, Car Sales Slump in September2018/10/03
  112. AD #2447 – FCA Management Shakeup, GM Test Tracked Radio Habits, BMW Reveals New 7th-Gen 3 Series2018/10/02
  113. AD #2446 – Smart Reveals Forease Concept, Musk Settles Suit with SEC, VW And Microsoft Partner on Digital Services2018/10/01
  114. AD #2445 – SEC Sues Musk for Fraud, Infiniti Develops Car with F1 Tech, Millennials Do Like Cars2018/09/28
  115. AD #2444 – Ford in Talks w/ VW and Mahindra, Cadillac Moving Back to Detroit, Drivers Need More ADAS Education2018/09/27
  116. AD #2443 – Daimler Names New CEO, EV Sales Soar in Europe, Warren Buffett’s BYD Bet Pays Off2018/09/26
  117. AD #2442 – Continental Increasing EV Range in Winter, Tesla Now Building Car Carriers, PPG Develops Low-Cure Paint2018/09/25
  118. AD #2441 – Porsche Drops Diesels from Lineup, Tesla Making Progress with Semi Truck, GMC Sierra eAssist Details2018/09/24
  119. AD #2440 – Peugeot Unveils Retro Inspired Concept, NASCAR Viewership Sliding, Daimler Tests AI to Help Engineers2018/09/21
  120. AD #2439 – Dealer Group Predicted Tesla Issues, Ride-Hailing Getting More Popular, Wild New Holographic AR Nav System2018/09/20
  121. AD #2438 – Ferrari’s New Limited Edition Models, Ford Reveals Plug-In Transit, Car Sales Soar in Europe2018/09/19
  122. AD #2437 – Audi Reveals e-tron, Elon Musk Sued Over Pedophile Comment, BMW May Bring Diesels Back to U.S.2018/09/18
  123. AD #2436 – BMW’s Tesla Fighter, China Market Down…Yet Again, Dixon Wins 5th IndyCar Championship2018/09/17
  124. AD #2435 – Illuminati Motor Works’ Wild EV, Volkswagen Drops the Beetle, Top Automakers in Europe in 20182018/09/14
  125. AD #2434 – New Aston Martin EV Details, Volvo Trucks Develops Cab-Less AV, Repair Shops Not Following OEM Guidelines2018/09/13
  126. AD #2433 – Mercedes Reveals New GLE, Don Panoz Passes Away, BMW Develops Autonomous Motorcycle2018/09/12
  127. AD #2432 – Benefits of Thermoplastic Liftgates, AV Communication Standard Needed, New App for Distracted Driving2018/09/11
  128. AD #2431 – Kia Reveals Telluride SUV, Mercedes Unveils Wild Concept, Shareholders Sue Volkswagen2018/09/10
  129. AD #2430 – Kia K900’s Staggering Repair Costs, Suzuki Abandons China, Ford Teases Electric Crossover2018/09/07
  130. AD #2429 – Tesla Props Up EV Segment, Acura ILX Gets a New Look, 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Impressions2018/09/06
  131. AD #2428 – Mercedes-Benz’s First Serious EV, Passenger Cars Continue to Plummet, Volvo’s Vision for Mobility2018/09/05
  132. AD #2427 – Ford Merging with VW in Europe? WLTP Creating a Bit of Havoc, Baojun Shows New Small Electric Car2018/09/04
  133. AD #2426 – Cadillac Escalade Turns 20, New Kia Forte Impressions, Progress of High Octane Fuel Standard2018/08/31
  134. AD #2425 – Ford Gets Downgraded, Hyundai Goes Back to the Drawing Board, Roechling Develops Active Air Blinds2018/08/30
  135. AD #2424 – Details on New Trade Agreement, Mercedes and Kia Teasers Look Very Similar, New Auto Lighting Company2018/08/29
  136. AD #2423 – U.S. and Mexico Reach Trade Deal, Toyota Makes Uber Investment, Waymo Sets Up Chinese Subsidiary2018/08/28
  137. AD #2422 – Mercedes Creates Retro Race Car, Musk Won’t Take Tesla Private, Santa Fe’s Structural Improvements2018/08/27
  138. AD #2421 – Audi Unveils PB 18 e-Tron, Elon Musk Hires Help to Take Tesla Private, Why We Hate Warning Labels2018/08/24
  139. AD #2420 – Hyundai Updates the Elantra, Geely Makes a Great Leap Forward, Fewer Subprime Car Buyers2018/08/23
  140. AD #2419 – Opel Concept Hints at Future Design, Kona EV Bests Model 3 and Bolt EV, More People Like to Lease2018/08/22
  141. AD #2418 – Ford Ranger Raptor Debuts in Europe, Short Sellers Take Advantage of Tesla Volatility, Digital Cockpit for Buses2018/08/21
  142. AD #2417 – Car Sales Red Hot in Russia, BMW M8 Wins 1st Race, MPG Freeze Will Lead to Fewer EV Sales2018/08/20
  143. AD #2416 – New Mustang Cobra Jet Unveiled, Magna’s SmartAccess Technology, VW Doesn’t Need More Economy of Scale2018/08/17
  144. AD #2415 – The SEC is Investigating Tesla, VW Offers Bold Color Palette, Bollinger B1 Already Gets a Face Lift2018/08/16
  145. AD #2414 – How Automakers Can Free Up Billions in Capital, Infiniti Teases Electric Concept, Big Truck Sales Soar2018/08/15
  146. AD #2413 – Is There More to UAW and FCA Scandal? Did Saudis Influence Musk? New Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel?2018/08/14
  147. AD #2412 - Autonomy Could Save You Thousands, More Details on All-New Chevy Silverado, Lidar’s First Casualty2018/08/13
  148. AD #2411 – Ford to Run Mustang in NASCAR, Mazda Diesel Has Disappointing MPGs, Chevy Silverado Goes Tow Crazy2018/08/10
  149. AD #2410 – SEC Investigating Elon Musk for Fraud, GM’s New Fuel Management System, Parking Brakes Get Expanding Role2018/08/09
  150. AD #2409 – Ford Rolls Out Exoskeleton Tech Globally, Musk Considers Taking Tesla Private, GM Pickups Rack Up Test Miles2018/08/08
  151. AD #2408 – Electrification to Reduce Trans Gears, Sanctions on Iran Impact OEMs, Jaguar E-PACE Impressions2018/08/07
  152. AD #2407 – FCA Attempts to Block Roxor, Tesla Develops Neural Network Chips, Nissan Sells Battery Operations2018/08/06
  153. AD #2406 – Tesla No Longer a Niche Player, GM Seeks Envision Tariff Exemption, Trump Proposes MPG Rollback2018/08/03
  154. AD #2405 – Ford Could Leave South America, Tesla to Boost Model 3 Production, Automakers Post Slight Sales Gain2018/08/02
  155. AD #2404 – Detroit Three Fall Behind in Crossovers, Ford Ranger Makes Towing Easier, UPS Tests Electric Delivery Truck2018/08/01
  156. AD #2403 – Ford Could Offer Small Pickup in U.S., Harley Shows New Products, Toyota Boosts Range of Fuel Cell Semi2018/07/31
  157. AD #2402 – EPA Reverses Glider Truck Rule, Concours d’Elegance Highlights, Market for Passive ADAS About to Explode2018/07/30
  158. AD #2401 – ZF Fights Motion Sickness, Rental Companies Face Existential Crisis, Detroit Automakers Report Lower Profits2018/07/27
  159. AD #2400 – Trump Backs Off on EU Tariffs, Toyota Sees Profit in Fuel Cells, Daimler Splits into Three Separate Units2018/07/26
  160. AD #2399 – RIP Sergio Marchionne, Ford Creates Autonomous Vehicle Unit, Porsche Unveils the New Macan2018/07/25
  161. AD #2398 – Millennials Driving Car Sales, Another New Chinese EV Brand, Mercedes Has Most Aerodynamic Production Car2018/07/24
  162. AD #2397 – Sergio Marchionne Leaves FCA, BMW Plans to Electrify M Division, New Toyota Supra Details2018/07/23
  163. AD #2396 – 2019 Audi A8 Pricing, Dodge Reveals New Cars for Drag Strip, Continental Splits into Three Units2018/07/20
  164. AD #2395 – Hyundai Opens “Showroom” on Amazon, BMW Using X-Ray for Quality, Nissan Reveals LEAF NISMO2018/07/19
  165. AD #2394 – Acura Refreshes the MDX for 2019, Genesis Poaches Top Talent, Green Cars Make Progress2018/07/18
  166. AD #2393 – Dealerships in Trouble, Aston and Rolls Develop VTOLs, Tesla Consolidates Electronics for Big Savings2018/07/17
  167. AD #2392 – Genesis G70 Driving Impressions, Model 3 Solidly Profitable, AWD Vehicles Booming Globally2018/07/16
  168. AD #2391 – Lamborghini’s Sales on Fire, Tesla Loses $7,500 Tax Credit, Maserati Unveils High Performance Levante2018/07/13
  169. AD #2390 – GM Grabs Pickup Crown, Genesis Moves to Build-to-Order, Ford Fusion Name Will Live On2018/07/12
  170. AD #2389 – Ford, BMW and PSA Test 5G-V2X, China Approves Tesla Factory, Ronaldo’s Move to Italy a Goldmine for Jeep2018/07/11
  171. AD #2388 – BMW Expands Presence in China, New Stitching Process Uses Lasers, Mercedes Upgrades Its Buses2018/07/10
  172. AD #2387 – Honda Introduces Hybrid Scooter, Trade War Leads to Price Increases, Car Sales Continue to Defy Experts2018/07/09
  173. AD #2386 – Nissan and Italdesign Create GT-R Prototype, Dodge’s Most Powerful SRT Hellcat Lineup Ever, Robots Won’t Kill Jobs2018/06/29
  174. AD #2385 – Waymo Wants Partner for Europe, Musk Has Words for Doubters, Volvo and FedEx Test Autonomous Platooning2018/06/28
  175. AD #2384 – Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Details, Audi Delays e-tron Launch, Volvo Plans Level 4 AV2018/06/27
  176. AD #2383 – Volvo Predicts Shorter Range EVs, Pratt and Miller Develops Extreme Suspension, Next-Gen Malibu Details2018/06/26
  177. AD #2382 – VW Breaks Pikes Peak Record, Auto Shows Benefit Small Carmakers, Graphene Used to Heat and Cool Seats2018/06/25
  178. AD #2381 – Blazer Back from the Dead, Toyota Upgrades the Century, Volvo’s Autonomous Technology for Boats2018/06/22
  179. AD #2380 – Volvo Takes on Tesla Model 3, Mazda Gives Miata More Power, Audi to Test Passenger Drones2018/06/21
  180. AD #2379 – Porsche Acquires Stake in Rimac, Ford and VW Explore Partnership, Honda Insight Driving Impressions2018/06/20
  181. AD #2378 – Angry Employee Sabotages Tesla, Really Old FCA Platform Extended, Mercedes Tests First Electric SUV2018/06/19
  182. AD #2377 – Domino’s Offers to Fix Potholes, New Manufacturing Technique, Is A 50-Mile EV Range Adequate?2018/06/18
  183. AD #2376 – Cars and Cognac, Mid-Size Pickup Sales Soar, New Build Process Needed for AVs2018/06/15
  184. AD #2375 – UAW Elects a New President, Ford and Daimler End Fuel Cell Partnership, Could Car Sales Drop by Millions?2018/06/14
  185. AD #2374 – Ferrari To Offer Bridgestone Run-Flat Tires, Tesla Cuts Workforce, Used Car Prices Hit Record High2018/06/13
  186. AD #2373 – Continental Creates Morphing Technology, Ford Upgrades the Shelby GT350, Trump Tariff Threatens Car Sales2018/06/12
  187. AD #2372 – Porsche Mission E Now the Taycan, AxleTech Develops New E-Axle, UAW Facing Tumultuous Convention2018/06/11
  188. AD #2371 – Kia Unveils Electric Niro, Nissan Kicks Driving Impressions, German Unions Worried EVs Will Kill Jobs2018/06/08
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  190. AD #2369 – FCA Has Big Plans for Jeep, All-New Audi Q8 Revealed, Musk Gets Emotional Talking Tesla2018/06/06
  191. AD #2368 – Lincoln to Drop Continental, Continental AG Bans Certain Social Media, Ride-Sharing Getting Vending Machines2018/06/05
  192. AD #2367 – May Sales Stronger Than Expected, Toyota to Merge Electronics with Denso, Daimler Launching a Comedy Show2018/06/04
  193. AD #2366 – Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Pros and Cons, FCA Presents Five-Year Plan, GM Cruise Gets Huge Investment2018/06/01
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  195. AD #2364 – Nissan Slashes Production, Panasonic Developing Cobalt-Free Batteries, GM Explains South Korea Decision2018/05/30
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  197. AD #2362 – Anheuser Wants Hydrogen Network, Uber At Fault for Fatal Accident, How GM Balances Its Scale2018/05/25
  198. AD #2361 – Imported Vehicles a Security Threat? Elon Musk Criticizes the Media, HERE Creates New OTA Update Solution2018/05/24
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  201. AD #2358 – Performance Tesla Model 3 Details, Solid State Batteries Decade Away? FCA in Diesel Emissions Hot Water2018/05/21
  202. AD #2357 – Shell’s High Mileage Semi-Truck, Fiat Stops Building Most Pass Cars In Italy, Is Africa the Next Auto Powerhouse?2018/05/18
  203. AD #2356 – VW Says Au Revoir to Paris, GM to Extend Platform Lifecycle, Safety Lessons Translate to Giant Moonroof2018/05/17
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  208. AD #2351 – Cadillac Will Drop ATS Sedan, Jeep Wrangler 4-Cylinder Fuel Economy, Rolls-Royce Reveals Cullinan SUV2018/05/10
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  210. AD #2349 – NASCAR Looking for Potential Buyers, Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise, New Toyota Highlander Coming Soon2018/05/08
  211. AD #2348 – Poor Levante Sales Hurt Maserati, Mazda Turns It Around, Lyft Partners with Aptiv2018/05/07
  212. AD #2347 – Former VW CEO Charged in Diesel Scandal, Ferrari Is Minting Money, Dealers Respond to EV Critics2018/05/04
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  220. AD #2339 – Maybach CUV Concept Gets a Trunk, Electric Busses Dent Oil Demand, DiDi Has Uber in Its Sights2018/04/24
  221. AD #2338 – Japan Needs AV Trucks for Driver Shortage, New Toyota Avalon Details, Tesla Model 3′s Advanced Electronics2018/04/23
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  225. AD #2334 – China to Lift Foreign Ownership Cap, VW Could Buy Navistar, Lidar Prices Dropping Fast2018/04/17
  226. AD #2333 – GM Slaps Big Discount on Escalade, Company Applies V2V to Racing, Tesla Has Too Many Robots2018/04/16
  227. AD #2332 – Carmakers Call for High Octane Gas, Tesla Feuds with the NTSB, Big Oil Seeks Biofuels Waiver2018/04/13
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  231. AD #2328 – Mazda’s Sales Soar in 2018, New Technique to Build Roads, Chevy Spark on The Chopping Block2018/04/09
  232. AD #2327 – Green Car Segment Not Growing, Michael Sprague Leaves Kia, Are Executives Paid Too Much?2018/04/06
  233. AD #2326 – Tesla Misses Model 3 Goals Again, BMW Jumps on Subscription Bandwagon, Sonic and Impala Going Away2018/04/05
  234. AD #2325 – Escape Struggles in IIHS Test, Car Sales Rebound in March, Where Do Designers Find Inspiration?2018/04/04
  235. AD #2324 – GM Drops Monthly Sales Stats, Scott Pruitt Sets Off a Firestorm, JLR Looks to the USA2018/04/03
  236. AD #2323 – Will Trump’s Tax Cut Help or Hurt Sales?, NTSB Angry at Tesla, GM Korea Struggles Continue2018/04/02
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  238. AD #2321 – Tesla Taking It on the Chin, BMW and Daimler Merge Mobility Services, Cadillac Won’t Share New V82018/03/29
  239. AD #2320 – Toyota Introduces New RAV4, Waymo Places Big Jaguar Order, Audi Expands RS Lineup2018/03/28
  240. AD #2319 – California Ready to Fight EPA, Affordable AVs Coming Soon, New GMC Off-Road Brand to See Entire Lineup2018/03/27
  241. AD #2318 – BMW Pulls Out of Detroit Show, Waymo Calls Out Uber, Hyundai’s Union Chief Calls EVs “Evil”2018/03/26
  242. AD #2317 – Toyota Introduces Corolla Hatchback, Ford and Mahindra Team Up, Auto Industry at War Over Talent2018/03/23
  243. AD #2316 – Video of Uber AV Accident Released, Cadillac Gets Exclusive Engine, New Bentley to Have Porsche Bones2018/03/22
  244. AD #2315 – Jeep Reveals Moab Concepts, Ford Updates the Fusion, Autonomous Uber Accident Unavoidable2018/03/21
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  247. AD #2312 – Audi R8 On the Chopping Block, GM Ready to Mass Produce AVs, Ford Uncovered2018/03/16
  248. AD #2311 – Lamborghini Hits Major Milestone, China Corners Battery Materials Market, Lowe’s Drops NASCAR Sponsorship2018/03/15
  249. AD #2310 – Cadillac Plans to Produce the Escala, Showdown Over Fuel Economy Standards, Big Truck Sales Soar2018/03/14
  250. AD #2309 – Buick Axes “Buick” Badge, VW Secures Billions for Battery Supplies, Tesla Could Put Strain on Rare Earth Demand2018/03/13
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  257. AD #2302 – GMC Unveils the New Sierra, U.S. Car Sales Drop in February, Volvo XC40 Walkaround2018/03/02
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  260. AD #2299 – Ferrari to Add More Hybrids, GM is Going to Lose Pickup Sales, Denso Develops Better Night Vision2018/02/27
  261. AD #2298 – Geely Now Daimler’s Largest Shareholder, Nissan Introduces New SUV, FCA’s Ralph Gilles a Hero2018/02/26
  262. AD #2297 – Peugeot Reveals The 508, Congress Wants to Open New VW Probe, Will Lincoln Introduce a Performance Car?2018/02/23
  263. AD #2296 – Ford Fires Head of North America, PSA and Qualcomm to Test C-V2X, Hyundai Introduces the All-New Santa Fe2018/02/22
  264. AD #2295 – Headlight Placement Debate, BP Forecasts Drop in Oil Demand, Bosch Enters Ride Sharing Business2018/02/21
  265. AD #2294 – Toyota’s New Magnet Cuts Rare Earths, Part Values Driving Auto Thefts, VW Shows 1st I.D. Autonomous Vehicle2018/02/20
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  283. AD #2276 – 2019 Jeep Cherokee Updates, Strike Looms in Germany, Trump Tax Cuts Boost FCA and Ford Earnings2018/01/25
  284. AD #2275 - Jeep Reveals New Commander, Another Tesla Autopilot Crash, Explorer Investigated Over Carbon Monoxide Leaks2018/01/24
  285. AD #2274 - Veemo’s Velomobile for Mobility, Tesla Stock Could Soar Even More, Honda Ridgeline Update2018/01/23
  286. AD #2273 – Diesel Sales Match Green Cars, Details on the New Volkswagen Golf, Valeo Takes Advantage of V2V2018/01/22
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  288. AD #2271 – Saudi Oil Company Backs Achates Engine, AVs Produce a Lot of Data, Mazda Sees Opportunity for Rotary Engine2018/01/18
  289. AD #2270 – Ford Spends Billions on EVs, Ferrari Wants to Take on Tesla, Eyes on Design Winners2018/01/17
  290. AD #2269 – New Avalon Has Bold Grille, Ram Reveals the New 1500, Acura Unveils RDX Prototype2018/01/16
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  316. AD #2235 – Mary Barra Details GM’s EV Strategy, Why Hybrids Don’t Sell, Rosie The Door Slamming Robot2017/11/16
  317. AD #2234 – Ford Has Too Many Passenger Cars, Citroen Refreshes Cactus, Hyundai To Launch 8 CUVs2017/11/15
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  321. AD #2229 – Buick Reveals 2nd Avenir Model, GM and Ford SUV Battle, Navistar and VW Create EV School Bus2017/11/08
  322. AD #2228 – PSA to Cut Some Opel Models, Toyota and BMW Post Earnings, Lamborghini Debuts EV Supercar Concept2017/11/07
  323. AD #2227 – New Safety Tech for Motorcycles, Global Car Sales Continue To Grow, Can Tesla Meet Production Goals?2017/11/06
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  329. AD #2219 – Best Selling Vehicles Around The World, Ford Management Shake-Up, Honda Reveals Sports EV Concept2017/10/25
  330. AD #2218 – Honda Zeros In On Hips and Ankles, VW Diesels Get a Thumbs Up, GM Earnings Drop Drastically2017/10/24
  331. AD #2217 – Toyota’s Purpose-Built Taxi, Used EVs Are Hot Sellers, Wall Street Warms Up To Autos2017/10/23
  332. AD #2215 – Small Overlap Test Moves to Passengers, Math Formula for Validating Robo Cars, Smart Seats for Ride-Sharing2017/10/19
  333. AD #2214 – The End of the ICE?, GM Wants to Test AVs in NYC, There’s How Many Cars on Plant Earth!?2017/10/18
  334. AD #2213 – Polestar Reveals Its First Car, Daimler Tests Autonomous Snow Plows, Lamborghini Doubles Production in Italy2017/10/17
  335. AD #2211 – BMW Develops Connected Motorcycle, GM Cuts More Production, Toyota Set To Test Fuel-Cell Semi2017/10/13
  336. AD #2210 – Toyota to Halve Japanese Lineup, California to Allow Driver-Less AV Tests, Lear Creates Intelligent Seat2017/10/12
  337. AD #2209 – Land Rover Introduces New Range Rover, Post Office Wants To Use Autonomous Trucks, New Electric SUV2017/10/11
  338. AD #2208 – OEMs Could Miss EU CO2 Targets, Cruise Makes Impressive Progress, Mazda and Mitsubishi Tease Tokyo Concepts2017/10/10
  339. AD #2207 – GM’s Modular Fuel Cell Truck, More Details On Mazda’s HCCI Engine, Car Manufacturing Ends In Australia2017/10/09
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  342. AD #2204 – How the Demon Was Kept a Secret, U.S. August SAAR Surges, Ford’s Plan to Cut Costs2017/10/04
  343. AD #2203 – VW’s Dealers Revolt Against SUV Name, GM Sees All-Electric Future, EV Prices Likely To Go Up a Lot2017/10/03
  344. AD #2202 - 2018 Accord First Impressions, Cummins and Achates Developing Military Engine, VW's Plan to Win Back Trust2017/10/02
  345. AD #2201 – Diesel Woes Costs VW Billions More, China Pushes EV Goals Back, Hyundai Introduces New Accent2017/09/29
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  347. AD #2198 – Daimler Tests V2V Platooning, OEMs Don’t Like Paying Tesla EV Credits, Subaru and Suzuki Tokyo Concepts2017/09/26
  348. AD #2197 – Faraday Future Cuts Ties with Nevada, JLR Interested In Buying a Luxury Brand, Used Cars Get Connected2017/09/25
  349. AD #2195 – Ford Augments Its Design Process, Russian Sales Continue to Rebound, Volvo Introduces All-New XC402017/09/21
  350. AD #2194 – Qualcomm’s Intriguing V2V Chipset, Nikola Teams Up With Bosch, Who’s Getting Ready for a Drop in Sales?2017/09/20
  351. AD #2193 – China May Drop JV Rule for EVs, Mack Introduces New Class 8 Semi, Cars That Deliver Themselves2017/09/19
  352. AD #2191 – New Production-Based EV Racing, Daimler Launches Commercial EV, Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles2017/09/15
  353. AD #2190 – Big Truck Sales Up, Ford Testing AV Interaction, Unique Process Helps Form New Continental GT2017/09/14
  354. AD #2189 – Honda Unveils Urban EV Concept, U.S. Eases Autonomous Car Rules, Benefits of 4-Wheel Steering2017/09/13
  355. AD #2188 – Audi Concept Hints at Future Design, Mercedes Reveals F1-Powered Supercar, How Retailers Can Boost Revenue2017/09/12
  356. AD #2187 – First Look: Volvo XC60, Mercedes Plans to Electrify Entire Line-Up, China Considers Banning Gas and Diesel Cars2017/09/11
  357. AD #2186 – Jaguar Reveals Futuristic Concept, Uber to Stop Using Diesels in London, BMW Unveils Large SUV Concept2017/09/08
  358. AD #2185 – Green Cars to Hit Milestone, Porsche’s U.S. SUV Sales Collapsing, How Land Rover’s Activity Key Works2017/09/07
  359. AD #2183 – Wealthy Buying Fewer New Cars, JLR Develops Future Steering Wheel, AM/FM Radio Faces Grim Future2017/09/05
  360. AD #2182 – VW Expects Big SUV Growth, New Technology’s Impact on Design, Car Sales Continue Global Growth2017/09/01
  361. AD #2181 – Cummins Unveils Electric Semi, Porsche Shows Off New Cayenne, Magna Develops Autonomy-In-A-Box2017/08/31
  362. AD #2179 – Aston Martin to Electrify Entire Lineup, EV Programs Impacting Low Volume Vehicles, Robo Cars Deliver Pizza2017/08/29
  363. AD #2178 – Hyundai Sonata Gets Significant Refresh, Honda Clocks Go Crazy, HCCI Engine Breakthrough?2017/08/28
  364. AD #2176 – Daimler to Restructure Company, ADAS Technology Has Impact, Volkswagen Introduces New Small CUV2017/08/24
  365. AD #2175 – Hyundai Plans to Sell Small Pick-Up, Audi to Test Solar Roof Panels, 2018 GMC Terrain Impressions2017/08/23
  366. AD #2173 – China’s Great Wall Wants Jeep, Mass. Tax on Autonomous Vehicles, Mercedes Unveils Stunning Concept2017/08/21
  367. AD #2172 – BMW Reveals Z4 Concept, Honda Introduces High MPG Diesel, Hyundai Teases New Fuel Cell SUV2017/08/18
  368. AD #2171 – U.S Car Market Stronger Than Reported, New Hydroforming Technique, ZF’s Vision Zero2017/08/17
  369. AD #2170 – Chevy Cuts the Price of the Tahoe, FCA Joins Autonomous Partnership, Easy Mile Expands To Texas2017/08/16
  370. AD #2169 – Automakers Have Too Many Models, Equinox Diesel Flirts w/ 40MPG, Who’s Next in Line for FCA CEO?2017/08/15
  371. AD #2167 – Ride-Sharing Could Hurt Car Ownership, GM Makes Financial Progress, Chevy Unveils Stylish NASCAR Camaro ZL12017/08/11
  372. AD #2166 – Secondary Loop A/C System, Continental’s Wild Wheel and Brake Combo, Hot Stamping Gets Cold Shoulder2017/08/10
  373. AD #2164 – Mazda Cracks HCCI Code? Nissan Sells Global Battery Business, Chrysler Invests in Kids Only Ride-Sharing2017/08/08
  374. AD #2163 – LIDAR Market Looks Like a Gold Mine, Nissan Workers Reject UAW, Maserati Earnings Skyrocket2017/08/07
  375. AD #2161 – Tesla and BMW Report Q2 Earnings, Mercedes 3D Prints Metal Parts, Developing Odyssey’s Magic Slide Seats2017/08/03
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  382. AD #2152 – GM and UAW Concerned Over Sales Slump, Audi Issues Diesel Recall, Do We Need Traffic Lights in The Future?2017/07/21
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  387. AD #2145 – Billions Will Be Wasted on Autonomy, London’s Black Cabs Go Electric, Toyota Forms New AI and Robotics Subsidiary2017/07/12
  388. AD #2143 – Future Looks Bright for EVs, Ferrari SUV In the Works, Automakers Have Too Much Inventory2017/07/10
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  392. AD #2139 – Giant Diesel Recall Proposed, New BMW X3 Gets 1st M Version, Interesting Story Behind Mazda’s Name2017/06/27
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  417. AD #2106 – Intel Makes Automotive U-Turn, EVs Won’t Turn Profit Anytime Soon, Used Sales Set to Explode in China2017/05/10
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  419. AD #2103 – China Now Cadillac’s #1 Market, Creating Audio Systems Isn’t Easy, GM EN-V Pilot Program Ends2017/05/05
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  425. AD #2095 – Shell’s Hydrogen Station of the Future, Nissan Gives NISMO a Boost, Q1 Mid-Size Truck Sales in the U.S.2017/04/25
  426. AD #2094 – Carmakers Boost Production, Delphi’s Aftermarket OTA Updates, Why Buick Thinks Customers Will Pay More2017/04/24
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  432. AD #2086 – Lincoln Reveals All-New Navigator, Buick Unveils the Enclave, Dodge Takes the Wraps off the Demon2017/04/12
  433. AD #2085 – Autonomous Cars Will Drive a Lot, Cadillac CT6 1st to Get Super Cruise, Jeep Celebrates 25 Years of Grand Cherokee2017/04/11
  434. AD #2083 – Subaru Updates the Outback, Jeep’s Wild Quicksand Concept, Green Cars Outpacing Most Segments2017/04/07
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  440. AD #2076 – Automakers Face Tool and Die Crisis, Skoda Reveals 1st EV, Clay Still Important to the Design Process2017/03/29
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  467. AD #2041 – Ford Reveals the New Expedition, Rochling’s Clever Way to Build Cars, Nissan Creates Beefed Up Titan2017/02/08
  468. AD #2040 – Dodge Unveils Durango SRT, Are Classic Cars Still a Good Investment?, General Motors Says “Ka-Ching”2017/02/07
  469. AD #2039 – Daimler Sacrifices Profit for R and D, Fords Depreciate the Least, Sales By Segments2017/02/06
  470. AD #2037 – Car Sales Nurse December Hangover, Tata Adds New Upscale Brand, First Look: 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid2017/02/02
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  472. AD #2035 – Honda and GM Form Fuel Cell JV, Ford’s Unique Super Bowl Ad, Opel Unveils All-New Crossland X2017/01/31
  473. AD #2033 – Ford Puts Wi-Fi in Older Cars, Mazda Management Shakeup, Trump and Musk Hug-Fest2017/01/27
  474. AD #2032 – FCA Has Diesel Fix, Ford’s Profits Plummet, Elio Motors Delays Again2017/01/26
  475. AD #2030 – Customers Tooling Up Achates’ OP Engine, Faraday May Not Have a Future, Hella Develops Smart Headlights2017/01/24
  476. AD #2029 – GM Bullish on Diesels, BMW’s Head of Design Leaves Company, Mustang Puts the Top Down2017/01/23
  477. AD #2027 – CARB Fires a Warning Shot, European Sales Hit 9-Year High, Reconfiguring Interiors for Autonomy2017/01/19
  478. AD #2026 – Ford Updates the Mustang, Top Selling Small CUVs in 2016, Hands-Off Road Trip of the Future2017/01/18
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  527. AD #1960 – Ram Overtakes Silverado, OEMs Not Prepared for Connected Tech., Forces Join to Eliminate Traffic Deaths2016/10/06
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  543. AD #1941 – China Accuses Nissan and Hyundai of Cheating, Elio Beat to Market, Lexus Shows “Edgy” Crossover Concept2016/09/09
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  546. AD #1938 – VW Considers Skoda for U.S., All-New Land Rover Discovery, Supplier Business Set to Boom2016/09/06
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  552. AD #1932 – VW Settles With Dealers, Used EV Batteries Get Second Life, Ford Makes Parking Easier2016/08/26
  553. AD #1931 – Auto Braking Systems Vary Greatly, California Wants Stricter GHG Regs, 1st Autonomous Taxi Launches2016/08/25
  554. AD #1930 – Volvo Trucks Sets 2 World Speed Records, Kia Teases the New Rio, Tesla Boosts Performance and Range2016/08/24
  555. AD #1929 – Delphi and Mobileye Join Forces, Americans Not Ready for EVs, Ssangyong Motors Eyes U.S. Market2016/08/23
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  559. AD #1925 – Ford Targets 2021 for Full Autonomy, Dodge Reveals Dream Cruise Cars, VW Execs Face Punishment in Korea2016/08/17
  560. AD #1924 – DoJ Could Drop Hammer on VW, GMC Bringing Back the Jimmy, Audi 1st to Launch V2I Technology2016/08/16
  561. AD #1923 – Civic Hatchback Details Revealed, Sierra Club Slams EV Marketing, Titan Gets 100,000-Mile Warranty2016/08/15
  562. AD #1922 – Karma Automotive Reveals the Revero, Panoz Pokes Nissan, Heavy Truck Sales Plunge2016/08/12
  563. AD #1921 – Camilo Pardo Designs Car for Local Motors, IndyCar Ditches Unique Aero Kits, Mercedes Teases New Maybach2016/08/11
  564. AD #1920 – Another Tesla Autopilot Crash, Raptor Improves by Leaps and Bounds, Canadian Labor Talks Kick Off2016/08/10
  565. AD #1919 – Ford Econoline Still Kickin’, Official Leak of Autonomous Bolt, GM Readies for Downturn2016/08/09
  566. AD #1918 – Top Google Execs Jump Ship, Another Threat to Dealers, Nissan to Bow Out of Battery Business2016/08/08
  567. AD #1917 – Nissan Brings BladeGlider to Life, CVTs and 4-Cylinders On The Rise, Another Airbag Investigation2016/08/05
  568. AD #1916 – Mid-Engine ‘Vette Rumors Heat Up, Toyota’s Profits Clobbered by the Yen, Hyundai Drops Genesis Coupe2016/08/04
  569. AD #1915 – Jul Sales Rebound, Scooter Sharing Service Launched, Bavaria Sues Volkswagen2016/08/03
  570. AD #1914 – South Korea Bans 80 VW Models, BMW Sets Quarterly Sales Record, Mercedes Cuts Metris Price2016/08/02
  571. AD #1913 – Singapore Taps Delphi For Autonomy, Top 10 Stolen Vehicles, Rumor or Reality: Mid-Engine Corvette2016/08/01
  572. AD #1912 – Why Automakers Should Keep Dealers, Automaker Profits Set to Decline, Ford’s Two-Into-Four Cupholder2016/07/29
  573. AD #1911 – VW AG Still #1, Ford Loses Some Momentum, BMW’s Trick New Manufacturing Technology2016/07/28
  574. AD #1910 – More Chinese Buying Pickups, PSA Posts Better Earnings Than FCA, Ford Expands Mobility Testing2016/07/27
  575. AD #1909 – Nissan Adds Titan Models, Hyundai Slips Again, McElroy’s List of Future Classics2016/07/26
  576. AD #1908 – Aluminum Raptor Prices Released, FCA Under Investigation, VW Of America To Name New SUV2016/07/25
  577. AD #1907 – Production Running Red Hot, GM and Isuzu End Truck Partnership, U.S. Plans More Charging Stations2016/07/22
  578. AD #1906 – GM Posts Strong Q2 Earnings, Tesla’s New Master Plan, Hot Wheels Star Wars Style2016/07/21
  579. AD #1905 – VW Cheating May Go Back Further, Is The Diesel Dead?, Autonomous Chevy Bolt Spied On the Road2016/07/20
  580. AD #1904 – Alfa 4C Spider Gets the Axe, FCA Investigated For Sales Fraud, CAFE Mid-Term Battle Begins2016/07/19
  581. AD #1903 – Ford Super Duty’s Super Power, Lightweighting the Buick LaCrosse, New Corvette To Debut In 20192016/07/18
  582. AD #1902 – FCA Makes Huge Jeep Investment, Big Trucks Take Big Tumble, Ford Invests in 3D Mapping Company2016/07/15
  583. AD #1901 – CARB Rejects VW’s 3.0L Diesel Fix, Mazda Expands Use of SKYACTIV, Ford Experiments with Collaborative Robots2016/07/14
  584. AD #1900 – FCA Offers Bounty to Hackers, Mercedes Develops a Luxury Golf Cart, Nissan Launches Self-Driving Feature2016/07/13
  585. AD #1899 – Honda Develops New Hybrid Motor, Mazda and Isuzu Team on New Pickup, GM to Test RoboGlove in Plants2016/07/12
  586. AD #1898 – Crummy EVs in China, Nissan Pathfinder Gets a Refresh, Exclusive Paintings of Jay Leno’s Garage2016/07/11
  587. AD #1897 – 1st Fatal Self-Driving Accident, Renault Dives Into Pickup Segment, Dodge’s Special-Edition 2017 Vipers2016/07/01
  588. AD #1896 – Consumers Warming Up to Autonomy, Tesla to Expand Charging Network, Audi TT Proves Less is More2016/06/30
  589. AD #1895 – Brexit to Impact Car Sales, All-New Porsche Panamera Details, Chevy Celebrates 50 Years of Camaro2016/06/29
  590. AD #1894 – VW Fine Continues to Grow, Supplier Puts Brakes on Door Dings, Behind the Wheel: Mopar ’16 Ram Rebel2016/06/28
  591. AD #1893 – China May Lift Joint-Venture Mandate, EU Wants Similar VW Diesel Payout, Ford Honors 1966 Le Mans Winner2016/06/27
  592. AD #1892 – VW to Pay Diesel Owners, Boxes: Not Just for Kids to Play With, Chinese Buyers Switching to Chinese Brands2016/06/24
  593. AD #1891 – Kia Tops JD Power IQS, World’s First eHighway, Daihatsu Offers 3D Printed Panels2016/06/23
  594. AD #1890 – Utilities Close Sales Gap on Cars, Why OEMs Keep Installing Defective Takata Airbags, Dodge Viper Defanged2016/06/22
  595. AD #1889 – Merrill Lynch Turns Bearish, Toyota Adds Children to Virtual Dummies, Diesels Still Strong in Europe2016/06/21
  596. AD #1888 – Fireworks at LeMans, Global Cars Sales Hit Speed Bump, Toyota’s Artificial Intelligence Target2016/06/20
  597. AD #1887 – VW Eyes U.S. Heavy Truck Market, Autonomous Bus Uses IBM’s Watson, Impressions: Jaguar F-PACE2016/06/17
  598. AD #1886 – VW Gets Another Extension, Rolls Royce and MINI Look Into the Future, Ram Rebel Gets Moparized2016/06/16
  599. AD #1885 – VW Plans to Restructure, Mercedes Turns to 48-Volt System, Nissan Developing Multiple Fuel Fuel-Cell2016/06/15
  600. AD #1884 – Takata to Sell Stake in Automakers, Class 8 Trucks Drag Down Segment, “The Other Motor City”2016/06/14
  601. AD #1883 – Chinese Find Success in Crippled Russia, U.S. Small Van Sales Soar, Renault Updates Best-Selling Car2016/06/13
  602. AD #1882 – NHTSA Needs Flexible Autonomous Regs., Ford Creates Niche w/ Sport Models, Volvo S90 and V90 Impressions2016/06/10
  603. AD #1881 – NHTSA Wants Autonomous Exemptions, Chevy Denies New Ad Attacks Ford, You Said It!2016/06/09
  604. AD #1880 – Chevy Tears Into F-150, Why Investors Should Be Wary of Tesla, Navistar Posts A Profit2016/06/08
  605. AD #1879 – Autonomy Set To Soar, Renault Twingo GT Debuts, EU Market On The Mend2016/06/07
  606. AD #1878 – Land Rover Sues Chinese Copycat, Ford Performs Strong in Europe, BMW’s i Brand Shifts Focus2016/06/06
  607. AD #1877 – Audi Redesigns the A5, Chevrolet Sales Tank in China, Bosch Develops Autonomous Parking App2016/06/03
  608. AD #1876 – U.S. Market Growth Slows, Toyota Aims for Better In-Car Connection, Honda Highlights Autonomous Testing2016/06/02
  609. AD #1875 – War Brewing Over Wi-Fi Spectrum, Ratings Show Racing is in Trouble, How to Analyze New Car Sales2016/06/01
  610. AD #1874 – JLR Profits Shoot Up, American Rookie Wins Indy 500, Honda Develops New Process for Thinner A-Pillars2016/05/31
  611. AD #1873 – Subaru BRZ Gets 86′ed, Story Behind One-of-a-Kind Tow Vehicle, Why FCA Can’t Find a Dance Partner2016/05/27
  612. AD #1872 – Google Heads to The Motor City, GM to Greatly Expand Use of Stop/Start, Kia Brings Back the Hamsters2016/05/26
  613. AD #1871 – OEMs Dive Into Mobility Services, VW Complains About Excessive Fines, Volvo Makes Way for Geely2016/05/25
  614. AD #1870 – Big Shake-Ups at FCA, Iconic Muscle Cars Crash Tested, Why Europe Has an Emissions Situation2016/05/24
  615. AD #1869 – Company 3D Prints Motorcycle, Toyota Teams with Segway Creator, Mazda Gives the New CX-9 Some ‘Tude2016/05/23
  616. AD #1868 – Delphi to Test 3D Printed Components, Uber Jumps Into Autonomy, How the New CAFE Standards Work2016/05/20
  617. AD #1867 – EPA to Increase Renewable Fuels, Volvo Reveals 40 Series Concepts, Cadillac Kills Off the ELR2016/05/19
  618. AD #1866 – Suzuki Admits to Improper Testing, Audio Solutions Cut Vehicle Weight, Indian Cars Earn Zero Stars2016/05/18
  619. AD #1865 – Startup Developing Autonomous Semi, FCA Axes Pacifica-Based CUV, Ranking OEMs by Production2016/05/17
  620. AD #1864 – Suppliers Rate The OEMs, Max Verstappen Youngest F1 Winner, Honda Ridgeline Design Walkaround2016/05/16
  621. AD #1863 – Strong Yen May Clobber Japanese OEMs, Cadillac to Add 3-Row CUV, Reviving Dead Battery Packs2016/05/13
  622. AD #1862 – Nissan Takes Over Mitsubishi, GM Details New 10-Speed Transmission, Sales Could Top 20 Million in 20182016/05/12
  623. AD #1861 – Toyota Earnings Beat Expectations, Ford Wants Small Engines to Sound Bigger, You Said It!2016/05/11
  624. AD #1860 – NAFTA Bigger Than China, LeEco and Faraday Closer Than Thought, FCA and Google Deal Blown Out of Proportion2016/05/10
  625. AD #1859 – Automakers Cut Back Production, Takata May Not Survive Airbag Disaster, Ridgeline Bed Turns Into Speaker2016/05/09
  626. AD #1858 – OEMs Have Big Advantage Over Tech Companies, Tesla Update Adds Range, Buyers Shifting to Bolder Colors2016/05/06
  627. AD #1857 – Takata’s Airbag Recall Explodes, Tesla Sets Bold Production Target, Toyota Makes EV Battery Breakthrough2016/05/05
  628. AD #1856 – Ford Tests Mobile Wind Tunnels, U.S. Sales Growth Slows Down, Barn Find Revealed!2016/05/04
  629. AD #1855 – More FCA and Google Partnership News, Pit Your Driving Skills Against F1 Driver, Euro Prius Adds Towing Capability2016/05/03
  630. AD #1854 – Sergio Marchionne Could Become Ferrari CEO, BMW i3 Gets Range Boost, Ford GT Scores First Win2016/05/02
  631. AD #1853 – FCA Close to Deal with Google, Roof Racks a Drag on Efficiency, Ford Plans to Take on Tesla and GM2016/04/29
  632. AD #1852 – Youth Dominates Chinese Market, Improve Fuel Economy by 25%, DeltaWing Working on Motors for EVs2016/04/28
  633. AD #1851 – Coalition Formed for Self-Driving Cars, Tech. Finds Misplaced Items, Steel Still Important to Auto Industry2016/04/27
  634. AD #1850 – VW to Appeal NLRB Ruling, Mitsu Cheating Dates Back Quarter Century, MINI Wants to Become Airbnb on Wheels2016/04/26
  635. AD #1849 – Lexus Updates the IS, Honda Unveils Flagship SUV for China, Volkswagen Debuts New Full-Size SUV Concept2016/04/25
  636. AD #1848 – More Scrutiny Over Fuel Economy and Emissions, Rental Companies Impacted by Uber, Audi Updates A6 and A72016/04/22
  637. AD #1847 – VW Likely to Offer Buy Backs, Peugeot Shows Future Interior Concept, Honda Outlines Electric Strategy2016/04/21
  638. AD #1846 – VW Expects to Avoid Trial, Production Could Hit 100 Million Soon, Mahindra Launches 1st Car for the U.K.2016/04/20
  639. AD #1845 – Detroit Auto Show Taking on CES, Buick Introduces LaCrosse Hybrid in China, SNL Pokes Fun at EVs2016/04/19
  640. AD #1844 – Changan to Make Autonomous Cars in 2018, GM Embarrassed Into Safety Improvements, VW Teases New PHEV SUV2016/04/18
  641. AD #1843 – FCA Still Looking for Merger, Delphi Close to 48-Volt Hybrid Production, EV Explosion Won’t Overrun Grid2016/04/15
  642. AD #1842 – NLRB Ruling Opens Door for UAW, VW to Drop Beetle in 2018, Lincoln Aggressively Prices New Continental2016/04/14
  643. AD #1841 – Tesla Model S’s 1st Facelift, U.S. Green Car Segment Shrinking, Lexus Still Wants That Human Touch2016/04/13
  644. AD #1840 – More Stuggle with Small Overlap Test, Fuel Cells Join Ride-Sharing Mix, Boosting Value Via Inventory Levels2016/04/12
  645. AD #1839 – Lithium Prices Skyrocket, Germans Love the Ford Mustang, China Influences Cadillac’s New Vehicles2016/04/11
  646. AD #1838 – GM’s Design Director Steps Down, Toyota Spends Big on Autonomy, Cadillac’s Future Design Plans2016/04/08
  647. AD #1837 – FCA Deliberately Kills Chrysler 200, VW Scandal Hurts Other Diesel OEMs, Faraday Future Copies Old GM Idea2016/04/07
  648. AD #1836 – Ford Heads South of the Border, Spain Starts Testing Mega Trucks, Cadillac Cancels Flagship CT8 Sedan2016/04/06
  649. AD #1835 – Truck Makers Step Up Automated Efforts, Toyota and Microsoft Team on Mobility, Ford Bronco Details2016/04/05
  650. AD #1834 – Mild Winter Cools March Sales, Tesla Model 3 Shatters Expectations, Toyota’s Wooden Car Concept2016/04/04
  651. AD #1833 - Traffic App Learns Your Habits, Quick and Easy Tips for Checking Lights, Shortage of Cybersecurity Jobs2016/04/01
  652. AD #1832 – Mahindra Sued for Fraud, GM Scores Ignition Lawsuit Victory, 1st Look: Formula E’s Roborace Car2016/03/31
  653. AD #1831 – Volkswagen Sued for False Advertising, New Headlights Need Improvement, You Said It!2016/03/30
  654. AD #1830 – Car Sharing Could Increase Sales, New Automatic Turn Signal for Motorcycles, Toyota’s EV Approach2016/03/29
  655. AD #1829 – China’s Baidu to Enter U.S., Samsung Creates Motorcycle HUD, Donald and Hillary Attack Auto Industry2016/03/28
  656. AD #1828 – Autonomy Could Help Improve Efficiency, GM Showing More Discipline, VW and Regulators Can’t Agree2016/03/25
  657. AD #1827 – VW Likely to Miss Diesel Deadline, Uber Sets Up Bounty Program, Prius Plug-In Gets 2nd Chance at Life2016/03/24
  658. AD #1826 – Diesels Could Recover Fast, MX-5 Miata Gets Fastback Version, Lincoln Unveils Stylish Navigator Concept2016/03/23
  659. AD #1825 – Toyota Accelerates Auto Braking, New Cadillac Mirror Unnatural, Chrysler Pacifica Driving Impressions2016/03/22
  660. AD #1824 – Cadillac Big Boost to GM’s Bottom Line, Uber Outperforms Taxis, Domino’s Pizza Taps Auto Industry2016/03/21
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  662. AD #1822 – China Not That Cheap Any More, Automated Braking to Be Standard, Honda’s Innovative Manufacturing2016/03/17
  663. AD #1821 – Chrysler Stow ‘n Go Updates, EU Sales On Fire, Autonomy Will Never Be Perfect2016/03/16
  664. AD #1820 – Ford’s EV Production Plans, Shareholders Sue VW, GM Attacks Uber2016/03/15
  665. AD #1819 – Toyota Highlander Refresh, The Race For New Mobility, VW Sued by Former Employee2016/03/14
  666. AD #1818 – More Diesel Jeeps for U.S. “Very Viable,” Audi Develops Composite Tooling, Ford Tests Autonomy in the Snow2016/03/11
  667. AD #1817 – Head of VWoA Abruptly Resigns, Ford C-MAX On Its Last Leg, Volvo Wants EV Charging Harmonized2016/03/10
  668. AD #1816 – Apple and Google Face New Competition, New Act to Protect Racing Enthusiasts, Cadillac XT5 Impressions2016/03/09
  669. AD #1815 – VW Admits Financial Damage Caused, Ssangyong Plans Jump Into U.S., Cadillac Unbundles Option Packages2016/03/08
  670. AD #1814 – People Pay a Lot More for Cadillacs, Candidate Emerges as Next CEO of FCA, Nissan’s Autonomous Vision2016/03/07
  671. AD #1813 – Continental Pushes Toward Autonomy, Euro Sales in U.S. by Build Origin, Consequences of Autonomous Cars2016/03/04
  672. AD #1812 – FCA CEO Wants to Build Apple Cars, Goodyear’s Autonomous Concepts, Companies Wasting $ on DOT Inspections2016/03/03
  673. AD #1811 – Bugatti Shows Veyron Successor, U.S. Sales Stay Red Hot, New Fisker Finds Karma in California2016/03/02
  674. AD #1810 – Geneva Motor Show Reveals, Autonomous Google Car Crashes, Why FCA Axed the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 2002016/03/01
  675. AD #1809 – EVs Could Zap Oil Prices, Mercedes Moves Into the Digital Age, Reduce CO2 with 100-Octane Gasoline2016/02/29
  676. AD #1808 – VW Gets 1-Month Deadline, GM Revives Full-Size Hybrid Pickups, Mercedes to Replace Robots w/ Humans2016/02/26
  677. AD #1807 – Nevada Nervous Faraday Doesn’t Have $, BMW Improves Cell Reception, RR Phantom Getting Update2016/02/25
  678. AD #1806 – Why Takata Airbags Blow Up, Ride Sharing Won’t Hurt Car Sales, PSA Looking for a Merger?2016/02/24
  679. AD #1805 – Honda Shakes Up Management, Maserati’s First-Ever SUV, Mazda Not Giving Up on U.S. Diesel2016/02/23
  680. AD #1804 – Oil Prices Could Double in 2016, Toyota Dominates Daytona 500, VW May Be Forced to Clean Environment2016/02/22
  681. AD #1803 – Model S Top Selling Luxury Sedan, Improve Fuel Economy w/ Exhaust Heat, Karma Automotive Turns to BMW2016/02/19
  682. AD #1802 – Traffic Deaths on the Rise, BMW Gooses Sales w/ Loaners, GM Deliberately Holds Back Fuel Cell2016/02/18
  683. AD #1801 – VW Faces Shareholder Lawsuit, Aston to Build EV w/ Chinese Company, Hella Aims to Improve Self-Parking Tech.2016/02/17
  684. AD #1800 – Tesla and GM Burn Through EV Tax Credits, Strong Yen Hurts Japanese OEMs, Lightweighting with Acoustics2016/02/16
  685. AD #1799 – Ex-VW CEO Warned of Cheating, Lexus Flexes Hybrid Muscle, NASCAR Adds Digital Dashboards2016/02/15
  686. AD #1798 – New Camaro Gets Performance Package, Nissan Tackles Winter Snow, Mazda Zoom-Zooms Past Full Autonomy2016/02/12
  687. AD #1797 – Opel Gets Version of the Bolt, Why Youth Brands Almost Never Work, Tesla’s Stock Up After Record Losses2016/02/11
  688. AD #1796 – Nay Sayers Forecast Financial Doomsday, NHTSA Considers AI a “Driver,” Chevy Trax Gets a Face Lift2016/02/10
  689. AD #1795 – Russia Falling Faster Than Expected, Diesels Hold Their Own Despite VW, EPA Wants to Kill Race Cars2016/02/09
  690. AD #1794 – VW to Offer “Generous Compensation,” Datsun Unveils Crossover Concept, VW’s Culture of Fear2016/02/08
  691. AD #1793 - Chevy Volt Electrifies Plug-In Segment, EU Shrinks Testing Gap, Can Car Sales Stay Red Hot?2016/02/05
  692. AD #1792 – Toyota Puts Scion to Pasture, GM Posts Strong 2015 Earnings, Use of Structural Adhesives Explodes2016/02/04
  693. AD #1791 – January 2016 Vehicle Sales, Jeep to Revive Scrambler Pickup, Wheel Curtains New Aerodynamic Trend2016/02/03
  694. AD #1790 – OLEDs May Be Future of Lighting, Skoda’s Vision of a New SUV, Hyundai Strongly Considers Santa Cruz2016/02/02
  695. AD #1789 – Germany Argues Over EV Incentives, Cadillac CT6 Rear End Styling Insights, Hyundai Jumping Into Mobility2016/02/01
  696. AD #1788 – Takata Recall Eats Into Honda’s Profits, Hyundai to Boost CUV Production, Cool Tech Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive2016/01/29
  697. AD #1787 – Ford Posts Strong 2015 Earnings, Dart and 200 Getting the Axe, Small Car Segment Changing Before Our Eyes2016/01/28
  698. AD #1786 – Mazda’s Out Of The Box Thinking, Hyundai Elantra Updates, Cadillac CT6 Design Secrets2016/01/27
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  700. AD #1784 – Ford Pulls Out of Japan and Indonesia, Cadillac CT6 Technical Specs, Chevy Bolt Goes Non-Traditional Route2016/01/25
  701. AD #1783 – Infiniti Shows “Tacky” QX30, Germany’s Kooky Conspiracy Theory, New GM Engine Makes Ward’s 10 Best2016/01/22
  702. AD #1782 – GM Jumps Into Car Sharing, Skilled Trades Shortage, Tesla Sues Door Supplier2016/01/21
  703. AD #1781 – Nissan May Bring Kicks To U.S., FCA May Be Forced To Limit Pick-Up Sales, Laser Lights Coming To A Car Near You2016/01/20
  704. AD #1780 – Sidecar Could Sideline Uber, It’s A Plug-In But Don’t Tell Anyone, Autonomous Army Convoys2016/01/19
  705. AD #1779 – Mobility’s Massive Payoff, B-O-L-T Spells Doom for Other EVs, Hella Good Damage Detection2016/01/18
  706. AD #1778 – GMC Acadia Goes on a Diet, DOT Proposes Autonomous Investment, MINI JCW Convertible Drops2016/01/15
  707. AD #1777 – Meet the New Face of Acura, Phone Charging Hurts Efficiency, Toyota Tests Satellite Communication2016/01/14
  708. AD #1776 – New Ridgeline Gets FWD, Renault-Nissan Fights Car Sharing, Dodge Caravan to Live on… For Now2016/01/13
  709. AD #1775 – Car and Truck of the Year Winners, Chrysler Reveals Pacifica Minivan, Classic Car Road Trip2016/01/11
  710. AD #1774 – VW May Buyback Diesels, No National Autonomous Regulation Planned, Hyundai’s New Hybrid Setup2016/01/08
  711. AD #1773 – Customer Loyalty Rates by Automaker, Chevy Shows Production Bolt, Volvo Increases Autonomous Driving Speed2016/01/07
  712. AD #1772 – VW Shows EV Van Concept, Volvo Adds Remote Voice Control, December Sales Weaker Than Expected2016/01/06
  713. AD #1771 – VW Sued by U.S. Justice Department, GM Teams With Lyft, Faraday Future Reveals Wild EV Concept2016/01/05
  714. AD #1770 – Ferrari Was 1/3 of FCA’s Value, UAW Tries to Intimidate Workers, Tesla Model X Wider Than Hummer H22016/01/04
  715. AD #1769 – Ford and Google to Team Up, More Fast Charging Stations Coming, Gas Guzzling Traffic Jams2015/12/22
  716. AD #1768 – Honda Ridgeline 2.0, Hacker Develops Own Autonomous Car, FCA Searches for More Technicians2015/12/21
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  718. AD #1766 – VW Phaeton Put to Pasture, Thief Shuts Down Assembly Line, California Could Cripple Autonomous Car Market2015/12/17
  719. AD #1765 – Chinese EV Startups Flock to Silicon Valley, Suppliers Bet on 48-Volt Systems, Ford GT to Use Gorilla Glass2015/12/16
  720. AD #1764 – Russian Car Sales Get Worse, EU Gets Testy with OEMs, Renault-Nissan Alliance Starting to Fray2015/12/15
  721. AD #1763 – Brazil’s Drop = Entire Mexican Market, VW Wants to Keep All Brands, New EV Start-Up Making Huge Mistake2015/12/14
  722. AD #1762 – Ford Tests Ride Sharing Program, Continental’s Self-Tinting Windows, GM Uses Wind to Build SUVs2015/12/11
  723. AD #1761 – Porsche to Rename Boxster and Cayman, Z06 Popularity Catches GM Off Guard, CES Stealing NAIAS Thunder2015/12/10
  724. AD #1760 – Dow and DuPont May Merge, NHTSA to Change 5-Star Safety Rating, Nissan’s Truck Problems2015/12/09
  725. AD #1759 – Infiniti and Red Bull Part Ways, Fewer Teens Getting Driver’s License, Smog Boosts Sales in China2015/12/08
  726. AD #1758 – Porsche Green Lights 1st EV, FCA Converts Truck Fleet to CNG, Why GM Will Ship Chinese Buicks to the U.S.2015/12/07
  727. AD #1757 – Concept Hints at Future of Racing, Competitors Gang Up on Uber, Nissan Sees Titan XD as “Tweener” Truck2015/12/04
  728. AD #1756 – Chevy Volt Top Selling Plug-In, New EV with Used Li-Ion Batteries, Ford Adds Apple Functions to SYNC2015/12/03
  729. AD #1755 – November Sales Strong, Lincoln Doubles Sales in California, Achates Power Gets Funding for OPGCI Engine2015/12/02
  730. AD #1754 – EPA Strongly Supports Biofuels, Cost of UAW Labor Deals, Autonomous Racing Coming Soon2015/12/01
  731. AD #1753 – Smokin’ Hot U.S. Sales, Audi Sticks with Diesel in Race Car, VW Announces 4-Cylinder TDI Fix for Europe2015/11/30
  732. AD #1752 – Buick Attracting Younger Buyers, VW Using 3D Smart Glasses at Plant, New Ford GT Details2015/11/25
  733. AD #1751 – Software Pinpoints Airflow Noise, GM Adds $1,500 of Profit to New Cars, Culture at VW Still the Same2015/11/24
  734. AD #1750 – VW Submits Diesel Recall Plan, Ford Simulates Driving Stoned, Fiat Loses a Fortune on Electric Cars2015/11/23
  735. AD #1749 – BMW Debuts Compact Sedan Concept, GM’s Military Grade Fuel Cell, UAW Workers Make How Much?!2015/11/20
  736. AD #1748 – Ford/UAW Agreement in Jeopardy, Volvo Makes Engineer Sweat Design, Fiat plus Miata equals 124 Spider2015/11/19
  737. AD #1747 – Lincoln MKZ Gets Continental Grille, Automated Parking Could Reduce Congestion, New Prius Driving Impressions2015/11/18
  738. AD #1746 – Ford Escape Gets a New Face, Toyota Puts Ford and Honda in Crosshairs, GMC Canyon Gets Denali Treatment2015/11/17
  739. AD #1745 – October Production Record Set, Old Style Meets New Tech., Kia Announces All-New Hybrid SUV2015/11/16
  740. AD #1744 – New Retrofit Platoon Kit, Karma Automotive Teams With BMW, New Nissan Titan to Fill “White Space”2015/11/13
  741. AD #1743 – Fiat Shows New Mid-Size Pick-Up, Kei Car Concepts, Experts Say Navistar May Go Under2015/11/12
  742. AD #1742 – Genesis Teases New Flagship G90, Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual, BMW’s Bullish on Motorcycles2015/11/11
  743. AD #1741 – VW Tries to “Make Things Right,” Subaru to Replace Tribeca, One-of-a-Kind Panoz Restored2015/11/10
  744. AD #1740 – UAW/GM Deal Put on Hold, Can Takata Survive? Rake Up Your Leaves!2015/11/09
  745. AD #1739 – James Bond’s New Toy, ROUSH Reveals 1st Turbo, Toyota Creates New AI and Robotics Co.2015/11/06
  746. AD #1738 – Audi 3D Prints Historic Racer, China Wants More EV Makers, Diesel Sales Collapse2015/11/05
  747. AD #1737 – Wild Tundra Concept, Another VW “Irregularity,” Hyundai Creates Luxury Brand2015/11/04
  748. AD #1736 – VW’s 3-Liter Cheater, Hot SEMA Reveals, UAW Could Hit Billion Dollar Milestone2015/11/03
  749. AD #1735 – FCA Backs Off Alfa Plans, A Convertible Optima?, More Takata Problems For Honda2015/11/02
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  751. AD #1733 – FCA Taps Brakes on Alfa, Self-Riding Motorcycle Robot, Headlight Cleaning Tips2015/10/29
  752. AD #1732 – Mazda Revives Rotary Engine, Tire Registration Proposed, Lexus Flagship Concept2015/10/28
  753. AD #1731 – Media Drives New NSX, Dealer Workers Earn More in 2014, Bridgestone Buys Pep Boys2015/10/27
  754. AD #1730 – SEMA Previews, PSA Reveals Real World MPG, Silicon Valley Poaches Auto Talent2015/10/26
  755. AD #1729 – Lincoln’s Mcconaughey Ads a Hit, VW Diesel Prices Drop, UAW Approves New FCA Deal2015/10/23
  756. AD #1728 – Ultimate Pizza Mobile, BMW Uses Scraps for New Parts, 2016 Kia Optima Review2015/10/22
  757. AD #1727 – Tesla Model S Misses Cut, Ferrari’s Value, LG Chem Unhappy With GM2015/10/21
  758. AD #1726 – VW Could Lose Brands, Dyson Buys Sakti3, Qoros’s First SUV2015/10/20
  759. AD #1725 – Best September Ever, Nissan Offers Mobility Services, Don’t Kill VW w/ Punishment2015/10/19
  760. AD #1724 – Simulator Optimizes Aero, Cybersecurity Solutions, Lightweight Composite Suspension2015/10/16
  761. AD #1723 – Volvo’s Electrified Plan, App for Backseat Drivers, Sensing Headlights No LIDAR2015/10/15
  762. AD #1722 – BMW Reveals M2 Coupe, VW Shifts Focus To EVs, Toyota’s Bold Environmental Strategy2015/10/14
  763. AD #1721 – UAW Contract Details, Aston to Make Tesla Fighter, Ferrari Still Knows Styling2015/10/13
  764. AD #1720 – Miles Driven Record in Reach, Cadillac Engine Upgrade, Why CUVs Are Soaring2015/10/12
  765. AD #1719 – Is VW Underreporting Claims?, Audi Intros Bi-Fuel A4, ICE Has Room to Grow2015/10/09
  766. AD #1718 – New Labor Deal, Power Struggle in France, Why the Turmoil in Interiors?2015/10/08
  767. AD #1717 – BMW Intros Engine w/ Water Injector, UAW Threatens to Strike, Battery Prices Tumble2015/10/07
  768. AD #1716 – Rivals Pile on VW, Toyota Tests Autonomous Tech, VW’s Cheat Did Cause Casualties2015/10/06
  769. AD #1715 – Hybrid Sales Up, Land Rover’s Convertible SUV, Nissan Reveals Wild Concept2015/10/05
  770. AD #1714 – Sept. Sales Explode, 2016 Volt Driving Impressions, Road Tripping 100-Years Ago2015/10/02
  771. AD #1713 – Fisker Finds its Karma, Navistar to Build Chevys, What’s Next for UAW and FCA2015/10/01
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  773. AD #1711 – VW’s Winterkorn Still on the Job, Tesla Model X Debuts, UAW Over Promised2015/09/29
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  1203. AD #1281 – Chevy’s Marketing Chief Quits, Honda Announces TLX for Detroit, 2+2 = Kia Concept2013/12/19
  1204. AD #1280 – China Drops U.S. Import Tariffs, Honda Gets More Fits, Mazda Tops MPG Chart2013/12/18
  1205. AD #1279 – Europe on the Mend, GM to Consider a Dividend, Q50 Steer-By-Wire Recalled2013/12/17
  1206. AD #1278 – Aussie Suppliers to Collapse, Lincoln MKC Pricing, Upscale C-Class2013/12/16
  1207. AD #1277 – GM Dumps PSA Stock, VW Replaces U.S. Chief, Automated Ford Fusion Hybrid2013/12/13
  1208. AD #1276 – GM-PSA Deal Going Pfffft, Cool Bus, Weird Name, BMW’s M and M’s2013/12/12
  1209. AD #1275 – GM to Gut Holden, Honda Teases New Ridgeline, Porsche Cayman S in 3D2013/12/11
  1210. AD #1274 – Barra Becomes GM CEO, Ford’s Virtual Assembly Plant, NACOTY Predictions2013/12/10
  1211. AD #1273 – Chrysler Needs New Cars, AWD Sales Soar, Fast Cars = Better Chevrolet2013/12/09
  1212. AD #1272 – Lexus to Move Upmarket, Chevy Leaves Europe, Ford Tweets Drop-Top Mustang2013/12/06
  1213. AD #1271 – The All-New Mustang, Corvette Z06 Heading to Detroit, Audi Announces Q12013/12/05
  1214. AD #1270 – U.S. November Sales Surge, Mitsu Slashes EV Price, New BMW Powered Toyota2013/12/04
  1215. AD #1269 – Ram’s New Small Van, Hydraulic Hybrid From Bosch, 2014 Kia Forte Koup2013/12/03
  1216. AD #1268 – GDI Engines Emit More Particles, Volvo Axing Ped. Airbag? Special Edition Corvette2013/12/02
  1217. AD #1267 – Tesla Stock to Continue Slide, Bio (Fuel) Diversity, Honda Unveils New City2013/11/27
  1218. AD #1266 – Traffic Deaths Soar in China, All-New Hyundai Genesis, An EV on Steroids2013/11/26
  1219. AD #1265 – The i3 is Definitely a BMW, PSA Out Head Hunting, First Look – Ram ProMaster2013/11/25
  1220. AD #1264 – Best of Both Worlds, Garmin’s 3D Nav System, Is Porsche Losing Its Way?2013/11/22
  1221. AD #1263 – 2015 Subaru WRX, Kia Introduces 1st Rear-Drive Sedan, Honda’s Wild FCEV Concept2013/11/21
  1222. AD #1262 – Porsche’s First Compact SUV, Chevy Unveils Colorado, Ford Edge Concept2013/11/20
  1223. AD #1261 – Hyundai Keeps it Social, Honda Introduces New Engines, New 2015 MINI Cooper2013/11/19
  1224. AD #1260 – Green with NV, Hyundai’s “Game Changer,” A Corny Story2013/11/18
  1225. AD #1259 – Infiniti Developing New EV, Special-Edition Fiat 500, 2015 Legacy Concept2013/11/15
  1226. AD #1258 – VW e-Golf Details, Ford’s New Subcompact Ka, Chevy’s Personal Touch2013/11/14
  1227. AD #1257 – 2015 Lincoln MKC, Nissan Expands in Mexico, Black is Worth More than Green2013/11/13
  1228. AD #1256 – Chrysler Management Shuffle, Tooling Shortage?, Subaru Teases 2015 WRX2013/11/12
  1229. AD #1255 – Bye-Bye Mulally, Caddy Needs Another Decade, Nissan Shows New EV Concept2013/11/11
  1230. AD #1254 – Tesla Under Fire, Focus ST Attracts Young Buyers, Mopar at SEMA2013/11/08
  1231. AD #1253 – Reuss Wants New Cruze Model in U.S., Big Change at Ford Design, Forte Gets a Boost2013/11/07
  1232. AD #1252 – GM Needs a New HHR, Inside the SEMA Show, Tesla’s Earnings GAAP2013/11/06
  1233. AD #1251 – Reuss Says GM is Hurting, Nissan Stock Plummets, JCI’s Shoebox-Sized Battery2013/11/05
  1234. AD #1250 – Lexus Previews Tokyo Concepts, Nissan Shuffles the Deck, U.S. Sales Up in October2013/11/04
  1235. AD #1249 – Daimler Wants to Expand Tesla Tie-Up, China Closes Gap, Wing on a Muffler?2013/11/01
  1236. AD #1248 – Nissan’s First CMF Launch, Tesla Secures Battery Supply, Scion’s SEMA Line-up2013/10/31
  1237. AD #1247 – Quarterly Earnings Results, 1.0L Fiesta Specs, Chrysler Reveals SEMA Cars2013/10/30
  1238. AD #1246 – Autonomy Better Than You, VW’s MQB Overhyped? Ford to Reduce Suppliers2013/10/29
  1239. AD #1245 – Toyota #1 in Sales, GM Upsets Suppliers, 2014 Cadillac CTS Goes on a Diet2013/10/28
  1240. AD #1244 – States Sign ZEV Pact, No VW EVs for China, 2014 Honda Civic Si2013/10/25
  1241. AD #1243 – 3rd Quarter Earnings Posted, 2015 Hyundai Genesis Revealed, Heads-Up Helmet2013/10/24
  1242. AD #1242 – PSA to End GM Alliance?, Ford Idles MI Plant, CNG Mazda3 Announced2013/10/23
  1243. AD #1241 – Ford Changes Accounting Methods, Beyond the BRICs, Aston: No Hybrids for You!2013/10/22
  1244. AD #1240 – VW Eyes Diesels for China, BMW Axes 1 Series, Lambo Builds More Venenos2013/10/21
  1245. AD #1239 – Body Panel Batteries?, Nissan ZEOD RC, Dodge Durango Special Service2013/10/18
  1246. AD #1238 – Bo Knows Russia, CNG Finds New Roads, Next Phase of China Auto Industry2013/10/17
  1247. AD #1237 – Sales Up in Europe, Hyundai Performance Brand, China’s Global Automotive Forum2013/10/16
  1248. AD #1236 – Germany Delays CO2 Standards, Ford to Export SUVs to China, BMW 4 Series Convertible2013/10/15
  1249. AD #1235 – Big Trucks Big Sales, Porsche Plans Sales in Africa, EV Rentals Off to Slow Start2013/10/14
  1250. AD #1234 – EPA Considers Ethanol Cuts, Tech vs. Car Companies, Land Rover Axes the Defender2013/10/11
  1251. AD #1233 – Plug-in Prius Price Cut, Ford Considers China Expansion, 2014 Chevy Malibu2013/10/10
  1252. AD #1232 – Chinese to Buy 1/3 of PSA, Taxi of Tomorrow Voided, SEMA Concepts Teased2013/10/09
  1253. AD #1231 – Ford’s China Sales Soar, UAW Gets Support, 2015 Cadillac Escalade Revealed2013/10/08
  1254. AD #1230 – Mitsubishi Taps Thailand, GM Tests Online Shopping, 2014 Kia Soul2013/10/07
  1255. AD #1229 – Audi to Move Downmarket, Volvo NA Axes CEO, Seinfeld Proves Comedy Sells2013/10/04
  1256. AD #1228 – EV and Plug-in Sales Plummet, Audi Readies Q1 Crossover, Winnebago Goes Pro2013/10/03
  1257. AD #1227 – Hyundai Embraces the Shutdown, GM Bi-fuel Trucks, Kia to Offer EV Soul2013/10/02
  1258. AD #1226 – VW Workers Resist UAW, Aston Axes the Cygnet, Transaction Prices Rise2013/10/01
  1259. AD #1225 – Global Car Sales Increase, Current Rogue to Live On, Silverado Concepts2013/09/30
  1260. AD #1224 – DOJ Fines Japanese Suppliers, New IIHS Test, GM Reveals HD Trucks2013/09/27
  1261. AD #1223 – JV Probelms in China, Toyota Boosts U.S. Exports, BMW Downsizes M Engines2013/09/26
  1262. AD #1222 – Alfa’s U.S. Return Delayed, Qoros 3 Receives 5-Star Rating, 1,000 HP Genesis Coupe!2013/09/25
  1263. AD #1221 – Buy Buy GM, Chrysler’s Shrewd Stock Move, Cherokee Delayed… Again2013/09/24
  1264. AD #1220 – Akerson Disses Tesla, EU Car Sales to Rebound, Honda Prices Accord Hybrid2013/09/23
  1265. AD #1219 – Marchionne Taps Bloom, Chrysler Gets Hands On, Infiniti to “De-Americanize” its Cars2013/09/20
  1266. AD #1218 – Valeo’s Low-Cost Lidar, GM Diesel Pick-up?, Faurecia Pumps Up the Volume2013/09/19
  1267. AD #1217 – PSA Desperate for Cash, VW to Only Offer Turbos?, Carsharing Growing Fast2013/09/18
  1268. AD #1216 – Europe Car Sales Slide, Silverado #1 in CR Tests, Tesla Faces Franchise War2013/09/17
  1269. AD #1215 – Valeo e-Supercharger, Ford Promotes Managers, Navistar Drags Down Truck Market2013/09/16
  1270. AD #1214 – Ford’s Euro Product Onslaught, CPO Nissan LEAF, Jeep’s Rock-Climbing Dragon2013/09/13
  1271. AD #1213 – New GM Full-Size SUVs, VW Mulls CNG for U.S., Hankook Air-Free i-Flex Tire2013/09/12
  1272. AD #1212 – Ford Eyes Euro Turnaround, VW Going Commercial in U.S.? 2014 Nissan Rouge2013/09/11
  1273. AD #1211 – Jaguar Unveils Crossover Concept, Production BMW i8, Audi nanuk for All Roads2013/09/10
  1274. AD #1210 – New VW Golf Variant, Mercedes Completes Autonomous Drive, Nissan’s Electric NV2002013/09/09
  1275. AD #1209 – Top Executives Stay Put, Accord Hybrid Gets 50 MPG, Daimler Dropping VW Contract2013/09/06
  1276. AD #1208 – New smart Four-Seater, VW XL1′s XXXL Price Tag, U.S. August Sales2013/09/05
  1277. AD #1207 – UAW in Talks With VW, Lexus’ Origami-Looking Concept, Ford Going Upscale in EU2013/09/04
  1278. AD #1206 – GM Hires New Indonesia Pres., Jaguar C-X17 Concept, Fleet Sales Make Money2013/09/03
  1279. AD #1205 – Ford Adding U.S. Jobs? VW to Top Toyota by 2016, Detroit Electric Shifts Overseas2013/08/30
  1280. AD #1204 – Renault COO Gets Booted, Honda Uses Phones to Enhance Safety, Kia Niro Concept2013/08/29
  1281. AD #1203 – Nissan’s Bold Autonomous News, Ford Reveals New S-Max, Two EVs for VW2013/08/28
  1282. AD #1202 – Nissan’s $5B Expansion, Toyota Halves EV Price, Infiniti’s Next Q2013/08/27
  1283. AD #1201 – VW Wants Diesel Incentives, Detroit Electric Delayed, Jeep #1 Chinese Import2013/08/26
  1284. AD #1200 – Tesla Considers New Plants, New Drop-Top Chevy Camaro, BMW X5 Gets Hybrid2013/08/23
  1285. AD #1199 – Continental’s New Friends, Ford Joins Space Race, Personalize Your BMW2013/08/22
  1286. AD #1198 – NAFTA Production Record, Nissan Titan Gets a Diesel, Plug-In Mercedes S-Class2013/08/21
  1287. AD #1197 – 400 HP Toyota Yaris, Comparing Full-Size Sedans, The Danger of 3-Shift Operations2013/08/20
  1288. AD #1196 – Tesla’s New Name, Infiniti Shakes Up Management, Volvo’s All-New Engines2013/08/19
  1289. AD #1195 – Chrysler Cranks Up the Volume, Ford Cuts C-MAX MPG Rating, Cadillac Elmiraj Concept2013/08/16
  1290. AD #1194 – Sirius XM Enters Telematics, New Way to Search Recalls, Audi Quattro Concept2013/08/15
  1291. AD #1193 – Renault COO Eyes GM and Ford, Reinventing the Steel Wheel, 2015 Mercedes GLA2013/08/14
  1292. AD #1192 – RAM Concept to Debut at Woodward, A Road Map for Subaru, Save the Drive-Ins!2013/08/13
  1293. AD #1191 – Honda’s New Civic Tourer, Tesla Goes AWD, Will GM Leave South Korea?2013/08/12
  1294. AD #1190 – Subaru Debates Status, Ram HD Upgrades, GM Teases New Mid-Size Trucks2013/08/09
  1295. AD #1189 – Tesla Beats Expectations, More Cars Pass New IIHS Crash Test, New Hyundai i102013/08/08
  1296. AD #1188 – UAW to Organize Tesla? New Smart Electric Drive, Hyundai Teams With Skip Barber2013/08/07
  1297. AD #1187 – Cadillac Exec. Resigns, Infiniti Won’t Drop G37 Yet, Tesla Ticks Off Customers2013/08/06
  1298. AD #1186 – GM Shakes Up Operations, Isuzu Gets New Diesel, Daimler Considers Brazil2013/08/05
  1299. AD #1185 – U.S. Sales Remain Strong, Ford Takes Customers Racing, Land Rover Tests EV2013/08/02
  1300. AD #1184 – EPA Rates U.S. Bound Diesel, BMW i3 Designed for Repair, Tesla Ready for China?2013/08/01
  1301. AD #1183 – First CNG 1/2 Ton Pickup, Audi Wins LTE Race, How Jaguar Priced the F-TYPE2013/07/31
  1302. AD #1182 – GM Delays Next Sonic, BMW i3 Electric Unveiled, ZF’s New 9-Speed Transmission2013/07/30
  1303. AD #1181 – Toyota Ups Highlander Production, Japan Boosts EV Chargers, Daimler Sues France2013/07/29
  1304. AD #1180 – MINI Design Evolves, GM Outsells Toyota Worldwide, First Peek at the Acura NSX2013/07/26
  1305. AD #1179 – Impala Tops Sedan List, Daimler Takes Stake in Aston, Mazda3 Pricing and MPG2013/07/25
  1306. AD #1178 – Ford and Toyota End Partnership, GMC Sierra Bed Upgrades, Mercedes Golf Cart2013/07/24
  1307. AD #1177 – Bentley Adding SUV, Toyota Struggles in South America, GM Re-Hires Retirees2013/07/23
  1308. AD #1176 – Manipulating Aluminum Prices, Capacity Shortages Coming? BMW i3 Price Set2013/07/22
  1309. AD #1175 – Supplier Pleads Guilty, U.K. to Test Autonomous Cars, First Use of Ram Air?2013/07/19
  1310. AD #1174 – New Chevy Cruze Delayed, Nissan Starting Price War? ‘Chicken Tax’ Affects MINI2013/07/18
  1311. AD #1173 – Ford Sues Supplier, Hybrid Recalibration Offered, VW Phaeton Making Comeback2013/07/17
  1312. AD #1172 – CR Criticizes Hybrid MPGs, Bosch Vs. Chrysler, Positive Side of EV Batteries2013/07/16
  1313. AD #1171 – GM Wants OZ Handout, Datsun Introduces GO, Honda’s Ridgeline Takes Time-Out2013/07/15
  1314. AD #1170 – Former Ford CEO Dies, GM and Ford Back Making Semi Trucks, Magna’s Electric AWD2013/07/12
  1315. AD #1169 – Focus EV Price Cut, OnStar Gets Its Time in the Sun, GM Considers Euro Van for U.S.2013/07/11
  1316. AD #1168 – Diesel Pickup Wars, Garmin Unveils Portable HUD, Jaguar Project 7 Concept2013/07/10
  1317. AD #1167 – GM Headed to Myanmar, Bosch’s Plan for Hackers, Opel Unveils Monza Concept2013/07/09
  1318. AD #1166 – U.S. Production Humming, Volvo Debuts New Safety Tech, Hertz Dream Service2013/07/08
  1319. AD #1165 – Opel and PSA Merge? Diesels Cost Owners Less, Kia Cadenza’s New Window Coating2013/06/28
  1320. AD #1164 – Renault-Nissan Alliance Pays Off, Soon-to-be Taxi of Today, All-New Mazda32013/06/27
  1321. AD #1163 – NAFTA Sales Strong, Toyota Joins Robot Club, Nissan LEAF Goes Fast and Furious2013/06/26
  1322. AD #1162 – CEO’s Compensation, Chevy’s New Leader? Honda Odyssey Gets Refreshed2013/06/25
  1323. AD #1161 – Acura Goes BIG, Car Sales Set to Surge, GM Executive Jumps Ship2013/06/24
  1324. AD #1160 – Corvette Posts Track Times, 2014 Buick LaCrosse, Nissan’s New Electric Race Car2013/06/21
  1325. AD #1159 – Renault’s All-New Koleos SUV, 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, Dodge Won’t Go Away2013/06/20
  1326. AD #1158 – Chrysler Blinks Before NHTSA, China Production Ramps Up, GM 4.3L Gets EPA #’s2013/06/19
  1327. AD #1157 – Fiat 500e Sold Out, Mercedes’ Car-to-X Technology, SRT’s First Ad Campaign2013/06/18
  1328. AD #1156 – Bosch Powers Fiat 500e, Ford to Simplify SYNC, All-New BMW 4 Series Coupe2013/06/17
  1329. AD #1155 – Eaton Denies Auto Sale, 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Fusion Demand Surges2013/06/14
  1330. AD #1154 – GM Consolidating Platforms, Gorilla Glass for Cars, Cadillac’s Brand Image2013/06/13
  1331. AD #1153 – Toyota Not Expanding in U.S., Nissan Truck Sales Struggle, Packard Plant For Sale2013/06/12
  1332. AD #1152 – Eaton Auto for Sale? Volt Gets a Price Cut, Toyota’s Build-it-Yourself Electric2013/06/11
  1333. AD #1151 – Canada Adopts U.S. Standards, China Fires Warning Shot at EU, Scion is Struggling2013/06/10
  1334. AD #1150 – All-New 2014 Toyota Corolla, Motorcycle ABS Mandate? Honda Defends Line-Up2013/06/07
  1335. AD #1149 – Porsche Stops Production, GM Offers Free App, Green Cars Selling Strong2013/06/06
  1336. AD #1148 – Chrysler Battles NHTSA, 50th Anniversary Porsche 911, Garmin Turns to Integration2013/06/05
  1337. AD #1147 – Trucks Haul May Sales, Industry Back on Trend, Lutz Criticizes Wagoner2013/06/04
  1338. AD #1146 – 2014 Malibu Gets a Facelift, Global Car Sales Up, Audi Testing Fuel Cells2013/06/03
  1339. AD #1145 – NHTSA’s Autonomy Guide, New Augmented Reality App, Subaru Facing U.S. Shortage2013/05/31
  1340. AD #1144 – Upcoming Price War? Proportions Drive Utility Sales, BMW’s 3rd Generation X52013/05/30
  1341. AD #1143 – Fired Chrysler Worker is Rehired, Dodge to Drop Avenger? New GMC Sierra Denali2013/05/29
  1342. AD #1142 – Better Place Goes Kaput, 3 Auto Brands to Disappear? Impala’s 2.5L Engine2013/05/28
  1343. AD #1141 – Ex-Fisker CEO Teams With Penske, Nissan to Build Mercedes, Chevy’s New Oil-Burner2013/05/24
  1344. AD #1140 – Tesla Pays Back Loan, Car Dealers Can’t Master Internet, Ford Out in Australia2013/05/23
  1345. AD #1139 – GM Moving Treasurer’s Office, Ford Chops Summer Vacation, Mitsubishi Attrage2013/05/22
  1346. AD #1138 – Automakers Want EU-US Harmony, Where’s Your Car From? Hennessey’s VelociRaptor SUV2013/05/21
  1347. AD #1137 – Kia’s New Full-Size Sedan, GM Stock on the Rise, Record U.S. Auto Sales Coming?2013/05/20
  1348. AD #1136 – Car Sales Up in Europe, Kia and the Number 7, Porsche’s New Supercar2013/05/17
  1349. AD #1135 – Honda Returning to F1, Small SUVs Fail Overlap Test, Laservision Softstop2013/05/16
  1350. AD #1134 – GM to Sell Rebadged Nissan, NSX Gets Production Home, ACLU Suing LA Police2013/05/15
  1351. AD #1133 – Volvo Truck Gets Bigger, Honda’s Core Products, Facebook’s $1B GPS Deal2013/05/14
  1352. AD #1132 – Brazil Drops Safety Ball, GM May Advertise Inside Cars, Wild New Lambo Concept2013/05/13
  1353. AD #1131 – Silverado Made of Steels, Cadillac Boosts Adhesive Use, BMW Makes a Minivan?2013/05/10
  1354. AD #1130 – Tesla Posts Profit, Elio Motors’ Three-Wheeler, Ferrari Cuts Production2013/05/09
  1355. AD #1129 – Tesla Considers Autonomy, Cadillac ELR’s Unique Feature, New 2014 Lexus IS2013/05/08
  1356. AD #1128 – BMW Joins Airbag Recall, Tesla’s Profitable EV Credits, 2014 Mercedes Sprinter2013/05/07
  1357. AD #1127 – Toyota’s Hybrid Problems, Audi Builds New Plant, Chevy’s Premium Pickup2013/05/06
  1358. AD #1126 – Ford Hybrids Gain Momentum, Corvette Paces Indy 500, New Porsche 911 Turbo2013/05/03
  1359. AD #1125 – U.S. Car Sales Slow, EV Fever Cools in China, Penske Partners with BMW2013/05/02
  1360. AD #1124 – CODA Collapses, Nissan Cuts Vehicle Prices, Mercedes Leaks S-Class Photo2013/05/01
  1361. AD #1123 – Chrysler’s Earnings Plummet, Mercedes Sprinter Van, Volvo Tests New Hybrid System2013/04/30
  1362. AD #1122 – Radio to Follow 8-Track? OEMs Miss CAFE Targets, New Mercedes Unimog2013/04/29
  1363. AD #1121 – LEAF Sales Up 300 Percent, Detroit Electric Goes to China, Renault Twizy Sport F12013/04/26
  1364. AD #1120 – Honda Disses Fleet Sales, Toyota ME.WE Concept EV, Audi TT Goes on a Diet2013/04/25
  1365. AD #1119 – Toyota Remains on Top, EVs Carbon Footprint, Diesels in Victory Lane2013/04/24
  1366. Episode 1118 – Kia’s New China-Only Brand, VW CrossBlue Coupe, A Rise in Boosting2013/04/23
  1367. Episode 1117 – smart forjeremy, Buick Unveils Riviera Concept, Renault Alpine A110-502013/04/22
  1368. Episode 1116 – More Fisker Bad News, Fiat CEO Criticizes Regulators, Lexus Headed to KY2013/04/19
  1369. Episode 1115 – German Car Sales Down, Subaru Gives Camry the Boot, Mercedes-Benz Concept GLA2013/04/18
  1370. Episode 1114 – OEMs Oppose EV Mandate, GM Builds EV Motor in U.S., War Between Metals2013/04/17
  1371. Episode 1113 – Protean’s Hub Motor, Chrysler Management Changes, New Chairman at SEAT2013/04/16
  1372. Episode 1112 – Diaz Jumps Ram Ship, Chairman Leaves FAW, Fiat Introduces the 500e2013/04/15
  1373. Episode 1111 – Where did $1.6 Billion go? Citroen DS Wild Rubis, GAZ Launches New Truck2013/04/12
  1374. Episode 1110 – Apple Starts Autonomous Group, GM Invests in Opel, Explorer Gets New Digs2013/04/11
  1375. Episode 1109 – Alt Fuel Booming, Volvo’s New Fuel Tech, Fusion Gets New EcoBoost2013/04/10
  1376. Episode 1108 – EcoMotors Gets Partner, Focus is Top Seller, Bird Flu Threatens Auto Show2013/04/09
  1377. Episode 1107 – BMW Partners with TVS Motors, Renault Twin’Z, GM Miscalculates Service Intervals2013/04/08
  1378. Episode 1106 – BMW Concept X4, Prius Takes it on the Chin, UAW in Deep Talks with VW2013/04/05
  1379. Episode 1105 – Hybrid Sales Down, EV Sales Up, Detroit Electric Gets Recharged2013/04/04
  1380. Episode 1104 – March Sales Figures, Tesla Lease Program, U.S. Could See a Diesel 3002013/04/03
  1381. Episode 1103 – GM Aims Truck Sights at Ford, Tesla Surpasses Goal, Carbon Motors in Trouble2013/04/02
  1382. Episode 1102 – Ford’s Shocking Announcement, Fisker Has No Regrets, Eastwood Sues Chrysler2013/04/01
  1383. Episode 1101 – Fiat to Sell Alfa? Volvo’s MethaneDiesel Concept, 2014 Camaro Z/282013/03/28
  1384. Episode 1100 – New Honda Odyssey, 2014 Buick Regal Revealed, Jaguar Unveils XJR2013/03/27
  1385. Episode 1099 – No More Aussie Auto Show? New Subaru N.A. President, 2014 Buick LaCrosse2013/03/26
  1386. Episode 1098 – MPG Tech That Works, New CNG Fuel Tanks, Mopar Building Raptor Killer?2013/03/25
  1387. Episode 1097 – GM Closes Opel Plant, MKZ Back on Track, Hyundai’s Sports Coupe Concept2013/03/22
  1388. Episode 1096 – VW TN Urged to Join UAW, Subaru’s First Hybrid, Jeep Reveals Moab Concepts2013/03/21
  1389. Episode 1095 – Automakers Invest Heavy in China, Acura’s Quiet Wheel, SRT Viper TA2013/03/20
  1390. Episode 1094 – Fisker Loses Chinese Buyers, ‘Ring for Sale, CTS Gets New V6 Engine2013/03/19
  1391. Episode 1093 – Toyota’s New China Brand, Non-Food Crop Ethanol, VW TN May Unionize2013/03/18
  1392. Episode 1092 – EVs Flop in China, VW’s Plant Expansion, Europe Cheats MPG Tests2013/03/15
  1393. Episode 1091 – Fisker Calls it Quits, International’s CNG Semi, China Scraps Clunkers2013/03/14
  1394. Episode 1090 – BMW Hires Former Audi Chief, Mitsubishi Up in U.S., Hyundai’s Fuel Cell CUV2013/03/13
  1395. Episode 1089 – China’s EV Subsidies, Diesel Top Fuel by 2020, Cadillac Up Strong2013/03/12
  1396. Episode 1088 – Emerging Markets Cool, Nissan’s Management Moves, All-New Transit Models2013/03/11
  1397. Episode 1087 – Navistar Hires Ex-GM Exec, Mustang Gets 4-Banger, Alpine Back at Le Mans2013/03/08
  1398. Episode 1086 – GM Building Two New EVs? Trucks Pick Up, Not Just for Monster Trucks2013/03/07
  1399. Episode 1085 – UAW Puts Pressure on Nissan, Green Car Sales Soar, Toyota Overhauls Management2013/03/06
  1400. Episode 1084 – Corvette Stingray Convertible, Kia provo Concept, Ferrari’s Enzo Successor2013/03/05
  1401. Episode 1083 – February Market Share, Kia’s Sales Gimmick, Coda Closes LA Store2013/03/04
  1402. Episode 1082 – Workers Mad at the UAW, BMW Teams Up with Conti, Toyota FT-86 Open Concept2013/03/01
  1403. Episode 1081 – UAW to Organize Nissan Plant? GM Ups Plug-in Production, Happy 75th Toyota2013/02/28
  1404. Episode 1080 – Chinese EVs Stuck in Park, Formula E on Fast Track, Velvet is the new Matte2013/02/27
  1405. Episode 1079 – Mahoney Finds a New Road, Akerson Buys Stock, GT-R is Finding NISMO2013/02/26
  1406. Episode 1078 – Chery Hires Porsche Designer, VW’s 2012 Earnings, Jeep Cherokee is Back2013/02/25
  1407. Episode 1077 – Daimler Plays Musical Chairs, Sonata Hybrid Upgraded, XL1 Has XXXL MPGs2013/02/22
  1408. Episode 1076 – Connected Car Threat, Audi’s Plug-In Hybrid, VW’s Hot Hatch Diesel2013/02/21
  1409. Episode 1075 – Volvo’s Road Sign Info, Sales vs. Registrations, Bentley Goes Flying2013/02/20
  1410. Episode 1074 – GM’s 1 Percent Solution, Nissan Builds Research Center, Ford Boosts Chassis Production2013/02/19
  1411. Episode 1073 – More History at Daytona, Ram Ad Voted #1, Fisker May Find a Partner2013/02/18
  1412. Episode 1072 - All-New SEAT Leon SC, Ram 1500 Gets a Diesel, UAW Lacks Salesmanship2013/02/15
  1413. Episode 1071 – GM 2012 Earnings, Chrysler Holding Back Models, Will Geely Dump Volvo?2013/02/14
  1414. Episode 1070 – PSA Posts Big Loss, Not-so-Better Place, Plants Nearing Maximum Capacity2013/02/13
  1415. Episode 1069 – Alfa Romeo 4C, The End of the Spark Plug, Smart Materials in Corvette2013/02/12
  1416. Episode 1068 – Why Gas Prices Are Up, Redesigned VF Commodore, Subaru Diesel with CVT2013/02/11
  1417. Episode 1067 – Profits Down at Nissan, Highlights from Chicago Auto Show, Fastest MINI Ever2013/02/08
  1418. Episode 1066 – Daimler’s 2012 Earnings, Plastic Windows, Aluminum Prices to Surge2013/02/07
  1419. Episode 1065 – China Air Pollution, First Look at MINI Paceman, Another Mercedes First2013/02/06
  1420. Episode 1064 – Bank of Toyota, Consumer Reports Slams Turbos, MKZ Drags Lincoln Down2013/02/05
  1421. Episode 1063 – January Car Sales, Infiniti Grabs Red Bull by Horns, UAW in Politics2013/02/04
  1422. Episode 1062 - That's a lot of Cars! Another Executive for Opel, GM Hires an Admiral2013/02/01
  1423. Episode 1061 – Chrysler Saves Fiat, California Sticks to EV Mandate, Fisker to get Recharged2013/01/31
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  1430. Episode 1054 – Germans Eye India, New Mercedes Tech, Honda’s First Plug-In Hybrid2013/01/22
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  1436. Episode 1048 – 2014 Chevy Corvette, Lincoln MKC Concept, Mercedes CLA-Class2013/01/14
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  1471. Episode 1013 - U.S. to Dominate Oil Production, Honda Civic's New Face, Women Rule the Roads2012/11/13
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  1540. Episode 944 – Spyker v. GM, MBS Update, Chrysler Uconnect Possibly Going Global2012/08/07
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  1592. Episode 892 – ESC for Trucks and Buses, Watch the Fords Go By! Ketchup and Currywurst2012/05/17
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  1602. Episode 882 - GM Q1 Disappoints, Volvo Big Rig Sets Speed Record, Renault Sees a Lada Potential2012/05/03
  1603. Episode 881 - Orders Start for Focus ST, Aptera Zapped Back to Life, Tires Get Smarter2012/05/02
  1604. Episode 880 - Battle of the Plugs, Workers at War, R and D = Reduction and Dismissal2012/05/01
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  1606. Episode 878 - Q1 Financial Results, Inner Mongolia Attracts Luxury Brands, Escape EPA Numbers2012/04/27
  1607. Episode 877 - Q1 Financial Numbers, Google’s Autonomous Autos, Track N Go for Trucks2012/04/26
  1608. Episode 876 - Toyota's Beijing Concepts, You Can't Be Sirius, Audi Introduces Updated Q52012/04/25
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  1610. Episode 874 – Peugeot Premieres in Beijing, Ford Mulls New Brand for China, Scion Kills Two Models2012/04/23
  1611. Episode 873 - Honda Appeals Small Claims Case, Mercedes' Alphabet Soup, Alfa Trademarks 4C in U.S.2012/04/20
  1612. Episode 872 - Rage Against F1, Ford Breaks Ground in China, Compression-Ignition Fun2012/04/19
  1613. Episode 871 - Audi Plans Mexico Plant, GM Bi-fuel Trucks Ain't Cheap, Eye-popping Battery Cost2012/04/18
  1614. Episode 870 - Natural-Gas News, Honda Recycling Rare-Earth Metals, Ford Focus Electric2012/04/17
  1615. Episode 869 - Resin Shortage May Halt Production, Citroen Numero 9, Fiat Viaggio2012/04/16
  1616. Episode 868 - NADA Fights CAFE Rules, RIP Chevy Avalanche, Mustang May Go Global2012/04/13
  1617. Episode 867 - GM's Battery Blowout, Cadillac Heads East, Toyota's Styling Sizzle2012/04/12
  1618. Episode 866 - Government Rakes in Auto Taxes, Ford Plugged In, New Mercedes-Benz G-Class2012/04/11
  1619. Episode 865 - British Car Sales Beat the Odds, F1 Circus, Hybrid Buyers Shun Second Helpings2012/04/10
  1620. Episode 864 - Full-Size Segment Heats Up, Chrysler Teases Beijing Reveals, Mazda Struggling2012/04/09
  1621. Episode 863 - Ford and PSA's Diesel Divorce, NissanConnect, Father of the Porsche 911 Passes Away2012/04/06
  1622. Episode 862 - More New York Auto Show News, Volvo's Big Adventure, GM Truck Offensive2012/04/05
  1623. Episode 861 - Fisker May Abandon GM Plant, Flying Car Completes 1st Flight, 2014 Chevy Impala2012/04/04
  1624. Episode 860 - 2013 Lincoln MKZ Revealed, EPA "Drunk" With Power, Toyota Ridin' the Gravy Train2012/04/03
  1625. Episode 859 - Fiat May Expand in Canada, BMW i8 Concept Spyder, First Drive: Lincoln MKS2012/04/02
  1626. Episode 858 - 2013 Legacy and Outback, Tires Influence Loyalty, Gas Prices Soar in Italy2012/03/30
  1627. Episode 857 - Ford Explorer, Sport, New Chevy Traverse Revealed, Palladium Rising2012/03/29
  1628. Episode 856 – Another One Bites the Dust, Jeep Unveils New Concepts, Good Vibrations2012/03/28
  1629. Episode 855 - Mercedes-Benz Citan, A123 to Blame for Fisker Breakdown, First Look: Acura ILX2012/03/27
  1630. Episode 854 - Fisker Looks for Private Funds, The Great Escape, Dodge Rallies Around the Dart2012/03/26
  1631. Episode 853 - GM Faces Battle in Europe, Freightliner's Revolution Innovation, UAW Targets VW2012/03/23
  1632. Episode 852 – EVs: Still Not Worth It, VW vs. Suzuki: An “I” for An “i,” Scion FR-S Pricing2012/03/22
  1633. Episode 851 - Camaro ZL1 Postponed, China Raises Fuel Prices, Truck Driver Shortage2012/03/21
  1634. Episode 850 – China’s Gravy Train Derails, Durango Special Service, “People-Hauling Van”2012/03/20
  1635. Episode 849 - Strong Sales in March, Willie G. Davidson Retires, Kia Suspends Production2012/03/19
  1636. Episode 848 - Europe's Slow Sales, Land Rover Ups Production, Porsche Shifts Production2012/03/16
  1637. Episode 847 – Americans Warm Up to Auto Bailouts, Dealer Profits Soar, Mazda's Suspension Magic2012/03/15
  1638. Episode 846 - Volvo Goes Linsane, Mystery Chevy Headed to NASCAR, V2V Testing in China2012/03/14
  1639. Episode 845 - Nissan to Race DeltaWing, Hauler Shortage Will Hinder Sales, Audi to Buy Ducati2012/03/13
  1640. Episode 844 - VW Want's to Match Last Year's Profits, Mazda to Downsize in NA, Hyundai Santa Fe2012/03/12
  1641. Episode 843 - More Trouble for Fisker, Malibu Gets Power Boost, Mazda Pulls Plug on CX-72012/03/09
  1642. Episode 842 – BMW’s Blow-Out Profits, No Diesel For You, Mazda’s Obsessive Weight Loss2012/03/08
  1643. Episode 841 – Fiat + Mazda + Suzuki? Ferrari Faces Anti-Rich Backlash, Mexico Kills the Beetle2012/03/07
  1644. Episode 840 – Bentley’s Blingy Crossover, Takeri Hints at Next Mazda6, MyFord Touch Updated2012/03/06
  1645. Episode 839 – More States Move Toward Autonomy, Renault Squared, GM Trucks Go Dual Fuel2012/03/05
  1646. Episode 838 - February Sales Skyrocket, Nissan Revives Datsun, First Drive: Mazda CX-52012/03/02
  1647. Episode 837 - VW's Drop-Top GTI, Golden Opportunity for Detroit Three, Audi Innovation2012/03/01
  1648. Episode 836 - NHTSA Backs Off Mandate, Fisker Hires LaSorda, Head of OnStar Steps Down2012/02/29
  1649. Episode 835 – China Gets the Lead Out, Boom Times for Trucks, Holden Commodore LPG2012/02/28
  1650. Episode 834 – China Goes Domestic, In Soviet Russia Jeeps Build You, Toyota’s $83K Minivan2012/02/27
  1651. Episode 833 - VW Posts Record Profit, Panasonic to Supply Batteries to Ford, 4-Door SLS?2012/02/24
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  1658. Episode 826 – EVs not Selling in Europe, Ford’s Redesigned B-Max, Audi’s Bahn-Storming RS 4 Avant2012/02/15
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  1677. Episode 807 - Peugeot Out of Le Mans, Kia Reworks Stop/Start System, Toyota Cleared2012/01/19
  1678. Episode 806 - U.S. Cars Get Older, Mercedes May Export Engines from U.S., Prius Camper2012/01/18
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  1714. Episode 770 – More L.A. News, Fuel Economy Rules Are Official, Showroom Traffic Up2011/11/17
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  1726. Episode 758 – The Diesels Are Coming Investment Advice, Save the Whales No, Save the Scrap2011/11/01
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  1746. Episode 738 – Ford and UAW Finalize Contract, Bob Nardelli’s Back! Costs Going Up in China2011/10/04
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  1822. Episode 662 - Golden State Mandate, Nissan's Short Circuit, and China's Flaming Taxis2011/06/13
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  1853. Episode 631 - Hyundai Surges Past Honda, Uncle Sam Downsizing Vehicles, Gas-Tax Hike?2011/04/28
  1854. Episode 630 - Volkswagen's Q1 Earnings, Audi R18 TDI, Opel Astra GTC2011/04/27
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  1856. Episode 628 - Toyota Won't Meet Production Goals, Japanese Co.'s Downgraded, 5 Minute Recharge2011/04/25
  1857. Episode 627 - Self-Healing Cars, No Need for Public EV Chargers? Beemers Get ABS2011/04/21
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  1859. Episode 625 - UAW's New Strategy, Dramatic Mercedes A-Class, Hyundai Combines Sync and OnStar2011/04/20
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  1863. Episode 621 - EV Infrastructure Concerns, Chrysler Partners with Magneti Marelli, VW Sprinter2011/04/14
  1864. Episode 620 - Shipments by Rail Delayed, Chrysler Develops CNG Cars, Lexus LF-Gh Concept2011/04/13
  1865. Episode 619 - Resignations at Renault, Daimler and Bosch Team Up, 2013 Malibu Pulled Ahead2011/04/12
  1866. Episode 618 - Antonov Will Buy Saab, Shortage of Engineers, Ford Turns Carpet into Plastic2011/04/11
  1867. Episode 617 - U.S. Tops China in Car Sales, Honda to Make Up Lost Production, Jag and Jeep Diesels2011/04/08
  1868. Episode 616 - It’s Pri-Us vs. Them, Ssangyong’s Ssuper Sshowing, Tank Anxiety2011/04/07
  1869. Episode 615 - Saab Stops Production, Toyota & Microsoft Team Up, Prices Rise in India2011/04/06
  1870. Episode 614 - Toyota Dodges Another Bullet, Ford Hikes Prices, Bad Driver Door Tags2011/04/05
  1871. Episode 613 - Toyota Wins Lawsuit, Raikkonen to Race for Kyle Busch, March Sales Results2011/04/04
  1872. Episode 612 - Saab Running Out of Money, Traffic Deaths Drop in U.S., Chevrolet Mi-ray2011/04/01
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  1874. Episode 610 - Supply Chain Cracks?, Saab Stops Production, UAW Wants Jobs Over Wages2011/03/30
  1875. Episode 609 - Production Delays, Chrysler Gets Vehicles Back, No Crosscabriolet for Canada2011/03/29
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  1878. Episode 606 - Japanese Production Delays, Detroit’s Comeback, UAW's Activist Army2011/03/24
  1879. Episode 605 - King Criticizes Mulally's Bonus, China Develops GPS, GM & Chrysler Sue Car-Hauler2011/03/23
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  1882. Episode 602 - Ford Ceremony at Michigan Assembly, Nissan Tests for Radioactivity, 2012 Nissan NV2011/03/18
  1883. Episode 601 - Japan's Currency Crisis, Sulfur Reduces Efficiency, Fiat Cinquecento2011/03/17
  1884. Episode 600 - UAW Prepares to Bargain, Turbos to Double in U.S., Ghosn's Apology Not Enough2011/03/16
  1885. Episode 599 - Renault Honchos Apologize, Toyota Vulnerable, Charger vs. Charger2011/03/15
  1886. Episode 598 - GM's Dan Ammann: Cadillac Man, Chevy Captiva Sport, BMW 6 Series2011/03/14
  1887. Episode 597 - Earthquake Causes Shutdowns, Mulally's Millions, BMW Reports Record Profits2011/03/11
  1888. Episode 596 - GM CFO Flees Company, Renault Espionage News, Don't Worry About Gas Prices2011/03/10
  1889. Episode 595 - VW & Fiat Battle in Brazil, Ram Cargo Van, Cars 2 Preview2011/03/09
  1890. Episode 594 - Dearborn Gold Rush, Internal Combustion Under Attack, More Fiats from Mexico2011/03/08
  1891. Episode 593 - China's Blatant Design Rip-offs, Car Sales Fall in China, U.S. Inventory Levels2011/03/07
  1892. Episode 592 - Acura ZDX May Not Survive, Red Alert on Raw Materials, Renault, Call Clouseau!2011/03/04
  1893. Episode 591 - Renault Retreats from Espionage Claim, Costly Kilowatts, COBO Hall Upgrades2011/03/03
  1894. Episode 590 - February Sales Strong in U.S., GM & Toyota Stomp Competition, Mazda5 Test Drive2011/03/02
  1895. Episode 589 - Latest Geneva News, Ford is Master of PR Spin, 2011 Kia Optima Turbo2011/03/01
  1896. Episode 588 - Jaguar/Bertone Concepts, More Diesels in Europe, New Safety Systems Needed2011/02/28
  1897. Episode 587 - Toyota Issues Recall, VW & GAZ Sign Pact, Mazda Responds to Court's Decision2011/02/25
  1898. Episode 586 - GM's 2010 Earnings, Daimler's Hiring, Spyker Selling Sportscar Outfit2011/02/24
  1899. Episode 585 - New Vehicles Cut Into GM's Profit, MINI Rocketman Concept, Aston Martin Virage2011/02/23
  1900. Episode 584 - Oil Prices Spike, EcoMotors Teams with Navistar, Beijing's Hazardous Air2011/02/22
  1901. Episode 583 - Mazda May Leave Flat Rock Plant, House Blocks E-15, BMW M Performance Exhaust2011/02/21
  1902. Episode 582 - Nissan Appoints New Head of R&D, Chevy MyLink, 2012 Honda Civic2011/02/18
  1903. Episode 581 - Ford Passes Chevy in Dealer Count, Chinese Car Culture, Nissan's New Moco2011/02/17
  1904. Episode 580 - Car Sales Down in Europe, Bob Lutz Considers Comeback, Rinspeed BamBoo2011/02/16
  1905. Episode 579 - Penske Fails with smart, Obama "Pulls Plug" on Diesels, Bentley on Ice2011/02/15
  1906. Episode 578 - Inventory Levels Increasing, Lamborghini Aventador, 2012 Ford Focus2011/02/14
  1907. Episode 577 - Ferrari Backs Down, Geneva Show Previews, Ram Takes Lead in Torque2011/02/11
  1908. Episode 576 - Ford and Ferrari Faceoff, Chevy's Red-Hot Camaro ZL1, 2011 Opel Corsa2011/02/10
  1909. Episode 575 - Takata Raided By FBI, China's Traffic Woes, Dodge Unveils New Models in Chicago2011/02/09
  1910. Episode 574 - Consumer Credit Increasing; GM Profit Sharing; Keyless Entry, Keyless Killer?2011/02/08
  1911. Episode 573 - 62 MPG Proposal Debate, Used-Car Market Strong, Mahindra's Poor EPA Rating2011/02/07
  1912. Episode 572 - EV Tax Fraud, Cellulosic Ethanol 2 Years Away, Honda Sticks with Low-Cost Tech2011/02/04
  1913. Episode 571 - What Happened to Ford? Danger Signs for U.S. Auto Recovery, Taxis from Turkey2011/02/03
  1914. Episode 570 - Mega City to Get Little i, GM’s Process All Tied Up, CVTs Get Accessorized2011/02/02
  1915. Episode 569 - More Production Cuts in Japan, Chrysler Will Pay Bonuses, BMW’s Smart Key Fob2011/02/01
  1916. Episode 568 - 2010 Chrysler Earnings, Daimler Celebrates 125 Years, Lincoln MKX2011/01/31
  1917. Episode 567 - Ford Posts Net Profit in 2010, Volkswagen XL1 Concept, 2011 Chrysler 3002011/01/28
  1918. Episode 566 - Parts Shortage Spreads, Volvo to Cut Lineup, Tesla Recycling Batteries2011/01/27
  1919. Episode 565 - Car-to-Car Communication, Another Toyota Recall, Pagani Huayra2011/01/26
  1920. Episode 564 - Where's the Profit in China? The Biggest Assembly Plants, Uh-Oh Parts Shortages2011/01/25
  1921. Episode 563 - 1st Fiat-Chrysler Rebadge, Who's the Biggest Automaker? 2011 Jeep Compass2011/01/24
  1922. Episode 562 - Raw Material Prices Rise, Mazda Bets on Diesels, Mitsubishi Cuts Lineup2011/01/21
  1923. Episode 561 - GM Management Shuffle, UAW Targets Toyota, Chrysler's Hydraulic Hybrid2011/01/20
  1924. Episode 560 - Chrysler Announces Hybrid Plans, Mazda MINAGI, Dana Settles Case with Toyota2011/01/19
  1925. Episode 559 - 2011 Looking Up, Toyota Halts Production in Japan, Front-Wheel-Drive Falcon?2011/01/18
  1926. Episode 558 - Lancia Flavia = Chrysler 200, Prius Goes Plural, 2012 Mercedes SLK Roadster2011/01/17
  1927. Episode 557 - Rare-Earth Free Electric Motor, Audi #1 Luxury Brand, More Safety Regulations2011/01/14
  1928. Episode 556 - Profit Sharing for the UAW, Ford Wins More Awards, Toyota's Advanced Batteries2011/01/13
  1929. Episode 555 - MINI Paceman Concept, 2012 Hyundai Veloster, Honda Civic Concept2011/01/12
  1930. Episode 554 - Car and Truck of the Year, VW's NMS Gets a Name, Toyota Shows Off Prius Family2011/01/11
  1931. Episode 553 - Porsche 918 Spyder Race Car, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car, Kia Optima Turbo2011/01/07
  1932. Episode 552 - France Investigates China, GM Licenses Battery Tech, Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show2011/01/07
  1933. Episode 551 - Renault Managers Leak Secrets, Toyota Wins Arbitration, 2012 Buick Verano2011/01/06
  1934. Episode 550 - King Says Union Deserves Its Share, Toyota Entune, 2010 December Sales2011/01/05
  1935. Episode 549 - Consumer Reports Rips "MyFord," UAW Organizing Drive, Seven Deadly Insurers2011/01/04
  1936. Episode 548 - Global Sales to Hit 75 Million, Audi E-Den, BAIC Bids for Pininfarina2011/01/03
  1937. Episode 547 - UAW Targets Transplants, Safety Bill Fails, 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class2010/12/23
  1938. Episode 546 - Chrysler Financial Sold, HondaJet Passes First Test, Mercedes B-Class Sleeper2010/12/22
  1939. Episode 545 - Toyota Fined, Again; 2011 Chrysler 300 Revealed; More Ethanol Drama2010/12/21
  1940. Episode 544 - Toyota Turn Around Years Away, Hyundai Plans Fuel Cell Production, Dodge Durango2010/12/20
  1941. Episode 543 - Batteries Will Stay Expensive, NACTOY Finalists Announced, GMC Sierra Concept2010/12/17
  1942. Episode 542 - Metal Prices Soar, The Astronomical Cost of CAFE, Knockout New-Car Smell2010/12/16
  1943. Episode 541 - German Assembly Lines Humming, China Bumps R&D Spending, Monster Crate Motor2010/12/15
  1944. Episode 540 - WTO Rejects China's Complaint, Engineers in Demand, 9th Generation Honda Civic2010/12/14
  1945. Episode 539 - China Moves the Metal, Volvo Plans Three New Plants, No Pay Raises at GM2010/12/13
  1946. Episode 538 - Ford Ties Honda in Loyalty, BMW 1-Series M Coupe, VW to Offer Fender Audio System2010/12/10
  1947. Episode 537 - GM Dumps Aveo Name, New Magnesium Technology, Rolls-Royce Expanding Ghost Line2010/12/09
  1948. Episode 536 - Ward’s Announces 10 Best Engines, Big Three Inventory Surplus, Autozone’s Profits Jump2010/12/08
  1949. Episode 535 - Chinese Buyers Shun Green Cars, BMW Is Hiring, Kia Picanto Sketches Released2010/12/07
  1950. Episode 534 - Honda Drops the Element, BYD Cancels EV for China, U.S. Hybrid Sales Weak2010/12/06
  1951. Episode 533 - Back-Up Camera Mandate, China #1 in Profits for Lexus, Z28 Camaro Revived2010/12/03
  1952. Episode 532 - Happy Birthday, Mazda!; Opel Unveils New Antara and Corsa; IIHS Bashes Bumpers2010/12/02
  1953. Episode 531 - GM & Chrysler Hiring Engineers, Toyota Wants to Grow in India, New Audi A62010/12/01
  1954. Episode 530 - Porsche Cajun, Radar-Gun Bomb-Detector, Chrysler's 8-Speed Automatics2010/11/30
  1955. Episode 529 - GM IPO Largest in History, Mahindra in Dispute, Volt Fuel Economy Numbers2010/11/29
  1956. Episode 528 - Fast-Charging Kills Batteries, Opel Goes LLC, GM Introduces New Logo2010/11/24
  1957. Episode 527 - LEAF Certified at 99 MPG, GM Reviving G8 in U.S.?, Americans Warming to Bailouts2010/11/23
  1958. Episode 526 - Hyundai Outsells Toyota in Europe, EVs Worry Utilities, 2011 Dodge Journey2010/11/22
  1959. Episode 525 - Bailouts Saved A Million Jobs, VW Invests Big to Become #1, GM Open-House Events2010/11/19
  1960. Episode 524 - GM Goes Public, Plug-In Prius Pricing, Lotus Heads To Indy2010/11/18
  1961. Episode 523 - GM Issues More Shares for IPO, Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept, VW Eos2010/11/17
  1962. Episode 522 - Ghosn Gaga Over EVs, Chevy Camaro Convertible, The Taxi Of Tomorrow2010/11/16
  1963. Episode 521 - Heavy-Truck Sales Up, Merging Late Improves Traffic Flow, Fiat May Sell Ferrari Stake2010/11/15
  1964. Episode 520 - VW October Sales Up, GE's Big EV Commitment, Cruze ECO Tops 40 MPH2010/11/12
  1965. Episode 519 - Japanese OEMs Under Siege In China, Czech This Out, New Ford "TracKey"2010/11/11
  1966. Episode 518 - GM Lookin' Good, Raw Materials Raise Car Prices, Lincoln's Next CUV2010/11/10
  1967. Episode 517 - China's Top-10 Cars, Toyota's Sales Tumble, GM Fires Mr. Goodwrench2010/11/09
  1968. Episode 516 - Chrysler 3Q Earnings, GM Back in IndyCar, China's Pollution Problem2010/11/08
  1969. Episode 515 - Toyota See-Saws, The Ultimate Driving Hybrid, What's With BYD?2010/11/05
  1970. Episode 514 - U.S. October Sales, Ford vs. South Korea, Cadillac CTS Coupe2010/11/04
  1971. Episode 513 - Aston Remains Independent, GM Doesn't Have To Pay Taxes, SEMA Show Highlights2010/11/03
  1972. Episode 512 - New Aluminum Alloy, Eight-Wheeled EV, Volkswagen's Self-Parking Car2010/11/02
  1973. Episode 511 - Global Car Sales Improve, Nissan New Mobility CONCEPT, Chevy Volt Test Drive2010/11/01
  1974. Episode 510 - Autonomous Vans Finish Trek, R2 Set for Launch, Volt Denied CA Tax Credit2010/10/29
  1975. Episode 509 - Citroen Metropolis for China, Chevy's New Ad Campaign, Volvo S60 Interior2010/10/28
  1976. Episode 508 - Exchange Rate Crisis, Geely Receives Zero Stars, 007's Aston Up for Auction2010/10/27
  1977. Episode 507 - Ford's Impressive Financials, Nissan's Hybrid Fuga, Chevy Volt vs. Nissan LEAF2010/10/26
  1978. Episode 506 - Marchionne Angers Italy, BMW on Demand, McElroy's Update From the Road2010/10/25
  1979. Episode 505 - Sonata GLS Beats Hybrid in MPGs, Volt Headed to Europe, Ranger Based SUV2010/10/22
  1980. Episode 504 - China Cornering Rare-Earth Market, More Toyota Recalls, Parts Business Booming2010/10/21
  1981. Episode 503 - Alfa's Last Stand, Mazda's Skyactiv Powertrain, Hyundai Equus Pricing2010/10/20
  1982. Episode 502 - EVs In the News, Li-Ion Battery Bottleneck, Porsche's Legal Troubles2010/10/19
  1983. Episode 501 - Volt Battery Workers Join UAW, CUVs #1 in U.S., Toyota R&D Questioned2010/10/18
  1984. Episode 500 - Car Sales Fall In Europe, F1 Heads to Russia, New F-150 Engines2010/10/15
  1985. Episode 499 - Big Ed on GM's IPO,Rattner Fined and Banned, Conti's Airbag System2010/10/14
  1986. Episode 498 - E-15 Debate Continues, BYD In Trouble, Researchers Hack Into Vehicle2010/10/13
  1987. Episode 497 - GM's "Volt-Gate" Scandal, Sales Slow Down in China, Nissan's Next-Gen Versa2010/10/12
  1988. Episode 496 - Google's Autonomous Fleet, Workers Picket Union, Free Car Loans for "Range Anxiety"?2010/10/11
  1989. Episode 495 - India Doubles Sales Forecast, Fiat Doblo Headed to U.S.?, GM-UAW Showdown Looms2010/10/08
  1990. Episode 494 - Chevy Volt In-Home Charger, Toyota Expanding Prius Lineup, 2011 Ford F-150 V-8s2010/10/07
  1991. Episode 493 - Smart USA Gets a New Car, Toyota Prefers Plug-Ins, Dodge Charger Updated2010/10/06
  1992. Episode 492 - Allstate Sues Toyota, BMW Goes FWD, 50th Anniversary Mustang2010/10/05
  1993. Episode 491 - September Sales Are Weak, Ford Pays Off Debt, Mopar's Drag Pak2010/10/04
  1994. Episode 490 - VW Diesels Made in U.S.A., Jaguar C-X75, Rare-Earth Free Hybrid2010/10/01
  1995. Episode 489 - Daimler, Nissan Come Together; Wireless Charging Tech; Hasta La Vista, Privacy2010/09/30
  1996. Episode 488 - Toyota's New Task Force, Text Bans Don't Work, GM Develops Electric Opel Meriva2010/09/29
  1997. Episode 487 - GM Warms To Diesel, Mopar Vehicle Tracking System, Lawnmower Speed Record2010/09/28
  1998. Episode 486 - Saab Powered by BMW?, Ferrari to Fund Chrysler Stake?, Ford Wants to Cut Line-Up2010/09/27
  1999. Episode 485 - Bullish on Big Three, Nissan Surpasses Toyota, Free OnStar in Used GM Cars2010/09/24
  2000. Episode 484 - UAW Needs to Take a Stand, Nissan Backtracks, Citroën Fights Dictatorships2010/09/23
  2001. Episode 483 - Caprice Cop Car is Quick, Adesa and Barrett-Jackson Join Forces, STP For Sale2010/09/22
  2002. Episode 482 - China And Japan Go At It, Ford Reveals New Ranger, Industry Faces Rubber Shortage2010/09/21
  2003. Episode 481 - Ford Hires Piaskowski, Nissan Doubles Down in China, Next BMW 6-Series?2010/09/20
  2004. Episode 480 - China's Technology Grab, More Paris Previews, Scion's Jack Hollis2010/09/17
  2005. Episode 479 - Heavy Truck Sales Surge, China’s Consolidation Plans, Mercedes Electric A-Class2010/09/16
  2006. Episode 478 - Chrysler Impresses AutoNation, Carrera GTS in Paris, Ford to Cut Dealers2010/09/15
  2007. Episode 477 - Biofuels Could Power Europe, Geely Aims to Double Volvo, Ford's Smell Jury2010/09/14
  2008. Episode 476 - Range Rover as a Brand? VW's New Chief, Chinese Don't Like Small Cars2010/09/13
  2009. Episode 475 - N. American Production Slows, China Sales Forecast Raised, U.S. Kuga Production Canceled2010/09/10
  2010. Episode 474 - Cruze Production Launched, New Honda Odyssey, Nissan Double Checks Quality2010/09/09
  2011. Episode 473 - BMW Ends M6 Production, OnStar Adds Features, Nissan's New Brand for China2010/09/08
  2012. Episode 472 - China Faces Huge Overcapacity, Coskata Raising Money, 2011 Hyundai Equus2010/09/07
  2013. Episode 471 - Foreign Investment Worries Feds, New Dodge Durango, Mazda's New Design Theme2010/09/03
  2014. Episode 470 - Sales Report, More Biofuel From Liquor Leftovers, '70s Product Development2010/09/02
  2015. Episode 469 - Hyundai Increases Sonata Production, Maybach Grows Line-Up, CNG Sticker Shock2010/09/01
  2016. Episode 468 - More Fiat 500 News, Opel Plans Global Expansion, New Window Stickers2010/08/31
  2017. Episode 467 - Global Car Sales Slow Down, Weird Styling Doesn't Sell, Citroen DS42010/08/30
  2018. Episode 466 - OEMs Against E15, Afghan Troops Need Driver Training, Chevy Orlando Preview2010/08/27
  2019. Episode 465 - Traffic Accidents = $99B, New Steel Stops Jaws of Life, Ford’s Reptilian Stowaway2010/08/26
  2020. Episode 464 - Cash-For-Clunkers Fraud Uncovered, Moscow Motor Show Reveals, Zeroshift Gearbox2010/08/25
  2021. Episode 463 - Dealers Cool To Fiat 500, Gasoline Consumption Falls, Toyota Retools2010/08/24
  2022. Episode 462 - VW Wants to Buy Alfa Romeo, 2012 Mercedes CLS, Mahindra Receives EPA Approval2010/08/23
  2023. Episode 461 - More Changes at GM, 2011 Jeep Wrangler, Ambient Light Makes Drivers Feel Safe2010/08/20
  2024. Episode 460 - GM Files IPO Paperwork, Kia POP Concept, VW Bringing Phaeton Back To U.S.2010/08/19
  2025. Episode 459 - Porsche Pumps Up the Power, GM Wants Cornerstone Investors, V-8 Hotel is Suite2010/08/17
  2026. Episode 458 - Automakers Hiring Designers, Lear Lands Volt Contract, Inside Kia Marketing2010/08/17
  2027. Episode 457 - 60 MPG Average By 2025, Infiniti G25, Ford Reintroduces Boss Mustang2010/08/16
  2028. Episode 456 - Whitacre Leaves GM, Infiniti Performance Line, Ford Auctions Concepts For Charity2010/08/13
  2029. Episode 455 - Whitacre Steps Down, Researchers Hack TPMS, Ford Reveals 2011 F-150 Engines2010/08/12
  2030. Episode 454 - U.S. DOT Comes Up Empty Handed, Analysts Say "Dump Daimler," Dealers Prep For Fiat2010/08/11
  2031. Episode 453 - Jaguar/Land Rover Profitable, Changan Shopping For Talent, Jet-Powered School Bus2010/08/10
  2032. Episode 452 - Chrysler Grows Stronger, Canadians Buy American, VW Brings Skoda to China2010/08/09
  2033. Episode 451 - GM Predicts Big Profits, Toyota Battles Speculators, Mid-Engine 'Vette?2010/08/06
  2034. Episode 450 - North American Production Going Up, Hyundai Targets 50 MPG, Cardboard NSX2010/08/05
  2035. Pilot - GM + Ford? Chrysler?, Nissan Halts GT-R Production, Camaro Pricing Announced2008/10/08
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