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Comic Geek Speak Podcast - The Best Comic Book Podcast (Comedy)

  1. 1721 - Comic Talk2019/01/31
    Comic Talk comin' at ya! In this formidable farina of fannish ephemera, you'll find our musings on the latest wave of 'restructuring' at DC Entertainment, a spoiler-free reaction to M. Night Shyamalan's pseudo-superhero film Glass, movie news, reading reviews, trivia, random anecdotes, and other tender vittles. (1:49:23)
  2. 1720 - January 2019 Previews2019/01/16
    We say 'Pre,' you say 'Views'! Pre...VIEWS!!! We go through the January catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in March. (2:10:45)
  3. 1719 - Comic Talk & Aquaman Movie Review2019/01/11
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  4. 1718 - Spotlight on Namor the Sub-Mariner2018/12/31
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  5. Christmas - Christmas Every Day2018/12/24
    For this year's yuletide oratory, Murd presents 'Christmas Every Day,' William Dean Howells' classic satirical fable of the joys of the season--and the importance of experiencing them in moderation! (11:49)
  6. 1717 - December 2018 Previews2018/12/21
    You better watch out, better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why: a Previews episode is coming to your podcast feed! We go through the December catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in February. Then, reach deep into the toe of your stocking to find a special treat at the end: a bonus discussion of the Into the Spider-Verse movie, sweetened with SPOILERS! (2:15:05)
  7. 1716 - Comic Talk: Up, Up, and Away! Edition2018/12/06
    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a formatless Comic Talk episode! We launch this Metropolis marvel with an account of our CGS group outing to a 40th anniversary screening of Superman: The Movie, followed by tons of TV and trailer talk and the name-dropping of some actual comic books. You will believe three Geeks can improvise! (1:32:02)
  8. 1715 - A Cornucopia of Comics Conversation 20182018/11/21
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  9. 1714 - November 2018 Previews2018/11/09
    Mama's little Geeks love Previews, Previews, Mama's little Geeks love Previews shows! We go through the November 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in January 2019. (1:46:28)
  10. 1713 - Top 5 Reads While Stranded on a Desert Island2018/10/26
    Imagine that you're about to be marooned on a remote desert island for days, weeks, or longer. Which comics (series, runs, collections, etc.; anything goes!) would you want to have with you to pass the time? We Geeks reveal what we'd throw into the lifeboat in this episode. Comics Ahoy! (2:03:37)
  11. MTB031- Murd's Time Bubble: The Thirty-First Time2018/10/19
    A monstrous Marvel legacy begins! The rough and raucous career of a DC antihero ends! And an unlikely venture straddling the heritages of both major publishers sees the light of day! This is what's rolling out of the Time Bubble's cargo hold this TIME... plus a bumper-crop of Quick Pops! (2:33:19)
  12. 1712 - October 2018 Previews2018/10/10
    Peekaboo--here's Previews! We go through the October catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in December. Then, special guest Previewer Ian Levenstein spins a few yarns from NYCC 2018! (1:58:58)
  13. 1711 - Comic Talk2018/09/28
    We wax elegiac in this episode, as we speak a few words in praise of recently departed creators Marie Severin, Gary Friedrich, and Norm Breyfogle. We also share our gut reactions to the traumatic first issue of DC's Heroes in Crisis miniseries, along with other reviews, reflections, and rejoinders. (1:10:23)
  14. 1710 - September 2018 Previews2018/09/17
    Previews, sweet Previews! We go through the September 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in November. First episode recorded in our brand-new studio space! (1:25:42)
  15. 1709 - Top 5 Iconic Moments in Comics2018/09/07
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  16. 1708 - August 2018 Previews2018/08/17
    All rise for Previews! We go through the August 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in October 2018. PLUS: You are cordially invited to attend a double-wedding discussion of Batman #50 and X-Men Gold #30. SPOILERS will be served at the reception! (1:48:30)
  17. 1707 - Comic Talk2018/08/06
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  18. 1706 - Spotlight on the Hulk in the Silver Age2018/07/31
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  19. 1705 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Movie Review2018/07/27
    Geeks great and small swarm together in this episode to talk over the long and the short of the biggest little sequel of the summer season: Ant-Man and the Wasp! The action, the effects, the gags, the characters, the insects--all this and maybe a valid critical point or two in this Pym-particle-packed podcast parley! (1:01:27)
  20. 1704 - July 2018 Previews2018/07/16
    Be-Bop-a-Lula, here comes Previews! We go through the July 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in September 2018. (2:01:36)
  21. 1703 - Comic Talk2018/07/06
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  22. 1702 - June 2018 Previews2018/06/28
    We're late, but we're still here! It's a two-man Previews as Shane and Chris go through the June 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in August. (1:48:12)
  23. CGS Presents: Back to the Bins 3262018/06/13
    Chris and Murd make another guest appearance on the Back to the Bins podcast, where they join hosts and fellow time-trippers Paul Spataro and Bill Robinson in the consideration of comics past. On the agenda: some Bronze Age Marvel horror and martial-arts action, and a timely tie-in with Marvel's ORIGINAL Infinity War! (1:58:07)
  24. 1701 - Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review2018/06/01
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  25. 1700 - Comic Talk2018/05/28
    Another centennial-episode milestone, and we're playing it totally low-key, just doing what we love most to do: talk comics! We swap stories of Free Comic Book Day 2018, offer reading recommendations, and, biggest and ballsiest of all, we review Deadpool 2! (1:16:36)
  26. 1699 - Spotlight on SHAZAM! in the Atomic Age2018/05/21
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  27. 1698 - May 2018 Previews 2018/05/10
    Time to go through the May 2018 Previews catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in July. Plus a chat with Athena Voltaire creator Steve Bryant. (1:25:37)
  28. 1697 - Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review2018/05/03
    The culmination of ten years of Marvel Studios filmmaking, Avengers: Infinity War is already a cosmic-scale blockbuster, and it's thrown down the Gauntlet to all other superhero movies past and present. Now, no fewer than five CGS Geeks assemble to share their reactions to this watershed moment in comic-book cinema. It's a GEM of an episode! (1:26:52)
  29. 1696 - An Interview with Professional Model Builder and Painter Lincoln Wright2018/04/25
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  30. 1695 - The CGS 'Best of 2017' Awards Show2018/04/20
    Announcing the final winners of the CGS 'Best of 2017' Awards, as voted on by you, our listeners! Following the reveal, pick up a goodie-bag of bonus Comic Talk, including a SPOILER-rich rundown of DC's landmark Action Comics #1000; a micro-Spotlight's worth of Action Comics historical data and statistics, as compiled by Pants; some early thoughts on Season 2 of Legion; and more! (1:26:19)
  31. 1694 - April 2018 Previews and C2E2 Recap2018/04/13
    It's Previews time once again! We go through the April 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in June 2018 and afterwards Pants recounts his recent trip to Chicago for the C2E2 convention. (1:46:50)
  32. 1693 - CGS Goes to War!: Enemy Ace: War in Heaven and Vertigo Visions: Tomahawk2018/04/09
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  33. 1692 - A Conversation with Julie Benson and Shawna Benson2018/04/02
    Now making an encore appearance on CGS: Julie Benson and Shawna Benson, the premier sister act of the comics-writing world! Julie and Shawna take time out to chat about their upcoming transition from Batgirl and the Birds of Prey to Green Arrow at DC Comics; the state of TV (i.e., shows they write and ones they're watching); and other bits of Bensonabilia. (1:46:33)
  34. 1691 - The CGS 'Best of 2017' Awards Nominations Show2018/03/28
    For the consideration of the Academy (i.e., YOU), this episode presents the results of our annual search for the most praiseworthy people and publications of the previous year in comics. Hear the Geeks' and listeners' choices for the best comics and creators of 2017, then cast your votes for the final winners! (1:31:34)
  35. 1690 - March 2018 Previews2018/03/14
    Time once again to go through Previews! This time it's the March 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in May. Plus hear Pants give his thoughts on the closing of Toys R Us. (1:25:42)
  36. 1689 - Comic Talk2018/03/01
    Format? Where we're going, we won't NEED format! In this affably amorphous episode you'll hear highlights from Pants' Whovian holiday in sunny L.A.; more thoughts on the Black Panther movie from Pants and Shane (SPOILERS!); Murd's declassified reaction to Brian K. Vaughan's The Private Eye; TV Talk, Toy Talk, Novelization Talk, and even (who'd have guessed it?) Comic Talk! (1:13:56)
  37. 1688 - February 2018 Previews2018/02/21
    You just can't lose with Previews! We go over the February 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in April. AND: the official announcement of The CGS 'Best of 2017' Awards! (1:18:18)
  38. 1687 - Black Panther Movie Review2018/02/19
    Hail to the King!! As the groundbreaking blockbuster Black Panther motion picture continues its box-office reign, a Geek tribal council consisting of Chris, Murd, and the elusive Matt assembles to discuss the film, its characters, its visual design, its surprising faithfulness to source material, and its wider cultural significance. Wakanda Forever! (1:26:02)
  39. MTB030- Murd's Time Bubble: The Thirtieth Time2018/02/16
    An(other) all-different Doom Patrol! The 'Last Laugh' for the DC Universe! And a couple of minor Marvel masterpieces from the late Bronze Age! The Time Bubble gangplank is descending--All Aboard! (1:57:10)
  40. 1686 - Top 5 Legacy Heroes2018/02/01
    The time has come for a Top 5 episode--one that salutes the heritage of heroism! With a welcome assist from our brother-in-arms Ian Levenstein, we hand down our lists of personal favorite comics legacy characters. Any hero who's ever succeeded to, filled in for, been inspired/influenced by, or stolen from another character is fair game! Top 5 Fever: Pass it on! (2:36:33)
  41. 1685 - Comic Talk2018/01/24
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  42. 1684 - DC in D.C. 2018, or: Mr. Pants Goes to Washington2018/01/17
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  43. 1683 - January 2018 Previews2018/01/09
    It's Previews Time! We go over the January 2018 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in March. (1:21:25)
  44. 1682 - Post-Holiday Mishmosh (a.k.a. Comic Talk)2018/01/05
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  45. 1681 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review2017/12/27
    The latest installment in the Star Wars sequel trilogy has thundered into theaters and divided fandom as sharply as a lightsaber through a torso. Now it's time for Shane, Chris, and Murd to have their spoiler-laden say on the matter. May the Force be with us all! (59:56)
  46. - Christmas Bells2017/12/24
    Murd, our holiday habitue, presents his annual recitation: a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Season's Greetings from CGS! (2:38)
  47. 1680 - The Best of Story Time with Uncle Sal, Part Two2017/12/21
    Just in time for Christmas it's another installment of the best bits from our chats with Sal Abbinanti, aka Uncle Sal. Topics include the birth of his son, convention fun with Buzz, and much more. (1:29:09)
  48. 1679 - Off the Racks: Doomsday Clock #12017/12/14
    Enclosed are the Geeks' first impressions of Doomsday Clock #1, the initial phase of a year-long DCU/Watchmen mash-up brought to you by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Listen now. The clock is ticking... (43:51)
  49. 1678 - December 2017 Previews2017/12/12
    It's Previews Time again! We go through the December 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in February of 2018. (1:15:28)
  50. Crisis Tapes 17: Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Part 22017/12/05
  51. 1677 - A Cornucopia of Comics Conversation 20172017/11/28
    No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November: no matter! CGS continues its annual Thanksgiving-week tradition of spicing up this somber month with a veritable feast of Comic Talk, stuffed with more topics and more comicky camaraderie than you can shake a candied yam at! Help yourself, and don't be shy about coming back for seconds... but save us a drumstick! (1:04:20)
  52. 1676 - The Best of Story Time with Uncle Sal, Part One2017/11/24
    We dig into the CGS archives to bring to you highlights of our most frequent guest - Sal Abbinanti aka Uncle Sal! Hear his origin story, convention tales, home life anecdotes, special guest appearances, and much more! (1:53:06)
  53. 1675 - Justice League Movie Review2017/11/21
    Just Imagine: the mightiest heroes of our time, banded together as the Justice League in a major motion picture! Next, imagine the CGS Geeks similarly united to review that motion picture, hashing out the good, the bad, and the ugly of the JLA's big-screen debut. Now stop imagining and start downloading! Justice Is Served!! (1:06:32)
  54. Crisis Tapes 16: Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Part 12017/11/14
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  55. 1674 - November 2017 Previews2017/11/09
    It's time once again to go through the Previews catalog. This time it's the November 2017 listing for items shipping to stores beginning in January of 2018. (1:00:59)
  56. 1673 - Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review2017/11/07
    Ragnarok is upon us! The Geeks convene to pass judgment on this radically different cinematic vision of Marvel's God of Thunder and his corner of the MCU. The Twilight of the Gods was never this much fun! (47:08)
  57. 1672 - Comic Talk: Catch-Up Edition2017/10/31
    After several weeks of suffering the bludgeonings of chance, four Geeks finally find time to meet up for a little Comic Talk group therapy! Talking points include more on the final fate of Wildpig Comics; the fabulous treasures laid up in the House of Pants; a new kind of comic-art show in our home city of Reading, Pa.; Halloween hi-jinks; Muddle the Murd; and much more! (1:01:47)
  58. MTB029- Murd's Time Bubble: The Twenty-Ninth Time2017/10/19
    Return with Murd to those dark, portentous days of late 2001. Some spots to explore on our two-hour tour: the Fantastic Four (a la Grant Morrison), 'Our Worlds at War', the Mighty Thor, and more! (2:19:18)
  59. 1671 - 2017 NYCC Chat and October Previews2017/10/11
    Treat yourself to Previews, with a crunchy candy coating of Comic Talk! We go through the October 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in December... but first, we have a nice long chat, including notes on New York Comic Con 2017, with our special guest, longtime CGS consultant Eric Nolen-Weathington of TwoMorrows Publishing. (1:44:30)
  60. 1670 - Comic Talk2017/10/04
    Join us for a bittersweet bull-session that is both a recap of the fun and fellowship of the most recent WildPig sale... and a Requiem for WildPig Comics as we've known it. Plus: the little-explored connection between comics and the late Hugh Hefner; a few comics-related news items; and more. (46:44)
  61. 1669 - Comic Talk2017/09/20
    It's another format-free fiesta from the fine folks at the CGS Studio! Good news and bad news, trivia and travelogues, quickie reviews of comics new and old--why, this episode is so eclectic, so magnificently multifarious and righteously rambling, that it defies summary! Listen and see what we mean! (1:04:32)
  62. 1668 - September 2017 Previews2017/09/11
    It's Previews time again! We go through the September 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in November. Also: a few words on the passing of comics legend Len Wein. (1:19:02)
  63. 1667 - Spotlight on Jack 'King' Kirby, Part Two2017/09/05
    Part Two of our two-part Jack Kirby centennial retrospective covers Kirby's creation of the Fourth World and other early-1970s projects for DC Comics; his return to, and subsequent legal disputes with, Marvel; his career in animation; and his golden twilight years. Hail to the King! (2:17:44)
  64. 1666 - Comic Talk2017/09/01
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  65. 1665 - Better Call Sal2017/08/15
    Wake the kids and phone the neighbors, it's time once again for Uncle Sal! (2:27:18)
  66. 1664 - August 2017 Previews2017/08/10
    Time again to go through the Previews catalog. We cover the August 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in October. (1:08:45)
  67. 1663 - Spotlight on Jack 'King' Kirby, Part One2017/08/04
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  68. 1662 - Comic Talk2017/07/26
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  69. 1661 - Top 5 Childhood Favorite Comics2017/07/18
    Oh, for those long-ago days of our youth! The Geeks give themselves over to nostalgia and while away a happy episode reminiscing about fondly-remembered single issues from their respective childhoods in the '70s and '80s. The lists range from the applaudable to the inscrutable, but they are in all cases memorable! (2:00:39)
  70. 1660 - July 2017 Previews2017/07/11
    It's Previews time again! In this episode we go through the July 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in September. (1:28:24)
  71. 1659 - Comic Talk2017/07/06
    A little bit of comic talk, a little bit of con talk, a little bit of TV talk, and a LOT of passionate outbursts from Pants! It's an eclectic, enthusiastic installment of Comic Geek Speak in a classic vein. Enjoy! (1:16:49)
  72. 1658 - Off the Racks Two-in-One2017/06/13
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  73. 1657 - June 2017 Previews2017/06/09
    Time once again for Previews. In this episode we go through the June 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in August. (1:03:44)
  74. 1656 - Wonder Woman Movie Review2017/06/07
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  75. 1655 - A Conversation with Karl Kesel2017/06/03
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  76. 1654 - Impromptu Comic Talk2017/05/24
    When you can't get it all together... improvise! That's what we did to produce this episode, and the result is a succinct but savory sampler of subjects, a bit of bonus comic talk to help you through your mid-week. Topics include the return of Twin Peaks, the Walking Dead comic, DC's 'The Lazarus Contract' crossover, Chris's thoughts on 'The Button,' and more! (51:22)
  77. 1653 - Off the Racks Review on 'The Button'2017/05/19
    Button, Button, who's got 'The Button'? WE have! Here's our take on the four-part story (Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22) that takes Batman and the Flash back to the Flashpoint reality and outside time itself, on the trail of answers to the questions raised by last year's DCU Rebirth Special. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (1:13:36)
  78. 1652 - Comic Talk2017/05/12
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  79. 1651 - May 2017 Previews2017/05/04
    Time again for Previews. We go through the May 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in July. (1:10:32)
  80. 1650 - The 2017 C2E2 Tapes2017/04/24
    Pants and Murd were in Chicago for C2E2 and did some interviews with Steve Bryant, Shawn Pryor and Martheus Wade, and Julie Benson and Shawna Benson. (1:06:04)
  81. 1649 - Comic Talk2017/04/20
    Bryan Deemer and Shane rejoin the fold for this free-form folio of four-color folderol, which includes reactions to the bits of news and amusement dribbling out of this year's Star Wars Celebration; a kung-fu insider's take on the Iron Fist Netflix series; a massacre of a Muddle the Murd; and more! (1:14:44)
  82. 1648 - April 2017 Previews2017/04/15
    Here it comes to save the day! That means the Previews show is on its way! Listen along as we go through the April 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in June. (1:32:57)
  83. Murd's Time Bubble - The Twenty-Eighth Time2017/04/12
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  84. 1647 - Off the Racks: Nova #1, Supergirl: Being Super #1, & WW '77 Meets Bionic Woman #12017/04/03
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  85. 1646 - Spotlight on SHAZAM! in the Golden Age, Part Three2017/03/27
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  86. 1645 - 3D Printing Game Scenery2017/03/13
    Bryan is a big gaming fan, and 3D printing game terrain and scenery is quickly becoming his favorite hobby. In this episode we talk to Matt at PrintalbeScenery.com about their current Kickstarter campaign for a modular castle system. (26:00)
  87. 1644 - March 2017 Previews and a discussion of 'Logan'2017/03/09
    Previews! We go through the March 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in May and afterwards have a brief discussion on the 'Logan' movie. (1:27:09)
  88. 1643 - The CGS Best of 2016 Awards Results Show2017/03/01
    Tonight's the night! Elbow your way past the paparazzi and take your seats for the big reveal of the winners of the CGS 'Best of 2016' Awards, as chosen by YOU, the listeners! (All envelopes guaranteed to contain the correct names!) (56:50)
  89. 1642 - Comic Talk2017/02/24
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  90. 1641 - The CGS Best of 2016 Awards Nominations Show2017/02/14
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  91. 1640 - February 2017 Previews2017/02/10
    There's no need to fear - Previews time is here! Join us as we go through the February 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in April. (1:12:02)
  92. 26 - Voltron: Legendary Defender Toy Review2017/02/10
    Shane and Brian review some toys from the Voltron: Legendary Defender line and also chat about the Lego Dimensions video game. (32:09)
  93. 1639 - Off the Racks: Thanos #1, Motor Girl #1, and More2017/01/30
    We're kickin' it freestyle with Off the Racks this month! First, we collectively review Thanos #1 from Marvel and Motor Girl #1 from Terry Moore's Abstract Studio; then, each Geek presents an additional OTR pick of his own choosing. Anything could happen!! (Very little actually does, though.) (1:15:42)
  94. 1638 - Comic Talk2017/01/23
    In this savory slumgullion of comics-related miscellanea, we assess recent changes to Marvel and DC's policies on pricing and digital availability, look back on recent Superman movies, look forward to the new Rogue One ongoing comic, and open some Christmas presents. Plus Muddle the Murd, and the official announcement of the CGS 'Best of 2016' Awards! (1:24:20)
  95. 1637 - January 2017 Previews2017/01/12
    Previews time again! We go through the January 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in March. (1:28:44)
  96. 1636 - Spotlight on the Silver Surfer, Captain Mar-Vell, and Adam Warlock2017/01/09
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  97. 1635 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Review2017/01/02
    Looking for a little something to ease your transition from holiday hyperspace back to the workaday world? Listen to Murd, Chris, and Shane opine about this season's #1 blockbuster, the first in the new 'Star Wars Anthology' series of films. It's like a bacta-tank treatment for those post-holiday blues! (46:34)
  98. The Compleat 'A Christmas Carol'2016/12/24
    All five chapters of Murd's interpretation of the Dickens holiday classic, in a single compact sound-file! A surprise stocking-stuffer from CGS to you! (2:55:00)
  99. 1634 - Comic Talk2016/12/20
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  100. 1633 - Previews and a Chat with Dave Dwonch (12/16 for 2/17)2016/12/12
    Previews, Previews, Previews all the way! We go through the December catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in February. Includes a visit from our ol' buddy Dave Dwonch of Action Lab Entertainment! (1:28:31)
  101. 1632 - Off the Racks: A Cornucopia of Comics Conversation 20162016/12/02
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  102. 1631 - Previews2016/11/17
    Let there be Previews! We go through the November catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in January. (1:22:11)
  103. 1630 - Doctor Strange Movie Review2016/11/14
    The moons of Munnopor have come into alignment, and it's time for the CGS review of the phantasmagorical feature film Doctor Strange! The Geeks enter into astral communion (also called 'Skype') to share their thoughts on plot, character, and above all, visual effects in Marvel's latest blockbuster. Fire up your All-Seeing iPod of Agamotto and feel the magic! (1:10:17)
  104. 1629 - Comic Talk2016/11/10
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  105. 1628 - Top 5 Underappreciated Creators2016/11/07
    Our old friend Ian Levenstein of the Comic Timing podcast joins us to talk about a triply-tremendous Top Five topic of his own devising! It's our opportunity to show a little extra love and recognition to a few writers and artists whom we feel have been overlooked and/or misunderstood by fandom at large. Totally subjective, of course, but totally satisfying! Don't miss it! (1:55:34)
  106. After Death in the Marvel Universe2016/10/31
  107. Zuras (Deceased)2016/10/28
  108. Zombie (Inactive)2016/10/27
  109. Yellowjacket (Inactive)2016/10/26
  110. Whizzer (Deceased)2016/10/25
  111. 1627 - Story Time with Uncle Sal2016/10/24
  112. White Tiger (Inactive)2016/10/24
  113. 1626 - The October 2016 Previews for items in shops in December 20162016/10/12
  114. Warlock (Deceased)2016/10/10
  115. 1625 - The 2016 NYCC Tapes with Tom King, Katie Cook, Shawna Benson, Julie Benson, and more2016/10/09
  116. Vampires2016/10/06
  117. 1624.5 - Behind the Scenes on 16242016/10/05
  118. Torpedo (Deceased)2016/10/05
  119. Toro (Deceased)2016/10/04
  120. Thunderbolt (Deceased)2016/10/03
  121. Thunderbird (Deceased)2016/09/30
  122. 1624 - Off the Racks: Deathstroke Rebirth #1, Kill or Be Killed #1, & Superwoman #12016/09/30
  123. - 3-D Man (Inactive)2016/09/29
  124. Thanos (Inactive)2016/09/27
  125. Terrax (Deceased)2016/09/26
  126. Swordsman (Deceased)2016/09/20
  127. 1623 - Spotlight on The Invincible Iron Man in the Silver Age2016/09/19
  128. Spitfire (Inactive)2016/09/16
  129. Spirit of '76 (Deceased)2016/09/15
  130. - Spider-Woman (Inactive)2016/09/14
  131. Son of Satan (Inactive)2016/09/13
  132. 1622 - Previews and a chat with Steve Bryant2016/09/12
  133. - Shang-Chi (Inactive)2016/09/08
  134. Satana (Deceased)2016/09/07
  135. Red Raven (Deceased)2016/09/06
  136. Happy 50th Birthday Jamie D.2016/09/05
  137. Red Guardian II (Inactive)2016/09/05
  138. Red Guardian I (Deceased)2016/09/02
  139. Pip the Troll (Deceased)2016/09/01
  140. 1621 - Comic Talk - Improv Edition2016/08/31
  141. Phoenix (Deceased)2016/08/31
  142. Phantom Eagle (Deceased)2016/08/29
  143. Patriot (Deceased)2016/08/26
  144. Patriot (Deceased)2016/08/26
  145. Omega (Deceased)2016/08/25
  146. Nova I (Inactive)2016/08/23
  147. 1620 - Off the Racks: BBoP Rebirth #1, Betty & Veronica #1, and Faith #12016/08/22
  148. Nighthawk (Deceased)2016/08/22
  149. Nebulon (Deceased)2016/08/18
  150. Morbius (Inactive)2016/08/17
  151. Miss America (Deceased)2016/08/16
  152. 1619 - Comic Talk2016/08/15
  153. Mimic (Deceased)2016/08/15
  154. Marvel Boy (Deceased)2016/08/12
  155. Death in the Marvel Universe2016/08/11
  156. 1618 - Previews2016/08/10
  157. Liberty Legion (Defunct)2016/08/08
  158. Leatherneck Raiders (Defunct)2016/08/05
  159. Kid Commandos (Defunct)2016/08/04
  160. 1617 - Off the Racks: Civil War II #0-1, Future Quest #1, et al.2016/08/04
  161. Invaders (Defunct)2016/08/03
  162. Howling Commandos (Defunct)2016/08/02
  163. Freedom's Five (Defunct)2016/08/01
  164. Champions of Los Angeles (Defunct)2016/07/29
  165. - Ani-Men (Defunct)2016/07/28
  166. 1616 - 2016 San Diego ComicCon Recap2016/07/27
  167. - Man-Wolf (Inactive)2016/07/26
  168. Mantis (Inactive)2016/07/25
  169. Lilith (Destroyed)2016/07/22
  170. Korvac (Deceased)2016/07/21
  171. Jocasta (Destroyed)2016/07/20
  172. Jackal (Deceased)2016/07/19
  173. It! (Destroyed)2016/07/15
  174. Green Goblin (Deceased)2016/07/14
  175. - Giant-Man II (Inactive)2016/07/13
  176. 1615 - Previews2016/07/13
  177. Ghost Rider (Deceased)2016/07/12
  178. Gamora (Deceased)2016/07/08
  179. Foolkiller (Deceased)2016/07/07
  180. 1614 - Spotlight on The Mighty Thor in the Silver Age2016/07/06
  181. Egghead (Deceased)2016/07/05
  182. Drax the Destroyer (Destroyed)2016/07/01
  183. 1613 - Comic Talk2016/06/30
  184. Dracula (Destroyed)2016/06/30
  185. Destroyer (Destroyed)2016/06/29
  186. Murd's Time Bubble - The Twenty-Seventh Time2016/06/28
  187. - Death-Stalker (Deceased)2016/06/27
  188. Darkoth (Deceased)2016/06/24
  189. Count Nefaria (Deceased)2016/06/23
  190. Changeling (Deceased)2016/06/22
  191. 1612 - Comic Talk2016/06/20
  192. - Captain Mar-Vell (Deceased)2016/06/15
  193. Bucky (Deceased)2016/06/14
  194. 1611 - Previews2016/06/13
  195. Black Knight I (Deceased)2016/06/13
  196. Bloodstone (Deceased)2016/06/10
  197. Baron Zemo I (Deceased)2016/06/09
  198. Baron Strucker (Deceased)2016/06/08
  199. 1610 - Off the Racks: Black Panther #1, Bloodlines #1, and Micronauts #12016/06/06
  200. Baron Blood (Destroyed)2016/06/03
  201. Banshee (Inactive)2016/06/02
  202. Ancient One (Deceased)2016/06/01
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  210. Zzzax2016/05/24
  211. Zodiac2016/05/23
  212. Zeus2016/05/20
  213. Yondu2016/05/19
  214. Ymir2016/05/17
  215. 1606 - Previews Etc.2016/05/16
  216. - X-Men Jet2016/05/16
  217. - X-Men Mansion2016/05/13
  218. 1605 - Captain America: Civil War Movie Review2016/05/12
  219. - X-Men2016/05/12
  220. Wrecking Crew2016/05/11
  221. CGS Presents: Comic Timing 1792016/05/11
  222. Crisis Tapes 15: Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, Part 22016/05/10
  223. Wrecker2016/05/10
  224. Wonder Man2016/05/06
  225. Wolverine2016/05/05
  226. Wolfsbane2016/05/04
  227. 1604 - Spotlight on the Black Panther2016/05/02
  228. Wizard2016/05/02
  229. Will O' The Wisp2016/04/29
  230. White Queen2016/04/28
  231. Whirlwind2016/04/27
  232. Werewolf2016/04/26
  233. 1603 - Comic Talk2016/04/25
  234. Watchers2016/04/25
  235. Wasp2016/04/22
  236. Wakanda2016/04/21
  237. Vulture2016/04/20
  238. 1602 - Off the Racks: The Discipline #1, The Infinity Entity #1, and Legends of Tomorrow #12016/04/19
  239. Vision2016/04/19
  240. Viper II2016/04/15
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  242. Vermin2016/04/14
  243. Vanisher2016/04/13
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  245. Vanguard2016/04/11
  246. Vance Astro2016/04/08
  247. Valkyrie2016/04/07
  248. Appendix to Issue #112016/04/06
  249. - Alien Races, Tribbitites - Xantareans2016/04/05
  250. 1600 - Comic Talk2016/04/04
  251. Ursa Major2016/04/04
  252. Unus2016/04/01
  253. Union Jack2016/03/31
  254. Unicorn2016/03/30
  255. 1599 - Top 5 Partnerships2016/03/28
  256. Umar2016/03/28
  257. Ultron2016/03/25
  258. Ulik2016/03/24
  259. - U-Foes2016/03/23
  260. Triton2016/03/22
  261. 1598 - The CGS Best of 2015 Awards Results Show2016/03/22
  262. 1597 - Off the Racks: Power Man & Iron Fist #1, Shaft #1, and Snowfall #12016/03/21
  263. Trapster2016/03/21
  264. Tomorrow Man2016/03/18
  265. Toad2016/03/17
  266. Titanium Man2016/03/16
  267. Titan2016/03/15
  268. 1596 - Comic Talk2016/03/14
  269. Tigra2016/03/14
  270. Tiger Shark2016/03/10
  271. Thundra2016/03/09
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  273. Thor's Hammer2016/03/08
  274. Thor2016/03/07
  275. Thing2016/03/04
  276. Thena2016/03/03
  277. 1594 - BOMC: Locke & Key, Vol. 12016/03/01
  278. Texas Twister2016/03/01
  279. Tatterdemalion2016/02/29
  280. Taskmaster2016/02/26
  281. Talisman2016/02/25
  282. Swarm2016/02/24
  283. Surtur2016/02/23
  284. 1593 - The CGS Best of 2015 Nominations Show2016/02/22
  285. Supreme Intelligence2016/02/22
  286. - Super-Skrull2016/02/19
  287. - Super-Adaptoid2016/02/18
  288. Sunspot2016/02/17
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  298. Stingray2016/02/04
  299. - Stilt-Man2016/02/03
  300. 1590 - Off The Racks: The Spirit #1, Star Trek/Green Lantern #1, and We Stand On Guard #12016/02/02
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