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  1. Become Financially Independent Quickly2006/06/24

    If you want the HEADS Up on becoming Financially Independent Quickly.
    Listen in! This is The REAL DEAL.
  2. Discover Secret Product Creation Techniques Used By the Masters2006/06/14
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  3. Money Show 22006/05/28

    If your ready for Riches, you can't miss this!
  4. OpenFire Challenge with Rusto Dusto2006/05/21

    Challenge Invite with Rusto Dusto.
  5. OpenFire Challenge2006/05/20

    OpenFire announcement. About Money... Don't miss this!
  6. The Money Show2006/05/19

    This is just a short announcement for our up coming shows on Money. You have got to be here for these very informative shows. Special guests, Financial advisors, Internet gurus. +++++ more, more ,more!!!!!
  7. Hurricane Katrina Show 32005/12/23

    The 3 show in our series on this devistating natural disaster. Anyone who has felt the effects of Katrina or any natural disaster, We want to hear from you. Here at OpenFire we are always intrested in your thoughts, comments, opinions, Plus we want your feedback. Call Daytime Doug and OPENFIRE today!!!
  8. Hurricane Katrina Show 22005/12/20

    2nd show in our series on Hurricane Katrina. Calling all who were and are affected by Katrina to contact us and share your story. Reach 1000's of people and what happened to you. We would love to hear from you today!!!!
  9. Hurricane Katrina Show12005/12/14
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  10. Howard Stern goes to Satellite2005/12/12

    Howard Stern goes to Satellite. Discussion on Todays Show. Call in Leave your comments. They might even get on the next Show!!!!!!!!
  11. Ted Nugent Interview2005/12/11

    Guest Interview Ted Nugent!!! Opie And Anthony WNEW-FM Interviewed Ted by phone in 2002. Great interview, 1of our fav's. Lots of laughs,lots of gun fire!!!!! Open Fire with Uncle Ted!!! Enjoy.
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