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St. Jerome's Chapel

  1. Tikhon2009/04/07
    Patriarch of Russia, Confessor and Ecumenist, 1925
  2. Oscar Romero2009/03/24
    Archbishop of San Salvador, 1980, and the Martyrs of El Salvador
  3. James Theodore Holly2009/03/13
    Bishop of Haiti, and of the Dominican Republic, 1911
  4. Anna Julia Haywood Cooper2009/02/28
    Educator, 1964
  5. Harriet Bedell2009/01/08
    Deaconess and Missionary, 1969
  6. Frances Joseph Gaudet2008/12/30
    Educator and Prison Reformer, 1934
  7. Cyprian2008/09/13
    Bishop and Martyr of Carthage, 258
  8. John Henry Hobart2008/09/12
    Bishop of New York, 1830
  9. Alexander Crummell2008/09/10
    Priest, Missionary, and Educator, 1898
  10. Constance, Nun, and her Companions2008/09/09
    Commonly called "The Martyrs of Menphis," 1878
St. Jerome’s Chapel
Preaching on the Saints in the Episcopal Tradition

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