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iZoofari Audio Tours At The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

  1. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub Naming Ceremony2007/11/27
    Listen in on the naming ceremony for our newest baby panda, now named Zhen Zhen. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  2. iZoofari Chat: Elephant Baby at the Wild Animal Park2007/11/12
    Wild Animal Park elephant keeper Curtis Lehman gives us an update on the four, soon-to-be five, baby elephants at the Wild Animal Park. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  3. iZoofari Chat: Mei Sheng Memories2007/11/05
    Giant panda keeper Kathy Hawke shares her memories of Mei Sheng, the four-year-old panda who began his journey to China today. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  4. iZoofari Chat: Koala Communication2007/10/18
    Research Coordinator Jennifer Tobey, and animal care supervisor Chris Hamlin Andrus talk about how koalas use vocalization and scent marking to communicate. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  5. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub Update/Naming2007/10/12
    Panda researcher Suzanne Hall discusses the panda cub's progress at 10 weeks of age. She also updates us on the process for taking name suggestions for the cub from San Diego Zoo visitors. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  6. iZoofari Chat: Releasing Endangered Hawaiian Birds2007/10/08
    The San Diego Zoo is involved in a program to save some tiny endangered birds native to Hawaii. In this episode, conservation program manager Alan Lieberman talks about a recent release of captive-bred Hawaii creepers and 'akepa into their native habitat. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  7. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub Update2007/09/21
    Visit with panda keeper Kathy Hawk in giant panda Gao Gao's garden room. Hear her impressions and stories about caring for pandas at the San Diego Zoo since 1996, including her take on Bai Yun's newest cub. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  8. iZoofari Chat: Elephant Baby at the Wild Animal Park2007/09/20
    Wild Animal Park elephant keeper Curtis Lehman introduces us to the newest member of our African elephant herd, born to Umoya on Wednesday, September 19. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  9. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub: It's A Girl!2007/09/13
    Panda keeper Angie Fiore talks about the latest panda cub's progress, and about caring for pandas at the San Diego Zoo. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  10. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub at 5 Weeks2007/09/07
    Panda researcher Suzanne Hall discusses panda cub's progress as it turns five weeks old. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  11. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub Weekly Exam2007/08/30
    So, is it a boy or a girl?Listen to see if the San Diego Zoo’s veterinary staff has an answer yet. Dr. Geoff Pye conducted the cub’s second examination, and he takes a few minutes to tell us what he found, and what we’ll be looking for the next few weeks. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  12. iZoofari Chat: Koala Estrus Behavior Study2007/08/30
    How do you know when a female koala is ready to breed? It's not such an easy task. CRES student fellow Maressa Takahashi and San Diego Zoo koala keeper Amy Alfrey are involved in a study of female koala behavior that should help keepers decide when the time is right. They share some of their findings with iZoofari Chat host Debbie Andreen.
  13. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub's First Exam2007/08/23
    San Diego Zoo veterinarian Dr. Meg Sutherland-Smith describes the first exam of Bai Yun's new cub, what she looks for, and how this cub compares to the three others she has examined. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  14. iZoofari Chat: Panda Cub's First Week2007/08/16
    As Bai Yun's newborn cub grows, panda researcher Suzanne Hall fills us in on how the new cub's progress compares to others, and gives us some insight on how pandas take care of their young. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  15. iZoofari Chat: Wild Animal Park Field Research2007/08/15
    Caroline Pitt and Blair Roberts of the Behavioral Biology Division of the San Diego Zoo's CRES take us into the Wild Animal Park's East Africa field exhibit to talk about their research on the animals who call it home. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  16. iZoofari Chat: Violet the Dwarf Cassowary2007/08/13
    Senior bird keeper Laurie L. Brogan talks about Violet, a colorful, extraordinary 80-pound dwarf cassowary in her care. Violet chimes in with her own greeting during the interview. Be sure to turn up the volume to hear Violet's booming call! Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  17. iZoofari Chat: New Panda Cub Watch2007/08/07
    Suzanne Hall, San Diego Zoo senior research technician, describes the birth of Bai Yun's fourth cub at the San Diego Zoo's Panda Research Station and what kinds of behaviors were observed with this excperienced panda mom. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  18. iZoofari Chat: Giant Panda Pregnancy Watch2007/07/31
    Suzanne Hall, San Diego Zoo senior research technician, tells us that a recent ultrasound by a Zoo veterinarian revealed at least one panda fetus. Learn more about what to expect as the birth day approaches. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  19. iZoofari Chat: Giant Panda Senior Research Technician Suzanne Hall2007/07/25
    Suzanne Hall, giant panda behavior researcher for CRES, talks about clues to Bai Yun's possible pregnancy. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  20. iZoofari Chat: Zookeeper Bob Cisneros2007/07/18
    San Diego Zoo's Bob Cisneros chats about his job as an animal keeper. Hosted by Debbie Andreen.
  21. Nairobi Village Introduction2007/03/05
    An overview of the Wild Animal Park's Nairobi Village
  22. Nairobi Village: Rhino Statue2007/03/05
    Learn about the Rhino Statue in Nairobi Village
  23. Nairobi Village: African Aviary2007/03/05
    Learn about the African Aviary in Nairobi Village
  24. Nairobi Village: Flamingo Lagoon2007/03/05
    Learn about the Flamingo Lagoon in Nairobi Village
  25. Nairobi Village: Meerkats2007/03/05
    Learn about the meerkats in Nairobi Village
  26. Nairobi Village: Congo Fishing Village and Mombassa Lagoon2007/03/05
    Learn about the Congo Fishing Village and Mombassa Lagoon in Nairobi Village
  27. Nairobi Village: Bee-Eater Aviary2007/03/05
    Learn about the bee-eating birds in Nairobi Village
  28. Nairobi Village: Lowland Gorillas2007/03/05
    Learn about the lowland gorillas of Nairobi Village
  29. Nairobi Village: Hidden Jungle2007/03/05
    Learn about the Hidden Jungle in Nairobi Village
  30. Nairobi Village: Lorikeet Landing2007/03/05
    Learn about Lorikeet Landing in Nairobi Village
  31. Nairobi Village: Lemur Island2007/03/05
    Learn about Lemur Island in Nairobi Village
  32. Nairobi Village: Red River Hogs2007/03/05
    Learn about the red river hogs in Nairobi Village
  33. Nairobi Village: Animal Care Center2007/03/05
    Learn about the Animal Care Center in Nairobi Village
  34. Nairobi Village: Fever Tree2007/03/05
    Learn about the Fever Tree in Nairobi Village
  35. Condor Ridge: Overview2006/06/22
    Welcome to the Wild Animal Park's Condor Ridge
  36. Condor Ridge: Thick-billed Parrots and roadrunners2006/06/22
    Meet the thick-billed parrots of Condor Ridge
  37. Condor Ridge: Bald Eagle2006/06/22
    Meet the bald eagle of Condor Ridge
  38. Condor Ridge: Porcupines and Prairie Dogs2006/06/22
    Meet the porcupines and prairie dogs of Condor Ridge
  39. Condor Ridge: Black-footed Ferret2006/06/22
    Meet the black-footed ferret of Condor Ridge
  40. Condor Ridge: Western Harris' Hawk2006/06/22
    Meet the Harris hawk of Condor Ridge
  41. Condor Ridge: Burrowing owls and desert tortoises2006/06/22
    Meet the burrowing owls and desert tortoises of Condor Ridge
  42. Condor Ridge: Bighorn Sheep2006/06/22
    Meet the Bighorn Sheep of Condor Ridge
  43. Condor Ridge: California Condor2006/06/22
    Meet the California condors of Condor Ridge
  44. Lion Camp Introduction2008/03/04
    An overview of the Wild Animal Park's Lion Camp
  45. Lion Camp: The African Lions2005/11/30
    Meet the African lions of Lion Camp
  46. Lion Camp: Lion Enrichment2005/11/30
    Learn about enrichment for lions at Lion Camp
  47. Lion Camp: Lion Training2008/03/04
    Find out what it takes to train the lions of Lion Camp
  48. Lion Camp: Behind-The-Scenes2005/11/30
    Go behind-the-scenes at Lion Camp
  49. Lion Camp: Baby Boom2008/03/04
    Adult females Oshana and Mina have given birth to a total of seven youngsters. See the whole pride, inlcuding dad Izu at the Wild Animal Park's Lion Camp.
iZoofari Audio Tours At The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park
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