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Ourtech Technology Podcast

  1. 2007/07/20
    Hi All,

    At present I am not doing this podcast due to my work commitments. But will be back soon with a new concept - Fresh, easy and productive.

  2. Episode 7 - Blu-ray & HD DVD2006/07/04
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  3. Episode 6 - Anonymity on the Web2006/04/18
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  4. Episode 5 - IPTV2006/03/29
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  5. Episode 4 - Tech 20052005/12/29
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  6. Episode 3 - Tech Vision2005/12/16
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  7. Episode 2 - Podcast lectures2005/12/08
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  8. Episode 1 - Let's meet technology2005/11/29
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  9. Podcast Promo2005/11/18
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    Hello, Welcome to Ourtech Podcast. I am starting this new podcast on technology. This is a promo right now, but I'll be on with Episode 1 soon. So join me on this interesting journey of tech news on new tools, gadget news, tech world news and the works.
Ourtech Technology Podcast
"Where basic information comes easy"
Your tech stop for all the latest technology news. Podcast contains all the latest information about gadgets, softwares, internet, web-design, print, video, and electronics.
Information which is fresh, easy and productive.

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