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Tulsa Topics Podcast

  1. 20060517 Tulsa Topics Podcast2006/05/18
    Testing new podcast software with music and media links
  2. Vol 2 No 4 - Tulsa Topics PodCast - A Whole Lotta Hodge Podge2006/02/21
    In this PodCast I play a whole hodge podge of bytes that's been gathering dust on my computer.

    I play a parody of a mental health hotline.
    Your weather forecast.
    A thought provoking song and...
    A promo from "The Children of the Gods"

  3. Vol 2 No 3 Tulsa Topics PodCast2006/01/21
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  4. Mayor wants to add 4.3 million dollars to 3rd penny tax proposal for American Airlines2006/01/20
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  5. Vol 2 No 1 Tulsa Topics PodCast - 01/15/20052006/01/16
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  6. Vol 1 No 4 - Tulsa Topics Podcast - 200512122005/12/12
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  7. Vol 1 No3 Tulsa Topics Podcast - Tulsans Defending Democracy Podcast2005/12/10
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  8. Vol 1 No 2 - Tulsa Topics Podcast - 200512072005/12/07
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  9. Tulsa Topics Podcast 12/04/20052005/12/04
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  10. Tulsa Topics Podcast - Episode I2005/11/23
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  11. Tulsa Topics Podcast- Episode I2005/11/23

Tulsa Topics Podcast
News and Views from a Native Tulsan. Local, State, and National News and Commentary. Podcasts when the whim hits me.

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