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  1. Reading from JOURNALS at Borderlands. June 13, 20152015/06/15
    At Borderlands Books, about 45 minutes, including long Q & A. Some passages read are the same as in Santa Cruz, but most are different. Reading was followed by an "art tour" of 15 of my paintings hanging on the walls in Borderlands. Access my audio and video of the tour on YouTube: http://youtu.be/9ifUih4ji38.
  2. Reading from JOURNALS in Santa Cruz. May 1, 2015.2015/05/02
    Event in Santa Cruz, sponsored by Scott Clements of LOGOS Books. The tape includes part of an introduction by Andrew Sivak, the organizer of the "Santa Cruz College" lecture series. I read about six passages from my JOURNALS, and then we did Q&A. Good sound quality and a lively, responsive crowd.
  3. Discussing THE HOLLOW EARTH, March 24, 20152015/04/17
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  4. Reading & Discussion. Jude Feldman, Robert Shults, Rudy: Laser Shades, Nov 8, 20142014/11/09
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  5. "Laser Shades," June 10, 2014.2014/11/05
    Rucker reads his short SF story, "Laser Shades," written for Robert Shults's photo book THE SUPERLATIVE LIGHT, which contains photos of the Austin, Texas, Petawatt Laser Lab. Taped in Rucker's home studio, good sound.
  6. Richard Kadrey reads "Surfing the Khumbu," Oct 18, 20142014/10/20
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  7. John Shirley reads "Bitters," Oct 18, 20142014/10/20
    John Shirley reads/performs his ill, ill FLURB story "Bitters" at the Dark Lords of cyberpunk event during Lit Crawl 2014 in SF, CA. Story can be found in print in the Flurb webzine http://www.flurb.net/10/shirley10.htm
  8. "The Attack of the Giant Ants," October 18, 2014. 2014/10/19
    Story read by Rucker at the Lit Crawl 2014 event Dark Lords of Cyberpunk. Richard Kadrey and John Shirley read as well. "The Attack of the Giant Ants" was inspired by the classic B movie THEM. Story slated to appear in the Motherboard webzine.
  9. Tracks for ALL THE VISIONS. "Rucker Songs"2014/05/13
    I'm posting three tracks from Roy Whelden's album LIKE A PASSING RIVER, which was in part inspired by my novel ALL THE VISIONS, which reappears in July, 2014. "Rucker Songs" is an operatic oratorio featuring the playing of Roy Whelden and the American Baroque quartet, with Karen Clark singing. The words are drawn from intense closing passages of ALL THE VISIONS. 7 min 45 secs.
  10. Tracks for ALL THE VISIONS. "What's the point?"2014/05/13
    I'm posting three tracks from Roy Whelden's album LIKE A PASSING RIVER, which was in part inspired by my novel ALL THE VISIONS, which reappears in July, 2014. "What's the point?" is a recording of me reading from the ending of ALL THE VISIONS, wondering what's the point of life at all. 2 min 20 secs.
  11. Tracks for ALL THE VISIONS. "I was at the new year's eve dance, Or, I'm going to die."2014/05/13
    I'm posting three tracks from Roy Whelden's album LIKE A PASSING RIVER, which was in part inspired by my novel ALL THE VISIONS, which reappears in July, 2014. "I'm going to die" is a recording of me reading from the beginning of ALL THE VISIONS, talking about my realization at age 16 that eventually I have to die. 1 min 30 seconds.
  12. ALL THE VISIONS Reading, April 12, 20142014/04/14
    Reading the climactic rant from my Kerouac scroll novel, ALL THE VISIONS, at the Brainwash laundromat-cafe in the SOMA area of San Francisco for David Gill and his Pravic science-fiction zinesters. Plus a short Q & A on transrealism and the future of SF. About 20 mins long.
  13. BIG AHA Reading with Q & A, March 27, 20132014/03/28
    At Scribd in San Francisco. Introductory discission of how I wrote BIG AHA, short reading from BIG AHA, extensive Q&A discussion. Good, responsive crowd. About 45 mins. Thanks to Carrie Jones for organizing the event.
  14. "Cosmic and Robotic Consciousness". Feb 1, 2014.2014/02/02
    A talk at the Transhuman Visions conference at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Thirty minutes including the Q&A. Ideas relating to my novel THE BIG AHA. Some good laughs from the crowd. The sound quality isn't great, as there was an echo in the hall.
  15. BIG AHA Reading & Art Show. Jan 17, 2014.2014/01/18
    Opening party for my BIG AHA Paintings show at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, the show from Jan 17 - March 15, 2014. Tape includes my description of my novel THE BIG AHA, two short readings, some Q&A, and my "tour" of the paintings on the walls (to SEE the paintings while listening to this part, you might go to http://www.rudyrucker.com/paintings). About 45 mins.
Rudy's Podcasts on GigaDial Public
Rudy's Podcasts contains readings from Rudy Rucker's SF tales, his talks about the philosophical implications of computers, and interviews with him about writing, art, science, and literature.

A full single-page listing of the items (going back to 2005) can be found on the Rudy's Podcasts web page, http://www.rudyrucker.com/blog/rudys-podcasts/

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