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  1. Lacy2008/03/29
    Lacy and I stay up late
  2. Taylor2008/03/28
    Taylor skips school to do the podcast
  3. Thursday Mar 27, 082008/03/28
    I talked with a Vietnam Veteran today, I wish I would have had a recorder with me
  4. podcast check2008/03/26
    protools check
  5. March 4,200082008/03/22
    March 4, talk about running, moving an organ
  6. Michelle, Abby, & Jeff2008/03/22
    We eat breakfast at Al's Beef in Chicago
  7. Joel's First Team2008/03/05
    Joel had his first fantasy baseball draft on Sunday, so we discuss what happened
  8. Fantasy Baseball Part 22008/03/03
    The discussion continues
  9. Fantasy Baseball2008/03/03
    My nephew Joel and I discuss fantasy baseball
    Sun Mar 2, 08
  10. Abby in the car2008/03/03
    Abby and I attend the MIW workshop in Chicago, and here's our comments after 3 hours of boredom
  11. Carly part 22008/02/22
    Carly plays House of the Rising Sun
  12. Carly 2008/02/22
    Feb 21, 2008 Carly has writing on her forehead
  13. Valentine's Day Wrap up2008/02/22
    Saturday, February 16, how I got just about nothing on Valentine's Day, no desire to work out, Chicago Auto Show talk
  14. Vegas Part 32008/02/13
    finishing up the marathon talk
  15. The Real Vegas Wrap Up2008/02/13
    This one I talk about Vegas and the marathon
  16. Vegas Wrapup2008/02/13
    Monday Dec 3 I talk about the Vegas experience
  17. Sun Feb 3, 20082008/02/13
    A visit to Indy to see my brother-in-law Scott, recap of the visit
  18. Going in and out of the House2008/02/13
    just some random accidental audio
  19. We Are Hungry2008/02/07
    Scott and I put together a song, really it was mostly Scott
  20. Saturday Jan 5, 20082008/01/06
    I talk about running again, and discuss the weight challenge I have with a few friends
  21. Sounds of a ventilator2008/01/06
    This is what it sounds like at 2 am in the home of a person who can't breathe, who must use a ventilator
  22. Disney Scene It2007/12/27
    Sun Nov 18 we play scene it with the kids
  23. Sunday Nov 18, 072007/12/27
    the puppy joke
  24. Thursday Dec 20, 20072007/12/27
    I talk about Harvey Illinois and cleaning out my closets and a trip to Pacific Garden Mission
  25. random audio2007/12/27
    have no idea what this was
  26. Sat Dec 15, 072007/12/27
    it's still snowing
  27. Sat Dec 15, 07 the food court at the mall2007/12/27
    I describe what I see at the mall at Christmas
  28. Sat Dec 15, 2007 Orland Mall2007/12/27
    My annual trip to Orland Mall at Christmas
  29. Sat Dec 15, 2007 Guitar Center Pt 22007/12/27
    I try some classical guitars at Guitar Center
  30. Sat Dec 15, 20072007/12/27
    I resume Christmas shopping at Guitar Center about 4 PM

    A bit of random audio
  31. Sat December 15, 2007 Pt 22007/12/27
    After the rehearsal, I resume the bathroom story
  32. Sat December 15, 20072007/12/27
    I talk about TV and The Office, and recap the Las Vegas marathon a bit
  33. Sat December 15, 20072007/12/27
    I talk about The Office and TV
  34. Random Audio2007/12/27
    just a free recording from my life one day a few weeks before Christmas
  35. my trip to Iowa/Chicago wrapup2007/12/25
    October 20, 2007, I drive through Davenport, Iowa, on my way to Des Moines
  36. Des Moines Marathon2007/12/25
    Sunday October 21, 2007, I ran the Des Moines Marathon
  37. Butterball Wrapup2007/12/15
    talk about the race
  38. Butterball Burner2007/12/15
    Sat Nov 17. 2007
  39. more and more guitar2007/12/15
    practicing in a small studio
  40. and more guitar2007/12/15
    boy, I must have had some time this day
  41. and more practice2007/12/15
    still with guitar
  42. guitar practice2007/12/15
    still more
  43. more guitar2007/12/15
    the frustration sets in
  44. Yesterday, take 22007/12/15
    me playing Yesterday again
  45. Yesterday2007/12/15
    me sitting in a practice room playing Yesterday
  46. Richmond Expo2007/12/15
    Friday Nov 9, 2007, I tour the pre race expo at Richmond
  47. Friday November 9, 20072007/12/15
    a trip to Target, hanging around Richmond Virginia
  48. Thursday Nov 8, 20072007/12/15
    A recap of my first day in Virginia, on the mall, traveling in the Mustang
  49. Helicopter Overhead2007/12/15
    November 8, 2007, on the mall in D.C.
  50. Thursday Nov 8, 20072007/12/15
    Names being read at the Vietnam Memorial, Washington, D.C.
  51. Christina gets a Quilt2007/12/15
    My mom made a quilt for Christina-it was quite lovely
  52. Mom knows best2007/11/05
    News of the Weird
  53. Antelope Island Part 22007/11/05
    There's a whole bunch of buffalo on that island
  54. Antelope Island2007/11/05
    My trip to Antelope Island and more Parke City marathon stories
  55. Parke City Marathon2007/11/05
    My wrap up of the run in Parke City
  56. Food in Salt Lake City2007/11/05
    Litza's Pizza, the Red Iguana, and a tour of Temple Square
  57. Golden Spike Historic Site2007/11/05
    My trip to the Golden Spike-I just missed the steam engine display
  58. Walter Williams Army Talk2007/11/05
    tells about his experience and feminisation of the military
  59. more Walter Williams2007/11/05
    still listening to Walter Williams on the radio
  60. Outside the Maverick Station2007/11/05
    8/24/07 I talk about a bum outside the Maverick Station, and about the old cars surviving in the desert, and the moth on the floor in the hotel
    and a little bit of Walter Williams and his wife story
  61. Second run in Parke City2007/11/05
    Thursday 8/23/07 I went back to Parke City to do a practice run at higher altitude
  62. Storm Hits Back Home2007/11/05
    8/23/07 While traveling in Utah I find out a big storm has hit back home, and I have to worry about my house from 2000 miles away.
  63. Trip to the Guitar Store2007/11/05
    I visited a guitar store in Utah and heard a whole lot about guitars and other things
  64. Partridge Family....and Queen !2007/11/05
    It's 2:10 am and I'm listening to the radio in Utah
    Thursday 8/23/07
  65. Thursday Aug 23, 20072007/11/05
    Early in the morning, returning from Moab
    Bought some Bubble Gum, watched the moon set
  66. Trip to Arches National Park2007/11/05
    Wed Aug 22, 07 and they screwed up my pizza order
  67. Wed Aug 22. 20072007/11/05
    Price Utah
  68. Random audio2007/11/05
    Not sure what this is from
  69. Sun Nov 4, 20072007/11/05
    I went to see the Blackhawks
  70. 1st visit to Park City2007/09/26
    Utah Pt 2
  71. Arrival in Utah2007/09/26
    Tuesday Aug 21, 2007
  72. Dr Bruce Cox Chapel2007/08/16
    From band camp Aug 2007
  73. Tuesday night newspapers2007/08/16
    Talking about news stories, and the First Midwest Ampitheater
  74. Tuesday July 17, 20072007/08/16
    Run on the lake, Sundowner 5K
  75. Pink Panther2007/08/16
  76. phone call, radio, cicada dust2007/08/16
    talking about fantasy baseball, sometime the first week of July
    the bulk is at the end
  77. Tuesday June 12, 20072007/08/16
    more cicada mania
  78. Caravan2007/06/21
    Park Stickney-harpist

    John Papadoulis-guitar
  79. SD Zoo Pt 42007/06/21
    sea lions and hawks
  80. Cicada stories2007/06/21
    a phone call and cicada stories
  81. Cicadas pt 22007/06/21
    another bit of the cicadas
  82. Cicada Mania2007/06/21
    sounds from the 17 year cicadas
  83. Bike the Drive2007/06/01

    Sunday May 28, 2007
  84. Pineapple Shake2007/06/01

    A salute to my cousin Ron, and really nothing else here
  85. Great Western Half Marathon2007/06/01
    Monday May 14, 2007 talking about Great Western Half
  86. Chasing Dragons2007/05/10
    guitar recital
  87. Louisville Pt 32007/05/10
    Wrapup from the Louisville Marathon
  88. Louisville Pt 22007/05/10
    descriptions from downtown Louisville
  89. Louisville Fitness Expo2007/05/10
    April 27, 2007, on the floor in
  90. Dead Raccoon2007/05/10
    Sat April 21, 2007, I talk about the dead raccoon in my yard
  91. Taxes-It's April 15th !2007/04/16
    I hate taxes, and a little about what happened this last week. I'm back.

  92. Reading old Newspapers2007/04/01
    I read about a bunch of people denied acces to the US at the start of
    WW II
  93. Atlanta Marathon2007/04/01
    I talk about last weekend's run through Hotlanta
  94. Share 2007 Wed morning2007/03/22
    on my way to a radiothon
  95. I've Grown Accustomed to her Face2007/03/17
    Me singing
  96. Sun Mar 4 pt 22007/03/05
    Sunday night, community band and the Intervention TV show
  97. Tuesday Feb 27, 20072007/03/05
    I talk about roy Leonard, a Chicago radio legend
  98. Austin pt 32007/02/26
    marathon wrap up, hear me sing with the radio
  99. Austin Pt 12007/02/26
    You could call it Houston part 4, my walking tour along the river
  100. Houston Trip Pt 12007/02/22
    My drive from Houston to Austin
  101. a snowy day2007/02/13
    It's snowing here, and a talk about Guinea
  102. Super Bowl postgame2007/02/05
    my comments after the game
  103. Super Bowl 4th Qtr2007/02/05
    more from the party
  104. Super Bowl 3rd Qtr2007/02/05
    more party noise
  105. Super Bowl 2nd Qtr2007/02/05
    crowd noise at the party
  106. Bears Super Bowl 1st Qtr2007/02/05
    The crowd noise, sorry, missed the opening return
  107. Sat Feb 3, 2007 part 22007/02/04
    it was COLD today
  108. Sat Feb 3, 20072007/02/04
    another trip downtown, I talk about cell phone carriers
  109. New Cell Phone2007/01/28
    Sat Jan 27, my experience with getting a new cell phone
  110. Postal rant2007/01/25
    Wed Jan 24, I rant about stupid customers at the post office
  111. Tuesday Jan 23, 20072007/01/24
  112. Bears Beat Saints2007/01/23
  113. Disney Mile one2007/01/21
  114. Florida Trip2007/01/21
  115. Christmas 2006 pt 32007/01/03
  116. 2006 Christmas Pt 22007/01/03
  117. Student Recital #22007/01/02
  118. Student Lesson2006/12/19
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