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  1. VEGCAST 122 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 2015 2015/12/31
    Vegcast 122 is the 2015 edition of Sounds of Summerfest, featuring capsule interviews with Rebecca Gilbert, Vegetarian Hall of Fame inductee Hans Diehl and Gary Francione, as well as an original song Dr. Diehl commissioned for his anniversary with his wife, and other sounds from the annual vegan celebration in Johnstown, PA.
  2. VEGCAST 121 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 2014 2014/08/31
    Vegcast 121 is the 2014 edition of Sounds of Summerfest, featuring capsule interviews with Jonathan Balcombe, Miyoko Schinner, Michael Greger, John Pierre, Howard Lyman and Anne Dinshah along with some musical snippets from Elizabeth Barnett and other sounds from the annual vegan celebration in Johnstown, PA.
  3. VEGCAST 120 - ANIMALS AND SOCIETY 2014/01/31
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  5. VEGCAST 118 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 2013 2013/07/31
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  6. VEGCAST 117 - VEGAN SPIRITUALITY 2013/05/31
    Vegcast 117 takes a look at vegan spirtuality, the concept and the group started by Lisa Levinson. We chat with Lisa about her work and the Vegan Sprituality Retreats coming up in June and July featuring speaker Will Tuttle. There is also a song from Daniel Redwood and a science fact about the latest on arsenic being fed to chickens.
  7. VEGCAST 116 - MARIANNE BESSEY 2013/05/02
    Vegcast 116 features an interview with Marianne Bessey, a Philadelphia based powerhouse of animal activism who takes on zoos, circuses and civil affairs officers with equal aplomb. There is also a tune from Hymn for Her and a science fact about a new culprit in meat that ties it to heart disease.
  8. VEGCAST 115 - SUE COE2013/03/30
    Vegcast 115 features an interview with graphic journalist and painter Sue Coe, who talks about her methods of sharing animals grim reality with the viewing public. There is a tune from Dream Awake, a Science Fact about the damaging effect of animal slaughter on those who perform it, and a note on a book especially appropriate for Easter.
  9. VEGCAST 114 - QUEER VEGAN FOOD2013/02/28
    Vegcast 114 is a rather queer episode as we talk with Sarah E Brown about the collaborative work she helmed, the Queer Vegan Food Cookbook, proceeds from which benefit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. There is also a track from Batik called Vudu and a Science Fact about how vegetarianism can reduce your heart disease risk by a third.
  10. VEGCAST 113 - TALK TO THE ANIMALS2012/12/19
    Vegcast 113 features an interview with scientist and author Con Slobodchikoff, who was written a book on animal language, making a case for it and explaining how it works, as well as how humans have largely looked at it the wrong way. There is also a tune from Marlene Sosebee and a Science Fact about antibiotic overuse in the beef industry and its dangerous effects that are already showing up.
  11. VEGCAST 112 - BACK TO WOODSTOCK2012/09/19
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  12. VEGCAST 111 - MAIN STREET VEGANISM2012/08/10
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  13. VEGCAST 110 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST2012/07/29
    Vegcast 110 is our annual Sounds of Summerfest edition, including the first interview with the new inductees into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame, James Laveck and Jenny Stein. Also brief interviews with Eddie Lama, Fran Costigan and Chef AJ, plus birds, piano, lunch, ping pong, and a Science Fact about the diets of our ancestors.
  14. VEGCAST 109 - WILD ABOUT GREENS2012/06/27
    Vegcast 109 features an interview with Nava Atlas about her latest, Wild About Greens, which focuses on the many varieties of nutritious leafy greens and ways of making them a delicious part of many meals. There is a tongue in cheek song about vegan girls, and a science fact about black bears and their ability to count, a power previously ascribed only to primates.
  15. VEGCAST 108 - HIP CITY VEG2012/05/31
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  16. VEGCAST 107 - HONEY LA BRONX2012/04/30
    Vegcast 107 features an interview with Honey LaBronx, who will be making a Philadelphia appearance at a fundraiser for the Peace Advocacy Network. We also hear a song from Green Beings and a Science Fact about another reason the developed world will need to cut its meat and dairy consumption in half in the very near future.
  17. VEGCAST 106 - PLANTING PEACE2012/03/30
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  18. VEGCAST 105 - DAVID STEINBERG2012/02/12
    Vegcast 105 features an interview with comedy legend David Steinberg, on his new show Inside Comedy and his years as a vegan in Hollywood. There is a Science Fact about what makes men attractive to women and a song from Quinn Band, plus an audio op ed from Ruth Cohen on Paula Deen.
  19. VEGCAST 104 - PROTEIN MYTH2012/01/29
    In Vegcast 104 we talk with David Irving about the Where Do You Get Your Protein Question and the myths that have gained prominence around the eating of animal foods. There is a Science Fact about the math abilities of common pigeons and a bird related song from the band mewithoutYou.
  20. VEGCAST 103 - HAPPY HERBIVORE2011/11/28
    In Vegcast 103 we catch up with the ever globetrotting Lindsay Nixon, the Happy Herbivore, who recently relocated from a tropical island to the mountains of Colorado. We discuss her new Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook as well as a controversial blog post and its fallout. There is also a song from Kyle Vincent and a Science Fact about Well Done meat and Aggressive prostate cancer.
  21. VEGCAST 102 - VEDGE CAST2011/10/31
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  22. VEGCAST 101 - VEGAN PEACE2011/09/30
    Vegcast 101 features an interview with peace activist Cindy Sheehan, who came to Philadelphia for the Canivores Anonymous show. Also in the show was Cassendre Xavier, and we hear a track from her. There is also a Science Fact about arsenic in apple juice and in chicken, taken from a new site devoted specifically to science facts.
  23. VEGCAST 100 - CENTENARY EPISODE2011/09/04
    In a gargantuan hour long podcast extravaganza we look at the first 99 episodes of Vegcast via clips of most interesting moments, but also including rare and exclusive alternate takes and never before heard interview segments. There is also a new tune that was performed at Summerfest, and this podcast also includes Sounds from Summerfest 2011. Truly a full menu from first to last for Vegcast 100.
  24. VEGCAST 99 - REACHING OUT2011/05/29
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  25. VEGCAST 98 - VEGANS GOING STRONG2011/03/20
    Vegcast 98 features an interview with vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke, who talks about the basics of vegan nutrition and fitness for bodybuilders and athletes. We hear a tune from Christina Louise Dicker and there is a Science Fact on the connection between red meat and stroke that has an interesting tidbit abut iron.
  26. VEGCAST 97 - OUTSIDE THE BOX2011/02/27
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  28. VEGCAST 95 - WHITEWASH2011/01/31
    Vegcast 95 looks at the problems with milk in an interview with Dr. Joseph Keon, author of Whitewash. There is a song from Quinn band, and a Science Fact about how much greenhouse gas emissions could be minimized if consumers had to pay extra for meat, dairy and eggs.
  29. VEGCAST 94 - COLOR ME VEGAN2011/01/21
    Vegcast 94 features an interview with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, fellow podcaster and prolific author, among other things. We hear a music track from Amanda Rogers and an abolitionist vegan poem from the year 1000. There is also a Science Fact about dolphins and their ability to imitate while blindfolded.
  30. VEGCAST 93 - ALL-VEGAN IN PHILLY2010/12/10
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  32. VEGCAST 91 - GENE BAUR2010/10/25
    Vegcast 91 features a conversation with Gene Baur, cofounder of Farm Sanctuary, who discusses a recent report about the effect of animal abuse imagery on public consumption trends, as well as the Adopt a Turkey campaign. There is also a song by vegan artist Joy Valencia. The Science Fact is a study showing the necessity to radically curtail meat and dairy consumption to save the planet.
  33. VEGCAST 90 - OUR BEST FRIENDS2010/10/01
    Vegcast 90 features an interview with Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson about animal companions and humans, taking off from his new book, The Dog Who Couldnt Stop Loving. There is a song by the band Big Green Cherry and a Science Fact about the dangers of giving babies formula based on cows milk. Also on this podcast Vance vows to adopt the term Vegcast Radio.
  34. VEGCAST 89 - FRESH TOFU, BEATS2010/09/17
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  35. VEGCAST 88 - CARNISM2010/08/28
    Vegcast 88 features an interview with Dr. Melanie Joy, author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows, who talks bout her coinage of the word carnism and why we should use it. We also hear a new track from new recording artist Yvonne Smith, the Traveling Vegetarian, and a Science Fact about the latest new incredible cancer busting ingredient, watercress.
  36. VEGCAST 87 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 20102010/08/01
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    Vegcast 86 features an interview with Maribeth Abrams, the author, with Anne Dinshah, of The Four Ingredient Vegan, a cookbook that will appeal to vegans such as yours truly who love trying new recipes but hate to see a huge list of ingredients to keep track of. There is also a new tune from local rockers Maggi, Pierce and EJ, and a Science Fact about the communicative expertise of fish.
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  39. VEGCAST 84 - THE T WORD2010/06/25
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  40. VEGCAST 83 - GREEN CRIMINOLOGY2010/06/13
    In this episode we take an indepth look at a study mentioned in Vegcast 78, talking with the author, Dr. Amy Fitzgerald, about the study on rates of violent crime around slaughterhouses and her field, green criminology in general. We also hear an upbeat tune from Yvonne Smith, and there is a Science Fact about the vegetarian mind and its empathy quotient.
  41. VEGCAST 82 - SEXUAL POLITICS2010/05/27
    On Vegcast 82 we talk with Carol Adams about the 20th anniversary edition of her groundbreaking book The Sexual Politics of Meat. We spin a tune related to that subject from Nellie McKay, who wrote the foreword to the new edition of the book. There is also a Science Fact about the discovery of a beaver dam so large it can be seen from space. And Vegcast welcomes Lightlife Foods as a sponsor.
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  43. VEGCAST 80 - BECOMING RAW2010/03/31
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  44. VEGCAST 79 - ANIMAL SENTIENCE2010/03/16
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  45. VEGCAST 78 - VEGAN IN 30 DAYS2010/02/19
    Vegcast 78 features an interview with Sarah Taylor, author of Vegan in 30 Days, who explains how she came up with the step by step plan that guides newbies from a standard american diet into being vegan. There is also a Science Fact about the harm to humans caused by the exploitation of animals, and a song about hibernating, appropriate for us in snowbound Philly, from Amanda Rogers.
  46. VEGCAST 77 - VEGAN ROCK2010/02/02
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  48. VEGCAST 75 - STOP HORSING AROUND2009/12/22
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  49. VEGCAST 74 - HEALTHY VOYAGER2009/11/30
    Vegcast 74 has part one of a year end transamerica podcast extravaganza, as Carolyn Scott of Healthy Voyager talks about the holidays and her veggie travels. Watch for part two on Healthy Voyager radio in January. There is also music by Will Tuttle and a Science Fact about the envrionmental damage of grazing on U.S. public lands.
    Vegcast 73 features a visit to Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary, where we talk to founder Rob Teti and others about how the farm works to make a difference in the lives of both animals and people. Then we review Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Next there is a tune from local band Hymn for Her, and finally a Science Fact about the underestimated prevalence of methane in global warming.
    Vegcast 72 is a noncanonical edition, consisting entirely of an audio recording of a lecture given by Vance Lehmkuhl at the 350 Philly dinner at Horizons restaurant on Oct. 21 on the subject of Animal Agriculture and Climate Change. Stay tuned for another canonical Vegcast, with our traditional format and full menu, coming up in about a week.
  52. VEGCAST 71 - VEG IN THE CITY2009/10/02
    For our 71st podcast we take a stroll around Center City Philadelphia, talking with Dynise Balkavage, the Urban Vegan. Dynise has a new cookbook out this weekend, and she discusses this as well as her mission to bust stereotypes about crunchy hippie vegans. We hear a tune from an urban Philly vegetarian, EJ Simpson, and take a look at health warnings about fish in the Science Fact.
  53. VEGCAST 70 - YVONNE SMITH2009/09/14
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  54. VEGCAST 69 - CHEWING THE FAT2009/08/31
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  55. VEGCAST 68 - HEATHER MILLS2009/08/14
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  56. VEGCAST 67 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 092009/08/03
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  57. VEGCAST 66 - VEGAN RADIO BUS2009/07/22
    Our 66th podcast features an interview with Derek Goodwin of VeganRadio and The Vegan Bus, conducted on July 4th while wandering the grounds of Clark Park in Philadelphia. We spin a track from new rising vegetarian star Amanda Rogers, and there is a plain and simple Science Fact about Swine Flu. Sounds of Summerfest will be Vegcast 67.
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  59. VEGCAST 64 - RIP ESSELSTYN2009/05/29
    Our 64th podcast features an interview with Rip Esselstyn, the vegan firefighter who persuaded his coworkers to try a plant-strong diet for 28 days, and who has turned that success into a bestselling book and tour. There is also a musical selection from our old friend Moby and a science fact about mockingbirds and their ability to recognize a single human from among thousands.
  60. VEGCAST 63 - VEGAN WAFFLE PARTY2009/05/22
    Our 63rd podcast is a look at the growing Vegan Waffle Party phenomenon, started by Dave Wheitner in Pittsburgh. Dave explains how the idea for this offbeat form of veg activism got started and how you can join in with your own spin and at your own pace. We also hear some music from Dave and there is a Science Fact about the first global study of the horrible lives led by large circus animals.
  61. VEGCAST 62 - PRISCILLA FERAL2009/04/20
    Our 62nd podcast takes us to Su Tao Cafe in Malvern, PA for an on-site interview with Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, about the new cookbook The Best of Vegan Cooking. There is a song by a band called Lagoon and a Science Fact about the best foods for the heart. We will also tip you to a new Philadelphia vegan podcast.
  62. VEGCAST 61 - GREGER ON COLBERT2009/04/10
    Our 61st podcast switches gears a bit with an exclusive behind the scenes report from Dr. Michael Greger about his appearance last night on the Colbert Report as an expert on diseases of the hedgehog. There is also a short instrumental from Green Beings and a Science Fact that should close the case on the question of red meat and human health.
  63. VEGCAST 60 - FRAN COSTIGAN2009/03/13
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  64. VEGCAST 59 - JILL NUSSINOW2009/02/13
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  65. VEGCAST 58 - MAOZ VEGETARIAN2009/01/30
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  66. VEGCAST 57 - HEIDI PRESCOTT2009/01/02
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  67. VEGCAST 56 - SARAH KRAMER2008/12/03
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  68. VEGCAST 55 -GREEN FESTIVAL2008/11/24
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  69. VEGCAST 54 - KATHY FRESTON2008/11/07
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  70. VEGCAST 53 - KAREN DAVIS2008/10/30
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  71. VEGCAST 52 - HAROLD BROWN2008/09/30
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  72. VEGCAST 51 - CHRIS WALLA2008/09/19
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  74. VEGCAST 49 - HUMANE MYTH2008/08/08
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  75. VEGCAST 48 - VEGETARIAN MUSIC2008/07/31
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  76. VEGCAST 47 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 082008/07/08
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  77. VEGCAST 46 - POST PUNK VEGAN2008/06/18
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  78. VEGCAST 45 - YEAR OF THE RAT2008/06/06
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  79. VEGCAST 44 - TOTALLY TOFU2008/05/19
    Our 44th Vegcast takes us to NatureSoy, the largest tofu manufacturer on the East Coast, located right in downtown Philadelphia. NatureSoy chief Gene He gives a quick tour of the operation and explains the challenges and benefits of the tofu business. We hear a song from Maggie, Pierce and EJ and there is a Science Fact about the toll factory farming is taking on human health, among other things.
  80. VEGCAST 43 - SKINNY BITCH2008/04/15
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  81. VEGCAST 42 - NAVA ATLAS2008/03/28
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  82. VEGCAST 41 - PACIFIC NORTHWEST2008/03/14
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  83. VEGCAST 40 - HSUS BOMBSHELL2008/02/29
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  84. VEGCAST 39 - MARTHA GRIMES2008/02/18
    Our 39th podcast features an interview with bestselling mystery writer and vegetarian Martha Grimes, whose new novel Dakota takes readers into the world of food animal production. We also have a musical track from Watercolor Paintings and a Science Fact about poultry workers and their injuries. .
  85. VEGCAST 38 - VEGPA.NET2008/01/31
    Our 38th podcast looks at a new Web site for Pennsylvania vegetarians put together by Hugs for Puppies and Mercy for Animals. We talk with Nick Cooney about how the site was created and the larger mission of Hugs for Puppies. There is also a musical selection from Verdun, and a Science Fact about animals and their capacity for mental time travel.
  86. VEGCAST 37 - CAROLINE DUPONT2008/01/18
    We kick off the New Year with Caroline Dupont, author of Enlightened Eating, who explains in detail how to go about making major beneficial changes in your diet. The show opens with a contemplative selection from Will Tuttle and closes with a Science Fact about cholesterol drugs and the alternatives to them.
  87. VEGCAST 36 - MIKE HUDAK2007/12/21
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    Our 35th podcast is a trip down memory lane with Zinnia Konviser, a lifelong vegetarian whom Summerfest attendees will recognize instantly. She tells about the amazing Vegetarian Hotel in the Catskills operated by her parents throughout most of the last century. Then we have some music you may recognize, and an announcement that comes with it, and a Science Fact about nutritious school lunches.
  89. VEGCAST 34 - VESANTO MELINA2007/11/20
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  90. VEGCAST 33 - DAVE WARWAK2007/10/30
    Our 33rd podcast has an interview with Dave Warwak, the vegan teacher who was fired from an Illinois school for promulgating vegan ideas. Warwak tells his story and addresses where the line is in presenting controversial ideas to children. After a track from Moby there is a Science Fact about the coming water shortage in the United States and one sure way to avoid or ameliorate it.
  91. VEGCAST 32 - DR MCDOUGALL2007/10/16
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  92. VEGCAST 31 - DAN PIRARO2007/09/28
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  93. VEGCAST 30 - BRENDA DAVIS2007/08/31
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  94. VEGCAST 29 - SOUNDS OF SUMMERFEST 072007/08/10
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  95. VEGCAST 28 - LIVE EARTH2007/07/23
    Our 28th podcast closes out, for now, our obsessive coverage of the livestock connection to global warming and the Al Gore movement with a visit to Live Earth from July 7. Then there is a song, Sierra, from Kyle Vincent and a Science Fact featuring yet another study showing that forgoing meat is a more powerful way to fight global warming than changing your driving habits or light bulbs.
  96. VEGCAST 27 - KYLE VINCENT2007/06/29
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  97. VEGCAST 26 - PAMELA RICE2007/06/18
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  98. VEGCAST 25 - BAD DAIRY ADS2007/05/25
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  99. VEGCAST 242007/04/30
    Our 24th podcast focuses on local activism, as we chat with Jodi Chemes of Florida Voices for Animals, who has had success int he Tampa Bay area both with vegan leafleting and getting a resolution against battery cages passed in her home town. There is also music from Moby and an interesting science fact about how smoking is not the only danger to lung health.
  100. VEGCAST 232007/04/18
    Our 23rd podcast spotlights the inimitable, irrepresible Arnold Kauffman, founder and proprieter of Arnolds Way, late of Manayunk, now of Lansdale, PA. Arnold talks about his enthusiasm for raw foods and his business credo, and we hear a track from his band, the Cant Sing Cant Rhyme band. There is also a science fact about how beefeating by mothers can lead to infertility in males.
  101. VEGCAST 222007/03/23
    Our 22nd podcast looks at East Coast Great American MeatOut events with a special emphasis on the Animal Aid Concert in Baltimore. We chat with Bob Pyle, the founder and organizer of the event, and hear music from some of the artists. There is also a science fact on the discovery of metacognition in rats.
  102. VEGCAST 212007/02/12
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  103. VEGCAST 202007/01/31
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  104. VEGCAST 192007/01/12
    Our 19th podcast is almost completely given over to an extra long interview with one of the founding fathers of the animal rights movement, Gary Francione, who has just started blogging. We find out what he thinks about the prospects for meaningful change in 2007. Before that comes a truncated Science Facts segment about the healthfulness, or lack thereof, of cows milk.
  105. VEGCAST 182006/11/28
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  106. VEGCAST 172006/10/31
    On our 17th podcast, we talk some more about animal sanctuaries, this time with David Cantor of Responsible Policies for Animals. Cantor has an idea for transforming animal agriculture programs in higher learning institutions away from preparations for animal exploitation and toward animal care. Also music from Green Beings and a Science Fact.
  107. VEGCAST 162006/09/08
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  108. VEGCAST UPDATE2006/08/31
    Just a quick VegCast update before we get into a boffo September. No interview this time, just a few referrals to handy veggie recipe sites plus excuses and promises for the next couple of podcasts.
  109. VEGCAST 152006/07/31
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  110. VEGCAST 142006/07/06
    On our 14th podcast, Vegcast tackles the issue of hot dogs, with a report from Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, which has just this season begun offering veggie dogs in their concessions, thanks to the efforts of Scott Geiger of Club Veg Philadelphia. There is also a jaunty song about hot dogs as well as a Science Fact that may be all too sadly relevant.
  111. VEGCAST 132006/05/31
  112. VEGCAST 122006/05/05
  113. VEGCAST 112006/03/17
  114. VEGCAST 102006/02/22
  115. VEGCAST 92006/01/16
  116. VEGCAST 82005/12/19
  117. VEGCAST 72005/11/22
  118. VEGCAST 62005/11/08
  119. VEGCAST 52005/10/24
  120. VEGCAST 42005/10/05
  121. VEGCAST 32005/09/16
  122. VEGCAST 22005/08/30
  123. VEGCAST 12005/07/30
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