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Talking Robots - The Podcast on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

  1. Talking Robots: Outro2008/06/06
    Thanks for tuning in to Talking Robots! This podcast is now finished so take some time to listen to the shows you might have missed and don't forget to subscribe to "Robots", the new podcast for news and views on robotics at www.robotspodcast.com.
  2. Talking Robots: Final Episode2008/05/23
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  3. Talking Robots: Henry Markram - Blue Brain Robotics2008/05/09
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  4. Talking Robots: Yoky Matsuoka - Neurobotic Prosthetics2008/04/25
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  5. Talking Robots: Cynthia Breazeal - Personal Robots2008/04/11
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  6. Talking Robots: Kerstin Dautenhahn - Therapy Robots for Autism2008/03/28
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  7. Talking Robots: Frédéric Kaplan - Curious Interactive Robots2008/03/14
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  8. Talking Robots: Brad Nelson - BioMicroRobotics2008/02/29
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  9. Talking Robots: Inman Harvey - Philosophy & Robotics2008/02/15
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  10. Talking Robots: Robin Murphy - Search and Rescue Robots2008/02/01
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  11. Talking Robots: Roland Siegwart - Autonomous Robots2008/01/18
    In this interview we talk to Roland Siegwart who is Full Professor at the Autonomous Systems Lab at the ETH Zurich. Based on his experience with the 18 robots he's created, he shares his know-how on autonomous robotics and the research which is being done on robot navigation/localization and mapping.
  12. Talking Robots: Gianmarco Veruggio - Roboethics2008/01/04
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  13. Talking Robots: José Halloy - Social Cockroach Robots2007/12/21
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  14. Talking Robots: Tandy Trower - Microsoft and Robotics2007/12/07
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  15. Talking Robots: Gerald Edelman - Neural Darwinism and Brain-based Devices2007/11/23
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  16. Talking Robots: Henrik Lund - Playware and Edutainment2007/11/09
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  17. Talking Robots: Ron Fearing - Millirobots2007/10/26
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  18. Talking Robots: Michael Arbib - Robot Brains and Emotions2007/10/12
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  19. Talking Robots: Rudolf Bannasch - Bionic Design2007/09/28
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  20. Talking Robots: Sebastian Thrun - Probabilistic Robotics and the DARPA challenges2007/09/14
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  21. Talking Robots: Jean-Christophe Zufferey - Flying Insects and Robots2007/08/31
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  22. Talking Robots: Chris Melhuish - Energy Autonomy2007/08/17
    In this episode we talk to Chris Melhuish, who is the director of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory at the University of Bristol and the West of England in the UK. Whether for your iPod or robot, we all crave for a better energy autonomy. Batteries, solar panels and gas tanks are the usual, but what if machines could digest bugs or waste to get on the move?
  23. Talking Robots: Haruhisa Kurokawa - Self-reconfigurable Modular Robots2007/08/03
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  24. Talking Robots: Martin Haegele - The European Robotics Market2007/07/20
    In this episode we talk to Martin Haegele, who is the head of the Robot Systems Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA in Stuttgart, Germany. With his feet well anchored to the ground, he gives us an overview of today's European robotics Market and tomorrow’s trends.
  25. Talking Robots: Daniel Wilson - How to Survive a Robot Uprising2007/07/06
    In this episode we talk to Daniel Wilson about his Rave Award winning book on "How to Survive A Robot Uprising". With his humor in pocket, Daniel walks us through the worst Sci-Fi and Hollywood robot attacks. Luckily, his PhD in robotics and army of CMU colleagues are full of resources when it comes to detecting the weak points of their robot protégés.

  26. Talking Robots: Roger Quinn - Insect-like Locomotion2007/06/22
    In this episode we talk to Roger Quinn, who is the director of the Biologically Inspired Robotics Lab at Case Western Reserve University. From the most complex to the simplest robots, whether they evolve on ground or in the air, his robots all have something to take from and something to give to the understanding of insect locomotion. Don't know what a Wheg is?

  27. Talking Robots: David Hanson - Human-like Social Robots2007/06/08
    In this episode we talk to David Hanson about human-like social robots and his company Hanson Robotics. If you fancy tea with Einstein or a Sci Fi discussion with Philippe K. Dick, he might be able to provide you with some interesting look-alikes.

  28. Talking Robots: Yasuo Kuniyoshi - Embodied Cognition2007/05/25
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  29. Talking Robots: Dario Floreano - Evolutionary Robotics2007/05/11
    In this episode we talk to Dario Floreano about evolutionary robotics. From evolution to learning and from single robots to swarm systems, Prof. Floreano presents how evolutionary robotics can be used to understand biological systems and design efficient control for robots.
  30. Talking Robots: Rodney Brooks - Behavior Based Robotics2007/04/27
    In this episode we interview Rodney Brooks on behavior based robotics. He talks about how mosquitoes in Thailand caused a fundamental shift in artificial intelligence, how to build robots that sell, and how 50 years from now you'll be fighting with your robot for spare parts.
  31. Talking Robots: Laurent Keller - Robots and Biology2007/04/13
    In this episode we interview the biologist Laurent Keller on his experience with using robots for Biology. He talks about the advantages of using robots rather than theoretical models and computer simulations alone, and he comments on whether we should build animal-robot hybrids and artificial animals.
  32. Talking Robots: Jun Tani - Cognitive Robotics2007/03/30
    In this episode we interview Jun Tani on robot cognition and robot consciousness. He talks about robot, animal and human brains, meta-level cognition, and on his interest in building schizophrenic robots.
  33. Talking Robots: Auke Ijspeert - Salamander robot swims and walks2007/03/16
    In this episode we interview Auke Ijspeert on his amphibious salamander robot. He explains how central pattern generators are a powerful tool to link simple high-level commands to complex patterns of locomotion including gait changes, and how they are used in his robot.
  34. Talking Robots: Metin Sitti - Nano-Robotics2007/03/02
    In this episode we interview Metin Sitti on nano-materials such as artificial gecko hairs for robotics. He talks about his wall-climbing robots, about the advantages of down-scaling robots, about the state of the art in micro-robotics, and about the potential of hybrid bio-mechanical robots.
  35. Talking Robots: Marco Dorigo - Swarm Robotics2007/02/16
    In this episode of "Talking Robots" Marco Dorigo discusses his research in swarm robotics and swarm intelligence, and gives his views on the goals that should be targeted in these young disciplines as well as the challenges that researchers in these fields will face.
  36. Talking Robots: Rolf Pfeifer - New AI2007/02/02
    In this episode of "Talking Robots" we interview Rolf Pfeifer, about the last 50 years in artificial intelligence, the "new AI", the central role of embodiment for intelligence, and his new popular science book.
  37. Talking Robots: Owen Holland - Robot Consciousness2007/01/19
    In this episode we interview Owen Holland about his rediscovery of the first autonomous robot ever built, his research in artificial consciousness and his life-size 'anthropomimetic' humanoid robot which closely copies human muscular and skeletal structure.
  38. Talking Robots: Olivier Michel - Robot Simulation as a Business Opportunity2007/01/05
    In this interview we talk to Olivier Michel, the founder of Cyberbotics Ltd., about his business experience with robot simulation, his current and future customers, software patents and on how robotics can help us to keep factories in Europe.
  39. Talking Robots: Josh Bongard and Hod Lipson - Resilient Machines through continuous self modeling2006/12/22
    In this episode we interview Hod Lipson and Josh Bongard about a highly adaptive robot they built together with Victor Zykov that can continue working in spite of damage such as a lost leg, and on the future of this technology.
  40. Talking Robots: Raja Chatila - Robot Navigation2006/12/08
    In this episode we interview Raja Chatila on the state of the art in robot navigation, on how to marry traditional Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) with bio-inspired, reactive approaches, and on why your living room is more complex to navigate than an extraterrestrial planet.
  41. Talking Robots: Luc Steels - Evolution of Communication and Language2006/11/24
    In this episode we interview Luc Steels about language evolution, the cognitive and genetic basis for language, and the importance of embodiment and robot experiments for understanding communication.
  42. Talking Robots: Francesco Mondada - Starting a Business in Research Robotics2006/11/10
    In this episode we interview Francesco Mondada on his experience with starting a business in research robotics, on the potential of robots for creating bridges between disciplines and on nature as an inspiration and challenge for roboticists.
  43. Talking Robots: Barbara Webb - Biorobotics2006/10/27
    In this episode Barbara Webb presents her cricket robot, explains why it is sometimes easier to build a robot than a computer model, and speculates on the future of animal-robot hybrids.
  44. Talking Robots: Uwe Zimmer - Underwater robotics2006/10/12
    In this episode we interview Uwe Zimmer about underwater robots and his work on autonomous under water submarine swarms.
  45. Talking Robots: Terry Fong - Human-Robot Teams2006/09/29
    In this episode we interview Terry Fong about peer-to-peer human-robot interactions in a team including a seam-welding humanoid robot, an inspection space rover, a remote support crew and two astronauts.
  46. Talking Robots: Dario Floreano - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence2006/09/15
    In this first episode we interview Dario Floreano, the initiator and editor in chief of Talking Robots, about his motivations for this podcast, and about the roots, the current trends and the future of robotics and artificial intelligence.
Talking Robots - The Podcast on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Talking Robots is a podcast featuring interviews with high-profile professionals in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for an inside view on the science, technology, and business of intelligent robotics. It is managed and sponsored by the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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