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Phedippidations (Sport)

  1. Fdip347: Questions2017/07/14
    After 12 years of producing a "goofy little podcast"; I have some questions to answer.

  2. Fdip346: The Hiking Skill Award2017/06/16
    44 years ago in the fall of the year 1973, at the age of 11 years young: I became a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 53 of the Old Colony Council. This is all about my earning the "Hiking Skill Award"

  3. Fdip345: Henry David Thoreau: Walking2017/05/03
    Let's go for a walk.

  4. Fdip344: Nullius in Verba2017/04/01
    Today’s episode is an addendum to my last episode, number 343 “Dr. George Sheehan: Beginning”. Although not a prerequisite to listening to this, Alot of what I’m going to say about running flows directly from what Dr. Sheehan had to say about taking to the road and lacing up our shoes.

  5. Fdip343: Dr. George Sheehan: Beginning2017/02/23
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  6. Fdip342: Bobby Byrnes Pub2017/01/25
    My favorite pub and poet.

  7. Fdip341: Therapīa Key2016/12/10

  8. Fdip340: OSIRIS-REx and the BIG Question2016/10/28

  9. Fdip339: ‘Merican Alarmist2016/08/27
    Part 3 of a 3 part series about Global Warming.

  10. Fdip338: Picking the Cherries2016/06/25
    Part 2 of a 3 part series on Global Climate Change.

  11. Fdip337: One Point Four Degrees2016/05/27
    This is part 1 of a 3 part series on the topic of Global Warming.

  12. Fdip336: The Ouroboros of Anhedonia2016/04/29
    Anhedonia is a symptom of
    depression...and it's a pretty rotten symptom, but like most things
    in this life, it can be overcome. If you ever find yourself
    suffering from a loss of passion: don’t give up. Talk to your doctor and get
    It’s never to late to live your life to the top.

  13. Fdip335: Running the Crossroads2016/04/02
    A run through downtown Indianapolis.

  14. Fdip334: The Cheesy Poof Problem2016/02/28
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  15. Fdip333: A Measure of Health - Part Two2016/01/19
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  16. Fdip332: The Pursuit2015/12/24

  17. Fdip331: The Miracles2015/11/26
    We celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the United States this time each year, so this episode is dedicated to the concept of being thankful.

  18. Fdip330: Thus Spake Zarathustra2015/10/16
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  19. Fdip329: Ten Years a Man of Constant Podcasting2015/07/05
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  20. Fdip328: The Mojo au Groton2015/06/19
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  21. Fdip327: Exploratory Running2015/05/21
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  22. Fdip326: The Ten Percent Rule2015/04/11
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  23. Fdip325: Running New England2015/03/14
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  24. Fdip324: A Measure of Health Part One2015/02/14
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  25. Fdip323: Getting Back to Where You Once Belonged2015/01/17
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  26. Fdip322: Running Across the Frozen White Wasteland2014/12/25
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  27. Fdip321: The Quantified Self2014/11/22
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  28. Fdip320: Teleological Wishes and Anthropic Misses2014/10/25
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  29. Fdip319: What Does the Fox Say?2014/09/27
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  30. Fdip318: Intervals From The Past2014/08/30
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  31. Fdip317: Wine for Newbies2014/07/19
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  32. Fdip316: A Puppy Named Eva2014/06/13
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  33. Chesuncook Lake with the Dudes2014/05/26
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  34. Fdip315: The Joy of Baseball2014/04/29
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  35. Fdip314: Paleo Running2014/03/30
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  36. Fdip313: Really Wanting It2014/02/26
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  37. Fdip312: The Sad Delusion of Chad Stafko2014/01/31
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  38. Fdip311: A Run on Cayo Hueso2013/12/07
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  39. Fdip310: Dr. George Sheehan: Meditating2013/10/31
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  40. Fdip309: The Paradox of Pronation2013/09/29
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  41. Fdip308: Made a Town if it be Needful2013/08/24
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  42. Fdip307: The Ghost of Phedippidations Rises2013/07/20
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  43. Fdip306: Walker Versus Runner2013/06/21
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  44. Fdip305: Running Words from the Last Decade2013/06/07
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  45. Fdip304: Cinco Loco Boston2013/05/24
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  46. Fdip303: Boston Heartbreak2013/04/20
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  47. Jacob's Waves2013/03/25
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  48. Fdip302: As Fast as We Can2013/03/22
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  49. Fdip301: Unwrinkling the Runners Soul2013/02/28
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  50. Fdip300: A New Hope2013/02/01
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  51. Fdip299: An Honor to Run With You2012/12/02
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  52. Fdip298: The Problem with NSAIDs2012/11/10
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  53. Fdip297: What is this thing called, Love?2012/10/13
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  54. Fdip296: Motivational Gadgetry2012/09/20
    I’m going to talk about four specific gadgets on our run today, physical devices that are said to help motivate you to live a healthier life.
    Show notes available at SteveRunner.com

  55. Fdip295: Dr. George Sheehan – Facing the Future2012/09/08
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  56. Fdip294: The Walkers of Prince Edward Island2012/08/03
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  57. Fdip293: The Ghost of Phedippidations2012/07/17
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  58. Fdip292: Running in Time2012/06/16
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  59. Fdip291: Running in Space2012/06/01
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  60. Fdip290: Road Race au Groton2012/05/18
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  61. Fdip289: Pride and Pronation2012/04/27
    We should be proud of we are, and act as a positive examples for others: but at the same time remain wary of vanity – because while we are certainly worthy of having pride in our actions and through our running: we’re not all that, and a bag of chips.

  62. Fdip288: The Strength of Youth - The Story of a Marathon Race by Frank Odell2012/04/11
    This is a story of passion, determination and guts in a marathon road race that is very much like the one you may have, or may one day run. It’s a story that demonstrates the importance of experience, the rage against physical limits and the strength…of youth.

  63. Fdip287: Hemingway’s Key and Life to its Top2012/03/23
    This was Ernest Hemingway, a man who inspired his readers to stand up against facists and bullies, while in many ways he tended to be somewhat of a bully himself. Hemingway lived his life to the fullest, and set an example to everyone who knew him to turn to nature, both on land and sea.

  64. Fdip286: The Rationality of Fear and Road Races2012/02/26
    The guy who said it was a “miracle that he had the courage to start” is full of crap. Courage has nothing to do with starting a road race, and he’s a fool to push that slogan on new runners.

  65. Fdip285: The Problem with Treadmilling2012/02/05
    Treadmilling is not a bad thing. But I think everyone listening to me understands that given the choice between running in place for an hour within your home, or at a gym and moving outside, under the sky, within the elements and across the ever-changing terrain of your place: the more significant way to exercise is the one that lets you better experience the world around you.

  66. Fdip284: My First Time2012/01/21
    Today we’ll hear from six fellow runners (including myself) who will relate to you their personal stories about “Their First Times”.

  67. Fdip283: Life 2.02012/01/19
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  68. Fdip282: The Runner and Doctor Shoe2011/12/25
    We're traveling back in time on this episode; through six and a half years in PodCasting AND BEYOND!

  69. Fdip281: Grape Races2011/12/09
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  70. Fdip280: Summer of the Shark2011/11/24
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  71. Fdip279: For Love of Wine and Pizza Part 22011/11/11
    Part two of a series of episode where we prepare ourselves to win an argument with a non-runner!

  72. Fdip278: For Love of Wine and Pizza Part 12011/10/21
    In order to start the conversation that plants the seed of an idea into someone’s head that they might want to begin the process to adopt the running life style, you need the right ammunition: you need to commit to memory at least a handful of logical arguments that will make your proposal effective and produce results.

  73. Fdip277: Existence and the Running Man2011/09/22
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  74. Fdip276: Henry David Thoreau Walker2011/09/11
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  75. Fdip275: In Vino Veritas2011/08/27
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  76. Fdip274: The Pursuit of Happiness2011/08/07
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  77. Fdip273: The Morality of Quitting2011/07/17
    In this episode we tackle the philosophical question “Is it morally right to quit a road race?”. For help in understanding the question en route to an answer, we call about the great minds of Professor Richard Dawkins, Immanuel Kant, Socrates, and Aristotle.

  78. Fdip272: The Iron and Candy Anniversary Show2011/07/03
    The 6th Anniversay of Phedippidations.

  79. Fdip271: Team Poco Loco2011/06/12
    This episode of Phedippidations is intended to recreate for you the experience of running with fellow runners and friends. On April 30th Team Poco Loco gathered in Boston Massachusetts to run a half marathon distance around the mighty Charles River.

  80. Fdip270: When There’s Nothing Left to Burn, You Have to Set Yourself on Fire2011/04/27
    This is the story of a fellow runner by the name of Katie who fought a good fight in that all too familiar way where all options are gone and the only thing left to do was to make a terrible agonizing choice:
    “When you have nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire”

  81. Fdip269: el Poco Loco Curso2011/04/15
    A tour of the Poco Loco Course

  82. Fdip268: Duncan Rises2011/03/25
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  83. Fdip267: Running Varietals2011/03/10
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  84. Fdip266: Running Builds Bigger Brains2011/02/23
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  85. Fdip265: An Interval of Persistence2011/02/11
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  86. Fdip264: Running Blogcast: Pre-Race Jitters2011/02/04
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  87. Fdip263: Outrunning Celebrity2011/01/28
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  88. Fdip262: The Poetry of Running2011/01/21
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  89. Fdip261: Running Terroir2011/01/14
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  90. Fdip260: Steve at SteveRunner dot Com2011/01/07
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  91. Fdip259: What I Did Last Year2010/12/30
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  92. Fdip258: Dr. George Sheehan: Seeing2010/12/23
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  93. Fdip257: The Mojo Loco2010/12/17
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  94. Fdip256: A Brief History of Wine2010/12/08
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  95. Fdip255: Anatomy of a Running Shoe2010/12/03
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  96. Fdip254: Running Blogcast: A Runners Guide to Balance and Perspective2010/11/26
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  97. Fdip253: New Media and the Art of Running Evangelism2010/11/21
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  98. Fdip252: Running in my Sleep2010/11/14
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  99. Fdip251: Running Legend Abebe Bikila2010/11/10
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  100. Fdip250: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life2010/11/10
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  101. Fdip249: The Running Gene2010/10/24
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  102. Fdip248: The 5th Annual World Wide Festival of Races2010/10/17
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  103. Fdip247: As the World Cheers2010/10/08
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  104. Fdip246: Running Through PodCamp Boston 52010/10/03
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  105. Fdip245: Life Should be Long Enough2010/09/26
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  106. Fdip244: History of the Running Shoe2010/09/19
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  107. Fdip243: Pregnantly Running2010/09/12
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  108. Fdip242: Following Thoreau and the West Branch of the Penobscot2010/08/29
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  109. Fdip241: Dr. George Sheehan and Growing2010/08/13
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  110. Fdip240: Caffeinated Running2010/08/01
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  111. Fdip239: Cruising to the Music2010/07/25
  112. a BIG Favor2010/07/11
  113. Fdip238: Five Years and Running PodCast Goodness2010/07/04
  114. Fdip237: The 33rd Milton 10K Road Race2010/06/27
  115. Fdip236: Love of Running2010/06/16
  116. Fdip235: Behind the Swoosh2010/05/30
  117. Fdip234: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Play2010/05/23
  118. Fdip233: Can Marathon’s Kill You?2010/05/16
  119. Fdip232: The 114th Boston Marathon2010/05/02
  120. Fdip231: The Qualifying Standards of Boston2010/04/15
  121. Fdip230: Boston and the 2010 State of the Course2010/04/11
  122. Fdip229: Running Legend Tarzan Brown2010/04/04
  123. Phedippidations Relaunch Promo2010/03/26
  124. Fdip228: Dispatches from the Road2010/03/14
  125. Fdip227: Barefoot Patterns and Forces2010/02/28
  126. Fdip226: GI Distance Running Problems2010/02/12
  127. Fdip225: The Key Note I’ll Never Get to Give2010/02/05
  128. Fdip224: The Call of the Miles2010/01/29
  129. Fdip223: Dr. George Sheehan and the Church of Running2010/01/22
  130. Fdip222: I’ve Got Mail2010/01/15
  131. Fdip221: The 2010 Spring Marathon Guide2010/01/08
  132. Fdip220: Four Hour Marathon Part 2 - Endurance2010/01/01
  133. Fdip219: A Year in Motion and Review2009/12/25
  134. Fdip218: The 2009 Phedippidations Holiday PodCast Variety Show Special2009/12/18
  135. Fdip217: Running Legend: Browning Ross2009/12/11
  136. Fdip216: Running Through a New England Town2009/12/04
  137. Fdip215: Inspiring Off the Couch2009/11/27
  138. Fdip214: Email to my Droid2009/11/20
  139. Fdip213: Sports Medical Quackery2009/11/13
  140. Fdip212: Four Hour Marathon Part 1: Why?2009/11/06
  141. Fdip211: Gifts, Gadgets and Gizmos for Runners2009/10/30
  142. Fdip210: The 4th Annual World Wide Festival of Races2009/10/23
  143. Fdip209: The 2009 Valley Harvest Half Marathon2009/10/16
  144. Intervals208B: Twenty Questions2009/10/13
  145. Fdip208: Cheers from the Third Planet2009/10/09
  146. Fdip207: Chi-Running2009/10/02
  147. Fdip206: TO: Steve Runner FROM: You2009/09/25
  148. Fdip205: A Radical Plan for Health Care2009/09/18
  149. Fdip204: Team Sweat 2009/09/11
  150. Fdip203: The Pose Running Method2009/09/04
  151. Fdip202: Running Legend Paavo Nurmi2009/08/28
  152. Fdip201: The Dysevolutional Runner2009/08/21
  153. Fdip200: A Goofy Little PodCast2009/08/14
  154. Fdip199: Producing Phedippidations2009/08/07
  155. Fdip198: Walking – by Henry David Thoreau2009/08/01
  156. Fdip197: The Second Question and Answer Show2009/07/24
  157. Fdip196: Acclimatization and Performance2009/07/17
  158. Fdip195: The Bunion Derby2009/07/10
  159. Fdip194: Athletic Arthritic?2009/07/03
  160. Fdip193: Running with Ear Candy2009/06/27
  161. Fdip192: Theseus’s Paradox and Other Thoughts2009/06/19
  162. Fdip191: Me Heart Takes a Beating2009/06/12
  163. Fdip190: A Longer Life with Purpose2009/06/05
  164. Fdip189: The Other Newton’s Laws2009/05/29
  165. Fdip188: John Michaels Puppy2009/05/22
  166. Fdip187: The Running Evolution2009/05/15
  167. Fdip186: A Life of Present Defense2009/05/08
  168. Fdip185: The Run-Net Community2009/05/01
  169. Fdip184: The 113th Boston Marathon2009/04/24
  170. Fdip183: Boston = The Worlds Greatest Marathon2009/04/15
  171. Fdip182: Running Legend: Jacqueline Gareau2009/04/10
  172. Fdip181: The 2009 State of the Course2009/04/03
  173. Fdip180: From Maintenance Miles to Marathon2009/03/27
  174. Fdip179: Morning Runs2009/03/20
  175. Fdip178: All in Stride2009/03/13
  176. Fdip177: The Winning Bug by Jackson Scholz2009/03/06
  177. Fdip176: Mailbox Review2009/02/27
  178. Fdip175: Running on the Road Again2009/02/21
  179. Fdip174: A Lecture From Arthur Lydiard2009/02/13
  180. Fdip173: The 1st Questions and Answers Show2009/02/06
  181. Fdip172: George Sheehan on Running to Win2009/01/30
  182. Fdip171: Why Runners Break2009/01/23
  183. Fdip170: Thoughts from the Road2009/01/16
  184. Fdip169: Massaging the Trigger Points2009/01/09
  185. Fdip168: Exercise Induced Asthma2009/01/02
  186. Fdip167: Around We Go Again2008/12/26
  187. Fdip166: It’s Not About Courage2008/12/19
  188. Fdip165: Running Legend: Ted Corbitt2008/12/12
  189. Fdip164: A New England Five Miler2008/12/05
  190. Fdip163: Running Clubs2008/11/28
  191. Fdip162: Catching Up2008/11/21
  192. Fdip161: Gifts for the Holiday Runner2008/11/14
  193. Fdip160: Strong to the Core2008/11/07
  194. Fdip159: Responsible Shoes2008/10/31
  195. Fdip158: The 2008 Bay State Marathon2008/10/24
  196. Fdip157: The Third Annual World Wide Festival of Races2008/10/17
  197. Fdip156: Cheers from a Little Blue Bubble2008/10/09
  198. Fdip155: Pondering as I Pronate2008/10/02
  199. Fdip154: Running Legend: Sir Roger Bannister2008/09/26
  200. Fdip153: Running Over Cancer2008/09/19
  201. Fdip152: Running PodCasts2008/09/12
  202. Fdip151: Starting a Beatless Heart2008/09/05
  203. Fdip150: Running for the Bases2008/08/29
  204. Fdip149: The Mens Marathon of the 29th Olympiad2008/08/20
  205. RRT01: Some Time with the Good Doctor2008/08/18
  206. Fdip148: The Womans Marathon of the 29th Olympiad2008/08/13
  207. Fdip147: Low Impact Living2008/08/08
  208. Fdip146: Running in the Ancient Olympics2008/07/31
  209. Fdip145: Running Legend Frank Shorter2008/07/18
  210. Fdip144: Moving to the Music2008/07/04
  211. Fdip143: The 2008 Fall Marathon Guide2008/06/19
  212. Fdip142: Dr. George Sheehan - Personal Best2008/06/05
  213. Intervals141B: Vino Corrispondenza2008/05/30
  214. Fdip141: Running Barefoot2008/05/22
  215. Intervals140B: Pacing Kathy2008/05/16
  216. Fdip140: Remembering Boston2008/05/10
  217. Fdip139: The 112th Boston Marathon2008/04/29
  218. Intervals138B: Race Day2008/04/20
  219. Fdip138: The Great Race of 19832008/04/16
  220. Fdip137: The 2008 State of the Course2008/04/11
  221. Fdip136: Running Legend Kathrine Switzer2008/04/04
  222. Intervals135B: Invitation2008/03/21
  223. Fdip135: Who do you run for?2008/03/14
  224. Intervals134B: Living with Steve Runner2008/03/07
  225. Fdip134: Online Training Logs2008/03/02
  226. Fdip133: Pushing Past Exhaustion2008/02/10
  227. Fdip132: Marathoning FIRST2008/01/27
  228. Fdip131: The Big Boom2008/01/20
  229. Fdip130: The Benefits of Running2008/01/13
  230. Fdip129: The Hazards of Running2008/01/06
  231. Fdip128: Another Loop Around the Sun2007/12/30
  232. Fdip127: The In Box Special2007/12/23
  233. Fdip126: Base Training2007/12/16
  234. Fdip125: Running Legend Billy Mills2007/12/09
  235. Fdip124: The 2007 Philadelphia Marathon2007/12/02
  236. Intervals 123B: Giving Thanks2007/11/22
  237. Fdip123: Holiday Gifts for Runners2007/11/18
  238. Fdip122: Performance Eating2007/11/08
  239. Fdip121: Things to do Before You Die2007/11/01
  240. Fdip120: The 2007 Bay State Marathon2007/10/25
  241. Fdip119: Results from Beyond the Couch of Doom2007/10/19
  242. Fdip118: Cheers from the World2007/10/11
  243. Fdip117: The Perfect Pace2007/10/05
  244. Fdip116: Where Are We Going?2007/09/28
  245. Fdip115: Running Legend Fred Lebow2007/09/21
  246. Fdip114: Hard Days2007/09/14
  247. Fdip113: Periodization2007/09/07
  248. Fdip112: The Mile2007/09/01
  249. Fdip111: Climate Change and the State of the World Wide Course2007/08/24
  250. Fdip110: The 2007 Falmouth Road Race2007/08/20
  251. Fdip109: Dr. George Sheehan: This Running Life2007/08/08
  252. Fdip108:Running Without the Hurt2007/08/02
  253. Fdip107: The Joy of Junk Miles2007/07/25
  254. Fdip106: Run Walking2007/07/19
  255. Fdip105: Running Over Fifty2007/07/11
  256. Fdip104: Run, Blog and Share2007/07/04
  257. Fdip103: Running Around the World2007/06/28
  258. Fdip102: Repulsively Running2007/06/20
  259. Fdip101: Running Legend: Jesse Owens2007/06/13
  260. Fdip100: Thoughts2007/06/06
  261. Fdip99: Marathon Fueling2007/05/31
  262. Fdip98: Running Etiquette2007/05/24
  263. Fdip97: Monitoring of the Heart2007/05/17
  264. Fdip96: Recipe for a Distance Runner2007/05/11
  265. Fdip95: First Marathons2007/05/02
  266. Fdip94: More Memories of Boston2007/04/26
  267. Fdip93: The 111th Boston Marathon2007/04/19
  268. Intervals 92B: Marathon Monday2007/04/15
  269. Fdip92: A Duel in the Sun2007/04/10
  270. Fdip91: Running Legend Joan Benoit Samuelson2007/04/04
  271. Fdip90: The 2007 State of the Course2007/03/28
  272. Fdip89: A Pain in the Knee2007/03/21
  273. Fdip88: The Acidity of Motion2007/03/14
  274. Fdip87: Children Running2007/03/07
  275. Fdip86: C25K2007/03/04
  276. Fdip85: Running Legend: Steve Prefontaine2007/02/25
  277. Fdip84: Sympathy for our Spouses2007/02/18
  278. Fdip83: Better Sounds to Run With2007/02/11
  279. Fdip82: The Stigma of Steroids2007/02/03
  280. Fdip81: Race Directing2007/01/28
  281. Intervals 80B: Steve Runner's Neighborhood2007/01/22
  282. Fdip80: Dr. George Sheehan: Running and Being2007/01/21
  283. Fdip79: Heading for the Hills2007/01/14
  284. Fdip78: Charity Running2007/01/07
  285. Fdip77: In Review of Our Last Solar Orbit2006/12/31
  286. Fdip76: The Moderate-Consistent Marathon Plan2006/12/24
  287. Fdip75: The Burnt-Out Syndrome2006/12/17
  288. Fdip74: Even More Gadgets and Gizmos2006/12/10
  289. Fdip73: Argumentum Adversus Integritas Curriculum2006/12/03
  290. Fdip72: Running Legend Jim Fixx2006/11/26
  291. Fdip71: The Cost of Running2006/11/19
  292. Fdip70: Exercise Addiction2006/11/12
  293. Intervals 69B: After the Marine Corps Marathon2006/11/07
  294. Fdip69: The 31st Marine Corps Marathon2006/11/05
  295. Fdip68: Bravery2006/10/29
  296. Fdip67: Results From Around the World Wide Half2006/10/22
  297. Fdip66: The 1st Annual Fdip WWHalf Challenge2006/10/15
  298. Fdip65: Shouts of Encouragement2006/10/08
  299. Fdip64: Race Day Strategies2006/10/01
  300. Fdip63: Running Legend Bill Bowerman2006/09/24
  301. Fdip62: Mental Training2006/09/17
  302. Fdip61: Running Around Town2006/09/10
  303. Fdip60: Predicting Performance2006/09/03
  304. Fdip59: Those Who Support Us2006/08/27
  305. Fdip58: 2006 Falmouth Road Race2006/08/20
  306. Fdip57: On the Surface2006/08/13
  307. Fdip56: Running Legend Eric Liddell2006/08/06
  308. Fdip55: The Maine Woods of Thoreau2006/07/30
  309. Fdip54: Cross Training for Runners2006/07/23
  310. Fdip53: The Perils of Overtraining2006/07/16
  311. Fdip52: Forgive us our Trespasses2006/07/09
  312. Intervals 51B: Independence from Mainstream Media2006/07/04
  313. Fdip51: A Life of Passion2006/07/02
  314. Intervals 50B: The 3rd Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Road2006/06/26
  315. Fdip50: More Gadgets and Gizmos2006/06/25
  316. Fdip49: Hot Weather Running2006/06/18
  317. Fdip48: Becoming a Good Animal2006/06/11
  318. Fdip47: Vitamin Vitality2006/06/04
  319. Fdip46: Running Legend: Terry Fox2006/05/28
  320. Fdip45: The Kindness of Runners2006/05/21
  321. Fdip44: The Need for Speed2006/05/14
  322. Fdip43: Marathon Recovery2006/05/07
  323. Fdip42: Memories of Boston2006/04/30
  324. Intervals 41B: Interview with MWCAP at the Athletes Village2006/04/24
  325. Fdip41: The 110th Boston Marathon2006/04/23
  326. Fdip40: The History of Boston2006/04/16
  327. Intervals 39B: Race week, thank you and athlete alert2006/04/10
  328. Fdip39: Running Legend: Johnny A. Kelley, The Elder2006/04/09
  329. Fdip38: A Tour of the Boston Marathon Course2006/04/02
  330. Fdip37: Stretching for Prevention2006/03/26
  331. Fdip36: Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon2006/03/19
  332. Fdip35: W/O Volunteers There Would be Darkness and Chaos2006/03/13
  333. Fdip34: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner2006/03/05
  334. Fdip33: The Marathon Mystique2006/02/26
  335. Fdip32: The Form of a Runner2006/02/19
  336. Fdip31: Running Safety2006/02/12
  337. Fdip30: Running High with Endorphins2006/02/05
  338. Fdip29: Running Legend: Emil Zatopek2006/01/29
  339. Fdip28: Running Rituals2006/01/22
  340. Fdip27: Mind Games2006/01/15
  341. Fdip26: Programs and Plans2006/01/08
  342. Fdip25: Revolutions and Resolutions2006/01/01
  343. Fdip24: Despite the Scorn of Others.2005/12/25
  344. Fdip23: Cold Weather Running.2005/12/18
  345. Fdip22: Gadgets and Gizmos.2005/12/11
  346. Fdip21: Eating on the Run.2005/12/04
  347. Fdip20: Running Legend Bill Rogers2005/11/27
  348. Fdip19: Rambling Diatribes2005/11/20
  349. Fdip18: The Marathon Blues2005/11/13
  350. Fdip17: The 2005 Cape Cod Marathon2005/11/06
  351. Fdip16: Run Long and Taper2005/10/30
  352. Fdip15: The 2005 Bay State Marathon2005/10/23
  353. Fdip14: The Official Runner2005/10/16
  354. Fdip13: Observations2005/10/09
  355. Fdip12: The Long Slow Run2005/10/02
  356. Fdip11: Healing Thyself2005/09/25
The Longest Running Podcast in the Universe.

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