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Bob's Radio Journal: Homefront & Homeland Security

  1. Celebrate Independence Every Day2009/07/03
    Fifty-six men bravely affixed their signatures to the Declaration of Independence. They willing risk everything and many gave it when they willingly pledged to each other “our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

    Learn what sadly is now omitted from nearly all school texts in these United States of America.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Radical Islam can just wait .... Obama is Destroying America2009/06/06
    Face-to-face discussion between Hannity & Rush. DON'T MISS THE SURPRISE ENDING of this podcast. A new song from Australia.

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  3. We the People Stimulus2009/03/21
    This audio will be heard more & more -- it is time that "We the People" of these United States present a stimulus of our own to our current and soon to be past elected government leaders. The gov't has long forgotten that they work for us!

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  4. "Good Day" and Goodbye2009/03/01
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  5. U.S. National Security News and Commentary2009/02/22
    ACORN and anarchy -- Iraq stockpile of natural uranium -- Jihad camps now in U.S. -- Bailout costs to taxpayers -- Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist (Greatest U.S. Crisis in our history)

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  6. Liberals and the bailout economy2008/12/08
    Fred Thompson at his snarkiest best. Fred leaves no stone unturned in this brilliant, funny, sarcastic hit piece on the liberals and the economy.
  7. So lucky to be an American2008/11/27
    By Baxter Black -- a cowboy and my kind of man.
  8. Obama Trick or Treat2008/11/01
    This audio explains Obama's proposed redistribution of wealth in terms that can be understood by a child.
  9. Why You DON'T Show Off2008/08/23
    A good lesson is contained in this streaming video.
  10. The Second American Revolution2008/08/11
    A "common sense" view for your consideration. Today's Thomas Paine. You'll not want to miss this one. You can watch this at as well at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKFKGrmsBDk For those of you with a simple MP3 player... this is it.
  11. He ventured forth to bring light to the world2008/07/29
    Obama the anointed one's pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action -- and a blessing to all his faithful followers. This article is is from the TimesOnline and read by the author Gerard Baker.
  12. Dr. Savage interviews LtCol Chessani's lawyer2008/06/23
    Don't miss this one.
  13. Talking with the Enemy _ You Decide2008/06/08
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  14. Congress Just Does NOT Get It2008/05/29
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  15. Understanding Hoosier Culture2008/05/04
    Here are a few thoughts and sounds associated with the Hoosier culture. I had lots of fun putting it together and hope that you find joy in listening to this smorgasbord of sound.

    Warning: Displaced people from Indiana may get homesick.

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  16. Bailing Out Banks2008/04/14
    The Federal Reserve, which was responsible for the housing bubble and subprime crisis in the first place, is being rewarded for all its intervention.

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  17. The Energy Non-Crisis --- by Lindsey Williams2008/03/16
    Here is Lindsey Williams speaking at the Granada Forum -- you will not likely have heard this material before -- I certainly had not.

    It is long, but you will want to hear it all !!!!
  18. DNI on FISA - Protect America Act2008/02/18
    House leadership (Democrate) decision to block a vote on a bipartisianship Senate solution now creates an unacceptable risk to our national security. This during a time of ever more sophisticated terrorist threats.

  19. Farewell My Friend2008/02/04
    Death has claimed a dear friend. That friend is remembered here
  20. The Terrorist Watch2007/12/31
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  21. Faith in America2007/12/07
    Mitt Romney's uncut "Faith in America" address to the nation.
  22. Axis of Idiots2007/11/27
    This is AWESOME. Too bad we don't have more people on Capital Hill willing to speak out like this. J.D. Pendry is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major who writes for Random House. He is eloquent, and he seldom beats around the bush!

  23. Thoughts for Veterans Day 20072007/11/09
    An interesting, thought provoking selection of material. My profound thanks to each veteran who served to protect our freedoms.

    Semper Fidelis,
  24. CNN Malpractice: D.C. Snipers2007/10/29
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  25. Mother Dearest2007/10/15
    When Mother speaks, we learn early to listen.
  26. Against All Odds2007/09/24
    An inspirational story for sure.
  27. Waiting for the Station2007/09/22
  28. Missing Option on American National Security2007/09/05
    A considered and thoughful explanation of what's missing in our national debate about 'the war.'

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  29. Where to Retire2007/09/01
    Sharing research on potential retirement locations for some day in the distant future.

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  30. Matt Maupin Missing in Iraq 2007/06/11

    On April 9, 2004, insurgents ambushed a convoy guarded by the 724th and took U.S. Army Private First Class Maupin, then 20, captive. There have been conflicting reports on his fate. He was seen alive on one videotape, reported killed on another. Without proof of his death, the Army presumes he is still alive. His family fervently prays that is so.
  31. Remember Song2007/05/28
    Sit back, relax and have a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!! Life is short, so
  32. Amnesty: Dirty Little Secrets2007/05/27
    Here are some insights on the subject that really should be considered.

    Thanks for listening,
  33. Lynn Cheney Takes on CNN2006/10/29
    Lynn Cheney makes her point to CNN.
  34. Marine Silent Drill Team2006/10/19
    Silent Drill Team

    Silent drill platoon executes a 10-minute drill "that exemplifies the strict discipline that identifies all Marines."

    Thanks to TJ Stalzer
  35. R/C Aircraft Demonstration2006/08/04
    I fly radio controlled aircraft, but nothing like this....
  36. Water Power2006/07/08
    America will soon no longer need foreign oil.

  37. Constitutional Myth or Misconception #52006/04/18
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  38. Funny Clips2006/04/06
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  39. Annual Sr. Citizen Test2006/03/22
    It's that time of year to take the annual senior citizen test. Lots of versions are out there, but as far as I know none using this exact format. The results are private. It was fun mixing this one. Enjoy!

    As always, thanks for listening.
    Bob Anderson
Bob's Radio Journal: Homefront & Homeland Security

Bob maintains an active Homeland Security Newsletter blog - CSIA Report - found at


High energy, original and audience targeted. As a keynote speaker and homeland security expert, Bob inspires and entertains audiences.

Bob promotes the ideas of limited government, individual rights, personal responsibility, free-market economics, patriotism and a strong national defense -- high energy, original and audience targeted.

Also hear Bob on "The Bob Anderson Show" on Thursdays (3:00 pm EST) @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csia. Bob is host on this station discussing current news regarding homeland security.

He understands marketing, selling and the technology required to deliver it. He publishes a Homeland Security Newsletter twice per month, detailing relevant open-source information to the National Intelligence Community and others in addition to hosting these podcasts on national issues.

Bob is a retired U.S. Marine who has developed and led national and international multi-million dollar business operations, aligned with U.S. national defense, that were responsible for critical operations or new business development. These operations included strategic planning and analysis, business intelligence, and business development. He has over 30 years of hands-on experience working with challenging situations - often in less than favorable situations.

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As I get older, I find that life is going past my “field of view” at an ever increasing speed. This medium of podcasting allows me to use a personal touch -- that of my own voice – to slow down and share a few items I think of interest or sometimes a specific story with a valuable lesson. In some cases, I may “spin a yarn” from my own memories to grandchildren and other friends in hopes that we may all benefit.

You’re welcome to “listen in”.

Thanks for listening,

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