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Dial A Stranger (Cult.-Art)

  1. Episode 96 : Kissing Clowns2012/02/12

    Clown crushes, anthropomorphic cars, and parenting advice. Basically everything you could possibly need this early in the morning.
  2. Episode 95 : Weirdest Crushes Part 12011/01/06

    These are the wonderful messages that have been left for us over the past few months, we hope you enjoy them!

  3. Episode 94 : Little Stories2010/10/17

    David gives us the highlights.

  4. Episode 93 : Baseball Angst2010/07/02

    Jeff makes a paper-chain count down.

  5. Episode 92 : Cab Rides2010/03/24

    Dawn is grateful for irrelevance.
  6. Equipment Failure2010/01/03
    Unfortunately we had a catastrophic equipment failure in December and it is going to take several weeks to mail the poor afflicted mixer in for repair.

    Dial A Stranger will return as soon as possible.

    Happy New Year from Dial A Stranger!
  7. Episode 91 : Tattoos and Marriages2009/12/10
    Suzanne is being heard by the internet.
  8. Episode 90 : Finding Peace2009/11/13
    Zarla's days are pretty casual and Sandy can control what her brain is doing.
  9. Zachary's Broken Arm2009/10/30
    Zachary broke his arm, Dial A Stranger will return in a few weeks.
  10. Episode 89 : Museum Secrets2009/10/16
    Nina couldn't design pinball machines for a living.
  11. Episode 88 : Operating Instructions2009/10/05
    Charles didn't burn the house down.
  12. Episode 87 : Weathering the Storm.2009/09/22
    Heather felt the floor shift.
  13. Episode 86 : Third Space2009/09/10
    Sam is the Poet of the Palm Beaches
  14. Episode 85 : Rational or Irrational?2009/08/27
    Joey makes an exception for humans.
  15. Episode 84 : Musician's Angst2009/08/21
    Cody was there and remembers it.
  16. Episode 83 : Epidemics2009/08/14
    Mikhaila looks at pandemic flu.
  17. Episode 82 : Emergencies2009/08/06
    Hannah wields a lot of power.
  18. Episode 81 : Voice Mail2009/07/30
    This week we bring you voice mails from the last few months.
  19. Episode 80 : Sliding Backward2009/07/22
    Mary felt like she was going to class.
  20. Episode 79 : Putting It Together2009/07/15
    Jacob got the star treatment.
  21. Episode 55 : Kisha and Moody2009/06/30
    Kisha has reader syndrome and Moody thinks they will always find a way.
    (This is a remastered version of the original episode that was posted in December of 2008).
  22. Episode 78 : Blue Highways2009/06/25
    Angela is trying to skim some of the clutter from her life.
  23. Episode 77 : How's the Weather?2009/06/17
    Kara was sitting outside a fast food restaurant.
  24. Episode 76 : A Small World2009/06/11
    Susana is grasping at moments.
  25. Episode 75 : New York or Los Angeles2009/06/03
    Dylan got used to the cut and dry, no nonsense personality.
  26. Episode 74 : Like Water for Bread2009/05/28
    Diane hibernates in her bakery.
  27. Episode 73 : Cats and Strangers2009/05/19
    Shawn left him decomposing on the bathroom floor.
  28. Episode 72 : More Human Than Human2009/05/12
    April is still keeping her feet on the ground.
  29. Episode 71 : Friendly Relations2009/04/30
    Kjirsten became a Twighlight pusher and Steve got it all of a sudden.
  30. Episode 70 : Holding Patterns2009/04/21
    Lisa says that on the first day it's a chore and Charles is beginning to act
    like an adult.
  31. Episode 69 : Growing Up2009/04/13
    Ryan read the car manual and Lori has grand delusions of a
  32. Episode 68 : Plutopia 2009 Part 22009/04/06
    This week we conclude our interviews at Plutopia, in this episode we talk to Sodium, Dr. Bleep, Konrad and Paige.
  33. Episode 67 : Plutopia 2009 Part 12009/04/02
    This week we depart from the normal format once again to interview people live at Plutopia, an after party for SXSW. In this episode we talk to Caution, Drew, Chillimbwe, John P. Funk and Allison.
  34. Episode 66 : Products of America2009/03/23
    Kate said it was a toss up between the Knight brothers, and Maurice blends it in.
  35. Episode 65 : Expectations and Outcomes2009/03/16
    Joe may be a champion skier, Sonya doesn't want to change, and Aaron created a bad news town.
  36. Episode 64 : Comedy and Tragedy2009/03/10
    Jules learned to salsa dance at Abu Ghraib.
  37. Episode 63 : Drama and Design2009/03/03
    Rachel designs God, Josh says it hasn't gotten him anywhere, Sam
    wants the first person account, and Carrie Anne confronted him.
  38. Episode 62 : Rainwater of Enlightenment2009/02/20
    Alicia learned how to steal gasoline.
  39. Episode 61 : Moving On2009/02/11
    Paul had a lovely 12 hours in New York and Mary was swayed by the
  40. Episode 60 : Memories of Grandma2009/02/04
    Scott is good at a lot of different things and Anna eventually made pretty good friends with the Porters.
  41. Episode 59 : Video Games and VoiceMail2009/01/28
    Chris played until it hurt and our listeners tell us some of their
    hopes for the new year.
  42. Episode 58 : Being Yourself2009/01/21
    Becky came out and Briana just wants to get out.
  43. Episode 57 : Couples and Spaces2009/01/14
    Nancy just wants to play, the horrible ending is what got Mike,
    Ashley says it was unexpected and Max likes the winter.
  44. Episode 56 : Past, Present and Fire!2008/12/30
    Sheila needs the kid lens, Rachel doesn't have anyone else to blame, and Laura Beth says to stock up now.
  45. Episode 55 : Kisha and Moody2008/12/23
    Kisha has reader syndrome and Moody thinks they will always find a way.
  46. Episode 54 : The Abra Coincidence2008/12/17
    Kiren hoped an Abra didn't notice and Annie helped an Abra get her kids back. Plus answering machine messages about giving up.
  47. Episode 53 : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner2008/12/09
    Alison took her kid to Amsterdam, Dana is working for a union, and Jessica can't taste things.
  48. ThanksGiving Break2008/12/02
    This week we took the week off to spend it with family. We give thanks to all of our strangers, and look forward to bringing you a new show next week.
  49. Episode 52 : Personalized Religions2008/11/26
    Paseo wants to play three-toed sloths and Eric thought that tai-chi clown was brilliant.
  50. Episode 51 : Little Sins2008/11/20
    Garrett was hoping for a special Swedish ingredient, Erica misses the little things, Michael cried a little and we go on one more adventure.
  51. Episode 50 : Adventurous2008/11/11
    Our Voice Mail has been asking the question "What was the last adventure that you went on?". This week we compiled the answers we've received.
  52. Episode 49 : What's your life, in six words?2008/11/04
    Robert is making those memories and Valerie is no longer skilled at being a
  53. Episode 48 : Secret Society2008/10/28
    This week we interview members of the PostSecret community about sharing their secrets with strangers.
  54. Episode 47 : Separation, Sleep and Poetry2008/10/21
    Amanda never got used to August, Bonnie is a simple girl with simple needs, and Laura will be buried under poetry.
  55. Episode 46 : Personal Perspectives2008/10/13
    Michelle dreams of polar bears, Larry wants American
    cheese with wonder bread, and Kim runs on more than 4 cylinders.
  56. Episode 45 : Flying High at ACL2008/10/06
    (Recorded at the Austin City Limits Music Festival) Nimit didn't do the Disney Channel version, Lucio doesn't want to be grounded, Brian really cares about flying, Kenny didn't get hit in the face, Jamie is nearly normal, Emily has never been able to decide, Kai says "hay", Joel is doing everything he can to achieve his greatest dream.
  57. Episode 44 : The Joke's On Us2008/09/29
    Clark was bamboozeled by a cussing cat, Jazz would pick Buffy and Todd unleashes the dogs of war.
  58. Episode 43 : Cops and Lawyers2008/09/23
    Sonia smells her house, Anita morphs her accent, and Rachel was a
    little rebellious.
  59. Episode 42 : Support2008/09/16
    April feels loved by the universe, Wisedog does good things, and Tracie knows about sad sheep.
  60. Episode 41 : Birds, Bees and Children2008/09/09
    Toni earned it, Analise felt rushed and Alexis had all her
    questions answered.
  61. Episode 40 : Vivid Lives2008/09/01
    Duffy wants to hang on to the idea of a better tomorrow, Libby is
    loquacious, and Jessica is getting a certificate in clever and wittiness.
  62. Episode 39 : Other People's Lives2008/08/26
    Michelle needs a distraction, Katie likes to talk to people face to face, and Rebecca wants to see you caught off guard.
  63. Episode 38 : Stranger Stories (Part 2)2008/08/18
    This week we bring you part two of the Stranger Stories open mic. This episode features stories from Mercedes, Krista, Big Poppa E, Sarah, Lin and Chris.
  64. Episode 37 : Stranger Stories (Part 1)2008/08/11
    This week we bring you part one of the Stranger Stories open mic. This episode features stories from Zachary, Randall, Wil and Big Poppa E.
  65. Episode 36 : Living Among Strangers2008/08/04
    Briana trusts craigslist for the short term, Nick was a fan of clashing colors, Kiley has more freedom, Zoe
    thought she should do something practical.
  66. Episode 35 : Subjective Age2008/08/01
    Deanna would have to know the people involved, Bryan's dream lingers, Jamie is at the beginning of her life, Mark doesn't know how he gets anything done.
  67. Episode 35 : Subjective Age2008/07/29
    Deanna would have to know the people involved, Bryan's dream lingers, Jamie is at the beginning of her life, Mark doesn't know how he gets anything done.
  68. Episode 34 : Appropriate Attire2008/07/22
    Magui's mother thinks about her all the time, You've gotta love Billy,
    Will doesn't go for obvious answers, and Phil's mom refuses to let him
    wear masks.
  69. Episode 33 : Waiting for a Call2008/07/14
    Wayne can't be the crazy, Amy thinks it sounds really good to say they're wise, Jason covers everything
    from the county fair to murders.
  70. Episode 32 : Songs of Youth2008/07/07
    Daniel is haunted, Sarah was inspired, Nina still thinks of her,
    Lori hung with the popular kids, Ginny would be happy to be anonymous.
  71. Episode 31 : Onward to Peoria!2008/06/30
    Carol is embarrassed to admit it to anyone, Matt wishes he had a
    cool-ass haircut, Drew says it's like riding a motorcycle, Albert helped a
    lady get to Peoria, and Jeff shouldn't have to sneak around.
  72. Episode 30 : Shame and Regret2008/06/23
    Larry wants to ride a manatee, Violet changed something tangible,
    Matt has associations with Werther's Originals,and Jamie grew up to be a
    tough woman.
  73. Episode 29 : Pterodactyl2008/06/16
    Alexia thinks it's going to work, Ciaran is dressed as a
    pterodactyl, Chris is a sadist, a little bit, Red found it in National
  74. Episode 28 : Road Trip 3.02008/06/09
    Sam saw where his friends grew, Lavere learned the Saab was a fortress,
    Angela couldn't get oil because Jesus would know and Maggie thinks it's
    great that people treat them like one of their own.
  75. Episode 27 : All Kinds of Chaos2008/06/02
    Capt. Spastic has achieved more desirable chaos, Katrina isn't as
    antagonistic, Matty is sorry they're down, Landscape USA is growing,
    customers in Austin have issues, Mercedes is going to get coffee and Zachary needs dog food.
  76. Episode 26 : On the Road2008/05/27
    Carrie wouldn't want to crave it, Maggie says its still just your life, Tessie is a huge fan of Dr. Who, and Suzy has a love/hate relationship with drama.
  77. Episode 25 : Changes2008/05/19
    Danielle doesn't have time to wait, Mark is cool the way he was made, Andrew thinks she knows, Genevieve found something completely different.
  78. Episode 24 : Thanks, Mom2008/05/12
    Sara taught her mom a lesson, Ray was just that kind of kid, Kim's mom cared about the silly stuff, Meaghan argues about vegetables and Myles says it depends on how angry she is.
  79. Episode 23 : Insight2008/05/05
    Jake deals with patriotic types, Kaitlyn's friends eat the whole animal, and Christin's dogs don't really respond.
  80. Episode 22 : Zachary's Birthday2008/04/29
    Brittany and her mom flirted with the waiter, Dahlia thinks it
    might be time for a cane, Eric is more humble than anyone else, Oliver
    enjoyed his wedgie, and Randall grabbed the garden hose.
  81. Episode 21 : Voice Mails, Messages and Outtakes2008/04/22
    This episode picks up where Episode 6 left off. It contains more messages left on the answering machine, some of our favorite voice mails from when strangers didn't answer, and some behind the scene silliness that normally doesn't make it into the show.
    There is a long message in this episode from a Paul who we did eventually call in show 11.
  82. Episode 20 : The Scenery2008/04/14
    Martin sat and watched the lake, LJ crosses art
    and science, Michelle has enough, and Tony found a new home.
  83. Episode 19 : Sibling Rivalry2008/04/07
    Leona is helping the refugees, Matt lets it all fester inside, Renae has never gotten caught, Russell's parents didn't say too much about it, and Michael is covertly teaching children.
  84. Episode 18 : Life Savers2008/03/31
    Julie was saved by Zach, Virgil was saved by his daughter, Melissa was saved by her step-mom, Angela was saved by her husband, and Dahlia was saved by her mother.
  85. Episode 17 : South by Southwest2008/03/24
    There's something special about Boaz, Jessica would do somersaults, Ben is looking for a new job, Kevin talked him out of it, Damon didn't want to offend them, Carl thinks a martini is better than a cape, Gina didn't do it for a whole year, Kaysie came around and David wants to infect you with peace.
  86. Episode 16 : Grownup Games2008/03/18
    Randy is happy, Frank dresses like your first grade teacher, Terri can beat you at dominoes and Dan can help you find what you're looking for.
  87. Episode 15 : Tearing Up2008/03/10
    Matt is hearing something else, Rosie remembers, Ray wants to know why she's
    watching American Idol, Kim is a feeler and Sophia believes her actions speak
    for themselves.
  88. Episode 14 : Memories and Lies2008/03/03
    Dave will probably land on his feet, Tony is a very good liar, Autumn doesn't like this game, Vic was watching the Broncos, Jason had a shocking experience, and Kim loses her religion.
  89. Episode 13 : Luck and Karma2008/02/18
    Liz doesn't think the 13th is unlucky, Travis sees the world from an airplane, Stephanie thinks cows are beautiful, Pat notices what shoes you wear, and Oliver has been instructed not to talk to your agent anymore.
  90. Episode 12 : Plug Yourself2008/02/11
    Winston thinks Jazmine is perfect, Alexis just wants someone to nerd-out with, Nena got stuck outside a Bass Pro shop, Chris gets play (on BBC1), and Tim didn't think about the knives.
  91. Episode 11 : Quality Assurance2008/02/04
    It's a part of Dimitria's ex-boyfriend's nature, you can call Paul
    Andy, or Rose, Jim thinks about Life of Pi everyday, Jaylee wants to get
    back to nature, and Randall makes a peace offering.
  92. Episode 10 : Vicodin Bouquet2008/01/21
    Abe is channeling rain water, Paul wants to teach 9-year-olds
    conceptual physics, Doug delivers drugs and flowers, Kristen doesn't suck
    quite so bad, Kim talks about going to the gym, and Paul isn't a
    middle-of-the-road kind of guy.
  93. Episode 9 : The Meaning of Words2008/01/15
    Jillian suffers from synesthesia, Pete is up late washing his runcible spoon.
    Kaleb may, or may not, have been snookered, Frank is an authority on physics, Rachel avoids eye contact, Jake is helped along by his friend Quincy, and James no longer paints metaphorical toasters.
  94. Episode 8 : Holiday Part 22008/01/07
    Jeff and Eric find that being in a domestic abuse situation is
    never fun and Tony tells us a story he wishes was fabricated.
  95. Episode 7 : Holiday Part 12007/12/31
    Todd shares stories about tryptophan and tackling eight year olds, Margaret
    and her friend are stuck in traffic, Josh feels scammed, Tom is 11, Charlie
    is disenchanted, and Miriam hopes for toys from the dentist.
  96. Episode 6 : Queries and Theories2007/12/24
    This week we made a different kind of show, it doesn't follow the normal format, but we think you'll enjoy it. We'll return with your regularly scheduled Dial A Stranger next week.
  97. Episode 5 : Ladies and Laughter2007/12/17
    CC knows how to compliment, Bob discusses dating, Jason has the comfort food that can't be beat, Hannah reminisces about her misspent youth and Todd is very hopeful.
  98. Episode 4 : Smell of Music2007/12/10
    It takes a lot to make Will cry, Fancy fights herself, Charles will be
    reading romance novels, Devin will be meditating, Tony doesn't drink much milk
    and Miriam travels the world.
  99. Episode 3 : Starting and Stopping2007/12/03
    Erin rates band names, Evan philosophizes about coin tosses, Carolina tells
    us about her diary, Kim is never without her spoon, and Joe gets bamboozled
    by the Army.
  100. Episode 2 : Love What You Do2007/11/26
    Loyal is on the fence about the advice of strangers, Chris evangelizes comic books, Margaret has a weakened immune system, Ron was an angry little man, Patrick wants to make the world a better place, Steve is exceptionally talented, and Jason wishes more people were like dogs and little kids.
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