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  1. #363: 2013 GWC International Meetup LIVE2013/03/26
    We run down the week in geek, and most importantly we take you into the heart of the 2013 GWC International Meetup with a podcast recorded in front of a live meetup attendee audience. Enjoy!
  2. #362: Meetup 2013 Briefing2013/03/05
    Sean is back, and the meetup is so very close! We take a quick moment to talk about the impending GWC meetup in Dallas.
  3. #361: The Dominion War2013/02/24
    In this episode, Sean is out sick, so Chuck and Audra take the time to wax philosophical about their recent rewatch of the “Dominion War” episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  4. #360: Superman ’782013/02/14
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  5. #359: The Next Generation of Old2013/02/05
    We briefly revisit Star Trek: Generations, finally appreciating its place in the Trek canon and wondering why we had overlooked the significance of Picard’s family — and loss of family — for so long. We take calls that touch on the power of pink, the time-travel potential of the airplane laser, and the less-than-sexy reality [...]
  6. #358: Living in the Future2013/01/28
    We jump straight into the buzz now that it’s confirmed: J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode VII, due in theaters in 2015 and starring much of the original crew. We walk through what the project might look like, speculate which EU areas the film will cover, hope for strong female characters, and anticipate a [...]
  7. #357: Sean Gets to be Debbie, No Death Star for U.S.2013/01/21
    This week as we re-ignite the Disney princess discussion, Sean reaffirms the impracticality of staving off the tidal wave of pink and weighs in on the fun of wearing a sparkly headband while playing backup for a three-year-old rock star. And, we run down the Week in Geek, get a glimpse of the new FX [...]
  8. #356: Alien Sex, The Tannen Law2013/01/15
    We blast into 2013 with some nooooooos! and enjoy some classic GWC banter. And we run down the Week in Geek, including newly revealed details about Gates McFadden’s Season 2 departure from Next Gen (it had to do with sexism, despite the gender equality Beverly insists upon to Soren of the sack-cloth); the UK’s X-rating of the original [...]
  9. #355: K-Juanzaa, Best Of 20122013/01/01
    In the year’s grand finale, we are joined in the studio by JUAAAAAN!! And we snub the ubiquity of the web’s year-end “Worst of…” lists, instead giving our own positive recommendations for 2012 media, including the underrated Men in Black 3, the fun popcorn flick Battleship; the brilliant TV comedy series Parks and Recreation (NBC) and sci-fi [...]
  10. #354: Nice Day For A White Onesie2013/01/01
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  11. #353: A Christmas Reboot2012/12/19
    In this penultimate GWC Christmas episode, we re-think everything that makes our holidays what they are. We re-cast and reboot some of our favorite Christmas movies (read: Seth Rogen and Amy Poehler as the new Griswolds), remake some of our favorite Christmas songs (Swedish EDM, anyone?), and re-think some of our hallowed Christmas traditions. Also, [...]
  12. #352: James Bond Part II: Skyfall2012/12/04
    In this episode we continue to talk Bond, with Skyfall. And we take listener calls about all kinds of stuff!
  13. #351: James Bond, Part I2012/11/26
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  14. #350: There Will Be Blood and Chrome2012/11/19
    We are thrilled so far with the new BSG content, the web series Blood & Chrome airing now on the YouTube Machinima channel (and on SyFy/every other digital medium) in February 2013. We credit the series with reigniting our love for BSG with Michael Taylor’s strong writing, character development balanced with space explosions, and Luke Pasqualino’s expressive [...]
  15. #349: Video Game Villains2012/11/12
    We wrap up our discussion of video game heroes and villains with a look into how interaction changes the character and story experience. And we run down the week in geek, including new Spartacus news, lament for the end of Red Dwarf X, a Dibblifier app for iOS which allows you to turn yourself into [...]
  16. #348: Lucas/Disney, Voicemails2012/11/09
    In this episode, we discuss the recent acquisition news regarding Lucasfilm and Disney, and take some voicemail calls.
  17. #347: Noooooooz!2012/10/31
    We run down the week in geek, including a Spike TV reality show offering a $10 million bounty on bigfoot, the possibility of the Governator returning as an old Conan (ignoring the Momoa era flick), more news on the Halo 4 release and storyline, the use of *face in Cloud Atlas, and much more.
  18. #346: Corn on Macabre2012/10/23
    This week we celebrate Halloween by taking a close look at the psychology of scariness, including why zombies, ghosts, and Grim Reapers give so many of us delightful thrills rather than existential horror. Why are we fascinated with death and the afterlife? It’s part of what makes us human. We look at cultural differences in [...]
  19. #345: War of the Worlds2012/10/16
    We discuss the historic 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds, what it means historically, why we associate it with Halloween, what it tells us about our society, and how our view of the radio show’s aftermath is affected by shifts in digital media. Also, we run down the week in geek, including the fan [...]
  20. #344: Friendly Robots2012/10/08
    Up this week: robots who want to be your friend — or with whom you’d like to be friends — and what this tells us about humanity. Also, we run down the week in geek, including Jill Scott’s upcoming Fringe oracle-ness, a new TV series from X-Files creator Chris Carter, our recommendations for games to [...]
  21. #343: Robots, Pt. 2: Bots Emulating Humans2012/10/01
    We dive into the realm of robots who want to be (or emulate) humans and how they serve as a mirror for us to look at ourselves, individually and as a society. And we run down the week in geek, including some interesting Star Trek news, the (sad) numbers posted by Dredd, and our strong [...]
  22. #342: Chuck and Sean Doo the Nooos2012/09/25
    We put the Robots arc on hold, as Audra is getting some well-deserved rest, so Sean and Chuck cover this week’s news. And yes, Audra will be back soon!
  23. #341: Robots, Part 12012/09/18
    This week, we kick off a long-overdue discussion talking about robots: robots who want to destroy the world!
  24. #340: Villains We Love, Part 4: Dark Helmet2012/09/11
    In this episode, we conclude our Villains we Love to Love arc, with Mel Brooks’ classic villain (of a sort), Dark Helmet.
  25. #339: Villains We Love, Part 3: GLaDOS2012/09/04
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  26. #338: Villains We Love, Part 2: The Monarch2012/09/01
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  27. #337: Villains We Love, Part 1: Dr. Evil2012/08/23
    In this episode, we kick off our “Villains We Love to Love” arc with a look at the sympathetic and narcissistic Doctor Evil, his pitiful, neutered grasping for power, and the important line between villains who are likable, heroic foils and villains who are just plain scary. We also give props to the Brits’ sense [...]
  28. #336: “B” Movie Arc, Part 3: Judge Dredd2012/08/14
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  29. #335: “B” Movie Arc, Part 2: Total Recall2012/08/06
    We continue our “B” movie arc with the epically cheesy 1990 sci-fi flick Total Recall and realize that Arnold’s mechanical acting is ideal for a robot or a comic straight man but less convincing in Recall‘s mind-frak thriller landscape. We discuss the evolution of profanity in movies from the 80s to now, marvel at the fact that Recall‘s [...]
  30. #334: “B” Movie Arc, Part 1: Trancers2012/07/30
    We kick off our “B” Movie arc with the hilariously cheesy, sometimes campy, and all-around fun 1985 sci-fi action flick Trancers. We revel in laughter over the movie’s halfhearted future-car, zombie cross-dressing stunt doubles, the gunning-down of a possessed mall Santa, the young Helen Hunt’s portrayal of a woman unfazed when her boyfriend’s body is [...]
  31. #333: Comic-Con Wrap-Up2012/07/23
    We review our favorite parts of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, including bronies, ubiquitous butt cheeks, Sean’s awesome art acquisition, and hanging out with the small press peeps; and we feature a segment recorded live with a band of GWCers at the con! And we run down the Week in Geek, reviewing some newly-announced Emmy [...]
  32. #332: Toys, Part 3 (Table-Top Gaming)2012/07/14
    We give love to the table-top games we grew up with and appreciate their role in a world before widespread video games. Audra talks about early digging on Trivial Pursuit, her meticulous Mouse Trap setup, and getting stuck being the thimble in Monopoly. Chuck and Sean take a serious look at competition, conflict, and friendship [...]
  33. #331: Toys, Part 22012/07/09
    We reminisce on our favorite childhood toys and delve into memories of specific character-building moments. Audra recalls the excitement of older cousins’ 1980 Hot Wheels City Play Set and Castle Grayskull fortress, and admits her own favorite toy was selected for its smell. Chuck and Sean geek out on Matchbox cars, model rockets, and the [...]
  34. #330: Toys, Part 12012/07/01
    We revel in remembering some of the best (and worst) toys of our childhoods, give props to homemade toys, and realize how much toys shape the kind of people we become. We recall what it was like to polish your own rocks, struggle with the infernal spirograph, try to get any real speed on a [...]
  35. #329: Prometheus2012/06/24
    We dive into a great discussion of Prometheus and the questions it raises about human creation and corruption; the colonization of ancient earth; alien warning frescoes; self-sacrifice vs. selfishness; why the Engineer may have been justified in wanting to Kill All Humans; plagiarized cave paintings; and why Jesus may have been way taller — and buffer — than [...]
  36. #328: Space Geeking2012/06/18
    We talk specifically about how the US space program affected us during our formative years, and we speculate on how it might play into the development of today’s young geeks. And we run down the week in geek, including new Spider-Man and Total Recall trailers, awesome Robocop casting news (on two fronts!), the current popularity [...]
  37. #327: Growing Up Geek Wrap-Up2012/06/13
    We wrap up our growing up geek arc this week with some mixed discussion of how our various media selections fit together to make us who we are today. Also, we run down the week in geek, including Ray Bradbury’s death (and how Fahrenheit 451’s message still applies in today’s digital book market), the new [...]
  38. #326: Growing Up Geek/The Hero and The Crown2012/06/03
    We continue our growing up geek arc with the novel The Hero and The Crown, which provided Sean entry into the worlds of reading and fantasy. We discuss how his experience (and others like his) lead to lifetime learning, advocate for more flexible reading lists for early readers, and talk about the true purposes of [...]
  39. #325: Growing Up Geek/War Games2012/05/28
    This week we check out a media object significant to Chuck’s early development as a geek: War Games. We talk about the differences between getting “into” computers in the 80s vs. now, and each of us share some experiences with interacting with tech over the years. Also, as always, we run down the week in [...]
  40. #324: Growing Up Geek/Flight of the Navigator2012/05/17
    We kick off a new arc in which each of us choose one media object that had a significant effect on our development as a young geek. Up this week is Audra, who takes us on a tour of Flight of the Navigator. And we run down the week in geek, including the awesome Big [...]
  41. #323: Avengers Pt. 6, The Avengers2012/05/08
    Finally! We watch the new Marvel Avengers flick and offer our comments and analysis. Excuse this short (but spoiler-free!) description, but suffice it to say that we had a great time and found lots of interesting moments/meanings. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say, too.
  42. #322: Avengers Pt. 5, Captain America2012/04/30
    Avengers releases this upcoming week, so we’re wrapping up our pre-Avengers re-watch of recent Marvel flicks with 2011’s Captain America. We discuss Steve Rogers’ unsung true superpower and the movie’s interesting selection of rogues. And we run down the week in geek — plus some fun general geeking-out over The Guild and other awesome web [...]
  43. #321: Avengers Pt. 4, Thor2012/04/23
    The Avengers release grows ever closer as we take a look at the general public’s introduction to Marvel’s Norse god Thor. We find inspiration in Thor’s each-day-at-a-time attitude. We dig into the similarities between Shakespeare’s plays and comic superhero stories, concluding that superhero tales may have a much longer lifespan of cultural significance than many [...]
  44. #320: Avengers Pt. 3, Iron Man 22012/04/22
    Our Avengers lead-up arc marches on with a re-watch of Iron Man 2.
  45. #319: Avengers Part 2, Iron Man2012/04/11
    We continue our Avengers arc with the first Iron Man movie. Chuck relates why he connects so much with Tony Stark. We question whether we finally live in a world where a new Iron Man-like story could feature a female protagonist. And we run down the week in geek, including our celebrations of First Contact [...]
  46. #318: Avengers I, Hulk2012/04/02
    We kick off our epic Avengers arc leading up to the release of he 2012 movie with a re-watch of the 2008 flick, Hulk. We discuss the magic of comics and what draws people to identify with one hero over another. We examine the Hulk’s history and speculate as to his involvement in the upcoming [...]
  47. #317: John Carter (Live from Meetup)2012/03/26
    During the GWC Meetup we took a group of GWCers to see the newly-released John Carter movie, then hit a local bar for beers, snacks, and some podcasting — which you can hear as a segment in this week’s cast. Also, we run down the week in geek, including discussion of the awesome leaked BSG [...]
  48. #316: Live from the 2012 Internat’l Meetup2012/03/26
    We spend an hour and a half or so hanging out with some of our favorite people in the world — the 2012 GWC International Meetup attendees! It’s a pretty free-flow podcast, so if this is your first GWC ‘cast, you might want to back up one or head forward one to get a better [...]
  49. #315: Mass Effect 2/3, Jennifer Hale, Maggie Baird2012/03/13
    We roll through Mass Effect 2 and some non-spoilery ME3 discussion joined by guests Maggie Baird (voice of Samara) and Jennifer Hale (voice of FemShep). Ms. Baird introduces us to the world of voice acting and specifically the Mass Effect interview and recording process. And Ms. Hale offers some insight into breathing life into a [...]
  50. #314: Mass Effect 1/22012/03/06
    We continue our Mass Effect 1 discussion, running down characters and races, then tread briefly into the second game’s more advanced storyline. Also, we run down the week in geek, including an analysis of the latest super-awesome Avengers trailer and Black Widow’s bring-a-gun-to-a-God-fight, um, participation.
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