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  1. The Media Moment - Show #1052008/04/08
    The Media Moment comes back this week, with some helpful information on the VHS-C format, as well as ways to do green screen matte shots on the cheap. We also discuss the podcast's move to an as-needed format. So if you need us, email us!
  2. The Media Moment - Show #1042008/02/27
    For your listening pleasure this week, The Media Moment recaps the recent activities of Josh and Richard. Listen and you may find some similarities to your own sound system, and ways you can improve it. Also, a shout-out to the Mesa, AZ Media Club, and good news for those interested in purchasing MediaShout.
  3. The Media Moment - Show #1032008/02/13
    Get ready for some complaining this week, as we whine and moan about how busy we've been lately. But also included are some helpful tips on projector lenses, and common projector problems.
  4. The Media Moment - Show #1022008/02/06
    Don't listen to this podcast! At least if you don't want to be implicated in a potential felony. For this week, The Media Moment provides you with information on how to rip video clips from a DVD for use as sermon illustrations, etc. Richard also reviews his new Apple TV. Link:

  5. The Media Moment - Show #1012008/01/30
    The Media Moment dries out this week, as we recover from and recap our media experiences at Boot Camp. Sprinkled in are tips for running media in adverse weather (and power) conditions, and for some new devices on the market that make recording for podcasts much cheaper and easier.
  6. The Media Moment - Show #1002008/01/29
    The Media Moment turns 100! Well, not exactly. But we do celebrate the 100th episode of this humble podcast by driving around the beautiful streets of Hawaii. That's right, The Media Moment goes mobile this week, as we podcast about lessons learned the hard way in Hawaii, and what brings us to this special place to begin with. Aloha, and mahalo for listening!
  7. The Media Moment - Show #0992008/01/29
    Aloha from The Media Moment! This week Josh podcasts from the white sandy beach of Kailua, Oahu, making Richard insanely jealous. We also discuss our current media teaching gigs (including the one that brings us both to the Aloha State next week), and how to properly tape down wires and cables for your next event. Mahalo...
  8. The Media Moment - Show #0982008/01/04
    The wily Richard Brown turns up at the Media Moment studios this week with his bag of tricks to share! Listen as he reveals how to set up a high-speed wireless hotspot anywhere you happen to need one (including the Rose Parade route), and how we're going to manage to record 10 different workshop sessions at BootCamp all at once.
  9. The Media Moment - Show #0972007/12/27
    In our post-Christmas episode this week, find out how best to get the multimedia gifts you want from Santa next year, why testing your workflow is important, and yet another reason why Microsoft is Scrooge.
  10. The Media Moment - Show #0962007/12/19
    Merry Christmas from The Media Moment! This week we discuss a terrific Christmas present that's been offered from THQ to any Western Territory unit in need of a good, simple, portable PA system, Richard rants (again) about DRM, and we compare notes on children's programming. Link:

    Anchor Beacon System
  11. The Media Moment - Show #0952007/12/04
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  12. The Media Moment - Show #0942007/10/30
    On a very spooky episode of The Media Moment this week, we discuss our current business in the Northwest Division, the benefits of the Anchor Beacon system, and why Halloween is a multimedia friendly holiday. Link:

  13. The Media Moment - Show #0932007/10/26
    This week our travels take us to the great Northwest, as we complete a couple of site visits, and talk with IT guru and brother of Richard Brown, David Brown.
  14. The Media Moment - Show #0922007/10/10
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  15. The Media Moment - Show #0912007/09/19
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  16. The Media Moment - Show #0902007/09/12
    This week on The Media Moment, Richard retires from multimedia! Or at least tires of multimedia. Listen as fatigue sets in, and we discuss the future of flannelgraph, Frank's big idea, and single-parent woes.
  17. The Media Moment - Show #0892007/09/04
    Our guest on The Media Moment this week is Territorial Design Consultant Deborah Razo, or, as she's commonly known, Raz. Listen as she describes her qualifications for her position, projects she's worked on over the last few months, and how she goes about gearing up for a new project. Link:

  18. The Media Moment - Show #0882007/08/28
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  19. The Media Moment - Show #0872007/08/21
    This week on The Media Moment, Richard and Josh discuss DVD playback in MediaShout v3, a new, cheaper version of MediaShout, how to make a 3-D button graphic the old school way, and a little DRM complaining to top it all off.
  20. The Media Moment - Show #0862007/08/21
    True to Richard's word, The Media Moment comes to you semi-live from the Western Youth Institute at Redwood Glen camp this week. Listen in for a hodge-podge of media topics, including media challenges faced at WYI this year, and the origins of Richard's Animal Productions.
  21. The Media Moment - Show #0852007/08/01
    The Media Moment tackles the age-old dilemma of rectangular pixels vs. square pixels this week, with mind-numbing results. Listen in, and as an added bonus, you'll hear Richard sing a selection from his vast knowledge of "Wiggles" music.
  22. The Media Moment - Show #0842007/07/19
    The Media Moment really takes off this week, as we travel to the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada to offer our consulting services to the Las Vegas Citadel, who is interested in installing a new projection system. Find out how we can be of service to your corps as well, at absolutely no cost to you!
  23. The Media Moment - Show #0832007/07/03
    This week, Richard explains why he just HAD to have one of the first iPhones, and we discuss how to apply a template to your entire lyric library in MediaShout.
  24. The Media Moment - Show #0822007/06/26
    Despair no more! The Media Moment has returned from its brief hiatus. We explain why we were gone for so many weeks, and also recap our roles and experiences at Commissioning this year.
  25. The Media Moment - Show #0812007/05/29
    Continuing our MediaShout v3 tutorial this week, Richard teaches Josh how to make use of Script Control Cues in order to ensure the smooth operation of lobby screens at the upcoming Commissioning Weekend.
The Media Moment
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