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KCRW's Good Food (Food and Drink)

  1. A year filled to the brim with great stories2017/12/30

    As we launch into 2018, we’re revisiting some of our favorite segments of the past year. Amid lots of change, one thing remained constant throughout 2017: that there were many fantastic food stories to be told, far more than we could fit into a single show! Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites.
  2. Season's greetings from Good Food!2017/12/23

    Season’s greetings from the Good Food team! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite segments to revisit this holiday season. Join us for a conversation on the year’s best cookbooks and what our favorite L.A. chefs recommend wrapping up for friends this year. Find out which teas are perfect for the holidays, and discover the man making Italian sweet bread a year-round adventure.
  3. The Chocolate Show plus our holiday gift guide2017/12/16
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  4. 2017's best cookbooks, holiday tea, and the wonders of panettone2017/12/09

    To help us gear up for the holidays, Celia Sack shares the best (and most giftable) cookbooks of 2017. Teri Gelber lights up while talking about holiday tea flavors. Jonathan Gold falls head-over-beans for Verlaine. In his latest book, David Lebovitz writes about what it’s like to build a Parisian home. And according to chef Roy Shvartzapel, panettone isn’t just for Christmas anymore.
  5. Music and wine, flavors of Istanbul, and Cronuts hit L.A.2017/12/02
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  6. Staying afloat in L.A.'s restaurant biz2017/11/25

    Opening and running a restaurant is a never-ending hustle and an unpredictable enterprise. A decade ago, Ohio State University researchers found that 6 out of 10 restaurants fail in their first year. More recent findings reveal the median lifespan of a restaurant in the western part of the US to be just 4½ years. We asked five restaurateurs to share their stories of life in the business.
  7. The Thanksgiving show: Family and food2017/11/23

    This Thanksgiving we are talking about family. Chef Jacques Pepin learns something new when he cooks with his granddaughter. Miry’s List helps newly immigrated families feel safe in America. During a trip to Ireland, Evan spoke with Breda Burns about her mother’s beef stew. Finally, a Nashville writer who learned how to cook Sichuanese dishes to make her adopted daughter feel at home.
  8. David Tanis, a Thanksgiving cocktail, Cipe Pineles, and 'Sangsgiving'2017/11/18
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  9. Gail Simmons, sexual harassment in the kitchen, and Zingerman's Bakehouse2017/11/11

    Gail Simmons shares stories of travels and home cooking, Brett Anderson investigates harassment at the Besh Restaurant Group, and Jonathan Gold revisits Osawa in Pasadena. Emily Thelin’s new book ‘Unforgettable’ explores Paula Wolfert’s life and legacy. It’s all coming up radishes at the market, and Zingerman’s Bakehouse has a lot to celebrate.
  10. Guerrilla Tacos, North Korea's seafood workers, and the Grand Central Market centennial2017/11/04

    Martha Mendoza updates us on North Korea’s role in the seafood industry, Maryn McKenna investigates how antibiotics changed poultry. Grand Central Market turns 100, celebrating with a cookbook. Jonathan Gold hangs at Sari Sari in the market. Wes Avila wants to ‘taco’ ‘bout it and sweet potatoes at the market.
  11. Jonathan Gold's 101, modernist baking, and smoking salmon2017/10/28
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  12. Vinegar, 'Tasting Georgia,' and dinner and a movie, Bollywood-style2017/10/14

    Sri Rao pairs classic Indian dishes with Bollywood films, and Carla Capalbo fills us in on the ancient wine and food traditions of Georgia in the Caucasus region. Harry Rosenblum shares tips on how to make vinegar at home, then Michael Harlan Turkell takes us on a global acid trip. Plus: Jonathan Gold’s New Zealand food crawl and honeynut squash at the market.
  13. Ottolenghi and Goh stay 'Sweet,' passion fruit, DJ Wolfgang Puck2017/10/06

    Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh get ‘Sweet’ in a new cookbook, Jonathan Gold tries Thunderbolt frog in the SGV and Linda Civitello sheds light on the revolutionary power of baking powder. Plus: Laura Avery shops for passion fruit at the market and Wolfgang Puck stops by the basement to share his favorite tunes.
  14. Besha's goodbye, foraging tips and a new Night + Market cookbook2017/09/30

    Besha Rodell files her last restaurant review for LA Weekly and Mia Wasilevich explains how to turn wild plants into great food. Jonathan Gold samples the Peruvian fare at Rosaliné and Gustavo Arellano talks up Burritos La Palma in the OC. Plus: A recipe from Kris Yenbamroong’s Night + Market cookbook, Korean-Mexican food in Seoul and apples at the market.
  15. The Silk Road show2017/09/23
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  16. Food and race, the Bäco book and a farewell to summer herbs2017/09/16

    Jonathan Gold heads to Culver City to review the futuristic restaurant Vespertine. Josef Centeno talks about the hustle leading up to his first cookbook, “Bäco.” Chef and activist Tunde Wey gives us his take on whiteness in the restaurant industry. Plus: Laura Avery gets the secret ingredients behind Royce Burke’s Secret Lasagna at the farmers market.
  17. Making music with vegetables, and mastering Indian cooking technique2017/09/09

    Listen to the sweet sounds of the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra. Then find out how to cook Indian food with time-trusted techniques. Visit Vermont to hear about efforts to tackle pollution caused by ag runoff. Plus: Great broths and stocks, scarlet runner beans at the market and Jonathan Gold reviews Felix.
  18. Good Food's greatest hits!2017/09/02

    We dig through the archives to bring you a smorgasbord of stories, unique cocktails, Mormon food specialties and really good fried chicken. Plus: figs at the market!
  19. Extraordinary women and the food they eat2017/08/26

    A new book looks at the lives and diets of six famous women. There’s a whole galaxy of new restaurants in the United States. Eater’s restaurant critic shares his favorites. Making it into the top 50 world restaurant list is Brae, which sits on an organic farm in Australia. Plus: Jonathan Gold’s review of Dan Tana’s, what to do with Chinese eggplant, and some delicious spirits to try.
  20. The relationship between race and food in the South2017/08/19

    A new history of the modern South looks at the intersection of race and food. Meantime, black farmers are still struggling to hang on to their land as a legal loophole works against them. Back in the kitchen, we hear about Asian dishes to make right now, get a history of the Kellogg’s corn flake, and Jonathan Gold reviews Bone Kettle.
  21. The big cheese, a chef and perfumer pen a book, goat testicle soup2017/08/12
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  22. Becoming a food historian, peaches and retiring to the bakery2017/08/05

    Food historian Jessica Harris shares stories from her memoir and Christina Arokiasamy gives us a primer on Malaysian food. Mark Furstenberg explains his decision to open a bakery at age 76 and Jami Curl pivots from baked goods to candy at QUIN. Plus: Jonathan Gold reviews Cosa Buona and Laura Avery shops for peaches at the market.
  23. Appropriation in food, dulce de leche, mastering culinary technique2017/07/29

    Gustavo Arellano examines a case of cultural appropriation in breakfast burritos, and Samin Nosrat explains why salt, fat, heat and acid are the elements of good cooking. Plus: Josephine Caminos Orìa schools us on dulce de leche, Jonathan Gold reviews Rossoblu and Laura Avery gets a pitch for raw milk at the market.
  24. Travels in Spain, Slow Food, 'Adventures in Starry Kitchen'2017/07/22

    Joann Lo and Jose Oliva discuss their work with the Food Chain Workers Alliance, and Simran Sethi files a field report from Slow Food Nations in Denver. Nguyen Tran shares more “Adventures in Starry Kitchen,” and Matt Goulding travels to Spain with chef José Andrés, barnacle hunters and cider makers. Plus, summer squash at the market, and Jonathan Gold dines at Michael’s in Santa Monica.
  25. Tasting the Impossible Burger, salt, butter and spirulina2017/07/15

    We taste the latest vegan beef poseur on the market at Crossroads Kitchen, sample fancy salts with n/naka pastry chef Leslie Bilderback and learn about the history of butter-making from Elaine Khosrova. Plus: Jonathan Gold braves the lines at Pizzana in Brentwood, while Laura Avery shops for spirulina at the farmers market.
  26. What lies beneath the ocean waves2017/07/01

    Whether you summer by the sea or indulge in a plate of sushi or ceviche now and then, we are far more dependent upon what lies beneath the ocean waves than we think. So we devote this week’s show to the complex ecosystems that live in the briny deep, inhabited by cod, branzino, oysters, mussels, sea vegetables and much more.

  27. Banning loncheras, a history of pho and food in 'Twin Peaks'2017/06/24

    Gustavo Arellano takes a stand against the Santa Ana City Council proposal to regulate street vendors. Lesley Balla reports on the cherry pie, coffee and donuts in “Twin Peaks.” Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian talk up their favorite nuts and seeds. Bob Holmes discusses how taste and smell affect flavor. Plus: A beef pho recipe and what to eat at Mas’ Chinese Islamic Restaurant.
  28. Potlikker and pork as metaphor, the story of 'LA Mexicano'2017/06/17
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  29. The Sandwich Show2017/06/10
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  30. Shaking up the USDA, 'The Beef Cookbook' and 'Tartine All Day'2017/06/03
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  31. 'Dandelion and Quince,' food and crime, 'All About Eggs'2017/05/27
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  32. Gangsta gardener, a donut dough-bate, 'The Last Magnificent'2017/05/20
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  33. Yucatecan seafood, taters, spring chickens and pie2017/05/13
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  34. The 'Eat Your Veggies' show2017/05/06
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  35. The great tasting menu debate, cast-iron skillets, grapeless wine2017/04/29
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  36. Cambodians and fried chicken, baby pureés, vegan baking tips2017/04/22
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  37. 'A Square Meal,' a kosher slaughter and Ukrainian Easter eggs2017/04/15
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  38. Passover food, kosher wine and fancy food with a view2017/04/08
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  39. Cannibalism, Swedish meatballs, Syrian kobee and cheese shops2017/04/01

    This week, zoologist Bill Schutt considers the implications of culinary cannibalism, and we visit Tony Danza’s cheese shop in New York City. We also find hundreds of different cheeses on offer at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and make a pitstop for Swedish meatball sandwiches at Olson’s Scandinavian Delicatessen before heading to Van Nuys for Syrian kobee.
  40. LA's legendary restaurants, Gwen, cardoons, Dock to Dish 2.02017/03/25
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  41. The Breakfast Show2017/03/18
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  42. Supermensch, Pi Day, farming at Tule Lake Segregation Center2017/03/11
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  43. From Trump to farm to slaughterhouse to restaurant2017/03/04
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  44. Ludo, Shaya, heirloom grains and Smuggler's Cove2017/02/24
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  45. 'Eat Your Science,' decriminalizing street vending, 'Generation Chef'2017/02/18
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  46. Not your grandma's Valentine's Day box of chocolates2017/02/11
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  47. Food policy under Trump and legalized street vending2017/02/04

    We take a look at the food and ag policies under review on Trump's desk, get a history lesson on street vending in LA and find out where to stock up on sausages for Super Bowl Sunday. Jonathan Gold tells us where to get a juicy vegan burger, and we try a zhajiang mian recipe from Little Fatty, then Virgilio Martinez shares his diversidad de maíz at Central.
  48. Food to usher in the Year of the Rooster2017/01/28

    Chinese New Year festivities kick off this weekend. We asked journalists and food writers for their favorite holiday foods, from sticky rice balls stuffed with sweet black sesame to chewy Lanzhou-style hand-pulled noodles. Plus, a history of Chinese food in the US, techniques for drying persimmons, the Chile Pepper Bible and sprouted almonds at the market.
  49. ‘The Best Restaurants in America’ and power vegetables2017/01/21
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  50. 'The Rye Baker,' Conflict Kitchen and food as protest2017/01/14
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  51. Ringing in the Japanese New Year and a trip to the Silk Road2017/01/07
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  52. The 420 Show2016/12/31

    In November, Californians voted to legalize recreational marijuana and hemp use. The repeal of such a longstanding prohibition in a state as large as ours means that the rollout will be slow, detailed and tailored to each municipality. The financial implications will be huge. For our last show of the year we revisit our 420 show, which first aired the Saturday before the election.
  53. Good Food's Best of 20162016/12/24
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  54. 'The Gefilte Manifesto,' Christmas pickles, holiday cookies2016/12/17
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  55. The Red Rooster, Fidel the Foodie, P.Y.T.2016/12/10

    Laura Avery gets schooled on macadamias and walnuts, then The Red Rooster takes root in Harlem, and Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his fried yardbird royale recipe. Writer Darien Cavanaugh and filmmaker Rodrigo García wax poetic about Fidel Castro's food obsession. Plus, Jonathan Gold reviews P.Y.T. in LA, and we hop over to Tokyo for a convenience store food crawl.
  56. Nancy & Mario, 'Unlatched,' guavatinis and Dan Tana's2016/12/03
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  57. Turkey Day leftovers, Cantonese breakfast and Emeril's DJ set2016/11/26

    Thanksgiving has come and gone. Jonathan Gold tells us what he whips up from his leftovers and where to find the best Hong Kong-style breakfast in LA. The Rev. Shawn Amos shares the inspiration behind his Kitchen Table Blues series, and chef Eric Ripert discuss his new memoir. Donna Battle Pierce sheds light on her hero, Freda DeKnight, and Emeril takes over the KCRW turntables.
  58. Our 2016 Thanksgiving special2016/11/24
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  59. Thanksgiving prep, truffles and dates at the market2016/11/19

    Ahead of Thanksgiving, we've got tips and recipes from the founders of Food52, Dorie Greenspan and Mark Bittman that will turn your feast into a success. Los Angeles Magazine's Patric Kuh talks truffles, and chef Isa Fabro tells us what dishes are served at a Pinoy Thanksgiving. Plus, fresh dates at your local farmers' market, and Jonathan Gold treats us to Tempura Endo in Beverly Hills.
  60. The comfort food show2016/11/12
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  61. The 420 show2016/11/05
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  62. Badmaash, tooth pix, the migrant kitchen2016/10/29

    Nakul, Arjun and Pawan Mahendro talk chicken tikka poutine, their podcast and the Diwali menu at Badmaash. Dave Green and Joe Cobden share the story behind their 12-second video restaurant reviews on Instagram, and Antonio Diaz discusses the Life & Thyme/KCET documentary The Migrant Kitchen . Plus, The Monster’s Cookbook , persimmons at the market, and Jonathan Gold's new 101 list.
  63. The Sandwich Show2016/10/22
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  64. Mr. Fries Man, ethnic food shaming, Native American cuisine2016/10/15
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  65. The breakfast show2016/10/08
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  66. Square versus round pie, gringo tacos, hyssop2016/10/01
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  67. PieCast 2: Ready made crusts, tips for vegan baking and Cuban pies2016/09/29

    In honor of KCRW's annual pie contest October 2, here's the second installment of our podcast devoted to pie. It's called the PieCast . We dedicate this episode to the ingredients in a pre-made pie crust, to tips on how to make your vegan pies extra-tasty, and to the complex flavors you'll find in a Cuban pie.
  68. Shibumi, Little Flower Baking, 'Everything I Want to Eat'2016/09/24
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  69. 'Eat the World,' blackberries & Burmese food2016/09/16

    Laura Avery gets a primer on blackberries from University of Arkansas horticulture professor John Clark and 2 Peas in a Pod farmer Lori Heal. Then, our favorite food critic, Jonathan Gold, eats stuffed platha, ginger salad and Kachin-style salmon belly at Daw Yee Myanmar Corner. We close out the show with Emeril Lagasse discussing his new series on Amazon, Eat the World . BAM!
  70. Meat carvers, fishmongers and herbivorous butchers2016/09/10
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  71. Seafood, booze and BBQ2016/09/03

    Journalists Martha Mendoza and Paul Greenberg discuss slavery and sustainability in the shrimp supply chain. Then we sip savory cocktails with Matt Biancaniello and discuss rosé with Lou Amdur. Also on the show, Robb Walsh gives us the rundown on the Lone Star State's many styles of BBQ.
  72. The price of pork, giant marrow and an Asian fried chicken crawl2016/08/27
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  73. A Filipino food stop, the Grape Whisperer, 'Devoured'2016/08/20
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  74. Cilantro roots, Norteño Mexican food, LA's farm past2016/08/13

    At the Hollywood Farmers Market, Simbal chef Shawn Pham schools us on what to do with cilantro roots. Jonathan Gold shares his favorite dishes at Salazar and chef Esdras Ochoa instructs us on how to craft the perfect taco. Plus, the next installment of Burned , a Q&A with the director of Unbroken Ground and the New Republic's Ted Genoways clues us in on a vegan mayo scandal.
  75. PieCast 1: If pie were in the Olympics2016/08/10

    Ahead of our October 2 pie contest, here's the first installment of KCRW's 2016 Good Food PieCast . It's a podcast about pie, a piecast -- get it?! -- dedicated to our love of pie. We're going to take you on a delicious journey in three parts to meet pie lovers, pie eaters and expert pie makers across the country.
  76. Sichuan food, 'Burned,' Kitchen Table Blues2016/08/06

    Food writer Fuchsia Dunlop explains how Sichuan cuisine is changing in Chengdu. Investigative reporter Karen Foshay unveils disturbing findings about restaurants in LA. The Reverend Shawn Amos is striving to keep the blues alive in kitchens around town, one gig at a time. Plus, how grass-fed beef is raised at Rancho San Julian and what to try at Kali in Hollywood, per Jonathan Gold.
  77. Pickles, hot chicken, GMO labeling, antidepressants and taste2016/07/30

    Marion Nestle explains what's in the GMO labeling bill on President Obama's desk. Simran Sethi examines her loss of taste from taking antidepressants. Dianne Jacob gives tips on how to write about food and the Ans discuss their latest venture, a cookbook. Plus: pickling pointers from Little Dom's and a new hot chicken spot to try, per Jonathan Gold.
  78. Hive heists, artisanal food, local grains & bulgogi, Gangnam-style2016/07/23
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  79. Preserving Green Book sites, shishitos, jackfruit, fake shrimp2016/07/16

    Cultural documentarian Candacy Taylor explains the importance of preserving Green Book sites. EP & LP Chef Louis Tikaram gives us a primer on Fijian cuisine and jackfruit. The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan schools us on a synthetic shrimp start-up. Plus: Shishito peppers hit the market and Jonathan Gold eats popcorn ice cream at Paley.
  80. Cast iron skillets, corn, slaughterhouses, Azerbaijani food2016/07/09

    Chuck Reece gets to the heart of our love affair with the cast iron skillet. Peggy Lowe discusses the perilous work in slaughterhouses. We talk Azerbaijani cuisine with Feride Buyuran and fermented ice cream with Tyler Malek. Plus: French and Vietnamese spots to try and corn at the market.
  81. Brexit, the last decade in food, a mixtape from Nigella Lawson2016/07/02

    City University London’s Tim Lang gives his take on the impact of Brexit on the UK food system and Michael Pollan looks back at what’s changed in food in the last decade. Pascale Beale shares recipes for savory dishes that use fresh fruit. Then we shop for edible flowers at the market and get a hangover cure from Jonathan Gold before Nigella Lawson takes over the KCRW turntables.
  82. Food on the Screen: Calabasas & Paris2016/06/25

    We wrap our Food on the Screen series with Sandra Aamodt weighing in on “The Biggest Loser.” Then Adeline Grattard takes us behind the scenes of “Chef’s Table” in Paris. Next it’s onto squash blossoms at the market and tofu balls with Jonathan Gold at Button Mash. Plus: Tacolandia judge Gustavo Arellano eats 31 tacos and Zach Brooks highlights the best of the best at Smorgasburg LA.
  83. Food on the Screen: Los Angeles2016/06/18
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  84. Food on the Screen: China and Italy2016/06/11
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  85. Food on the Screen: New Orleans and the Central Valley2016/06/04
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  86. Consolidation in biotech, aeroir, smoked beets, beer cocktails2016/05/28
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  87. Eddie Huang, 'A Date with a Dish,' peaches and pozole2016/05/21

    We discuss the oppressive whiteness of the food world, how California's minimum wage law is playing out in the restaurant biz and pay homage to a cookbook author you may never have heard of. Then it's off to dine at a Vietnamese izakaya in Little Tokyo and the Little Arabia Lebanese Bakery in Anaheim. Plus, we fill you in on what you need to know about peaches and pozole.
  88. 32 yolks, taco bowls, cherries and tips from a master forager2016/05/14
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  89. In the salad lab, cauliflower tartare, Thai Oolong tea2016/05/07
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  90. The Happy Hour Show2016/04/30
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  91. Schmaltz, artichokes, matzo and lamb2016/04/23
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  92. The Ethnic Restaurateur, Artichokes, The Food of Oman2016/04/16
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  93. Food & Family2016/04/09
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  94. The Seafood Show2016/04/02

    We devote this week's show in its entirety to seafood. Journalists Martha Mendoza and Paul Greenberg discuss slavery and sustainability in the shrimp supply chain. Chef Brian Sheard and author Cynthia Nims share tips for cooking mussels and oysters at home. We wrap up the show at sea, fishing off the Santa Barbara coast with Ben Hyman.
  95. Tacolandia, To Run & Dine in LA, Fire & Ice2016/03/26

    We talk to Bill Esparza about what's in store at this year's taco extravaganza. Good Food Supervising Producer Abbie Fentress Swanson and friends share an unusual Hollywood Half Marathon training plan that involves running and eating all over LA. Then we head to more northerly climes to hear from Darra Goldstein. Her new book is Fire & Ice.
  96. Le Servan, Shake Shack, TiGeorges' Chicken2016/03/19

    On this week's show, we talk to Tatiana Levha about the menu at her popular Paris bistro, Danny Meyer about bringing Shake Shack to West Hollywood and TiGeorges Laguerre about a new memoir charting the journey from Haiti to his restaurant in Echo Park.
  97. Noma Australia, Dominique Crenn, Texas BBQ Crawl2016/03/12

    On this week's show, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Noma Australia menu was developed and learn what inspired the recipes in Dominique Crenn's new cookbook. Then, as SXSW 2016 kicks off in Austin, Jonathan Gold takes us to Texas for some ‘Q.
  98. Kimchi it up, the avocado invasion, 'Cooked'2016/03/05

    Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard talk about eating in Koreatowns across the country for their new book. We give a fruit invading kitchens and restaurant menus everywhere a moment in the sun. Michael Pollan discusses filming Aboriginal goanna hunters and an Indian curry bike delivery service for Cooked .
  99. The Bialetti Moka Express, Stinging Wild Nettles, Ag-Gag Laws2016/02/27

    This week, we pay homage to the man whose ashes were buried in one of his signature stove-top coffee makers. At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, chefs and farmers are talking up stinging nettles. We also travel to farm country to hear about new ag-gag laws on the books.
  100. Girl Scout cookie-off, the Beyoncé effect, urging models to eat2016/02/20

    Our trio of tasters discusses regional differences in Girl Scout cookies. Beyoncé's new single sparks a conversation about identity, spicy food and Jim Crow. Then the founder of a British clothing label explains why she's contractually requiring models to eat.
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11/15/07: Meet Good Food Market Report correspondent Laura Avery. Here she shows us a unique and delicious cauliflower-like vegetable called Romanesco, which can be eaten raw, roasted, and more. In the video clip below, Laura references a recipe from The Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook
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