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  1. Episode 882014/03/05
    Again....Lupita, Oscar Pistorious
  2. Digital Sista Episode 872014/03/05
    Lupita Nyongo, Oscar Pistorious and more
  3. Episode 862014/01/31
    Super Bowl 48 Weekend, Happy Bithday Oprah and Christie Brinkley, Oscar Pistorious, the Winter Olympics in Sochi and more.
  4. Digital Sista Episode 852014/01/14
    A-Rod, Chris Christie's Bridgegate and baby mama drama from our role models.
  5. Digital Sista Episode 842013/12/27
    The Rise of Powerful Black Women
  6. Digital Sista Episode 83 1/22013/12/26
    Please visit my new website: http://celesteterry.com Hope you like it.
  7. Digital Sista Episode 832013/12/26
    The Death of Nelson Mandela, Higher Education Costs - is it worth it?
  8. Episode 822013/11/30
    Zimmerman, NYC - Stop & Frisk and more.
  9. Digital Sista 812013/03/01
    The fall of Oscar Pistorius and Jesse Jackson, Jr.
  10. Episode 802013/02/12
  11. Digital Sista 752008/03/15
    Reflections of the Obama rally, Geraldina Ferraro flap, doomsday seed storage, IRS & Yolanda Adams, Dr. Dre's mom writes a book and more.
    Check out my podcasts on www.hiddenbeach.com.
  12. Digital Sista 742008/02/13
    Received the official Certificate of Registration from the U.S. Copyright Office for Digital Sista e-zine/blog, hear Digital Sista (me) podcasts on Hidden Beach Recordings webiste (www.hiddenbeach.com) - home of Jill Scott, tv show "Girlfriends" might be cancelled, along with Montel and Satr Jones and no color on the catwalk.
  13. Digital Sista 732008/02/12
    MLK Reflections, The Campaign - electric, Edwards out, Romney out - the shake-up, Tavis' commentary on Tom Joyner: the listeners spoke and they didn't like it, where is the compassionate conservative? YouTube: New World Order: Alex Jones Endgame http://www.saintbirgitta.com illuminaticonspiracy.
  14. Digital Sista 722008/01/17
    The politics of race: Bill, Hillary and Bob Johnson, Oprah gets her "own" network, Beyonce and text messaging, Essence Magazine - new directions, Jill Scott and more.
  15. Digital Sista 712008/01/10
    The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Sen. Obama is shaking it up, Susan Taylor leaves Essence, Egypt to copyright pyramids, golf anchor and lynching comment, Ice Cube and UVNTV.
  16. Digital Sista 702007/12/26
    Received Official Certificate of Registration for Digital Sista, farewell to Evel Knievel, Ike Turner, Oscar Peterson, Tina Turner's new play, North American Union, Africa & European Summit ends badly and more.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for listening.
  17. Digital Sista 692007/11/28
    Sorry for the delay. The file was there. Dog follow-up and so much more.
  18. Digital Sista 682007/11/04
    Dog the Bounty Hunter in the dog house, Imus returns - why?, Da Bratt arrested, funeral protesters sued, big bucks for former Merrill Lynch CEO and Hugo Chavez courting celebrities.
  19. Digital Sista 672007/10/22
    Pension Protection Act 2006 (new filing ruling for non-profits that takes effect in 2008), Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, Digital Sista receives trademark, Whitney, Juanita Bynum, Dionne Warwick and the tax man, and Bill Cosby.
  20. Digital Sista 662007/10/15
    Elizabeth Edwards (a few weeks ago), Thank you John Mellencamp for your Jena 6 song, Rapper news: TI, Foxy Brown, Snoop, farewell to Marcel Marceau, Alice Ghostley, and seeing Queen Latifah in concert - what a show.
  21. Digital Sista 662007/10/15
    Elizabeth Edwards (a few weeks ago), Thank you John Mellencamp for your Jena 6 song, Rapper news: TI, Foxy Brown, Snoop, farewell to Marcel Marceau, Alice Ghostley, and seeing Queen Latifah in concert - what a show.
  22. Digital Sista 652007/09/25
    Bill O'Reilly faux pas, 3 Republican front-runners no show at debate at Morgan State with Tavis Smiley and Tom Joyner, Jena 6 - where was the media, shout-out to doctormo and his danzerzone podcast, my first fan. Thanks for including Digital Sista in your BlackPod page.
  23. Digital Sista 642007/09/21
    Problems recording, but Digital Sista continues. Thank you for your patience.
  24. Digital 642007/09/21
    Info (Show/Hide)
  25. Digital Sista 622007/05/16
    The passing of Yolanda King, Musical Heavyweights to stage a concert for the King Memorial on the National Mall, Ex-POW Shoshana Johnson's book deal cancelled, British Prime Minister Tony Blair resigns, XM Satellite suspends shock jocks, MGM Mirage CEO - no hoops in my backyard, T-Music Hip Hop Jam in Czech Republic and Jerry Falwell dies.
  26. Digital Sista 612007/05/09
    $1Billion of aid goes waiting, the Iraqi law that will never pass, Rev. Sharpton in the hot seat, The Queen gets the last laugh, OJ gets no respect, cocaine energy drink, rapper Jadakiss gets no love, and remembering Katherine Hepburn.
  27. Digital Sista 602007/05/02
    Yea!!! Here comes the Queen, The Catholic Church on Satellite Radio, Imus Producer criticizes Rev. Al Sharpton, Aretha Franklin's life story, Rapper Eve & the Maserati, R. Kelly's new song and Ella, we still miss you.
  28. Digital Sista 592007/04/25
    Hip Hop Nation: Change is coming, Dr. Cornell West, more radio dj idiots, Henry Louis Gates, Rosie leaves the view, Alec Baldwin - no father of the year award, American Idol ingenuity, kudos to Tom Cruise and even bulldogs are beautiful.
  29. Digital Sista 582007/04/19
    Virginia Tech-how do we stop the madness? Don Imus - continued (Newsweek), slur on a sofa, state of hip hop. Russell Simmons, Dave Chapelle, Gladys Knight, Richard Gere.
  30. Digital Sista 572007/04/11
    Phenomenal! 868 downloads in 2 days -- 1,000 downloads in 1 week.
    The Don Imus flap, Snoop in trouble again, Snoop's wife, Shante Broadus, does positive things, Sen. Obama is showing us the money,
    inspirational text messages from Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, Essence Magazine, sent to your mobile telephone daily -- go to: www.ubfogc.org and more.
  31. Digital Sista 562007/03/14
    Rev. Al Sharpton vs Sen. Barack Obama flap: new world order, Stallone, Newt Gingrich, Rick Warren - Purpose driven woes, Michael Moore vs "Manufactured Dissent", James Brown - finally resting in peace and why we still mourn Notorious B.I.G.
  32. Digital Sista 552007/03/08
    The social-political landscape: Scooter Libby's conviction, NAACP-another CEO quits, radio racists (here we go again) and Sen. Obama, Katie Couric in 3rd place. Rap music on the decline? Bobby Brown, Kelis and Star Jones Reynolds.
  33. Digital Sista 542007/03/01
    Entertainment: Foxy Brown, James Brown (shades of Anna Nicole), Bobby Brown (where is Super Head now)?, Wu Tang Tour, QD3/Quincy Jones, Common (don't be a hypocrite), Ray J (is he that hot)? and condolences to Ludacris.
    FYI: 10 Biggest Interview Killers and Obama vs. Hillary.
  34. Digital Sista 532007/02/24
    Jay Rush Interview
  35. Digital Sista 522007/02/21
    Back from Africa (Ghana), Satellites combine, interview with Jay Rush (brother of Lyfe Jennings), Anna Nicole Smith and politics.
  36. Digital Sista 512007/01/31
    Info (Show/Hide)
  37. Digital Sista 502007/01/24
    A milestone: 50th podcast of Digital Sista, 10 Ways To Know It's Time to Go, losing a loved one, Talkers Magazine, The State of the Union Address, Hillary and Obama for President, tips of voicemail etiquette, 8 days until I leave for Africa.
  38. Digital Sista 492007/01/17
    Digital Sista -- made 4 most active podcasts -- again! Obtaining a digital recorder for interviews, Obama for president? Diana Ross, Dr. King's legacy, James Brown -- please bury him! Spotting a liar and countdown to Africa.
  39. Digital Sista 482007/01/10
    Subway Hero: Wesley Autrey, Thank you Anderson Cooper, Jay-Z & SUV's, Ghost Ride, Obama, Microsoft and the war.
  40. Digital Sista 472007/01/03
    Happy New Year! Oprah's new school in South Africa, memories of President Gerald Ford, crunk music in the pulpit, Saddam executed, no replacement for Ed Bradley and non-profit news.
  41. Digital Sista 462006/12/26
    Death of a legend: James Brown, Meeting Ruthless Records co-counder,
    Jerry Heller at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, reflections on 1 year of podcasting, executing Saddam. Happy New Year to everyone around the world that downloads Digital Sista. Thank you for putting Digital Sista on the map!
  42. Digital Sista 452006/12/20
    Ms. America, 169 downloads (overnight), Diddy/Snoop European tour, Rick James, Usher, charities and websites, and preparing for a trip to Africa (Ghana) and more.
  43. Digital Sista 442006/12/13
    Two black astronauts (Joan Higginbotham and Robert L. Curbeam), white drag queen in blackface, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, Young Jeezy and more.
  44. Digital Sista 432006/12/06
    Podcast update, hip hop/gansta literature queen, Vickie Stringer, Barack Obama, Jay-Z slaps a female fan, Kelly Ripa, Michael Baisden is back and more.
  45. Digital Sista 422006/11/29
    Memories of author Bebe Moore Campbell, journalist Ed Bradley, Nas' ex, Michael Baisden, unintended consequences from the slur heard around the world (Michael Richards), non-profits and more.
  46. Digital Sista 412006/11/22
    The slur heard around the world - Michael Richards, The Original Superstars of Jazz Fusion: Roy Ayers, Bobbi Humphrey, Ronnie Laws, Jean Carne, Lonnie Liston Smith, Jon Lucien, Wayne Henderson and Jimmie Scott, ipod heaven, Gerald Levert, non-profits and more.
  47. Digital Sista 402006/11/14
    Remembering R&B crooner, Gerald LaVert, ipod countdown, Prince, hood films, MLK and more.
  48. Digital Sista 392006/11/08
    ipod countdown, webinar (www.gocompletelyvirtual.com), Snoop, celebrity bad behavior, rock the vote.
  49. Digital Sista 382006/11/01
    Election time, international adoptions, non-profit congress, rapper news and more.
  50. Digital Sista 372006/10/24
    Guest visit by techwiz, Mychal Lilly with discussion of ipods.
  51. Digital Sista 362006/10/18
    Meeting gansta/hip hop literature queen, Vickie M. Stringer, reflecting on interviewing Universal Records hip hop recording artists, Beaz Portier and Train Fontaine of 216, the war on terror from a different perspective, other artisits, non-profits and more.
  52. Digital Sista 352006/10/11
    Reflections on North Korea, music, runaway bride and more.
  53. Digital Sista 342006/10/05
    Reflections on XXL DVD, Video Vixen, Smokey Robinson, Barbara Streisand, non-profits and more.
  54. Digital Sista 332006/09/27
    Reflections on Janet Jackson, Hip Hop Weekly, Ludacris, dark skin/light skin, 16 year old filmmaker, Kiri Davis, non-profits and more.
  55. Digital Sista 322006/09/19
    Reflections on Tupac - 10 years later, Whitney, Brothers in Brazil, the Pope, and non-profits.
  56. Digital Sista 312006/09/12
    Reflections on 9/11, working at the United Nations, Ron Isley, non-rpofits and more.
  57. Digital Sista 302006/09/05
    Reflections on Australia's Steve Irwin, Foxy Brown (ill Na Na), Survivor and more.
  58. Digital Sista 292006/08/30
    Reflections on Katrina ll: The Media, Elton John , hip hop and more.
  59. Digital Sista 282006/08/23
    Reflections on Hurricaine Katrina, rapper news and more.
  60. Digital Sista 272006/08/15
  61. Digital Sista 262006/08/09
  62. Digital Sista 252006/08/02
  63. Digital Sista 242006/07/26
  64. Digital Sista 232006/07/18
  65. Digital Sista 222006/07/11
  66. Digital Sista 212006/06/28
  67. Digital Sista 202006/06/20
  68. Digital Sista 192006/06/14
  69. Digital Sista 182006/06/07
  70. Digital Sista 172006/05/30
  71. Digital Sista 162006/05/23
  72. Digital Sista 152006/05/17
  73. Digital 142006/05/03
  74. Digital Sista 132006/04/19
  75. Digital Sista 122006/04/05
  76. Digital Sista 112006/03/29
  77. Digital Sista 102006/03/22
  78. Digital Sista 92006/02/22
  79. Digital Sista 82006/02/08
  80. Digital Sista 72006/02/01
  81. Digital Sista 62006/01/21
  82. Digital Sista 5 1/22006/01/18
  83. Digital Sista 52006/01/18
  84. Digital Sista 42006/01/03
  85. Digital Sista 32005/11/07
  86. Digital Sista 22005/10/31
  87. Digital Sista 22005/10/19
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