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Being Healthy for Busy People (Health-Fitness)

  1. BHTV #25 – Speed Up That Metabolism!2009/12/07
    Today’s show was inspired by one of my twitter followers, Pratik Patel, otherwise known as ppatel on twitter. He wanted to know how to speed up his metabolism. Like Pratik, many people would love to kick their metabolisms into high gear, but some think it’s a losing battle. They feel like their metabolisms are working […]
  2. BH4BP #74 – Choosing the Right Doctor2009/12/03
    We all visit the doctor at some point in our lives, no matter how well we care for our health, whether it be for a check-up or to treat a medical condition. When we do go, having a positive experience is very important for obtaining the best treatment possible. Unfortunately, when many people need to […]
  3. BHTV #24 – Traveling, Eating & Staying Healthy2009/11/30
    Going on vacation is one of life’s greatest pleasures. For some, it’s a time to escape from the stress of work and home life and relax. For others, it’s a time to explore new places and experience different cultures and cuisines. Whichever type of vacation you prefer, it is only enjoyable if you’re healthy. Getting […]
  4. BH4BP #73 – Stressed? Meditate On This!2009/11/26
    As you all know, today’s fast paced world can be very stressful. It pulls us in a million and one directions, and we’re always rushing to meet an unending string of deadlines and the expectations placed on us by our employers, friends and even our families. I know that it can often be hard not […]
  5. BHTV #23 – Being Healthy While Eating Out2009/11/23
    Dining out is fun, but choosing the right foods can be challenging for people trying to eat healthy. While most people can make nutritious choices when eating at home, they often let healthy eating habits slide when eating out and order items that are high in fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol. And it doesn’t help […]
  6. BH4BP #72 – Office Injuries Are No Joke2009/11/19
    Every year, millions of office workers complain of on the job aches and pains. According to WebMD, one study reported that over 50% of employees who used computers for at least 15 hours a week, reported musculoskeletal problems in the first year of a new job. That is a very high percentage, don’t you think? […]
  7. BHTV #22 – Olive Oil2009/11/16
    When people think of olive oil, they almost always think about the Mediterranean diet. That’s because olive oil is a key ingredient in many recipes from the Mediterranean region. However, because of it’s wonderful taste and amazing health benefits, olive oil is also growing in popularity outside the Mediterranean. That is no surprise because olive […]
  8. BH4BP #71 – Exercising In Cold Weather2009/11/12
    I’m happy to announce that Being Healthy for Busy People was a finalist in the health category of the Podcast Awards! That’s two years running and I owe it to all of you. Thank you so very much! For anyone interested in voting for the podcast, voting opens at podcastawards.com on November 13 and runs […]
  9. BHTV #21 – Exercise Intensity2009/11/09
    Most people who are trying to get fit or lose weight, understand that aerobic exercise is a key component of reaching their goals. The question isn’t: “Should we do aerobic exercise?” It’s: “How intensely should we do aerobic exercise?” The answer that we usually hear is that working out at a moderate exercise intensity enables […]
  10. BH4BP #70 – Tai Chi: A Healthy Exercise for All Ages2009/11/05
    Today’s show was inspired by a trip that I took to Beijing, China with David about 3 years ago. I was reminded of the trip a few days ago when I was looking through some of my photos and came across some of the many photos we took during that trip. It was a wonderful […]
  11. BHTV #20 – Cranberries, Not Just a Holiday Treat!2009/11/02
    Well, we’re past Halloween and that means that the Holiday season is officially underway! Besides family gatherings, or maybe because of them, one of the most central fixtures of the holidays seems to be food. While there are many foods that stand out during this season that I could talk about, there is one berry […]
  12. BH4BP #69 – Don’t Downplay Depression2009/10/29
    It is normal to occasionally feel sad or unhappy with a situation. Life can be stressful and overwhelming at times and can lead people to feel sad. Things like breakups, losing a job, getting a pay cut, having an argument with a friend or spouse are all examples of things that can bring on sadness, […]
  13. BHTV #19 – Laughter Is Contagious, But In A Good Way!2009/10/26
    Since this show comes out 6 days before Halloween, I want to wish those of you that celebrate Halloween, an early Happy Halloween! To commemorate what I consider a fun occasion full of costumes, trick or treating and for those that enjoy it, scary movies; I’m dedicating this show to something fun, happy and pleasurable. […]
  14. BH4BP #68 – The Facts About Tendinitis2009/10/22
    You just started exercising and you felt great, so you dramatically increased the intensity and duration of your workout. While doing that you felt a dull pain. Over the next few days the pain recurred intermittently, but it wasn’t bad enough to interfere with your exercise. So, you pushed on, ignoring the pain. As time […]
  15. BHTV #18 – The Benefits of Rooibos Tea2009/10/18
    I was introduced to rooibos 7 years ago when David and I were celebrating our first anniversary at a fine restaurant in Palo Alto, California. After we finished our delicious meal, we decided to cap our celebration with some tea and a shared dessert. Our server suggested that we try their loose leaf rooibos tea […]
  16. BH4BP #67 – Jet Lag: Keep the Jet, Lose the Lag2009/10/15
    Vacations can be a lot of fun, but if we have to fly long distances, the jet lag that comes along with the flight isn’t so fun. So, today I decided to address jet lag and ways to prevent it prior to departure, during the flight and at your destination. Because after all, we all […]
  17. BHTV #17 – Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Canned2009/10/11
    The Podcast Awards are here! So, if you like this show, please head on over to http://podcastawards.com and nominate it under “Best Video Podcast”: Podcast Name: Being Healthy TV Podcast URL: http://www.beinghealthy.tv/media/videopodcast/ If you can spread the word about our podcast to others and they would like to nominate us as well, that would be […]
  18. BH4BP #66 – Listener Q&A Special #32009/10/08
    Today I am bringing you another Q&A show. Since the last two have been so well received, I’m going to continue putting out one of these Q & A shows every month or two, as long as I keep getting lots of questions. Answering them in a podcast seems like the best way to go […]
  19. BHTV #16 – Apple vs. Pear Shaped2009/10/05
    The Podcast Awards are here! So, if you like this show, please head on over to http://podcastawards.com and nominate under “Best Video Podcast”: Podcast Name: Being Healthy TV Podcast URL: http://www.beinghealthy.tv/media/videopodcast/ If you can spread the word about our podcast to others and they would like to nominate us as well, that would be even […]
  20. BH4BP #65 – The Truth About Stretching2009/10/01
    Many people believe that stretching before and after a workout prevents injuries and minimizes muscle soreness. That’s because the recommendation used to be to stretch before and after exercise. In recent years, these commonly held beliefs have come under scrutiny and the recommendations have changed. So, today my goal is to help you understand what […]
  21. BHTV #15 – Butter vs. Margarine2009/09/27
    Imagine you are at an elegant dinner party and the first course is soup accompanied by sourdough bread rolls. Trying to please everyone, the host provides both butter and margarine, so that each guest can use what they prefer. Your eyes dart between the two options. You are trying to eat less fat and be […]
  22. BH4BP #64 – Nutrition For All Ages2009/09/24
    At different stages of our life calorie and nutritional needs change. As we get older, we can’t eat the same way as we did when we were younger. Since many people are not aware of how nutritional needs change with age, this episode is designed to shed some light on how nutritional needs change during […]
  23. BHTV #14 – Red, Red Wine2009/09/21
    Many people enjoy drinking a glass of red wine with dinner or sometimes dessert. After all, a glass of red wine goes very nicely with meat, red pasta, certain cheeses and even chocolate. In fact, wine is so popular these days that wine bars have been popping up all over the United States. In some […]
  24. BH4BP #63 – Gardening: Getting Dirty is Good For Your Health!2009/09/17
    Having and working in a garden can play a powerful role in how we feel. The sights and scents of our gardens can soothe us and distract us from everyday stressors. Gardening has a way of connecting us with nature and the rhythm of life, rejuvenating us and disconnecting us from the more hectic parts […]
  25. BHTV #13 – Say Cheese!2009/09/13
    Many of us love the flavor and texture of cheese. It is a tasty addition to a variety of meals. Plus, cheese can be very nutritious. It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, vitamin A and phosphorous. However, on the flip side, most cheeses are also high in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. And […]
  26. BH4BP #62 – Swimming: A Great Alternative for Everyone!2009/09/10
    Swimming is a great fitness activity for almost anyone, especially those who have physical limitations. For those who have had a hard time finding an activity that is not painful for their joints, swimming may be the answer. In today’s show, I will go over how swimming is a great exercise choice, whether it can […]
  27. BHTV #12 – Tired? Combat Fatigue!2009/09/06
    Are you constantly complaining to your family, friends or co-workers about feeling tired and worn-out? Do you have a hard time focusing or keeping your eyes open at work? If so, you are not alone. Feeling tired is one of the top 10 symptoms that people mention when visiting their doctor. Everyone has felt fatigued […]
  28. BH4BP #61 – Music Tames The Savage Health Issue2009/09/03
    Did you know that the right music can give us energy, boost creativity, lift the spirit, make us more alert, lessen anxiety, decrease stress and pain and even aid in digestion and sleep? Plus, used correctly, it can be a really effective mood boosting tool. The affect that music has on us is quite profound. […]
  29. BHTV #11 – Heading Off Neck Pain!2009/08/30
    Most of us have experienced neck pain at one time or another, especially if we spend a lot of time at the computer. However, if you are prone to neck aches and pains, there are steps you can take to reduce them. That’s why the topic of this episode is: Relieving neck pain. The goal […]
  30. BH4BP #60 – Dental Care: Take Care of Your Teeth and Protect Your Heart2009/08/27
    Many people neglect the health of their teeth and gums. What they don’t realize is that having healthy teeth is just as important for optimal health as taking care of the rest of your body. Good dental hygiene requires more than just brushing your teeth once a day. If that is all you do, then […]
  31. BHTV #10 – Hoarseness: Save Your Voice!2009/08/23
    Our world can be noisy at times and sometimes we have to shout in order to be heard. That not only changes the pitch of our voice, but can lead to hoarseness. And some of us work in jobs that require us to use our voices a lot. Singers, podcasters, teachers, actors and public speakers […]
  32. BH4BP #59 – Foot Pain: Not a Pretty Sight2009/08/20
    According to a Gallup poll, about 3 out of 5 adults have foot pain. Most accept it as a fact of life, but most foot pain can actually be prevented. So, since many people have ongoing foot pain and many others will experience it at some point in their life, I had to discuss it […]
  33. BHTV #9 – Flaxseed: Little Seed, Big Potential!2009/08/16
    It seems like flaxseed is popping up everywhere these days. You find it in breads, cereals, baked goods, bars, drinks and even vitamin supplements. Flaxseed is definitely gaining popularity among health focused consumers who are adding flaxseed to their diets. So, does that mean flaxseed is the new miracle food? Well, today I am going […]
  34. BH4BP #58 – I Love Nuts!2009/08/13
    I am a huge fan of nuts! They are wonderful either as a snack or as an ingredient in a delicious recipe. I just love eating them in granola, cereal, salads or even on their own. And the good news is that nuts eaten in moderation can be part of a heart healthy diet. That […]
  35. BHTV #8 – Watch That Posture! Stand Tall!2009/08/10
    Have you ever been to a party where you didn’t know many people, but you were looking to meet that special someone? While most people focus on getting their hair and clothes just right, did you know that posture also plays a key role in how you are perceived and in getting that special someone […]
  36. BH4BP #57 – Listener Q&A Special #22009/08/06
    I received a lot of feedback about the First Q&A show 7 weeks ago. Since it was so well received, I’m bringing you another one today. I’m planning to continue putting out one of these Q&A shows every month or two, as long as I keep getting lots of excellent questions. I love answering the […]
  37. BHTV #7 – Putting the Plan Back In Weight Loss2009/08/03
    Are you struggling to lose weight? Is that chocolate cake calling your name every night? Don’t worry! I’m here to help! Being Healthy TV to the rescue! Many people talk about their weight loss plan and all the weight that they are going to lose. The problem is that they focus on the “weight loss” […]
  38. BH4BP #56 – Sunglasses: More Than a Fashion Accessory2009/07/30
    When buying a pair of sunglasses, all too many people are primarily concerned with how good they look in a given pair. But sunglasses are more than a mere fashion accessory. Wearing the wrong sunglasses for too many years can actually lead to eye damage. With so much on the line, I thought it would […]
  39. BHTV #6 – Skipping Breakfast: Don’t Do It!2009/07/27
    Most of us are taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it is estimated that about 1 out of 4 adults usually skips breakfast. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of people to me! That is why I’m dedicating this show to convincing the 25% […]
  40. BH4BP #55 – You’re Probably Intolerant, but It May Be a Food Allergy2009/07/23
    This week’s show, like last week’s is being recorded in the Fresno area. So, if you noticed any differences in the sound due to the room acoustics, it’s the apartment we’re staying in that’s causing it. I’ll be out here for a few months, so we’re adjusting our recording setup to minimize echoes. Bear with […]
  41. BHTV #5 – Strength Training: It’s for You. Yes You!2009/07/19
    It feels so good to lift weights and get stronger. Back in the day, when I owned my own physical therapy clinic, I also did personal training. You have no idea how many of my clients, especially females, would come in and say, “I don’t want to lift weights, because I don’t want to get […]
  42. BH4BP #54 – Strength Training: Not Just for the Big Boys!2009/07/16
    Many people decide to start a weight training routine every day. But many are not sure how to go about it. They don’t have any idea where to start. They are not sure how often to train, how much to lift, how many sets, etc. That’s why I am dedicating this episode to helping you […]
  43. BHTV #4 – Going Bananas!2009/07/12
    I love bananas! I know many of you feel the same way because bananas are the most popular fruit in the United States. In fact, Americans consume, on average, about 25 pounds per person every year. No wonder grocery stores make sure they are available all year round. But not only are bananas tasty, they […]
  44. BH4BP #53 – Jumping Rope: Time to Hop to It!2009/07/09
    When most of us think about jumping rope, we picture boxers at the gym or little kids playing double dutch at the playground. But do you jump rope? Well maybe you should. For some of us, the thought of jumping rope brings back wonderful memories, but those memories aren’t the only benefit that jumping rope […]
  45. BHTV #3 – Is It Time to Exercise, Yet?2009/07/05
    A lot of the listeners to my audio podcast “Being Healthy for Busy People” have told me that I’ve motivated them to get off the couch and start moving. And some of them have told me that they’re excited to start an exercise program, but wanted to know what the best time of day to […]
  46. BH4BP #52 – Enjoy Concerts, But Protect Your Hearing!2009/07/02
    Most of us love concerts, but we hate what it does to our ears afterward. Right after a concert our hearing tends to be shot. We feel like we are underwater and have difficulty hearing. Everything sounds so distant and mumbled for a few hours. Since many of us have experienced this, I thought it […]
  47. BHTV #2 – The Quest for a Flat Belly!2009/06/28
    In this show, you will be amazed by the improvement in production quality from the first show. David tweaked a lot of things in post production. But don’t worry, we are not done yet. We have even more changes that we want to make over time to take it to the next level. Since summer […]
  48. BH4BP #51 – Pasta: It’s Back On the Menu!2009/06/25
    Pasta has gotten a bad rap over the past few years. It has been categorized as a fattening food and been placed in the bad carbohydrate category. Some people have even claimed that it has a high glycemic index. But are any of these claims actually true? That’s an important question to ask because many […]
  49. BHTV #1 – Sit Up Straight!2009/06/21
    Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: Being Healthy TV! Starting today, there will be a new episode for you every Sunday! So, sit back and enjoy the show! For the first show, I decided to cover a subject that affects everyone watching: sitting posture. The goal of this episode is to teach you about […]
  50. BH4BP #50 – Listener Q&A Special #12009/06/18
    Today is a milestone episode. We made it to episode 50! That’s an episode every Thursday for 50 straight weeks. Not bad! And in honor of that, this episode is a listener question episode because I get a lot of great questions and I thought, what better way to thank you all for making the […]
  51. BH4BP #49 – No Time to Exercise? Jump On That Bike!2009/06/11
    Photo by BruceTurner via flickr The Being Healthy TV promo came out this Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it. The first show will come out on June 21st and every Sunday after that. It is up on iTunes, so feel free to subscribe! It is going to be a great year for Being Healthy […]
  52. Being Healthy TV Promo! Let the Games Begin!2009/06/08
    After lots of hard work, we are proud to bring you the promo for Being Healthy TV! This is just a little teaser to give you an idea of what Being Healthy TV will be about. The first show will be coming to the video viewer of your choice on June 21st and will be […]
  53. BH4BP #48 – Do Carbohydrates Make You Fat?2009/06/04
    Photo by NatalieMaynor I have some exciting news to share with you today! I am taking my passion for health and helping others to the next level. In June I will be coming out with a weekly video podcast in addition to the weekly audio podcast. The video promo will be coming out this Sunday, […]
  54. BH4BP #47 – Osteoarthritis: I Can Feel It In My Bones!2009/05/28
    Photo by maxintosh Have you ever woken up with a stiff, painful back? Or stood up after sitting too long in a movie theater and had stiff, painful knees? You probably noticed that the pain eased after you got up and moved a bit. If so, you probably have some degree of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is […]
  55. BH4BP #46 – Suntans: Sun Kissed? Or Sun Damaged?2009/05/21
    Photo by ggvic via Flickr By the weather outside I can say that spring is definitely here and that summer is just around the corner. The weather is warmer and the days are longer. This is the time of year, where a lot of people shed their cold weather clothes and step out of their […]
  56. BH4BP #45 – Food Addiction? But It Tastes So Good!2009/05/14
    Photo by Kanko* via Flickr Do you constantly think about food, find yourself eating when you aren’t hungry or when you are depressed? Do you eat in secret or eat much healthier in the company of others than when you are alone? Do you feel guilty right after eating? Do you continue to go to […]
  57. BH4BP #44 – Injuries: Strains and Sprains2009/05/07
    Photo by cmaccubin via Flickr Back on show #40, I talked about ways to minimize or avoid muscle soreness and muscle cramps during exercise. For those that didn’t hear that show, those are aches and pains that while painful, do not involve injury. In this show, I am going to cover exercise related injuries. Specifically, […]
  58. BH4BP #43 – With Mood, It’s All About Food!2009/04/30
    Photo by yomi955 via Flickr Have you ever noticed that after eating fast food, such as a cheap hamburger, fries and a soda, that you feel sluggish and tired afterwards? And maybe even unhappy or unmotivated as well? And have you ever noticed that after eating a healthy, nutritious meal you feel energetic, alert and […]
  59. BH4BP #42 – Eating Healthy While Camping & On Road Trips2009/04/23
    Photo by ninahale via Flickr It is that time of year again, where many of us start planning our next vacation. Vacations are a welcome break from the stress and monotony of work. They’re an opportunity to rest and recharge from the stresses of everyday life. Plus, they don’t have to be expensive, if that’s […]
  60. BH4BP #41 – Winning the War Against Dry Skin2009/04/16
    Photo by Dawvon via Flickr Did you know that skin is the largest organ in our bodies? It covers every part of us and we don’t pay much attention to it, with the exception of our faces, until it starts causing us problems, such as when we develop a rash and it starts itching. Since […]
  61. BH4BP #40 – Muscle Pain: Don’t Fear It; Minimize It!2009/04/09
    Photo by syntheticj via Flickr Sometimes, after a really hard workout, you feel so stiff and sore that it hurts to move. Getting out of bed or getting dressed is so painful that you can’t help grunting as you pull on your clothes. Or maybe you wake up with a cramp in your calf or […]
  62. BH4BP #39 – Headaches: A Pain In the Neck…I Mean Head2009/04/02
    Photo by Migraine Chick Almost everyone has experienced a headache at one time or another. Headaches are one of the most common human ailments, after all. For most people, headaches are an infrequent annoyance that occur only a few times a year and rarely get in the way of everyday life. But for others, headaches […]
  63. BH4BP #38 – Memory: Maintain Your Mental Might!2009/03/26
    Photo by dbking via Flickr In some ways, your brain functions like a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. If you train it though, it works better. The more you challenge your brain, the better you are able to process and remember information and the better your memory is. So, if you […]
  64. BH4BP #37 – What’s Up With My Memory?2009/03/19
    Photo by Brian Hillegas via Flickr If you’ve ever forgotten where you put your keys, couldn’t remember the name of a movie or walked into a room and for the life of you couldn’t remember why you were there, this is the episode for you. This is the first in a two part series on […]
  65. BH4BP #36 – High Blood Pressure: Beat the Silent Killer2009/03/12
    Photo by House Of Sims via Flickr When most of us think of someone with high blood pressure (hypertension), we automatically think of an overweight, middle aged executive, that is wound up really tight and explodes at the slightest provocation. So, anyone that doesn’t fit that image feels pretty safe. But unfortunately, hypertension can occur […]
  66. BH4BP #35 – Sodas: Is Diet Really Any Better?2009/03/05
    Photo by jagian via Flickr For most people, when they are feeling thirsty or tired and want an energy boost, they seldom reach for water or tea. They reach for a soda instead. Many of us are addicted to sodas. If we go a day without them, our energy levels go down and we feel […]
  67. BH4BP #34 – Approach Your Weight The Right Way2009/02/26
    Photo by Pink Sherbet via Flickr Our culture is obsessed with weight. It seems that every person has a bathroom scale in their house and many people weigh themselves as part of their daily routine. Any weight gain is perceived as a change for the worse. And the media doesn’t make it any better. They’re […]
  68. BH4BP #33 – Being Healthy: Tee Morris’s Journey2009/02/19
    This week we are going to do something different with the show. A few weeks ago on Show #26, I talked about my journey to becoming healthier. That show got a really positive response, so I thought that it would be interesting to all of you if I interviewed a guest occasionally and discussed how […]
  69. BH4BP #32 – Dealing With Stress: Part 22009/02/12
    Photo by HaPe Gera via Flickr Today’s episode is the second part of a two part series on stress. Last week on show #31, I discussed what stress is, how it effects our health, some unhealthy coping strategies and I covered the first of six healthy stress management techniques, which was exercise. Now, on this […]
  70. BH4BP #31 – Dealing With Stress: Part 12009/02/05
    Photo by Y0si via Flickr Today’s episode is the first in a two part series about stress. Now is an appropriate time for this topic because these are tough and stressful times for many people. Unemployment is up, home foreclosures are high and the stock market is way down. Some people have lost their jobs […]
  71. BH4BP #30 – Beef or Mock Meat: What’s for Dinner?2009/01/29
    Photo by VirtualErn via Flickr I know it seems like everywhere you go, people are telling you the healthiest thing you can do is to go vegetarian. I also know that many of you enjoy a nice, juicy steak or hamburger once in a while and don’t plan to give it up anytime soon. Others […]
  72. BH4BP #29 – Running: The Gold Standard of Exercise2009/01/22
    Today I would like to talk about a subject that is dear to my heart. That’s right, running. Both my dad and mom were runners. They got me started competing in track when I was in elementary school and I have been running ever since. Running is really the gold standard of exercise. It is […]
  73. BH4BP #28 – Food Tips For Frequent Restaurant Diners2009/01/15
    Photo by moriza via Flickr A lot of people either don’t like to or feel they don’t have the time to cook or wash dishes. After a busy day at work followed by taking the kids to all their activities, the thought of cooking on top of all that seems like too much. Sometimes, we […]
  74. BH4BP #27 – A Little Exercise, A Longer Life2009/01/08
    Photo by filtran via Flickr Many people out there are always searching for the fountain of youth. They’re looking for ways that they can stay young, stop the aging process or prevent disease. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on magic potions, miracle pills or expensive surgeries to stop or hopefully reverse the aging […]
  75. BH4BP #26 – Being Healthy: Talli’s Journey2009/01/01
    Happy New Year, everyone! This podcast comes out on New Year’s Day, which is the time of year when many of us reflect on the year that has passed and make our resolutions for the year ahead. Since the journey to being healthier seems difficult to a lot of people, I thought that while I […]
  76. BH4BP #25 – Alcohol: Everything In Moderation2008/12/25
    Photo by *Micky via Flickr For many, alcohol is considered a pleasurable and even essential part of any party or gathering. Luckily, alcohol does have some health benefits when consumed in “moderation” (moderation is the key word here). However, people often take drinking too far during parties and wake up with a hangover the next […]
  77. BH4BP #24 – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow2008/12/18
    Photo by sh0dan via Flickr Today I talk about a subject that literally everyone can relate to. That’s right: Hair. In our culture, the hair on our heads is important to many people. Luscious, full bodied hair is a sign of sex appeal. Thinning or vanishing hair, on the other hand, can be traumatizing, since […]
  78. BH4BP #23 – Cholesterol: That’s What’s Clogging Your Tubes!2008/12/11
    Photo by jslander via Flickr The holidays are upon us and the food and sweets are coming at a fast and furious pace. A lot of us during this time of year indulge ourselves in foods that are rich in saturated fats and cholesterol, like eggnog, cold-cuts, ham, turkey, pies and sugar cookies to name […]
  79. BH4BP #22 – Walking: An Exercise for Everyone2008/12/04
    Photo by Idol via Flickr Walking is a great activity for anyone wanting to get in shape. It is an exercise that almost anyone can do and doesn’t require any special equipment or memberships. All you need is comfortable walking shoes, a place to go walking and you are set. Now that I’ve reminded you […]
  80. BH4BP #21 – Those Unhealthy Snacks Are Tired; Time For a Substitution2008/11/27
    Photo by scubadive67 via Flickr In the last few shows we’ve talked about the importance of eating healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. What haven’t we talked about yet? Snacks. Almost everyone eats snacks between meals, including myself. It is nothing to be ashamed of, if done right. Actually, it might even help some of us […]
  81. BH4BP #20 – Caffeine: You Can Use It, But Don’t Abuse It2008/11/20
    Most of us like to start our morning with a caffeinated beverage, such as, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, an energy drink or a soft drink. We love our caffeine because it helps to wake us up in morning and keep us from getting tired later in the day. Yet most of us worry that we […]
  82. BH4BP #19 – Healthy Food: It’s Whats for Dinner!2008/11/13
    First off, I’d like to thank everyone for voting for me in the Podcast Awards. It was an honor being nominated as a finalist. I didn’t win, but there is always next year! Your votes were greatly appreciated! Next, I jump right into the show. On last week’s show, I talked about ways that you […]
  83. BH4BP #18 – So, What’s For Lunch?2008/11/06
    We all know the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. How about a healthy lunch? For most of us, lunch is something that we quickly eat during our busy workday. A lot of the items that we choose for lunch might not be the healthiest for our bodies. In this show, I help you find […]
  84. BH4BP #17 – To Supplement or Not to Supplement, That is the Question!2008/10/30
    Have you ever wondered whether you should take a dietary supplement and whether it is as effective as eating the food itself? This show is dedicated to discussing the issue of whether a pill a day can turn a poor diet into a healthy one. I talk about eight types of dietary supplements: Multivitamins, meal […]
  85. BH4BP #16 – Diet Myths and Podcast Award Finalist2008/10/23
    First off, I want to start the show off by making a big announcement. Being Healthy for Busy People is a Podcast Award Finalist under the health category. Voting begins today and continues until November 6th. You will be able to vote daily. So, please head on over to podcastawards.com to vote for this podcast. […]
  86. BH4BP #15 – Trouble Sleeping?2008/10/16
    Many of us have trouble getting a good night’s sleep and suffer from insomnia. In this show, I discuss in depth why sleep is important, how the sleep cycle works, the effects of being sleep deprived and the different levels of insomnia. I also go over causes of insomnia and what we can do to […]
  87. BH4BP #14 – Exercise Motivation and Injury Prevention2008/10/09
    Why is it so hard for many of us to get motivated to exercise? In this week’s show, I explore that question in great depth. I discuss what motivation is, how attitude plays a role and what you can do to achieve a successful long-term exercise program. Next, I move on to talking about the […]
  88. BH4BP #13 – A Look Into the World of Tea2008/10/02
    This show sponsored by: New Mexico Tea Company This show is dedicated to the wonderful world of tea. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage around the world. In this show, I discuss in great depth the four main “true” teas: White tea, Green tea, Oolong tea and Black tea. They are called […]
  89. BH4BP #12 – Can the South Beach Diet Work for You?2008/09/25
    The South Beach Diet is a very popular diet developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a Miami cardiologist. In this show I discuss whether this diet actually works. Like all fad diets, this diet is not perfect and it may not be for everyone. I will go over what the diet entails and the pros and […]
  90. BH4BP #11 – Chocolate and Eating On a Budget2008/09/18
    This week, I start the show discussing chocolate and why it is so irresistible. Then, I go over the different varieties of chocolate and their makeups. I tell you which chocolate is best to consume and why. Some references that I used were Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia. I end the show by addressing a question […]
  91. BH4BP #10 – Wii Fit and Breakfast2008/09/11
    This week, I start off the show by discussing whether the Wii Fit can actually get you fit. The Wii Fit is an exercise video game made by Nintendo for the Wii console. I go over what the Wii fit entails: the equipment used, what is measured and the exercise options available. Then I delve […]
  92. BH4BP #9 – Lattes, Mochas, Drip Coffee and Tea2008/09/04
    This week, I start off the show by discussing what your best drink option is at your local coffee shop. I go over the advantages and disadvantages of lattes, mochas, drip coffees and teas. I go over the calorie content of each drink and why some drinks might be better for you then others. Some […]
  93. BH4BP #8 – Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar and Honey2008/08/28
    I start the show with a positive news update. In California, they are thinking of passing a bill restricting Bisphenol A in all products geared for children three years and younger. Also, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us announced that they will stop selling baby bottles made with Bisphenol A by next year. Check out the […]
  94. BH4BP #7 – Exercise Psychology, Salt and Coffee French Press2008/08/21
    This week I start the show by discussing how exercise can have a positive effect on your mood. I talk about how neurotransmitters released in exercise can give us a sense of psychological well being. Exercise has been shown to combat depression, anxiety and insomnia. I mention some research findings that I found at www.balancelivingmag.com. […]
  95. BH4BP #6 – Sunscreen, Food Journal and Cigarette Smoke2008/08/14
    As promised on show #5, I start this week’s show discussing some abdominal exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. I look at the traditional crunch, the bicycle crunch and the abdominal crunch on the exercise ball. Then I head into the meat of the show by talking about whether […]
  96. BH4BP #5 – Flat Belly Diet and Losing Belly Fat2008/08/07
    I start the show by giving you an update on trans fatty acids. On July 26, 2008 California became the first state to ban trans fats in restaurant. For more information, be sure to check out the nytimes.com. Then I head into the meat of the show and discuss a new popular fad diet, called […]
  97. BH4BP #4 – Creating an Active Lifestyle and Diet Pills2008/07/31
    This week I talk about how to be more active while at home, work or on vacation. I discuss ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without every having to step into the gym. In the second portion, I discuss the effectiveness of diet pills. I reference an article from msnbc.com that covers diet […]
  98. BH4BP #3 – Job Stress and Debt Stress2008/07/24
    In this week’s show, I concentrate on the topic of stress, especially related to work and being in debt. I start off discussing what stress is and how it can be damaging to our bodies. I reference an article from the American Institute of Stress when talking about this topic. Then I jump into my […]
  99. BH4BP #2 – Trans Fats, Longevity & Exercise in Hot Weather2008/07/17
    In this week’s main topic I look at partially hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats. I discuss why they are bad for you and what food products to stay away from. I look at two articles related to this topic, one from webmd.com and the other from recoverymedicine.com . After that, I discuss a […]
  100. BH4BP #1 – Intro, Workplace Eating & 180lbs Lost2008/07/10
    This first show starts with an overall synopsis of what this podcast is all about and how it can benefit you. Then I go through the challenges of being healthy and how it is important to incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine. After that I jump into the meat of the show and discuss […]
Being Healthy for Busy People
Being Healthy for Busy People

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