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aidyb's podcast

  1. DJ AIDYB - ONE FOR THE ROAD2012/10/01

  2. DJ AIDYB - SHINE ON2010/03/09

  3. DJ Aidyb!2009/08/07

  4. DJ AIDYB - BACK IN THE DAY2009/05/13

    Here's a reminder of what it was like 'BACK IN THE DAY' mixed in with a few new ones that also sound like it used to. A reminder also to those who were with us at the recent Southport Weekender 44. Here's what made our after-party bounce! Hope you enjoy.
  5. DJ AIDYB - WHO STOLE THE SOUL2008/10/01
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  6. DJ AIDYB - déjà vu2008/06/07

    Hello! Here's a new podcast for you. For those that came with us, this is what we were listening to at Southport Weekender this May. Hope it brings back some great memories!
  7. DJ AIDYB - LETS GO ALL THE WAY2008/02/28

    The inspiration for this new set comes from all the LOVE that's in the air at the moment! So especially for those around me... you know who you are.... Big Love to you from me too! x
  8. DJ Aidyb - Deep in Southport Mix2007/12/24
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  9. DJ Aidyb - LIFT THE EARTH2007/04/08

    Here's a new mix for ya. As usual it starts somplace and ends somewhere else. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. Funky House & Old Classics Mix!2007/01/14

    Here's the first of many mixes! This one starts with some new and ends with some good old classics from a time when house music WAS house!
    Hope you enjoy listening.
  11. aidys teaser2006/12/29
    Just a short clip until I get the other sets uploaded. Turn that bass up and lets throw some funky shapes!!!!!
aidyb's podcast
House Music All Night Long....Say What?? Welcome to my Podcast page!
Check out the mixes below for some cool mixes and tunes.
Hope you enjoy listening.
Turn it up!!!!

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