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Revision for Medical Finals

  1. Episode 13. Pancreatic Disease (Part 2 of 2)2007/02/21
    Pancreatic tumours
  2. Episode 12. Pancreatic Disease (Part 1 of 2)2007/02/21
    Acute and chronic pancreatitis
  3. Episode 11. Ano-Rectal Conditions (Part 2 of 2)2007/02/18
    Part 2 of ano-rectal conditions video podcast.
  4. Episode 10. Ano-Rectal Conditions (Part 1 of 2)2007/02/18
    Condiitons of the anus and rectum. Part 1 of 2.
  5. Episode 9. Colon Conditions (Part 2 of 2)2007/02/17
    Second part of the video podcast on colon conditions
  6. Episode 8. Colon Conditions (Part 1 of 2)2007/02/17
    Conditions of the colon - part 1.
  7. Episode 7. Upper GI Surgery (Part 3 of 3)2007/02/09
    Podcast on small bowel conditions. Final part of 3 covering upper GI surgery.
  8. Episode 6. Upper GI Surgery (Part 2 of 3)2007/02/08
    Podcast covering gastric conditions. Part 2 of 3 on upper GI surgery.
  9. Episode 5. Upper GI Surgery (Part 1 of 3)2007/02/08
    This podcast covers oesophageal conditions and is the first part of three covering upper GI surgery.
  10. Episode 4. Neck Lumps (Part 2 of 2)2007/01/31
    The second part of the video podcast on neck lumps
  11. Episode 3. Neck Lumps (Part 1 of 2)2007/01/31
    Video podcast on neck lumps, part 1
  12. Episode 2. Breast Disease (Part 2 of 2)2007/01/30
    The second part of the video podcast on breast disease
  13. Episode 1. Breast Disease (Part 1 of 2)2007/01/30
    Part one of a video podcast of breast disease
Revision for Medical Finals
Video podcasts for medical finals revision. These podcasts are video powerpoint mini-lectures aimed at students preparing for finals. They will also be useful for medical undergraduates at other stages of the course.

For exam-style practice EMQs in surgery, get a copy of Get Ahead:100 EMQs in Surgery (published by Royal Society of Medicine, out now)

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