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Warcast for Catholics

  1. Catholic Peace Fellowship Conference 52007/05/15
    Catholic conscientious objector Daniel Baker
  2. Catholic Peace Fellowship Conference 42007/05/15
    Catholic conscientious objector Jonathan Lace.
  3. Catholic Peace Fellowship Conference 32007/05/15
    Catholic conscientious objector Joshua Casteel
  4. Catholic Peace Fellowship Conference 22007/05/15
    Michael J. Baxter provides a theological explanation of the sign of peace, our second in a series of talks given at the Catholic Peace Fellowship Conference.
  5. Catholic Peace Fellowship Conference 12007/05/15
    Co-founder of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, Jim Forest speaks: Our first in a series of talks from the Catholic Peace Fellowship Spring Conference "Neither Left nor Right:The Heart of Christian Peace
  6. Warcast for Catholics - Special Edition 32007/02/13
    Going to Rome. Vatican Radio interviews Joshua Casteel and Mike Griffin. Many thanks to Radio Vaticana for granting us permission to replay the interview.
  7. Warcast for Catholics - Special Edition 22007/01/15
    Join us for a very special interview with Sr. Helen Prejean.
  8. Warcast for Catholics - Episode 52007/01/15
    This episode brings a new interview, along with our recurring 'In the Beginning' and 'Bible and War' segments. Stay tuned for another exciting special edition, coming soon. Peace be with you!
  9. Warcast for Catholics - Special Edition2006/12/12
    In this special edition, we share the experiences of some of the folks we have helped. You can hear real-life stories of the Catholic Peace Fellowship in action.
  10. Warcast for Catholics - Episode 42006/09/25
    We conclude our interview with Joshua Casteel and introduce a new segment called "The Bible and War". In our "In the Beginning" segment, Mike Schorsch begins a discussion on the early church soldier-m
  11. Warcast for Catholics - Episode 32006/09/06
    After a long delay, we’re back and we’ll be producing episodes on a more regular basis now. The third edition of our podcast includes the third and penultimate portion of our interview with Joshua Cas
  12. Warcast for Catholics - Episode 22006/04/16
    In our second episode, we continue the interview with Joshua Casteel. The In the Beginning segment focuses on early Church approaches to war and peace.
  13. Warcast for Catholics - Episode 12006/04/03
    In this first episode of Warcast for Catholics, we air the initial part of our interview with Iraq War veteran and conscientious objector Joshua Casteel. Also, our first segment of In the Beginning,
  14. Warcast for Catholics - Teaser2006/04/02
    What is Warcast for Catholics? Listen to our teaser and find out why we want to start a conversation with Catholics about war and peace.
Warcast for Catholics
Warcast for Catholics is a podcast dedicated to a discussion of war and peace in the Catholic tradition. Soldiers who are Catholic and soldiers who are not Catholic, soldiers both in the Iraq War and soldiers not at war, all will find useful information about the history of military life in the Church, conscientious objection, and much more. We will interview Iraq War vets and others. Anti-war activists and ordinary Catholics will also learn much. The podcast is not judgmental and always respectful of soldiers.

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