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The Great Lakes Geek Show

  1. PC Magazine Editor and Alpha Geek Jim Louderback2006/08/18
    PC Magazine Editor and Alpha Geek Jim Louderback tells Dan Hanson, the Great Lakes Geek, about the redesign of PC Mag, a virtual trade show and some cool new items. Plus why the PC is no longer the center of tech in our everyday life.
  2. Crisis Communications2006/08/08
    Crises in business are inevitable. Do you know what to do when things go wrong and the media is waiting for you? If you don't have a crisis communications plan ready for this media-frenzied age, you and your company may face that unfortunate scenario one day of scurrying to hide from a camera crew.
  3. Windows Desktop Search2006/08/01
    In this show, Microsoft's Matt Hester tells the Great Lakes Geek about the free Windows Desktop Search that lets you search your drive(s) as easily as you search the Internet.
  4. Geeks Love Databases - From Access to SQL Server2006/07/27
    Access and similar desktop apps are great tools but as your needs grow you may need an enterprise server-based solution. Bob Coppedge tells the Great Lakes Geek about SQL Server and gives tips for upgrading.
  5. Teaching Tech Skills to Inner City Students2006/07/27
    A lot of people would think it’s a hopeless task to try and teach technical skills, even server level stuff, to inner city high school students. But Dan McMillan from Glenville High School and other dedicated people like him have proven those doubters to be wrong.
  6. Cool Cleveland with Thomas Mulready2006/07/08
    Can a city be cool? Is Cleveland cool? Thomas Mulready, founder of CoolCleveland, has 30,000 weekly subscribers who think so. Thomas tells the Great Lakes Geek about Ingenuity Fest, how he defines cool and talks about Regionalism
  7. Higher Education is Big Business2006/07/02
    Higher Education is a $2.2 billion industry in Northeast Ohio. Dumont Owen explains organizations and resources exist to help you tap into this market - using interns or selling your products and services to the students who spend over 300 million each year.
  8. Doing Business in Ohio2006/06/24
    If you are an Ohio Business or want to do business with an Ohio Business, the 50,000+ businesses in the OhioBiz database are a great way to start your online search
  9. Paul Stork live from Tech-Ed in Boston2006/06/17
    Paul Stork reports live from the largest Microsoft partner and developer event of the year - Tech-Ed in Boston. Learn what the next big thing might be.
  10. David Perry of Trend Micro speaks about Malware2006/06/11
    International virus expert David Perry has been involved in malware since the first PC viruses were created. In this interview, David tells the Great Lakes Geek how most malware is the product of organized crime – and what can be done about it.
  11. Manufacturing's Future in the Rust Belt2006/06/03
    From all the bad news you hear, you would think that manufacturing – in Cleveland, NEOhio, Ohio and even the US has been pretty much lost to China or other foreign economies. Becky Morgan, an expert in the manufacturing business, tells the Geek that the Rust Belt can rise again.
  12. The Great Lakes Geek meets World Music2006/05/28
    Chris Koch of Num Num World Music suggests that we broaden our horizons and try listening to some different kinds of music. Chris gives the geek suggestions for music in the office, while exercising and even some music for kids that may not drive adults crazy.
  13. The Great Lakes Geek gets Tivo for the website2006/05/21
    The Great Lakes Geek learns how to look over your web visitor’s shoulders to see why things go wrong using TeaLeaf Technology.
  14. The Great Lakes Geek shifts into OverDrive2006/05/13
    The Great Lakes Geek speaks with Steve Potash, CEO of OverDrive, the leading eBook company. Steve talks about eBooks, audio and video content and DRM – Digital Rights Management.
  15. The Great Lakes Geek gets KO'd2006/05/08
    The Great Lakes Geek speaks with Connie Atkins, the Executive Director of the Consortium of African American Organizations (CAAO).
  16. The Great Lakes Geek and Bill Priemer, COO of Hyland Software2006/04/29
    The Great Lakes Geek speaks with Bill Priemer, the COO of Hyland Software, about OnBase Software and how a tech company thrives in a non-traditional locale – Cleveland, Ohio not Silicon Valley.
  17. Microsoft Office 12 Preview2006/04/23
    The next version of Mircosoft Office will be out in early 2007. In this show you will learn about the new ribbon interface, upgrade issues, XML and file formats and open source alternatives.
  18. Shooting at Case Western Reserve University2006/04/23
    Paul Stork was trapped in his office when a gunman entered the Peter B. Lewis Building at Case Western Reserve University and opened fire. Paul tells the Great Lakes Geek how technology helped him get through the night.
  19. Talking Baseball with Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan2006/04/15
    In this fan-to-fan episode, Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan tells Dan Hanson about Chief Wahoo, small-market teams, the greatest Indian ever and how past stars would do against modern players.
  20. Cathy Panzica and the Great Lakes Geek2006/04/08
    When attorney Cathy Panzica returned to Cleveland after 15 years in London she was dismayed at the state of the City. While many would have merely complained – after all, you can’t fight City Hall – Cathy decided to make some changes, revolutionary changes, in town.
  21. Jennifer Thomas from the Civic Innovation Lab2006/04/02
    Have an innovative idea? The Civic Innovation Lab will give you guidance from expert mentors and up to $30,000 to turn the idea you are passionate about into a reality that positively impacts the economy of Cleveland. Learn more as the Great Lakes Geek interviews Lab Director Jennifer Thomas.
  22. The Geek and Plain Dealer Technology Reporter Henry Gomez 2006/03/24
    How does a self-proclaimed “pop culture Renaissance Man” from Boardman Ohio become the Technology Reporter at Ohio’s largest newspaper? In this episode, the Great Lakes Geek turns the microphone around and interviews Plain Dealer Technology Reporter Henry Gomez.
  23. The Software Patent Istitute - what it means to you2006/03/19
    Rollie Cole, Executive Director of the SPI, tells the Great Lakes Geek that when you consider the number of patent applications filed and the number of examiners available, the examiners have about 7 hours to look at a patent application. That's not very much time for complicated technology.
  24. Can you hear me now? Advice from an expert Audiologist on MP3 players2006/03/13

    Cleveland Clinic Audiologist Dr Craig Newman tells the Great Lakes Geek about the possible hearing damage from overloud and overlong listening to iPods and other MP3 players and offers a rule of thumb to prevent such damage.

  25. Windows Vista Preview with the Great Lakes Geek2006/03/07
    The Great Lakes Geek speaks with Microsoft Technology Specialist Brian Gorbett to get a preview of the next release of Windows – called Vista.

    Vista should be on the shelves by the end of 2006 so learn and plan now.

  26. The Great lakes Geek meets Hard Hatted Women2006/02/28
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  27. The Great Lakes Geek and Virtual Machines2006/02/23
    The Great Lakes Geek discusses Virtual Machines with Paul Stork. They explain what a Virtual Machine is, why you and/or your company would want one and the two main players in the market - Microsoft and VMware.
  28. He'll always have Cleveland2006/02/16
    The Great Lakes Geek speaks with award-winning writer Les Roberts, famous for the Milan Jacovich detective novels. In this interview, Les tells us why he chose Cleveland, details about Milan and how writing is the ultimate entrepreneurial venture.
  29. Wham with the rigth hand!2006/02/11
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  30. The Great Lakes Geek talks to the Director of NEOSA, Brad Nellis2006/02/08
    Dan Hanson, the Great Lakes Geek, talks about a national organization of regional IT groups – CRITA – and then interviews the new director of Neosa, Brad Nellis. Brad talks about his vision for Neosa and how it is evolving from its creation in 1998 by Jim Cookinham.
  31. The Great Lakes Geek does Search Engine Optimization - Part 32006/02/01
    In this episode, the Great Lakes Geek tells how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a lot like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand theory from his 1776 classic The Wealth of Nations. He then concludes the 3-part series of interviews with heavy hitters in the SEO world with Jan Limpach. Jan was also named the greatest slot car champion of the 20th Century
  32. The Great Lakes Geek Show - SEO22006/01/24
    In this episode, the Great Lakes Geek continues the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) primer and tells why you just can’t count on Google or any other search directory. He then interviews another heavy hitter in the SEO world – Jeff Rohrs of Optiem.
  33. The Great Lakes Geek does Search Engine Optimization2006/01/20
    In this episode, the Great Lakes Geek defines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and tells why this process is so important in driving traffic to your web site. He then interviews one of the heavy hitters in the SEO world – Sage Lewis of Sagerock.com
The Great Lakes Geek Show
The Great Lakes Geek discusses important concepts and interviews leading business and technology experts from Cleveland and around the world - all in an informative but fun format.

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