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  1. The Outsiders: Levi, the Tax Collector2018/07/01
    Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like everyone else around you knew someone else and you were all alone? Take heart, Christ came to earth for the outsiders! As followers of Jesus, we are called to do what He did and invite others in. We get invited into the Kingdom of God, but then, if we aren’t careful, we forget to go back out and let others in.

  2. Engaging the Lost2018/07/01
    Join us as Kyle Kaigler, Campus Pastor at Plano looks at Jesus, his mission statement in Luke 4:16-19, and then his interaction with Levi, the despised tax gatherer, in Luke 5: 27-32. We should all model Jesus as He has a Heart that Loves, Eyes that Notice, Feet that Engage, and a Mouth that Speaks.

  3. Dealing With Our Crazy Problem2018/07/01
    All of us have a little bit of crazy in us that leads to conflict in our lives. How we deal with conflict is one of the greatest determining factors of the health of our relationships and the health of church. Dealing with conflict well starts with viewing conflict as the constant opportunity for good that it is.

  4. Rich in Relationships: Avoiding the Poverty of Isolation2018/06/24
    As we wrap up our series, “How to Be Rich,” Todd teaches us that who you run with is the number one determinant in how you will do in your walk with Jesus. It’s impossible to be truly rich in life and live your life alone.

  5. How to be Rich: So Rich You Can Add to the Wealth of Your King 2018/06/17
    As we continue our series, “How to Be Rich,” Todd teaches us that the reason the Bible talks so much about money is because it can grab our hearts, unlike few things can. God’s Word doesn’t tell us how to get rich but how to be rich. The more we know God, the more we will take joy in being a generous steward on His behalf.

  6. Dee Elliott Celebration of Life2018/06/15

  7. How to be Rich: What's Your Story?2018/06/10
    We have a problem...there is something that is preventing us from being truly rich. What is it? A lack of contentment and a greed and desire for more. Todd shows us from 1 Timothy 6:3-16 how contentment in Christ is the only antidote to our problem.

  8. How to be Rich2018/06/03
    Do you want to be rich? What about being the richest person alive that you know? Because of the grace of God, you can be the richest person you know. The living God is better than you can imagine, and a relationship with Him is the way to be rich.

  9. Evaluating Your Relationship With God2018/05/27
    Have you ever had to take your car to the shop because it was broken down? Just like when a mechanic diagnosis a car in need of repair, Jermaine Harrison teaches us five questions we can ask ourselves to diagnose and evaluate our relationship with God when it feels broken down.

  10. Baptism Sunday2018/05/20

  11. An Ounce of Mother Is Worth a Ton of Priest.2018/05/13
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  12. Romans 5: Gifts From God2018/05/06
    What if God wanted to give you a gift? A gift that is available to anyone who is willing to receive it, is not deserved, and cannot be earned or bought. Some people will gladly receive it and others will reject it. Teaching from Romans 5:1-11, Blake Holmes tells us about such a gift, as well as six blessings that come when you receive the gift.

  13. Dignity of Responsibility2018/04/29
    Do you remember when you were first given the dignity of responsibility? Gary Haugen—founder and CEO of International Justice Mission (IJM)—teaches us how we have all been given the dignity of responsibility from God, as we do His work in His world. God has us in an utterly unique moment in history, fighting against the most iconic evil in the human story: slavery.

  14. Acts 2018 and Beyond2018/04/22
    As Todd walks us through the end of Acts 28, he encourages us that we—today, 2,000 years later—are living out the mission of the entire book of Acts: the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is alive and well, and there is nothing that can stop it. Do you have a saving faith, and are you on mission today?

  15. From Acts 28 to Ad 2018: This Is No Fable2018/04/15
    As Todd walks us through the beginning of Acts 28, there are multiple lessons about kindness and leadership that we can learn from Paul by how he handled being shipwrecked on the island of Malta. It’s been said that kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Have you ever responded to the extraordinary kindness of Christ?

  16. Sailing in the Storm2018/04/08
    God is sovereign over the storms of life. If we are to sail in the storm, we must trust God and keep doing the things we know we need to be doing such as givings thanks, staying in community, abiding in His Word and trusting in His promises. God is in control of our "ships" despite how treacherous the storms seem.

  17. Are You a Fool for Believing in God?2018/04/01
    Are you a fool if you believe there is a God? Todd teaches us—through the lives, hurt, and pain of Watermark members and from a look at the life of Job —that it is anything but foolish to believe in God and allow Christ’s death, resurrection, and forgiveness to transform your life.

  18. Good Friday2018/03/30

  19. A Prophetic Word for the Mission2018/03/25
    Todd Wagner unpacks what it means to be the Church in our communities. Teaching from 1 Timothy 4, we examine the true purpose of Christ’s Bride : The Church and how fully-devoted followers of Christ can increase their effectiveness for the Kingdom.

  20. What God Has Done and What We Must Keep Doing2018/03/18
    The Fort Worth campus celebrates five years as a campus by looking at what God has done and how our only right response should be to go and tell others of what Jesus can do for them as well.

  21. Life’s Slot Machine2018/03/18
    Adam Tarnow teaches us about the negative equity game of selfishness. We think selfishness will give to us—we think we can win—but in the end, it only takes. All of us struggle with selfishness. Using Matthew 20:1-28, Adam shows us three things selfishness robs us of: contentment, empathy, and true greatness.

  22. Collin County2018/03/18
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  23. Put on Humility2018/03/11
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  24. Other Races2018/03/04
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  25. Authority2018/02/25
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  26. Community2018/02/18
    As we continue our series “Can You Relate?”, JP teaches about our relationship with Community. At Watermark, we bet the farm on Community. It’s how we shepherd one another, and the bigger we get, the smaller we must become. Community is a T-E-A-M sport (Time, Encouragement, Accountability, & Maturity) where every individual exists for the team, not for themselves.

  27. Sherrard Celebration of Life2018/02/13

  28. Work2018/02/11
    As we continued our series “Can You Relate?”, Todd teaches us about the relationship we spend roughly twenty-five percent of our time with - work. How should you view your relationship with work? It is not a curse. In short, when you hear work, you should think worship. Does that describe you?

  29. Parenting2018/02/04
    This weekend, as we continue our series in “Can You Relate?”, Todd teaches us about the importance and responsibility of relating to children. It is a great privilege to pour into the next generation, no matter your life stage or relationship status. The greatest thing you can do to positively influence the next generation is to be—above all else—passionate about Jesus.

  30. Marriage2018/01/28
    This weekend, Todd continues our series “Can You Relate?” by teaching us about the relationship of marriage. In order to rightly relate to marriage, we must remember to do three things: Trust the giver, live for another world, and understand that people are married for a single reason.

  31. Singleness2018/01/21
    Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like? JP teaches us from the Scriptures how singleness is a gift, and it’s one that we—the church—have not always done a good job appreciating and celebrating. The truths and realities about the gift of singleness apply to everyone, not just singles. Do you appreciate the gift?

  32. God's Word2018/01/14
    As we continue our series “Can You Relate?”, this week Todd took us through the importance of rightly relating to the Bible. He showed us how it’s not a mess or a moral book, but rather, a treasure. A treasure to relate to like your life depends on it.

  33. How We Relate To God2018/01/07
    This weekend, Todd kicked off a new series about relationships called “Can You Relate?” It’s been said that what you think about God is the most important thing about you…that if you don’t get your relationship with God right it will affect every other relationship in your life. Todd taught us about the importance of us viewing God as the good, loving, perfect, holy Father that He is.

  34. Join The Journey: A Tour of Romans2017/12/31
    This weekend, Blake Holmes helps us prepare for the 2018 Journey (www.jointhejourney.com) by giving us an overview of the book of Romans. Blake takes us on a 30,000-foot flyover of the entire book as he breaks down the four main sections—Sin, Salvation, Sovereignty, & Service—as well as gives us a one or two-word title for each of the book’s 16 chapters.

  35. Christmas Eve 20172017/12/24
    In this Christmas Eve service, Todd shares why Christmas can seem crazy, believing in this Jesus. However, through all the fulfilled prophecies and the universal need for a Savior, we find the veracity of Christmas. Jesus fully met that need that we all have, whether a pharisee or a shepherd. Christmas is a time of great awe because we have seen God come.

  36. Contentment, Longing and Christmas 2017/12/17
    What do you long for? Do you yearn for and anticipate better things in your life? Do you enjoy getting gifts? This week, Todd teaches us about longings, anticipation, and gifts as we reflect on and prepare for Christmas.

  37. The Evidence of a Relationship2017/12/10
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  38. The True Story of Paul Can Be True of You: Passion, Providence and Peace2017/12/03
    As Todd preaches on Acts 23 and 24, he reminds us through the historical, not mythical, life of Paul that God is still alive and working through normal people that know and love Him.

  39. Calm in the Midst of Crisis2017/11/26
    Using Paul in Acts 22:21-23:11 as an example, Adam Tarnow shows us how to remain calm in crisis. Just like Paul was not caught off guard or surprised, we don’t have to be either. Adam teaches us that truth by giving us three reminders: remind yourself this is not a surprise, remind yourself this is not punishment, and remind yourself of God’s promises.

  40. A Platform Built of the Past and Problems2017/11/19
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  41. An Update on the Mission in Fort Worth2017/11/19
    Fort Worth Campus Pastor, Tyler Briggs, leads a celebration of the life change that has come through the investments of the body and informs them of opportunities that still exist to continue to eagerly invest in the mission.

  42. Evening with the Elders2017/11/12

  43. Courage That Comes From Love2017/11/12
    JP walks us through the first half of Acts 21, showing us that true courage comes from love, and that what we love will impact our behavior. Love gives us courage to do three things: stay on mission, lose our lives, and become all things to all people. What do you love?

  44. Notes From the First Ever Pastor’s Conference2017/11/05
    Todd speaks from Acts 20 about the mindset that should reform the church and our individual hearts. Discuss these together with your community group. Pick a series of questions that best fits where your group is currently.

  45. The Relevance of the Word and the Danger of Being Indifferent To It2017/10/29
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  46. How Christians Win or Lose 2017/10/22
    This week JP walks us through Acts chapter 19. He shows us how the church in Ephesus—arguably the most influential church in all of church history—has “good guys” (the committed, cured, and converted) and “bad guys” (the calloused, counterfeit, and critical). He reminds us that if we leave our first love, like Ephesus did, we are in danger of becoming a graveyard.

  47. An Evening with Eric Metaxas2017/10/18

  48. Marriage on Mission 2017/10/15
    David Marvin walks us through Acts 18. He shows how Priscilla and Aquila were hospitable, were willing to go, and made disciples. He warns us how easy it is to have a marriage full of ministry activity, but not a marriage on mission. While Priscilla and Aquila are examples for us, these truths do not just apply to married couples, but to all Christians who desire to live on mission.

  49. How to Be Provoked Well. Paul and Us Among the Athenians2017/10/08
    This week we journey through the second half of Acts 17 together. Todd shows us through the text how we should: be an observer of human futility and not a hater, be a teller and not a troublesome meddler, and be a faithful ambassador, not a mocker.

  50. What a Compassionate God Wants You to Consider as Your Next Yes2017/10/01
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