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  1. Dealing with False Teachers | 2 Timothy 2:14-192021/03/21

  2. Remembering Christ | 2 Timothy 2:7-132021/03/14

  3. Enduring Hardship | 2 Timothy 2:3-72021/03/07
    In our series, The Last Word, Todd Wagner teaches through 2 Timothy 3-7 and the three metaphors given to us to be faithful Christians in our daily lives. We are encouraged to live as soldiers, obedient and faithful to our commander, Jesus.

  4. Defining Discipleship | 2 Timothy 2:1-22021/02/28

  5. The Last Word: 2 Timothy 1:8-182021/02/21

  6. Evening with the Elders2021/02/20

  7. The Last Word: Courage in the Cold2021/02/14

  8. 2 Timothy 1:1-72021/02/07
    What last words does Paul have for the church today? In the first week of our series on 2 Timothy, David Leventhal introduces the book at a high-level and then dives into verses 1-7 of chapter 1. In them, we will see that this is a letter for us today as much as it is a book for Timothy in 60 AD.

  9. RESET: Resetting Your Mission2021/01/31
    What is the mission of the church? In the fifth week of our Reset series, Todd Wagner teaches about the mission of the church and how we are to live lives of both love and truth.

  10. RESET: Resetting Your Leadership2021/01/24

  11. RESET: Resetting Your Relationships2021/01/17

  12. RESET: Resetting Your Priorities2021/01/10

  13. RESET: More of God2021/01/03

  14. Christmas Eve: God With Us2020/12/24

  15. FOCUS: Jesus is the King2020/12/20

  16. FOCUS: Godliness With Contentment2020/12/13

  17. FOCUS: Honoring Authority2020/12/06

  18. FOCUS: Values for the Family of God2020/11/29

  19. FOCUS: Protecting the Church2020/11/22

  20. FOCUS: The Mission and Message of the Church2020/11/15
    What is the mission and message of the church? How do we not shipwreck our faith? In week 6 of our series, FOCUS: A Study in 1 Timothy, John McGee teaches through 1 Timothy 3:14-16, showing us that the mission of the church is to be a family that holds up truth and the message of the church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  21. FOCUS: Church Leadership2020/11/08
    What are the qualifications for leadership in the church? In week 5 of our series, FOCUS: A Study in 1 Timothy, David Leventhal teaches through 1 Timothy 3:1-13, showing us when God describes a leader, he prioritizes character over anything else. God is setting a standard for leadership that he desires every believer to aspire to.

  22. Politically Correct: Prayer, Fasting, and Communion2020/11/01

  23. Politically Correct: A Biblical Overview of Abortion, Healthcare, and Immigration2020/10/25

  24. Politically Correct: The Roles of Family, Government, and The Church2020/10/18

  25. Politically Correct: Citizens of Heaven2020/10/11

  26. Focus: Men and Women in the Local Church2020/10/04
    God created men and women for specific roles, today's culture is trying to eliminate these gender roles. David walks us through what 1 Timothy 2 says about how the roles of men and women are different and what God intended for each one.

  27. Focus: Prayer2020/09/27

  28. Focus: Sinners and Saints Like Us2020/09/20

  29. Focus: Sound Doctrine2020/09/13

  30. Three Reminders to Remain a Healthy Church2020/09/06
    Watermark has been meeting for 1087 weeks. In this message, David Leventhal reflects back on the three things he has most consistently been reminded of: “God loves you,” “This is Jesus’ church,” and “We are better together.”

  31. Retold: Jesus Calms the Storm2020/08/30

  32. Retold: The Prodigal Son2020/08/23
    David uses the parable of the Prodigal Son to teach us of God's reckless love for us and what our response to that should be.

  33. Retold: The Beginning of the Church Part 22020/08/16
    A continuation of teaching on the beginnings of Christ's church

  34. Watermark Family Prayer: Reconciliation, Unity, and Action2020/08/09

  35. Retold: The Beginning of the Church2020/08/09
    The book of Acts describes the beginning of the Christian church and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Today we learn what that means to us and how being members of this church should affect our lives.

  36. Retold: Jonah and the Whale2020/08/02
    Have you heard of Jonah and the whale? What if I told you this story had very little to do with fish? As we continue our series, Retold, David Leventhal teaches through the book of Jonah, showing us that God is the creator of the earth and is sovereign over it. His justice is impartial and his mercy may extend to anyone…whether we like it or not.

  37. Retold: Daniel and the Lions' Den2020/07/26

  38. Retold: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego2020/07/19
    In this message David Penuel retells the story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego. He uses the story to teach us what faithfulness and trusting in God looks like even in the face of opposition.

  39. Retold: David and Goliath2020/07/12
    In the story of David and Goliath, many of us would like to see ourselves as the hero David. Tyler teaches us why we are more like Israel than David. We all need a deliverer and God, in His mercy, sent us a more perfect Deliverer than David, in the person of Jesus Christ.

  40. Retold: The Ten Commandments2020/07/05
    Tyler talks on the reasons God gave us the Ten Commandments and reminds us how important it is to love the Law of God.

  41. Retold: Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet2020/06/28
    The Christian life is one of surrender and service. It starts by acknowledging who Jesus is and your need for Him. And when we do that, we know that we have an eternal hope through Him. We then have the privilege to be ambassadors of Christ, to share our hope with those around us.

  42. Retold: Ruth and Naomi2020/06/21

  43. Retold: The Good Samaritan2020/06/14
    Have you heard of the parable of the Good Samaritan? If so, and you think that it teaches you to simply do good works, you are missing it and don’t understand the story! As we kick off our new series, “Retold: History Everybody Should Know”, Todd Wagner teaches through the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.

  44. “Races” Don’t Reconcile, People Do: How to Love, Listen and Live like Christ2020/06/07
    In this Sunday outdoor message, Todd shares how we are to love others, listen to their stories, and live like Christ during this time of racial turmoil and injustice in our country.

  45. When Racial Tensions Rise, So Must The Church2020/06/01
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  46. The Marks of a Healthy Church Family2020/05/31
    As we wrap up our series on 1 Thessalonians, David Leventhal talks about what a healthy church family should look like and how we are to relate to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, the body of Christ.

  47. Devotion to Christ While We Disagree about How to Respond to the COVID (or any other) Crisis.2020/05/24
    Todd uses Romans 12-14 to help us as Christians know how to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19 in a way that that honors, loves, and preference to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  48. Clear Thinking About the End Which Leads to Christ-like Living in the Present2020/05/17
    In this week's sermon, Todd will show us where to find safety, warns us of the trouble coming for those who are not saved, and reminds those who are in Christ how to live in light of the coming Day of the Lord.

  49. Ignorance is not Bliss - Always Being with Jesus Is2020/05/10
    Have you ever wondered what happens to your believing family and friends who have died? Whether they are all right, you will see them again, or they will miss out on the blessing of Christ’s return and reign? As we continue studying the book of 1 Thessalonians, Todd Wagner finishes chapter 4, teaching us what happens to Christians who have died.

  50. A Reminder that Holiness and Purity Matter2020/05/03
    In this message Todd talks about our walk with Christ and through that walk, we should become more holy and more like Christ. God's will is for us to be sanctified.

  51. Sober Minded Living That Leads to Sanctification: How We Make War Against Sin2020/04/26
    What have you been entertained by recently? How do you decide what to entertain yourself with? Todd Wagner teaches through 1 Peter 1:13-16, helping us think through the impact our entertainment choices have on our own lives and on others.

  52. A Message from the Elders on Membership, Connection, Care and Community Formation2020/04/26

  53. The Gift of Trials2020/04/19
    What trials are you experiencing in life right now? If you aren’t careful, you might miss out on what God wants to do in and through you during this season. Tyler Briggs, Watermark's Fort Worth Campus Pastor, teaches through James 1:2-5, teaching us that trials are a gift because they are God’s mean of growing us.

  54. Easter, It's Impossible to Overreact2020/04/12

  55. Good Friday 20202020/04/10

  56. An Encouragement to Excel Still More in an Encouraging Way2020/04/05
    As we continue studying the book of 1 Thessalonians, Todd Wagner kicks off chapter 4, teaching us the importance of encouraging one another and how we can excel still more.

  57. Missing Each Other Without Missing the Mark2020/03/29
    As we continue studying the book of 1 Thessalonians, Todd Wagner teaches through chapter 3, teaching us the importance of loving and encouraging one another in the Truth and the significance of our faith regardless of the circumstances life throws our way.

  58. Getting The Most Out of Time In God's Word2020/03/22
    1 Thessalonians is a short book, it’s only 5-chapters and you can probably read through the whole thing in 20-minutes. Between now and next week, read through the entire book multiple times to familiarize yourself with it.
    Take an online equipping course. Start with Keys to Effective Bible Study.

  59. Bible First, Bible Most2020/03/22
    As you reflect back on your last week, how much did the Bible inform your life? As we continue our series on the book of 1 Thessalonians, Todd Wagner teaches through 1 Thessalonians 2:13-20, teaching us that once we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God’s Word should be the foundation of our lives.

  60. Announcements2020/03/21

  61. Plagues, Censuses, and Leadership2020/03/15
    The church is not a building, and we are not the church because we gather corporately once a week. As we refrain from gathering corporately due to the current pandemic of the coronavirus, reading through 2 Samuel 24, Todd teaches us about the census and about plagues, and how they apply to us today.

  62. Weekend Update 2020/03/14

  63. Get Used to Different2020/03/08
    When you reflect on your life, what big changes stand out to you? How about changes from the last year? Month? Week? As we continue our series on 1 Thessalonians, Todd Wagner teaches us how walking with Jesus should change everything.

  64. Leaders That Create Churches Others Are Thankful For: Plano Launch2020/03/01

  65. Leaders That Create Churches Others Are Thankful For2020/03/01
    This is week 2 of the study on 1 Thessalonians; how leaders and mature believers should and should not act.

  66. A Letter of Thanks to a Church to Be Thankful For2020/02/23
    Do you have people in your life that you are thankful for? People that God uses to encourage you and who are all about spreading the gospel? As we kick off a new series, studying the book of 1 Thessalonians, Todd Wagner walks us through chapter one.

  67. The Gospel Through Marriage2020/02/16
    What exactly is the “gospel”? We use the word around the church all the time, but what is it? John McGee walks through three things the gospel teaches us to do in both life and marriage: initiate, forgive, & commit.

  68. Our Lens: The Gospel2020/02/16

  69. The Richness of the Gospel2020/02/09
    We often misunderstand or under-appreciate all the influence that the gospel is designed to have on our life. The gospel desires to save us, yes. But it also desires to sanctify us and make us more like Christ. From there, it calls us to live a life of reconciliation and regeneration in all areas and aspects of our life.

  70. Experiencing Our Purpose in Christ2020/02/09
    What exactly should the Christian life look like? Can it be anything for anyone, or are there certain things that God expects for all Christians? David Marvin teaches through 1 Peter 1:23-2:10, explaining what the Christian life should look like and how we can live out and experience the purpose God has for us.

  71. Community Part 5: Engaging Missionally2020/02/02
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  72. Community Part 4: A Call to Shepherd One Another2020/01/26
    What marks the relationships with the people in your life you are closest with? Are you committed to others, and do you have anyone that is committed to you? As we continue our series, Better Together, Beau Fournet, David Leventhal, and Brian Buchek teach us why Watermark is so committed to community, why your community group might be struggling, and how to help your community group grow.

  73. Counsel Biblically | How are you feeding others?2020/01/19
    Is your counsel to others informed by the Word of God? Todd teaches on the importance of counseling Biblically, and how we can live this out within our community groups.

  74. Authentic Confession and Encouragement | How are you feeding your flesh?2020/01/12
    Everyone has a different siren song, what is yours? Do you have godly friends that come alongside you and encourage you in your walk with Christ? Today Todd talks about the importance and purpose of community within the church.

  75. Bible Intake and Relationships | How are you feeding your soul?2020/01/05
    Will you devote yourself daily to the Word of God? In this sermon Todd talks about the importance of being in the Word daily so that we can be what God wants us to be for His glory and our good.

  76. How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet2019/12/29
    What are you looking forward to in the coming year? It is important to remember that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in we need to seek Christ, respond to Him faithfully, and know that God sent Jesus to free us from our bondage to sin.

  77. Developing Daily Desperate Dependence Upon the Lord2019/12/29

  78. Christmas Eve2019/12/24

  79. Stewardship2019/12/22
    How is your relationship with money? Most of us think our relationship with money is similar to our ability to drive…better than it really is. As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” Adam Tarnow asks three questions to examine our relationship with money and possessions.

  80. Leadership: Part 22019/12/15
    The greatest crisis in America, your home, your work, our world, and your own personal life is a leadership crisis. As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” Todd Wagner finishes his two part series starts on leadership, its importance, and why a great leader does what he knows to be right regardless of what others are telling him.

  81. Leadership2019/12/08
    The greatest crisis in America, your home, your work, our world, and your own personal life is a leadership crisis. As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” Todd Wagner starts the first of two weeks teaching on leadership, its importance, and why a leadership problem is really a discipleship problem.

  82. Thankfulness2019/12/01
    Have you ever met someone who always seemed to be grateful? What about someone who never seems to be grateful? What differences come to mind as you think about both people? As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” John Elmore teaches us about thankfulness.

  83. Goodness2019/11/24
    When’s the last time you saw something that made you think or say, “Wow…that was good”? As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” Todd Wagner teaches us about goodness and how it should mark us as we diligently seek it out.

  84. Perseverance2019/11/10
    Are there any areas of your life that are difficult right now? Areas where you are tempted to throw in the towel and quit? As we continue our series, This is the Life, Tyler Briggs teaches us about perseverance and its importance in the midst of the trouble, hardship, and suffering of this world.

  85. Evangelism2019/11/03
    When’s the last time you engaged in a spiritual conversation with someone? Do you remember the last time someone engaged in a spiritual conversation with you? As we continue our series, This is the Life, Todd Wagner teaches how we are an embassy and that the most loving thing we—Christians—can do is share their faith.

  86. Obedience2019/10/27
    When’s the last time you made a choice that resulted in pain and grief? What about a choice that resulted in peace and joy? As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” Blake Holmes teaches us how to live a wise life marked by obedience.

  87. Respect2019/10/20
    Do you have anyone in your life that you highly respect? What marks their life? What about yourself…when was the last time you felt respected by someone? As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” Adam Tarnow teaches us how love, kindness, and humility all lead to respect.

  88. Peace2019/10/13
    Is your life ever marked by stress or anxiety? If so, what do you do in order to find relief? As we continue our series, “This is the Life,” John Elmore teaches us about external peace, eternal peace, and internal peace.

  89. Discernment2019/10/06
    Did you know that the average American makes 35,000 choices per day? When was the last time you or someone you know made a wise choice? What about a foolish choice? As we continue our series, This is the Life, Todd Wagner teaches us about discernment…the power to distinguish what is true, excellent, and appropriate.

  90. Contentment2019/09/29
    When you think of contentment what comes to mind? Who comes to mind? As we continue our series, This is the Life, David Leventhal teaches us about biblical contentment…what it is, where it comes from, and why so many of us don’t experience it in a deep, meaningful, consistent way.

  91. Fort Worth Campus Update2019/09/22
    It is with great excitement that we announced on Sunday that the Fort Worth campus will be launched to become an independent local church on June 30, 2020. Todd Wagner, Tyler Briggs, and Dean MacFarlan shared the how and why behind this exciting direction for the Fort Worth campus

  92. Courage2019/09/22
    When is the last time you saw someone do something courageous? How did it make you feel? Did it make you want to live differently? As we continue our series, This is the Life, Todd Wagner teaches us about courage…what it looks like, where it comes from, and how we should live if we have it.

  93. Righteousness: Part 22019/09/15
    What or who do you think of when you hear the word “righteous” or “righteousness”? Did you know that those two words appear in the book of Proverbs more than 90-times? As we continue our series, This is the Life, Todd Wagner walks us through many different Proverbs, showing us that righteousness is imputed, earned, and a choice.

  94. Righteousness: Part 12019/09/08
    What do you think of when you hear someone say, “This is the life”? Wealth? Fame? The American Dream? Todd Wagner walks us through where true life is found as we kick off a new series called, “This is the Life”.

  95. How to Not Waste Your Life2019/09/01
    When was the last time you thought about what the end of your life is going to be like? What do you want to be remembered by? Adam Tarnow walks us through 1 Peter 4:7-11, teaching us three ways to make sure we don’t waste our lives.

  96. The Church Matters2019/08/25
    Have you ever been a member of a church somewhere? If so, what was it like? Did it have any major impact on your life? How you lived? This week, Blake Holmes teaches us about the church and church membership. He teaches us how the church is a people, how it is a family, body, flock of sheep, and an embassy, and how church membership matters.

  97. How to Never Hear, “Depart From Me I Never Knew You.”2019/08/18
    Have you ever had doubts about your salvation? About whether or not you are saved? As we finish our series, Summer on the Mount, Todd Wagner walks us through Matthew 7:21-29, teaching us how we can know we are saved and what to do—how to live—in light of studying the entirety of the Sermon on the Mount the past three-months.

  98. Broad vs Narrow2019/08/11
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  99. The Golden Rule2019/08/04
    There’s a good chance you heard the “Golden Rule” growing up…but did you know it’s straight from the Bible? Specifically, straight from Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Blake Holmes walks us through Matthew 7:12, the Golden Rule.

  100. Prayer Connected to Promise 2019/07/28
    Does prayer really make that big of a difference in life? We all know it’s important and that we should do it, but aren’t things going to happen either way? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” David Marvin walks us through Matthew 7:7-11, showing us how Jesus calls us to pray continually and trust constantly.

  101. Matthew 7:1-6 : Judging Others2019/07/21
    What does it mean when the Bible says, “Judge not, lest you be judged”? Todd Wagner answers this question while teaching through Matthew 7:1-6—easily one of the most misinterpreted passages in the Bible—as we continue our series, Summer on the Mount.

  102. Finding Freedom From Worry2019/07/14
    What are you most prone to worry about? Everyone has worried about something, but no one wants to. As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount," David Marvin walks us through Matthew 6:24-34, teaching us about the results of worry, the reason we don’t have to worry, and the remedy for worry.

  103. Is Money Your Servant or Master?2019/07/07
    When you think of both money and God, what comes to mind? Do you think God is trying to rip you off? Does Jesus simply want to take your money and possessions from you? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Jermaine Harrison walks us through Matthew 6:19-24, teaching us what Jesus has to say about money and possessions.

  104. The Lord’s Prayer2019/06/30
    What do you believe about God the Father? What is your attitude when praying to Him? As we continue our series, on the Sermon on the Mount, Blake Holmes teaches and explains to us the Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew 6.

  105. False Religion & Outward Righteousness2019/06/23
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  106. Radical Love of Real Disciples | A Guide to Matthew 5:33-482019/06/17
    In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus calls us to radically love our neighbors (Matthew 5:33-48), a seemingly impossible task. Thankfully, He not only modeled this love for us, He lavishes His love on us, and through His Spirit, He enables us to love others just as He loved us.

  107. What Jesus Says About Divorce in Matthew 5:31-322019/06/09
    What does the Bible actually teach about marriage? What about divorce? Does it address remarriage? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Todd Wagner walks us through Matthew 5:31-32, covering those very three things: marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

  108. How We Think About Being Externally Focused2019/06/02
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  109. Evening with the Elders2019/06/02

  110. The Murderer and Adulterer Within Me2019/05/26
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  111. Salt, Light, the Saved, the Savior and the Law2019/05/19
  112. The Life that Flourishes | Matthew 52019/05/12
  113. A Summary of Matthew 5-72019/05/05
  114. Reflection Sunday: The Goodness of God and the Futility of the Wicked2019/04/28
  115. Easter and Its Relationship with a Photoshopped Hell2019/04/21
  116. Good Friday 20192019/04/19
  117. Authenticity and Repentance2019/04/14
  118. Focused on Ministry and Service2019/04/07
  119. Speak the Truth in Love2019/04/01
  120. Relentless Pursuit of Oneness2019/03/24
  121. A Relentless Activity2019/03/17
  122. The Motivation to Forgive2019/03/10
  123. Rescued2019/03/03
  124. Delight2019/03/03
  125. Life Together2019/02/24
  126. Love Precedes Life Change2019/02/17
  127. Committed To The Uncommitted2019/02/10
  128. Discipling the Next Generation2019/02/03
  129. Love Is a Verb2019/01/27
  130. Biblical Not Big: A Commitment to Measure Our Success by Our Ability to Be and Make Disciples2019/01/20
  131. Why Not Us? A Confidence That the Lord Wanted to Glorify His Name2019/01/13
  132. The Foundation, Fabric, Mortar and Maintenance Program of Everything2019/01/06
  133. The Power of Story2018/12/30
  134. How to Die2018/12/30
  135. Engaging With the Bible2018/12/30
  136. Christmas Eve 20182018/12/24
  137. 9 Things I Learned at "Seminary"2018/12/16
  138. Don't Worry... This Message Is for You2018/12/09
  139. An Accountant, an Athlete and an Alien Walk Into a Church2018/12/02
  140. Stars of the Faith2018/11/25
  141. The Song That Changes Everything2018/11/18
  142. How to Make Every Relationship Better2018/11/11
  143. To REALLY Live Is Christ2018/11/04
  144. Gospel-Driven Optimism2018/10/28
  145. Philippians - Week 22018/10/21
  146. Making Room, Making Disciples...2018/10/21
  147. The Pastoral Epistle I Would Write2018/10/14
  148. Commitment Is the Key to Change2018/10/08
  149. Enjoying The Benefits Of Your Faith2018/09/30
  150. Second Coming2018/09/23
  151. Salvation2018/09/16
  152. Man2018/09/09
  153. Jesus2018/09/02
  154. Holy Spirit2018/08/27
  155. The Trinity2018/08/19
  156. The Bible2018/08/12
  157. Contending for the Faith2018/08/05
  158. The Mode of Our Helping Matters2018/07/29
  159. God Loves Outsiders2018/07/29
  160. Proper Perspective2018/07/28
  161. Outsiders Forever2018/07/22
  162. Our True Treasure2018/07/22
  163. Why We're Reluctant to Rescue Outsiders2018/07/15
  164. Prodigal Love2018/07/15
  165. Gods Plan to Restore2018/07/15
  166. Warming Cold Hearts2018/07/08
  167. The Heat of the Moment2018/07/08
  168. Forgiven Much, Loves Much2018/07/08
  169. Leadership 2018/07/01
  170. Jesus Came to Bring the Outsiders In2018/07/01
  171. Engaging the Lost2018/07/01
  172. Dealing With Our Crazy Problem2018/07/01
  173. Rich in Relationships: Avoiding the Poverty of Isolation2018/06/24
  174. How to be Rich: So Rich You Can Add to the Wealth of Your King 2018/06/17
  175. How to be Rich: What's Your Story?2018/06/10
  176. How to be Rich2018/06/03
  177. Evaluating Your Relationship With God2018/05/27
  178. Baptism Sunday2018/05/20
  179. An Ounce of Mother Is Worth a Ton of Priest2018/05/13
  180. Romans 5: Gifts From God2018/05/06
  181. Dignity of Responsibility2018/04/29
  182. Acts 2018 and Beyond2018/04/22
  183. From Acts 28 to Ad 2018: This Is No Fable2018/04/15
  184. Sailing in the Storm2018/04/08
  185. Are You a Fool for Believing in God?2018/04/01
  186. Good Friday2018/03/30
  187. A Prophetic Word for the Mission2018/03/25
  188. What God Has Done and What We Must Keep Doing2018/03/18
  189. Life’s Slot Machine2018/03/18
  190. Collin County2018/03/18
  191. Put on Humility2018/03/11
  192. Other Races2018/03/04
  193. Authority2018/02/25
  194. Community2018/02/18
  195. Work2018/02/11
  196. Parenting2018/02/04
  197. Marriage2018/01/28
  198. Singleness2018/01/21
  199. God's Word2018/01/14
  200. How We Relate To God2018/01/07
  201. Join The Journey: A Tour of Romans2017/12/31
  202. Christmas Eve 20172017/12/24
  203. Contentment, Longing and Christmas 2017/12/17
  204. The Evidence of a Relationship2017/12/10
  205. The True Story of Paul Can Be True of You: Passion, Providence and Peace2017/12/03
  206. Calm in the Midst of Crisis2017/11/26
  207. A Platform Built of the Past and Problems2017/11/19
  208. An Update on the Mission in Fort Worth2017/11/19
  209. Evening with the Elders2017/11/12
  210. Courage That Comes From Love2017/11/12
  211. Notes From the First Ever Pastor’s Conference2017/11/05
  212. The Relevance of the Word and the Danger of Being Indifferent To It2017/10/29
  213. How Christians Win or Lose 2017/10/22
  214. An Evening with Eric Metaxas2017/10/18
  215. Marriage on Mission 2017/10/15
  216. How to Be Provoked Well. Paul and Us Among the Athenians2017/10/08
  217. What a Compassionate God Wants You to Consider as Your Next Yes2017/10/01
  218. How to Love a World Filled With Rompers2017/09/24
  219. Do You Believe in the Myth or Follow the Man2017/09/17
  220. The Hopeless, the Hospitable, and the Hostile2017/09/10
  221. Worship Together: You Are the Church2017/09/03
  222. Worship Together: The Future of the Church in the Hands of Parents2017/09/03
  223. Worship Together: Remember. Consider. Imitate2017/09/03
  224. Worship Together: Influencing the Next Generation by Preparing Ourselves and Investing in Our Children 2017/09/03
  225. Stuck on Mission2017/08/27
  226. The First Church Council and the Matter of First Importance2017/08/20
  227. Our Opportunity for Mission in Our Historical Moment: Truth Meets Myth2017/08/13
  228. Do Good People Go To Heaven?2017/08/06
  229. Step Up in Faithfulness, Discover and Invest Your Talents for Christ2017/07/30
  230. Regretful Hearts v. Repentant Hearts2017/07/30
  231. Leadership Matters…and Other Seminal Truths2017/07/23
  232. The Future and Hope of Your Life and Our City2017/07/09
  233. Keeping Short Accounts2017/07/02
  234. Soldiers, Athletes & Farmers: A Biblical Look at the Spiritual Life2017/06/25
  235. Why Your First Impression of Your Father Matters2017/06/18
  236. God's People: Quick to Go to Others and Slow to Leave Each Other2017/06/11
  237. Inspiration and Invitation to the Proclamation and Demonstration of the Gospel2017/06/04
  238. Extraordinary Parenting 2017/05/28
  239. Baptism Sunday2017/05/21
  240. The Church our Mother and its Mission2017/05/14
  241. Why Every Week is a Pastors' Conference2017/05/07
  242. The End of the Search2017/04/30
  243. The Christian in Culture2017/04/30
  244. 4 Dead-Ends to Spiritual Growth2017/04/30
  245. A Spectacle of Glory: An Interview with Joni Eareckson Tada2017/04/23
  246. Easter: “It is True”2017/04/16
  247. Good Friday 20172017/04/14
  248. The Proper Liturgy of the Church and the Proper Way to Deal With Sorcerers2017/04/09
  249. Antioch: The Kind of Church (and Men) That God Uses2017/04/02
  250. The Myth of Herod’s Power and the Fact of His Existence2017/03/26
  251. Austin Silva Testimony2017/03/22
  252. 3 Things that Happen When God's People Pray2017/03/19
  253. The Good Infection: Christianity2017/03/12
  254. Humility in Men and Prejudice in the Church: Something to Be Praised and Something to Be Purged2017/03/05
  255. The Conversion of Cornelius AND Peter2017/02/26
  256. Seeing God as a Perfect Father2017/02/19
  257. Who You Are, Eternally2017/02/05
  258. Freedom from Following 2017/01/29
  259. Four Traits Christ’s Disciples Share2017/01/29
  260. Inquiring of The Lord2017/01/22
  261. Fort Worth's Opportunity... A Day We Can't Wait to See2017/01/22
  262. How to Pursue Relationally2017/01/15
  263. How Is Your Location: The Importance of the Health of Every Community Group2017/01/15
  264. Devote Daily: Staying Connected to God2017/01/15
  265. Why Regular Attenders Are Really Scoffers2017/01/08
  266. The Path of Accountability 2017/01/08
  267. Diagnosing and Dealing with 3 Spiritual Cancers in your Community Group.2017/01/08
  268. Psalms 12017/01/01
  269. Something Sweet out of the Ingredients of Sadness 2016/12/24
  270. How to Avoid the Black Hole of Crap That Profits Us Nothing2016/12/18
  271. A Truly Rich Life2016/12/11
  272. How the Saints Go Marching Out2016/12/04
  273. What Changed 2016/11/27
  274. Saul: The Second Most Important Conversion in History2016/11/20
  275. Extraordinary Living Marked by Ordinary Obedience2016/11/13
  276. The “Illusion” of a False Faith and How to Deal With It. Simon Magus and Tares Among the Wheat2016/11/06
  277. Tale of Two Adams: A Strategy to Change the World2016/10/30
  278. Stephen…a Faithful Mailman Who Saw Jesus2016/10/23
  279. Why Good Leaders Have Always Written Letters to the Church They Love2016/10/16
  280. How to Destroy a Shadow: Stephen’s Masterful Defense of Jesus Finished Work2016/10/09
  281. All In With Jesus2016/10/04
  282. Hellenistic Lives Matter (And So Does the Ministry of the Word)2016/09/25
  283. The Gospel is NOT a Fad2016/09/18
  284. Beauty and the But2016/09/11
  285. The Secret!2016/09/04
  286. Outrunning Your Past2016/09/04
  287. Faith in Work2016/09/04
  288. Where Does That Come From?2016/08/28
  289. Living Bolder as We Grow Older2016/08/21
  290. Following Jesus: How He Changes Your Place, People & Priorities - Luke 9:57-622016/08/15
  291. Our Purpose in Life2016/08/14
  292. #PrayBold2016/08/07
  293. What Makes a Man Fit for Judgment, Ministry and a Ready Response - Acts 4:7-232016/07/31
  294. The Beginning of Persecution and the Proper Reason for It. - Acts 4:1-122016/07/24
  295. Peter's Platform2016/07/17
  296. Healing, Hearing, and the Hope of the Gospel2016/07/10
  297. Healing2016/07/03
  298. The First and Enduring Attributes of Christ’s Church2016/06/26
  299. The First Savior Exalting Sermon of the Church2016/06/19
  300. Money, Stuff, and Eternity2016/06/12
Watermark Audio: Sunday Messages
This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.

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