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  1. Broad vs Narrow2019/08/11
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  2. The Golden Rule2019/08/04
    There’s a good chance you heard the “Golden Rule” growing up…but did you know it’s straight from the Bible? Specifically, straight from Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Blake Holmes walks us through Matthew 7:12, the Golden Rule.

  3. Prayer Connected to Promise 2019/07/28
    Does prayer really make that big of a difference in life? We all know it’s important and that we should do it, but aren’t things going to happen either way? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” David Marvin walks us through Matthew 7:7-11, showing us how Jesus calls us to pray continually and trust constantly.

  4. Matthew 7:1-6 : Judging Others2019/07/21
    What does it mean when the Bible says, “Judge not, lest you be judged”? Todd Wagner answers this question while teaching through Matthew 7:1-6—easily one of the most misinterpreted passages in the Bible—as we continue our series, Summer on the Mount.

  5. Finding Freedom From Worry2019/07/14
    What are you most prone to worry about? Everyone has worried about something, but no one wants to. As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount," David Marvin walks us through Matthew 6:24-34, teaching us about the results of worry, the reason we don’t have to worry, and the remedy for worry.

  6. Is Money Your Servant or Master?2019/07/07
    When you think of both money and God, what comes to mind? Do you think God is trying to rip you off? Does Jesus simply want to take your money and possessions from you? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Jermaine Harrison walks us through Matthew 6:19-24, teaching us what Jesus has to say about money and possessions.

  7. The Lord’s Prayer2019/06/30
    What do you believe about God the Father? What is your attitude when praying to Him? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Blake Holmes teaches us about the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6.

  8. False Religion & Outward Righteousness2019/06/23
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  9. Radical Love of Real Disciples2019/06/17
    In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus calls us to radically love our neighbors, a seemingly impossible task. Thankfully, He not only modeled this love for us, He lavishes His love on us, and through His Spirit, He enables us to love others just as He loved us.

  10. What Jesus Says About Divorce in Matthew 5:31-322019/06/09
    What does the Bible actually teach about marriage? What about divorce? Does it address remarriage? As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Todd Wagner walks us through Matthew 5:31-32, covering those very three things: marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

  11. How We Think About Being Externally Focused2019/06/02
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  12. Evening with the Elders2019/06/02

  13. The Murderer and Adulterer Within Me2019/05/26
    Have you ever been angry with someone? Lusted after someone? According to Jesus, that makes you a murderer and an adulterer. But take heart, Jesus doesn’t stop there. As we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount,” Jesus starts to get real specific about different topics and issues throughout the rest of Matthew chapter 5—beginning with anger and lust.

  14. Salt, Light, the Saved, the Savior and the Law2019/05/19
    When is the last time you ate something with salt on it? What about the last time you were in a room with a light that was on? In Matthew 5:13-20, Jesus—because of His death on the cross—calls Christians salt and light. David Leventhal teaches us what that means and how we can apply it to our lives today.

  15. The Life that Flourishes2019/05/12
    What would God say to you if He caught you in the middle of your deepest, darkest secret? The answer might surprise you. Todd Wagner walks us through Matthew 5:1-12, commonly known as the “Beatitudes,” as we continue our series, “Summer on the Mount."

  16. A Summary of Matthew 5-72019/05/05
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  17. Reflection Sunday: The Goodness of God and the Futility of the Wicked2019/04/28
    Todd talks of the importance of living our lives for God. God didn't just save us from our sin through the sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb of God, He saved us for something. He wants us to be the church, to serve and encourage others, to be in community with one another, to share the gospel, and to love others as He does.

  18. Easter and Its Relationship with a Photoshopped Hell2019/04/21
    What do you believe about the Easter story? About the claim that a man named Jesus was crucified and raised to life three days later? What you believe about Jesus is the most important thing about you. It will determine whether life on this earth is your heaven or your hell. Which is it for you?

  19. Good Friday 20192019/04/19
    Blake talks about why Good Friday is called good, the meaning of the cross, and the sacrifice God made so that we could be reconciled to Him for all eternity.

  20. Authenticity and Repentance2019/04/14
    Do you want to experience freedom from sin in your life? As we continue our series, “How He Built This,” John Elmore teaches us about authenticity and repentance. He shows us how to make war with sin by submitting to God and resisting the devil one day at a time.

  21. Focused on Ministry and Service2019/04/07
    While we are constantly encouraged by what God is doing at and through Watermark, we believe there is room for so much more! He built this through faithful people who focused their time, talents, and treasure—all of which belong to God—toward ministry and service over the last 19 years. What about you...are you using your time, talents, and treasure the way the Lord would have you?

  22. Speak the Truth in Love2019/04/01
    If someone points at a dog’s tail and calls it a leg, how many legs does that dog have? Four! In a day and age where truth is questioned and postmodern relativism continues to spread, Christians must speak up—it’s what Scripture exhorts us to do…always.

  23. Relentless Pursuit of Oneness2019/03/24
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  24. A Relentless Activity2019/03/17
    When is the last time you had to work on a relationship in your life? Relationships require constant maintenance, and just because you need to work on your relationships doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong. As we wrap up this two-week series on forgiveness, Adam Tarnow teaches us how forgiveness is a relentless activity and one of the greatest acts of love.

  25. The Motivation to Forgive2019/03/10
    Isn’t it amazing what a little change in perspective can do? What’s your perspective on forgiveness? Do you know what the Bible teaches about forgiveness? Every single one of us has been hurt by someone. We’ve all been a victim to one degree or another at some point. This week, Adam Tarnow walks us through Matthew 18:21-35 in the first part of a two-part series on forgiveness.

  26. Rescued2019/03/03
    Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, CEO of Compassion International, joins us to talk about the power of hope, God’s goodness, and love—three of the most powerful forces in the world.

  27. Delight2019/03/03

  28. Life Together2019/02/24
    There is a big difference between going to Watermark and being part of Watermark. Between identifying as a Christ follower and following Christ. To be part of the body of Christ is to be part of the church, His Church. As we wrap up our series, “How He Built This,” Todd walks us through the importance of Community—doing life together and living out the one another’s of Scripture.

  29. Love Precedes Life Change2019/02/17
    There has been a shift toward coldness—a lack of kindness—in our country, and incivility often becomes hostility. Jesus calls us to more than simply tolerate (a willingness to allow the existence of something), He calls us to love. Even our enemies.

  30. Committed To The Uncommitted2019/02/10
    From the very beginning of Watermark, God built this because we believe that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. As we continue our series, “How He Built This,” Todd Wagner walks us through God’s heart for the lost and what we—the church—are called to do about it.

  31. Discipling the Next Generation2019/02/03
    From the very beginning of Watermark, we believed the psalmist when he said children are a blessing, not a burden, that they are worth our very best. We are raising the next generation of leaders—our leaders. Discipling children according to God’s Word is How He Built This.

  32. Love Is a Verb2019/01/27
    What do you think of when you hear the word love? Scripture makes it clear that love is a verb. It’s a commitment to act a certain way, even when things aren’t going the way you want them to be. If you build something on faith and hope but don’t have love, your efforts will be in vain. Love seeks, love serves, love shares, love sacrifices, love shines, love saves, and love speaks.

  33. Biblical Not Big: A Commitment to Measure Our Success by Our Ability to Be and Make Disciples2019/01/20
    From the very beginning of Watermark we said that if we are biblical, who cares how big we get. The Bible is our authority, it is our conscience, and it is our guide. We are firm where it is firm, and we are flexible where it is flexible. God built this—His church—on the teaching of His Word.

  34. Why Not Us? A Confidence That the Lord Wanted to Glorify His Name2019/01/13
    Nearly 20 years ago, those who started Watermark often prayed, “God, you are going to do something today to make your name more famous…if you’re willing, Lord, why not with us?” As we continue to pray that same prayer today, Todd walks us through how we—God’s church—are the visible image of the invisible Jesus, and what is normal in the life of a believer in Jesus Christ.

  35. The Foundation, Fabric, Mortar and Maintenance Program of Everything2019/01/06
    As we begin our 20th year of ministry, Todd shares how Watermark wasn't just built on the foundation of prayer. Prayer is the entirety of the work of the church. As we each individually make up the church, we learn to live our own lives prayerfully as we join together in the work.

  36. The Power of Story2018/12/30
    In 1955, George A. Buttrick, the Harvard Chaplain was known for saying to students, “Sit down and tell me what kind of god you don’t believe in. I probably don’t believe in that god either.” Along those same lines, Nathan Wagnon walks us through the story of the entire Bible, teaching us what role Scripture—and a right understanding of God—has in spiritual formation.

  37. How to Die2018/12/30
    In a season marked by resolutions, make the ones that matter most in the end. In the final words of the Apostle Paul, we see how this faithful man lived his life to the very end. Begin this year with the end in mind. Make resolutions worth keeping.

  38. Engaging With the Bible2018/12/30
    FW Campus Pastor Tyler Briggs talks about what you should do this year instead of reading your Bible. Engaging the Bible for the purpose of growing in a relationship with Jesus will lead to an amazing year of transformation but pride, insecurity, and laziness will keep you from experiencing it.

  39. Christmas Eve 20182018/12/24
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  40. 9 Things I Learned at "Seminary"2018/12/16
    After 12 years of faithfully serving on staff, JP is transitioning to become the senior pastor at Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. In his final message while on staff, he encourages us with nine things that he learned during his time serving Jesus at Watermark.

  41. Don't Worry... This Message Is for You2018/12/09
    As we wrap up our series “Philippians: To Live Is Christ,” Todd Wagner teaches through Philippians chapter 4. This section of scripture is home to some of the most frequently misquoted Bible passages in the entire Bible. Todd teaches us how to battle worry and be content with the truth of Christ.

  42. An Accountant, an Athlete and an Alien Walk Into a Church2018/12/02
    An accountant, an athlete, and an alien walk into Philippi… Have you heard that one? As we continue our series, “Philippians: To Live is Christ,” Todd Wagner walks us through chapter 3, teaching us to count everything but Christ as loss, to discipline ourselves like athletes for godliness, and to live as aliens in a foreign world.

  43. Stars of the Faith2018/11/25
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  44. The Song That Changes Everything2018/11/18
    Philippians 2:6-11 is the sun of the book; it is the center and foundation of Philippians. If you understand the foundational truth it teaches, it will change everything about you and your life. This is not primarily a passage on orthodoxy, it is an example of perfect and straight orthopraxy.

  45. How to Make Every Relationship Better2018/11/11
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  46. To REALLY Live Is Christ2018/11/04
    "To live is Christ. To die is gain." Does your life reflect this truth from Philippians 1:21? As we finish the first chapter of the book of Philippians, Todd Wagner walks through verses 18-30, teaching us how to both live for Christ and believe that death is gain.

  47. Gospel-Driven Optimism2018/10/28
    There are two types of people: optimists and pessimists. Which one describes you most days? As we continue our series, “Philippians: To Live is Christ,” JP teaches from Philippians 1:12-20 that as Christians, we should have gospel-driven optimism. When we keep this perspective, it inspires others, sees opportunity, and always overcomes.

  48. Plano: Making Room, Making Disciples...2018/10/21
    Kyle discusses the future of the Watermark Plano Campus as they face issues on space. Kyle asks us to spend time praying and seeking God's will about how we can best use the gifts God has given us to contribute to the building of a bigger facility in order to better serve the needs of the community.

  49. Philippians - Week 22018/10/21
    As we continue our series “Philippians: To Live Is Christ,” Todd walks us through five things we should pray for if we are followers of Christ: Greater Love, Greater Things, Greater Character, Greater Lives, & Greater Glory.

  50. The Pastoral Epistle I Would Write2018/10/14
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