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  1. How to Be Provoked Well. Paul and Us Among the Athenians2017/10/08
    This week we journeyed through the second half of Acts 17 together. Todd showed us through the text how we should: be an observer of human futility and not a hater, be a teller, not a troublesome meddler, and be a faithful ambassador, not a mocker.

  2. What a Compassionate God Wants You to Consider as Your Next Yes2017/10/01
    This week, Todd discussed the sanctity, value, and importance of life—all life. The infant mortality rate in America when accounting for abortion is 20%. That’s the highest in the world. We aren’t 165th on the list like some statistic would say. We are number one. He challenged us—the church, God’s people—to step up and bridge the gap between God’s heart for the weak and the orphan.

  3. How to Love a World Filled With Rompers2017/09/24
    This weekend, Todd finished up the last part of Acts 16, and started into Acts 17. He showed us how the lives in and the teaching of the Scriptures from 2,000 years ago are still relevant and applicable to us today. God wants to use us just like He used Paul and the early church in this section of Scripture from Acts.

  4. Do You Believe in the Myth or Follow the Man2017/09/17
    This week, Todd re-visited the middle of Acts 16 from last week, and then he finished the chapter as we continue our journey through the book of Acts. He showed us how history is not Christian or secular—just history, how horrible of a god money makes, how demons have better theology than we might realize, and how we must be ready to give a defense for the hope and faith that is in us.

  5. The Hopeless, the Hospitable, and the Hostile2017/09/10
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  6. Worship Together: You Are the Church2017/09/03
    We are the Church; all of us. It's not a particular ministry, program, pastor, or a building. Harrison speaks to us about the importance of being the Church, to raise up the next generation and to be disciple-makers. He gives us real life examples from his life, and Martha Kate shares her story of being raised and discipled by Watermark.

  7. Worship Together: The Future of the Church in the Hands of Parents2017/09/03
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  8. Worship Together: Remember. Consider. Imitate2017/09/03
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  9. Worship Together: Influencing the Next Generation by Preparing Ourselves and Investing in Our Children 2017/09/03

  10. Stuck on Mission2017/08/27
    Do you feel stuck? JP walks us through Acts 15:36-16:5. While this passage of Scripture is descriptive and not prescriptive, JP shows us how God can move us forward on mission, despite feeling stuck. God doesn’t give us permission to get stuck or to stay stuck, but there is hope that He can use us in our mess, and there is hope for us to get out of our mess.

  11. The First Church Council and the Matter of First Importance2017/08/20
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  12. Our Opportunity for Mission in Our Historical Moment: Truth Meets Myth2017/08/13
    Todd spends time in Acts 14, showing us one of the many history lessons the Bible has to offer. He walks us through Paul’s journey in Acts 14, Greek & Roman mythology, man’s religion, the reformation, the reliability of Scripture, and ways we can live out our faith—using the history of Acts 14 as our inspiration—today.

  13. Do Good People Go To Heaven?2017/08/06
    David Martin answers the question "Do good people go to heaven?" by discussing good versus evil, the standard that we'd have to live up to get into heaven, and what the Bible has to say in Romans 3 about who does get into heaven.

  14. Step Up in Faithfulness, Discover and Invest Your Talents for Christ2017/07/30
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  15. Regretful Hearts v. Repentant Hearts2017/07/30
    There’s a big difference between regretting our actions and repenting from them. Scripture tells us that sorrow for our sin should lead to repentance and our repentance should bear fruit. Using Psalm 51, Jeff looks into King David’s life following his affair with Bathsheba and highlights several truths about repentant hearts.

  16. Leadership Matters…and Other Seminal Truths2017/07/23
    This week, Todd talked about the importance of leadership. Specifically, he discussed church leadership and how God's design for the church is a plurality of leaders.

  17. The Future and Hope of Your Life and Our City2017/07/09
    This weekend, on the one year anniversary of the Dallas police officer shootings, Todd spends time in 2 Chronicles, Jeremiah, and 1 Peter, calling us to be a blessing to the city in which God has placed us. Our future and hope are in Jesus' resurrection and, as we seek God, that future and hope will transform our city.

  18. Keeping Short Accounts2017/07/02
    We all have conflict in our lives that we are dealing with in one way or another. We internalize, explode, or stew as conflict continues. Today, as Adam walks us through Matthew 5:21-26, he shows us God's definition of anger and His desire for us to experience reconciliation in the midst of conflict.

  19. Soldiers, Athletes & Farmers: A Biblical Look at the Spiritual Life2017/06/25
    We can inaccurately anticipate that the spiritual life will be easy, up and to the right, when we accept Jesus. This is not the case. Today Blake Holmes shows us 3 pictures of the spiritual life from 2 Timothy 2:1-6. We'll see what we should expect along the way as the spiritual life is like a war, a race, and a farm.

  20. Celebration of Life for Austin Silva (Message)2017/06/24

  21. Celebration of Life for Austin Silva (Full Celebration)2017/06/24

  22. Why Your First Impression of Your Father Matters2017/06/18
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  23. God's People: Quick to Go to Others and Slow to Leave Each Other2017/06/11
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  24. Inspiration and Invitation to the Proclamation and Demonstration of the Gospel2017/06/04
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  25. Extraordinary Parenting 2017/05/28
    JP challenges us to think about how we can parent extraordinarily. He gives us 10 ways that any parent can be an extraordinary in the way that they raise their children. For more great resources on parenting, visit watermark.org/parenting.

  26. Baptism Sunday2017/05/21
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  27. The Church our Mother and its Mission2017/05/14
    Todd leads us through Acts 13:13­–52. This passage describes a pivotal point in the spread of the Gospel beyond Judea and Samaria to the ends of the earth (see Acts 1:8). Yet this passage is not simply a record of “Paul and his companions” as they brought the Gospel to Galatia; rather, it is instructive to us today, if we have ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts ready to respond!

  28. Why Every Week is a Pastors' Conference2017/05/07
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  29. The End of the Search2017/04/30
    The search to be loved is common to all of us. When we search for love apart from God it wears us out. In this message, Tyler shares about how God frees us from the relentless search for love, to begin experiencing joy, and enjoying relationships. We can do this because God has brought love to us, He has given us an endless supply, and that fills us with joy and freedom.

  30. The Christian in Culture2017/04/30
    For many of us, the idea of speaking into culture and cultural issues can produce a variety of emotions. Some shrink back because of fear, others because of inadequacy. By walking through 1 Peter, Derek shares how Christ empowers you to overcome these fears and inadequacies in order to courageously engage the culture around you.

  31. 4 Dead-Ends to Spiritual Growth2017/04/30
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  32. A Spectacle of Glory: An Interview with Joni Eareckson Tada2017/04/23
    Todd interviews a special guest, Joni Eareckson Tada, who is a quadriplegic who God has used a as a "spectacle of glory". Joni shares her story, her struggles, and trust in God. How, as a young girl, she was paralyzed and what she has learned about God, His character, and how to live a life in submission to Him.

  33. Easter: “It is True”2017/04/16
    Todd shares during this Easter service how Jesus Christ has delivered us from the decree, dominion, and despair of sin. Jesus is the only one who has defeated the grave, and so is worthy of our trust. God doesn't want you to just hear a story, he wants you to respond to it. If you haven't trusted in Christ yet, today is the day of salvation.

  34. Good Friday 20172017/04/14

  35. The Proper Liturgy of the Church and the Proper Way to Deal With Sorcerers2017/04/09
    Today Todd walks us through Acts 13:1–12. In this passage, the church in Antioch and Paul and Barnabas demonstrate what it means to live worshipful, missional, and prophetical lives, challenging us to do the same!

  36. Antioch: The Kind of Church (and Men) That God Uses2017/04/02
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  37. The Myth of Herod’s Power and the Fact of His Existence2017/03/26
    Todd finishes up Acts chapter 12, teaching on verses 20-25. As we look at Herod's life and death, we learn that it's important to read and know the scripture. Todd reminds us that the Bible is a reliable source of truth. Hearing, reading and knowing scripture encourages us to live faithful lives and fret not when prideful leaders, like Herod, reign over us.

  38. Austin Silva Testimony2017/03/22

  39. 3 Things that Happen When God's People Pray2017/03/19
    JP teaches from Acts 12:1–19, a powerful passage on prayer mightily demonstrated in the early church surrounding Peter's escape from prison. When God's people pray, 1) there is an incomprehensible peace, 2) we participate in God’s power, and 3) the impossible is possible. What if more than we talked, complained, vented, posted, wrote... what if we prayed?

  40. The Good Infection: Christianity2017/03/12
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  41. Humility in Men and Prejudice in the Church: Something to Be Praised and Something to Be Purged2017/03/05
    In Acts 10:34-11:15 we learn how we must let go of our comfortable traditions and pious prejudices to fear God and do what is right. Todd teaches us three ways we can know we are humble men worthy of praise, able to receive the gift of grace. He also reminds us how Godly men and women, who know the love of God, must purge themselves of bias and cultural and racial arrogance.

  42. The Conversion of Cornelius AND Peter2017/02/26
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  43. Seeing God as a Perfect Father2017/02/19
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  44. Who You Are, Eternally2017/02/05
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  45. Freedom from Following 2017/01/29
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  46. Four Traits Christ’s Disciples Share2017/01/29
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  47. Inquiring of The Lord2017/01/22
    JP leads us during Raise the Mark, a service where our church gathers for an extended time of prayer, praise, and proclamation of what God has been doing in and through our body, and to partake corporately as the body of Christ in the Lord's Supper. During this time, we ask people to break into small groups and pray through the prayer guide inside the Watermark News.

  48. Fort Worth's Opportunity... A Day We Can't Wait to See2017/01/22
    Todd shares about Watermark Fort Worth's opportunity to purchase land and asks the church to prayerfully consider how the Lord would have them respond.

  49. How to Pursue Relationally2017/01/15
    In this final sermon in the Better Together series, John, Adam, and Todd help hash out how a genuine biblical community operates. In this segment, Adam Tarnow discusses how biblical community operates when we pursue each other relationally in "L.O.V.E." by having the Latest information, being on Offense, prioritizing community as Vital relationships, and Expecting to work at it.

  50. How Is Your Location: The Importance of the Health of Every Community Group2017/01/15
    In this final sermon in the Better Together series, John, Adam, and Todd help hash out how a genuine biblical community operates. In this segment, Todd discusses how every individual, every community group is the a "location" of the local church. How's your location doing?

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