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  1. Numbers Lecture 7 - Dedication of the Altar2019/02/19

    Sacrifices made for the dedication. Connection to modern sacrifices and offerings.
  2. Numbers Lecture 6 - The Demands of Holiness Part II2019/02/12

    A discussion on marriage, Nazirites, blessings, and a continuation of the theme of redemption.
  3. Numbers Lecture 5 - The Demands of Holiness2019/02/05

    A discussion on the laws found in the book of Numbers. The true meaning behind the sign of peace. A continuation of the theme of redemption.
  4. Numbers Lecture 4 - The Levite Priesthood2019/01/29

    Census of the adult Levites. The role of priests and rabbis. Redemption as the theme of Numbers.
  5. Numbers Lecture 3 - The Nation in Sinai2019/01/22

    Geography of the Sinai peninsula. Census of the infant Levites.
  6. Numbers Lecture 2 - Levites & Logistics2019/01/15

    A discussion on the population of Israel, the Levites, and the ancient logistics of moving two million people.
  7. Numbers Lecture 1 - Overview & Importance2019/01/08

    This is an introduction into the book of Numbers. The discussion revolves around the importance of the book, and the many fascinating treasures it contains.
  8. Leviticus Lecture 32 - Vows, Part II2019/01/01

    Teaching on vows in Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, and the Gospels. Conclusion to the book of Leviticus. God's commands open the way of life to us.
  9. Leviticus Lecture 31 - Vows, Part I2018/12/25

    Laws concerning the voluntary dedication of persons, animals, houses, and land to God. The means of redeeming a dedicated thing.
  10. Leviticus - Lecture 302018/12/18

    A continuation of the discussion of Leviticus Chapter 26:

    1. Blessings from keeping God's law.

    2. Penalties/Curses as consequences of disobedience (the discipline of a loving God).

    3. Assurance and restoration.
  11. Leviticus - Lecture 292018/12/11

    A discussion of Leviticus Chapter 26:

    1. Blessings from keeping God's law.

    2. Penalties/Curses as consequences of disobedience (the discipline of a loving God).

    3. Assurance and restoration.
  12. Leviticus Lecture 28 - Laws of Land2018/12/04

    The institution of the Sabbath year for the land. The Jubilee year.
  13. Leviticus Lecture 27 - Equity Toward Neighbors2018/11/27

    Laws concerning the maintenance of the altar. Jesus's citation of David consuming the priests' bread. Limitations on vengeance.
  14. Leviticus - Lecture 262018/11/20

    Keeping the Sabbath and holy days. Israelite feasts and their connection to the New Testament.
  15. Leviticus - Lecture 252018/11/13

    This part focuses primarily on the expectations and conduct of the priesthood in the time of Leviticus. Acceptable and unacceptable sacrifices to God.
  16. Leviticus - Lecture 242018/11/06

    Proper behavior towards strangers and other disadvantaged persons. Penalties for breaking the law. The universal call to holiness.
  17. Leviticus - Lecture 232018/10/30

    Holiness as separation. Strictures against mistreating slaves and various forms of idolatry.
  18. Leviticus Lecture 222018/10/23

    The remaining commandments are discussed. Proper treatment of one's neighbor is described in detail. An understanding of the treatment of loans, wages, and retribution derived from the commandments.
  19. Leviticus Lecture 212018/10/16

    The Ten Commandments are discussed. The obligations of the Jews to God is explained in detail.
  20. Leviticus Lecture 202018/10/09

    A discussion of Leviticus chapter 18 (and Acts 15) focusing on laws regarding sexual immorality, idolatry, gentiles, and homosexuality.
  21. Leviticus Lecture 192018/10/02

    Condemnation of the offering of blood to satyrs. Strictures regarding unclean meat and the slaughtering of animals far from the tabernacle.
  22. Leviticus Lecture 182018/09/25

    The prescriptions for properly slaughtering a sacrificial animal. Avoidance of creeping idolatry.
  23. Leviticus Lecture 17 - Purity Laws Part II & Day of Atonement2018/09/18

    A detailed run-through of: clean and unclean animals, skin diseases, bodily discharges, purity in childbirth, and the day of atonement.
  24. Leviticus Lecture 16 - Purity Laws2018/09/11

    Delving into laws that are foreign to our modern way of thinking, and understanding ritual impurity, moral impurity, profanity, and the conditions for coming into God's holy realm.
  25. Leviticus Lecture 15 - The Role of a Priest2018/09/04

    Priests represent the people before God: Christ had to be incarnated in order to represent us. The danger of presuming upon God's grace.
  26. Leviticus Lecture 14 - The Aaronic Priesthood, Part III2018/08/28

    The gravity of priestly responsibilities. Christ's fulfillment of the Aaronic order.
  27. Leviticus Lecture 13 - The Aaronic Priesthood, Part II2018/08/21

    The priestly office as exercised by patriarchs in the book of Genesis. The transgressions of the sons of Aaron.
  28. Leviticus Lecture 12 - The Aaronic Priesthood, Part I2018/08/13

    The nature of the priesthood as intermediaries between sinful humanity and a perfect God.
  29. Leviticus Lecture 11 - The Sacrifice of Christ2018/08/07

    Christ's sacrifice on the cross parallels and perfects the Levitical offerings. Exploration of these connections in the letter to the Hebrews.
  30. Leviticus Lecture 10 - A Contrite Heart2018/07/31

    Sacrifices depend on following the prescribed rites with the proper interior disposition. A survey of Biblical examples.
  31. Leviticus Lecture 9 - Theology of Sacrifice2018/07/25

    The Levitical sacrifices do not operate through their own inherent value but because they are commanded by God.
  32. Leviticus Lecture 8 - Guilt and Guilt Offerings2018/07/18

    We must not take God's mercy for granted. He is generous with His mercy, but He is still a Holy and all-powerful God, not a mere friend.
  33. Leviticus Lecture 7 - Purification and Communion2018/07/11

    Celebratory meals of fellowship are done with others and with God, foreshadowing the Eucharistic sacrifice. However, they require one to be ritually clean and unstained by sin, similar to how the Eucharist requires us to be in a state of grace. Yet God is eager for us to seek that forgiveness.
  34. Leviticus Lecture 6 - Offerings, Part 12018/07/03

    In this episode we begin discussing the basic structure of burnt offerings and cereal offerings.
  35. Leviticus Lecture 5 - Offerings2018/06/27

    Sacrifice commonly has a connotation as a loss to Westerners, but in Leviticus it can be done for all the reasons of prayer: for thanksgiving, for mourning, for please for forgiveness or help. Sacrifice makes prayer concrete.

    By the way, last week I accidentally reposted the same content as a new episode. I'm sorry for the mistake!
  36. Leviticus Lecture 4 - Clothing the Divine2018/06/11

    Just like how Jesus was divinity clothed in flesh, so also is Leviticus the love of God clothed in the letter of the law.
  37. Leviticus Lecture 3 - Structure of the Book2018/06/05

    The book is divided into parts: It describes a mechanism God gives to heal our brokenness through sacrifice. It describes a priesthood provided to the people as a buffer between humanity and God's awesome holiness. Finally it oultines a standard for how we can know what is true or false, helpful or hurtful even today.
  38. Leviticus Lecture 2 - Metaphors of Holiness2018/05/29
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  39. Leviticus Lecture 1 - The Call to Holiness2018/05/22

    Leviticus is a difficult book. It is seemingly a tedious book of regulations. However, each rule is an example of how we are called to holiness. It is concrete guidance from God that is still relevant to Christians today.
  40. Ezekiel Lecture 37 - Water from the Temple2018/04/30

    Ezekiel illustrates a life-giving river flowing from the Temple. Overall This description of a Temple encourages us to read more from Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy to understand Jewish worship to appreciate the description of the Temple and the Mass. This is the last episode of the Ezekiel study, thank you for listening.
  41. Ezekiel Lecture 36 - The Holy and the Common2018/04/10

    God will place the Levites who presided over idolatry in the lesser roles of his temple, whereas the loyal sons of Zadok will minister directly to God. There will be strict separation between what is holy and what is common.
  42. Ezekiel Lecture 35 - Return of the Lord2018/04/03

    God came from the East, the earth shone with His glory. He notes how the Israelites have disrespected the temple in multiple ways, and asserts that things will change from now on.
  43. Ezekiel Lecture 34 - The Walls of the Temple2018/03/27

    The Temple as described is a specifically Hebrew temple, where access to God is limited and well protected. The imagery and measurements represent categories of holiness, not a secret code for conspiracies.
  44. Ezekiel Lecture 33 - The Beginning of the Year2018/03/19

    Ezekiel receives the vision of the new Temple a quarter century into exile. It mirrors the vision of God departing from the Temple earlier in the book.
  45. Ezekiel Lecture 32 - The Mystic Temple2018/03/14

    Ezekiel's final chapters describe a vision of a Temple of God in great detail. It does not match Solomon's Temple (not destroyed), the second Temple, or Herod's renovation of the second Temple. Is this description of a physical temple to be realized, or something symbolic? The existence of a Temple is a primary concern for Jews both historical and contemporary.
  46. Ezekiel Lecture 31 - Interpreting the Vision of Gogc2018/03/06

    We believe that this prophecy of Gog will be fulfilled, but how and when it will happen is a subject of much debate. Ultimately however it will be God's might that achieves Gog's defeat rather than our efforts.
  47. Ezekiel Lecture 30 - Gog throughout the Bible2018/02/27

    Ezekiel, Joel, and Revelation all tell of an invading army from the north who will attack the Israelites and yet be destroyed by a cataclysm.
  48. Ezekiel Lecture 29 - Gog2018/02/19

    Ezekiel has a vision of a battle at the end times, where a horde of barbarian horsemen from many faraway nations seek to invade Israel. While striking one must be careful about speculating about specific political events through this vision.
  49. Ezekiel Lecture 28 - Valley of the Bones2018/02/13

    God shows Ezekiel a vision of a valley of dry bones that symbolize Israel. He promises to raise up these bones and breathe new life into them, resurrecting the nation of Israel and foreshadowing the promise of everlasting life in Christianity.
  50. Ezekiel Lecture 27 - A New Spirit in an Old Covenant2018/01/27

    The Lord promises to clean the Israelites from their idol worship and to return them to a culture of carefully obeying his Law. This is not a new covenant, but a new spirit of faithfulness to the original covenant. Likewise Christians have had their new covenant through Christ, but to realize the promises we must allow God to work through us to carefully carry out His work.
  51. Ezekiel Lecture 26b - On God's Faithfulness2018/01/20

    It sometimes appears that God's promises are not fulfilled. But it is not because God is not faithful, but oftentimes because the people to whom he makes his promises are not faithful themselves and must be punished. However ultimately God will be more faithful than his people for the sake of his name.
  52. Ezekiel Lecture 26 - Against Mount Seir2018/01/14

    The Lord turns to judge Edom, the nation from the line of Esau. Edomites have held a perpetual hatred against the Israelites, and their opportunistic attack against Israel enraged the Lord. Even though the Lord was punishing Israel, He ultimately promised this land to them, and it was not Edom's to take, nor Edom's right to indulge their violence and hate.
  53. Ezekiel Lecture 25 - The Lord as Shepherd2017/12/30

    The Lord promises that both He and the Son of David will be a Shepherd for His people, prophesying the future Messiah.
  54. Ezekiel Lecture 24 - Shepherds2017/12/23

    Ezekiel prophecies against the "Shepherds:" politicians, religious leaders, and teachers who do not care for their flock spiritually or physically and instead only enjoy the privileges of leadership. Christianity has many modern examples among the clergy today.
  55. Ezekiel Lecture 23 - Survivors2017/12/18

    Jerusalem has fallen, but the few survivors have not learned to change their ways. Just because they survived this onslaught does not mean they are free from God's wrath if they continue to sin.
  56. Ezekiel Lecture 22 - Repentance2017/12/11

    God takes no pleasure in killing the wicked, but in the wicked turning back from their evil ways. It's not that we are trying to achieve a net positive when comparing sin and virtue, but whether we are turned toward Him or away from Him at the end.
  57. Ezekiel Lecture 21 - Being a Watchman2017/12/04

    The Lord offers hope beyond the punishment. He sets Ezekiel as a watchman, responsible for warning people if their sins will lead them to destruction. Whether or not they repent, if Ezekiel knows that they are in danger of destruction, and does not warn them, he is responsible. So are we also set as watchmen.
  58. Ezekiel Lecture 20 - Egypt2017/11/20

    Egypt was one of the most prosperous ancient civilizations. The Lord plans on punishing Egypt for their duplicity in their military agreements with Israel. Babylon will come through and plunder Egypt, leaving it to forever be a shadow of its former glory.
  59. Ezekiel Lecture 19 - Bringing Tyre Low2017/11/06

    The Lord compares the King of Tyre to Lucifer. The King's hubris will lead him to challenge Babylon and lose. The Lord will judge all nations that coerce or attack innocent countries. He will deliver the innocent from the thorns that attack them, though this may not happen in this lifetime.
  60. Ezekiel Lecture 18 - The Markets of Tyre2017/10/28

    Tyre had vast access to many markets: Persia and many Africans. Tyre produced a royal purple dye from shellfish that was very valuable. Their markets had all kinds of exotic goods. Among other things, Tyre is a center for slave trade. The King of Tyre considers himself a god, and will soon find out how incorrect this is.
  61. Ezekiel Lecture 17 - Tyre2017/10/21

    Tyre will suffer the rather of many nations as part of God's punishment for their perverse pleasure in Israel's demise. This prophecy is controversial, partially because Tyre is able to survive long sieges. However, over the course of history it faces opponent after opponent, eventually succumbing to Alexander the Great.
  62. Ezekiel Lecture 16 - Judgement of the Nations2017/10/15

    God intends to punish the Ammonites, the Edomites, and the Phillistines. Some of them are punished merely for an attitude of malicious glee at the punishment of Israel. This should make us think twice about our own attitudes about our enemies.
  63. Ezekiel Lecture 15 - The List of Israel's Sins2017/09/24

    God reminds the "Prince" of Israel of his country's many sins, and how he will not escape punishment. Ultimately the nation will be shown mercy though, despite its long history of sin. Ezekiel is ordered to perform several signs of Israel's coming punishment, including being ordered not to mourn the death of his wife.
  64. Ezekiel Lecture 14 - Reminder of God's Mercy Toward Israel2017/09/18
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  65. Ezekiel Lecture 13 - Breaking Multiple Covenants2017/09/11

    God tells Israel a series of allegories. He warns Israel of its upcoming punishment for not only breaking His covenant but their political covenant with Babylon. He gains no pleasure from the death of His children and seeks their return to Him.
  66. Ezekiel Lecture 12 - America, Sodom, and Israel2017/09/04

    God reminds Judah that Sodom was synonymous was evil in Israelite culture, but that Judah's actions are worse because they should know better. They are a prosperous nation steeped in Scripture that is turning around and attacking those loyal to God.
  67. Ezekiel Lecture 11 - Israel the Harlot2017/08/28

    God tells Ezekiel to compare Israel to a child disposed of in a wasteland, who God takes in, raises, and marries before she turns around and becomes a harlot. Israel "plays the field" by worshipping other pagan gods and making child sacrifices.
  68. Ezekiel Lecture 10 - Look back on False Prophets and Idolatry2017/08/19

    The lord promises to lead false prophets astray for pretending that they speak with His authority. The last part of this episode is some review and discussion of the previous few lectures, tying it into modern life.

    I apologize for the echos in this recording.
  69. Ezekiel Lecture 9 - Preparing for Exile2017/08/12

    The Lord tells Ezekiel to prepare the Israelites for exile, that they may confess their sins to the nations. The exiled Israelites will one day come back and rebuild Israel, and the Lord will replace their hearts of stone and restore Israel to a nation loyal to the Lord.
  70. Ezekiel Lecture 8 - The Man in White Linen2017/08/06

    The Lord shows Ezekiel of a vision where He instructs a man in white linen to mark Israelites loyal to God with a crosslike symbol, and then destroy the rest with cleansing fire for their idolatry.

    I apologize for the echo in this recording.
  71. Ezekiel Lecture 7 - Vision of the Idols2017/07/31

    God shows Ezekiel a vision of pervasive idol worship among the Israelites, even among the highest echelons of power. Demand for false prophets is high at this time, though Ezekiel has gained notoriety and people are interested to hear what God tells him to say.

    I apologize for the echo in this recording.
  72. Ezekiel Lecture 6 - Fantastic Power2017/07/22

    We discuss how some of the elements of the Ezekiel's visions are found elsewhere in the Bible. We also begin to discuss the vision of God on the throne, resplendent in awesome power.
  73. Ezekiel Lecture 5 - Living Wheels2017/07/15

    We discuss the living wheels that make up the chariot and throne of God in Ezekiel's vision.
  74. Ezekiel Lecture 4 - The Throne of God2017/07/09

    We discuss the winged creatures in Ezekiel's vision, tying in their potential signficance to other parts of the Bible.
  75. Ezekiel Lecture 3 - Creatures in the Storm2017/07/02

    Ezekiel sees of vision of powerful-looking creatures that hold up a chariot for the Lord. The imagery of these creatures is used for artistic effect in later, recognizable works but must be viewed in their context: as symbols of power and majesty.
  76. Ezekiel Lecture 2 - The Priest Without a Temple2017/06/24

    We are introduced to Ezekiel. We know he was a young Levitical priest and that he was a Jew in the Babylonian exile. We discuss a bit of the historical context.
  77. Ezekiel Lecture 1 - How to Approach Ezekiel2017/06/18
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  78. Philippians Lecture 20 - Pillars of Christian Life2017/06/11

    We must rejoice in Christ, pray and give thanks to God. If we follow the Christ-centered conduct of Paul and the Philippians, we will be following a solid example and one grounded in Scripture.

    Thank you for listening to our study on Paul's Letter to the Philippians. Tune in for our next study!
  79. Philippians Lecture 19 - Rejoice Always2017/06/04

    Rejoice always, in the Lord. This is more than general cheer--this is part of our inner spiritual life. Such rejoicing reveals a trust in the Lord that can cut down divisions between Christians because it is God who will take care of the conflict.
  80. Philippians Lecture 18 - In Christ2017/05/28

    Paul wants our joy and suffering and sacrifice not to be experiences in themselves, but products in our growing relationship with Christ. He asks one of the Philippian pastors to resolve a conflict between two prominent women in the community, because such conflicts keep them (and us) from progressing in Christ.
  81. Philippians Lecture 17 - Racing to Heaven2017/05/21

    Paul tells the Philippians to race towards Heaven and towards an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. No matter what they've achieved in their journey, they should stay focused on pursuing this goal. They should put to death all worldly appetites and desires, for those will drag them away from this final goal.
  82. Philippians Lecture 16 - Power and Suffering2017/05/17

    We are to know the power of his resurrection and participate in his suffering--we commune with Christ in His sufferings. We must actively work to know God better. Being conformed to a death like Christ's. We should be ambitious to suffer as Christ had suffered.
  83. Philippians Lecture 15 - Paul, the Most Devout Jew2017/04/29

    Paul argues that knowing Jesus Christ is more important than any earthly outward show of pious obedience. He argues that if that was the case, he is more devout than any other Jew. However, these accomplishments he counted as losses for the sake of Christ.
  84. Philippians Lecture 14 - Circumcision in Spirit2017/04/15

    We begin the 3rd chapter of Philippians. Paul begins to remind the Philippians about the danger of Judaizers, Christians who want to unnecessarily push the Law of Moses on Gentiles. He points out this is unnecessary because Christian circumcision is in the spirit, not the flesh.
  85. Philippians Lecture 13 - Unity in Modern Life2017/04/08

    We must transcend our divisions to shine as light in a secularized world. Nonbelievers see when Christians squabble and they comment on it. Paul built an early Church with Jews, Greeks, and Romans, each with forces and ideologies that tried to drive them apart. Compared to the crucifix however, every pettiness is so much less.
  86. Philippians Lecture 12 - Salvation and Worry2017/03/25
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  87. Philippians Lecture 11 - That Every Knee Should Bend2017/03/18

    Paul illustrates the humiliations that Christ endured, which contrast with the sins of Adam. These humiliations are exactly how we should imitate Christ.
  88. Philippians Lecture 10 - Unity as Witness2017/03/11
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  89. Philippians Lecture 9 - Spiritual Unity2017/02/25

    Paul has concerns about unity breaking down in Philippians at a spiritual level. They have suffered years of persecution and poverty. Paul comforts them in this, saying it is a sign from God. They have been granted suffering for Him, and the evildoers will be punished.
  90. Philippians Lecture 8 - Glory to God through Chains2017/02/18

    Paul calls for the Philippians' love to grow and abound in knowledge and in understanding. He discusses suffering, giving joy that his imprisonment has led his preaching the Gospel to have such a wide reach. He argues that persecution is a privilege and a sign of one's devotion to Christ.
  91. Philippians Lecture 7 - Paul's Thanksgiving2017/02/11

    Paul is incredibly thankful to God for Philippi, and thankful for God's grace and work through them. This thankfulness buoys him as he serves his prison sentence, and is a model for us as we are called to "rejoice always and in everything give thanks."
  92. Philippians Lecture 6 - Salutations2017/02/05

    Paul introduces himself and Timothy as servants of Christ Jesus, and the significance of this title is discussed. The letter is addressed to the entire community, not just the overseers and deacons. They are all saints, through grace in Jesus Christ. The titles of overseer and deacon also have different connotations in that time than today.
  93. Philippians Lecture 5 - Introducing the Church of Philippi2017/01/21

    Paul maintains a warm friendship with the church of Philippi. They are poor and persecuted but joyful and generous beyond their means. Paul's letter to them, written from prison, reflects that effusive joy. Some references to Philippi in the other letters are discussed.
  94. Philippians Lecture 4 - Beginning to Preach2017/01/14

    Some of Paul and Luke's initial efforts at preaching in Philippi are chronicled. They meet and convert Lydia, a wealthy woman who would later be helpful in their other Macedonian efforts. They are arrested and beaten for their work, yet their are freed by the Lord through an earthquake. They convert their jailer and his family, but are asked to leave by the law in the town.
  95. Philippians Lecture 3 - Arriving in Philippi2017/01/07
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  96. Philippians Lecture 2 - The Council of Jerusalem and Plotting New Churches2016/12/31

    In this lecture we continue discussing some of the background history that leads to Philippians. We discuss the Council of Jerusalem, which decides the responsibilities of Gentiles with regard to Jewish law, and Paul's initial plan for his mission which he intends to take to Asia Minor.
  97. Philippians Lecture 1 - The Spread of the Church2016/12/17
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  98. Deuteronomy 40 - The Sovereignty of God2016/11/13
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  99. Deuteronomy 39 - Applying Particular Laws2016/11/13

    "You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain." This law seems like it is not applicable to those who do not have oxen. However, this particular law can be a teaching moment for God's people. It shows that it is wrong to deprive any working creature of their just reward for labor, whether they are an animal or human. Underpaying a worker out of greed is violating this law.
  100. Deuteronomy 38 - Rising to God2016/10/31

    This episode discusses the form of Law. For example, some laws are meant to set the Jews apart from other peoples, and some laws are written with the hardness of men's hearts in mind. Then there are pieces that call men higher to God himself, to call men to have a believing heart. The realization of some of this Law in the Gospel is discussed.
  101. Deuteronomy 37 - The Purpose of the Law2016/10/23

    These next couple of lectures discuss Deuteronomy as a whole. First, the role of the Law in our relationship with God is discussed. Then the Shema Israel and the Ten Commandments, the cornerstone of the Law, is reviewed. God cannot be satisfied by our imperfect adherence to these Laws, but through His love and mercy our hearts will be circumcised to build a higher obedience.
  102. Deuteronomy 36 - The End of the Book2016/10/15
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  103. Deuteronomy 35 - The Blessings of the Tribes2016/10/09

    This episode discusses the specific blessings Moses leaves to each tribe. These are comparable to the blessings Jacob leaves to his sons before his death. Many have implications for military ability or wealth and prosperity.
  104. Deuteronomy 34 - The Song of Moses2016/10/01
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  105. Deuteronomy 33 - Commissioning Joshua and a Song2016/09/24
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  106. Deuteronomy 32 - Choosing Life2016/09/17

    The Law of the Lord is not beyond our reach. It is here, and accessible. Therefore, we must decide to study it and follow it. We are given the choice of Life or Death, being For or Against the Lord. The New Testament repeats this message in reference to Christ. We have the freedom to choose either path, and while we live God's mercy beckons us to turn to the path of Life.
  107. Deuteronomy 31 - The People of God2016/09/10
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  108. Deuteronomy 30 - Blessings and Curses2016/09/03
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  109. Deuteronomy 29 - Committing to God2016/08/27
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  110. Deuteronomy 28 - A Brief Review2016/08/13
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  111. Deuteronomy 27 - Sharing Abundance with the Poor2016/08/06
  112. Deuteronomy 26 - Hardness of Heart2016/07/30
  113. Deuteronomy 25 - Practical Law Part 32016/07/23
  114. Deuteronomy 24 - Practical Law Part 22016/07/16
  115. Deuteronomy 23 - Practical Law2016/07/09
  116. Deuteronomy 22 - Godly Warfare and Religious Culture2016/07/02
  117. Deuteronomy 21 - The Prophet and Cities of Sanctuary2016/06/25
  118. Deuteronomy 20 - Due Process, Kings, and Priests2016/06/18
  119. Deuteronomy 19 - Judges and Abominable Worship2016/06/11
  120. Deuteronomy 18 - Feasts, How to Read Deuteronomy, and Living Separately2016/06/04
  121. Deuteronomy 17 - Kosher Laws, Tithes, and Debt2016/05/28
  122. Deuteronomy 16 - Innocent Blood and Apostates2016/05/21
  123. Deuteronomy 15 - One Place of Worship2016/05/14
  124. Deuteronomy 14 - Mercy2016/05/08
  125. Deuteronomy 13 - Preparing for a Life of Abundance2016/02/13
  126. Deuteronomy 12 - Call to Destroy the Canaanites2016/02/06
  127. Deuteronomy 11 - Comprehensive Devotion to God2016/01/30
  128. Deuteronomy 10 - The Ten Commandments, Part 22016/01/23
  129. Deuteronomy 09 - The Ten Commandments2016/01/16
  130. Deuteronomy 08 - Notes Before the Ten Commandments2016/01/09
  131. Deuteronomy 07 – The First Sermon of Moses, Part 32016/01/02
  132. Deuteronomy 06 - The First Sermon of Moses, Part 22015/12/19
  133. Deuteronomy 05 - First Sermon of Moses, Part 12015/12/12
  134. Deuteronomy 04 - How to Follow the Law2015/12/05
  135. Deuteronomy 03 - Exhortation to Follow the Law2015/11/28
  136. Deuteronomy Podcast Episode 2 - Dating Deuteronomy2015/11/21
  137. Deuteronomy 01 - The Law of God, Written for Everyone2015/11/14
  138. Colossians 62015/10/18
  139. Colossians 52015/09/26
  140. Colossians 42015/08/28
  141. Colossians 32015/08/01
  142. Colossians 22015/07/09
  143. Colossians 12015/07/02
  144. The Advent of Hope2015/05/30
  145. The Advent of Hope2015/05/16
  146. The Advent of Hope2015/04/21
  147. The Advent of Hope2015/03/30
  148. The Advent of Hope2015/03/09
  149. The Advent of Hope2015/02/20
  150. The Advent of Hope2015/02/08
  151. The Advent of Hope2015/01/25
  152. The Advent of Hope2015/01/14
  153. The Early Church 3 - The early apologists and the witness of Faith2014/12/07
  154. The Early Church 2 - The early, undivided Church in Acts of the Apostles2014/11/21
  155. The Early Church 1 - Introduction and Acts of the Apostles2014/11/09
  156. The Mission of the Church - Part Eight2014/10/11
  157. The Mission of the Church - Part Seven2014/10/05
  158. The Mission of the Church - Part Six2014/09/10
  159. The Mission of the Church - Part Five2014/08/26
  160. The Mission of the Church - Part Four2014/08/03
  161. The Mission of the Church - Part Three2014/07/14
  162. The Mission of the Church - Part Two2014/06/12
  163. The Mission of the Church - Part One2014/05/28
  164. Exodus 16 - Conclusion2014/05/14
  165. Exodus 15 - Building the Tabernacle2014/04/29
  166. Exodus 14 - Moses as Mediator2014/04/16
  167. Exodus 13 - The Golden Calf2014/04/06
  168. Exodus 12 - Ordination of Priests2014/03/28
  169. Exodus 11 - Holy Things2014/03/15
  170. Exodus 10 - Ratification of the Law2014/03/06
  171. Exodus 9 - Various Laws2014/02/26
  172. Exodus 8 - The Law Given at Sinai2014/02/14
  173. The Holy Spirit2014/02/09
  174. Exodus 7 - God Provides for His People2014/02/01
  175. Exodus 6 - The Parting of the Sea2014/01/27
  176. Exodus 5 - The Last Plague and the Passover2014/01/16
  177. Exodus 4 - More Serious Plagues2014/01/07
  178. Exodus 3 - Hardness of Heart2013/12/25
  179. Exodus 2 - The Burning Bush2013/12/09
  180. Exodus 1 - Background on the Exodus2013/11/27
  181. Porta Fidei - Second Session2013/11/14
  182. Porta Fidei - First Session2013/11/06
  183. Genesis 22 - Conclusion2013/10/19
  184. Genesis 21 - Blessings2013/10/09
  185. Genesis 20 - Israel in Egypt2013/09/28
  186. Genesis 19 - Joseph Reunites with His Brothers2013/09/19
  187. Genesis 18 - Joseph Interprets Dreams2013/09/05
  188. Genesis 17 - Joseph and Tamar2013/08/30
  189. Genesis 16 - Tensions in Jacob's Family2013/08/22
  190. Genesis 15 - Jacob becomes Israel2013/08/13
  191. Genesis 14 - Jacob Leaves Laban2013/08/03
  192. Genesis 13 - The Death of Isaac2013/07/23
  193. Genesis 12 - Isaac2013/07/16
  194. Genesis 11 - Isaac and Rebekah2013/07/13
  195. Genesis 10 - Descendants and Obligations2013/07/04
  196. Genesis 09 - Abraham's Hospitality and Sodom's Wickedness2013/06/15
  197. Genesis 08 - Abram's Blessing and Covenant2013/06/07
  198. Genesis 07 - Abram in Canaan2013/05/31
  199. Genesis 06 - Noah after the Flood2013/05/24
  200. Genesis 05 - The Antediluvian Period2013/05/12
  201. Genesis 04 - The Fall of Man2013/04/27
  202. Genesis 03 - Creation2013/04/21
  203. Genesis 02 - The Documentary Hypothesis and Its Shortcomings2013/04/14
  204. Genesis 01 - Introduction2013/04/06
  205. Ephesians Hiatus2013/02/16
  206. Thessalonians 14 - Conclusion2013/02/09
  207. Thessalonians 13 - Tying Second Thessalonians Together2013/02/02
  208. Thessalonians 12 - The Desolating Sacrilege2013/01/26
  209. Thessalonians 11 - The Man of Lawlessness2013/01/19
  210. Thessalonians 10 - An Introduction to the End Times2013/01/12
  211. Thessalonians 09 - Growing in Faith2013/01/05
  212. Thessalonians 08 - Encouraging the Faint-Hearted2012/12/29
  213. Thessalonians 07 - The End of the World2012/12/22
  214. Thessalonians 06 - The Christian View of Death2012/12/15
  215. Thessalonians 05 - Holy Chastity2012/12/08
  216. Thessalonians 04 - Longing for Thessalonica2012/12/01
  217. Thessalonians 03b - Paul's Personal Ministry2012/11/24
  218. Thessalonians 03 - Pushed by the Holy Spirit2012/11/17
  219. Thessalonians 02 - Paul in Thessalonica2012/11/10
  220. Thessalonians 01 - Introduction2012/11/03
  221. Pastoral Epistles 25 - Appealing to Philemon2012/10/27
  222. Pastoral Epistles 24 - Philemon2012/10/20
  223. Pastoral Epistles 23 - Engaging the Faithful2012/10/13
  224. Pastoral Epistles 22 - Godly Living2012/10/06
  225. Pastoral Epistles 21 - Character of Teachers2012/09/29
  226. Pastoral Epistles 20 - Introduction to Titus2012/09/22
  227. Pastoral Epistles 19 - End of Second Timothy2012/09/15
  228. Pastoral Epistles 18 - Instructing the faithful2012/09/08
  229. Pastoral Epistles 17 - Avoiding Error2012/09/01
  230. Pastoral Epistles 16 - The Last Days2012/08/25
  231. Pastoral Epistles 15 - Erroneous Doctrines2012/08/18
  232. Pastoral Epistles 14 - Analogies for the Christian Life2012/08/11
  233. Pastoral Epistles 13 - Testifying to the Faith2012/08/04
  234. Pastoral Epistles 12 - Second Timothy Introduction2012/07/28
  235. Pastoral Epistles 11 - Slavery2012/07/21
  236. Pastoral Epistles 10 - Fidelity2012/07/14
  237. Pastoral Epistles 09 - Care of Widows2012/07/07
  238. Pastoral Epistles 08 - Unnecessary Restrictions on the Congregation2012/06/30
  239. Pastoral Epistles 07 - Character of Authority2012/06/23
  240. Pastoral Epistles 06 - Salvation for the Multitudes2012/06/16
  241. Pastoral Epistles 05 - Intercession2012/06/09
  242. Pastoral Epistles 04 - Excommunication2012/06/02
  243. Pastoral Epistles 03 - Heresy in Ephesus2012/05/26
  244. Pastoral Epistles 02 - Timothy and Titus2012/05/19
  245. Pastoral Epistles 01 - Introduction2012/05/12
  246. Ezra/Nehemiah - Conclusion2012/05/05
  247. Ezra/Nehemiah - Lessons for Today2012/04/28
  248. Ezra/Nehemiah - Sabbath Rest2012/04/21
  249. Ezra/Nehemiah - Populating Jerusalem2012/04/14
  250. Ezra/Nehemiah - The Rededication of the People2012/04/07
  251. Ezra/Nehemiah - The Renewing of the Covenant2012/03/31
  252. Ezra/Nehemiah - The Wall is Finished2012/03/24
  253. Ezra/Nehemiah - Making Sound the Rebuilding2012/03/17
  254. Ezra/Nehemiah - Nehemiah Begins Rebuilding2012/03/10
  255. Ezra/Nehemiah - Nehemiah Seeks to Rebuild Jerusalem2012/03/03
  256. Ezra/Nehemiah - Foreign Wives Denounced2012/02/25
  257. Ezra/Nehemiah - A People Apart2012/02/18
  258. Ezra/Nehemiah - Outside Interference2012/02/11
  259. Ezra/Nehemiah - Temple Sacrifice2012/02/04
  260. Ezra/Nehemiah - Census2012/01/28
  261. Ezra/Nehemiah - Introduction2012/01/21
  262. Incarnation - Humility2012/01/14
  263. Incarnation - Fully God, Fully Man, Fully Aware2012/01/07
  264. Incarnation - The Order of Melchizedek2011/12/31
  265. Incarnation - Holiness2011/12/24
  266. Incarnation - More on Hope2011/12/17
  267. Incarnation - Hope2011/12/10
  268. Incarnation - More Davidic Prophecies2011/12/03
  269. Incarnation - Prophecies and Covenants2011/11/26
  270. Incarnation - The Old Testament2011/11/19
  271. Incarnation - Adam and Eve2011/11/12
  272. Dale Ahlquist on the Apocalyptic Conflagration2011/11/05
  273. Kevin O'Brien as Hilaire Belloc2011/10/29
  274. Four Last Things - Communion of the Whole Church2011/10/22
  275. Four Last Things - Communion of the Saints2011/10/15
  276. Four Last Things - The Minority Will be Saved2011/10/08
  277. Four Last Things - Universal Salvation2011/10/01
  278. Four Last Things - Hell, An Introduction2011/09/24
  279. Four Last Things - The Nature of Heaven2011/09/17
  280. Four Last Things - Our Heavenly Identity2011/09/10
  281. Four Last Things - Heaven2011/09/03
  282. Four Last Things - Purgatory2011/08/27
  283. Four Last Things - Between Heaven and Earth2011/08/20
  284. Four Last Things - Judgment2011/08/13
  285. Four Last Things - Death2011/08/06
  286. Jeremiah - Conclusion2011/07/30
  287. Jeremiah - Settling Old Conflicts2011/07/23
  288. Jeremiah - Condemnation of Egypt2011/07/16
  289. Jeremiah - Impending Fate of Egypt2011/07/09
  290. Jeremiah - Gedaliah, Ishmael, and Johanan2011/07/02
  291. Jeremiah - Jerusalem Falls2011/06/25
  292. Jeremiah - Babylon Gets Closer2011/06/18
  293. Jeremiah - Prophecy of Restoration2011/06/11
  294. Jeremiah - Future of False Prophecy2011/06/04
  295. Jeremiah - Destruction of the Temple2011/05/28
  296. Jeremiah - Judgments2011/05/21
  297. Jeremiah - Persecution2011/05/14
  298. Jeremiah - Rejected by his Kinsmen2011/05/07
  299. Jeremiah - Visions and Parables2011/04/30
  300. Jeremiah - The Covenant of Deuteronomy2011/04/23
  301. Jeremiah - Faithfulness to God2011/04/16
  302. Jeremiah - Israel Unfaithful2011/04/09
  303. Jeremiah - Outline2011/04/02
  304. Jeremiah - Background2011/03/26
  305. John - Conclusion2011/03/19
  306. John - The Tomb2011/03/12
  307. John - Crucifixion2011/03/05
  308. John - Trials2011/02/26
  309. John - The End of the Feast2011/02/19
  310. John - Bearing Fruit2011/02/12
  311. John - The Last Supper2011/02/05
  312. John - Entry into Jerusalem2011/01/29
  313. John - Raising of Lazarus2011/01/22
  314. John - The Good Shepherd2011/01/15
  315. John - Argument and Healing2011/01/08
  316. John - The Woman Caught in Adultery2011/01/01
  317. John - Hard Sayings2010/12/25
  318. John - Bread of Heaven2010/12/18
  319. John - The Authority of Jesus2010/12/11
  320. John - Into Galilee2010/12/04
  321. John - Zeal for Thy House 2010/11/27
  322. John - Signs2010/11/20
  323. John - Chapter 12010/11/13
  324. John - Introduction2010/11/06
  325. Romans - Conclusion2010/10/23
  326. Romans - Pleasing Others2010/10/23
  327. Romans - Scruples2010/10/06
  328. Romans - Meeting Obligations2010/10/06
  329. Romans - Humility2010/10/02
  330. Romans - The Body2010/09/20
  331. Romans - Will Israel be Saved?2010/09/13
  332. Romans - The Elect2010/09/06
  333. Romans - Mission2010/08/30
  334. Romans - All who Call upon the Name2010/08/23
  335. Romans - Vessels of Wrath2010/08/16
  336. Romans - Sonship of the Jews2010/08/09
  337. Romans - Hope2010/08/02
  338. Romans - The Spirit versus the Flesh2010/07/27
  339. Romans - Grace versus Sin2010/07/19
  340. Romans - Sin and the Law2010/07/12
  341. Romans- Grace and Sin2010/07/05
  342. Romans - Faith and Works2010/06/28
  343. Romans - Jesus and Adam2010/06/21
  344. Romans - Faith, Hope, and Love2010/06/14
  345. Romans - Faith2010/06/07
  346. Romans - Holiness and the Law2010/05/31
  347. Romans - Judgment, part 22010/05/24
  348. Romans - On Judgment2010/05/17
  349. Romans - Faith and Purity2010/05/10
  350. Romans - Introduction and Salutation2010/05/03
  351. Matthew - Concluding Notes2010/04/26
  352. Matthew - The Resurrection2010/04/19
  353. Matthew - The Crucifixion2010/04/12
  354. Matthew - The Betrayal2010/04/03
  355. Matthew - Olivet Discourse2010/03/29
  356. Matthew - Sectarian Challenges2010/03/22
  357. Matthew - Eschatology2010/03/15
  358. Matthew - Devotion2010/03/08
  359. Matthew - The Transfiguration2010/03/01
  360. Matthew - Jesus and the Church2010/02/22
  361. Matthew - Parables and Disbelief2010/02/15
  362. Matthew - John the Baptist; the Sabbath2010/02/08
  363. Matthew - Sending the Disciples2010/02/01
  364. Matthew - Beginning of Healings2010/01/25
  365. Matthew - Ministry In Galilee2010/01/18
  366. Matthew - John the Baptist2010/01/11
  367. Matthew - Messianic Prophecies2010/01/04
  368. Matthew - Genealogy and Pregnancy2009/12/28
  369. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Herod2009/12/21
  370. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Messianic Hope2009/12/14
  371. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Hasmonean Dynasty, continued2009/12/07
  372. From Babylon to Bethlehem - The Hasmonean Dynasty2009/11/30
  373. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Prelude to the Maccabean Revolt2009/11/23
  374. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Greek Rule over Israel2009/11/16
  375. From Babylon to Bethlehem - to the Ends of the Earth2009/11/11
  376. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Rebuilding the Temple2009/11/02
  377. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Persian Rule2009/10/26
  378. From Babylon to Bethlehem - Return from Exile2009/10/17
  379. Wonder's Role in Faith2009/10/12
  380. Tom Howard on Wonder2009/10/05
  381. Life on the Rock2009/09/28
  382. Christian Apocalyptic - The Modern Age2009/09/21
  383. Christian Apocalyptic - The Early Church2009/09/14
  384. Christian Apocalyptic - Examples2009/09/07
  385. Christian Apocalyptic - Understanding Apocalyptic Literature2009/08/31
  386. Jude - Lusts, Errors, and Shared Themes2009/08/24
  387. Jude - Introduction, False Teachers2009/08/18
  388. 2nd Peter - The Coming of the Lord2009/08/09
  389. 2nd Peter - Scoffers2009/08/01
  390. 2nd Peter - False Teachers, continued2009/07/27
  391. 2nd Peter - False Teachers2009/07/19
  392. 2nd Peter - A Map for Spiritual Progress2009/07/12
  393. 2nd Peter - Introduction2009/07/04
  394. Life of St. Paul - Paul in Jerusalem and Rome2009/06/28
  395. Life of St. Paul - Closing the Second Missionary Journey2009/06/22
  396. Life of St. Paul - Ending the First Missionary Journey, Beginning the Second2009/06/15
  397. Life of St. Paul - First Missionary Journey2009/06/06
  398. Life of St. Paul - Context of Paul's Ministry2009/06/01
  399. Life of St. Paul - Preparation for Ministry2009/05/23
  400. Life of St. Paul - Upbringing and Conversion2009/05/17
  401. Life of St. Paul - Introduction2009/05/11
  402. 2nd Corinthians - Final Review2009/05/05
  403. 2nd Corinthians - Context2009/04/28
  404. 2nd Corinthians - Concluding the Epistle2009/04/19
  405. 2nd Corinthians - Paul's Bold Counter-Argument2009/04/12
  406. 2nd Corinthians - Titus and the Collection for Jerusalem2009/04/04
  407. 2nd Corinthians - Holiness: A Serious Separation from Sin2009/03/29
  408. 2nd Corinthians - The Holy Glory of God2009/03/22
  409. 2nd Corinthians - Covenant, Law, and Life in the Spirit2009/03/15
  410. 2nd Corinthians - Chapter Two2009/03/08
  411. 2nd Corinthians - Pastoring the Corinthians2009/03/01
  412. 2nd Corinthians - Suffering and Christ's Comforts2009/02/23
  413. 2nd Corinthians - Beginning the Second Corinthian Epistle2009/02/15
  414. 1st Corinthians - Conclusion2009/02/08
  415. 1st Corinthians - Reflections and Questions2009/02/02
  416. 1st Corinthians - Closing the Letter2009/01/25
  417. 1st Corinthians - Chapter 16 and Review2009/01/19
  418. 1st Corinthians - Paul Begins His Final Arguments2009/01/11
  419. 1st Corinthians - The Resurrection2009/01/04
  420. 1st Corinthians - Love and Spiritual Gifts2008/12/28
  421. 1st Corinthians - Spiritual Gifts and Body Life2008/12/21
  422. 1st Corinthians - Defending Paul's Apostolic Authority2008/12/15
  423. 1st Corinthians - Liberality and Constraints2008/12/09
  424. 1st Corinthians - Personal Disputes and Sexual Guidance2008/11/30
  425. 1st Corinthians - Principles of Pastoral Care and Holiness2008/11/23
  426. 1st Corinthians - Chastising the Corinthians2008/11/16
  427. 1st Corinthians - Chapter 32008/11/09
  428. 1st Corinthians - Foundation of the Epistle2008/11/02
  429. 1st Corinthians - Mission2008/10/26
  430. 1st Corinthians - Origins of Corinthian Christianity2008/10/19
  431. 1st Corinthians - Introduction2008/10/12
  432. Galatians - Conclusion2008/10/05
  433. Galatians - Responsibility and Liberty2008/09/27
  434. Galatians - Freedom and Love2008/09/21
  435. Galatians - Paul's Arguments2008/09/13
  436. Galatians - Bondage and Freedom2008/09/06
  437. Galatians - The Law's Preparation For Sonship2008/08/30
  438. Galatians - Covenantial Theology and Faith2008/08/24
  439. Galatians - Faith and Works2008/08/17
  440. Galatians - Paul Rebukes Peter in Antioch2008/08/10
  441. Galatians - Paul's Defense of His Ministry2008/08/02
  442. Galatians - The Impetus of Galatians 2008/07/27
  443. Galatians - The Backdrop for Galatians2008/07/18
  444. Men's Breakfast - Patrick Brennan and Dick Graham2008/07/13
  445. Men's Breakfast - Fatima's Call to Men2008/07/05
  446. FBT - God Desires Our Whole Heart2008/06/29
  447. FBT - The Law of the Lord2008/06/22
  448. FBT - Do Not Forget God's Commandments2008/06/15
  449. FBT - Second Giving of the Law2008/06/07
  450. FBT - Holy Priesthood and Rebellions2008/06/01
  451. FBT - Faithlessness vs. Steadfast Love2008/05/24
  452. FBT - Preparation, Provision and Severe Mercy2008/05/18
  453. FBT - The Priests and the People of God2008/05/10
  454. FBT - Deliverance and the Law2008/05/03
  455. FBT - The Foundations of the Great Exodus2008/04/29
  456. FBT - Journeys of Faith and Obedience2008/04/21
  457. FBT - Foundations and Fatherhood2008/04/12
  458. FBT - Interpreting the Scriptures2008/04/06
  459. FBT - Primordial Biblical Foundations2008/03/30
  460. The Gospel According to Luke - Resurrection Account2008/03/22
  461. The Gospel According to Luke - Last Hours of Christ's Life2008/03/15
  462. The Gospel According to Luke - Olivet Discourse, First Eucharist2008/03/09
  463. The Gospel According to Luke - Christ's Jerusalem Ministry2008/03/02
  464. The Gospel According to Luke - Final Journey to Jerusalem2008/02/23
  465. The Gospel According to Luke - Parables of Sin, Repentance and Faith2008/02/16
  466. The Gospel According to Luke - Timeless Parables and True Discipleship2008/02/09
  467. The Gospel According to Luke - Mission and Prayer2008/02/02
  468. The Gospel According to Luke - Continuing the Ministry in Galilee2008/01/27
  469. The Gospel According to Luke - Chapters 6 and 72008/01/19
  470. The Gospel According to Luke - Chapter 52008/01/12
  471. The Gospel According to Luke - Beginning of the Gospel Proper2008/01/06
  472. The Gospel According to Luke - Presentation and Finding in the Temple2007/12/29
  473. The Gospel According to Luke - The Census and the Nativity2007/12/22
  474. The Gospel According to Luke - Annunciation, Canticles and God's Preparation2007/12/15
  475. The Gospel According to Luke - John the Baptist2007/12/08
  476. The Gospel According to Luke - Introduction continued2007/12/01
  477. The Gospel According to Luke - Introduction2007/11/24
  478. Men's Breakfast - November 20072007/11/17
  479. The Conversion of Joseph Pearce2007/11/11
  480. The Conversion of St. Augustine2007/11/03
  481. The Conversion of St. Paul2007/10/27
  482. Malachi - Part 4 of 42007/10/20
  483. Malachi - Part 3 of 42007/10/13
  484. Malachi - Part 2 of 42007/10/07
  485. Malachi - Part 1 of 42007/09/30
  486. Victorious Life in Christ -- Through the Spirit, part 52007/09/22
  487. Victorious Life in Christ -- Through the Spirit, part 42007/09/16
  488. Victorious Life in Christ -- Through the Spirit, part 32007/09/08
  489. Victorious Life in Christ -- Through the Spirit, part 22007/09/01
  490. Victorious Life in Christ -- Through the Spirit, part 12007/08/26
  491. Church History - Early Imperial Church, part 32007/08/18
  492. Church History - Early Imperial Church, part 22007/08/11
  493. Church History - Early Imperial Church, part 12007/08/03
  494. Church History - Acts and Aftermath, part 22007/07/28
  495. Church History - Acts and Aftermath, part 12007/07/22
  496. How to Study the Bible2007/07/12
  497. 1st Peter - Wives, be Submissive2007/07/01
  498. 1st Peter - Chapter 12007/06/16
  499. 1st Peter - Introduction2007/06/07
  500. Men's Breakfast - May 20072007/05/30
  501. Lent 2007 - Psalm 512007/05/22
  502. Lent 2007 - The Life of David2007/05/14
  503. Lent 2007 - An Honest Personal Assessment2007/05/06
  504. Hebrews - Review2007/04/28
  505. Hebrews - Conclusion2007/04/20
  506. Hebrews - Disciplines of the Lord2007/04/07
  507. Hebrews - Chapter 112007/03/30
  508. Hebrews - Faith2007/03/22
  509. Hebrews - Chapter 102007/03/13
  510. Hebrews - Diatheke2007/03/02
  511. Hebrews - Chapter 92007/02/22
  512. Hebrews - A Better Covenant2007/02/15
  513. Hebrews - Melchizedek, Aaron and Christ2007/02/07
  514. Hebrews - Apostasy and Promise2007/01/30
  515. Hebrews - Spiritual Milk2007/01/20
  516. Hebrews - Holiness2007/01/15
  517. Hebrews - Christ, Our High Priest2007/01/06
  518. Hebrews - Chapters 3 and 42006/12/28
  519. Hebrews - Chapter 22006/12/18
  520. Hebrews - Chapter 12006/12/09
  521. Hebrews - Introduction2006/12/02
  522. The Gospel of Mark2006/11/23
  523. Reading the Prophetic Signs2006/11/15
  524. Gospel of John - In the Beginning was the Word2006/11/07
  525. Gospel of John - Introduction2006/10/30
  526. Galatians2006/10/21
  527. Isaiah, continued2006/10/13
  528. Isaiah: Songs of Justice, Judgment and Hope2006/10/05
  529. The Foundations of Biblical Thinking2006/09/27
  530. Conformed to Christ2006/09/18
  531. Songs of Love and Forgiveness - a study of Hosea2006/09/11
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