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The John Williams Podcast from 720 WGN

  1. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.12.18: Hope for Haiti, Sam’s Club, Bright Side of Life2018/01/12
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  2. Forbes Retail Contributing Writer Barbara Thau: Sam’s Club closings are a reflection on a changing retail landscape2018/01/12

    Forbes Retail Contributing Writer Barbara Thau explains why Sam’s Club is closing 63 of its 600 or so stores. Barbara says that Walmart has shown growth in its online success. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3451665/3451665_2018-01-12-165605.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  3. Hope for Haiti CEO: “The Haiti we know…is resilient”2018/01/12
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  4. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.11.18: 7/11 raided by ICE, President Trump thinks he knows his mandates, “It’s All Relative”2018/01/11
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  5. “It’s All Relative” Author A.J. Jacobs: “Family…gets along better than total strangers”2018/01/11

    It’s All Relative Author A.J. Jacobs says we are all cousins in his book. He joins John to explain why he set out to prove that we are all related. Watch out for the upcoming sitcom, “Living Biblically”, based on his life. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3451073/3451073_2018-01-11-162613.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  6. ABC News Washington: The president doesn’t understand the “controversial FISA act” on foreign surveillance2018/01/11

    ABC News Washington Correspondent Andy Field clarifies the mandate President Trump ordered on unmasking, which he himself doesn’t seem to understand. It’s concerns the following of the conversations between foreign powers. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3451070/3451070_2018-01-11-162210.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  7. Former SNL Cast Member Julia Sweeney2018/01/10

    As John Williams is LIVE from SNL: The Experience at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, he’s joined by past SNL cast member, Julia Sweeney. Also known as Pat from “It’s Pat”, Julia shares some of her favorite memories from being apart of the cast, her upcoming show at Second City, “Older & Wider”, and much more.
  8. Author and Former White Supremacist Christian Picciolini on his latest book “White American Youth”2018/01/10

    John Williams is joined by Former White Supremacist and Author, Christian Picciolini. Christian talks about his latest book White American Youth: My Descent Into America’s Most Violent Hate Movement – And How I Got Out, how he was recruited into the movement, life after getting out, and more.  
  9. SNL: The Experience Behind-The-Scenes with Mark Lach2018/01/10

    As John Williams broadcasts LIVE from SNL: The Experience at The Museum of Broadcast Communications, he speaks with the Creative Director of the exhibit, Mark Lach. Mark shares how he picked which iconic scenes and pieces to include in the exhibit, some his favorite clips from SNL, and more.  
  10. John Williams Show Full Podcast 1.10.2018 LIVE From SNL: The Experience2018/01/10
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  11. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.09.18: Jeff Sessions and marijuana, Oprah for president, Elgin homeless shelter, new Bears head coach2018/01/09
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  12. WGN Radio Bears Reporter Adam Hoge recounts the new head coach’s press conference2018/01/09

    WGN Radio Bears Reporter Adam Hoge was at the introductory press conference for Matt Nagy, the new head coach of the Chicago Bears. He describes Matt Nagy’s positive attitude as he answered pointed questions. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3449932/3449932_2018-01-09-170132.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  13. Individually Run Homeless Shelter Shut Down: “The codes allowed for…’slumber parties'”2018/01/09

    Greg Schiller runs his own homeless shelter in Elgin, for people he calls his friends. The local government has ordered Greg to shut it down. He responds with John. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3449920/3449920_2018-01-09-163520.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  14. Marijuana Policy Project Senior Legislative Counsel Chris Lindsey: “It’s great news if you’re in an underground market”2018/01/09

    Marijuana Policy Project Senior Legislative Counsel Chris Lindsey tells John what rights Illinois has in addressing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to enforce laws against marijuana. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3449916/3449916_2018-01-09-162716.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  15. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.08.18: Oprah Winfrey for President, MoviePass, Chicago Bears head coach, Indiana jobs to Mexico2018/01/08
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  16. New York Times National Correspondent Farah Stockman: “‘Maybe our society’s going to look more like Downton Abbey”2018/01/08
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  17. WGN Radio Sports Reporter Sam Panayotovich on a new Bears head coach2018/01/08

    WGN Radio Sports Reporter Sam Panayotovich fills John in on the new Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Nagy. And, John and Sam chat about the forthcoming Bulls player. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3449386/3449386_2018-01-08-163026.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  18. John Williams Saturday Show 1/6/182018/01/06

    John talks to Brian Tallerico, editor of RogerEbert.com, about the movies and TV shows nominated for Golden Globes. Then he’s joined by Mitch Lowe, CEO of Movie Pass, a new way of paying for movies that could completely revolutionize the entire industry. Later, the Mincing Rascals, VibeScore, and more!
  19. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.05.18: Chicago area law firm represents Amtrak derailment victim, Michael Shannon visits, Bright Side of Life2018/01/05
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  20. Actor Michael Shannon of “Shape of Water” and “Traitor” calls John’s observation astute2018/01/05

    Actor Michael Shannon sits down with John to talk about becoming his angry character in “Shape of Water” in theaters now. And, he describes the relevant premise of the upcoming play, Traitor, directed by him, and to play at A Red Orchid Theatre. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3448266/3448266_2018-01-05-170506.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  21. Chicagoland Attorney Michael Krzak files the first victim lawsuit in last month’s train derailment2018/01/05

    Clifford Law Offices Partner Michael Krzak filed the first lawsuit of 10 so far, on behalf of a victim in the Amtrak train derailment in Washington last month. He tells John how his firm, alongside a Seattle law firm, plans to give the public answers. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3448258/3448258_2018-01-05-164858.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  22. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.04.18: Chris Kennedy, “The Interview Show with Mark Bazer,” a nuclear strike2018/01/04
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  23. Professor Michael Allen and Air Warfare Reporter Oriana Pawlyk: “There have been instances where presidents…have not been fit” to order a nuclear strike2018/01/04
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  24. Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Kennedy: “There’s a notion of commission and omission”2018/01/04

    Chris Kennedy joins John to back up an argument he made Wednesday about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s intentions for the black communities of Chicago. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3447711/3447711_2018-01-04-163611.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  25. Mark Bazer celebrates 10 years of “The Interview Show!”2018/01/04
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  26. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.03.18: Transgender bathroom policy, the nuclear button, Chicago restaurants2018/01/03
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  27. Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel shares his favorites of the moment2018/01/03

    Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel describes some of the hardships restaurants will face in this new year. Then, he shares some of his favorite restaurants of the moment with John. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3447177/3447177_2018-01-03-171217.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  28. ABC News Correspondent Andy Field: Only seven of the 70 times he’s golfed has he used to foster relationships with politicians2018/01/03

    ABC News Washington correspondent Andy Field analyzes the surprising exchange between former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and President Trump. Plus, he tells us about the repercussions Bannon predicts for Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner. Plus, we hear about that nuclear button.
  29. Attorney Gary McCaleb: “Physical differences merit special protection” and not a bathroom choice policy2018/01/03
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  30. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.02.18: Keeping a warm home, Da Bears, our words of the year2018/01/02
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The John Williams Podcast from 720 WGN
The John Williams Podcast from 720 WGN

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