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The John Williams Podcast from 720 WGN

  1. John Williams shares a message from AMITA Health2018/02/07

    February is American Heart Month, and AMITA Health wants to give you a few pointers to maintain a healthy heart. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3463889/3463889_2018-02-07-182629.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  2. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.07.18: SpaceX Tesla, Valentine’s Day dinner, Arthur Murray’s Dancing with Chicago Celebrities2018/02/07
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  3. Washington Post Space Industry Reporter Christian Davenport: Making space flight affordable has potential to be huge2018/02/07

    Washington Post Space Industry Reporter Christian Davenport describes Tuesday’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, and how Elon Musk’s most recent enterprise could end up going further than Mars. Plus, Christian lists more than one first in space missions. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3463848/3463848_2018-02-07-171048.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  4. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.06.18: Blagojevich and Pritzker on race, Beach Bunny band, stock markets, Water.org and Matt Damon, John Mahoney2018/02/06
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  5. Private Vista Partner Bob Westrick joins again on the market’s drops and jumps: “They’re not ‘ifs;’ They’re ‘whens'”2018/02/06

    Private Vista Partner Bob Westrick explains why he isn’t dumbfounded by the market’s continuous dip since Monday. He explains exactly what is causing the market’s volatility just before it closes. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3463328/3463328_2018-02-06-170728.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  6. Nick Digilio joins John to share his favorite John Mahoney story2018/02/06
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  7. Water.org Brand and Marketing Director Melanie Mendrys explains that Stella Artois Matt Damon Super Bowl LII ad2018/02/06
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  8. Justin Kaufmann on Beach Bunny: They go “beyond the flier that you put on the dorm room bulletin board…”2018/02/06

    “The Download” Host Justin Kaufmann joins John to talk about a band Justin’s “Studio 435” segment helped him discover. They talk about how the band, Beach Bunny, came into demand for tours and city shows. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3463321/3463321_2018-02-06-164721.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  9. Chicago Tribune Political Reporter Rick Pearson: “The fact that this is being seen as a joke [by Rod Blagojevich] and could be very problematic”2018/02/06
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  10. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.05.18: Super Bowl LII halftime, Philadelphia Eagles Jake Elliott’s LT coach, the Dow Jones, Jeanne Ives ad2018/02/05
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  11. Representative and Gubernatorial Candidate Jeanne Ives: “Apparently people find the truth offensive”2018/02/05
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  12. Private Vista Partner Bob Westrick explains the Dow Jones today2018/02/05

    Today has been an interesting day to watch the stock market. Private Vista Partner Bob Westrick explains the 500+ point dip, and he joins us twice. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3462885/3462885_2018-02-05-181925.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  13. Philadelphia Eagles Jake Elliott Former Coach Kurt Weinberg on the Lyons Township alum’s rise to Super Bowl fame2018/02/05

    Philadelphia Eagles Kicker Jake Elliott is an alumnus of Lyons Township High School in LaGrange. Elliott’s head football coach at LT, Kurt Weinberg, joins the show to describe Elliott’s transition from high school tennis coach to Super Bowl LII star. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3462875/3462875_2018-02-05-180615.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  14. Chicago Tribune Music Critic Greg Kot on Super Bowl LII halftime: “Throwing that image up there just struck me as a little bit cheap”2018/02/05
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  15. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.03.18: Tribune Critic Chirs Jones, The Mincing Rascals & Griffin’s Movie List2018/02/03

    On today’s show, John challenges the WGN Radio newsroom with football based Jeopardy questions, Tribune Theater and Dance critic Chris Jones stops by to talk about Hedy Weiss’ dismissal from the Sun-Times after 33 years as a theater critic and his latest reviews, the Mincing Rascals grade the State of the Union and another update from Griffin’s Movie List.
  16. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.02.18: FBI memo release, Wrongful ICE raid, Nassar victims’ father, Bright Side of Life2018/02/02
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  17. IndyStar Sports Business Reporter Mark Alesia on a father’s lunge toward Larry Nassar: “I thought I had seen everything from this case, but apparently not”2018/02/02
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  18. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (8th): The FBI memo “is just the wrong thing for America”2018/02/02

    Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (8th) is part of the House Oversight Committee. Though he can’t be explicit, he responds to the just-released six-page FBI memo.
  19. Accidental ICE arrest, Dreamer Attorney Juan Soliz on reversed ICE raid2018/02/02

    Attorney Juan Soliz is representing Christian Gomez Garcia, who was incorrectly arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the middle of his traffic court. Soliz explains the DACA mix-up, which later led to Garcia’s release. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3461862/3461862_2018-02-02-173402.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  20. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 02.01.18: “Chain migration,” weight loss, FBI memo2018/02/01
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  21. ABC News Washington Correspondent Kenneth Moton: “Maybe early next week the public will actually lay eyes on that memo”2018/02/01

    ABC News Washington Correspondent Kenneth Moton explains why GOP House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes’s FBI memo would not undermine the Russia investigation. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3461263/3461263_2018-02-01-174203.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  22. Northwestern University Professor of Preventive Medicine Linda Van Horn on TIME’s 8 ways to actually lose weight2018/02/01
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  23. Center for Immigration Studies Director Jessica Vaughan: “The largest growing category [of immigrants] has been chain migration”2018/02/01
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  24. Kelly Cruises Owner Sue Kelly previews the John Williams Mediterranean Journey2018/01/31

    Join Midday Host John Williams on the luxurious Seven Seas Explorer of Kelly Cruises, leaving its Barcelona port on April 23.
  25. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.31.18: State of the Union grades, MoviePass, Restaurant Week, student loan forgiveness2018/01/31
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  26. Student Loan Attorney Rae Kaplan: This reversal of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is meant to look prosperous2018/01/31

    Student Loan Attorney Rae Kaplan joins John to expand on the result of the GOP pulling loan forgiveness from those who work in the public sector. Listeners call in with their own questions.
  27. Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel gives his Restaurant Week recommendations2018/01/31
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  28. MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe: Customers go to the AMC theatres where the MoviePass app applies2018/01/31

    MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe explains why his debit card movie-going service has dropped 10 AMC locations including River East 21. He tells us what could happen to those locations’ customer rates. http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3460640/3460640_2018-01-31-165840.64kmono.mp3?ad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D3759.mp3
  29. The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.30.18: Richard Roeper’s reportedly mechanical Twitter, Oscars nominee, Amazon HQ2, Super Bowl LII2018/01/30
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  30. WGN Radio Sports Reporter Adam Hoge: The Patriots have a side deal2018/01/30

    WGN Radio Sports Reporter Adam Hoge prepares you for Super Bowl LII, discussing one of the key players in the year’s NFL face-off, between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. Plus, he tells us what Minnesotans think about the Super Bowl taking place on their turf.
The John Williams Podcast from 720 WGN
The John Williams Podcast from 720 WGN

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