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jgboufis's Podcast

  1. WOH Jan 7 20092009/01/17
    Four interviews of Write-On Hoosier members.
  2. WOH Nov 5, 20082008/11/21

    The November 5th meeting of Write-On Hoosiers.
  3. Write On Hoosiers - Episode 22006/06/12
    Troubador Belinda Potoma
  4. Tales From the Rabid Rabbit 12005/10/22
    Here's the first epsiode to Tales From The Rabid Rabbit. The Rabid Rabbit is a bar set in the future on a planet far from Earth. It is a place where things happen.
  5. Write On Hoosiers - Episode 12005/10/14
    Hi, everyone. Well this is the first episode of the Write On Hoosiers Podcast. Quite simply, it's an introduction about us. Please do send any comments.
    Oh, yes, it is pretty short. We're looking at the next few epsiodes to be a bit longer.
  6. Write On Hoosiers Intro 22005/10/10
    Here's the second of the three Write On Hoosiers Introductions.
  7. Beginnings2005/10/09
    Here's my first posting. Just a test for starters. Let's hope that the Intro to WOH mp3 is up.
jgboufis's Podcast
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