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On Air Podcast: The Podcast for Hospital Radio Volunteers

  1. On Air Podcast #42 - 31st December 2013 - IPDTL and The Big Broadcast2013/12/31

    Matt is joined by Kevin Leach from IPDTL.com to talk about his internet based contribution system to getting guests in quality into your broadcasts.

    He also chats to Richard Smith from theatozofpop.co.uk about his New Year Broadcast.
  2. On Air Podcast #41 – 22nd January 2013 – The Big Broadcast2013/01/22

    Richard Smith from The A To Z of Pop did a syndicated radio show around 27 stations over New Year. We had a chat with him about the two events and the future of the Big Broadcast.

    Download it here

  3. On Air Podcast #40 – March 20122012/03/15

    In this edition we speak with Paul and Emma Sysum from the Hospital Broadcasting Association all about what to expect at the Conference and Awards weekend in Northampton at the end of March 2012.


  4. On Air Podcast #39 – June Edition: Broadcasting Outside The Studios2010/05/29
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  5. On Air Podcast #38 – May Edition: Generic Programming Part 22010/04/27
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  6. On Air Podcast #37 – April Edition: Generic Programmes2010/03/30
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  7. On Air Podcast #36 – 12th Feb 2010 – Chris Brooks Interview2010/02/12
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  8. On Air Podcast #35 – 3rd Anniversary – 3rd October 20082008/10/03
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  9. On Air Podcast #34 – 25th March 2008 – Awards Preview2008/03/25

    We talk with Sean Dunderdale, the Hospital Broadcasting Association’s Public Relations Officer and co-organiser of the National Hospital Broadcasting Awards 2008 which will be held at the Queens Hotel in Leeds on Saturday 29th March 2008.

    You can contact Sean via publicrelations@hbauk.com with any feedback on the awards.

  10. On Air Podcast #33 – 17th March 20082008/03/18
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  11. On Air Podcast #32 – 27th February 20082008/02/28
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  12. On Air Podcast #31 – 20th October 20072007/10/23

    Recorded at Newport’s Hilton Hotel, home of the HBA Autumn Conference. We speak to Sean Dunderdale who along with Iain Lee are organising the 2008 National Hospital Radio Awards.Find out more at www.hbauk.co.uk

  13. On Air Podcast #30 – 2nd Anniversary Special – 3rd October 20072007/10/04

    It’s the 2nd Anniversary of the OAP. Listen in for details of how to win a copy of Nexus from Psquared for your Hospital Radio Station

    Thanks to Psquared for donating the presents/prizes to the On Air Podcast





  14. On Air Podcast #29 – 16th September 20072007/09/16
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  15. On Air Podcast #28 – 25th August 20072007/08/25
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  16. On Air Podcast #27 – 12th August 20072007/08/12
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  17. On Air Podcast #26 – 14th July 20072007/07/14
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  18. On Air Podcast #25 – 2nd July 20072007/07/03
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  19. On Air Podcast #24 – 8th June 20072007/06/11

    In the Podcast recorded on Friday. It is a short one with music track at the end so you can skip over it if you don’t want to have a song.

    Links Mentioned

    Hospital Broadcasting Association Website – www.hbauk.com

    HR Barnet – http://www.hrb.org.uk/

    Music from the Biddies – http://btpodshow.com/music/?artist_id=242

  20. On Air Podcast #23 – 19th May 20072007/05/19
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  21. On Air Podcast #22 – 6th May 20072007/05/13
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  22. On Air Podcast #21 – 18th Feb 20072007/02/19

    A short podcast this time. I chat with Mike Skinner, Public Relations Manager for the Hospital Broadcasting Association – we talk Conference, Awards, Hospital Broadcasting Week and Trade Show amongst other things.

    check out the website at www.onairpodcast.co.uk and call the show on 020 7870 1287.


  23. On Air Podcast #20 – 3rd February 20072007/02/04

    A Falklands Islands Special – recordings from the PAW-120 Handheld Recorder loaned from Carl at www.aequk.com .

    Back to normal podcast soon!

  24. On Air Podcast #19 – 22nd December 20062006/12/23
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  25. On Air Podcast #18a – 17th December 20062006/12/18

    On the podcast there is audio from the Hospital Broadcasting Association AGM recorded in Norwich at the end of October 2006.

    There will be a Christmas Show recorded on the weekend of 23/24th December as a special Chrimbo present.

  26. On Air Podcast #18 – 29th November 20062006/12/02
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  27. On Air Podcast Minicast – 10th November 20062006/11/10

    A small update on what will be on the next podcast and why I haven’t had one out for over a month!

    Next Podcast due in the next two weeks.

    See you at SBES if you are going as I will be working on the Psquared Stand.Check out my other website www.topteashops.co.uk as it slowly gets built.

  28. On Air Podcast #17 – 3rd October 20062006/10/08
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  29. On Air Podcast #16 – 10th September 20062006/09/10

    We talk Elvis and music from the late 50′s to early 60′s on the show as Rugby HR offer some programmes for you to use on your HR station.

    We also play two great tracks suggested to me by Lynn Parsons great podcast ‘The Red Light Zone’.


    Adrienne Pierce – One Perfect Day

    Ainslie Henderson – Dust

  30. On Air Podcast #15 – 28th August 20062006/08/28

    OAP#15 features audio from HR Basingstoke as they play their 60,000th Request plus other HR related news plus a bit of chat about Wade’s World.

    Links to people/websites mentioned in the podcast:-




    Geoff Smith – Not On The Radio

    Laura Clapp – Let It Rain

  31. On Air Podcast #14 – 13th August 20062006/08/13
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  32. On Air Podcast #13 – 13th July 20062006/07/13

    On this podcast we talk with Richard Smith from The A to Z of Pop about the programmes he produces for use by Hospital Radio stations in the UK

    PODSAFE MUSIC: Slackstring – Wednesday Morning


  33. On Air Podcast #12 – 25th June 20062006/06/25
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  34. On Air Podcast #11 – 14th May 20062006/05/14
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  35. On Air Podcast #10 – 15th April 20062006/04/16
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  36. On Air Podcast #09 – 12th March 20062006/03/12
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  37. On Air Podcast #08 – 26th Feb 20062006/02/27

    We talk with Mike Skinner, the HBA Public Relations Officer

    Take a sound seeing tour around Basildon Hospital Radio

    Play two great songs from Independent Artists plus talk about HBA Awards, the On Air Podcast frappr map page and more.

    Music from:-

    Adrina Thorpe – More Than Seventeen

    Kevin Reeves – Shine

  38. On Air Podcast #07 – 29th January 20062006/01/29
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  39. On Air Podcast #06 – 16th January 20062006/01/22

    Matt speaks to Jamie Robertson and James Brown about their New Digital Audio Movie – Veto Nix

    First Play of the Promo for the Audio Movie

    Podsafe Music – The Lascivious Biddies – Famous

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