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The ForceCast: Star Wars News and Commentary (Movie-Film)

  1. IndyCast: Episode 2772019/03/18
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  2. The ForceCast: March 17th - Return Of The Mailbag2019/03/17
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Daniel is out and Podcast 66's former third host is in. Abe returns to take your questions ranging from trailer music to droids in the sequels.Then, Steve is back for the final Resistance Reaction of the season and the giveaway winner is announced.
  3. The ForceCast: March 11th - In The Queen's Shadow2019/03/11
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  4. Jedi Journals: March 20192019/03/06
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  5. IndyCast Special 42: The Magic of John Williams2019/03/04
    Tom Hooten, principal trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, joins Ron and Laird in Club Obi Wan to discuss his career and the upcoming release of his new album, Hooten Plays Williams, featuring John Williams conducting the Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra and the theme from Born on the Fourth of July. Plus the latest John Williams related news. [In Stereo]
  6. The ForceCast: March 3rd - Oh So Sansweet2019/03/03
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  7. The ForceCast: February 24th - It's A Wrap!2019/02/25
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  8. IndyCast: Episode 2762019/02/25
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  9. The ForceCast: February 10th - The Mailbag Strikes Back2019/02/11
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show talking about the week that came and went without a title. At what point should be start to be worried? Does it really matter?Then, they open the mailbag and take your questions.Steve from TFN is back with another Resistance Reaction and a new giveaway question is announced.
  10. IndyCast Special 41: The Magic of John Williams2019/02/10
    Ron and Laird are back to celebrate the birthday of John Williams as he turns 87! They take a listen to music from the concert hall and how it relates to some of the Maestro's film work - and where were the origins of his amazing ability to compose for any instrument. [In Stereo]
  11. Jedi Journals: February 20192019/02/06
    Celebration Chicago looms ever closer as Jay & Chris start to shift into convention mode, Galaxy's Edge gets in on the literature action, Dennis stops by to discuss Hope Dies, a publishing error is discovered from years past and a whole lot more on the February episode of Jedi Journals!
  12. The ForceCast: February 3rd - III, VI, IX2019/02/04
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  13. IndyCast: Episode 2752019/02/04
    This week Harrison teams up with Amazon, Indy gets ultra high def, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with another Raider's Rant, Ron has some more great Indy trivia, Joe Stuber chats Indy with actor Michael Rosenbaum, we have another Indy merchandise update with thanks to Ron Phelps, Indiana Mic talks boots and we have more of your great emails.
  14. The ForceCast: January 28th- Goodbye 3PO2019/01/28
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  15. IndyCast Special 40: The Magic of John Williams2019/01/28
    Ron and Laird are back to dissect the music of John Williams, as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of Last Crusade with an analysis of the first 25 minutes of the movie. They kick off their year long celebration of this amazing movie. [In Stereo]
  16. IndyCast: Episode 2742019/01/21
    In our first regular episode for 2019 we cover the latest news that have been doing the rounds, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock discusses whether Belloq is actually a hero, Ron Phelps has an Indy/Disney report, Ron Longo talks Indy trivia, Indiana Mic and John Penman discuss their Indy influences and we have more of your great emails!
  17. The ForceCast: January 20th- Good Morning Kylo Ren2019/01/20
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show discussing the lastest headlines including the cancellation of Fallen Order and John Boyega's latest instagram post.Then, the show ends with the first voicemails of the year.
  18. The ForceCast: January 13th- 2019 Preview2019/01/13
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, the guys open explaining where they've been the first 2 weeks of the year.Then, they go piece by piece and preview all of the Star Wars content coming in 2019 and discuss how excited they are for all of it.
  19. Jedi Journals: January 20192019/01/09
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  20. IndyCast Special 39: The Magic of John Williams2019/01/06
    Laird and Ron welcome in 2019 with another look at maestro John William' work including Land of the Giants, Harry Potter, Superman and of course, Indiana Jones as well as lots more! [In Stereo]
  21. The ForceCast: December 29th- Another Year Gone2018/12/29
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, join Ryan as he looks back at what happened for Star Wars and for the show in 2018.He is then joined by Taylor Gray and James Arnold Taylor for holiday themed chats and looks back at their years in Star Wars.
  22. IndyCast Special 38: The Magic of John Williams2018/12/17
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  23. The ForceCast: December 13th- Nine Questions For IX2018/12/13
    The ForceCast is BACK!!With just 2 shows left in 2018, Ryan and Daniel are feeling reflective.The show opens with the latest news on Resistance and Galaxy of Adventures.After the break, the guys ask and answer 9 questions about Episode IX. The questions range from the sequel trilogy as a whole to what they want to see in the new movie.
  24. IndyCast: Episode 2732018/12/09
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  25. Jedi Journals: December 20182018/12/05
    It's the final month of the year and that means Jay & Chris are giving you some pointers on what books to look out for under the Christmas tree, Dennis returns to talk about the Lando: Double or Nothing graphic novel and some Star Wars Celebration Chicago guest news is announced. All that and more on the December episode of Jedi Journals!
  26. The ForceCast: December 2nd-The Mailbag2018/12/02
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the mailbag to see what YOU wanna talk aboutThe questions span from Celebration to the streaming service shows to John Williams and more!Join them as they discuss all things Star Wars!
  27. The ForceCast: November 23rd-Cassian Is Back!2018/11/23
    The FORCECAST IS BACK!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel return to update everyone on their lives and announce what is happening with them at Celebration Chicago.Then, the guys transition to the news that Cassian Andor will get his own series on Disney+ and what the shift to streaming means for Star Wars going forward.The show ends with official details on Galaxy's Edge.
  28. IndyCast: Episode 2722018/11/19
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  29. Giveaway From The ForceCast And Film Cells Ltd!2018/11/13
    Go to filmcellsltd.com/theforce right now!!
  30. Jedi Journals: November 20182018/11/07
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  31. The ForceCast: November 4th-Hey Now, You're An All-Star2018/11/04
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, Ryan is out for the hosting duties, but Bob Roth and Bill Motz--the creators of Lego Star Wars: All-Stars--join him for a fun chat about the show.Then, Johnamarie Macias of TheWookieeGunner.com and Geeky Bubble joins Daniel to break down the latest in Star Wars Animation.
  32. The ForceCast: October 28th-The Tarkin Mash2018/10/29
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show talking about the scariest things in the Star Wars Saga to celebrate HalloweenThen, the guys break down the announcement of the new Lego series, Lego Star Wars: All-Stars. Steve Dunk from TFN takes the reigns and talks to Jordan Hembrough, host of Our Star Wars Stories. They chat about the making of that series.
  33. IndyCast Special 37: The Magic of John Williams2018/10/28
    Ron and Laird return just in time for Halloween with news from the Royal Albert Hall concert, new releases of classic Dracula and The Fury scores and of course some spooky soundings from the maestro John Williams! [In Stereo]
  34. IndyCast: Episode 2712018/10/22
    This week we discover Indy 5 will have a global scope, though no script is written yet Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with another Raiders Rant looking at globe trotting and NYCC, Ron has some more great Indy trivia, The Further Adventures Joe Stuber and Keith Voss join me to talk the Sargasso pirates, Chris A returns with IJ in the UK and lots more.
  35. The ForceCast: October 21st-Back To Jakku?2018/10/21
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show with your voicemails, and they settle the Halloween debate once and for all. The voicemails also span from Resistance to civility to all things Star Wars.Then, the guys break down the latest on Episode IX and discuss if they'd like to see a return to Jakku.
  36. The ForceCast: October 14th-The MandaWARDian2018/10/14
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  37. The ForceCast: October 7th-Paul Reubens2018/10/08
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This episode was recorded a week before release, so some info is dated.This week, the guys talk about the live action show, and Jason Ward's reporting and pictures from the set.The guys then play a portion of their interview with Paul Reubens, which was recorded for the Star Tours special.The show ends with your voicemails.
  38. Jedi Journals: October 20182018/10/03
    It's "scary" how much Star Wars literature is coming at you this month! Star Wars Reads Day has turned into a month long celebration, Jay & Chris talk Solo: A Star Wars Story on Blu-ray and the Star Wars Resistance cartoon debuting this weekend along with giving you a rundown of what books, magazines & comics to hunt for all on the October episode of Jedi Journals!
  39. The ForceCast: September 30th-Three More Years2018/10/01
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel (live from Orlando) discuss their new release schedule.The show first breaks into the news that Kathleen Kennedy has extended as president of Lucasfilm.Then, they discuss Bob Iger's comments on a star wars slowdown and break down the latest Resistance trailer.
  40. IndyCast Special 36: The Magic of John Williams2018/10/01
    Ron and Laird return to the Temple of Doom in their final listen to the amazing musical score by Maestro John Williams. With over 30 minutes of film to cover - and nearly as much music - the duo becomes a trio as The Further Adventures' co-host Keith Voss keeps them taking the left tunnel to escape the clutches of Mola Ram. [In Stereo]
  41. The ForceCast: September 19th-A New Era2018/09/20
    The ForceCast is back!!! This week, the show opens with news and announcement about the show, and what will happen with The ForceCast moving forward.Then the guys talk Resistance, Solo, and Jon Kasdan's 52 facts about Solo.The show ends with a voicemail.
  42. IndyCast: Episode 2702018/09/17
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  43. The ForceCast: Best Of Year 1 Part 12018/09/07
    The ForceCast is back!!! This week, with Ryan on vacation, the guys look back st some of their favorite moments from their first year as hosts of The ForceCast.Part 1 is everything that happened before The Last Jedi, and part 2--coming Sunday--is everything after leading to present day.
  44. Jedi Journals: September 20182018/09/05
    September is here, and Star Wars school is back in session! "Mutiny at Mon Cala" gets reviewed, Mur Lafferty stops by to talk Solo: A Star Wars Story Expanded Edition, Chris & Jay discuss the new Star Wars Resistance cartoon series and also get you caught up on the latest in books, comics & magazines on the September episode of Jedi Journals!
  45. IndyCast Special 35: The Magic of John Williams2018/09/03
    Ron and Laird are back with a bumper episode full of John Williams news and of course more of the maestro's magic music! [In Stereo]
  46. The ForceCast: August 29th-The Cast Of Clone Wars LIVE2018/08/29
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!This week, we are proud to present an hour-long conversation with James Arnold Taylor, Cat Taber, Anna Graves, and Ashley Eckstein.The cast joined Ryan and Daniel to discuss the last ten years of Clone Wars and the show's return in 2019.This episode was recorded live on August 28th.
  47. The ForceCast: August 22nd-I'm With The Resistance2018/08/22
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  48. Star Wars Animation: Ten Year Anniversary Special (FULL VERSION)2018/08/15
    Just in time for the 10th anniversary, The ForceCast is proud to present the FULL version of our 10 Year Animation Special that was released back in May. Join Ryan and Daniel along with: Henry Gilroy, James Arnold Taylor, Cat Taber, Sam Witwer, Kevin Kiner, Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Vanessa Marshall, as they look back at the birth and the legacy of Star Wars Animation.
  49. IndyCast: Episode 2692018/08/13
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  50. The ForceCast: August 8th-Who Is Luke Skywalker?2018/08/10
    The ForceCast is BACK!! (2 days late)This week, Ryan and Daniel tackle the character of Luke Skywalker and how he has been handled in the sequel trilogy. Would they do anything different? How did he get to be the way he is in The Last Jedi? All of that is tackled in this week's episode.The show rounds out with listener feedback--more on Luke Skywalker.
  51. Jedi Journals: August 20182018/08/08
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  52. The ForceCast: August 1st-Four Years Later2018/08/01
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel are celebrating their four year anniversary, as Podcast 66 launched on August 1st, 2014.Then, the guys break down Episode IX news, Boss Nass, and release a teaser for their new documentary. After that, Ryan plays a clip from Simon Pegg in regards to Ahmed Best.The show ends with some official Resistance news and listener feedback.
  53. The ForceCast: July 28th-The End Of The Saga2018/07/28
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel break in at the beginning to discuss the announcement of the Episode IX cast and Lucasfilm officially announcing the end of the Skywalker Saga.Then, they cut to previously recorded material discussing Clone Wars and The Art of Solo
  54. IndyCast: Episode 2682018/07/23
    This week Indy gets delayed again and a new writer, Official IndyCast Correspondent Mitch Hallock and I catch up in New York and talk or ramble about Indy, Ron Longo is back with another bite-sized Indy fun fact, Ron Phelps has an update on an Indy screening, Morgan and Rich have a new segment in the Expanded Archives of Doctor Jones and we have more of your great emails!
  55. Clone Wars Roundtable: The Clone Wars Is Back!2018/07/20
    WHAT!?That's right folks, The Clone Wars is BACK!!!Ryan, Brian, and Caitlin convene to bring back Clone Wars Roundtable and discuss the announcement of 12 new episodes coming to Disney Direct Platform.
  56. The ForceCast: July 11th-Listener Feedback2018/07/11
    Ryan and Daniel return this week and discuss a variety of topics spanning from Keri Russell in Episode IX to our first look at Star Wars Resistance.Then the show gets turned over to you as we discuss Mara Jade, Kathleen Kennedy, and more!
  57. The ForceCast: July 4th-Art Of The Last Jedi2018/07/04
    Get your Art of The Last Jedi books out this week!Ryan and Daniel dive deep into the book and discuss how the movie came to be. They discuss the character of Luke, Rey's connection to Kylo, Snoke, and Rian Johnson.Join them!
  58. Jedi Journals: July 20182018/07/04
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  59. The ForceCast: June 27th-So Now What?2018/06/27
    The ForceCast is back!!!This week, Ryan is joined by Mark Newbold of FanthaTracks.com to discuss the current state of Star Wars, as well as his reports about Billy Dee Williams and the Obi-Wan movie.Then, Ryan and Daniel play you voicemails and get into the future of Lucasfilm as reports indicate the future slate of films is in flux.
  60. IndyCast: Episode 2672018/06/25
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  61. The ForceCast LIVE Special Edition2018/06/19
    Join Ryan as he went live on Tuesday night to kick of the official ForceCast speculation for Episode IX. Callers called in, folks chatted on the chat, and good times were had. You don't want to miss the next live show!
  62. The ForceCast: June 13th-You Don't Own Star Wars2018/06/13
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel are wrapping up their Solo review series with the final review episode. The show opens up with a brief discussion about the recent events in the fan community.Then, Jovial Jay Shepard joins the guys to discuss how the EU Han Solo compares with the Solo in the new film. The show rounds out with your voicemails!
  63. IndyCast: Episode 2662018/06/11
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  64. The ForceCast: June 6th-Solo Review 22018/06/07
    The ForceCast is BACK!!(This week we had some technical difficulties. Apologies for any issues with the recording)BRyan and Daniel are back and are talking about parts of Solo they missed last week including L3 and Enfys Nest.Then, they play the Sam Witwer interview that was conducted in February for the Animation Special.The show rounds out with your voicemails.
  65. Jedi Journals: June 20182018/06/06
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  66. IndyCast Special 32: The Magic of John Williams2018/06/04
    Ron and Laird are back with the latest episode of the Magic of John Williams as they cover the latest John Williams news, return to the Temple of Doom and try not to get sacrificed or have our hearts ripped out and finally wrap up with a teaser chat on Solo: A Star Wars Story! [In Stereo]
  67. The ForceCast: May 30th-Solo Review 12018/05/30
    The ForceCast is back!!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel give their initial thoughts and review for Solo: A Star Wars Story.Join the fellas as they dive deep into their favorite moments, characters, and scenes from the film.They round out the show with voicemails from YOU.
  68. IndyCast: Episode 2652018/05/21
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  69. The ForceCast: May 16th-Final Solo Preview2018/05/16
    The ForceCast is back!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel do their first regular show after 2 weeks of the Animation Special.They open the show discussing the report that Obi-Wan will be getting a solo film and pre-production has begun. They then transition to their final Solo prep as they play clips from the press tour, make final predictions, and give their overall feelings on the film.
  70. Star Wars Animation: Ten Year Anniversary Special Part 22018/05/10
    Join Ryan and Daniel as they look back at the end of The Clone Wars, the birth and ending of Rebels, and what is next for Lucasfilm Animation.
  71. IndyCast: Episode 2642018/05/07
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  72. Star Wars Animation: Ten Year Anniversary Special Part 12018/05/03
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  73. Jedi Journals: May 20182018/05/02
    It's a Solo kind of show as we gear up for the next Star Wars film to hit theaters this month. Jay & Chris highlight the books, comics & magazines you'll want to be on the lookout for, reveal their most wanted new titles, let you know what to expect in the coming months and Jay & Dennis review Marvel's Han Solo Trade Paperback, all on the May episode of Jedi Journals!
  74. The ForceCast: April 25th-Vanessa Marshall2018/04/25
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel chat with Vanessa Marshall, as they wrap up their post-Rebels interviews. They chat about the end of the series and how it all went down.The guys also discuss how Hasbro has handled Solo, and what the future of toys will be. There will be no show next week, as the 10 Year Animation Special is coming on May 4th.One month till Solo!
  75. IndyCast: Episode 2632018/04/23
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  76. The ForceCast: April 18th-Freddie Prinze Jr. Returns2018/04/18
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel are back and are joined by Freddie Prinze Jr. for what will likely be the final time. The trio discuss Kanan and the finale of Rebels.Then, Ryan and his wife Kate take you on a trip to try the Denny's Solo menu. The show rounds out with listener feedback.
  77. The Forcecast: April 13th-Microwaved Hux2018/04/13
    The ForceCast is back!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel are back together again. The guys open the show talking about America's diner, Denny's.Then, they break down the Solo trailer and discuss what they thought and their theories.The show ends with your voicemails and an appearance from Episode II Anakin.
  78. IndyCast Special 31 - Part 2: The Magic of John Williams2018/04/09
    In part two of this Magic of John Williams Special, Ron and Laird are joined by Keith Lockart of the Boston Pops and then Joe Stuber returns as they continue to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Superman by taking an in depth look at the music of this iconic superhero and of course John Williams iconic score! [In Stereo]
  79. The Forcecast: April 4th-The Director And The Jedi2018/04/04
    The ForeCast is back!!!This week, Daniel and Brian Ballance discuss the home release of The Last Jedi. They break down the bonus features, mainly The Director and the Jedi.Then, Ryan joins Daniel to discuss Simon Pegg's recent comments on Rey's lineage and anything else they could possibly think about.
  80. Jedi Journals: April 20182018/04/04
    We have some great discussions on this month's Jedi Journals. No Fooling! We start with comics and a review of the recent Darth Vader Trade Paperback with Dennis. Then join Jason Fry as he tells us a little about the creation of The Last Jedi novelization! Plus lots more discussion and news on the April edition of Jedi Journals!
  81. The Forcecast: March 28th-TLJ Novel2018/03/28
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan is out and Daniel steps in to take the main chair. He is joined by the host of The Interesting Podcast, Brian Ballance.The guys talk Forces of Destiny, The Last Jedi Blu-ray, and listen to your voicemails.Ryan is joined by Jovial Jay Shepard to discuss the TLJ novelization.
  82. IndyCast Special 31 - Part 1: The Magic of John Williams2018/03/26
    In part one of this Magic of John Williams Special, Ron and Laird are joined by Joe Stuber to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Superman by taking an in depth look at the music of this iconic superhero and of course John Williams iconic score! [In Stereo]
  83. Microcast: John Boyega Conference Call2018/03/22
    Welcome to another ForceCast: Microcast!The amazing John Boyega will be appearing at Awesome Con next weekend, and we had the opportunity to join Awesome Con and other members of the media on a conference call with John.He spoke about Star Wars, Pacific Rim, and much more! Check it out and for more details on Awesome Con, be sure and check out AwesomeCon.com
  84. The ForceCast: March 21st- Digital vs Physical2018/03/22
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  85. IndyCast: Episode 2622018/03/19
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  86. The Forcecast: March 14th-Frank Oz2018/03/14
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  87. The Forcecast: March 9th-Taylor Gray Returns2018/03/08
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  88. Jedi Journals: March 20182018/03/07
    March comes in like a nexu in this super-sized Jedi Journals episode. Lucasfilm announces a huge literature campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Chris and Jay give you all the specifics. You'll hear reviews of Star Wars: Canto Bight and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra & The Enormous Profit with Dennis. Plus we even get to some feedback on this lengthy March Madness episode of Jedi Journals!
  89. Rebels Roundtable: The Series Finale2018/03/05
    Rebels Roundtable is back for the final time.Ryan, Brian Balance, and Dustin Roberts break down the final 2 episodes of the series.The first half was recorded live before a series of technical difficulties.Join them as they look at the past, present, and future of Star Wars Animation and what the finale meant for the next animated series.
  90. IndyCast: Episode 2612018/03/05
    In this episode, find out where you can see Harrison Ford live, Official IndyCast Correspondent Mitch Hallock talks Indy podcasts, discover about a rare Last Crusade autograph signing, Chris A returns with another episode of IJ in the UK and is joined by Indiana Mic, Ron has another bite-sized Indy fun fact and we have more of your great emails!
  91. The Forcecast: March 2nd-Rian Johnson Speaks2018/03/03
    The ForceCast is back!!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show with some housekeeping on their upcoming schedule and projects.Then, they play clips from Rian Johnson at the 70 minute Collider Q&A from a few weeks back. The clips are about Broom Boy, DJ, his new trilogy, and the prequels.The show rounds out with a voicemail and email, and Ryan reads another transcribed voicemail.
  92. Rebels Roundtable: Wolves And A Door, A World Between Worlds2018/03/01
    Ryan and Daniel bring back Rebels Roundtable as they discuss Wolves and a Door and A World Between Worlds.They talk about Morits, Palpatine, Ezra, and much more. Ryan and Daniel also discuss why this is the most important episode Filoni has ever made.
  93. The Forcecast: February 23rd-Take It To The Depot2018/02/23
    SPOILER ALERT FOR STAR WARS REBELSThe ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel play and react to your voicemails. The topics span from The Last Jedi to Rebels and much more!Then, Clayton Sandell from ABC News joins the guys to talk about his new feature, "The Force of Sound."
  94. IndyCast: Episode 2602018/02/19
    In this episode, Indy appears to be Spielberg’s next film, we get news of a mini IndyCast meet-up in Disneyland, IndyCast Correspondent Mitch Hallock is back with the connection between Black Panther and Indiana Jones, Chris A returns with another episode of IJ in the UK and is joined by Indiana Mic, Ron has another bite-sized Indy fun fact and we have more of your great emails!
  95. The Forcecast: February 16th-More Solo2018/02/16
    The ForceCast is BACK!!!!This week, Daniel is out so Abe steps in. Abe and Ryan play your voicemails which range from Solo reactions to over saturation. The guys react to what you have to say.The show ends with discussion on EW's coverage of Solo, with more to come next week.
  96. The Forcecast: February 9th-Winter Is Coming2018/02/09
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show discussing the huge news regarding more Star Wars movies coming from the creators of Game of Thrones. They talk about their feelings on the matter and what it means for the franchise moving forward.Then, the guys finish up the episode breaking down the first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  97. Jedi Journals: February 20182018/02/07
    More Star Wars Legends characters to become canon, new television series & more new films announced, an exclusive interview with author Daniel Wallace to discuss his newest book Star Wars: The Rebel Files and a whole lot more all on the February episode of Jedi Journals!
  98. The Forcecast: February 2nd-Rebels Trailer Breakdown2018/02/02
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan updates the audience on all the latest with the show before they play voicemails for the week.Then the guys break down the final trailer for Star Wars Rebels--shot by shot.
  99. The Forcecast: January 26th-When Han Met Chewie2018/01/27
    The ForceCast is back!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show with your voicemails. After that, the guys discuss the official synopsis for Solo, and when we might see a trailer. They also tackle the notion that this movie is dead on arrival.They end the show with the official news of Rebels returning for the final 3 weeks of the show.
  100. IndyCast: Episode 2592018/01/21
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  101. The Forcecast: January 12th-The Droids Are Back In Town2018/01/12
    The ForceCast is BACK!!This week, Ryan and Daniel open the show with a discussion about Threepio and Artoo in the sequel trilogy. Daniel takes us into the headlines, discussing the latest in Star Wars news. Then the show gets turned over to you as we go to listener feedback.The show ends with more deep dives into the news.
  102. Jedi Journals: January 20182018/01/10
    The Journey To The Last Jedi is now complete. Join Jay & Chris as they give their take on the latest episodic Star Wars film in theaters now. Also, listen in for a closer look at Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View, an update on Free Comic Book Day, what exclusive books to be on the lookout for and much, much more on the January episode of Jedi Journals!
  103. The Forcecast: January 5th: A Whole 'Nother Year2018/01/05
    The ForceCast is BACK!!! This week Ryan and Daniel discuss what they are looking most forward to for Star Wars in 2018.Then, the guys turn the show over to you, and play your voicemails.
  104. The Forcecast: December 29th-The Last Jedi Review Part 32017/12/29
    The ForceCast is BACK!!! This week, we are completing our Last Jedi Review series. Ryan and Daniel open the show with stories from the premiere on December 9th. Then Bobby Roberts (formerly Full of Sith) joins the guys to discuss the criticism of the film and then about if Solo can pull off the 5 month promotion.We ran out of time for voicemails, so we will open the show next week with them.
  105. The Forcecast: December 22nd-The Last Jedi Review Part 22017/12/22
    SPOILER ALERT!THE FORCECAST IS BACK!!! This week, Ryan and Daniel are joined by the Skytalkers, Charlotte and Caitlin to break down more of The Last Jedi. They discuss Finn/Rose on Canto Bight. Then the foursome discuss Holdo and Poe and finish up with Kylo Ren's redemption.The show then gets turned over to you as we play your voicemails
  106. The Forcecast: December 18th-The Last Jedi Review Part 12017/12/18
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  107. IndyCast: Episode 2582017/12/18
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  108. Microcast: World Premiere Of The Last Jedi2017/12/14
    Join Ryan as he brings you along on his trip to Downtown Los Angeles for the Global Premiere of The Last Jedi. From the moment he gets in the car till he is back at home, Ryan documents his experience.This Microcast is spoiler free.
  109. The Forcecast: December 8th-The Last Jedi Is Here2017/12/09
    The Forcecast is BACK!This week Ryan and Daniel are joined by Abraham Couch to give their final preview of The Last Jedi. They discuss Rey's parents, Luke's mindset, characters, and more.They also play your voicemails, and send Ryan off to LA.
  110. Jedi Journals: December 20172017/12/06
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  111. IndyCast Special 28: The Magic of John Williams2017/12/01
  112. The Forcecast: December 1st-The Home Stretch2017/12/01
  113. The Forcecast: November 24th-Freddie Prinze Jr.2017/11/24
  114. IndyCast: Episode 2572017/11/20
  115. The Forcecast: November 17th-Less Than A Month To Go2017/11/17
  116. Rebels Roundtable: Rebel Assault2017/11/15
  117. The Forcecast: November 10th-There Is Another...Trilogy2017/11/09
  118. Rebels Roundtable: Kindred and Crawler Comandeers2017/11/09
  119. Jedi Journals: November 20172017/11/08
  120. The Forcecast: November 3rd-What Does The Lothwolf Say?2017/11/02
  121. The Forcecast: October 27th-Rian Johnson Rules2017/10/27
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