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Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll Video (Religion)

  1. Luke #6 - The Birth of John the Baptizer 2014/10/12
    Besides Jesus, John the Baptizer was the greatest man to ever live. We can learn from seven aspects of his greatness—including that he was a Spirit-filled evangelist who humbly prepared the way for Jesus. He avoided adolescence and thus is a great example of what it means to be a real man. Real men are creators and cultivators, not childish consumers, cowards, or complainers.

  2. Luke #5 - Mary's Song 2014/10/05
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  3. Luke #4 - Mary & Elizabeth 2014/09/28
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  4. Luke #3 - Jesus’ Birth Prophesied 2014/09/21
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  5. Luke #2 – John the Baptizer’s Birth Prophesied 2014/09/14
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  6. Luke #1 – Eyewitness to Jesus 2014/09/11
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  7. 1 John Part 1 – Jesus' Best Friend 2014/08/31
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  8. James #5 – "Know the Word, Do the Word" 2014/08/24
    Christianity is the Christian following in the footsteps of Christ: knowing the word of God and doing it. It’s not that knowing the word is bad and doing the word of God is good; rather, knowing the word without doing the word is bad, and so is doing the word without knowing it. Like pedals on a bike, they require the other in order to work.

  9. Ten Commandments #7 – "Do Not Commit Adultery" 2014/08/17
    God rightly compares marriage to a vine. You’ve got to invest a lot, and you’ve got to wait a long time. You’re going to need to be patient and tending to it if you want it to grow and be fruitful. Adultery is like a Weed eater that carelessly severs the vine’s base, killing it in an instant.

  10. Ephesians #12 - "I Am Forgiven" 2014/08/10
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  11. Q&A with Greg Laurie and James MacDonald (R13) 2014/08/03
    Pastor Mark Driscoll sits down with Greg Laurie and James MacDonald in these Q&A sessions recorded live at the 2013 Resurgence Conference in Seattle, WA.

  12. What Are the Scriptures? 2014/07/27
    The Bible is the most influential, the most popular, and the most controversial book in the history of the world. It also claims to be perfectly true. Pastor Mark Driscoll explains how we got the Bible and why we can trust it, in this two-part episode recorded live at Mars Hill Church | U-District, fall 2013.

  13. Acts #21 Empowered By the Spirit to be a Joyful Gentile 2014/07/20
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  14. Good News Before Bad Advice 2014/07/13
    Pastor Mark Driscoll addresses the American Association of Christian Counselors at the 2013 World Conference, recorded live in Nashville, TN. Used with permission of the AACC, © 2013, the world’s leading faith-based counseling organization. For more information, visit www.aacc.net.

  15. Acts #19 Empowered by the Spirit to See the Kingdom 2014/07/06
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  16. Acts #18 Empowered by the Spirit to Have a Testimony 2014/06/29
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  17. Acts #17 Empowered by the Spirit to Be a Sent Saint 2014/06/22
    Sometimes God asks us to do something that’s very difficult, maybe even dangerous, and sometimes our response is fear and unwillingness. As it was for the prophet Ananias, God’s purpose often becomes clear only after we’re sent.

  18. Acts #16 Empowered By the Spirit to Be Redeemed (Acts 9:1-9) 2014/06/15
    Paul was a tall poppy, a towering giant in the history of Christianity. He went from persecuting Christians to becoming a persecuted Christian—a murderer of church leaders to becoming the church's preeminent leader who was murdered for his witness. And the Christian church exists today in large part because of his ministry.

  19. Acts #15 Empowered by the Spirit to Evangelize (Acts 8:26–40) 2014/06/11
    We can't make something ripe. It takes time, especially one's spiritual life. We have to lovingly, patiently wait until the time is right. Then we tell them about Jesus, love them, serve them, and instruct them. It's only then that their hearts will open to Jesus as he's been preparing them.

  20. R13: Q&A with Crawford Loritts & Matt Chandler 2014/06/01
    Pastor Mark Driscoll sits down with Matt Chandler and Crawford Loritts in these Q&A sessions recorded live at the 2013 Resurgence Conference in Seattle, WA.

  21. Acts #13 Empowered By the Spirit to Face Wolves (Acts 6:8–8:3) 2014/05/25
    Christians are like sheep, pastors like shepherds, and the church like a pen of protection. What do you do when wolves come in packs, devour flocks, and attack shepherds? Trust that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, will empower us by his Spirit to face them, as he did for Stephen.

  22. Acts #12 Empowered by the Spirit to Fail (Acts 6:1–7) 2014/05/18

    We love to present ourselves as having it together, and getting it all right, and getting it all right the first time. If we don’t get it right the first time, then we’ll get it right eventually—and that’s the story we tell. You have failed, you are failing, and you will fail. The question is, what are you going to do?

  23. Pastor Mark’s “Leadership Lessons” 2014/05/10
    Leadership Lessons from Jesus. Pastor Mark teaches from Luke 6:12–16 in this presentation from Catalyst’s Calibrate event in Bellevue, Washington, in October 2012. To find more great teaching, visit marshill.com and theResurgence.com.

  24. Acts #11—Empowered by the Spirit for Ministry (Acts 5:12-42) 2014/05/05
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  25. James #15—Loving Pastor, Loved People (James 5:13–20) 2014/04/29
    When you look across the church, you'll find some individuals getting healed and others who are sick and dying. Some are living in a time of great joy and celebration, and others deep grief. Every experience, James says, should cause us to pray.

  26. Easter 2014: Hear These Words! (Acts 2:22–41) 2014/04/24
    Pastor Mark Driscoll explains why the death and resurrection of Jesus sets Christianity apart from all other religions, spiritualities, and faiths. God had a definite plan to use the greatest evil for the greatest good. How will you respond? This message was recorded live on Easter 2014 from Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA.

  27. James #14 - Feeling Burdened, Being Blessed (James 5:7-12) 2014/04/13
    There’s only so much you can put in a load before it becomes too heavy to carry. Life is like that. We can choose to carry our burdens and the burdens of others, but Jesus reminds us that if we take them to him, he’ll carry it for us.

  28. James #13—Jesus' Ownership, Your Stewardship (James 5:1-6) 2014/04/06
    The ungodly rich have abandoned Jesus’ instructions, and now James has some strong words for them. This sermon examines how individuals become the type of people James rebukes and what happens to their understanding of stewardship and their view of God.

  29. James #12—Jesus' Life, Your Life (James 4:13-17) 2014/03/30
    What are you looking forward to, hoping for, dreaming about? Visions lead to plans. These can be God-willed; sometimes, however, they leave out God completely (“Godless”) or are so vague it’s hard to tell whether they involve God at all (“God-light”). James warns us that life is too uncertain, brief, and important to abandon our priorities.

  30. James #11—Jesus’ Conflicts, Your Conflicts (James 4:1-12) 2014/03/23
    Conflict happens. Whether it’s physical or digital, conflict invites others to join in on the riot, and according to Pastor James, this is just part of being sinners in a fallen world. But, he says, conflict need not be worldly—we can engage in a kind that’s godly.

  31. R13: Call to Resurgence 2014/03/16
    This special presentation was recorded live at the 2013 Resurgence Conference. For more content from this event, subscribe to the Resurgence Leadership podcast.

  32. James #9—Jesus' Tongue, Your Tongue (James 3:1-12) 2014/03/09
    Once a fire gets going, it's hard to stop. James says our tongue is a spark that can unleash hell. Though you may not intend to, you can boil your Christian brother or sister alive with your words.

  33. James #8—Jesus' Works, Your Works (James 2:14-26) 2014/03/02
    Does salvation involve works minus faith or faith minus works? This sermon discusses three kinds of faith and tackles the alleged contradiction between James’ and Paul’s definition of faith.

  34. James #7—Jesus' Love, Your Love (James 2:8-13) 2014/02/24
    Christianity begins with God’s love for you. Before God asks you to love him or love anyone else, he loves you first, and he gives you his love to love him back and to love others. King Jesus left his throne in heaven, lived as a man under the law, went to the cross, suffered and died in our place, paying the penalty for all of our sin—all because he loved us.

  35. James #6—Your Seat, Jesus' Seat (James 2:1-7) 2014/02/16
    What if church functioned like a sporting event—which service you attended and where you sat depended on the price you paid? In James’ day, a similar situation forced him to challenge the church’s preference for the rich, who were oppressing the poor. The underlying issue was partiality. Through James, God commands us to treat everyone the same because that’s what he says we are.

  36. James #5—Know the Word, Do the Word (James 1:19-27) 2014/02/10
    Christianity is the Christian following in the footsteps of Christ: knowing the word of God and doing it. It’s not that knowing the word is bad and doing the word of God is good; rather, knowing the word without doing the word is bad, and so is doing the word without knowing it. Like pedals on a bike, they require the other in order to work.

  37. James #4—Jesus' Temptation, Your Temptation (James 1:12-15) 2014/02/02
    Every time God provides an opportunity, Satan brings opposition. This is why, for those who follow Jesus, things are bound to get harder, not easier. But by the grace of God, you can fight, persevere, and emerge victorious because, as the Bible says, no temptation will come to you that you can’t beat.

  38. James #3—Rich Jesus, Poor Jesus (James 1:9-11, 16-18) 2014/01/26
    Should Christians be rich or poor? The right answer is, Christians should be godly. This sermon examines where we tend to get our identity and how remembering God’s unchanging love for us changes how we see things.

  39. James #2—Hard Life, Good God (James 1:2-8) 2014/01/19
    Believers often tell unbelievers, “Give your life to Jesus. Go to heaven.” They often leave out the middle, the hard part called “life.” But James is more forthright, saying it’ll get harder before it gets easier, and sometimes the closer you are to Jesus, the more difficult it’ll be.

  40. James #1—Jesus' Bold Little Brother (James 1:1) 2014/01/16
    If you want to get to know Jesus, you should listen to those who knew him best—his family. If he had any faults or flaws, surely they would have known. But Jesus’ brother James describes himself as “the servant of Jesus,” revealing a view of Jesus beyond mere brother.

  41. Malachi #7—The Day Is Coming (Malachi 4:1–6) 2014/01/06
    The final book of the Old Testament shows us how history will end—with questions for, objections to, and quarrels with God. But as it was in Malachi’s day, God will get the final say. Topics explored in this sermon include heaven and hell, the Bible, repentance, and men.

  42. Malachi #6—Will Man Rob God? (Malachi 3:6-18) 2013/12/30
    Malachi 3:6–18 is the epicenter of prosperity theology—the idea that you give to God in order to get. But the biblical truth is, if we love God, we will use money; if we love money, we will use God—to get more money. This sermon discusses the biblical grounds for tithing and how giving (or not giving) reveals our hearts.

  43. Malachi #5—Who Can Endure? (Malachi 3:1–5) 2013/12/23
    Where there is high trust, there are fewer questions. Conversely, where there is low trust, there are far more questions. In Malachi, the people’s questions become increasingly frequent and soon turn into accusations against God’s goodness. God’s response? A promise to send a messenger, who will bring both cleansing and judgment.

  44. Malachi #4—How Have We Wearied Him? (Malachi 2:10–17) 2013/12/15
    The book of Malachi tells us that the most important decision we'll make is deciding who will be our God. The second is deciding whom we’ll marry. Directed at singles and married couples, this sermon offers practical advice on how each can honor God in the life they live and the legacy they leave.

  45. Malachi #3—Will You Listen? 2013/12/08
    As valuable as experiences are, we don’t always know what to do with them apart from teaching. The Bible contains a lot of teaching, a lot of teachers, and a lot of exhortations for teachers. We know that a good teacher can really change your life, but so can a bad one—they can teach you some things you’ve got to spend the rest of your life unlearning.

  46. Malachi #2—Where Is My Honor? 2013/12/01
    God's leaders are to be examples. Yet in Malachi 1:6­–14, God rebukes the priests, asking over and over how it is that they've forgotten who he is. God looks down at their tithes and offerings and says, “This isn¹t just cheap; this is evil.” What is God saying when he looks at us?

  47. Malachi #1—How Have You Loved Us? 2013/11/24
    The book of Malachi closes the Old Testament canon with an illustration of what Israel has become—children who have been placed on the Father’s lap only to slap him in the face. But God, though his messenger Malachi, seeks to plead with the weak links in the chain of faith. And today, each of us is being asked the question, what type of legacy do we want to leave behind?

  48. Ten Commandments #10 - Do Not Covet 2013/11/17
    If you could have anyone’s car, home, abilities, physical appearance, spouse, or life, whose would you have? If you answered, what was just awakened in you is coveting—an ungodly, discontented desire for what's not ours. If you answered, you’re a coveter; if you didn’t, you’re a liar. How do we come to want what God wants for us?

  49. Ten Commandments #9 - Do Not Lie 2013/11/10
    A lie is two things: saying what is untrue or not saying all that is true. When we lie about others, we’re saying we’re OK with benefitting at their expense because we’re more important than them. And once that lie is released, the truth can never be regained for them.

  50. Ten Commandments #8 - Do Not Steal 2013/11/03
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  51. Ten Commandments #7 - Do Not Commit Adultery 2013/10/28
    God rightly compares marriage to a vine. You’ve got to invest a lot, and you’ve got to wait a long time. You’re going to need to be patient and tending to it if you want it to grow and be fruitful. Adultery is like a Weed eater that carelessly severs the vine’s base, killing it in an instant.

  52. Ten Commandments #6 - Do Not Murder 2013/10/20
    The sixth commandment consists of two words in the Hebrew, “no” and “murder.” While the first word is not really debated, the second is. This sermon examines the meaning of “murder” in the Bible and discusses its implications for the issues of capital punishment and abortion.

  53. Ten Commandments #5 - Honor Your Father and Mother 2013/10/13
    What comes to mind when you think of your father or mother? For some, the thought is uplifting. For others, it’s devastating. Yet the Bible says, “Honor your father and mother” and provides no exception clause for those of us who have had horrific experiences at the hands of our parents. So what does it means to honor them? How do we do this?

  54. Ten Commandments #4 - Remember the Sabbath 2013/10/06
    Some of us worship our work, while others of us love being lazy. Keeping the Sabbath keeps us from those twin idols, and reminds us that Jesus’ has finished his redemptive work, allowing us to enter into his rest. This sermon explores 7 reasons we Sabbath and 7 ways we kill it.

  55. Ten Commandments #3 - Do Not Take God’s Name in Vain 2013/10/03
    Some moms serve up soap as an entrée for the “potty mouth.” But is cleaning it what it means to not take God’s name in vain? This sermon explores four common, yet unexpected, ways we take his name in vain.

  56. Ten Commandments #2 - Have No Idols 2013/10/03
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  57. Ten Commandments #1 – No Other Gods 2013/10/03
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  58. Special: The Cost Of Discipleship 2013/09/10
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  59. Special: Trial and Scripture 2013/09/09
    What is the Bible? How should it be used? Is it true? This sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll answers these, and many other questions.

  60. Special: Men: The failure or future of the family? (Part 3 of 3) 2013/08/25
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  61. Special: 6 Punches That KO’d the Church 2013/08/18
    Last week, Pastor Mark addressed the end of “Christendom” and the new challenges Christians face today. In the second installment of this three-part series, he explores the various trends causing the church in the West to get its proverbial “bell rung.” Find out more in his upcoming book, A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future?

  62. Special: A Call to Resurgence (Part 1 of 3) 2013/08/18
    Pastor Mark is taking a summer break and recorded a few special messages based on his next book, A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future? In this opening session, he explains the shift culture has taken, along with the new challenges Christians will face.

  63. Acts #10 – Empowered by the Spirit to Be Generous 2013/08/04
    Jesus says that people are prone to worship God or money. Money, perhaps along with sex, is the most pernicious, pervasive idol in our culture today. Despite whatever the Bible has to say about it, it’s a topic that’s met with the greatest resistance. This sermon looks at what God’s word has to say about issues of stewardship, and greed versus generosity.

  64. Best Of: The High Priestly Prayer, Pt. 2 2013/07/29
    God is our Father. He’s our Dad. One thing that separates Christians from other religions is the fact that we believe God to be a loving Dad whom we can pray to anytime, anywhere. In fact, Jesus himself shows us how. In this sermon, Pastor Mark leads us through the Lord's Prayer.

  65. Acts #9 – Empowered by the Spirit to Pray 2013/07/21
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  66. Best Of: The High Priestly Prayer, Pt. 1 2013/07/14
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  67. Acts #7 – Empowered by the Spirit to Be Courageous 2013/07/12
    Peter stands up in front of his adversaries and proclaims that the Jesus whom they killed was indeed the suffering servant and the Christ—the long-awaited Messiah, come to save them. Christian, despite inevitable backlash, follow Peter. Speak and the Holy Spirit will give you that courage. And by doing so, you’ll be helping bring people to God and bringing God much glory.

  68. Acts #6 – Empowered by the Spirit to Heal 2013/07/12
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  69. Acts #5 – Empowered by the Spirit to Be Jesus’ Church 2013/07/12
    When the Holy Spirit shows up, the church springs into being: people are born again and they become, together, the people of God. But what is church? And what do good churches look like? One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is what church you’ll call home. And in order to find a good one, first you’ll need to know what a good church comprises.

  70. Born Again to Follow Jesus (John 3:1–8) 2013/07/01
    There's a big difference between being spiritual, religious, or moral, and being born again to new life in Christ. Jesus said, "Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." What does it mean to be born again? Pastor Mark Driscoll explains in this special sermon from Saddleback Church in Southern California.

  71. Acts #3 – Empowered by the Spirit to Follow Jesus 2013/07/01
    In Acts 2, Jesus’ promise is fulfilled: the Holy Spirit descends on his disciples, readying them to go and proclaim the gospel to all nations. He does this by giving them the gift of tongues, a symbol of the fact that barriers of location and language have now been removed. What is this gift? Can every Christian get it? Is it for today? What happens when its private use goes public?

  72. Acts #2 – Scripture Empowered by the Spirit 2013/07/01
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  73. Acts #1 – Jesus Empowered by the Spirit 2013/07/01
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  74. Ephesians #17 – I Am Victorious 2013/05/19
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  75. Special from R12: The Four Points 2013/05/14
    In this special episode, we take a break from our regular Ephesian sermon series to bring you footage of Pastor Mark Driscoll's first of two sessions at the 2012 Resurgence Conference. For more information on the conference DVD set and this year’s Resurgence Conference, head to resurgenceconference.com.

  76. Ephesians #16 – I Am Rewarded 2013/05/06
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  77. Ephesians #15 - I Am Fathered 2013/04/29
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  78. Ephesians #14 - I Am Loved 2013/04/22
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  79. Ephesians #13 - I Am Adopted 2013/04/15
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  80. Ephesians #12 – I Am Forgiven 2013/04/08
    Are you bitter? Are there seeds of discontent in your soul that will cause you to become bitter? What are some characteristics of bitter people? If you’ve been sinned against, you have two choices: to remain bitter or to forgive. Paul gives six commands t

  81. Easter Celebration 2013 2013/04/03
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  82. Ephesians #11 – I Am New 2013/04/03
    When you know who you are, then you know what to do. In Christ, you are new. No longer are you alienated from God and walking in the futility of a darkened mind. The old is gone; the new has come. Put off the old self and put on the new self. Knowing your new identity in Christ allows you to change how you think, how you act, and what you desire.

  83. Doctrine in Amharic: A story from Ethiopia 2013/03/21
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  84. Ephesians #10 – I Am Gifted 2013/03/18
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  85. Ephesians #9 – I Am Heard 2013/03/11
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  86. Ephesians #8 – I Am Afflicted 2013/03/04
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  87. Gidasu Has a Burden: A story from Ethiopia 2013/03/02
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  88. Ephesians #7 – I Am Reconciled 2013/02/25
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  89. Ephesians #6 – I Am Saved 2013/02/18
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  90. We have to move: A story from Ethiopia 2013/02/09
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  91. Ephesians #5 – I Am Appreciated 2013/02/11
    If you’re a Christian, Jesus appreciates you. This means that God’s faithful people can receive encouragement and thankfulness from Jesus, even if they don’t receive such from other people. When you know that Jesus appreciates you, you exchange grumbling for praying, competing for celebrating, bitterness for thankfulness, performing for serving, and boasting for encouraging.

  92. Running with the Gospel: A story from Ethiopia 2013/02/03
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  93. Ephesians #4 – I Am a Blessed 2013/02/04
    We oftentimes assume that God doesn’t want to bless us, or, if he does, that we have to pay him back. But God is good; we don’t have to make him bless us. His people are blessed in Christ with holiness, predestination, adoption, redemption, forgiveness, grace, and are sealed by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit—all to the praise of God’s glory. We bless the God who has blessed us.

  94. Ephesians #3 – I Am a Saint 2013/01/28
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  95. Praying For Birhanu 2013/01/26
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  96. Ephesians #2 – I Am in Christ 2013/01/21
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  97. Ephesians #1 – I Am __________? 2013/01/14
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  98. He Made Us Family: Why Life Is Hard for Jesus and His People 2013/01/07
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  99. Best Of: Works Righteousness Vs. GIft Righteousness 2012/12/31
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  100. He Made Us Family: Jesus Was Born So That We Could Be Born Again 2012/12/21
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