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  1. Money Talks2018/02/09
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  2. Blame Pie2018/02/07
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth cover Josh McDaniels leaving the Colts at the altar and who the best remaining candidates are (3:48), developments in the Malcolm Butler saga (14:04) as well as their takeaways from this season (22:31). Will there be changes made to draft strategy based on trends? Plus, why did Super Bowl TV ratings continue to fall (34:38)?
  3. Top Dog2018/02/05
    Field Yates and David Jacoby share reactions to the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory in their history, including the play of Nick Foles (11:20), the limited use of Malcolm Butler (19:59) and more. Plus, the extracurriculars stemming from the outcome of the game on Broad Street and beyond (29:17) as well as the quality of the halftime entertainment (31:52).
  4. The Succulent Super Bowl2018/02/02
    Doubletruck Stories: Minnesota will have its own signature dishes for sale if you happen to have tickets to the Super Bowl, but if you aren't going we have the go-to stay at home foods and how you should behave when you're sitting couch-side. With Dave Wilson.
  5. The Final Countdown2018/02/02
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  6. Tale Of The Tape2018/01/31
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth compare all things Philadelphia and all things New England to determine who has the advantage in Super Bowl LII, including key factors such as defensive backs (5:51), coaching staffs (17:17), pass catchers (23:47) and the mildly controversial city debate (34:20)!
  7. Super Week2018/01/29
    Field Yates and David Jacoby help get Super Week started by discussing the antics around "Media Night" (3:55), going over some of the best prop bets so far (20:19) and sharing some X factors that could decide the game (26:08). Plus, they each make predictions on who will come out on top of Super Bowl LII, the Patriots or the Eagles (30:40).
  8. Marshall Newhouse2018/01/26
    Before a conversation with Raiders OL Marshall Newhouse about the depth of Oakland's struggles this year and the Super Bowl matchup among other topics (16:22), Mike Golic Jr. shares his thoughts on how the Pro Bowl Skills Competition can be fixed (2:20) as well as how the two teams that have advanced to the final matchup of the season could go about their strategy at this point (6:20).
  9. Lessons Learned2018/01/24
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth wonder what the next step is for those on the losing side of the Conference Championships (2:32) as well as what lessons can be learned about winning in the "modern NFL" from the two outcomes (33:15). Plus, can Fox convince Mina that the Eagles will take out the Patriots in the Super Bowl (17:58)? Also, another edition of Check Downs to close things out (43:37)!
  10. And Then There Were Two...2018/01/22
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  11. The Hand Of God2018/01/19
    Mike Golic Jr. discusses Championship Sunday, including the effect of Tom Brady's potential hand injury on the Patriots' ability to return to the Super Bowl (10:20). Plus, he welcomes Football Outsiders' Aaron Schatz to look at the games through the prism of their DVOA metric (20:17). Can you quantify good coaching at this stage?
  12. We The Best2018/01/17
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth question who's better between the Patriots' offense and the Jaguars' defense (3:29), if Case Keenum is playing for his job against the Eagles (26:08) and why the Steelers' offensive changes may not help the situation (41:08). Plus, another edition of Check Downs that includes the prospects of a 7-foot field goal blocker (46:34).
  13. Divvy'ed Up2018/01/15
    Field Yates and David Jacoby share their thoughts on the shocking results of the Divisional Round of the NFL postseason, including Saints-Vikings (1:56), Titans-Patriots (21:41), Jaguars-Steelers (24:42) and Falcons-Eagles (38:06). Plus, they touch on what to expect from the Conference Championships (43:48).
  14. Divisional Round Preview2018/01/12
    The Bill Barnwell Show: Bill previews each Divisional Round matchup with Mike Sando before welcoming special guest Katie Nolan to talk about her new podcast and things that should be left in 2017.
  15. Who's The Best?2018/01/10
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth "power rank" the remaining eight teams left in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, including who makes their top two and should result in the Super Bowl matchup. Plus, another packed edition of Check Downs!
  16. The Wild Ones2018/01/08
    Field Yates and David Jacoby share their thoughts on the results of the games from Wild Card Weekend, including Saints-Panthers (2:11), Bills-Jaguars (12:51), Falcons-Rams (26:42) and Titans-Chiefs (37:16), pushing things forward into the Divisional Round while they're at it.
  17. Insecure2018/01/05
    Mike Golic Jr. shares his thoughts on the year-to-year turnarounds to be seen on Wildcard Weekend, NFL TV ratings vs. NBA ratings as well as Seth Wickersham's ESPN The Magazine article on drama surrounding Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo and New England's management.
  18. Are You Ready For More Football?2018/01/04
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth share the matchups that they are most excited to see this Wild Card Weekend (4:24), wonder which hiring or firing across the NFL has been the craziest (20:02) and discuss the most impactful injuries on the outcome of the postseason (35:10). Plus, another edition of Check Downs (51:02)!
  19. Improvement Needed2018/01/03
    Bill Barnwell talks to Sheil Kapadia about the play of Nick Foles in relief of Carson Wentz, how the Eagles can improve their offense and running game before the divisional round, which opponent they'd most like to be matched up against and more.
  20. New Year, New Beginnings2018/01/02
    Field Yates shares his thoughts on the effectiveness of the "Rooney Rule" (1:50) and ranks the best head coaching vacancies in the NFL. This includes the Lions (6:21), the Colts (10:12), the Raiders (12:02), the Bears (14:18), the Cardinals (16:13) and the Giants (18:45).
  21. Play Nice Now!2017/12/29
    Mike Golic Jr. shares his thoughts on the Giants hiring of David Gettleman as their new GM (4:37) and how likability factors into the success of those leading franchises across the NFL. Plus, Saints C Gabe Ikard stops by to talk his atypical path through the league and more (25:34).
  22. No Regrets?2017/12/28
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth discuss Jimmy Garoppolo's continued excellent play and if the Patriots made a mistake trading him, Derek Carr's letdown season, their biggest disappointments and more. Plus, another edition of Check Downs!
  23. Week 16 Recap2017/12/26
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey share their thoughts on what they saw in Week 16, including Derek Carr's play, Jimmy G continuing his winning ways, Cowboys-Seahawks, Rams-Titans and more. Plus, who is the team to beat in the NFC?
  24. Airing Grievances2017/12/22
    In honor of the holidays, Mike Golic Jr. brings on his dad to co-host and they talk about the Seahawks $100,000 fine, Rob Gronkowski going up against Buffalo again and more.
  25. Blakely Bortles2017/12/21
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth wonder who the best team in the NFC South is (3:13), what effect the Jerry Richardson controversy in Carolina will have on the rest of the NFL (18:17) and when people will finally realize that Blake Bortles is "special" (27:25). Plus, another edition of Check Downs (41:09)!
  26. Irish Insights2017/12/20
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey size up the rise and fall of some of the NFC contenders, including the Falcons (2:39) and Seahawks (6:38) as well as cover the progress of rookie tight ends across the NFL (18:52). Plus, more full play breakdowns from Cian (28:58).
  27. Rams Keep Rolling2017/12/19
    Bill Barnwell talks to Alden Gonzalez about the Rams' big win in Seattle, the play of Todd Gurley and more. Then, Dave Meltzer joins to discuss the rumors that Vince McMahon wants to bring back the XFL.
  28. What's The Catch?2017/12/18
    Field Yates and Kevin Seifert discuss what constitutes a catch in light of the Patriots' controversial win over the Steelers (6:15), how Pittsburgh will be affected by the loss of Antonio Brown (14:40), the future of the targeting rule (15:50), Teddy Bridgewater's return (32:55), Marvin Lewis departing the Bengals and more (37:45). Plus, a preview of MNF (41:25).
  29. RIP Color Rush2017/12/15
    Mike Golic Jr. shares his thoughts on the final "color rush" game of the season (2:44), including why evidence shows Brock Osweiler should be carrying a clipboard for the rest of his NFL days (7:20). Plus, strong words from new Browns GM John Dorsey (11:25) and another edition of Four Down Territory (21:15).
  30. Not Quite Awards Season Awards2017/12/14
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth share their thoughts on the race for the MVP (3:22) and prematurely hand out their own personalized awards for the season (20:49), such as the "this ain't that hard" award to 49ers GM John Lynch (40:08). Plus, they wonder what teams would make the most interesting Super Bowl matchup (46:15) and have time for a few Check Downs (52:04).
  31. Eagles & Bengals2017/12/13
    Bill Barnwell talks to Tim McManus about the Eagles losing Carson Wentz and Nick Foles stepping up as the starter. Then, Katherine Terrell comes on to discuss the Bengals.
  32. Blame Game2017/12/12
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey discuss whether or not the Patriots were distracted by Art Basel in their MNF loss (4:56), if you can be optimistic about Nick Foles as Eagles QB (17:01) and the limits of Jadeveon Clowney's greatness (21:01). Plus, ESPN's Mike Clay joins Cian to cover the misconceptions of football analytics and more (32:03).
  33. Not A Good Look2017/12/11
    Field Yates is joined by Matt Miller of Bleacher Report to discuss Carson Wentz's injury (5:08) and how that affects the NFC playoff picture (13:11), the Seahawks losing more than just their heads against the Jaguars (14:49) as well as the Chiefs potentially getting back on the right track (22:20). Plus, the possible return of Aaron Rodgers (1:46) and a MNF preview (31:10).
  34. Taking Hits2017/12/08
    Mike Golic Jr. weighs in on the Falcons' victory over the Saints on Thursday Night Football, which improves their chances in the NFC South (3:02). Why are the Falcons most successful when Matt Ryan's throwing picks (4:55) and does Drew Brees have a point about players getting hurt (10:45)? Plus, OG Ramon Foster of the Steelers joins the show (19:22).
  35. Heavy Hitters2017/12/07
    After Mina shares her thoughts on the Browns firing executive VP of football ops Sashi Brown (0:37), her and Domonique cover the big matchups in the NFC this week, including Saints-Falcons (10:26) and Eagles-Rams (22:15). Plus, what to make of the violence in Steelers-Bengals (32:13), a stats quiz (43:30) and another edition of check downs (1:00:35).
  36. Seahawks & Giants2017/12/06
    Bill Barnwell talks to Brady Henderson about the Seahawks' defense, Russell Wilson's case for MVP and more. Then, Jordan Raanan joins to dissect the Giants' issues.
  37. Dumpster Fire2017/12/05
    David Jacoby is joined in studio stateside by co-host Cian Fahey as they share reactions to the controversy surrounding Monday Night Football (2:22), Tom Brady's MVP candidacy (8:55), the Giants cleaning house (10:39), the Eagles' first loss of the season (24:16) and the strength of the Vikings' defense (35:40).
  38. Looking To The Future2017/12/04
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  39. Gold Star2017/12/01
    Mike Golic Jr. discusses TNF (1:45) and the Cowboys getting back on track with the NFL Network's Jane Slater (11:05). Jr. shares thoughts as Josh Gordon gets set to complete his comeback this weekend (24:30). Plus, Domonique Foxworth joins to weigh in on potential hush money from Roger Goodell and controversy surrounding the special players' coalition (33:24).
  40. QB Killah2017/11/30
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth continue to mourn the demotion of Eli Manning in New York (3:07) and wonder if Jeff Fisher can be labelled as a "QB killer" given the success of Jared Goff and Case Keenum this season (15:02). Plus, where will Kirk Cousins and other free agents end up this offseason (25:48) as well as another edition of Check Downs (40:34).
  41. Communication Breakdown2017/11/29
    Bill Barnwell welcomes Doug Kyed of NESN to discuss the Patriots' defensive ups and downs, the importance of Rob Gronkowski, as well as Chris Hogan's status. SB Nation's Geoff Schwartz also joins Bill to decipher what's wrong with Alex Smith and the Chiefs. Plus, where will the recently benched Eli Manning end up?
  42. Alvin!2017/11/28
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey share their thoughts on unimpressive MNF performances aside from Tom Savage's presser (3:45), take a deep dive on Alvin Kamara's role in New Orleans (10:01) and wonder where Jacoby's fair-weather fandom really lies (23:02). Plus, Joel Anderson of ESPN talks to Cian about his article on Earl Thomas' connection to his hometown (27:25).
  43. The Crater Deepens2017/11/27
    Field Yates and JJ Zachariason of NumberFire chat about the Chiefs' slide (6:02), AFC West teams lurking into the playoff race (13:15), the Rams taking out the Saints (21:59), the Cowboys' lack of creativity (29:20) and much more. Plus, Field dishes on "Mr. steal-your-chain" (2:11) and this week's Monday Night Football matchup (40:24).
  44. Can't Get Along2017/11/22
    Bill Barnwell recaps the Eagles' win over the Cowboys on SNF with Sheil Kapadia. Then, Seth Wickersham joins to dive into the drama between NFL owners and Roger Goodell.
  45. Six Pack Rankings2017/11/21
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey delve into the Falcons' MNF win over the Seahawks and the Bills' QB situation (9:25), as well as each share their top six teams in the NFL (19:18). Plus, Nora Princiotti of The Boston Globe joins Cian to discuss just how the Patriots have managed to go under-the-radar this season despite a 8-2 record (37:12).
  46. Quick Trigger2017/11/20
    Field Yates and Graham Barfield of FantasyGuru.com chat about Nathan Peterman's disastrous debut with the Bills, the Giants topping the Chiefs, Case Keenum steadying the ship in Minnesota, the Patriots' defense, the Eagles flying high and more. Plus, Field's thoughts on Kirk Cousins' tenure in Washington and the MNF matchup.
  47. TNF Recap & Jonathan Cooper2017/11/17
    Mike Golic Jr. weighs in on the Steelers' win over the Titans on TNF (2:59), including a dominant performance from Antonio Brown. Plus, an interesting note on how the Panthers are easing the load on Cam Newton (20:05) and Cowboys OL Jonathan Cooper joins the show (27:12).
  48. Who's Really In Charge Here?2017/11/16
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth chat about the Bills deciding to bench Tyrod Taylor and what message that sends in the organization, the Vikings sticking with Case Keenum as well as Roger Goodell's supposed high salary demands. Plus, another edition of "Check Downs" with random questions that need answering!
  49. When The Saints Go Marching In2017/11/15
    Bill Barnwell breaks down the Saints' success and surprising defensive improvement with Mike Triplett and then talks to Alden Gonzalez about the charging Rams.
  50. The Lethal Weapon2017/11/14
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey weigh in on Cam's big performance on Monday Night Football, some under-the-radar reasons for the Saints' success as well as how the Vikings have handled the Case Keenum vs. Teddy Bridgewater debate. Plus, Thomas Gower of Football Outsiders chats with Cian about the unfair criticisms of analytics usage in football, the Titans' offense and more.
  51. Missing You2017/11/13
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  52. Broken Wings2017/11/10
    Mike Golic Jr. delves into Seattle's loss of Richard Sherman due to injury on TNF (3:03), the Cowboys again preparing for life without Ezekiel Elliot (17:23), Martellus Bennett landing back with the Patriots (21:30) and more. Plus, scout Brandon Thorn shares his superlatives on line play from this season (32:30).
  53. The Fault In Our Stars2017/11/09
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth wonder what's wrong with both the Seahawks and Chiefs, as well as if Eli Manning is finally washed up. Plus, another edition of "Check Downs" with random questions that need answering and a "football-related" nightmare!
  54. Why The Struggles?2017/11/08
    Bill Barnwell talks to Geoff Schwartz about what the biggest issues are for the Giants and then to Lindsay Jones about the Broncos' struggles.
  55. #Analysis2017/11/07
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey take you on a deep dive of some of the key plays from Week 9 in the NFL and what they tell you about the coaching strategy and personnel, including the Eagles' similarity to a college-style offense, the creativity of Sean McVay and much more. #Analysis!
  56. Fight Club2017/11/06
    Field Yates is joined by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk to talk fisticuffs (6:02), the short leash on QB's in Denver and Houston (16:01), just how deep the Super Bowl hangover is in Atlanta (33:04), as well as Todd Bowles' Coach of the Year odds (36:35). Plus, Field takes a minute to celebrate the year of the TD dance (1:55) and preview Monday Night Football (47:11).
  57. 'Maybe We Had It Wrong' Bowl2017/11/03
    Mike Golic Jr. grades out the performances of the Bills and Jets on TNF (3:23), including why Jets fans are scratching their heads as wins push them further away from the top spot in next year's draft (7:43). Plus, the heart-breaking news of Deshaun Watson's season-ending injury (19:53) and more.
  58. That's My Quarterback!2017/11/02
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth question what the trade deadline told us beyond winners and losers, what makes a real franchise QB and if Tyrod Taylor is one (28:42), as well as if Bob McNair's comments have changed the owner-player dynamic (38:41). Plus, another riveting edition of "Check Downs"(46:47)!
  59. Surprising Success2017/11/01
    Bill Barnwell talks to Damien Woody about the Jets' season so far and what would constitute a successful season for the team. Then, Matt Bowen joins to talk about the Jaguars' dominant defense, the Bears' success on the defensive side of the ball and the play of Mitchell Trubisky.
  60. Trader Tuesday2017/10/31
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey break down big trades involving Jimmy Garoppolo, Jay Ajayi and Duane Brown. Plus, an awful performance by Trevor Siemian on Monday Night Football and Ryan Talbot of New York Upstate joins Cian to talk Bills.
  61. BONUS: 30 for 30 Season Two Sneak Peek2017/10/30
    The Nickel Package shares the trailer for Season Two of 30 for 30 Podcasts, launching November 14th, as well as one of our favorite episodes from Season One, A Queen of Sorts.
  62. Elementary, My Dear Watson2017/10/30
    Field Yates takes a moment to acknowledge the Eagles as the best team in football (1:55) before a conversation with Mike Sando of ESPN.com about Deshaun Watson's play against the Seahawks (6:25) and tonight's AFC West matchup between the Broncos and Chiefs (13:25). Plus, they hand out their midseason hardware (28:17) and much more!
  63. Color Rushed2017/10/27
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  64. We Need To Talk About Parity2017/10/26
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth question if it's bad for the NFL to have parity (2:10) and if you'd rather be a Jets or a Dolphins fan right now (31:05)? Plus, will Mina survive Dom's advanced stats quiz (19:30)? As well as another edition of check downs (40:52)!
  65. To Tank Or Not To Tank?2017/10/25
    Bill Barnwell talks to NFL Nation Seahawks Reporter Brady Henderson about the struggles of the offensive line, the play of Jimmy Graham, if the team will look to make any moves at the deadline and more. Then, Chris Sprow joins Bill to talk about some slow-starting teams and if they should tank or not.
  66. Wentzlemania2017/10/24
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey weigh in on Carson Wentz's strong MNF showing, the direction of the Browns, the root of the Falcons' offensive struggles and Todd Gurley's improvement. Plus, Jack Wang of the L.A. Daily News covers Hunter Henry's usage, strong play from Joey Bosa and more.
  67. Young Guns2017/10/23
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  68. The Raaaaiders!2017/10/20
    Mike Golic Jr. recaps a Thursday Night thriller (1:02) and discusses the dominant play of Fletcher Cox (24:00), Carlos Dunlap (26:04), David DeCastro (27:57) and Brandon Scherff (30:34).
  69. 'Not So Midseason' Awards2017/10/19
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth give out their preliminary midseason awards, including the "knight in shining armor" award to Deshaun Watson (3:25), the "cheap coffee" award to the Steelers' defense (6:15), as well as the "but how?!" award to the Jets (12:53). Plus, potential dark horses for the rest of the way and why Teddy Bridgewater has "kind eyes".
  70. Rise & Fall2017/10/18
    Bill Barnwell talks to Ted Nguyen about the Raiders and their struggles so far this season. After, Steph Stradley joins to discuss the rise of the Texans' offense.
  71. Smashmouth2017/10/17
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey share their thoughts on MNF, the outlook for the Vikings, the Steelers handing the Chiefs their first loss of the season and more. Cian also talks to Justis Mosqueda about the impact of Aaron Rodgers' injury and where the Packers go from here.
  72. Bad Day In Green Bay2017/10/16
    Field Yates shares his thoughts on the Giants' unexpected win over the Broncos on SNF (3:40). Then, Raymond Summerlin joins to dissect the impact of Aaron Rodgers' injury (8:30), discuss Adrian Peterson looking 25 years old again (22:00), and DeShaun Watson's continued impressive play (28:50). Plus, Field previews tonight's Colts-Titans matchup (41:00).
  73. Eagles Flying High2017/10/13
    Mike Golic Jr. recaps Panthers-Eagles (1:08), discusses the latest news on Ezekiel Elliot (13:14) and more. Plus, analytics expert Cynthia Frelund joins the show (29:40).
  74. Dangerous Jags2017/10/12
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth discuss Cam Newton's performance against the Lions, if Jared Goff is the truth, how real the Jaguars are and more.
  75. Kicking & Tackling2017/10/11
    Bill Barnwell talks to Paul Kuharsky about the Titans' level of play so far, their rushing attack, the struggles of the defense, their outlook rest of season and more. Later, Nate Scott joins Bill to talk about everyone's favorite position, kickers.
  76. Trubi-Sky Is The Limit?2017/10/10
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey share their thoughts on Mitchell Trubisky's debut (1:41), AP being traded to Arizona (4:00), Big Ben's struggles and the impressive Jaguars' defense (6:03), DeShone Kizer being benched (10:44) and more. Then, Cian talks to Bob Sturm about all things Cowboys (20:41).
  77. Giant Problems2017/10/09
    Field Yates discusses Dolphins' OL coach Chris Foerster's resignation, Mike Pence leaving the Colts-49ers game and previews MNF. He also talks to Senior NFL Draft Analyst Dane Brugler about OBJ's injury, Hue Jackson's time in Cleveland and his benching of DeShone Kizer, the 2018 draft class and more.
  78. TNF Recap2017/10/06
    Mike Golic Jr. shares his thoughts on the Patriots' win over the Bucs on TNF and talks to Bills' center Eric Wood.
  79. Are The Chiefs For Real?2017/10/05
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth share their thoughts on the Patriots defensive issues, the Bills being better than we thought and debate if the Chiefs are for real.
  80. Flying High2017/10/04
    Bill Barnwell talks to Sheil Kapadia about the Eagles and what to expect from them the rest of the season. After, Doug Kyed joins to talk about the Patriots 2-2 start and the struggles of their defense.
  81. Hot Start2017/10/03
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey discuss the Chiefs' 4-0 start, the struggles of the Patriots' defense, Deshaun Watson's impressive play and more. Cian then talks to Danny Kelly of The Ringer about the Seahawks.
  82. The Truth after Week 42017/10/02
    Field Yates discusses a busy NFL Sunday, including what he believes to be the truths we know after (nearly all of) Week 4. Plus, Charles McDonald calls in.
  83. Trubisky Time? 2017/09/29
    Field reacts to what we saw on Thursday Night Football: Trevathan's hit on Adams, when the Bears turn to Trubisky and Packers' injury concerns. Also, Mike Clay joins the show.
  84. Big Ben: Filthy or Washed?2017/09/28
    Mina and Domonique discuss whether the Bears should turn the team over to Mitchell Trubisky, if Big Ben can still be a great quarterback and Jerry Jones kneeling with the Cowboys.
  85. Information Overload2017/09/27
    Bill Barnwell talks to Brian Burke, creator of the Win Expectancy metric for ESPN about multiple games from Week 4 of the NFL from an analytical perspective. Also, Bill was joined by Katherine Terrell, Cincinnati Bengals beat writer for ESPN to discuss the Bengals season.
  86. Going, Going, Goff2017/09/26
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey discuss the Cowboys' win on MNF, the play of Jared Goff and Todd Gurley and more. Cian then welcomes Matthew Coller to talk all things Vikings.
  87. Four-Down Territory2017/09/25
    Mike Golic Jr. breaks down an incredible Sunday of NFL action, including Brady's comeback, the Dolphins' failure and the Raiders' struggles. Plus, anthem protest discussion.
  88. The Exciting ... Rams?2017/09/22
    Mike Golic Jr. recaps an exciting Thursday Night Football game and discusses the growth of the Rams. Plus, Aaron Hernandez had CTE. And, Ramon Foster of the Steelers calls in.
  89. The NFC - Conference of Flaws 2017/09/21
    Mina and Domonique discuss who the 2nd best team in the NFC is after Atlanta. Plus, which injury has had the biggest impact in the NFL thus far.
  90. Believe In The Broncos?2017/09/20
    Bill Barnwell talks to Geoff Schwartz about how Cam Newton and the Panthers have looked thus far and then to Lindsay Jones about the impressive 2-0 start from the Broncos.
  91. MNF Recap2017/09/19
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey share their thoughts on MNF, the Cowboys' start to the season, Trevor Siemian's impressive play, Russell Wilson's struggles and more. Then, Jourdan Rodrigue from The Charlotte Observer joins Cian to talk about Cam Newton, losing Greg Olsen to injury and more.
  92. Could the Saints Let Brees Walk?2017/09/18
    Field Yates discusses a busy NFL Sunday, including big injuries to Greg Olsen and Jordy Nelson, among others. Plus, the future of the Saints. And, Will Brinson of CBS calls-in.
  93. Bungles Gonna Bungle2017/09/15
    Mike Golic Jr. discusses the second straight poor offensive performance by the Bengals, and Deshaun Watson's 1st career victory. Plus, Field Yates joins the show.
  94. DeShone Kizer: Not Terrible!2017/09/14
    Mina and Domonique break down DeShone Kizer's first NFL start and discuss if the Bengals and Texans are actually bad football teams. Plus, a Seahawk calls out Fox.
  95. Searching For Structure 2017/09/13
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  96. Viking Mentality2017/09/12
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey share their thoughts on Deshone Kizer's debut, Sam Bradford's impressive performance for Minnesota, how David Johnson's injury affects the Cardinals and more. Later, Charles McDonald joins Cian to talk about the Falcons and Bears.
  97. It's Here!2017/09/11
    Field Yates is joined by Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld and the guys discuss the debuts of Deshaun Watson and DeShone Kizer, Seattle's huge win and Pagano's funny quote.
  98. Actual Football2017/09/08
    Golic Jr. hosts this episode, discussing the first real NFL game of the year! The Chiefs stun the Pats and Kareem Hunt kicks off his ROY campaign. Plus, Geoff Schwartz joins.
  99. Wait Your Turn! 2017/09/07
    Mina and Fox host "Minority Thursday" on The Nickel Package! Topics include: surprise teams this season, Michael Bennett situation and most important non-QB position.
  100. Choosing Sides Pt. 22017/09/06
    Bill Barnwell and Chris Sprow dive into the second installment of NFL player props. The guys talk QB props, WR reception leaders, defensive interception leaders and more.
  101. Rookie Talk2017/09/05
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey discuss what getting Martavis Bryant back means for the Steelers' offense, Seattle picking up Sheldon Richardson, Aaron Rodgers' impact on Green Bay's offense and more. Later, Cian is joined by NBC's Josh Norris to talk about this year's rookies, including Myles Garrett and Corey Davis.
  102. Low Expectations2017/09/01
    Mike Golic Jr. hosts this episode of TNP, talking Texans/Cowboys cancellation and Le'Veon Bell's Twitter raps. Plus, Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph calls the show.
  103. The Real Aaron Rodgers2017/08/31
    Mina Kimes and Domonique Foxworth host this edition of TNP, talking best offenses in the NFL. Plus, Mina takes us behind the curtain on her exclusive Aaron Rodgers interview.
  104. Choosing Sides2017/08/30
    In this Wednesday edition of The Nickel Package, Bill Barnwell and Chris Sprow take their picks on various player props for the 2017 NFL season.
  105. From The Bottom To The Top2017/08/29
    David Jacoby and Cian Fahey delve into expectations for the Browns, Bears, Raiders and Vikings. Plus, Cian catches up with Bengals writer Joe Goodberry to discuss Andy Dalton's development and more.
  106. And We're Off2017/08/28
    In this debut episode of The Nickel Package, Field Yates recaps the latest news around the NFL, including serious injuries to Julian Edelman and Spencer Ware. Later, Chargers wide receivers coach Nick Sirianni joins.
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