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The Fantasy Football Guys (Sport)

  1. Off-Season Episode 3 – Old Guy Free Agent Availability2017/04/02
    All of the better free agents are with new teams, but a few “old” guys remain: Cutler, Peterson, Cruz. We talk about those guys.
  2. Off-Season 2017 Episode 2 – Free Agency Pt 22017/03/16
    We love this time of year. Players going to new teams and getting dumped from old ones. We talk about those players on this show!
  3. Off-Season 2017 Episode 1 – Free Agency2017/02/23
    Player news and free agent discussion. Kevin has a cold…again.
  4. S12:E77 SuperB owl Recap … Goodbye Season!2017/02/10
    Last show of the 2016/17 season! We review the crazy SuperB owl, talk about Hall of Fame players, and touch on some possible player movement for the coming off-season. And…Kevin won the post-season picks contest. Again.
  5. S12:E76 SuperB owl Preview2017/02/03
    There’s a big game in Texas this weekend. The guys talk about the teams and the game, and who will win. Then they pick stuff from a list of things.
  6. S12:E75 Conference Championship Weekend2017/01/19
    The guys talk about the divisional games, Aaron Rodgers’ amazingness, and the upcoming Conference Championships.
  7. S12:E74 Divisonal Weekend2017/01/13
    Kevin’s sick, Lyle has big news. And, oh yeah, there’s some important football games being played this weekend. The guys pick the games, and give their reasons. Good times.
  8. S12:E73 Wildcard Weekend2017/01/05
    Lyle and Kevin pick the winner, plus over under of the Wildcard games. Bet exactly opposite and win mega monies.
  9. S12:E72 Saturday Call-In Show 172017/01/01
    Last Call-In show of the season. We answer a keeper question!
  10. S12:E71 Week 17 Preview2016/12/31
    Players that went from the field right to IR caused a little trouble, but it was all sorted in the end. The last week of the fantasy season is always bittersweet.
  11. S12:E70 Saturday Call-In Show 162016/12/24
    Championship week callers! Is it a coincidence that many of our regular callers were back this week for lineup advice? We say No!
  12. S12:E69 – Week Sixteen Twitter Questions2016/12/24
    Championship week is here and Lyle is ready to answer the few question you might have!
  13. S12:E68 Week 16 Preview2016/12/22
    Game by game analysis of players for your championship. We’ll help you win it, maybe.
  14. S12:E67 Week 16 Waiver Wire2016/12/20
    We do the waiver wire research so you don’t have to! All the names you need to know for your championship week.
  15. S12:E66 Call-In Show 152016/12/17
    Playoff Fever hits TFFG. Our busiest call-in show ever, with listeners calling in from across the U.S. and Canada. The advice is questionable, but the fun was contagious! I was going for over-the-top…how did I do?
  16. S12:E65 – Week Fifteen Twitter Questions2016/12/16
    Another week in the books my fellow fanatics. Let’s get this Q&A out of the way, shall we?
  17. S12:E64 Week 15 Preview2016/12/15
    Game by game analysis of all things Fantasy. Lyle thinks Kevin cost him a playoff win by suggesting a QB change. Mirth and merriment ensue.
  18. S12:E63 Week 15 Waiver Wire2016/12/14
    Crunch Time! The waiver wire is never more important than during the playoffs! We did the research so you don’t have to.
  19. S12:E62 Call-In Show 142016/12/10
    Listener Q&A is more intense during the playoffs…more at stake. 90 minutes of calls and emails, and sometimes the hosts even agree.
  20. S12:E61 – Week Fourteen Twitter Questions2016/12/09
    Playoffs! Crunch time bitches! I go through all this weeks questions and do my best to give mediocre advise!
  21. S12:E60 Week 14 Preview2016/12/08
    A detailed look at all 16 games on the NFL slate. Who’s nice and who’s naughty. Wait…that was awful, Who’s start worthy and who isn’t. That was better. Happy listening!
  22. S12:E59 Week 14 Waiver Wire2016/12/06
    Dammit! I didn’t mention Paul Turner from the Eagles! First game with action and he led the team with 80 yards. 100% Available. Get him! Anyway…TFFG putting in the work so you don’t have to.
  23. S12:E58 Call-In Show 132016/12/03
    What happens when both hosts are sick with colds? A lot of moaning and groaning, coughing and wheezing…plus some mediocre fantasy football advice for callers and emailers. Merriment had by all.
  24. S12:E57 – Week Thirteen Twitter Questions2016/12/02
    The week 13 Q&A is finally here. All of your questions answered about this weeks games.
  25. S12:E56 Week 13 Preview2016/12/01
    Game-by-game fantasy analysis of the week 13 NFL slate. Liz Loza from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports with Deep Sleepers, and more!
  26. S12:E55 Week 13 Waiver Wire2016/11/29
    Working the Waiver Wire so you don’t have to. Your best free agent options for week 13.
  27. S12:E54 Call-In Show 122016/11/26
    Listeners from across America call in to receive mediocre fantasy football advice from two guys in suburban Delaware. Good times.
  28. S12:E53 Week Twelve Twitter Questions2016/11/25
    Black Friday edition of the Q&A show! Get ‘em answered!
  29. S12:E52 Week 12 Preview2016/11/24
    A preview of each week 12 game. Liz Loza stops in for deep fantasy plays. Some Q&A too!
  30. S12:E51 Week 12 Waiver Wire2016/11/22
    Who to grab for your week 12 roster! 1:12 – QBs 2:26 – TEs 3:35 – RBs 7:39 – Draft Kings 9:04 – WRs
  31. S12:E50 Call-In Show 112016/11/19
    Listener calls and email questions, answered with the usual mediocre advice.
  32. S12:E49 – Week Eleven Twitter Questions2016/11/17
    The Q&A is back, week 11 edition. Let’s see how Lyle does.
  33. S12:E48 Week 11 Preview2016/11/17
    Everything you need to know about Fantasy Football for week eleven! Liz Loza from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports pops in for deep sleepers!
  34. S12:E47 Week Eleven Waiver Wire2016/11/15
    Players to target on your waiver wire in week eleven! We do the research so you don’t have to. Crunch time is here.
  35. S12:E46 Saturday Call-In Show 102016/11/12
    Listener calls and questions from Twitter, email, and thefantasyfootballguys.com.
  36. S12:E45 Week 10 Twitter Questions2016/11/11
    Week 10 is discussed in detail in this weeks edition of the twitter Q&A show!
  37. S12:E44 Week Ten Preview2016/11/10
    A start/sit look at every game in week ten, plus injury news, some Q&A, and the usual tomfoolery.
  38. S12:E43 Week Ten Waiver Wire2016/11/08
    We scour the waiver wire possibilities so you don’t have to! Players to target in your league in week 10. Good luck!
  39. S12:E42 Saturday Call-In Show 92016/11/05
    Listeners from around the U.S. call to discuss their fantasy teams and ask for mediocre advice. We rarely disappoint.
  40. S12:E41 – Week Nine Twitter Questions2016/11/04
    It’s crunch time ladies. Let’s get down to it in this weeks Q&A show.
  41. S12:E40 Week Nine Preview2016/11/03
    A start/sit look at every game in week nine, plus injury news and Kevin and Lyle being Kevin and Lyle.
  42. S12:E39 Week Nine Waiver Wire2016/11/01
    Who’s up, who’s down? Find out as Kevin breaks down the week 9 waiver wire.
  43. S12:E38 Saturday Call-In Show 82016/10/29
    Questions, answers, you know the drill.
  44. S12:E37 Week Eight Twitter Questions2016/10/27
    The week 8 Q&A is full of more injury BS. Thanks Obama!
  45. S12:E36 Week Eight Preview2016/10/27
    Week 8 is here and with all of the RBs down, it’s time to dig deep! We cover every game, answer some questions, and Liz stops by for some deep sleepers.
  46. S12:E35 Week Eight Waiver Wire2016/10/25
    Adds and drops for week 8!
  47. S12:E34 Saturday Call-In Show 72016/10/22
    It’s all about the listener questions! Hard-hitting, yet mediocre fantasy football advice.
  48. S12:E33 – Week Sevin Twitter Questions2016/10/20
    The week 7 Q&A is here with all the usual mediocrity and awkwardness. Enjoy!
  49. S12:E32 Week Seven Preview2016/10/20
    Week 7 is here and there are games. We go through them all and have Liz Loza from Yahoo Fantasy Sports on to give you insights into those deep sleepers.
  50. S12:E31 Week Seven Waiver Wire2016/10/18
    Pick up and play or pick up and stash…these are the players to target for week 7.
  51. S12:E30 Saturday Call-In Show 62016/10/15
    Doing our damnedest to answer every listener question. Live listener calls and some straggler emails get the full K&L treatment. Happy weekend, bitches.
  52. S12:E29 Week Six Twitter Questions2016/10/14
    Week 6 is here! Is this officially crunch time? Not yet, but still you need to know who to start/sit.
  53. S12:E28 Week Six Preview2016/10/13
    Technical Difficulties try to derail the guys from delivering your weekly dose of game preview. It almost succeeds.
  54. S12:E27 Week Six Waiver Wire2016/10/11
    Waiver Wire worthy players for your fantasy team.
  55. S12:E26 Saturday Call-In Show 52016/10/08
    Kevin and Lyle answer listener questions from live call-ins and email.
  56. S12:E25 Week Five Twitter Questions2016/10/06
    Mo’ injuries, mo’ problems. Week 5 is here with some significant byes and plenty of injuries. Which means lots of questions to answer. Let’s get to it!
  57. S12:E24 Week Five Preview2016/10/06
    Kevin and Lyle run down all the games and tell you who they would start, and who they would sit. Good times.
  58. S12:E23 Week Five Waiver Wire2016/10/04
    Waiver Wire claims for the week, and deep roster pick-ups for dynasty leagues.
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