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The Exchange from Iowa Public Radio

  1. The Exchange 11/6/092009/11/09
    Ben Kieffer talks with New York Times number one bestselling author David Wroblewsky. Then, a conversation about canines used for therapy.
  2. The Exchange 11/5/092009/11/05
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Rose Frantzen, Maquoketa native, who set up a storefront last summer and painted portraits of those willing to sit. Her project will be featured in the Smithsonian. In the second half of the show, Kieffer talks with musician Pieta Brown.
  3. The Exchange 11/4/092009/11/04
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Lt. Dan Choi, a West Point graduate and Iraqi war veteran who faces discharge from the U.S. Army after admitting he is gay. Later in the show, Kieffer talks with University of Northern Iowa Professor Nicholas Pace about his new book "The principal's Challenge-Learning From Gay and Lesbian Students."
  4. The Exchange 11/2/092009/11/02
    Ben Kieffer talks with David Nichols, the internationally recognized expert on LSD and other substances. Nichols is featured in the National Geographic Channel special, EXPLORER: INSIDE LSD premiering this week. Later in the hour- a conversation with White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske. Kerlikowske is in Des M
  5. The Exchange 10/30/092009/10/30
    Host Ben Kieffer's Eve of Halloween special features an interview with Chad Lewis, author of the "Iowa Road Guide to Haunted Locations." Learn about haunted places that may be in your neighborhood.
  6. The Exchange 10/29/092009/10/29
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Director of Capitol News Connection, Melinda Wittstock, Press Secretary for Senator Charles Grassley, Beth Pellett Levine and partner in Link Strategies, Matt Paul about elected officials using digital media to connect with constituents.
  7. The Exchange 10/28/092009/10/28
    Ben Kieffer talks with Al Letson, creator of the State of the Re:Union audio project. The project aims to show listeners how American communities are more alike than different and the many ways differences are celebrated across the country. The project recently produced a piece on Des Moines. Then a conversation with Senator Charles Grassley.
  8. The Exchange 10/27/092009/10/27
    Author of THE LOOTING OF AMERICA, Les Leopold, talks with host Ben Kieffer about the bailout of financial institutions. Kieffer also talks with the president of the Iowa Bankers Association, John Sorenson, and Des Moines resident Ferol Wegner who protested at a recent banker's conference in Chicago.
  9. The Exchange 10/26/092009/10/26
    Ben Kieffer talks with University of Iowa graduate Monique Nazareth about her work as a producer on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross.
  10. The Exchange 10/23/092009/10/23
    Ben Kieffer talks with United Nations Foundation Senior Advisor Gillian Sorensen. Sorensen is in Iowa as a guest of the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council and the Iowa United Nations Association. She'll discuss the changing role of U.N. in foreign affairs and the organizations relationship with the Obama administration.
  11. The Exchange 10/22/092009/10/23
    As a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, host Ben Kieffer talks with Colleen Sell about her collection of personal essays by women whose lives were changed by their fight with and triumph over cancer. The program originally aired in October of last year.
  12. The Exchange 10/21/092009/10/21
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Criminal Defense Attorney Bill Kutmus about how competency is determined. Then, a conversation with Judge Thomas Bower about mental health court cases.
  13. The Exchange 10/20/092009/10/20
    Encore Edition: Host Ben Kieffer talks with author Loree Rackstraw about her memoir detailing her relationship with Kurt Vonnegut.
  14. The Exchange 10/19/092009/10/19
    Ben Kieffer talks with author Henry Pollack about his book A World Without Ice. Pollack, a University of Michigan Professor of Geophysics, was part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore.
  15. The Exchange 10/16/092009/10/16
    Host Ben Kieffer focuses on mothers who suffer an addiction to methamphetamine and how it affects their lives. His guests include Judy Murphy, the Substance Abuse Coordinator for First Resources Corporation in Ottumwa, Iowa and Mary Buhman, a co-facilitator of Cherokee, Iowa's Moms Off Meth program.
  16. The Exchange 10/15/092009/10/15
    Today on the Exchange, we listen back to a 2007 interview with host Ben Kieffer and award-winning author Barbara Robinette Moss, who died of lung cancer this past Friday. She was 54-years-old.
  17. The Exchange 10/14/092009/10/14
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with the former editor of "The Nation" magazine Victor Navasky. They'll explore the changing landscape of news magazine publications and discuss the future of journalism. Navasky is the Ida Beam Visiting Professor at the University of Iowa.
  18. The Exchange 10/13/092009/10/13
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Registered Dietician and Food and Society Policy Fellow Angie Tagtow about hunger in Iowa. Then, Kieffer talks with the 2009 Food Prize Laureate Gubisa Ejeta.
  19. The Exchange 10/12/092009/10/12
    A look back at Pope John Paul II visit to Iowa 30 years ago. Host Ben Kieffer talks with Joe Hays, the Iowa farmer who drafted a letter urging the Pope to come to Iowa. Plus a conversation with Father Bud Grant who was an acolyte at the Pope's side during the 1979 ceremony. Later in the hour, Ben talks with Northwestern University Professor of Religi
  20. The Exchange 10/09/092009/10/09
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Zach Brandon from the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and Lisa Strout from the New Mexico Film Office about their states' experience with film tax credits. Then, he asks Iowa filmmakers Jon Hazell, Kim Busbee and John Busbee about how the suspension of Iowa's film tax credit program is impacting them and their business.
  21. The Exchange 10/6/092009/10/07
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Alexander Rose, author of "The American Rifle," a history of the rifle in the U.S. Then, Aaron Dorr Executive Director of the Iowa Gun Owners Association and Rex Honey, U of I Professor and gun control advocate discuss how they plan to lobby the Iowa legislature for laws supporting their various perspectives.
  22. The Exchange 10/7/092009/10/07
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Ralph Nader about his new novel "Only the Super-Rich can Save Us." Then, U of I Assistant Professor of Marketing, Bill Hedgcock discusses his research on Nader's impact on the 2000 election.
  23. The Exchange 10/6/092009/10/07
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Alexander Rose, author of "The American Rifle," a history of the rifle in the U.S. Then, Aaron Dorr Executive Director of the Iowa Gun Owners Association and Rex Honey, U of I Professor and gun control advocate discuss how they plan to lobby the Iowa legislature for laws supporting their various perspectives.
  24. The Exchange 10/5/092009/10/05
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with "Zoya" a member of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, who argues the U.S. cannot liberate Afghani women. Then, Drake University Professor David Skidmore explains U.S. options in Afghanistan.
  25. The Exchange 9/30/092009/09/30
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with award-winning American Public Radio producer and writer Nancy Updike about her work on "This American Life".
  26. The Exchange 9/29/092009/09/29
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Dayton Duncan, co-producer of "The National Parks: America's Best Idea." Later in the show, Kieffer takes a look at some of Iowa's National Park Service sites.
  27. The Exchange 9/25/092009/09/28
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with writer Lijia Zhang from China. Zhang is a visiting writer with the University of Iowa's International Writing Program. Later in the hour, a music performance by Iowa natives Joe and Vicki Price.
  28. The Exchange 9/28/092009/09/28
    Author Monday host Julie Englander looks at banned books with Deborah Caldwell, Director of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom and Michael Wright of the Iowa Library Association. Then, she talks with biographer Brad Gooch about the work of Flannery O'Connor, and Loree Rackstraw about the work of Kurt Vonnegut.
  29. The Exchange 9/24/092009/09/24
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with author Robin Hemley about his new book, "Do-Over." To write the book, Hemley had to go back to places from his childhood in an attempt to relive the embarrassing moments of growing up. Then Kieffer talks with Timothy Barrett, who recently was awarded the MacArthur "Genius" Grant.
  30. The Exchange 9/23/092009/09/23
    Host Ben Kieffer looks at health care reform with Center to Advance Palliative Care director Dr. Diane Meier.
  31. The Exchange 9/22/092009/09/22
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Then, IPR news director Jonathan Ahl and WUIS Radio statehouse bureau chief Sean Crawford analyze the conversation. Kieffer talks to Quad City Times political reporter Ed Tibbetts and WVIK Radio news director Herb Trix about the differences between Illinois and Iowa politics.
  32. The Exchange 9/21/092009/09/21
    On Author Monday host Julie Englander talks with Des Moines native Mike Wellman about his book, "Far from the Trees" and with Iowa City native Larry Baker about his book, "A Good Man."
  33. The Exchange 9/18/092009/09/18
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Iowa and neurologist Dr. Eric Dyken about why we sleep and common sleep disorders.
  34. The Exchange 9/17/092009/09/17
    Host Ben Kieffer examines proper and improper English grammar with Patricia O'Conner, author of "Woe is I."
  35. The Exchange 9/16/092009/09/16
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Des Moines Register columnist Rekha Basu about her job as a columnist, the health care debate, and immigration. Later in the show, Kieffer talks about migraines with Dr. Carolyn Bernstein.
  36. The Exchange 9/15/092009/09/15
    In the first half of the show, host Ben Kieffer talks to the Post Carbon Institute's Richard Heinberg about the depletion of fossil fuels. During the second half, Kieffer speaks with contributors of the anthology "Thoreau's Legacy: American Stories about Global Warming."
  37. The Exchange 9/14/092009/09/14
    On Author Monday host Julie Englander talks with Iowa Short Fiction award winners Kathryn Ma and Jennine Capo Crucet.
  38. The Exchange 9/11/092009/09/11
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Supreme Court correspondent of the New York Times Adam Liptak. Liptak will lead Drake University's Constitution Day celebration Tuesday, Sept. 15. Later in the hour, Ben talks with singer-songwriter Lucy Kaplansky about her upcoming show at CSPS in Cedar Rapids.
  39. The Exchange 9/10/092009/09/10
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Chef Daniel Orr about Orr's new cookbook, "FARMfood." Then Kieffer talks with Dr. Stephen Shortell, the Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkley; Peter Domiano of the University of Iowa Public Policy Center about more personal approaches to health care.
  40. The Exchange 9/9/092009/09/09
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with University of Iowa theater and film alumnus Nicholas Meyer about his work writing and directing the Star Trek movies and his various television projects.
  41. The Exchange 9/8/092009/09/08
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Gary Kendell, the director of the Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy, Amber Rand, the Program Supervisor at Cornerstone in Ankeny, and the grandmother of a child dealing with prescription drug abuse.
  42. The Exchange 9/4/092009/09/04
    Host Ben Keiffer interviews International Writing Program students and later in the show, musician Willy Porter will perform live on the Java House stage.
  43. The Exchange 9/3/092009/09/03
    Host Ben Kieffer talks with Jan Weissmiller and Paul Ingram of Prairie Lights in Iowa City, along with Nancy Simpson of the Book Vault in Oskaloosa. They will preview some upcoming fall titles.
  44. The Exchange 9/2/092009/09/02
    Host Ben Kieffer talks health care reform with U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack from Iowa's 2nd congressional district. Then an interview with Mike Love of the Beach Boys about their upcoming "green" concert in Fairfield.
  45. The Exchange 9/1/092009/09/01
    Host Ben Kieffer examines what it is like to sell a home in today's economy. He speaks with Assistant Iowa Attorney General Patrick Madigan, vice president of Des Moines Area Association of Realtors Joanne Mangold, and Mary Ann Farus of First Choice Realty in Forest City.
The Exchange from Iowa Public Radio
The Exchange is the name of Iowa Public Radio's news/talk program. The list of lofty goals for the new show includes: going beyond the headlines of breaking stories, giving listeners access to elected officials, framing community problems, providing listeners the chance to discuss them as well as offer ideas to solve them. Our definition of news is anything that is significant and/or interesting to a large portion of our statewide audience. One day host Ben Kieffer might focus on an elected official the next day he might aim his spotlight on an Iowa author or artist.

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