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  1. Episode #168: Using Garage Band to Make Audio Recordings for Developing Reading Fluency2015/07/06
    John demonstrates recent versions of GarageBand on the Mac and iOS for making multiple audio recordings.
  2. Episode #167: Constructing Knowledge: Rationale for a 1:1 Program2014/11/26
    This is a narrated presentation by John Hendron in November 2014 about an instructional vision behind a 1:1 computing program. This will be presented at Virginia ASCD with Dr. Stephen Geyer on December 4, 2014.
  3. Episode #166: A Computer Club at Goochland Elementary2014/03/12
    For the 2013-14 SY, Goochland's elementary ITRT Zoe Parrish established a computing club at GES. I interviewed a number of the students on their projects in March of 2014 after school.
  4. Episode #165: Supporting Virtual Learning2013/04/19
    John discusses how to support virtual learning experiences through tools that can be used in traditional classrooms, including Edmodo, blogging, Moodle, and GoogleApps for Education.
  5. Episode #164: MERC - Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills2012/03/06
    My keynote presentation for the 2012 MERC conference held at VCU on March 13, 2012.
  6. Episode #163: The Polar Express2011/12/21
    John sat down for 5 minutes with Dr. Geyer, our director of elementary education, to talk about his motivation for visiting classrooms in person and virtually this year to share his love of quality literature.
  7. Episode #162: YouTube for Education2011/12/20

    What can YouTube do for you? http://www.youtube.com/education

    In this short video, John introduces signing-in to YouTube with your Goochland e-mail address. This will allow teachers to mark videos and comment on videos. Create a YouTube persona (username and channel) and you can also upload videos directly from iMovie into YouTube.
  8. Episode #161: Graphics, Visuals, and More!2011/12/13

    John talks about the use of visuals, graphic organizers, and opportunities for project-based learning when creating infographics in this video podcast. Links are available on John's blog: http://blogs.glnd.k12.va.us/teachers/jhendron/

    Advance organizers, David Ausubel, Inspiration, infographics
  9. Episode #160: Student Podcasts with PhotoBooth2011/10/14
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  10. Episode #159: Flipping with Screencasts2011/06/03
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  11. Episode #158: Integrating Keynote with Garage Band for Podcasts2011/06/02
    Podcaster John Hendron gives tips for using Keynote slides as images for an enhanced podcast with Garage Band 6 on the Mac.
  12. Episode #157: GarageBand 6 Podcasting2011/06/01
    John gets into some of the editing and creation of a podcast episode using Apple's latest version of Garage Band on the Mac.
  13. Episode #156: GarageBand 6 Interface2011/06/01
    John introduces the interface to Garage Band 2011 from Apple. We set up the interface to create a podcast episode.
  14. Episode #155: GarageBand 6 Intro2011/06/01
    Super Basic! Intro to creating the right template in Garage Band '11 for a podcast.
  15. Episode #154: Blogging for Educators 20112011/03/28
    John Hendron discusses blogging - why we blog in Goochland - and provides resources and tips for teacher bloggers.
  16. Episode #153: QR Codes2011/03/22
    March is mobile learning month, and educators across Virginia will be attending the VSTE Mobile event in Fredericksburg. Our own Peter Martin will be presenting. This video introduces the concept of QR Codes with some tips for using them in the classroom. This podcast is co-sponsored by VSTE and by GCPS.
  17. Episode #152: Scratch at MERC2011/03/15
    This March 17, 2011, I will be presenting on Scratch as a tool for student achievement at the MERC conference held at VCU in Richmond, VA.
  18. Episode #151: Google Goodies2011/01/27
    The second edition of our Google Goodies presentation, this one created in February, 2011 for the EdTech 2011 conference held in Ashland, VA via WCVE, the Community Ideas Stations, in conjunction with GRAETC.
  19. Episode #150: Publishing Google Presentations2011/01/19
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  20. Episode #149: Inventive Creativity with DesignBlocks2010/12/02
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  21. Episode 148: Making Comic Life Templates2010/08/27
    John Hendron shows teachers how to create a "template" for a Comic Life project combining an empty ComicLife document with pre-selected pictures into a single zip file. The zip file can be shared any number of ways, from uploading into Moodle or a teacher blog, or by sharing it over the network with students.
  22. Episode #147: Basics of Comic Life2010/08/27
    Plasq has made an incredible creation package called Comic Life which we've been using since around 2006 in Goochland County Schools. Yet, we still haven't converted all classrooms yet into comic strip studios... this video by John Hendron will introduce teachers to the software and is designed as a resource for our after school workshop centered on Comic Life projects.
  23. Episode #146: Google Apps for Students, Part 22010/08/25
    Part 2 covers GoogleApps beyond the docs: Google Sites, Google Moderator, and Google Groups. This video is for teachers in Goochland County, VA deploying Google Apps for secondary students.
  24. Episode #145: Google Apps for Students, Part 12010/08/25
    This is part 1 of a 2-part series on deploying GoogleApps for students in Goochland County, VA. The audience for this video are classroom teachers considering using GoogleApps in their classes.
  25. Episode #144: 6 Year Technology Plan2010/08/25
    This is Quicktime version of our technology plan for 2010-2016. It was presented to, and approved by, the school board on July 13, 2010.
  26. Episode #143: From Bits to Buckets2010/07/15
    This is a PDF handout from a professional workshop conducted in July, 2010 in Goochland on digital citizenship, online research, and something we call "infoseeking fluency." It was conducted over 3 days, 9 hours. The content is intended for teachers of secondary students, grades 6-12.
  27. Episode #142: Creativity with Keynote2010/03/31
    John Hendron talks about creativity, one of Goochland's identified twenty-first century skills for G21. How can teachers use Apple's iWork Keynote application to develop creativity in students? This video podcast shows the way.
  28. Episode #141: Communication with Images2010/03/19
    John introduces three principal principles about using images in instruction with students. At the end, we talk about the features of three Apple products: iPhoto, Pages, and Keynote.
  29. Episode #140: Introducting Scratch2010/03/04
    Scratch is a free program for students grades 3-8 that develops creativity and logic, while allowing them to apply their understanding of math. I introduce the application and provide tips on introducing the program to others.
  30. Episode #139: Tech Trends2010/02/15
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  31. Episode #138: Google Chrome2010/02/11
    John demos the Developer Tools panel in Google's Chrome Browser on a Mac. This tool can be helpful for visually seeing how changes in code affect the appearance of a webpage.
  32. Episode #137: Digital Culture in Schools2009/10/20
    What's the digital culture in your school? John Hendron discuses ways to change teaching and learning with digital tools by changing the culture in your school. This is a leadership presentation developed for the 2009 Virginia Educational Technology Conference held in Richmond, VA.
  33. Episode #136: Resource Packs for Promethean2009/10/19
    This video will show you how to install Resource Packs from Promethean Planet into your installation of ActivInspire from Promethean.
  34. Episode #135: WordPress Upgrade2009/09/16
    John Hendron details what's new with Goochland's teacher blogs in WordPress version 2.8.4, like a customizable interface!
  35. Episode #134: Music Theory G212009/06/23
    Kent Gall shares a video with us of his music theory/appreciation students this year at GHS. They learned about the fundamentals of music, and their G21 project focused on the creation of an original piece of music composed and performed with their own instruments.
  36. Episode #133: iTunes for Podcasts2009/06/23
    Ever wonder how to find some good podcasts? Then make them automagically come to your computer? We cover the basics of using iTunes (Mac or PC) to find, download, and organize free podcasts online.
  37. Episode #132: NetNewsWire for RSS2009/06/23
    John Hendron covers the basics of subscribing to RSS feeds using the industry leader for Mac RSS aggregators (news readers), NetNews Wire by Newsgator. NNW is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  38. Episode #131: RSS in Apple Mail2009/06/19
    John introduces RSS support in Leopard Mail. This introduction to RSS in Mail was created for a new mini-course available to teachers for the 2009-10 school year for managing information through the Web, RSS, and through podcasts.
  39. Episode #130: Safari 4 Basics2009/06/19
    John introduces Safari 4. This introduction to Safari was created for a new mini-course available to teachers for the 2009-10 school year for managing information through the Web, RSS, and through podcasts.
  40. Episode #129: Scratch and PICO Boards2009/05/11
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  41. Episode #128: LearningHacks2009/03/26
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  42. Episode #127: Blogging Best Practices2009/02/17
    John shares his VSTE presentation for February 2009: Blogging Best Practices from Goochland County Public Schools. Despite promising the links to work, they do not in this version of our movie. Sorry! John will be presenting this live at the upcoming Virginia Society for Technology in Education Conference in Virginia Beach. For the PDF version of this presentation, visit johnhendron.net.
  43. Google Earth Version 52009/02/03
    John Hendron leads you through what's new in Google Earth version 5 in this 640x480 pixel podcast screencast. Google Earth was released on February 2, 2009 in version 5 beta. New are oceans, recorded tours, and GoogleMars.
  44. Episode #125: School Messenger2008/11/20
    John interviews Brad Franklin about the school messenger system now used by Goochland County Schools to communicate with homes in the community by telephone.
  45. Episode #124: My Access Writing Software2008/11/04
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  46. Episode #123: The Eagle's Peak2008/11/04
    John Hendron interviews teacher Kelley Smillie from Goochland Middle School about their new addition this year: a school store. The Eagle's Peak is open for business, and is run by students who are learning about the business of supply, profit, and retail sales.
  47. Episode #122: Research 2.0 for High School2008/11/03
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