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  1. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 13/08/18 - DOCUMENTARY - Feathers2018/08/13
    Derek Mooney talks to ornithologists, authors, academics & those who work with feathers to uncover their significance within the natural world, pre-historic origin, and value & varied uses of feathers today... plus WIN a copy of book The Feather Thief! www.rte.ie/mooney
  2. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 06/08/18 - DOCUMENTARY - The Cuckoo2018/08/06
    Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Cuckoos are very special birds indeed. Their behaviour and lifecycle is utterly unlike that of any other Irish or European bird. In this new documentary, Derek meets many of those researching and studying cuckoo populations. For more, visit www.rte.ie/mooney
  3. Monterey Cypress Tree Sculpture 2018/07/30
    Terry Flanagan revisits the Monterey Cypress Tree sculpture in St.Ann's Park in Raheny in Dublin. Terry spoke with Executive Parks Superintendent for Dublin City Council, Noel McEvoy...
  4. Beekeeping 2018/07/30
    President of Apimundia (the association of the world's beekeepers) Philip McCabe speaks with Derek about a great upcoming event!
  5. Gorillas 2018/07/16
    Adult male gorillas are known as "Silver-backs" because of the distinctive patch of silver which grows on their backs. – But when, how and why does that silver hair grow? Jillian Miller – Director of The Gorilla Organisation (conservation group dedicated to working with local communities to protect gorillas in natural habitat) spoke with Derek....
  6. Nocturnal Animals 2018/07/16
    Scientists have found that many species are making the switch from a diurnal life to a nocturnal one. The study’s lead author is wildlife ecologist and conservation scientist, Kaitlyn Gaynor..
  7. Nocturnal animals in Ireland 2018/07/16
    What is the picture for the mammals which are living here in Ireland? Our reporter, Terry Flanagan, was in the suburbs of south Dublin overlooking a green space, while at the same time being surrounded by houses and was joined by Nicola Marples Professor of Zoology at Trinity College Dublin...
  8. Life in the Dark 2018/07/16
    An exhibition that’s just started at London’s Natural History Museum 'Life in the Dark' looks at how some animals move, hunt and feed in places where no light ever shines. Professor Geoff Boxshall from the Department of Life Sciences at the National History Museum curated the content for the exhibition...
  9. Fish In Hot Weather 2018/07/09
    How are the fish in our lakes, canals and rivers faring in this heatwave? Lower water levels and warmer temperatures can lead to fish kills. Terry Flanagan spoke with Dr. Greg Forde, Head of Research and Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland...
  10. Milner Edel Ramberg 2018/07/09
    In recent years we’ve seen a resurgence of hat wearing from both women and men - fedoras, panamas, bretons, berets... Milner Edel Ramberg makes hats in her studio in Galway.Derek met Edel and they spoke about the use of feathers in millinery…
  11. Chernobyl Wolves 2018/07/09
    A new study looks at how gray wolves from the radioactive forbidden zone around the nuclear disaster site of Chernobyl are now roaming out into un-contaminated land across the wider region.Michael Byrne is a wildlife ecologist at the University of Missouri in Columbia in the United States speaks with Derek.
  12. Elephant Communication 2018/07/09
    Researchers from Oxford University and Save The Elephants worked together to study the tremors that their movements send through the ground. Professor Tarje Nissen-Meyer of Oxford University was part of the team who carried out the work in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve. Tarje talked about the research with Derek.
  13. Ban on hosepipes but don't forget the bird baths2018/07/02
    We Irish have a love hate relationship with the weather. As many prioritise watering the garden, washing the car and filling the paddle pool. Although small problems in the big scheme of things so spare a thought for our feathers Friends. Niall Hatch of Bird Watch Ireland joined us to offer his advice on the topic.
  14. Jellyfish, Treating A Sting2018/07/02
    As families flock towards beaches and piers across the country, more and more people are aware of jellyfish. Eanna, Derek and Richard spoke to Dr Tom Doyle, Lecturer in Zoology in the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences at University College Cork about what to do if you get stung by a Jellyfish.
  15. Feeding Deer in The Phoenix Park2018/07/02
    The Phoenix Park is full of wildlife, from inside Dublin Zoo to the birds nested throughout the park. On today's show we discuss the merits for and against feeding Deer in the Phoenix Park. Terry Flanagan has been to the park with Laura Griffin, research MSc student at University College Dublin.
  16. Rotterdam Oil Spill2018/07/02
    In the Netherlands, hundreds of mute swans have been caught in an oil spill after a tanker crashed into a jetty in the port of Rotterdam. Rescue workers have been overwhelmed by the number of contaminated birds, as The Bow Jubail ruptured its hull, pouring 220 tonnes of oil into the harbour.
  17. House Martins2018/07/02
    Eric Dempsey, author and bird expert joined the programme to discuss the House Martin birds, their nesting habits and why these small birds have been arriving later in the summer.
  18. 'Mrs Moreau's Warbler' - Stephen Moss 2018/06/25
    Author Stephen Moss talks about the origins of birds' names and his book 'Mrs Moreau's Warbler'.
  19. Slugs & Snails 2018/06/25
    Dr Maria Long, an ecologist at Trinity College Dublin spoke to Derek from the shores of Rinn Lough in County Leitrim...
  20. Bumblebees 2018/06/25
    The declines of bumblebees are confirmed by the All-Ireland Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme co-ordinated by Dr Tomás Murray, senior ecologist at the National Biodiversity Data Centre in Co Waterford spoke with Derek and Richard this evening...
  21. Celtic Mist 2018/06/25
    Simon Berrow has an update on the Celtic Mist's journey in Iceland!
  22. Fishing for plastics at Clogherhead 2018/06/18
    Ireland’s seafood development agency, Bord Iascaigh Mhara launched the Fishing for Litter campaign in 2015. The scheme encourages Irish fishermen to collect plastics at sea in an attempt to reduce increasing volumes of marine rubbish. Jim O’Toole is CEO of Bord Iascaigh Mhara spoke to Derek about Sea Fest...
  23. Woodpeckers 2018/06/18
    Declan Murphy is a well known wildlife author and speaker. Declan spoke to us this evening from the hide, along the banks of the Avonmore River in Co Wicklow ...
  24. Mrs Pankhurst's Purple Feather by Tessa Boase2018/06/18
    A new book "Mrs Pankhurst's Purple Feather" tells the story of Mrs.Lemmon and Emmeline Pankhurst. It’s author is Tessa Boase who spoke with Derek from Hastings on the south coast of England...
  25. Water Voles Glasgow 2018/06/18
    The discovery of thriving populations of water voles in dry and residential areas of Glasgow away from traditional habitat is quite a find and could even be of national significance. Euan McIlwraith is presenter of Radio Scotland’s rural affairs programme "Out of Doors". Euan spoke from his back garden in the rural Aberdeenshire...
  26. Celtic Mist Humpback Watching2018/06/04
    Simon Berrow
  27. South Korea and Japan2018/06/04
    Niall Hatch
  28. Primate Communication2018/06/04
    Dr. Cat Holbaiter
  29. Squirrel Colloquium2018/06/04
    Dr. Colin Lawton
  30. Celtic Mist Humpback Watching 2018/05/21
    Humpback whales re one of the biggest, most majestic and iconic mammals in our oceans. They're returning year after year in increasing numbers to feed in Irish waters. Terry Flanagan spoke with Simon Berrow of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group about the journey of The Celtic Mist vessel from Ireland to Iceland!
  31. Rat Eradication 2018/05/21
    Professor Mike Richardson is chair of the 'Rodent Eradication on South Georgia' project and Dr Steven Newton is Senior Seabird Conservation Officer at Birdwatch Ireland discussed rat phobias and rat eradication.
  32. Dawn Chorus 2018: Preview2018/05/05
    Ahead of the seven hour Dawn Chorus from Europe and Asia, listeners have the chance to hear the dawn chorus from Australia...
  33. Dawn Chorus 2018: midnight to 1am 2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus 2018: midnight to 1am
  34. Dawn Chorus 2018: 1am to 2am2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus: 1am to 2am
  35. Dawn Chorus 2018: 2am to 3am2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus 2018: 2am to 3am
  36. Dawn Chorus 2018: 3am to 4am2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus 2018: 3am to 4am
  37. Dawn Chorus 2018: 4am to 5am2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus 2018: 4am to 5am
  38. Dawn Chorus 2018: 5am to 6am2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus 2018: 5am to 6am
  39. Dawn Chorus 2018: 6am to 7am2018/05/05
    Dawn Chorus 2018: 6am to 7am
  40. Grey Herons 2018/04/30
    Terry O'Flanagan and Niall Hatch tell us what's happening with our Grey Herons in St. Ann's Park.
  41. Helgé Softeland of NRK in Norway 2018/04/30
    Ahead of the Dawn Chorus next weekend, Derek spoke with Helgé Softeland of NRK in Norway (one of the Dawn Chorus' original collaborators) about their contribution and what people can expect on the night.
  42. Nature Live 2018/04/30
    Producer Colm Crowley chats with Derek about Nature Live (a one hour live programme of nature from all around Europe) being broadcast next Sunday evening on RTÉ 1.
  43. Grey Herons2018/04/23
    Terry Flanagan and Eric Dempsey discuss Grey Herons live from a nest!
  44. Bats 2018/04/23
    Kate McAney from the Vincent Wildlife Trust discusses bats with Derek and the team.
  45. Corncrakes 2018/04/23
    The Cornrakes' population has been decimated throughout Europe but they're still present along the coast lines of Donegal and west Mayo. Richard and Eanna discuss..
  46. Cuckoos 2018/04/16
    Our panel tonight discuss cuckoos and the hidden lives of herons!
  47. Atlantic Salmon 2018/04/16
    The documentary ‘Atlantic Salmon - Lost At Sea ’ explores the reasons for the falling population. Ken Whelan talks about the documentary and the more...
  48. Owl Wing Transplant 2018/04/16
    A rare owl had both wings badly damaged in a suspected traffic accident. A delicate operation was carried out in the UK by the Wildlife Aid Foundation, whose CEO Simon Cowell spoke with Derek...
  49. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 25/02/182018/04/09
    On MGW tonight: Nocturnal Wildlife; Nature News Of The Week: Basking Sharks & Humpback Whales Return; First Swallow; Changing State Of Ireland's Coral Reefs; Bee Art Exhibition; Beekeeping Around The World... www.rte.ie/nature
  50. Nocturnal Wildlife2018/04/09
    There's lots of wildlife that you can see and hear at night-time - hedgehogs, badgers and bats, foxes, owls and moths ... what can you see or hear in your area? We would love to find out! Mooney Goes Wild reporter Terry Flanagan explains what we're looking for... www.rte.ie/nature
  51. Nature News Of The Week: Basking Sharks & Humpback Whales Return 2018/04/09
    The first basking sharks and humpback whales of the 2018 season have been spotted off the coasts of Cork and Kerry. Dr. Simon Berrow, Chief Science Officer of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, joins us this evening to tell us more... www.rte.ie/nature
  52. First Swallow2018/04/09
    During the programme tonight, we received a text from listener Ger in Meath who asked "Any sign of the first swallow, lads?". We received messages by text, tweet, Facebook and e-mail to tell us all about your sightings of swallows right across the country! www.rte.ie/nature
  53. Changing State Of Ireland's Coral Reefs2018/04/09
    Did you know that over half the species of coral are cold, deep-water species - and many can be found right here in Irish waters? Dr. Aaron Lim, a Post-doctoral Researcher with Marine Geology Research Group at UCC, has plotted and imaged an entire deep water reef - he joins us from RTÉ's Cork studios to reveal what he found... www.rte.ie/nature
  54. Bee Art Exhibition2018/04/09
    Irish artist Kathrine Geoghegan has come up with a novel way to draw attention to the crisis facing bees - we sent Abie Philman Bowman to meet Kathrine to learn more... www.rte.ie/nature
  55. Beekeeping Around The World2018/04/09
    Our resident bee expert, Philip McCabe, is President of Apimondia, the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations. He has recently returned to Abu Dhabi, and is shortly set to visit Romania and several African nations. He's in studio this evening with a fascinating insight into beekeeping around the world... www.rte.ie/nature
  56. Drumming Woodpeckers 2018/04/01
    Drumming Woodpeckers
  57. Ringing Birds In Co. Offaly 2018/04/01
    Ringing Birds In Co. Offaly
  58. Call For Rathlin Volunteers 2018/04/01
    Call For Rathlin Volunteers
  59. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 25/03/182018/03/25
    On MGW tonight: Roseate Tern Project Nominated For Natura Award; Mad As A March Hare!; Darwin Comes To Town: How The Urban Jungle Drives Evolution; Death Of Sudan, Last Male Northern White Rhino... www.rte.ie/mooney
  60. Roseate Tern Project Nominated For Natura Award2018/03/25
    BirdWatch Ireland is the first EVER Irish finalist in the prestigious Natura 2000 Awards – and they need YOUR vote! Niall Hatch tells us more about their nomination for the remarkable Roseate Tern project... www.rte.ie/mooney
  61. Mad As A March Hare!2018/03/25
    As the country’s Lepus Timidus Hibernicus population continues to decline, Terry Flanagan meets Dr. Karina Dingerkus in Mayo, to go in search of the Mad March Hare... www.rte.ie/mooney
  62. Darwin Comes To Town: How The Urban Jungle Drives Evolution2018/03/25
    Eanna ni Lamhna talks to Menno Schilthuizen, author of 'Darwin Comes To Town: How The Urban Jungle Drives Evolution', to find out how the evolution of wildlife in cities is happening more quickly and strangely than Darwin could ever have dreamed... www.rte.ie/mooney
  63. Death Of Sudan, Last Male Northern White Rhino2018/03/25
    Sad news this week as #Sudan, the last Male Northern White Rhino, dies; we ask Jan Stejskal what hope now for the species? www.rte.ie/mooney
  64. March Hares 2018/03/11
    Terry Flanagan, travelled to Co. Mayo and met up with Dr. Karina Dingerkus who is an Ecologist with a PhD on the ecology and distribution of the Irish hare.
  65. Hedgecutting 2018/03/11
    Niall Hatch and Derek talk about the complex matter of hedgecutting in Ireland.
  66. Ireland's Native Woodlands 2018/03/11
    A new publication by ecologist John Cross and forester Kevin Collins presents a vision for Ireland’s native forests, and a roadmap for their preservation and expansion. Éanna Ní Lamhna went for a walk in Enniskerry Co Wicklow.
  67. Bees 2018/03/11
    Some EU countries have seen a decline in bee colonies of more than 50%. Thus, MEPS are calling for increased support for beekeepers, the banning of harmful pesticides, more investment in developing safe bee drugs, and a clampdown on imports of fake honey. Philip McCabe is President of APIMONDIA – Bees Of The World.
  68. Cold Birds 2018/03/04
    Jim Wilson reports on how the birds are faring during the Beast from the East and this late winter...
  69. Giant Squid 2018/03/04
    The Giant Squid recently acquired by the National History museum in Dublin was caught 118 miles off the Kerry coast. It’s currently in refrigerated storage in Dublin, where Richard Collins met with Paolo Viscardi, Zoology Curator with the Natural History Museum...
  70. Frogs 2018/03/04
    To discover more about the Common frog in this country and what this latest research could mean... Sheila O’Callaghan has been out to the grounds of University College Dublin to meet Rob Gandola, senior science officer at the Herpetological Society of Ireland...
  71. Photography 2018/03/04
    Terry Flanagan talks about urban photography with Michael Keating in Dublin
  72. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 18/02/182018/02/18
    On MGW tonight: Woodpeckers' Talking Drums; Wikie The Talking Whale; The Swans Of Lough Ennell ... www.rte.ie/mooney
  73. Woodpeckers' Talking Drums2018/02/18
    No two drummers are ever the same in the world of Woodpeckers - we discover their sophisticated art of rolls, strokes and rhythms, with Niall Hatch, of BirdWatch Ireland ... www.rte.ie/mooney
  74. Wikie The Talking Whale2018/02/18
    Professor Josep Call from the University of St. Andrews tells us about Wikie the talking Whale... www.rte.ie/mooney
  75. The Swans Of Lough Ennell2018/02/18
    Terry Flanagan reports on some frisky swan activity on Lough Ennell... www.rte.ie/mooney
  76. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 04/02/182018/02/04
    On MGW tonight: MEPs Supporting Bees; Great Gliders; Wet Wipes; Living Without Plastic For A Week ... www.rte.ie/mooney
  77. MEPs Supporting Bees2018/02/04
    Philip McCabe, President of Apimondia, tell us about moves being made in European politics to protect our bee populations... www.rte.ie/mooney
  78. Great Gliders2018/02/04
    Ornithologist Eric Dempsey is in studio to give his thoughts on a gliding starling that Derek observed... www.rte.ie/mooney
  79. Wet Wipes2018/02/04
    Marine biologist Rowan Byrne finds out about a new type of biodegradable wet wipe... www.rte.ie/mooney
  80. Living Without Plastic For A Week2018/02/04
    Could you live without plastic for a week? Arlene Finn, of Galway City Council, tells us about a new challenge being issued to Galwegians to avoid single-use and disposable plastic for seven days, as Mooney Goes Wild researcher Sinéad Renshaw is tasked with undertaking the same test!
  81. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 28/01/182018/01/28
    On MGW tonight: Robins & Hawfinches; Glossy Ibis; Researching Primates In Africa; Dublin Bay: Nature And History... www.rte.ie/mooney
  82. Robins & Hawfinches 2018/01/28
    BirdWatch Ireland's Development Officer, Niall Hatch, joins Derek, Richard and Eanna in studio to chat about the robin that visits Derek's garden, and a fascinating hawfinch that one of our listeners tweeted us about... www.rte.ie/mooney
  83. Glossy Ibis2018/01/28
    Derek enjoys a rare sighting of the Glossy Ibis on the Shannon callows, with Bord na Móna ecologist Mark McCorry, and visits Niall Hatch at the BWI's East Coast Nature Reserve to observe the ibis there... www.rte.ie/mooney
  84. Researching Primates In Africa2018/01/28
    Research Scientist Adeelia Goffe joins Derek and the panel is studio to give us a unique insight into primates in the African jungle... www.rte.ie/mooney
  85. Dublin Bay: Nature And History2018/01/28
    Richard Collins meets author Richard Nairn, to find out about a new book which celebrates the miraculous coastal ecosystem that is Dublin Bay... www.rte.ie/mooney
  86. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 21/01/182018/01/21
    On MGW tonight: Peregrine Falcon Study; Preventing Wildlife Crime; Hen Harriers... www.rte.ie/mooney
  87. Peregrine Falcon Study2018/01/21
    Irene O'Brien from the Irish Raptor Study Group tells us about a new study which reveals positive news for Ireland's Peregrine Falcons... www.rte.ie/mooney
  88. Preventing Wildlife Crime2018/01/21
    We hear about an award-winning PSNI initiative using drones designed to catch wildlife criminals. Niall Hatch chats about the devastating impact of poisoning on our birds of prey, as does Superintendant Martin Walker of An Garda Síochána, who’s been investigating wildlife crime in this country for over 30 thirty years... www.rte.ie/mooney
  89. Hen Harriers2018/01/21
    Reporter Terry Flanagan meets John Lusby and Caroline Sullivan, to learn more about the new Hen Harrier programme, and how it will help protect this iconic species... www.rte.ie/mooney
  90. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 14/01/18 - Special - The Bergen Whale2018/01/14
    A special programme on the Bergen Whale, which was found to have over 30 plastic bags in its stomach, as we investigate the horrific effect that plastic pollution is having on marine animals... www.rte.ie/mooney
  91. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 07/01/182018/01/07
    On MGW tonight: Mesmerising Starling Murmurations; Cork's Red Pandas; Connecting Nature... www.rte.ie/mooney
  92. Mesmerising Starling Murmurations2018/01/07
    Derek visits the Albert Bridge in Belfast, and Lough Ennell in Co. Westmeath, to witness the magnificence of nature’s ballet that is the starling murmuration... www.rte.ie/mooney
  93. Cork's Red Pandas2018/01/07
    Prof. John O’Halloran visits Fota Island Nature Reserve in Co Cork, to chat with Director Sean McKeown, meet some adorable Red Panda Cubs – and much more besides! www.rte.ie/mooney
  94. Connecting Nature2018/01/07
    Eanna ni Lamhna meets up with Trinity's Dr. Marcus Collier, to hear how modern cities can provide nature-based solutions to 21st century problems... www.rte.ie/mooney
  95. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 17/12/17 - Special - Christmas Gift Special2017/12/17
    On Mooney Goes Wild tonight: not sure what to get the nature lover in your life for Christmas? Join Derek, Richard, Ken, Eanna, Terry and Niall for our bumper Christmas gift suggestions programme! www.rte.ie/mooney
  96. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 10/12/172017/12/10
    On MGW tonight: Coffee Cup Levies & Kenya's Plastic Pollution Reduction; Dancing Gulls; Harper's Island Nature Reserve...
  97. Coffee Cup Levies & Kenya's Plastic Pollution Reduction 2017/12/10
    As Ireland considers introducing a coffee cup levy, Kenya's Environment Minister Judi Wakhungu tells us how her country is combating plastic pollution... www.rte.ie/mooney
  98. Dancing Gulls2017/12/10
    Have you ever noticed gulls dancing? Derek meets up with BirdWatch Ireland's Niall Hatch to find out more about why they do this... www.rte.ie/mooney
  99. Harper's Island Nature Reserve2017/12/10
    Ornithologist Jim Wilson tells us about the new Harper's Island Wetland Centre in Cork! www.rte.ie/mooney
  100. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 03/12/17 -Special - Irish Ornithological Research Conference2017/12/03
    On MGW tonight: we celebrate the latest Irish research into Ireland's bird species, as Derek and Dr. Richard Collins meet up with Professor John O'Halloran, and a wealth of scholars, for the 7th Irish Ornithological Research Conference at UCC... www.rte.ie/mooney
  101. Mooney Goes Wild - Programme Podcast 26/11/172017/11/26
    On MGW tonight: Irish Mosquitoes; Bumper Mushroom Season; Another Bite Of The Cherry; Cork Birdathon; GMIT Screens 'Sonic Sea' Documentary... www.rte.ie/mooney
  102. Irish Mosquitoes2017/11/26
    Derek and Richard Collins chat to Finán Gallagher about researching mosquitoes in Ireland, and to Siobhan Grehan about treating Irish travellers who've contracted exotic diseases... www.rte.ie/mooney
  103. Bumper Mushroom Season2017/11/26
    Terry Flanagan goes out exploring the forest and looking for mushrooms, in the company of listener James Connell... www.rte.ie/mooney
  104. Another Bite Of The Cherry2017/11/26
    Eanna ni Lamhna visits Dr. Matthew Jebb at the National Botanic Gardens to find out more about the current exhibition there, called 'Another Bite Of The Cherry'... www.rte.ie/mooney
  105. Cork Birdathon2017/11/26
    Derek has details of the upcoming Cork Birdathon, which will take place on December 2nd 2017 ... www.rte.ie/mooney
  106. GMIT Screens 'Sonic Sea' Documentary2017/11/26
    Lorraine Bull, of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, has news of a special screening of the documentary Sonic Sea, at GMIT, on November 29th 2017 ... www.rte.ie/mooney
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