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  1. QuickTips 022 - Cli.gs2008/11/25

    Short URLs with Analytics.

    Get all of the benefits of other URL shorteners with the added benefit of getting useful data, and of directing the end link to different places based on geography - and more!

    The best feed for this podcast is:

  2. QuickTips 021 - WhenGuard2008/11/25

    For all those times when you have something ready to post, but do not yet want to reveal to the world. WhenGuard allows you to release at a time of your own choosing.


  3. QuickTips 019 - Media Convert2007/09/03
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  4. QuickTips 018 - Mini-Blogging2007/08/28

    Learn about Mini blogging and some ways to do it.

  5. QuickTips 017 - VuMe.com2007/08/14

    Share your media and get paid for it! Audio, Video, photos and blogs.

    Sponsored by http://RuffMix.com - the podcast about how music is made
  6. QuickTips 016 - MediaFire.com2007/01/22
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  7. QuickTips 015 - JobLoft.com2006/09/08

    QuickTips 015 - JobLoft.com

    This is a cool site that allows for job searching based on postal code. It is currently only available in Canada, but hopefully it will spread as it is a great tool for students seeking jobs.

    This podcast is a member of http://blubrry.com. This episode is sponsored by http://RuffMix.com - the podcast about how music is made.
  8. QuickTips - 014 Writely.com2006/08/22

    QuickTips - 014 Writely.com

    Share and edit your documents on the web for free with writely.com

    Sponsored by http://RuffMix.com the podcast about how music is made.
  9. QuickTips 012 - YouTube Killer?2006/07/04
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  10. QuickTips 011 - Podomatic2006/06/16
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  11. QuickTips 010 - Core FTP2006/06/09

    If you listen to this podcast, you likely already know what FTP is. Here is a good tool to use to service your needs, and it is free.

    This podcast is sponsored by NLNCast.com

    Email: nlnnet+quicktips[at]gmail.com
  12. QuickTips 009 - Online Storage2006/02/02
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  13. QuickTips 008 - Finding Drivers2006/01/23

    QuickTips 008 - Finding Drivers

    This tip shows how to find device drivers for your computer.

    Please feel free to send in your tips. If your tip is referenced we can also promote a podcast you may have. Audio clips of 15-45 seconds are preferred. You can Skype me at the ID briankelley. You can email me at nlnnet [at] gmail.com

  14. QuickTips 007 - Audio Search in in a Podcast2006/01/18
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  15. QuickTips 006 - Preparing for the Dr.'s Visit2006/01/07
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  16. Quicktips 005 - Getting Answers Online2006/01/05

    Quicktips 005 - Getting Answers Online

    Have a question? Ask online at answers.yahoo.com. Unlike the similar tool at Google, it is free.
  17. QuickTips 004 - Safe Browsing2005/12/26
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  18. QuickTips 003 - Message in a Digital Bottle2005/12/19
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  19. QuickTips episode 002 - Bookmarks2005/12/16
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  20. QuickTips episode 0012005/12/15

    QuickTips - a short podcast to give you tips to make your modern life just a bit easier. Hosted by Brian Kelley
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