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Holy Qur'an Daily Podcast

  1. Podcast Widget2007/01/27
    Salam All, I created a widget for this podcast which you can use to listen to the Holy Quran from Dashboard. You will need a Macintosh computer running MacOS X Tiger (10.4.x). You can download the widget from HERE.
  2. Site Status2006/12/01
    Salam All, I have finally fixed all the problems involoved in listing all Souras in podcasting software (eg iTunes). All subscribers will have access to all Souras instead of the few that were available eariler. I hope you tune in and listen. Thank you very much.
  3. Al-Nass (1/1)2006/10/15
    Sourat Al-Nass (Verses 1-6)
  4. Al-Falaq (1/1)2006/10/14
    Sourat Al-Falaq (Verses 1-5)
  5. Al-Ikhalass (1/1)2006/10/13
    Sourat Al-Ikhalass (Verses 1-4)
  6. Al-Masad (1/1)2006/10/12
    Sourat Al-Masad (Verses 1-5)
  7. Al-Nasr (1/1)2006/10/11
    Sourat Al-Nasr (Verses 1-3)
  8. Al-Kaferoon (1/1)2006/10/10
    Sourat Al-Kaferoon (Verses 1-6)
  9. Al-Kawthar (1/1)2006/10/09
    Sourat Al-Kawthar (Verses 1-3)
  10. Al-Ma’oon (1/1)2006/10/08
    Sourat Al-Ma'oon (Verses 1-7)


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