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  1. Mickey Moonlight mix for Nova2012/04/05
    Celebrating the release of his LP "Mickey Moonlight and the Time Axis Manipulation Corporation"
  2. Mickey Moonlight live in Lemuria2012/04/05
    Recorded live in Lemuria!
  3. Justice for Annie Mac minimix2012/04/05
    55 tracks in 5 minutes
  4. Feadz "Old School mix"2012/04/05
    100% Feadz
  5. Feadz & Kito "Electric Mix"2012/04/05
    Following the release of their EP "Electric Empire" Feadz & Kito joined their forces behind the turntables to made this special "Electric Mix"
  6. DJ MEHDI minimix "Love at 145bpm"2012/04/05
    We wanted to celebrate Valentine's day by re releasing this fantastic minimix by DJ MEHDI
  7. DSL for DIOR2012/04/05
    Here is a brilliant piece from DSL recorded back in 2003 for Dior Homme
Ed Banger Podcast
Back in February 2003 in Montmartre (Paris, France), Pedro Winter aka Busy P created Ed Banger Records, home to Justice, Sebastian, Mr Oizo, Feadz and more.

The rise of the label has been something of a phenomenon, with its artists touring worldwide with DJ and/or live performances at sold out venues, each appearance always long awaited and celebrated like the coming of the messiah by thousands of kids from each and every part of the world.

Drawing on the street energy of hip hop, rock’s explosion and the hypnotic compression of techno music, but remaining open to all other influences, the sound of the label, mostly electronic and saturated, has become a trademark, registered worldwide. The revered roster and SO:ME’s post-cartoon imaging are practically pop culture icons, especially within the world of new media (blogs, forums, social networks) where Ed Banger remains at the top of their game.

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